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Thursday, April 25 2024


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THIS IS OUR 245th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 41, Number 5      

September/October 2023        ISSN 1074-3642  
Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 31 states
and 10 countries
Caretaker Profile
Chuck and Liz Find their First Caretaker Gig 
Letters to the Editor
Property owners and caretakers write about their experiences with
the Gazette



STUNNING LOCATION AVAILABLE! A caretaker individual or couple
experienced with large-breed dogs (one Great Dane, one Dane
Shepherd puppy) wanted for a private 2,400 sq. ft. waterfront
home and attached 800 sq. ft. attached accessory apartment.
Located out the road in Juneau, accessible only by plane or
ferry. This would be ideal for someone who can work from home, as
a nature photographer, or outdoor enthusiast since you will have
a good deal of free time. Willing to consider a short or
long-term arrangement. A small stipend is also possible
commensurate with skill/experience, and size of the project.
Duties include: Home: indoor and outdoor preventative maintenance
and small projects; housekeeping, and seasonal deep cleaning.
Outdoor: weed whacking (May - October); rustic landscaping. Dog
care: walking, feeding, maintenance of training, occasional
overnight care if away. Winter: Assist with snow and ice removal
during the winter. Accommodations include a one bedroom attached
furnished apartment with waterfront view; utilities, internet and
garage space included. Applicants must be fit, a non-smoker, and
drug-free. Time-off: two to three days/week (will increase as
puppy requires less attention). Please email

COUPLE WANTED to help manage a wilderness kennel site near Eagle,
Alaska, along the Yukon River. This is an extremely remote
location. Travel to and from the site by boat, snowmobile, and
dog team. Responsibilities year round include 1½ hours in the
dog kennel, help with wood cutting, splitting, hauling and help
with any heavy work needed. Most of the day would be free.
Potential summer income from helping with float/canoe river
tours. Winter offers you learning survival skills, running a dog
team and potential income from helping with dog sled tours.
Lodging is provided in a dry cabin. A stipend will be offered for
food and supplies. There is limited Wi-Fi unless you have your
own system such as StarLink. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and you can also visit our website at


Lodge with 16 guest rooms, a cafe, and gift shop in the
mountains, located one hour outside of Tucson. Our promise is to
provide a unique blend of luxury accommodations and warm
authentic hospitality. You are passionate about service and have
at least three years’ experience managing independent specialty
lodging facilities. Flexibility, creativity, and attentiveness to
detail are your strong suits. You know your way around computers,
websites, reservation systems (we use Think), OTAs, and basic
financial reporting and planning. You are comfortable taking
charge, overseeing lodging staff and working with the cafe crew
to assure the integration of our service mission. You are willing
and able to enthusiastically commit to responsibility and have
the opportunity to partner with us as we develop and grow our
business. Salary depends on experience. Individuals/couples with
compatible skill sets will be considered. A live-in, private
three bedroom, 1½ bathroom cabin will be provided. To apply,
please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LIVE-IN CARETAKER(S) NEEDED on a southern Arizona wine country
mountain ranch from August and ongoing. Enjoy the dark sky, and
very scenic terrain. Feed the two horses, and two dogs twice
daily. The caretaker will have the use of a furnished studio
apartment, and some salary. Looking for a non-smoking, clean
living caretaker. Please email your information to

HUNTING LODGE MANAGER needed in Douglas, AZ. A southeastern
Arizona ranch is seeking a married couple team to fill a Hunting
Lodge Manager and Ranch Maintenance position located on the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a reputable quail and deer hunting
destination that offers guests an all-inclusive stay at one of
the most historic bird hunting lodges of its kind. The primary
duties of this role include maintaining the lodge grounds, lodge
cleaning and upkeep, meal preparation, and assisting with the
arrival/departure of lodge guests. All bookings, marketing and
guiding are handled by a third party. The job requirements
include: the ability to provide excellent customer service, good
communication and interpersonal skills, organizational skills,
equipment operating experience, and culinary experience. Must
assist with the arrival/departure of lodge quests, do lawn/garden
upkeep, noxious weed management, maintenance of all ranch roads,
fences and structures, schedule and monitor any work performed by
outside vendors, collect, review and approve all ranch-related
invoices and income, maintain a working knowledge of all
maintenance programs and capital improvement projects to ensure
the proper and efficient operation of systems, preventative
maintenance programs, and replace and maintain a current
inventory of supplies and parts needed for maintenance duties.
The salary will depend on experience, and room & board will be
provided. To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to

HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM NEEDED on a small family owned guest ranch
with a small herd of cows in Southern Arizona. We need help with
all aspects of our guest ranch as well as cattle operation. This
is year round employment for a couple looking for a rural and
small town lifestyle. We all do a little bit of everything here.
Experience with horses is a must. A valid driver’s license is
required. Guest ranch duties include maintenance of the property
at ranch headquarters which includes 10 miles of hiking trails,
the owner’s house and guest room cleaning and room preparation,
some grocery and supplies shopping, and some cooking. All
dependent on if there are guests at the ranch and what their
needs are. Will also need to take the owners off the ranch and
their guests on trail rides, skeet shooting, sometimes hunting.
Cattle duties include cattle rotation in rough country,
gathering, sorting, doctoring, and hauling, fixing and
maintaining fences and water sources and water lines. We use our
horses to work cattle so roping experience is helpful. We also
pack fence material. The salary includes a living situation, feed
for working horses, beef for the freezer and other benefits open
for discussion. Please email your resume and mention why would
you be the right applicants for this position to

CARETAKER NEEDED. I have two homes – one in Arizona where I
spend the majority of my time, and my other home is in Florida. I
have a 40 acre ranch with my main Arizona home, that also has
three barns, and one home for the caretaker, and a workshop.
Tasks include equipment and grounds maintenance (tractor, golf
carts, all vehicles, generators, blowers, fences, lights, fans,
etc.). Basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills. Welding
skills would also be a plus. I also need help with errands,
projects, and overseeing vendors. The weekly schedule is five
days, eight hours per day, and on-call for any emergencies.
Compensation includes a salary ($35,000 - $40,000 range,
negotiable) plus use of the 1,500 sq. ft. caretaker home on my
Arizona ranch!). You will also need to travel to my Florida home
at least twice a year, so you’ll need your own vehicle, or if
not I can provide you with airline tickets. Please have a minimum
of three years’ experience, and email your resume and provide
at least three checkable professional references to

Gary, I really like the service you provide for such a reasonable
fee. My wife and I live in Northern California in the wine
country. When we were young we were professional caretakers on
some major estates. I simply want to compliment you and your
staff for keeping us informed about a very diversified field of
opportunities that you offer. Thanks, Keith S., Occidental, CA
Thanks for your compliment Keith. As to your mentioning
“such a reasonable fee” - we would like you to know that we
have not had any subscription or advertising price increases for
the past 15 years. Even with all the increases in the costs of
transportation, printing, ink, paper, and postage over the years
- we have not had a subscription or advertising price increase
since 2008. Even with the current high inflation, we hope to be
able to maintain our current subscription and advertising rates
for the foreseeable future.

I want to let you know we were successful in hiring a caretaker
through your caretaker.org site! We only ran the one email
broadcast ad with you sending on the responses to me. I
appreciate your very excellent service and quick responses. The
husband, wife and their family are from northern New York State
and could not be a nicer family. They are settling in and are
happy to be in a new and warmer place. Thank you for your very
professional care. Sue O., Okatie, SC
Thanks for the update, Sue. I am glad you were able to find a
nice family to care for your property. We have many families who
are Gazette subscribers. I’m happy that your one time email
broadcast ad worked so well for you! We are doing more and more
email broadcast ads every week – so for any subscribers who
have not yet given us an email address to use, you’re missing
out on new opportunities like this one. Please remember, if you
don’t have your own email address, you can provide us with
someone else’s email address that we can use for you.

Good day, Mr. Gary and Gazette Team: I must say, I would have
never thought I would be the one who writes a gratitude letter to
you and your staff about accepting a caretaker’s position. I
have been a subscriber to the Gazette for some time now and had
always envied those who write in and say exciting things about
caretaker positions they've accepted. Well that very same thing
just happened to Laura and me, WOW! After putting together a
short resume, we replied to a couple of ads in the Gazette. We
had several responses, however most wanted experienced and
trained folks. Then one day just recently, a response came to me
requesting a trustworthy down-to-earth couple to take care of
their estate. After talking a few days, Laura and I decided to
give it a chance and we both were very nervous. We both have
professional jobs in the inspection field and were reluctant to
take a chance, but we did. So, we contacted the property owners
again. They immediately flew Laura and me to their estate on
Friday for a weekend interview. Who would have thought “Cajun
Caretakers @ 9,000 feet in Colorado”? The visit was a very
pleasant experience for Laura and I and the homeowners are so
wonderful. We returned to New Orleans on Sunday. Over a couple of
days, it was obvious that we both felt a desire to make a life
changing decision to accept their offer and move to Colorado. Our
transfer will be in the last week of August. We are very excited
and pleased to find just the type of people we imagined to
provide estate care for. My thanks and gratitude to you and your
special team at The Caretaker Gazette. All of my friends and
family here in South Louisiana and Laura's family and friends in
Florida and Tennessee are excited for us and wish us the best. We
feel blessed. Again, we thank you and God Bless. We will stay
connected with you with updates. Thank You. Sammy and Laura H.,
New Orleans, LA

Congratulations Sammy and Laura! Please keep in touch and let
us know how you progress with your exciting new adventure.

