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Sunday, June 23 2024


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THIS IS OUR 239th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 40, Number 5       

September/October 2022        ISSN 1074-3642  
Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 29 states
and 11 countries
Caretaker Profile
Valley Girl turned Cowgirl-Roughneck by way of Culinary School 
Letters to the Editor
Property owners and caretakers write about their experiences with
the Gazette



HOUSESITTER/GARDENER needed in Helena a suburb of Birmingham,
from September 15 to December 31, 2022. In addition to our three
bedroom/two bathroom home, we have beautiful gardens, so we are
looking for a housesitter to maintain both our house and gardens
while we are away. The climate of Helena is typical of the Deep
South. Our private house, including utilities, is offered to stay
in for free in exchange for about two hours a day of taking care
of our gardening needs. Our preference is for a single,
non-smoking person, who is financially secure since we are not
offering any compensation for this position. Last year, we
received many housesitter responses from our ad in The Caretaker
Gazette – but not from housesitters who are able to do our
gardening work. We would appreciate hearing from housesitters who
would also enjoy some of our landscaping work out in our
beautiful garden area. Must be a non-smoker/drinker, with no
pets, or children. Please email your interest and reasons for
wanting to take this housesitting assignment, let us know your
gardening background, and include your references to


WINTER CARETAKER NEEDED in Dillingham, Alaska from late September
2022 through early May 2023. The job requires shoveling snow off
the roof of the lodge and the other building and cutting and
hauling and splitting firewood with snow machines. The
caretaker’s cabin is designed for winter caretaking as it is
well insulated. It has a back bedroom, kitchen and living room
with a wood stove and a drip oil stove/heater in the living room.
It also has a pantry and a propane refrigerator, propane lights
and 12-volt lights, plus a 4-burner stove/oven. It also has a
water system for doing dishes and drinking water. The water needs
to be brought in from the lake using a 4-wheeler or snow machine
using 5-gallon buckets, we have a filter system to purify the
water for drinking and dishes. Tikchik has a sauna for bathing.
We are looking for someone who is a non-smoker and has basic
mechanic skills and experience with chainsaws, snow machines,
small generators, etc. The salary is $2,000.00 per month, food
will be provided, along with transportation to and from the
lodge, and telephone and Internet. Please send your resume and
three references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CAMPGROUND HOST needed near Valdez, Alaska. Your own RV will be
required. Free campsite and some pay for facilities and guest
care at beautiful XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (No RV hookups, Wi-Fi, and
limited phone). Enjoy stunning views, fishing, hiking, wildlife,
cooking out, quiet for napping and reading. The site has communal
vault toilets, and a water hand pump. Personal picnic table, fire
ring. We provide for the host: storage space, kayak, bikes, and
tank dumping nearby. Bring your own paddleboard/other gear. Dogs
are welcome. Located 24 miles to town. For more information and
to apply, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A 25 ACRE RANCH needs a full-time live-in caretaker to turn on
the irrigation and keep the beautiful home/pool cared for as the
weather changes. The owners come and go - usually two weeks per
month. Animals: four barn cats and one outside ranch dog need
daily feeding. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located in
Sonoita, Arizona.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking a live-in caretaking couple to
help on our rural property in northern Arizona. Seeking
assistance with property maintenance, organic garden, small
vineyard, landscaping and BnB house cleaning. Please contact
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To learn more and see photos, please visit

FULL-TIME RANCH CARETAKER couple needed at a family ranch in the
Rimrock area. The job involves lawn mowing, sprinkling,
irrigation ditch maintenance, house cleaning and upkeep, handyman
work, and feeding the livestock. Housing offered along with a
salary of $45,000 - $50,000. To apply, please send your resume to


Howdy, I’m wondering if you folks might know of a writer/editor
who “knows” the caretaker realm and offers services helping
those of us who need to smarten up their resumes to send out to
Gazette postings. As you know, many of us wear so many hats but
yet exist on the fringes of this unique “if you know, you
know” world of making your way caretaking - hopping on/off of
service work that run the gamut. I am such. Whilst there’s some
wordsmithing aplenty in my vernacular and articulations, it may
not be (nor seemingly has been) the path forward to reaching
prospective employers or situations. Got anyone in your black
book to share? Very willing to pay for such services! Let me know
if you can help. Thanks much and cheerio! Christopher Sean R.,
Santa Fe, NM

I would encourage anyone who can help Christopher Sean with
his resume to please reply to santafefixer@gmail.com or
Wildramble@gmail.com or call him at (206) 909-2622.

I have an online subscription and love all the email updates I
receive from the Gazette almost every day. I have yet to log in
using my password to read an issue of the Gazette. Am I missing
anything by not reading your online issues? Henry F., Baltimore,

Henry, you are missing a lot! You should log in to
www.caretaker.org anytime, at your convenience, to read the
current issue. Each issue has 16 pages. Many ads are only
published in our issues – and never appear in our email
updates. We also have these Letters to the Editor (I hope you
have logged in so you can see your Letter published here) and our
Caretaker Profile story. We also have our Situations-Wanted
section. If you need any help in logging in – please email us
at caretakergazette@gmail.com and we’ll provide you with very
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because of security concerns, we don’t give out password
information over the phone.  

As a new subscriber, I’m wondering if I should publish my own
Situations-Wanted ad in The Caretaker Gazette?  If so, how much
does it cost? Please let me know. Thanks. Judy T. Little Rock,

Hi Judy, we charge $0.65/word per issue for a classified ad.
Our issues go online at www.caretaker.org for two months and are
also published in our print issue. Our next ad closing date is
September 15 for our November/December issue which starts going
out on October 7, 2022. You can read about someone who has
published her own Situations-Wanted ads in our Caretaker Profile
story on Pages 8 and 9.

Hi, I am not getting any of the email updates that are emailed
out every week. I used to get them. What happened? Mike L.
Boulder, CO

Hi Mike, thanks for writing. We have emailed updates to your
yahoo.com address every week since you subscribed. Have you
checked your Spam Folder for them? You can log into your account
anytime, and you can see the latest email update that we have
emailed to you, right on your Welcome Back page after you log

Gary, I have noticed a number of Help Wanted ads in the Gazette
that ask to contact the Help Wanted advertiser via your email
address of caretakergazette@gmail.com. Why is that? Why don’t
you publish the property owner’s contact information in their
ad? Larry R., Hendersonville, NC

Hi Larry, thanks for asking. Sometimes we have some
celebrities or very wealthy, well-known property owners who need
to hire a caretaker, but they prefer to remain anonymous when
advertising. They pay us an extra $15 to use our email address in
their ad so we can then forward all responses directly to their
email address. We always ask the property owners to contact each
applicant that we forward to them, even after they have filled
their position.