The Caretaker Gazette
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simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

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FARM CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED in the Southern Highlands of New
South Wales. This is a full-time, live-in caretaker’s position.
An opportunity presents itself to live free on a cattle farm in
the Southern Highlands. This position would suit a retired or
semi-retired couple with a desire to live the farm life with
clean air and peace and quiet. A tidy three bedroom cottage with
power and water is supplied free, and in return we expect that
the lawns and gardens around the house yards and immediate
grounds will be maintained. Also, we would require that the
cattle be checked daily to ensure they are safe and healthy. The
owners regularly travel in retirement but are always available to
execute work and maintenance on the cattle themselves. Experience
in farm life and country living a preference. Casual work is easy
to find in the area if required. This is a non-paid opportunity.
For more information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKERS REQUIRED for a 25,000 acre Western Queensland cattle
property. After three years, our caretakers have moved on. We are
looking for an active self-motivated caretaker(s). This is a
family run cattle property, with some sheep. This is a paid
position with separate accommodation/power/internet supplied or
your own accommodation is welcome. We are 90 kilometers to town.
General Station duties required as well as maintaining the
garden, waters, fencing and checking livestock. Pets not
preferred. Applications welcome. Please email

MAINTENANCE/FARM HAND NEEDED at our 100 acre tourist educational
farm in Scoresby, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. We are looking
for an active person or retired couple to help with ongoing
maintenance, landscaping/mowing, mechanical maintenance, etc.
There is also the potential for a person to be involved in casual
work in our onsite entrance/cafe for customer service or
cleaning. This position is open for a minimum 12 month period but
can be ongoing. An immediate start is an option, or we can work
out a timeframe by negotiation. We have accommodation on site in
a 5th wheeler or you can set up your own caravan/annex near power
and water. We would need someone to check water troughs, fences,
tractors, mow lawns, remove tree debris and generally keep an eye
on the day-to-day maintenance and tidiness on the farm. We are 25
minutes from the Melbourne Central Business District, 25 minutes
from the Southeastern beaches. If you are interested and near
Melbourne, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

couple to live onsite in Colignan, in a well maintained
one-bedroom ensuite cabin, as resident caretakers to manage the
day-to-day operations and maintenance of the farm's worker
accommodation grounds and facilities capable of housing 100
workers. The onsite accommodation is mostly comprised of cabins,
dongas and caravan parking sites. This role best suits an
applicant or couple with an energetic "get up and go" mentality
and flexible approach to work-days/hours which will fluctuate
seasonally subject to the citrus or grape harvest. Free
accommodation and no cost utilities form part of the remuneration
package on offer. Please call the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER WANTED in a nice location, close to Perth. Caretaker
applicants must have good local references. This position would
suit a couple. Accommodation available for light duty work. To
apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Queensland. This great opportunity has just come up for a
caretaker for this beautiful beach front location. We provide a
free shady site on the beach front, water and the amazing
wildlife dreams are made of in exchange for light duties. You
provide your self-contained caravan and the willingness to look
after the property and keep the grounds tidy. This would suit a
couple who love nature and the beach front. An ex-tradesman,
farmer, or keen gardener would be ideal. This is in an incredible
location, and our previous caretakers have all stayed longer than
planned. This is an immediate start with three months’ work
available. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED in a remote area in Australia’s
Northern Territory. At XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located 75
kilometers from Alice Springs, off the Tanami Road, we are
seeking applications from mature couples interested in caretaking
the facility for set three month periods. Available dates will be
discussed with suitable couples after the application appraisal.
The camp is located in the shadows of the Chewings Range in a
spectacular setting with lots of interesting things to do in your
free time. A modest salary is on offer, plus free accommodation
in a comfortable two bedroom cottage with plenty of room to park
a van or motorhome. You will need to be practical, resourceful,
and fit enough to do the maintenance and cleaning work around the
property as well as some office work and be happy living in a
semi-remote location. Typically, you get to Alice Springs once a
week for supplies, using the camp Hilux utility. What we need are
enthusiastic couples, keen to maintain the high standards of the
camp whilst enjoying the experience of living in this great part
of the country. If selected, applicants must each have a current
First Aid certificate and the Northern Territory Working with
Children clearance (also known as the Ochre Card) this includes a
National Police Criminal History check. Copies of these
certificates must be forwarded before employment can commence.
You may like to visit our web site at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to
learn more, then contact the current caretakers by email at

CARETAKERS WANTED near Darwin, Northern Territory. Our small
family farm is one hour out of Darwin (Lake Bennett), near
Litchfield National Park. We offer a powered site for your RV
with water for the caretakers throughout our beautiful dry
season. In exchange we ask for light farm duties such as feeding
our animals or checking cattle troughs. We can also offer paid
building/laboring work if skilled in this area. Please email

GARDENER AND HANDYMAN COUPLE NEEDED in Normanton, an outback town
and coastal locality in the Shire of Carpentaria, Queensland.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are looking for their next Gardener and
Handyman Couple for Dunbar Station, Normanton, with an immediate
start. The gardening tasks include but are not limited to mowing
and watering lawns, maintaining water systems, maintaining upkeep
to existing gardens, using garden power tools such as whipper
snipper and hedger, and occasional cleaning of guest quarters.
The handyman tasks include but are not limited to homestead
maintenance and repairs (being mechanically minded is
advantageous), and carting cattle on the property. An attractive
wage, food and electricity package will be provided, and your own
van/accommodation is desirable. To apply, please go to

Bloomfield, Queensland. Bloomfield is north of Cairns taking the
Mulligan Highway from Mareeba. Our establishment, Bloomfield
Escape, is a small family owned boutique style accommodation, one
hour south of Cooktown. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to
learn more about us; where we are and what we do. We are looking
for a person/couple from early June to help maintain our lawns
once a week and be an extra ‘presence’ at our establishment
should we need to leave for a day, i.e., answering the phone,
taking bookings, check-ins, etc. In exchange we can provide a
private, quiet place to put your van (with power). There is some
paid work involved such as cleaning cabins when required. For
more information, please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER NEEDED ASAP. Are you looking for a lifestyle change at
a beachfront resort in the Whitsundays, Queensland. We are
looking for a self-retiree or couple to live on site, preferably
in your own caravan, otherwise accommodation can be provided. We
have eight cabins, and a bar and restaurant. You will need to do
maintenance jobs for the units and surrounds, pump the water,
mowing, raking, and cleaning the units, for up to 20 hours/week,
pending what suits you. Paid hospitality award wages provided.

CARETAKER ASSISTANT COUPLE needed. We are situated in the
beautiful Scenic Rim area of Queensland with many national parks
at our doorstep and a river and creek running through our
property. We are a camping ground with caravan sites and are
busiest on weekends, being only two hours from Brisbane and the
Gold Coast. We are looking for a retired or semi-retired couple
to come and park their motorhome or caravan and work with us.
Must be fit and non-smoking. Some of the duties for the caretaker
assistant couple position include, but are not limited to
caretaker duties, office/reception work, general cleaning,
amenities cleaning, yard and general maintenance and routine park
tasks. Immediate start. To enquire or apply please contact us on


WANTED – two persons or a couple to experience tropical living
in southern Belize by caretaking XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Request a
three to four week commitment any time from March to November. If
you have Peace Corp experience or served in the military, it
would definitely be a plus. Even though we have the place for
sale, it does not preclude us from visiting friends and family in
Hawaii and California. If you are wondering why we are selling


HELP WANTED: Stable manager needed for guided trail rides on a
2,500 acre guest ranch resort. Need experienced applicants only.
No dogs, no families, with a travel trailer if possible. We are
open on weekends and holidays only. Please call

100+ YEAR OLD NONPROFIT HIKING CLUB seeks a live-in caretaker for
our Clubhouse nestled above Muir Woods, within 20 minutes of
Downtown Mill Valley. Responsibilities: Security, maintenance,
and cleaning of the Clubhouse and grounds; make the Clubhouse
available and welcoming to members and their guests; work with
the Committee Chairs to organize and run volunteer workdays,
festivals and fundraisers; coordinate with the Beverage and
Kitchen Committees to manage beverage/food ordering and delivery;
administrative tasks such as bill paying, bank deposits,
maintenance of vendor relationships, and enforcement of Club
rules. Perks: Competitive salary, your own one-bedroom apartment
with a full kitchen and bathroom (family members and pet
allowed), utilities, internet, and health insurance. Hours:
Full-time, 40 hours per week. Duration: 3-year contract with the
opportunity to renew. Desired Experience: Building maintenance
and restoration, bar management, hospitality, landscaping. To
inquire please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

A NORTHERN CALIFORNIA RANCH is looking for a caretaker to manage
our 160 acre property. The caretaker applicant must be proficient
in maintaining and operating equipment, mechanically inclined,
able to care for lawns, and do general maintenance. Must be a
self-starter and able to problem solve. The property is off the
grid, at 5,500 ft. elevation, close to a good sized town. This
position includes a two bedroom, two bath home on the property,
all utilities, cell phone, dish TV, internet. Salary will be
dependent on experience and skills. The current caretaker will
train the caretaker applicant. Please email your resume to

CARETAKER(S) NEEDED to have a presence and do minor chores and
errands for us 10 hours a week to help us keep up. Housing and
utilities included plus $200/week. Our location is in the Gold
Country in Angels Camp, California 95221. The elevation is at
1,600 feet, above the fog and below the snow. The grounds are
beautiful sitting on 12 acres planted in olives and grapes.
Applicants must have a clean background and friendly attitude. We
are on site about 1/2 the time and travel in our RV and are a
very busy retired couple and need help keeping up. Our prior
caretaker was with us for several years and we prefer someone
wanting a stable and longer term place to live. If interested
please send your inquiry to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

responsible person or couple to stay at our small ranch in
Northern California near Cache Creek Casino in the Capay Valley
for one month, September through October. The dates are flexible,
but we need someone from 9/10 - 10/17/23 when we are out of the
country. The primary responsibility is being emotional support
for our five dogs. We have never been away for so long. The
stipend is $1,500. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


UNIQUE CARIBBEAN OPPORTUNITY. Historic waterfront Hotel/B&B seeks
a management couple. If you have dreamt about moving to the
Caribbean and living on a small Island, this is the chance you
have been waiting for. Our hotel/B&B on the Island of St.
Eustatius has a historic building dating back to 1776, it has 20
rooms and suites. We are seeking an experienced couple to handle
all guest related operations. Must have a strong background in
maintenance and guest services. The property needs work but is
fully operational. You will be managing a small staff of lovely
people. Mostly bed & breakfast. Food and beverage operations are
possible. Please contact us by emailing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


PART-TIME CARETAKER NEEDED at a small ranch in Elbert, Colorado.
The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a pristine, private property located
in the Bijou Basin surrounded by wildlife and cattle. Here is a
unique opportunity if you want to live the country life, work
from home and can give us 80 work hours/month. This would be
perfect for an online job, retiree, artist, or someone who has a
trade they can do from our property. Seeking an individual (or
possibly a couple) to work with the owners maintaining an 80 acre
property and buildings, as well as caring for two dogs, two
horses and a few Highland cows as needed. Living quarters: All
Seasons, 42’ RV, with four slides, king bed, in a quiet
setting, with a gorgeous view. Garage space available for one
vehicle, Internet, trash, and utilities included. Shop space may
be available if your work from home needs it. Duties include (but
not limited to): pasture mowing, weed control, landscaping,
general maintenance, animal care, fencing repair, cleaning, fire
mitigation, painting, snow plowing, and overall, just taking care
of our beautiful ranch. A big plus are the following skill sets:
operating and maintaining tractors, implements, skid steer, chain
saws, zero turn mower, power tools, etc., “Fix it when it
breaks” kind of person, love of dogs, horses, and cows. The
owners travel often so if we are going to give you the keys to
our ranch you need to be trustworthy, honest, pay attention to
details, and have pride in your work. This is a rural property,
located 30 minutes from groceries and basic stores on nine miles
of dirt roads. A background check and references are required. To
apply, please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

PAGOSA SPRINGS - Ranch caretaker opportunity available. Our
ranch, located 18 miles from town, seeks to trade maintenance and
security on the ranch for a home on the ranch. A two bedroom, one
bathroom log home just completely renovated with all new roof,
plank vinyl floors, paint and new GE appliances including gas
stove, fridge, washer and dryer is available. The ranch buildings
were built in the late 40s. The work includes plumbing,
electrical, carpentry, some metal roofing, paint and shoveling
snow from a few roofs. Looking for an individual or couple able
to stay on the ranch much of the time. Not looking for a person
driving to town every day for work. The ranch is located at the
base of the Continental Divide at an altitude of 8,600,
surrounded by a pine forest and Aspen groves. The caretaker will
be an independent contractor. The amount of trade allowance and
possible contract fees will be dependent on experience and
mechanical skills. This position is long term. Our family has
owned this ranch for over 60 years. The owners are second
generation, in their mid-60’s and looking for help to do the
ranch maintenance. For some reason, my chain saw gets heavier
every summer! If interested, please email your resume and
references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thanks for looking. This
position is to be filled before the snow falls.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX includes 120 acres of mixed topography on
the eastern border of Larimer County, near the town of Johnstown.
The 120 acres includes approximately 60 acres of tillable land
and 60 acres of mixed pasture, wetlands, bluffs with some
extraordinary views of the front range and beautiful frontage
along the Big Thompson River. The land has been farmed
biodynamically and/or organically for the last 22 years with good
soil fertility. Crops grown include rye, barley, corn, alfalfa,
hemp, and vegetables. The farm also has a small flock of sheep
and goats. The farm is managed by the farm owner, together with a
farm team consisting of offsite, paid help and volunteers. Uhrich
Farm is also home to the Cresset Center, which carries out
educational events and activities on the farm. The Farmhand and
Caretaker will live on the farm, be an active member of the Farm
Team, and assist in all the activities associated with carrying
for the farm and buildings. We are seeking a mature, responsible,
non-smoking individual who has some farming experience, is
comfortable working hard, and enjoys being part of a team. Note
that drug and alcohol use are not allowed on the farm.
Responsibilities will include helping maintain the homestead and
farmstead gardens (these consist of about two acres of herbs and
vegetables), animal chores (currently there are 10 sheep living
on the farm), assist with building and fence repairs, assist with
farming chore activities, help with cresset center events as
needed, work closely with other farm team members and participate
in farm team meetings, and maintain the trailer in good
condition, including winterizing, repairs, routine maintenance,
etc. The time commitment will be 20 hours a week. Free lodging
will be provided in a brand-new Forest River mobile home (Model
Flagstaff Microlite 25 BRDS) on a beautiful, quiet, peaceful
farm, on a one year lease. Three months of free utilities
(utilities will be negotiated afterwards based on your usage and
cost during the first three months). Garden space will be
available for your personal use, along with a share of the meat
and produce produced on the farm. There is an opportunity to
expand responsibilities and compensation if things work out well
for you here. Please send a cover letter and resume to

ranch located outside of Gypsum, Colorado. The ranch is rural and
45 minutes from any town. The couple must work well as a team.
Must be acquainted with all four seasons and accustomed to
working in the cold and snow. Must have horse knowledge with
taking horseback rides and teaching children to ride.
Horsemanship is a plus. Knowledge needed for a small herd of
cattle. Must have knowledge of fishing, irrigating pastures, and
feeding animals. Duties include lawn care, flower garden care,
irrigation installation and repair, basic mechanical skills for
upkeep of vehicles and equipment, handyman skills for buildings,
HVAC knowledge, fencing, repairing, and keeping things running
smoothly. Must be able to run a chainsaw, zero turn mower, weed
whacker, track hoe, backhoe, forklift, side by sides, drive a
truck and trailer and be able to maintain and work on all
equipment. Should have pond, creek, and irrigation ditch
experience. Knowledge and experience with stone patios, staining,
and fine log homes. Have had experience in hiring, managing,
getting bids, and getting the best deals possible for the owners.
Must have an eye for detail and go above and beyond. Must be
physically strong and able since this is a demanding job. Be
incredible at cleaning fine houses with specialty finishes.
Ability to help cook and plan hospitality for small family
groups. Willingness to stock groceries and all paper goods. The
skills to work with a ranch budget and accounting. Will also pick
up and drop off at Denver or Eagle Airports. Must be very honest,
kind, able to take direction, ability to communicate well and
take feedback without getting offended. Be willing to learn and
take advice. To love the land as your own and always take care of
it to the highest standards. Must have professional references
and be willing to do a background check and have a clean driving
record. Paid time off, with gas and electricity included. Salary
depends upon experience. The private home is 1,800 sq. ft., three
bedrooms, two baths, beautiful home with custom finishes, walk in
closets, custom mudroom, custom fireplace, and custom laundry
room. Lawn, gardens, flowers, private deck, and area for
chickens. Located one hour from Vail and one hour from Glenwood
Springs. This is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream! Looking for an
immediate hire. Please email your cover letter and resume to


HELP NEEDED ASAP. A charming one bedroom apartment attached to a
gorgeous historic colonial home, surrounded by a wooded
wonderland in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. Lots of
privacy, a perfect place to work on your own project. Single or
couple who could work halftime for the estate in return for
housing with all utilities and possible additional hours for an
hourly rate of $25. Basic home maintenance indoors and outside.
Lawn and gardening skills are essential. Applicants must have
recent caretaking experience with excellent references from
employers. Hospitality skills are also a plus for help with
part-time renters. A clean background check will be required.
Please send your cover letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


AWARD WINNING (Trip Advisor and Booking.com), well established,
Bed & Breakfast in historic Odessa, Delaware seeks an Innkeeper
couple to manage and maintain this unique, recently renovated
(with all new systems), four guestroom en suite Inn. Current
innkeepers will be leaving to become nearby and at-the-ready,
first-time grandparents before the summer’s end. This position
includes on-site living accommodations, salary, and profit
sharing opportunities. Please contact us by emailing your resume
to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and look us up at our website:


HOUSESITTER needed for our beautiful ancient longhouse in Devon
with lots of land, a stream, and log fires. Housesitters are
needed for the month of October, as we will be travelling out of
the country at that time. Need someone to look after the house
and two small well-behaved dogs. Nothing arduous, just being
around and feeding the two pooches. There is a lot to see nearby,
since we are just six miles from Exeter, and 20 minutes from the
coast. We've had lots of American, Australian and NZ housesitters
in the past - always good. Housesitters will need their own
transport, or we have bikes – the nearest town is 2½ miles
away. Your accommodation is a huge, beamed bedroom with en-suite.
Plenty of logs for the fires in winter. We have all the modern
conveniences. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

SUPERB OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE for an experienced domestic couple
to work on the principal’s beautiful estate in Tunbridge Wells,
Kent. This busy couple are seeking enthusiastic versatile and
practical candidates to undertake their Housekeeper and
Gardener/Caretaker roles. Duties include all housekeeping work
such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, silver polishing, grocery
shopping and some basic cooking. The gardening role will include
working as part of an established friendly team. Knowledge of all
garden machinery, ride-on mowers and good basic gardening
knowledge is essential. Additional duties will include house
security, property and pool maintenance, car valeting and
occasional driving. Candidates need to have a high attention to
detail and pride in their work. Working hours are 35 hours per
week, Tuesday - Saturday. Some flexibility may be required, with
time off given in lieu. Both candidates must have a full clean
driving license (car provided for work use) and agree to
undertake an enhanced DBS check at the offer stage. Pet friendly
is essential. The accommodation provided is a spacious one
bedroom, well-furnished cottage. A small dog will be considered.
Interviews to commence right away in order to start as soon as
possible. Salary on offer £65,000 to £70,000/year dependent on
experience. Please apply with your resume and local references to


Orlando. This is a live-in position. Must have a good knowledge
of cattle, horses and animals, and be hardworking, organized, and
detail oriented. Looking for motivated and self-starting
individuals (willing to work as a team with others). No smoking
or drugs. There are eight buildings and property to be
maintained. Must have general knowledge of all functions
pertaining to farm work, including but not limited to fencing,
building maintenance, grounds keeping, equipment, and handyman
skills, cleaning inside and out. Serious inquiries only. Please
send your complete resume, references, and salary requirements to


A CARETAKER COUPLE IS NEEDED in the Toulouse Area. A live-in
couple is required to manage a small Chateau and grounds. Looking
for the following skills: French and English speaking (resident
status), housekeeping and maintenance, handiwork and home
repairs, large gardening equipment handling, swimming pool
upkeep, simple bookkeeping, and changeover of the rental property
(seasonal). Previous experience managing a property in France
would be advantageous. An attractive compensation package will be
provided, including salary, private cottage, living expenses and
French contributions. The start date should be in the
August/September 2023 period. Applicants should send their resume


CARETAKING COUPLE NEEDED for two full-time positions. Live and
work off the grid on a private island. Care for and preserve
historic homes nestled within a pristine coastal forest. A nature
lovers dream. Experienced boat handling skills are a must. Very
physical/active jobs. Must work well with others. Team players.
Good communication/social skills, dependable, flexible,
adaptable, self-starters, problem solvers. Willing to learn new
skills. Willing/able to help those for whom we work. Duties
include housekeeping, seasonal deep cleaning, and turnover
cleaning during guest seasons. Guest preparation and hospitality
style interactions. Maintenance and operation of diesel
generators, solar panels, and a small fleet of pickup trucks.
Maintenance of grounds, houses, pools, boats, and other
equipment. Firewood collection; chainsaws, wood
splitting/hydraulic splitter, backhoe use. Painting and large
projects, (electrical, water lines, roads, docks, construction,
etc.). Times without guests. Willing/able to be on the island
without going to the mainland for periods of time. Willing to
have a flexible work schedule as the job is not 9-5 or
Monday-Friday. Covid vaccination is required. Drug-free
workplace. Salaried positions. Benefits: health insurance, health
savings account, retirement, vacation, bonuses, phone stipend,
private two bedroom home with utilities included. Pet friendly.
Please submit your cover letter, resume, and references to


Big Island of Hawaiʻi beginning ASAP. Kipukamaluhia is a unique
eco-sanctuary; an ideal space for those who cherish elegant,
voluntary simplicity, for whom self-inquiry, beauty, direct
communication, mindfulness, and integrity are important and for
those who are nourished by and love to connect with and care for
gardens, orchards, and animals. Applicants must have a car.
Please call or text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please visit

have a 2.25-acre estate in Kona and are in need of an individual
with finish carpentry skills, light plumbing and electrical,
painting, and general maintenance. We could entertain a couple
for this position, with the second party doing 18+ hours weekly
housekeeping duties. This commitment is for a minimum of 90 days,
however if all parties are content the contract can be long-term.
This position is open now. If hired, one can expect a round trip
ticket from your nearest major U.S. airport to Kona, Hawaii.
While on the property, we will provide you with private hi-end
accommodations, free cable and Wi-Fi, maid service once a week,
gourmet breakfast and dinner daily, and a negotiated stipend.
Lastly, we will occasionally give you free use of a vehicle to
explore the island. We are in one of the most beautiful parts of
Hawaii, and I believe in the world. No drug use, no smoking of
any kind, and responsible alcohol use! We are not accepting
applicants who intend to bring children or pets. The applicant
must have his or her own health and auto insurance coverage. This
is a “Work for Hire” position and does not imply employment.
We are seeking a self-motivated, organized, in shape and strong,
and very tidy and clean individual, who will work 32+ hours a
week to upkeep our estate. We are willing to train in our
procedures, but you must have experience and be proficient in the
following areas: there are occasions where we have projects which
include sanding and painting, pressure washing, and tiling. It is
also important to have some skills in plumbing and electrical. We
undertake many small and large projects that need to be
accomplished in between the general maintenance responsibilities.
A fully equipped woodshop is onsite. You must be proficient and
competent in using the following: saws (miter, circular, jig,
band, table, scroll, plunge circular, tile saw, and Sawzall),
multi-tool, tenon and biscuit joiners, routers, planers, drills,
and drill press, Dremel tool, sanders and belt sanders, finish
sprayers, and a rotary laser. In addition to the use of the above
tools, you would be responsible for the maintenance and light
repairs of these tools. We have over 50 different fruit and spice
trees and bushes, vegetable, and herb gardens, and a ¾ acre
botanical garden with rare palms, Heliconia, and Gingers. It is
fabulous. We all work hard here, and we believe in quality over
quantity. Our motto is “If you undertake a project with us, do
it to your fullest potential, or don’t even bother”. We
encourage good ideas, creativity, and a team approach. The
property has a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a
spectacular place. If you feel this position might be your
calling, please give me a call to set up an interview (I can do
Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and FaceTime) and please send me your
resume and references, as well. All applicants will be subject to
background checks. You may contact me, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
questions. Aloha and mahalo! Please forward resumes and
references to psmichelletucker@aol.com and include the terms
“House of Kona, caretakers” in the subject line of your
email. My response should be received within 48 hours.