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caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

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MY HUSBAND AND I operate a tourist attraction, retail shop and
cafe on Kangaroo Island. We are looking for a couple with their
own RV who are looking to enjoy beautiful Kangaroo Island for a
while. We would like someone to start ASAP. We are wanting
someone to help with our grounds man and cleaning jobs for about
one hour each morning, five days a week in exchange for power,
water, gas and laundry facilities. Depending on your skills there
will be paid work. We have plenty that needs doing in many areas
plus help in the shop and cafe. We will provide an area for you
to live that will be next to a laundry, toilet and shower block
on our farm. South Australian applicants should call

HELP WANTED AT XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, an over 50s caravan park in
Townsville, Queensland. Free RV site, power, and water in
exchange for four short days per week, mowing, gardening, and
doing check ins at the gate. Commencing November 2022 onwards for
three months or more. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

WE WOULD APPRECIATE A LITTLE HELP around our 30-acre Barramundi
Aquaculture Farm located one hour north of Cairns (near Mareeba)
on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. Our property borders the
Barron River at the rear and has a focus on sustainable
agriculture. We have a big vision and are slowly converting this
traditional Barramundi Farm into the most sustainable
regenerative agriculture, permaculture and aquaponics farm
possible to make this farm very food productive. We have already
added 256 solar panels for energy efficiency and are now focused
on food security. I have been working in the environmental
management and community development field for 20+ years and now
pouring my knowledge and experience into developing our new farm.
Experience is not essential; we prefer a desire and willingness
to learn. There is plenty of room for your inspiration and
creativity here too. We are family friendly (three kids, two
adults). In our spare time we like aquaculture, aquaponics,
permaculture, organic gardening, sustainability, biodynamic,
self-sufficiency, eco-tourism, community development, hiking,
nature, wildlife, tropical rainforest, energy efficiency,
cultural heritage and house renovations. We are an active family
that loves the bush and playing in nature. The family come and go
while I (Rod) manage the farm. We welcome short or longer stay
helpers. We provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about
aquaculture, aquaponics, wicking beds and organic gardening,
permaculture, a large variety of different food plants, as well
as local food networks, and what it takes to run a successful
small business. You will be learning and participating with
myself (Rod and/or Evelyn) and/or other volunteer helpers. We
have lots to do and are happy to meet and host people throughout
the year and offer community development and food production
skills. I plan to do all the following work this year: planting
fruit trees, build wicking bed gardens, build greenhouses and
Aquaponics gardens, composting and establish permaculture
gardens, make coconut oil, ginger beer, a black soldier fly
larvae box, weeding, pruning, painting, water tank installation,
make a moveable chicken tractor house, make a pizza oven, etc.
Aquaculture work includes fish harvest (every week), fixing a dam
jetty, cleaning paddle wheels, setting up a fish nursery, fish
tanks for breeding, general cleaning, building repairs,
concreting posts, fencing, feeding our 50,000 fish daily, mowing
lawns, tractor work, whipper snipping, etc. We usually work
7:30am – 12:30pm each day (so it’s not as hot),
Saturday/Sunday are days off (just 30 minutes feeding the fish in
morning and the days yours). We’re flexible and also happy for
you to work full days and have full days off if that works better
for you. All the rest of the time is yours to explore. If
you’re fun loving and appreciate a fair work exchange for
accommodation, knowledge sharing, meals, laundry, Wi-Fi, and
hanging out with an Aussie family at the fireplace or BBQ, please
consider us as your hosts. We can also show you around the
natural sights (spotlighting night animals, waterfalls,
aboriginal art, etc.) to celebrate getting jobs done. We love
exploring the natural rainforest surrounding Cairns, Daintree and
Tablelands. Also have a metal detector and love swinging that
around. Maybe we could find some treasure if keen? We'll provide
breakfast, lunch and dinner (when you’re home). If you would
like to cook, we’re always interested to taste someone else’s
cultural food creations. We would appreciate it if you do the
dishes as a “thank you for the cooking sometimes”. We’ll do
the dishes if you cook dinner. We eat home cooked meals every day
using our own organic vegetables and fish. Usually cook on the
fire or BBQ and have a great time-sharing story with our guests.
Hope you like fish! At the moment we are suited to the more
adventurous type of person. Let’s call the accommodation
rustic! It’s not 5 stars but we’re doing our best with what
we have. If you have your own van that’s really easy as we have
a separate outdoor toilet/shower block by the river and you could
park near it. If not, we have beds with mosquito nets over them
in a livable shed with an inside bathroom and kitchen. It’s not
flashy yet we provide a 5-star effort. If you prefer, we can set
you up outside in a tent also. You won’t be disappointed with
our willingness to help you. We also have Satellite internet. We
have mobile phone coverage around the farm from many spots.
Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I can pick you up from the
Cairns airport if pre-arranged. Will always try and assist.

situated on 100 beautiful acres of rainforest at Bellenden Ker,
set in the foothills of Wooroonooran National Park and 15 minutes
away from the Babinda Village (45 minutes from Cairns,
Queensland). This position would ideally suit a
semi-retired/retired couple wanting to enjoy the beauty of nature
in a rainforest setting. If you are used to city noises this will
be a treat as the only sounds you’ll hear are early morning
Kookaburras laughing and a variety of birds singing across the
forest. If you are lucky you may see a cassowary or two,
butterflies and small lizards abound. A short walk leads to a
small flowing river suitable for bathing. The position comes with
a self-contained, air conditioned, furnished unit to live in on
the property with all linen provided, access to laundry
facilities, Wi-Fi and Netflix. There is also a garage for your
vehicle when no guests are on the property. Phone coverage is
limited but access via messenger is available. The position is to
caretake the unique homestead and rainforest retreat
accommodation and assist with general maintenance of the property
such as mowing, pool cleaning/maintenance, gardening and general
maintenance so you will need to be able to demonstrate
proficiency using power tools, chainsaw, whipper snipper, zero
turn ride on mower skills, as well as chook pen and veggie patch
upkeep for one person and general housekeeping with an eye to
detail for the homestead and guests for the other person. You
will need to be physically fit as the property is not flat, a
self-starter, be able to prioritize work and work autonomously as
well as a team, 2 to 2.5 hours per day each (four to five hours
total) five days a week, and in return will be provided with a
generous weekly allowance to be negotiated with the successful
candidates depending on skill levels. You will need to be
flexible and available for weekend work should the changeover of
guests coincide with a weekend. Preference is for stays of a
minimum of three months but we are open to longer periods for the
right couple. Preference will be given to non-smokers and
definitively no pets allowed or children, as this is an adults
only retreat. If you are in Australia and interested in applying,


WANTED – two persons or a couple to experience COVID Free
tropical living in southern Belize by caretaking
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Request a three to four week commitment any
time from March to November. If you have Peace Corp experience or
served in the military it would definitely be a plus. Even though
we have the place for sale, it does not preclude us from visiting
friends and family in Hawaii and California. If you are wondering
why we are selling XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email


Siskiyou Mountains. We're five miles deep into the national
forest. Mountainous, densely forested terrain, running a
successful, completely self-sufficient/sustainable farm with
cabin rentals economy, too. Tasks include general animal care,
feeding, cleaning, goat milking, gardening, and hosting Airbnb
guests. Trading work from 8:00am to noon seven days a week (28
hours) for your own cabin, all your food plus $50 a week. I'm
just looking for the right person, who wants to live and work
this way. Please read over our entire website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We have an agreement here for no smoking of
any kind or chemical dependencies. There is an application for a
visitor/member to complete on our web site at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please complete that first, and then after
Maitreya Mountain Village receives your completed application, we
can have a phone conversation. Thanks.

CARETAKER NEEDED for a beautiful 40 acre ranch in Upper Ojai,
California. Looking for a live-in caretaker (couples welcome too)
to manage this amazing residential property. Agriculture,
landscape, groundskeeping, and irrigation experience are a must.
Willing to get your hands dirty and tend to gardens, orchards,
maintenance of the property, and repairs around the homes.
Oversee and assist with renovations, manage minimal staff,
organize, use a computer, resourceful, with handyman knowledge,
i.e., electrical, plumbing, and can do all of the various
projects around the property or find the right people who can.
Knows how to operate a tractor, self-starter, can troubleshoot,
and solve challenges. Willing to do errands, ensure all of the
needed supplies are on hand. Comfortable greeting guests and
making sure visiting our ranch is a delightful experience. Must
drive, be English speaking, Spanish a plus, but not mandatory. We
want our home to feel like yours and as busy professionals we
need reliable, honest experienced help! Dog friendly, no smoking,
athletic, not afraid to take on new projects, creative ideas,
easy going a must. We want someone who takes great pride in their
work and will take on all of the duties that need attention. No
livestock or horses, just two beautiful dogs. Salary $80,000 +
work truck provided. Looking for someone from Ojai County,
Ventura County, Santa Barbara County or the neighboring areas.
For more information, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

‘IN SEARCH OF CARETAKER(S) in Southern California - with any or
all of the following skills: Builder/handyman, mechanic, pilot,
organic gardener/permaculture, healthy cook, healing arts, yoga
teacher, admin, computer, assistant/secretarial skills,
organizer, animal and nature lover. Please email your
resume/letter describing any training and skills to

LOVE TO CLEAN? Love Point Reyes and want to have loads of free
time to enjoy nature? Come live here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and
work 10 – 15 hours/week cleaning. We’re one hour north of San
Francisco in Marin County, California. We’re located a half
mile to the entrance for Point Reyes National Seashore Park.
Looking for one (one only) person to start in August and clean
two to five hours/day, usually three or four days a week. Simple
morning/evening chores too. View your living space and read more
at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This is an ideal situation for someone
who loves quiet, country life, has a car, no pets and probably
has some side income or retirement. Please commit to at least
four months. Please write with your questions to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and thank you so much for reading this and
exploring the links above.