CARE FOR FOUR CATS AND LAND, for off grid housing and food, on
three acres in Kapoho, Hawai`i. Permaculture food forest and
greenhouse. Need help by zoom too. Please call


VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for forestry work in the Far East of
Iceland from September 2 to September 17. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
volunteers will be working on a project in the beautiful
Hallormsstaoaskogur National Forest doing nature and
environment-oriented tasks. The Hallormsstaoaskogur forest is the
largest wooded area of the country. The reforestation of the area
has been going on since a protection law was passed in 1899. The
oldest part of the woodland is accessible by good hiking trails.
The area offers a great variety of trails, such as one through
the deepest valley of the country and one up to Sandfell where
the view is quite magnificent. Small streams run through the land
where visitors can cool down on warm summer days. The Eastfjords
is a region with a special landscape, dominated by long, narrow
fjords and steep mountains. The wild reindeer of Iceland are
found here; the herd counts between three and four thousand
animals. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been cooperating with the
Icelandic Forest Service and our groups of volunteers have been
helping out for some years, with very good results for the
participants, the projects and the Icelandic nature conservation
and reforestation efforts. The main tasks will be to maintain
hiking paths, build stairs, construct and put up signs.
Volunteers will also put up benches and tables in the forest.
Other tasks will be to trim branches and beautify groves that are
located near the hiking paths. Well maintained paths enable
people to visit these amazing areas without damaging the
surroundings and in addition our volunteers’ work helps to
improve safety for visitors. Last but not least, volunteers can
explore the surroundings of the location and enjoy free-time
activities arranged in cooperation with our local project host.
No previous experience is necessary, but the work is demanding
and requires a good physical condition. As it is outdoors work,
volunteers shall be ready to adapt and be flexible with the
working and free-time schedule, as depending on the weather, we
may not be able to perform some of the tasks or activities
planned. The weather is unpredictable, and it can be cold and/or
rainy, so be prepared to experience all kinds of weather. We
recommend bringing good walking shoes/boots, warm and/or
waterproof clothes (underlayers, overcoats, scarves, gloves, and
hats), as most of the tasks and activities take place outside.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX volunteers will sleep in beds in a house
belonging to the Icelandic Forest Service. The house is fully
equipped. Please bring your own sleeping bag. Volunteers will
receive food supplies and will be in charge of cooking and
cleaning. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX offers the minibus option: shared
transport from Reykjavík to the camp and back. Apart from being
cheaper and convenient, it allows participants to meet and have a
relaxed trip, while stopping on the way for interesting sites.
The SEEDS minibus will travel one way along the northern part of
the country and the other along the south coast of Iceland,
seeing the whole ring road and stopping at magnificent natural
sights, including waterfalls, glaciers, volcano craters, hot
springs, iceberg lagoons, black sand beaches, etc. Meeting point
at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ office in Reykjavík at 7:00am on
September 2. Return to Reykjavík in the late evening of
September 17. For more info, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This is a dream summer job in the remote
Sawtooth Mountains. The position is available ASAP and through
the middle of August (or until the middle of October if desired).
Caretaking responsibilities will include landscaping, pool
cleaning, special projects, and housekeeping (1/2 day per week).
Horse training will depend on experience. Anything from breaking
colts, trimming, and grooming to just keeping horses fit and
ready to ride. Part of your job will be going on an amazing horse
ride together every day. If you do not have horse experience,
please still apply. If you have your own horses, we may be open
to you bringing them for the summer. This position includes
private caretaker residence housing. This is a remote town with
no services. If you need to be in town constantly, this is not
the job for you. We are a very happy hardworking group looking
for a couple to join us in our small piece of heaven. If you are
happy and positive and hard working please apply. We are easy
going and drama free and not looking for any. Please email your
experience and interest to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HELP NEEDED IN SUN VALLEY, IDAHO. 50 amp RV hookup, water and
internet provided. Can accommodate a 45 ft. RV/truck and trailer.
Located on a 10 acre Alfalfa Farm/Horse Ranch. Available
beginning of August through November. Exchange for approximately
one hour/day doing light yard work. Can be lumped into one to two
days per week. Will need to be available to feed two to three
horses and clean stalls daily when the owner is away. The rest of
your time would be free to explore the gorgeous wilderness
(hiking, biking, fishing, or other outdoor activities).
Candidates must be in decent physical condition. No major
disabilities, addictions, no smoking, or drama. Singles or
couples are OK, but no children. A dog is OK as long as it gets
along with the owner’s dogs, isn’t a constant barker and
doesn’t bother or chase the horses. References and resumes
required. For more info or questions please email


This is a salaried position, based on experience and skill sets.
Preferably a couple, family, or individual. Must be willing to
relocate and live a peaceful life on our 150-year-old, 80 acre
farm located one hour outside of Chicago. We are not commercial;
it is a relaxed environment with beautiful facilities. We have a
natural spring pond, fishing, canoes, sand volleyball, tennis
court, pavilion, wooded trails, farm animals, horse stables, and
a loving, open-minded family awaiting the ones who want to become
part of this caring team. Ideal backgrounds in housekeeping,
groundskeeping/landscaping (weeding, mowing, maintaining and
clearing trails, etc.), mechanical/machinery skills (farm
equipment knowledge; use and maintenance), handyman skills,
livestock experience (feeding; small number of animals),
construction (mending fences, home projects, etc.), and event
planning like weddings. Also looking for a live-in caregiver to
help with an elderly woman. In exchange, you will be provided
with a house (separate from the main residence), free
utilities/rent, and use of a vehicle. Quality of life - living
the dream. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located in Tiskilwa, IL, is seeking a
full-time live-in Innkeeper or Innkeeper couple. The successful
candidate(s) will be responsible for all aspects of managing a
5-star B&B, including guest interaction, taking reservations,
cleaning rooms, preparing and serving breakfast, rate management
and social media updates. Applicants should possess a strong work
ethic, an outgoing personality, creativity and the ability to
work closely with the Owner to continue the successful operation
of the business. Private Innkeeper quarters and all utilities are
included. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.
Please send resumes to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Chuck and Liz Find their First Caretaker Gig 
Interests: Hiking, kayaking, gardening, cooking, eating at
various local restaurants, meeting new friends and entertaining.
Quote: ““The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he
acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those
around him positively.” Bob Marley”

Chuck and Liz

	My husband and I had a dream of leaving our jobs that we hated,
and doing something together that we loved. I had been
subscribing to caretaker.org for some time now, but looked at
everything as though it were a dream, and could never become a
reality. Until, one day, I saw an ad for caretakers for a 2,200
acre mountain property in Southwest Virginia:


This is a private family recreational property. It’s perfect
for a retired or semi-retired person or couple. Hourly salary and
a modern three bedroom, two bath house and utilities furnished.
Onsite duties to include security, house and outbuilding and
housekeeping. References and background check required. Please
respond with your resume and inquiries to …

	I asked my husband if he would ever be remotely interested in
doing something like that, and he said, “Sure why not?” I
didn’t exactly expect that to come out of his mouth, but I
thought, “He’s right, why not?”
	So, the first thing we did was hire a resume professional to
combine our talents into one couples resume. We had some prior
experience as assistant managers for a senior community, and also
taking care of neighbors’ homes and pets while they were away,
but nothing big. We also had professional backgrounds that made
us more marketable.
I emailed the property owner and was surprised when he emailed
back. My initial email response to the ad included an attached
resume. As the owner and I struck up a rapport and the lines of
communication were opened up between us, I included additional
documents, as requested. For our part, my husband and I were both
forthcoming and responded with questions of our own. 
	I really thought that we lacked experience, but soon found out
that experience doesn’t necessarily matter all that much to a
property caretaker. What matters is the rapport, and how you come
across in your cover letter. I was as honest as I could be about
what little experience we had. So, if you are reading this and
think as I thought, rethink it again. In this business,
sincerity, honesty and just being yourselves tend to be what
people look for the most. If you lack professional caretaking
experience, just be honest and tell them that.
	If you have been a homeowner, that will certainly help as
you’ve had experience caretaking a home and property. Because
the primary caretaker responsibilities in our current position is
caring for the land, it worked in our favor that we have a love
of the outdoors, working outdoors, and enjoy being out on the
land. Living in close proximity to the property, in our case,
just a couple of hours away, also helps as you can meet in person
prior to accepting the position.
	We met with the property owner at a place located in between
where we both lived. The owner wanted a May 1 start day and we
met in person at the end of February, beginning of March. We
talked for about two hours just getting to know each other, and
we really hit it off. He invited us to his home the next weekend
and hired us during our stay! Our agreement is that we are free
to leave at any time, provided we give the owners a couple of
weeks’ notice. Both we and the property owner have agreed that,
initially, “long term” means one year to start but could
easily be five years or more, should things continue on a
positive note.
	We had the property owner detail his expectations for us and in
return, we detailed what we expected from the owner. In other
words, both parties made everything clear before proceeding. If
either party had questions, we texted back and forth, keeping the
lines of communication open. If you have a question, don’t take
for granted that the answer will be what you expect - definitely
ask questions. In our case, we are very fortunate that the owner
is very forthcoming with answers, information, duties, and
expectations. A red flag might be when one party is evasive,
reluctant to engage in open communication, or doesn’t provide
candid answers to questions. If you don’t feel right about
something or something doesn’t make sense, it is worth asking
questions. Be thorough and don’t accept vague answers. It is
always smart and worth it to ask questions.