Immediate availability. A private mountain property, off the
grid, in the Cascade Mountains of Northern California is seeking
a mature caretaker couple. Must be a self-starter, organized and
in good health. Must like the outdoors and people. Duties
include: maintaining equipment - tractor, golf carts, forklift
etc., being handy with tools - chainsaw, weed eater, mower,
grounds keeping - mow, weed eat, general maintenance, snow
blowing, supervise hired help as needed, and have knowledge of
the lawn sprinkler system. Must like animals - some animal care.
Seasonal cabin cleaning, up to five hours a week. Compensation:
$40,000 annually, along with a very nice two bedroom home with
all utilities included, and two weeks paid vacation after one
year. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX looking for a live-in ranch caretaker couple
in Antelope Valley, California. This is a great opportunity for a
young family. Must have years of experience working with horses.
The full-time job description includes but not limited to: living
on the property and managing the day-to-day operations, managing
a budget, running errands into town, paying ranch hands, ordering
hay and different feed, being a ranch presence/security, watering
trees/gardens, light landscaping, weed whacker, lawn mowers
chainsaws, light tractor work, maintenance to golf carts, tractor
and other ranch vehicles, scheduling vet and farrier visits and
assisting, being responsible for the overall health of the
horses, knowing how to administer medications, and managing a
small staff. This caretaker position offers a competitive salary
of $40,000 - $50,000 depending on experience, with other earning
possibilities for the right family. A company truck is included,
along with a nice three bed, two bath home, and all utilities
paid. This is a peaceful lifestyle. Please email your resume to

part-time caretakers in exchange for a studio cottage in Palo
Alto, California. Duties would include 12 hours a week of yard
maintenance, dog walking, waste bin set out, and airport pick-up
and drop off. Must stay on the property during the summer and a
week after Christmas. One-year commitment, non-smoking and a
background check are required. If interested please email your

SINGLE GENERAL CARETAKER needed in Valley Center, California on a
small animal rescue ranch. This is a long-term position. Trailer
live-in, and utilities paid in exchange for a ranch caretaker.
You will need to have strong handyman skills and know irrigation.
No drinking or smoking. Extra work past this exchange available
at $100 a day. A separate large deck project can be negotiated.
For more information, please email your resume to

FREE ROOM AND BOARD AVAILABLE for a single caretaker,
groundskeeper, maintenance person. Looking for a full-time,
live-in person to care for a two acre property. The work hours
are somewhat flexible. We are in a wonderful part of Fresno, east
of town out in the country. It’s wonderfully peaceful. General
property maintenance, pool, and pond maintenance, as well as yard
maintenance are helpful as well. Work will be in exchange for a
free room and board and use of this wonderful property, and
grounds. Single occupancy only, and sorry, no pets. On-site
interviews will begin soon. To apply, please email your resume

TREE WORK/FOREST THINNING needed on a private property in
exchange for a beautiful and quiet place to stay in your RV this
summer (or longer) in the foothills of Northern California. Must
be experienced, motivated and hard-working. Optional: help with
weed-eating and pond management (cattails and algae). We are very
private and quiet people and are looking for the same. Must be a
non-smoker. No drugs. Bring your own RV. Porta-Potty provided.
Water but no electricity. Garden space and pasture available.
Will share raw milk from a dairy cow, garden produce and eggs.
This position is available now, near Placerville. For more
details, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a duck hunting club located in Northern
California’s Suisun Marsh, seeks a year-round, on-site
caretaker. Working couples or singles are welcome to apply
(provided you meet the job duties required). Duties include
preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner two days per week during duck
season (typically three months, from late October through late
January) and maintenance of the house and grounds, handling
purchasing and shopping for meals during duck season, and for
house supplies year-round, operation and monitoring of water
control gates, operation and monitoring of fresh water conversion
system for the house, maintenance and care of club grounds,
including field work, some knowledge of the use of tractors and
implements like mowers, v-ditchers, discs, etc. are a substantial
bonus for the position, light maintenance of club equipment,
tractor, 4-wheelers, etc., maintaining the overall security of
the club property. Handyman-like skills are a very strong plus.
Salary will be dependent on experience and capabilities. Free
housing and utilities in a 2-bedroom house will be provided.
Hunting privileges are not allowed. Please send your resume to

Pleasant Valley, CA. Experience preferred for this ranch
caretaker opportunity. Three horses and three dogs need to be
cared for five days a week in exchange for the one bedroom/one
bathroom cabin (occasional weekends too). Weed eating/wood
cutting/fence repairing needed on the nine acre ranch (five acres
are usable). $80 a month for electricity. Hoping to find someone
who can move in next weekend and can start immediately. To apply,


CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED in British Columbia. One of Canada’s
most pristine and privately owned historical ranches is seeking a
responsible and result-driven caretaker couple. The position
requires moving into the property (40 minutes from the nearest
town), being hands-on: cutting the wood, cleaning the pool,
keeping the grounds and lawn nice and taken care of, operating
the bobcat, as well as some work related to construction, repair,
and carpentry. Your own transportation, and Canadian work permit
is a must. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

FARMSTAY HELP NEEDED at Aurora Gardens, in Harrop, Nelson, BC.
Come and learn how to play with the plants. We are looking for
apprentice/helpers from now until the end of November (weather
dependent). We prefer helpers who can stay for at least eight
weeks, though depending on our needs and the time of year we will
consider a shorter stay. We are a small market garden, providing
vegetables, berries, herbs and edible flowers to our local food
Co-op, a retail farmers market, and restaurants and families in
the Nelson area. My husband and I have been running the market
garden for 13 years. Gardening experience is not essential; we
prefer a desire and willingness to learn. There is room for your
inspiration and creativity here. If you have an interest in
guiding and teaching others you can take on various challenges in
the leadership aspects of the garden operation. We are looking
for apprentices/helpers with a serious and genuine interest in
learning organic market gardening skills. You must be teachable,
able to follow directions, ask questions as needed, and to
participate cooperatively with others as well individually. If
you are reliable, honest, responsible, physically fit, enjoy
outdoor activities in most weather conditions then we would be
happy to host you. We are an easy 20 minute car ride from the
cafes, pubs and stores of Nelson and 10 minutes from Balfour.
There is a very dependable bus service available just minutes
from the garden to get you to Nelson and other destinations.
There is a forest to explore above the property with many hiking
and biking trails. Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park is a 10 minute
bicycle ride. A semi-private beach is just five minutes down the
road for swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. We have bikes
for you to use, a badminton court and two hammocks under the
walnut tree as well as a fire pit to cozy up to and enjoy with
friends on those starry nights. We understand the need for
balance between work and recreation, so we offer a different
arrangement to traditional "helper/apprentices" situations. We
are asking for only two hours of participation a day in exchange
for accommodation and utilities. Sharing a fully furnished
kitchen and living area. Laundry and wireless Internet provided.
Sorry, we can’t provide meals. You will need to have enough
monetary funds to supply your own personal food and needs. Sorry
no kids or pets. No smoking in the house Please bring appropriate
clothing and foot wear as well as a good head light or
flashlight. For more info, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