Chuck planting on the hillside

The work truck they use to travel on the estate

	We now live on top of a mountain in Abingdon, VA, and still
pinch ourselves every day. The historic town of Abington is
located in the Blue Ridge Mountains region of southwestern
Virginia. The town, which is named for one of Martha
Washington’s ancestral homes, is a Virginia Historic Landmark.
Since 1778, Abingdon has been the political, commercial, and
transportation center of Washington County. Downtown Abingdon is
home to a variety of historic buildings, including public,
commercial, and residential structures dating to the 19th
century. The mountaintops offer panoramic views of valleys and
ridges stretching out to the horizon.
	We have a lovely three bedroom cottage, located a mile from the
main house. A well provides our water and waste is taken care of
via a septic system. We were able to bring everything we needed.
In fact, the caretaker cottage is so large, we didn’t have
enough furniture of our own to properly furnish it so the
landowner brought us to his warehouse and let us pick out enough
items so we could furnish the entire home. The main house is very
large and, when the owners are in residence, they are very
	The 2,200 acre recreational property is hilly and wooded,
including old growth spruce and fir, and our main task is caring
for the land. Our responsibilities include weeding and
fertilizing. We have seen wild turkey, deer, eagles, and red tail
hawks. Although we have not seen them yet, there are bears in the
woods. They are black bears and not aggressive. 
	Our normal day consists primarily of gardening, mulching,
mowing, removing weeds and doing whatever else is needed outside.
During the week after the owner and his family leave to return
back to their primary home, we clean the inside of their house on
the recreation property. We are also responsible for keeping the
water system in the main home properly maintained.
	We have our own vehicle that we use if we want to go into town.
The owner has provided us with an all-terrain utility vehicle
that we use to get around the large property and traverse the
steep, wooded terrain that is part of the estate. Our only
expenses are for groceries and personal items. Everything else is
provided by the owner (housing, utilities). There is an internet
hotspot here so we can access the internet via our phones. There
is no Wi-Fi. We don’t need it but for someone who relies on
income from an internet based business, Wi-Fi on the property is
something they will want to confirm during discussions about the
	To do this kind of job requires hard work, and you have to be
able and willing to do what the property owner requests, and some
weeks are harder than others. But, we have to say that for us,
this kind of job sure beats sitting behind a desk and driving
hours a day to and from work. It is completely different and a
pleasantly welcome change from the corporate world. Besides that,
we get to work side by side each day.
	So, here’s a look at a normal workday for us: Most days, we
start at around 9:00 am, mostly starting with the outdoor chores,
and work until around noon. It can be planting flowers and
plants, spreading mulch around one of the many garden areas,
pulling weeds from garden beds, leaf blowing, etc. We take an
hour lunch break, then return to our duties. On rainy days, we
choose to concentrate on the interior of the home, doing
everything from the normal housekeeping to more extensive chores.
We usually end our day around 5:00-6:00 pm, and some days maybe a
little earlier.
	Our favorite thing about this caretaker position is the
beautiful setting on the top of a mountain top, working outside
on the property, and the fact that the property owners are not
micromanagers. As long as there is mutual agreement about what
needs to be done to maintain this beautiful property, we make our
own hours, working autonomously but know the owner is always
available to answer any questions, if needed. As caretakers, it
is important to be flexible, willing to change, and to have an
open mind. 
	There will not be as much to do during the winter months, so we
must make our earnings stretch to live on during those lean
months, but if you are resourceful you'll always find things to
do. But this is something you must consider if you are working in
an area with four seasons. Right now, we are putting in a lot of
hours because there is so much to be done outside, but when
winter comes, there won’t be as much to do outside. So, as an
independent contractor, you’ve got to make sure you plan for
that, and make sure you understand what you are getting into. 
	If necessary (which I strongly recommend), ask for your duties
and responsibilities to be written down, so you clearly
understand the terms and what is expected of you, and in turn,
what is expected from them! In our case, our duties change from
week to week. When you receive your list of duties, ask that it
be prioritized. Remember, this is a two-way street, and you have
to be happy with the terms in order to want to stay. They need
you as much as you need them!
	I'd say that the key to this job is communication. We have a
great rapport with the property owners. We meet on a weekly
basis, and we speak a few times each week with our employers just
to make sure they know we are on top of things, and to remind
them of events in our lives that may require us to be absent from
the property. As long as we give them notice, they are very
understanding that we also have personal commitments. But like
any other job, don't take it for granted. This is still a job,
and you must earn their trust.

Liz spreading mulch on the estate property 


HELP NEEDED in Maynooth, Ireland. Attention horse lovers! We have
a small family run Riding School and Livery yard and dog boarding
kennels in County Kildare near Dublin, and we need help with our
ponies and horses - we would be delighted if we could find
someone who would help us with these animals and who is able to
ride to a decent level/clean stables/groom horses/walk dogs. We
have some lovely well trained horses for any horse enthusiast. We
would love someone who could do a bit of maintenance on the
yard/farm, gardening, painting etc., if asked. Working around
horses can be hard work but rewarding. I have bred horses for
over 40 years, and we are a fully insured and approved riding
school so there is plenty of knowledge to be gained. Our breeding
season is starting in a few weeks, and we are expecting seven
foals (baby horses). We also have two large dogs outside and two
small dogs inside. We have a beautiful large Georgian Home with
mature gardens close to the university town of Maynooth. Next
door is a huge Golf club and Hotel with extensive forests for
walking. You will have a bedroom in our family home with free
Wi-Fi and use of a bike and all meals will be provided to our
helpers. I will take you to the local town to explore or drop you
off at the bus/train to the city on your days off. The bus and
train to the city is four kilometers from our house but we go to
the local town daily. If you are interested, please call


camp formally known as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Maine. The camps
are off the grid and rural, nestled in the woods approximately 30
miles from Patten, Maine. The 15 cabin and main lodge facility is
private and operated for the sole use of one business, primarily
for customer relationship-building events and their own corporate
retreats and business meetings. The maximum guest occupancy on
the property at any one time would be approximately 40 - 50
people, but groups of 15 or fewer will be the norm. We are
seeking a dependable individual who can spearhead our vision of
creating a world-class outdoor experience for those who visit the
property for business and entertainment. The individual must be
accustomed to all four seasons in Maine and be comfortable
working in the cold and snow. Good communication,
problem-solving, and social skills are a must. Times without
guests will be for a good part of the year, so the ability to
staff up and manage a workforce for busier times of the year will
be needed. Additionally, working effectively with the facilities
department of the owning business will be necessary as we work on
larger projects that need support. Duties include: 
- Housekeeping, seasonal deep cleaning, turnover cleaning, and
effectively operating a commercial kitchen and dining hall. 
- The maintenance and operation of equipment, including diesel
generators, solar panels and systems, wood stoves and heating
systems, and propane heating and lighting systems.
- The maintenance of grounds, roads, bridges, cabins, and
- The maintenance and operation of tractors, backhoe, small fleet
of vehicles, plow trucks, boats, snowmobiles, UTVs, other
- Mowing, weed whacking, bush hogging, snow removal, trap/skeet
range operation, food plot and garden work, firewood collection,
chainsaw work, wood splitting and the application of handyman
skills are all common and routine activities on site. 
- Painting and large projects (electrical, water lines, roads,
construction) are also common activities. 
- Protection of the grounds, building and equipment from fire,
theft, vandalism, and trespassers at all times.
The salary will depend on experience, and compensation will
include private caretaker housing on-site. Applicants must be in
good physical condition, have professional references, be willing
to do a background check and have a clean driving record. This is
in a remote location with no services, so if you desire to go to
town often, this is not the job for you. If you enjoy the
outdoors and solitude of nature, this is an excellent
opportunity. It is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream! We seek
long-term employees who take pride in their work and job. Please
email your cover letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Georgetown, Maine is seeking 2024 season
caretakers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Primary duties
- Maintaining grounds and equipment
- Providing tours
- Hosting overnight guests
- Maintaining a blog
Work hard and love life on this magical island. It is a two
person job. Families are encouraged. For more information, please
visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The application deadline is December
1st, 2023. Thank you.


AN ELDERLY COUPLE in good health seeks a hands-on single
caretaker or couple to help them be as independent as possible in
their lives. They live in a large 7,000 sq. ft. home on two acres
in Annapolis, which they will share with their caretaker(s). They
are looking for someone without any "baggage" who is/are honest,
helpful, very organized, and nonsmoking. These caretakers will be
replacing the caretakers hired a year ago. Responsibilities will
include driving, companionship, cooking, laundry, and light
housekeeping. This is a professional couple who are still very
active and social; they go out to dinner a lot. If you have a
pleasant personality and would love to improve the quality of
life for two very special people, this is the perfect opportunity
for you. Salary will be commensurate with skills and experience
and includes benefits. To apply, please email your resume and
references to caretakergazette@gmail.com and include “Annapolis
Opportunity” in the Subject Line for forwarding purposes.


CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED. Resourceful, independent couple sought
for beautiful, remote island security, from about September 15,
2023 through June 15, 2024. Caretaking for multiple years is
possible and desirable. Simple lifestyle, gorgeous waterfront,
winter solitude and dramatic New England coastal weather describe
this north of Boston location. Living quarters, utilities,
internet, and a monthly stipend provided ($3,333/month). Earn
additional income doing carpentry, painting, and odd jobs for
cottage owners during ample free time. Plumbing, electrical
(solar off-grid) and boating skills are a plus. Applicants should
be fit and child-free. Non-smokers preferred. Couples only
please. For more information, please email your resume to

PRIVATE CONSERVED 1,700 ACRE ISLAND off Cape Cod --Looking for an
experienced, hardworking, resourceful couple to manage an island
farm with three summer rental houses. This is a lifestyle change,
a homesteader's dream. It is an opportunity to live in a pristine
setting in a one-of-a-kind farmhouse that overlooks a private
harbor. It requires a careful balance between isolation and
hospitality. In the summer months the rental houses are filled
with vacationers. During the winter months the island is empty.
It is a full time job for two people in the summer and a part
time job in the winter. Duties include maintenance of the
buildings and farm equipment, operation of island boat,
assistance to visitors, maintaining island vegetable garden,
island patrol, trail mowing and maintenance, management of
livestock, and light record keeping. The position of Island
Manager requires a hardworking farmer's mentality and the ideal
candidate must have a can-do attitude and be able to adjust
strategies on the fly. Advanced boating skills are a necessity.
Strong mechanical skills and carpentry skills are needed. The
position includes a $70,000/year salary, housing and all
utilities, usage of island boat, vacation, and contribution
toward health insurance. Please email resumes to