WORK-HOUSING EXCHANGE AVAILABLE. A farm hand/barn manager is
needed in Evergreen, Colorado. Looking for a candidate for a
work/housing exchange in a tiny house on Bear Mountain. This role
exchanges housing and all utilities in trade for three days a
week plus alternating weekends of barn duties and pet/house
sitting for vacations throughout the year. Candidates must be
comfortable with mountain living and have a reliable vehicle as
it can get quite snowy in the winter. This role would be perfect
for someone who works remotely or an animal lover who wants to be
up in the mountains. The candidate should be trustworthy and have
some knowledge/familiarity with goats, donkeys, dogs, and cats.
Must be able to lift 25 – 30 lbs. Our dogs cannot be left in
crates for more than five hours. You must be able to help with
snow removal around the property. The trade includes a 2-year-old
tiny house with a full bath, efficiency kitchen, great Wi-Fi,
electricity, heat, trash, laundry, one parking spot, and a small
deck. There is limited storage under the tiny house. No smoking
in the tiny house or the main house. No long-term guests allowed.
One well-behaved dog may be considered. No cats. In the barn, we
have two miniature donkeys, Butchie (7) and Berto (5), and four
goats Ingrid, Mary, Edith, and Sybil. In the house, we have two
dogs, Copper a basset hound mix (13), and Dillon a bloodhound
(5), and two cats Edgar (6ish) and Arthur (6ish). This is a
beautiful quiet, mountain community with trails to hike. We are
located close to Conifer and Evergreen. The owners are respectful
of your privacy and expect the same in return. If interested,

well maintained two bedroom, one bathroom home to trade for
part-time caretaker/handyman projects and maintenance. Work
averages 20 hours per week. Schedule is flexible but you must be
able to feed and clean for two horses twice daily five days a
week. You should be a homebody who loves quiet country life, not
afraid to work in all kinds of weather. Duties include lawn and
pasture mowing, brush mitigation, snow removal, barn and corral
cleaning, plus other similar chores, maintenance work, occasional
errands, and minor repairs. You must be able to operate a tractor
and power tools and do all the light maintenance on the
equipment. You must know how to work around horses, work safely,
and be reliable and honest. This is an ideal job for a person who
has a pension or works from home. This is not a job for someone
who needs to commute to work in town. Please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.

has a salary up to $75,000 with housing, health insurance, and
two weeks paid vacation. The work includes: organization, running
errands, gardening, house cleaning, light ranch work, occasional
cooking, caring for pets and houseplants, etc. If interested,
please email a short cover letter, resume and photo to


HOUSESITTER needed for our beautiful ancient longhouse in Devon
with lots of land, a stream, and log fires. Housesitters are
needed for the month of November, as we like to travel. Need
someone to look after the house and two small well-behaved dogs.
Nothing arduous, just being around and feeding the two pooches.
Lots to see nearby, just six miles from Exeter, and 20 minutes
from the coast. We've had lots of USA, Australian and NZ
housesitters in the past - always good. Housesitters will need
their own transport or we have bikes – the nearest town is 2½
miles away. Your accommodation is a huge beamed bedroom with
en-suite. Plenty of logs for the fires in winter. We have all the
modern conveniences. If you are interested, please email

LIVE-IN COUPLE REQUIRED near Cambridge and Newmarket. We are
looking for an enthusiastic and engaging couple to join a small
team looking after a country house and park, as well as the
family. A two bedroom lodge cottage onsite, with a small garden,
is included. The principal roles are to include driving, grounds
maintenance, housekeeping, plus some cooking and help with
administration.  You would also need to help with security around
the property and help look after the family’s dogs. Tasks
(divided between the couple depending on experience and
capability) include general driving duties in the owner’s
vehicles, supporting the existing gardeners/groundskeepers to
maintain the garden, park and woodland on the property (about 120
acres), help with general housekeeping duties, including
cleaning, laundry and some cooking, helping with administration
and the day-to-day management of the house, including
co-ordination of contractors, help with security around the
property, and help feeding/exercising the family’s dogs. The
successful candidates will need to be: engaging, with good
interpersonal and communication skills, experienced team players
who work well with others, including third-party contractors and
the local community, confident and proactive self-starters who
are alert and able to spot when something needs to be done, and
polite and friendly. We anticipate this will be the equivalent of
either two full-time roles or one full-time and one part-time
role. The exact division of roles and hours between the couple
will depend on capability and experience. Some roles/duties may
be shared. Pension contributions will be paid into a NEST or
other officially recognized pension fund, 21 days annual leave,
plus statutory holidays. References will be required. Please
apply by mailing your resume and references to


Orlando. This is a live-in position. Must have a good knowledge
of cattle, horses and animals, and be hardworking, organized, and
detail-oriented. Looking for motivated and self-starting
individuals (willing to work as a team with others). No smoking
or drugs. There are eight buildings and property to be
maintained. Must have general knowledge of all functions
pertaining to farm work, including but not limited to fencing,
building maintenance, grounds keeping, equipment, and handyman
skills, cleaning inside and out. Serious inquiries only. Please
send your complete resume, references and salary requirements to


FARM CARETAKER NEEDED at an 88 acre family farm in northwest
Georgia. A couple (or individual) is needed part-time, to
live-in, and work five hours daily in the mornings. Must be
experienced, and have references. Requirements: Equipment
maintenance/upkeep, landscaping, small chicken house, gardens,
fencing, road (gravel) maintenance/home repairs/some driving and
auto maintenance. A nice two bedroom home (you pay utilities)
plus $500 - $600 month salary depending on experience, provided
in exchange for seven days a week work, five hours daily. Must be
physically fit. Prefer a couple but will consider a single
individual. No smokers or drinkers. A background, driving, and
criminal check required. This is a long-term position. Please
email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


ALOHA! Looking for a wonderfully organized, responsible,
trustworthy, reliable, fit individual or couple to care for a
family pup, two rabbits, and a rooster on a gorgeous six acre
retreat in Volcano, on the Big Island. Maintain the main house
and a 5-star immaculate Airbnb cottage with cleanings (paid).
Caretake, manage, and weed the grounds. The property is
off-grid/solar. The ideal stay is for four month+ and the ideal
fit has deep cleaning, solar, electrical, and plumbing and
carpentry experience for general upkeep and other on-site
projects. Must have an eye for detail, excellent
people/communication skills, a strong work ethic, a smart phone
and car. The successful candidate is a confident, polite/friendly
and proactive self-starter who is alert and able to spot when
something requires attention or needs to be done. The retreat is
smoke and substance free, peaceful and beautiful. Please email

Hawaii. Couple needed, (either a man and woman or two women) to
take care of our 93-year-old mother, as well as maintain the
property (four buildings and the grounds). Driver’s license and
car required. The couple would have their own private bedroom and
bath in mom’s cottage. At 93, mom’s main issue is mobility.
She is a fall risk and requires someone to assist with her
walking. The couple needs to prepare her meals, help with bathing
and dressing, social engagement, and occasional trips to town,
shopping, and doctors. Property maintenance includes cleaning of
hales, mowing lawns, tending to trees and plants. Come plant your
own garden and vegetables. Live off the Aina. $1,000/week plus
room and board. Only serious inquiries please. Please apply by

Kaua’i, Hawaii. This is a unique opportunity for a reliable,
energetic self-starter to learn and grow with a small family farm
on Kaua'i. Must love animals and have some background in kitchen
work. Driver's license required for deliveries. Help with garden,
orchard, farmers' markets, and milking goats. General animal
care, barn maintenance, and similar ranch jobs. We are also
beekeepers and would love to have someone experienced with bees!
We offer comfortable, modest housing with Wi-Fi access. It is a
small cottage with a full-kitchen and bathroom. Furnished with
all you need, but suitable for one person only. All utilities are
included. Limited use of an on-farm vehicle for shopping, etc. We
encourage employees to acquire their own vehicles. We own two
beautiful properties on the island of Kaua'i. We are only a few
miles away from beautiful beaches. We are four miles from the
nearest small town for shopping and ten miles from supermarkets
and commercial shopping. Food processing and packaging three days
each week. Hours will vary each week: between 35 - 40. The job
will require a minimum of four 2-hour milking shifts weekly. Two
days off weekly. Our hourly salary starts at $14.00. Farm produce
available and a discount on value-added products such as cheese,
kitchen specialties, etc. We employ three full-time workers and
two to three interns at the orchard property. Definitely will
give preference to candidates seeking a long-term position, and
currently living in Hawaii. Proof of Covid 19 Vaccination
required. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then send your
resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more info. 