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The caretaker must protect the grounds,
buildings and equipment from fire, theft, vandalism, and
trespassers at all times. When necessary notify the Fire or
Police Departments, caretakers chairman and the Club President.
Assure that the gate coming into the Club Driveway is closed by
10:30 P.M. on nights when there are no club functions. Ensure
that Club equipment and property is stored in its proper location
for security and insurance reasons. Check members and guests that
use the rifle or archery ranges Monday through Sunday except on
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays after 10:00 A.M. Receive Club
deliveries, check in all materials and merchandise, also any
other club property that is removed from the Club. During the
mowing season keep the grass around the immediate perimeter cut
and weed whipped weekly or as needed. During the Winter months
keep all the entryways free of snow and ice. The caretaker is to
receive his or her rent of the apartment, gas, electric and
water. The caretaker must have and provide their own phone. There
will be only two adults allowed to live in the apartment. Pets
are negotiable. He or she will be allowed two weeks paid vacation
a year. Written notice must be given at least two weeks in
advance to the Caretaker Chairman and the Club President unless
emergency leave is necessary. Wages will be $1,000.00 per month.
He or she will be off on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from
10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Inability to perform any or all his or
her duties will cause forfeiture of wages for the affected time
frame. Living quarter arrangements will be continued as approved
by the Caretaker Committee. Either party may terminate this
contract. This contract is on a year to year basis. At the end of
each year there will be an evaluation with the possibility of a
raise. The Caretaker Committee and the Club prefer to employ a
married couple. To apply, please mail your resume to


WANTED – a hard working property management couple to train for
a future general manager position. Currently, we are the general
managers of a unique "Private" 1,700 acre property along the
Gasconade River. We are seeking the perfect couple to train that
would replace us when we retire. Unfortunately, the local talent
is fickle and unreliable – which is a real problem in today’s
labor market! This would be a long-term gig. There are too many
perks to mention here. Please respond with a resume or simply
your background, family history, contact info and what you both
want to be doing for the next 20 years! Please email


RANCH MANAGER COUPLE NEEDED at a private ranch. The
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a privately owned and operated ranch just
south of Great Falls in Cascade, Montana. We are a high-end lodge
catering to our owners’ groups of 10-30 people per week
throughout the summer months. Activities include trail rides,
cookouts, and clay shootings. In addition to the guest lodge, the
ranch is a fully operating working cattle ranch. The off-season
months are spent taking care of livestock, cattle, and horses, as
well as overseeing maintenance, repairs and upkeep of property
and equipment. We are seeking a couple with backgrounds in both
wrangling and hospitality. In addition to hospitality
responsibilities, administrative tasks and lodge management, the
ranch manager couple will oversee guest services and staff
management, ensuring a great guest experience. A good knowledge
of cattle and horse operations is essential. The ranch manager
couple job is a fast-paced year-round position with room to learn
and grow for the right couple. We offer on-site housing and the
use of a ranch vehicle. An excellent compensation package is
available for the right couple, with performance-based bonuses
and additional perks. Applicants must have a current driver’s
license and be able to pass a background check. Please respond to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with an introduction and resume that
highlights any relevant ranch or hospitality experience.

CARETAKING POSITION AVAILABLE on the Missouri River near the
Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area. This is a small, remote
property (9-10 acres) located just north of Helena, Montana. The
successful applicant wants a long-term situation, possesses the
ability to work on their own and with minimal direction.
Responsibilities include landscape maintenance, minor household
repairs and mechanical knowledge. Work requires approximately 20
hours a week. Must be organized and have the ability to live
on-site 7-8 months of the year (March 15 – November 15) based
upon weather conditions. Housing, utilities, internet provided
plus a monthly stipend. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


PART-TIME HORSE CARE HELP NEEDED in Reno, Nevada. This is a work
exchange situation for lodging. We are very family oriented
elderly owners who now need help to maintain the little ranch and
horse share program. We have 12 horses which we share with
families without horses on our tiny, 1.5 acre ranch, non-profit
club. We need someone to feed, water and clean each morning and
feed and clean each evening. There is time for side work or a day
job. Outside income required. We have a few hours a month only of
extra maintenance work around the ranch for which we pay $12/hour
cash. Living quarters is an older 26′ travel trailer. We
provide Wi-Fi and electricity and one tank of propane monthly.
This is a private home with wonderful families who visit to learn
about horses. There is zero tolerance for drug use and no alcohol
use on property. An operable vehicle, valid driver’s license,
and background check required. Please email your resume to

FULL-TIME CARETAKER/MANAGER NEEDED at a small private horse farm
in Gardnerville, NV. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is looking for a
hardworking individual who can manage the day-to-day residential
and agricultural duties. The primary responsibilities include
feeding horses, cleaning stalls and waterers, and keeping the
barn clean and tidy. Do turnouts and rotation of horses depending
on the weather. Stack hay and shavings, and unload grain. Other
animals care and feeding. Grounds maintenance and improvements,
including mowing/edging lawns, fertilizing, aerating, leaf
collection, pruning, planting and maintenance of landscaping,
organic garden, shrubs and trees, fence installation and repair.
Maintenance of residential irrigation (sprinkler/drip) systems
and landscaping. Watering and/or dragging arenas when needed.
Irrigation of pastures (flood) during irrigation season,
including preparation and maintenance of ditches, gates, and
culverts. Cleaning, burning, repainting, and improving ditches
and gates during the off season, along with pasture maintenance,
seeding, dragging, fertilizing. Weed control (including spraying
of herbicides and pre-emergent). Rodent and insect control,
ground squirrels, mice, skunks, wasps, hornets, etc. Must have
experience with horses, barn, and residential management, be a
hardworking, self-starter, organized and detail focused, with the
ability to multitask, prioritize and start/complete tasks and
duties. Need to have effective and efficient time management and
communication skills. This is a full-time, year round position.
No medical or retirement benefits are currently offered.
Bi-annual performance reviews will be conducted, and annual
performance bonuses are considered but not guaranteed.
Compensation will be based on experience, and housing is offered.
Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

RANCH HAND/FARMWORKER NEEDED in Lovelock, Nevada. An aging
Rancher has an immediate need for a full-time, long-term, hard
worker on a small ranch, of about 525 acres of flood irrigated
cropland, 3,000 acres of brush land pasture for 150 cows, 100
head of goats, a dozen llamas and a few horses. Applicants must
be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. Seeking a “do it all”
type of individual with a mechanical aptitude and some level of
common sense. The employer is willing to train a motivated,
hard-working individual. A ranch truck will be provided for
travel between ranches. Housing offered and the salary will
depend on experience. To apply, please email your resume to

THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking a caretaker to manage our
4-bedroom Vacation Home Rental (i.e., single-house Airbnb) in
Zephyr Cove on Lake Tahoe. Located one mile from Nevada Beach and
three miles to Heavenly Village and Ski Resort. Responsibilities
include cleaning between guests, general house maintenance, and
preventing parties. The ideal caretaker or caretakers would have
professional cleaning experience and basic knowledge of home
maintenance. There are on average 12 cleanings per month (three
to four hours each) between 10:30am - 4pm. Reimbursement includes
1) an on-site first-floor studio apartment including utilities
and one parking spot, 2) $100/clean, 3) coordinated time off when
the owners use the property. The caretaker will not be required
to communicate with guests or manage the calendar. Aside from the
above responsibilities, the caretaker would be free to enjoy
their time on the lake, on the mountains, or work a separate
remote job. Please contact us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to schedule
an interview.

FARM WORKER/CARETAKER WANTED for an alfalfa ranch remotely
located in Pershing County. You will be responsible for all daily
duties, pivot and basic mechanical skills are necessary, must be
self-motivated, trustworthy and follow instructions. This is a
year around job, with a home and utilities included. To apply,
please send your resume, references, and contact information to


Mountains of New Hampshire. We would love to have a new team
member with us this year who is looking to learn all the ins and
outs of innkeeping. A big part is housekeeping, but we also would
like to share our experience including working on our Property
Management System with rates and reservations, helping us with
social media and marketing and interacting with our guests. We
would provide a private room and shared bath down the hall with
limited kitchen facilities. We are a small staff so you will get
to perform all duties. Everyone, including ourselves, works every
weekend. We would make it a fun and good learning experience for
anyone who is looking for the inn culture. We serve a continental
breakfast and no restaurant on the premises. Work is primarily
days with some nights on occasion. Come visit and work in the
north country of New Hampshire where the closest traffic light is
nine miles away. We are on thirty acres, have a garden and
flowers that need tending plus we like side projects. We are open
to ideas. Please let us know if you are interested in us. Please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HOUSESITTER for the month of September 2023
for our home in Jersey City, NJ. This will just be an exchange
for your housesitting service for the living space in our home
– no pay involved. You should be comfortable with city living.
Our home is in a quiet urban neighborhood and has a small garden
which will need some watering if we get into a dry spell. We are
close to shops, restaurants, and other stores. The
housesitter’s primary responsibility will be to look after our
home and care for our two dogs while we are away. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you are available and please provide
checkable references.

INNKEEPER OR COUPLE needed for a historic Inn and B&B. The
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is located in the middle of 1,000 acres of
New Jersey botanical gardens. The successful candidates will be a
one-person or couple team. Absolutely no children and no pets
allowed. They will operate the 20 room Inn, serving breakfast
only (no bar or restaurant) and working with and directing the
cleaning staff/front office daily, and making guests happy and
comfortable with their stay with us. We use ResNexus for all
guests. The Inn is open five days a week, and caterers weddings
and special events on sight with a catering team in place. The
new keepers will start operations as soon as possible, following
training. Pay is $50,000 per year plus a monthly bonus based on
reviews and occupancy which can be $10,000 to $20,000 more. Full
room and board are included at the cost to you. To apply,
applicants should email their resume and any questions to


available in exchange for a RV hookup site (water, electric, and
sewer). You will have a panoramic view of the Organ Mountain
Range from your campsite. This area is a mountain bikers
paradise! I am next to the Desert Peaks National Monument bike
trail system – it’s next door! My property is outside of town
by three miles, on a one acre lot. I am 71, retired, and need
help with a dry rock retaining wall, some landscape items,
digging holes for shrubs and trees, and some simple carpentry. We
would agree on chores to be done, trading out per day rental
value of $15 (at bottom end of local rates) to be applied/traded
out at $15 per hour on the chore list, but, like shop rates at
the garage: a one hour listed chore could only take you 15
minutes, but it counts as the hour. We will go over the chore
list and agree upon "Shop Hours" at the start of the trade-out
period. I estimate I have about 24 - 30 hours of work (shop
rate). That would trade out to a month rental at $15 per day.
Prefer a solo person only, and a dog is OK (there is one acre to
run around in with a rock wall fence). This position is for
cooler months, September and October, as it is too hot to work
outside now. Please email your picture, resume, and any
woodworking pictures to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER WANTED in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Looking for a person
who is healthy in body, mind, and spirit, honest and clean.
Someone retired who does not have to make a living. Need someone
to help me take care of one elderly standard poodle and some
gardening this summer. In exchange for living in beautiful
surroundings with gas heat, electricity, and the internet. Need
someone with an open heart and a formal Spiritual practice –
someone who has boundaries and an open heart. Please email your