ALOHA FROM THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII. Escape to the tropics. Our
2.25-acre estate in Kona is in need of an individual who can care
for its landscape, gardens, and general maintenance. This
commitment is for a minimum of 90 days, but a longer-term
position could be possible, if all parties are content. This
position is available now. If hired, one can expect round trip
airfare from your nearest U.S. major airport to Kona, Hawaii.
While on the property, we will provide you with private hi-end
accommodations with cable and Wi-Fi, maid service once a week for
bedding, gourmet breakfast and dinner, and a negotiated stipend.
Lastly, we will occasionally give you free use of a vehicle to
explore the island. This is a “work for hire” position and
does not imply employment. You must carry health and auto
insurance for yourself. We are seeking a self-motivated,
organized, in shape and strong, and very tidy and clean
individual, who will work 32+ hours a week to upkeep our
estate’s land, agriculture, and gardens. We are willing to
train in our procedures, but you must have experience. There are
occasions where we have to do a little sanding and painting, and
pressure washing. We live in a jungle, where it is absolutely
necessary to spray herbicides and insecticides. We do our best to
be as organic as possible. You must be proficient and competent
in using a commercial mower, weed eater, blower, hedge trimmer,
chain saw, pole chain saw, and silky pole saw. We use mostly
Stihl equipment, and have an ECHO weed eater, and a commercial
mower by Honda. You will have to tend to all fertilizing and weed
maintenance. You must be competent in installing, maintaining,
and repairing irrigation. We use Toro products. We have over 60
different fruit and spice trees, and edible berries and bushes,
vegetable and herb gardens, and a ¾ acre botanical garden with
rare palms, Heliconia, and Gingers. We are in the process of
adding three lotus and lily ponds in mid-2022. It is fabulous,
but it is hard work to maintain all of them. If you love plants
and the outdoors, this is your dream job. Do not fool yourself,
it is hard work, but well worth it. The property has a panoramic
view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a spectacular place. If you feel
this position might be your calling, please send me your resume
and a list of references. I will review them and give you a call
to set up an interview time. I can do FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp,
or Zoom. Please have one of these options available for your
interviews. No drug use or smoking of any kind, and we expect
responsible alcohol use! We do not accept applicants with
children or pets. All applicants will be subject to background
checks. You may contact me, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for questions.
Please forward resumes and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and
include the terms “House of Kona, caretakers” in the subject
line of your email. Responses should be received within 48 hours.
Aloha and mahalo!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED on Videy Island from September 6 to September
15, 2022. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX volunteers will have the
opportunity to work on the historical island of Videy for the
16th year in a row with our host, the city of Reykjavík. Videy
is a popular destination during the summer among Icelandic and
foreign visitors. Videy or “Wood Island” is the largest
island in the Kollafjorour Bay, just outside Reykjavík. The
island is covered by many species of plants and at least 30
species of breeding birds have been counted here. Videy was
inhabited soon after the settlement of Iceland in the 10th
Century. Volunteers will help prepare the island for the
autumn/winter season. Volunteers will beautify the surroundings
by cleaning up the area, especially along the coastline, for
instance by hand-picking garbage or collecting trash blown by the
wind or brought by the sea to the shores and surroundings.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX volunteers may carry out some gardening
activities as well and possibly make and maintain walking paths.
Well maintained paths enable people to visit the area without
damaging it and this important work also helps to improve safety
for visitors. Depending on the advance of the project and weather
conditions, volunteers may have other possible tasks such as
checking up and repairing garden furniture. The working day
normally runs from 09:00 - 17:00 with breaks for lunch and
coffee; however, please be prepared for some flexibility due to
the nature of Iceland's changeable weather. The weather
conditions in Iceland are unpredictable and the temperature will
drop during the evenings. Be prepared to experience all kinds of
weather and be sure to bring warm clothing, since most of the
work will take place outdoors. Volunteers will be lodged in a
local house on Videy Island, in shared rooms. Please bring your
own sleeping bag. The house has an equipped kitchen. Volunteers
will receive food ingredients and be in charge of cooking and
cleaning. Do not forget to bring some traditional/typical food
from your home country for the international evening. For more


NORTH IDAHO CARETAKER NEEDED. Need a single part-time caretaker
to assist with property maintenance, improvements, forest
stewardship, tree planting, woodwork, handyman, etc. on 130
beautiful forested acres with meadows and a creek near Spirit
Lake, Idaho with three homes on the acreage. The caretaker would
reside on our acreage in a completely private and secluded
26-foot 5th-wheel trailer in excellent condition, with an
attached deck and yard by the creek, in a beautiful spot. Must
pass a very thorough background check, be a non-smoker, no
illegal drugs, and honesty is a must. Rent, utilities, high-speed
Starlink internet, and a monthly stipend provided. Please call

CARETAKER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY in Northern Idaho. Trade housing for
caretaking the property and keeping the animals safe and cared
for. You will also need to keep any trespassers off the property.
Free rent, power, water, Wi-Fi, use of the land line - all
provided to the caretaker. Please call either
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and as I am a truck driver and on the road
a lot, please leave a message if I don’t answer. Thanks.


Preferably a couple, family, or individual. Must be willing to
relocate and live a peaceful life on our 150-year-old, 80 acre
farm located one hour outside of Chicago. We are not commercial;
it's a relaxed environment with beautiful facilities. We have a
natural spring pond, fishing, canoes, sand volleyball, tennis
court, pavilion, wooded trails, farm animals, horse stables, and
a loving, open-minded family awaiting the ones who want to become
part of this caring team. An ideal background would be in:
housekeeping, groundskeeping/landscaping (weeding, mowing,
maintaining and clearing trails, etc.), mechanical/machinery
skills (farm equipment knowledge; use and maintenance), handyman
skills, livestock experience (feeding; small number of animals),
construction (mending fences, home projects, etc.), and event
planning like weddings. In exchange, you will be provided with a
house (separate from the main residence), free utilities/rent,
and use of a vehicle. Quality of life - living the dream. Please


CARETAKER NEEDED at an Equestrian Center/Boarding Facility in
Danville, Indiana. This can be full-time or part-time. I am
looking for someone who is willing to give our horses the best
care possible. We have around 30 horses at our facility at all
times that need to be cared for 24/7. This includes graining,
haying, and watering mornings and evenings; turning out and
turning in weather permitting; and cleaning stalls every day. I
need someone who is also willing to go above and beyond to make
sure all of the horses are okay, like checking to make sure they
are eating and that they don’t have any injuries. This is a
very laboring job, so I need someone who is hardworking and able
to correctly follow directions all year round. The salary will be
$100 a day. We have housing available if needed, but this will
reflect on pay. To apply, please email your resume to

A 10 ACRE FARM IS SEEKING A CARETAKER in Crawfordsville, Indiana
(located 49 miles northwest of Indianapolis). Seeking a caretaker
to help with the maintenance of the property. Room and board, and
all utilities included. The caretaker will receive a private bath
and bedroom. Pets are okay. To apply, please email your resume to

LOOKING FOR A COUPLE (OR INDIVIDUAL) interested in working
part-time as live-in Innkeeper(s) at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in
Madison, Indiana. This opportunity would be great for a retired
couple looking for an adventure in a great small town, a
couple/individual who has flexible work from home role(s), or
individuals interested in running or owning a B&B who want to
learn the trade and try it out.  Our Bed & Breakfast is a small
operation with four rentable rooms. Currently the season is March
through mid-December, allowing for time off or winter travel, if
desired, in addition to in-season time off. The position duties
include guest check-in, some online reservations, cooking and
serving breakfast, laundry, and housekeeping oversight (we hire
someone to turn rooms). The compensation includes on-site
residence (six rooms) with all utilities and internet plus
commission. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HELP NEEDED in Dunmanus Bay, Goleen, Ireland. We are a
single-parent, single-child family. This work exchange is
offering you the opportunity to spend time to visit this area.
Hiking and biking are very good here. It is a very nice location
and you will have a bicycle to use. Meanwhile your volunteer job
is to be involved in our family situation. You would be spending
time and giving care and attention to my daughter, Erin, going
hiking, playing with her toys and games, having fun, taking the
time and focus to interact and provide happy times for her.
Additionally, we prepare food for ourselves and we have housework
too; tidying up after ourselves, washing the dishes and sweeping
the floors. It's a typical household environment and therefore
it's about sharing the space and some time and interactions
together. Our house is not far from small beaches, coves and
hills for walking with clean and fresh Atlantic air. The
peninsula is the most southwesterly tip of Ireland, it is called
the Mizen Peninsula. We are on a road we call the Coast Road, it
is the scenic route on this peninsula. The public transport
system, will take you to the village of Goleen on the other side
of the peninsula. Our house is about seven kilometers away from
the village and it's advisable to be travelling with bags which
can be easily taken on that walk if necessary, as we don't have
our own car. Mostly, we walk or use a bicycle to get around the
area which is good for keeping fit. It's also very easy to
hitchhike right now as in the summertime it is good for that.
Years ago I was a Yoga and Qigong teacher, but right now I am
recovering within a period of long illness and starting to
rebuild my health. We eat clean, healthy, organic, vegetarian
food. For more information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Many thanks.


Valley Girl turned Cowgirl-Roughneck by way of Culinary School  
Interests: Cooking, writing, reading, gardening, traveling,
animals, peace and quiet
Quote: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the
intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body
but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of dust, thoroughly
used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow what a
ride!” - Hunter S. Thompson

Lainie Freeman

	I doubt that anyone who knew me when I was growing up in
Hollywood would have ever guessed that one day I would get a case
of wanderlust, throw caution to the wind and take off for the
wilds of Wyoming to work on a 6,000-acre cattle ranch as
chef/cowgirl/personal assistant for a family from Manhattan. That
adventure was a pivotal one and I headed down a path that was a
180 degree turn from the direction my life seemed to be heading
in. That was 44 years ago.
	From there I moved to the Pacific Northwest to establish a
restaurant in a castle overlooking the Straits of Juan de Fuca.
Then to Northern New Mexico to help restore a 200-year-old adobe,
acting as a construction assistant, household cook and cooking
teacher. From there I went to Montana to manage a couple of
restaurants, ultimately ending up on a remote 18,000 acre working
cattle ranch where I was ranch cook and midwife for a herd of 800
pregnant cows.
	Throw in many years as a winery chef in the Napa Valley, and as
a private cook in numerous households, and you have an overview
of my working life.
Caretaking is a wonderful way of living for those of us who do
not aspire to the white picket fence idea of life but it’s also
challenging: As a live-in employee you navigate things there is
no training for: It’s like a marriage. You are taking on a
lifestyle that is a whole education.
	I’ve learned a lot and want to share some of it here with
	One important thing, right off the top is that the initial
communication between a property owner and a prospective
caretaker or house manager or assistant or whatever position
rings your bell, is paramount. Often accepting these jobs may
mean a move to a different part of the country which is a large
undertaking so clarity is critical. Both parties need to be able
to define what, let’s say, “Caretaker” means. I have ended
up in situations where I found that what I was sure I would be
doing, and what my new employer was certain I should do, were
defined very differently.
	This is critical. So, whether it’s on the phone or by Zoom
interview, hammer this one out so you both feel comfortable that
you understand one another. Clarity at the very beginning is
extremely important.
	I came from the Culinary and Hospitality worlds, wherein I was
the boss: One of my first lessons was that in these types of
positions, the property owners are the boss. And in fact, with
that came relief. After a career of scheduling, supervising and
being responsible for all of it I recognized that I didn’t want
to carry that kind of load anymore. Now, I can be responsible for
a house and yard and be content being answerable to someone I
respect (which for me is non-negotiable).
Mutual respect, discretion, boundaries that work and are honored,
and if you’re lucky, living in a beautiful place with peace all
around. Give me that and a few happy animals running around as
well as a place to grow vegetables and flowers, and I’m one
happy cowgirl.
	Earlier I mentioned the learning experiences this particular
lifestyle can include: One of those is how to market yourself.
For a good number of folks who have only done traditional job
searches, this is a new skill to develop. This is not at all a
traditional way to find work but I was looking for more than
work. As I said previously, this is choosing a lifestyle.
	Here is an example of an ad I placed in The Caretaker Gazette
seven years ago:

“Caretaker/Property Manager: Seeking a long-term position in
the Western U.S. I have experience with a variety of live-in
situations, with owners on-site and off. Culinary background with
extensive experience in the Hospitality industry and very hands
on. House manager, property manager, private cook, and gardener
– I’ve managed everything from estates to cattle ranches and
have administrative skills. Willing to do whatever is needed -
versatile and able to anticipate what needs to get done. I’m
mature, self-directed, with a strong work ethic and am available
now. Thanks for your consideration. Please email Lainie at
freemanlainie@gmail.com for more info and references. Thank