IMMEDIATE OPENING AVAILABLE for a mature married couple with no
kids at home to take care of houses and grounds for absentee
owners on a ranch in the Southwest desert adjoining the Guadalupe
Mountains and two National Parks. He will be a jack-of-all-trades
and handyman to maintain the interior and exterior of houses,
landscaping, and lawn care. She will perform thorough
housekeeping of houses, light laundry and help with grounds
maintenance. No animal care required. Looking for people with a
positive, “can-do” attitude who want a long-term position.
Comfortable housing, all utilities, ranch vehicle and salary are
provided. Please send your resume containing contact info, job
skills, prior employment history with names of employers, dates,
and responsibilities to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A FRUIT FARM IN UPSTATE, NY is seeking experienced hands or a
Farmer couple to manage a Fruit Farm and vegetable patch. You
must be able to fix and operate farm equipment. Housing provided
on the premises. Compensation will be a percentage of profit. For
more information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

in the heart of the Adirondacks High Peaks seeks a year-round,
long-term caretaker for a 12-room Inn. You will be responsible
for the daily upkeep and maintenance of the Inn, cleaning rooms
and common areas, handling customer service, managing daily
operations, and other support services. Five to six days a week,
averaging six to eight hours a day. Please email your resume to


award-winning historic heritage backpacker hostel! This city has
so much to offer with beaches, bars, walking, and retail therapy.
The hostel is actually a former prison and will be one of your
most interesting experiences and accommodations in New Zealand!
We're looking for a friendly and enthusiastic Evening
Receptionist starting ASAP and staying for two months. You must
have a current Working Holiday Visa or the legal ability to work
in New Zealand. This is a work in exchange for accommodation
position (12-14 hours of work per week). As the Night Manager
(six nights a week), you will be doing emails, charging, checking
laundry, and greeting and helping guests with their bookings,
requests, and questions about New Zealand. You will then be
getting the hostel ready for the nighttime after a busy day of
prison life (cleaning and restocking communal areas), locking the
hostel and then answering the odd phone call so will need to stay
in the building overnight. (Some nights are busier/more chill
than others so that's why we allow the 12-14 hours!). You will
have your own room (a former cell!). Work will be interesting,
fun and you will get to meet some great people who are traveling
New Zealand and looking to escape from jail! We have a delightful
team who will make you feel at home and are always up for pizza,
movies and exploring Christchurch. Prison puns an essential! Get
in touch with us by telling us you have legal ability to work in
NZ, that you can commit to a minimum of two months, and a little
bit about yourself! Please stop by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and visit


WANT TO HELP BUILD A COMMUNITY? Love the sea? After finishing the
building of our boat and our first sea-trial trip, we are
presently based on an organic apple farm 40 minutes south of
Oslo, where we are focusing on beekeeping as we intend to build
up on honey production and queen-breeding this year. We are a
community-based project born over 10 years ago. Involving people
from all over the globe, we hope to eventually form a community
present both on land and at sea, which will cooperate with
eco-villages, sharing the bliss of sustainable living and
traveling through organic farming and sailing - connecting places
and people across the oceans. If you have any knowledge or
interest in permaculture, self-sufficiency, alternative living,
etc., please don't hesitate to contact us and share your ideas.
Our hopes are for the farm to flourish into a place where food,
thoughts, plans, adventures, and - of course - boats, can grow!
Please send an email to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX explaining why you
would be interested in our community and include “Sea Gypsy
Application” in the Subject Line: so we know you have been
reading this. Love from Sailing the Farm – a sea gypsy tribe of


A BEAVERCREEK, OH (near Dayton) adult couple is seeking two
live-in Housekeepers (a married couple would be acceptable) for
their large, beautiful home. They are looking for someone who is
knowledgeable and experienced in caring for fine home
furnishings, including fine China, crystal, silver, leather, hard
wood, stone, and upscale clothing. Responsibilities will include
general and detailed cleaning of all rooms, clothing care and
ironing, and running errands (taking some clothing to be dry
cleaned, contacting professionals to provide care of fragile
antiques in the home, and so on). This is an incredible
opportunity for a pair of dedicated and professional Housekeepers
who would appreciate working in a gorgeous home and caring for
some of the most exquisite possessions you can imagine. Salary
will be commensurate with your skills and experience and includes
benefits and a private cottage for living accommodations. If you
are interested, please email your resumes and references to
caretakergazette@gmail.com and include “Beavercreek, OH
Opportunity” in the Subject Line for forwarding purposes.


position will be available in June 2024. A private club located
in a quiet, rural forest setting on a 180-acre property bordered
by beautiful medium-sized natural stream and wildlife management
property seeks full-time caretakers to be responsible for the
management, appearance, and cleanliness of the property and club
member lodge. After 12 years of employment, our current
caretakers will be retiring mid next year. Desired skills include
groundskeeping, lawn maintenance (20 acres), tractor and chainsaw
operation, contractor coordination, water system maintenance,
general carpentry, cleaning, and ability to perform minor
electrical and plumbing repairs. Must have excellent
communication skills, driver’s license, no criminal record, and
be able to lift 80 pounds or more. In addition to the salary,
benefits include free on-site living quarters with a gardening
area. Utilities, high-speed internet, tools, and a truck for club
operation also provided. Plus, all of the fishing you want
(license provided). The position is year-round (not seasonal) and
includes two weeks of vacation per year and two days off per
week. Interested applicants should email their resume or


Management is looking to fill a short-term host caretaker
position at the Riddle Brothers Ranch from August 7 - 31.
Caretakers are an important part of our ability to serve the
public. The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is located about 80 miles from
Burns, Oregon, in the heart of Steens Mountain in southeast
Oregon. The caretaker cabin provides lodging for two and rests on
the edge of the Little Blitzen River. The cabin has a bed,
electricity, running water, a refrigerator-freezer, and a cooking
stove with an oven according to the BLM. Cellular service is
intermittent, but reachable within two miles, and a BLM radio is
provided for emergency communication. At the ranch, caretakers
live on site and interact with travelers by providing directions,
share a history of the site and structures, or offer details on
nearby recreation activities. Caretakers also keep an eye on the
historic buildings and artifacts. Anyone interested in applying
for the caretaker position is encouraged to contact

RESIDENT MANAGER NEEDED in Lincoln City, OR. Looking for an
honest, presentable, conscientious, guest service oriented
individual or couple with hospitality experience preferred.
Energetic and enthusiastic is a must! Valuable benefits include
an on-site studio apartment with all utilities, internet, cell
phone and basic cable included with this position. Salary:
$30,000 - $35,000 per year plus a modest medical insurance
benefit and paid time off. The start date and training will be in
January 2024. Please send a letter of interest and your resume to

HELLO! I am looking for someone to live full-time, rent free in a
new 25' Travel Trailer on the Applegate River, in the beautiful
Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon. It is a magical, quiet,
peaceful spot. I live here alone. My home is beautiful and tidy!
In trade, I'd ask for four to six hours a week of help around the
house and property, on a weekday schedule. Weekends off. Laundry
folding, housekeeping, general light help with miscellaneous
tasks and someone who I can count on to feed and water my two
sheepdogs and three sheep, twice a day. I'd like to be able to
leave and travel at will, I may be away for several weeks at a
time, so I would need to know someone is here every day. If the
animals are fed (morning and night) and chores are done, the rest
of your time is yours. I'm super flexible and easy to be around,
but I'm also very private and quiet. No visitors would be
permitted. If you have a special friend you would like to have
visit at times, or spend the night on occasion, I will just want
to meet them and gain a comfort level ahead of time. Time away
for you can be scheduled. You would pay for septic tank pumping
and propane. There is no charge for water and power. There is
solid Wi-Fi at the trailer with good speeds. There is a separate
washer and dryer on site for your use, and you would have access
to the beautiful, heated pool in the warmer months. This position
is best for one person who likes solitude, peaceful settings, is
drug and drama free and of course reliable. This is a long-term
open-ended position for the right candidate. Please email

WE ARE A 5-ROOM B&B 10 minutes outside of Newberg in Oregon’s
Wine Country looking to add an additional Assistant Innkeeper to
our team so that the Innkeeper can work less hours. For 15 years,
we’ve built our business on our amazing views, gourmet
breakfasts and knowledgeable Innkeepers. We are looking for a
flexible person to learn our service style, business, and the
local wine industry while working with our small staff. That
means that you will become a Jill (or Jack)-of-all-trades,
learning to cook and serve our breakfasts, some housekeeping and
gardening, check in, guest services and B&B business basics.
Experience is good, but we are willing to train. There is room
for growth here even though (or because?) we are small. Housing
is not included at this time, but we will be building a small
apartment on site in the winter and a housing allowance will be
part of the pay until the apartment is ready. Pay depends on
experience. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to

LOOKING FOR AN ENERGETIC COUPLE with their own RV, with excellent
people skills to help with a private family campground, doing
maintenance, landscaping, cleaning the club house and rest rooms,
in return for free RV space rent and utilities. We are 10 minutes
from Eugene on the beautiful Fern Ridge Lake. Need a couple to be
here starting ASAP. If you are interested, please email your
resumes and a photo of your RV to caretakergazette@gmail.com and
include “Oregon Opportunity” in the Subject Line for
forwarding purposes.


YEAR-ROUND CARETAKER NEEDED for a historic private hunting and
fishing club in Pike County, Pennsylvania. We are a 120-year-old
hunting and fishing club with 3,000 private acres and two lakes.
We have an immediate opening for a permanent, full-time caretaker
to maintain our property and handle maintenance for the clubhouse
and outbuildings. Must have hands-on experience with carpentry,
plumbing, electrical, and outside maintenance. An attractive
compensation package includes a competitive salary and free
on-site housing including utilities. Please email your resume and


NEED A PROPERTY CARETAKER for my four acres in Iva, South
Carolina, located two miles from Lake Succession. There is a
1,500 acre hunting reserve nearby, where the sun is always
shining. Your own camper is mandatory for the land arrangement. I
need a handyman from whom I may learn plenty. I am an open
minded, honest, and easy going landowner. Please call

FULL-TIME EQUINE HELP NEEDED at a horse ranch in St Matthews,
South Carolina. Responsibilities will include duties to feed,
groom, paint, rake, weed, and get the horses to eat. These are
general horse farm duties. A small apartment with a salary is
included. To apply please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


a free living people, who love to travel and spend time in
nature, dancing with friends and watching the fire burning in our
garden’s chimney. We live on the outskirts of Lucerne in a
green and colorful area, in a semi-detached house with four
floors and a wonderful garden. The other place where we need help
is on Lake Thun. It is a chalet in the mountains, where we have
to do renovation work, woodwork, gardening, and cleaning. We
enjoy our free time and being with friends. New acquaintances
enrich life. Some weeks we do have more time than others. We
would like to share biking, hiking, and swimming activities with
you, or also quiet evenings, or we meet friends together ... life
is always a surprise :-). We would be very happy to have help
with the garden and housekeeping, and the painting work is still
pending. We offer you a bed in one of our vans (heating is a
possibility) in the backyard. You’ll get breakfast and evening
meals, you can use our car, or a bike to ride along the beautiful
Reuss (15 minutes to town), swim in the river, and walk in the
forest above our house or to the lake nearby. With a stay of one
week, we expect four hours of help for five days. We only offer
stays of 7-10 days. We work in the chalet from approximately 9:00
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (with a lunch break), you can then spend your
free time in Lucerne. For more information, please call