Napa County, where Lainie was a winery chef

The Skagit County ranch’s main house

	This ad generated a few contacts from potential employers
including one in particular in Washington State in Skagit County,
on the coast north of Seattle. The call from this gentleman
included an invitation to fly up and spend a couple of days
together, getting to know one another and meeting his eldest
daughter as well as his property caretaker. I spent three days
just hanging out with him, meeting and cooking for some of his
family members and getting a feel for the area, which was simply
stunning. He needed a companion, cook, driver and all-round
assistant. I was completely taken with the beauty of the property
and at 91-years-old, how alert and present he was. Ultimately, he
told me that after he was gone, I would have a permanent home
there and my job would be to take care of the family members when
they came up from Seattle.
He offered me the job and I packed my things and moved in.
	Three weeks after I got there and was still settling in, he told
me something we did not discuss before the start date. He had
told me he was a recent widower but not that he felt he had not
properly grieved for his partner of over 65 years. Smelling the
food I was cooking, and hearing the dishes clinking, he would
come to the kitchen door and then it would sort of smack him in
the face: She was gone. He would expect to see her and instead,
he would find me there. In the end, he decided to move back to
the Seattle condo they owned, and where she had passed. Everyone
there had known the both of them and he could share memories of
her with their old friends.
He was smart enough to know he needed this support to make it
through this incredibly difficult time.
	I was now redundant. He was such a nice man and the loss of that
position, with the security he implied that I would have had was
gone. I was living in in a place where I knew no one and had no
home of my own.
	It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to this day, years
after he passed away, I still dream of how great a situation that
If you have decided that living a somewhat nomadic life would
suit you, I think that The Caretaker Gazette is one of the best
ways to find a situation that feels like a fit. And advertising
yourself is the most effective first step to take.
	One of the things I had to determine about myself was whether or
not I had the temperament to do this kind of work. Making the
change from being the boss lady to being a much less visible
presence in my work took some time to adapt to. But my need for
the kind of recognition I sought when I was career building has
diminished as I’ve gotten older. Think of yourself at 25. How
much did a pat on the back from a boss or a professor mean to
you? If you’re like me, that validation meant everything. As I
rolled through my career as a Chef, I experienced a lot of praise
and even applause. I liked it certainly, but as the years went
by, I grew to the point where I got used to that praise and it
didn’t mean a huge amount to me - I was very confident in my
cooking skills. I had certainly practiced this skill for long
enough since I started learning to cook at the age of eight.
	You know what you know how to do. If it’s something you have
put time into, you just get better and better at it.
So how does this connect to being a caretaker or a Property or a
House Manager? This type of work is not high profile. You’re
hired to do this because it’s a necessity for people who need
you to take care of their most valuable asset - their home, their
ranch, their castle or their land. Often you work in solitude,
perhaps with your constant companion being livestock or family
	The point of all this is simple - know what it is about this
style of life that draws you to the place where you find yourself
looking for a position such as the Gazette advertises.
	Another thing I found myself examining when I first began to
look for this type of position was this: How did everything, and
I mean EVERYTHING I had ever done during my job life support my
job search? What did I have to offer? In my case, I started out
in business when I was 19, being promoted to manager when I
literally had no skill set. I believe it was because I had a
really good telephone presence with the owner of the company that
made up my first job. He and I spoke every day when he would call
to find out what the day’s earnings were and the calls evolved
into a relationship wherein, he invited me to move to the head
office and to train with him and to learn to do bookkeeping. It
was a great offer and gave me a definable skill that I used
throughout my twenties to get jobs and was a necessary skill to
have in the other fields I went into including being a chef.
	At this point, I have just accepted another position that came
through The Caretaker Gazette. The lovely folks who’ve invited
me to move onto their property in a rustic part of Southern
California read my new Situations-Wanted ad about three months
ago. I stayed in contact with them and after a situation they
were trying out didn’t work out I happened to text them, and
they wanted to talk with me. After a couple of weeks of back and
forth they’ve invited me to come and move into a nice cottage
and work for them as a personal assistant, cook, chicken wrangler
and vegetable gardener. So, in a week or so I’m off to another
post - all thanks to The Caretaker Gazette. Thanks, Gary
New Mexico, where Lainie restored a 200-year-old adobe


FULL-TIME FARM CARETAKER WANTED on a 1,200 sow farm in Waterloo,
with the potential for area management opportunities. Pay will be
based on experience, up to $50,000 annually. Fully paid health
care and vacation provided, and housing is available if needed.
Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for details.


CARETAKER NEEDED AT LAKE EDUN. Responsible person needed to care
for 65 acres about two miles southwest of Topeka. Duties include
meeting guests, trail maintenance, watering, spraying Poison Ivy,
etc. Full-time through September. Hours can be flexible. Weekends
are required. For more information, please visit our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This is a unique job in a beautiful
location for a responsible person able to work with minimum
supervision. Any applicant must be able to accept this level of


AN ELDERLY COUPLE in good health seeks a hands-on single
caretaker or couple to help them be as independent as possible in
their lives. They live in a large 7,000 sq. ft. home on two acres
in Annapolis, which they will share with their caretaker(s). They
are looking for someone without any "baggage" who is/are honest,
helpful, very organized, and nonsmoking. These caretakers will be
replacing the caretakers hired a year ago. Responsibilities will
include driving, companionship, cooking, laundry, and light
housekeeping. This is a professional couple who are still very
active and social; they go out to dinner a lot. If you have a
pleasant personality and would love to improve the quality of
life for two very special people, this is the perfect opportunity
for you. Salary will be commensurate with skills and experience
and includes benefits. To apply, please email your resume and
references to caretakergazette@gmail.com and include “Annapolis
Opportunity” in the Subject Line for forwarding purposes.


OPPORTUNITY FOR A RETIRED COUPLE to be caretakers for a family
compound in northern Michigan. Taking care of property - mowing
the lawn, spring and fall yard work, blowing snow in winter (all
proper equipment on site) and minor maintenance of buildings
including summer upkeep of cottages, main house and beach are the
main duties. A two bedroom farmhouse style cottage in excellent
condition provided as well as heat and electricity expenses in
exchange for caretaking and monitoring of the property. Easy
access to Mackinac Island and northern Michigan attractions, with
a very private setting. Family is away most of the year. Please


resort, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located on eight acres on Fish Lake
in Duluth, MN. We need a caretaker couple to primarily run a
kitchen and take on light maintenance, cleaning and other duties.
We have a three-bedroom apartment, five two bedroom cabins, a
full bar and restaurant, dock slips and seasonal RV spaces. For
more information, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thanks.


MATURE CARETAKING COUPLE WANTED. Absolutely no children or pets.
Must be organized, detail-oriented, and tidy. Non-smokers.
You’ll have an all-appliances, partially furnished A-frame
cabin, paid utilities, and receive a small stipend (depending on
your qualifications). Additionally, income-producing
opportunities abound, with acres of timber on our 130 acre
property, including a sawmill, greenhouse and high tunnel. All
that, in exchange for 20 hours a week assisting an elderly couple
with organic gardening, landscaping, maintenance, driving and
shopping. Specific duties will be outlined during the vetting
process. Curriculum vitae and references required. Selected
candidates will be sent a questionnaire to determine
qualifications and would need to plan on a two to three day visit
to determine compatibility. Please reply to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


smaller ranch in Central Montana. This is NOT an absentee owner
or management position. You must be able to take direction well.
Includes but is not limited to cleaning and maintaining yards,
buildings, sheds, bunkhouses, and corrals; mowing, picking up
trash, and keeping the yards tidy; and fixing and maintaining
fences and buildings. Could also include maintenance and repair
of older equipment and other general ranch chores. Drug-,
alcohol-, and tobacco-free workplace. References required. Please

CARETAKER POSITION AVAILABLE on a beautiful Western Montana
Ranch, located near Missoula, Montana. This caretaker position
offers good pay and housing. Some horse experience would be
beneficial. Please respond to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

position is a two-person position for house and grounds on an
estate on Flathead Lake, Rollins, Montana, surrounded by
beautiful mountains. The job comes with a year-round two bedroom
apartment, along with all utilities, and Wi-Fi. The job is
full-time six months of the year - beginning in April and ending
at the end of October. Skills needed: Landscaping, irrigation
system knowledge, gardening and maintaining flower beds, handyman
skills including minor electric, plumbing, and carpentry for
house and grounds, housekeeping one time a week and after guests
leave. And must be able to supervise subcontractors. Must be
personable and self-starters. The other six months consist of
being on the property, inspecting the inside of the house a
couple of times a week, receiving packages, etc. The winter
months are a perfect opportunity for other work or hobbies.
Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with a resume and


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HOUSESITTER from September 1 – October 1,
2022 for our home in Jersey City, NJ. This will just be an
exchange of your housesitting service for the living space in our
home – no pay involved. You should be comfortable with city
living. Our home is in a quiet urban neighborhood and has a small
garden which will need some watering if we get into a dry spell.
We are close to shops, restaurants and other stores. The
housesitter’s primary responsibility will be to look after our
home and care for our two dogs while we are away. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you are available and please provide
checkable references.