LOOKING FOR A COUPLE to serve as part-time caretakers (20
hours/week) for a Nashville, Tennessee property. Duties, in
exchange for living accommodations, in a 1,000 sq. ft. two
bedroom, one bathroom private apartment would include:
maintaining the house, vehicle, property, weekend airport pickups
and drop offs, grocery shopping, light errands, laundry and
housekeeping. Must have an alternate source of income and some
availability during weekdays. Background checks and two year
commitment required. If interested please email resumes to


RECREATIONAL CAMP SPECIALIST (kitchen/hospitality) needed in
Falfurrias, Texas. We are looking for a highly motivated person
to join our team for the 2023-2024 hunting season. Looking for a
self -motivated individual who is willing to adapt to their
surroundings and work well with others. Having
hospitality/cooking knowledge or having worked in a similar field
is a plus. You will need to: prepare ingredients to use in
cooking; keep a sanitized and orderly environment in the kitchen;
perform a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping,
mopping, dusting, and polishing; ensure all rooms are cared for
and inspected according to standards; experience in using cutting
tools, cookware, and bakeware; have the ability to work in a
team; have very good communication skills; notify Management of
any damages, deficits, and disturbances; check stocking levels of
all consumables and replace when appropriate; adhere strictly to
rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any
company-related practices; have proven experience as a Cleaner or
Housekeeper; have the ability to work with little supervision and
maintain a high level of performance; have prioritization and
time management skills. Housing provided, and the salary
compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. To
apply, please visit: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

have a beautiful location, with 100+ head of cattle and 300 acres
of hayfields. We are seeking candidates who are mature, honest,
and dependable. Must have farm experience, and some equipment
background is needed. Some cattle background would be great - but
not required. Attention to detail and order is important to us.
This is not a cowboy job - this is an Ag role. The housing
provided is a two bedroom, one bathroom home, in a beautiful
setting. The annual compensation is $55,000 - $65,000, plus
housing. Full health, dental, and vision benefits are available,
as well as 401(k) with employer matching. This can be the right
long-term home for the right person. We have multiple locations
in this area so you will be part of our small team as well as
asked to work on your own at times. This is a special opportunity
for the right individual. Please email your resume to email


A SMALL RANCH/AIRBNB in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of
Vermont has a position available for a caretaker. This is a year
round live-in position. Verifiable experience with the care and
exercising of horses is required. Team/wagon driving and
husbandry experience with other farm animals is definitely
helpful. Any construction or trade skills, equipment operating
would also be a big plus. A two bedroom barn apartment with all
utilities is provided along with a negotiable monthly stipend
depending on experience. While the primary responsibility is
animal care, there is also building and grounds work, and guest
services. This is a lifestyle position on a ranch, not a 9-5 job.
Couples are welcome, however, the job offered is for one person.
A well behaved dog is welcome and a horse or two may be
negotiable. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


ARLINGTON, WA. A private farm is looking for someone to help care
for horses and general farm maintenance. Familiarity with horses
and farm equipment is required. Private living accommodations
will be provided. Pay is negotiable depending on your experience
and workload. This would be perfect for a retired person or
couple, or someone with some outside income. This is a beautiful,
secluded property, surrounded by woods and a creek, but close to
shopping, restaurants, health care, etc. Please email your
information to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.


RANCH HAND/TRAIL GUIDE NEEDED. We are located near the New River
Gorge in Fayetteville, West Virginia. We offer guided horseback
rides in a safe family atmosphere. Responsibilities include
taking guided trail rides, taking care of the horses, and
cleaning the stalls. Come join us on an unforgettable trail ride
and all you have to do is climb on and steer your horse. Housing
and food provided. No salary, you ride for tips. Please email


Professional mature individual seeking a long-term house sitting,
or caretaking position. With 35 years of sales experience.
perfect driving record, detailed and driven, physically fit, and
exceptional communication skills, you won’t be disappointed in
me. Open for any area in the US. Excellent references available.
Please contact Greg Schaff at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Experienced Property Caretakers Seeking a New Position. We are a
couple, both 32-years-old, and experienced in a wide variety of
tasks related to live on property management - from farm and home
animal care, vegetable gardening and fruit tree care, off grid
living and system maintenance, mountain living and property
upkeep, running customer facing businesses like B&Bs and
Airbnb’s, power tool and tractor operation, and much more. We
are honest, dependable and good natured and look forward to
hearing from you! Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Housesitters Available: Responsible Physician and Nurse
Practitioner couple seeking housesitting opportunities in the
Portland, Oregon area starting in early September 2023 or later.
Happy to care for plants, pets, and other animals (cats are OK if
they are not in the bedroom due to a mild allergy). Stellar
references and CV available, non-smoking, no drugs or parties. We
have our own vehicles, experience with cleaning wood and pellet
stoves and chimneys, minor home repairs, routine house and yard
maintenance. Please contact Bruce via email at

Available Property Caretaker + Garden Designer. Former NYC Ad
Agency Creative Director turned Garden Designer looking for a
Cottage in the Fairfield County, CT/Westchester County areas.
Will also consider other locations. Providing professional
services/Housesitting in exchange for no or reduced rent. Single,
non-smoker, no pets, quiet, and trustworthy. Impeccable
references available. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I am looking for a caretaker position in exchange for private
housing in Salem, MA, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, New
York, New Jersey, Maine, Mackinac Island, any New England state
or near any beach in California. I am very dependable, detail
oriented, and I have previous caretaker experience. I will
provide house cleaning, laundry, care of pets and any errands.

Hi, my name is Gary. I presently live in Santa Barbara,
California, and am looking for an opportunity to work as your
property caretaker manager. Will perform planned maintenance, and
moderate repairs. Have numerous skill options. Single Christian
man, who doesn’t smoke, drink, or take drugs. I have also had a
rewarding career as a Chef. References for both work and
personnel are available. I have numerous skills and
qualifications. Willing to relocate. Would prefer California but
am open to all opportunities. Please call me to discuss further

Scott and Anita are seeking a Handyman, Craftsman and/or
Caretaking position: We’re a kind, happy and adventurous mid
40’s couple. In October 2023 we will be finishing up a one-year
contract found through The Caretaker Gazette and excited to see
where we will call home next. Scott is an experienced woodworker,
finish carpenter, and custom builder with an eye for excellence.
He is a creative problem solver who has spent the last 25 years
designing and building custom cabinetry and furniture, high end
home remodeling and restoration, kitchen and bath renovation,
antique restoration, and general handyman work. For the last year
Scott has been running a woodshop that specializes in antique
restoration. Anita is a dental hygienist with a background in
small business ownership, property management and working with
diverse populations. We’d love to collaborate with you to
finish that honey-do-list or implement your building and redesign
ideas. We are happy to help with your animals, our hands-on
experience includes potbellied pigs, Guinea hens, chickens, dogs,
and cats. We are looking for seasonal jobs but will consider a
longer commitment for the right situation. We are seeking a
position with fair pay/partial trade and are open to many
different challenges and opportunities. Our combined skills make
us a dynamic team although we can be hired individually based on
your needs. References and photos available. Please contact us at

A 60+ very energetic and capable lady is looking to move to the
Midwest and beyond! Property owners do you need someone that will
help get the job done and willing to learn how if needed? Farm
animals are my favorite but if you can offer a modest, separate
living space, if it’s honest work, I’m willing to trade for
it along with utilities. Would love to work a few extra hours in
addition if possible. My life’s experiences with driving and
running my own trucking company, raising kids and grandkids,
owning a variety of cats, dogs, and horses, cleaning houses,
helping out at horse farms and such, living a simple, healthy
lifestyle, and all the while maintaining a cheerful, cooperative
spirit may come in handy for the caretaking life. I can provide
work and personal references. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Semi-retired professional seeks housing in the Avondale, Colorado
area. Am open to the possibility of some part-time caretaker
duties. I also have building skills so I can do upgrades on a
fixer upper. I have work, so I’m not looking for full-time farm
work. I have trained horses professionally and have livestock
management experience as well. So, I can be a help with animal
care. I can provide references that confirm my horse work as well
as references from former landlords. Look forward to hearing
ideas from anyone interested. Maybe we can put our heads together
and create an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Please
call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thanks for reading!

Excellent housesitters available. Having owned our homes for 56
consecutive years the importance of due diligence when allowing
others into your home is clear to us. We will be discreet and
respectful of your home, pets, and personal belongings. We are a
married couple who are United States Citizens that are very
active, healthy, and non-smoking. We enjoy traveling and have
been married for 57 years. She: 76-years-old, retired from
Banking and a Master Gardener. He: 78-years-old U.S. Marine
Veteran and Retired State Trooper. Our home is maintained with
pride and hard work. Over the years our pets have been well cared
for and loved. Often, we are called upon to care for our
neighbor’s homes and pets while they are away. Our offer to
those we housesit for is as follows: We will extend the same
prideful care to their home and pets that has become a standard
at our home. In return for our services as housesitters we
require a clean home and mutual respect and consideration from
homeowners seeking our services. We can be flexible concerning
location and duration of stay. Our preference is housing that is
not too rural or isolated from a metropolitan area. References
are available upon request. Having invested our working years
into Banking and Law Enforcement it was required that we each
pass background and criminal records investigation. Necessary
info to put the "homeowners mind at ease" will be provided.
Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.
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Arizona Cowboy has written true stories in four exciting and
interesting books all about half a century on horseback. 2005,
was the year the books closed on the Arizona, cattle and horse
ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. In 2005, the
handwriting on the wall began and the books closed on this
historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then, became my
pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true happenings
during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the open range
while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into usable
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other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among wild
cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin’ out in Arizona’s
beautiful, natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although
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with me as your sidekick and saddle pard. You can view an
entertaining intro with many colored pictures at lastdkcowboy.com
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Hardworking, Organized Couple seeking a long-term housesitting or
caretaking position in Philadelphia, PA. We are clean and quiet,
and can manage a busy schedule, keep on track, and complete a
multitude of tasks. We have years of experience with hospitality,
pet care, cleaning, and general upkeep. We will consider all
types of housing. Trustworthy and excellent references can be
provided. If interested, please reach out to
vanessaxenia@gmail.com Thank you.

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YEAR-ROUND MANAGER(S)/CARETAKER(S) NEEDED in the Port Clyde, Maine area. We need a couple or individual whose skills should include the following: experience in hiring staff and managing a team of four or more people, including seasonal workers; experience with creating and managing budgets; experience operating and maintaining boats; experience with overseeing infrastructure projects and maintenance; the manager will be responsible for oversight of the farm operation, including participation as needed with care of farm animals, farming activities and gardens. Compensation includes a salary and good benefits, including health insurance, a private three bedroom house, two meals per day and utilities paid. Employment to start as soon as possible. Please email your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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