for a mature, responsible couple or individual. You will need to
maintain and care for a small farm/ranch near Galisteo/Stanley,
New Mexico. The ranch is located 40 miles Southeast of Santa Fe
and 20 miles north of Moriarty, New Mexico. The ranch caretaker
will be responsible for caring for a small number of various
livestock including horses, donkeys, sheep, hogs, chickens, dogs,
and cats located near the caretaker's residence and guest
housing. Prior experience with hauling animals is required. Minor
handyman maintenance of equipment and the houses and living areas
will also be required. A valid driver’s license with a clean
driving record is required. The couple or individual will work
collaboratively with the owner. Working knowledge of English is
required. Benefits include a two bedroom apartment (utilities
included), one week of paid vacation per year, standard sick
leave, and a Christmas bonus. The salary depends on
qualifications and experience. To apply, please call

exchange for part-time pet caregiving in southeastern New Mexico.
For more information, please call (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED for a beautiful Hudson Valley estate
overlooking the Hudson River. A professional couple with a home
in the Hudson Valley who travel frequently seeks a full-time
live-in couple for pet care (two dogs and a cat and a few
chickens) general lawn, yard and garden care (four acres), snow
removal in the winter and general light maintenance and home care
duties. Expected duties approximately 30 - 40 hours per week.
This is a salaried position. A lovely two bedroom cottage with
utilities on the property will be provided. Please email

Superintendent/Caretaker needed for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX near
Tupper Lake, NY. Competitive salary and outstanding benefits.
Requires residency in a charming community-owned gatehouse. This
is a private lakeside community with 30 family Camps.
Requirements: prior experience managing properties,
forestry/woodsmen, heavy equipment operation, general
maintenance, water management, boat inspection, security and
more. In-person interview, references and background check
required. Please send your cover letter and resume to


IN SEARCH OF CARETAKER(S) - with any or all of the following
skills: Builder/handyman, mechanic, pilot, organic
gardener/permaculture, healthy cook, healing arts, yoga teacher,
admin, computer, assistant/secretarial skills, organizer, animal
and nature lover. Please email your resume/letter describing any
training and skills to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


SMOKY MOUNTAINS ALMOST HEAVEN! We are Julia and Frank, a retired
married couple. My husband and I just bought a 20-acre mountain
farmette in Western North Carolina near Asheville. This area of
North Carolina has a mild climate and is so beautiful with nature
and all kinds of wonderful native edible plants growing all over.
The farmette is all the way up top a mountain with a ¼ mile
drive so it is VERY private! Our main objective is growing our
own food. We want to keep everything very manageable and small
scale, but we want extras for canning. In addition we are
thinking about goats, chickens, and rabbits for food. There is
very good trout fishing here. Also we run a camping Airbnb here
that will need to be managed. We live in Florida part time and
North Carolina part time depending on the weather. We will ask
you to pet sit on occasion (two dogs, two cats and pet bunny).
You may bring your pets as well. You should be able to start
immediately. Ideal candidates should have:
- Farming/gardening experience
- Farm animal experience is great, but not necessary
- Butchering experience is great, but not necessary
- Building/construction experience is great, but not necessary 
- Healthy good attitude no drugs can lift 50 pounds (bale of hay)
and chop wood
- Available at least six months - prefer yearly residents
- Prefer to live in a tiny home or cabin or RV - simple living
- Resilient and mentally prepared in case of power outage
- Ability to pass a background check 
- Able to sign a one month long trial period contract with us 
- Able to commit to six months work stay
- Independent learner
- Provides pleasant customer service
- 20-hour work weekly task list with no direct supervision
- Free room and board (farm grown food)
- Landline phone and Internet use at the main house
- Use of work truck or we will pay for your use of your own
- Stipend (negotiable and based on experience) plus two weeks
expenses paid Florida vacation 

BLOWING ROCK, NORTH CAROLINA. Housekeeper needed for a vacation
house. General care of the house including cleaning of all
surfaces including floors, making of beds, washing and ironing
personal laundry and linens. When the family is in residence,
grocery shopping, setting the table and cleaning up after meals,
occasional light meal’s preparation, setting fires and bringing
in wood and generally being available to the family (this is
generally three or four times a year). Work in coordination with
the house manager for scheduling outside contractors and any
other larger issues. This position has very flexible hours most
of the time. For more information, please email


WANT TO HELP BUILD A COMMUNITY? Love the sea? After finishing the
building of our boat and our first sea-trial trip, we are
presently based on an organic apple farm 40 minutes south of
Oslo, where we are focusing on beekeeping as we intend to build
up on honey production and queen-breeding this summer. We are a
community-based project born over 10 years ago. Involving people
from all over the globe, we hope to eventually form a community
present both on land and at sea, that will cooperate with
eco-villages, sharing the bliss of sustainable living and
traveling through organic farming and sailing - connecting places
and people across the oceans. If you have any knowledge or
interest in permaculture, self-sufficiency, alternative living,
etc., don't hesitate to contact us and share your ideas. Our
hopes are for the farm to flourish into a place where food,
thoughts, plans, adventures, and - of course - boats, can grow!
Please send an email to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX explaining why you
would be interested in our community and please place this in the
Subject Line: Sea Gypsy Application so we know you have been
reading this. Love from Sailing the Farm – a sea gypsy tribe of


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is an educational non-profit operating on a
quiet 80 acre site in southern Oregon. The 90 day renewable
caretaker contract provides an RV site with full hookups and
Wi-Fi in exchange for 10 hours per week minimum volunteer
commitment. The primary duties include facilities maintenance,
visitor management, and groundskeeping. Capacity for minor
physical labor and some mechanical ability are assets, as well as
good human relations skills. A background check and references
are required. Information on the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For
additional information and to apply, please go to

RANCH HAND/CARETAKER NEEDED. A cow/calf ranch in the John Day,
Oregon area is looking for an experienced ranch hand/caretaker.
Need previous experience working on a ranch and handling fence
repairs. A house with a garden will be made available. The salary
will be based on experience. To apply, please email your resume


CARETAKER COUPLE REQUIRED for a Berwyn, PA live-in position. A
single man and his 13-year-old daughter require a hands-on couple
to manage the 5,500 sq. ft. main residence. There are also two
other homes to manage. Duties to include: cooking – you must be
a good cook (small dinner parties and business lunches), daily
cleaning, and laundry. Must know how to organize his homes,
closets, and storage areas. Close and open the other two vacation
homes. Must be able to fly/travel to other homes. Benefits to
include car health/dental/bonuses, and accommodations. Salary is
$90,000 for the couple. Applicants must have a minimum of five
years of experience, be in good health and have the energy and
love for this kind of hands-on position. Please email both of
your resumes to caretakergazette@gmail.com and include
“Pennsylvania Property” in the Subject Line for forwarding

YEAR-ROUND, LIVE-IN CARETAKER NEEDED at our hunting and fishing
club in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Ever dream of living in
the woods? Have a passion for nature and the outdoors? This is
your opportunity! Located in beautiful Lycoming County, our rod,
gun and social club is searching for a caretaker couple or
individual to operate our clubs hospitality business, care for
the cabin and take care of the club grounds. Established in 1918,
our club has over 100 years of history and tradition. Located on
over 5,500 acres of forest ground with an approximate five acre,
stream fed pond, this private club of 40 members features a two
story cabin complete with full commercial kitchen and caretaker
living quarters attached. Successful applicants will be
responsible for the caring for and cleaning of the cabin,
preparing meals for members and guests, housekeeping, grounds
keeping and general maintenance as needed, and other projects on
the property. Benefits include a salary of $35,000 - $100,000,
plus other income and gratuities, living accommodations,
utilities, paid vacation, health insurance available, and other
compensation perks. To apply please forward your resumes/bios to

A TWO PERSON CARETAKER TEAM is needed for a 200+ acre farm in
Southeastern Pennsylvania. Duties include landscaping and
property maintenance, lawn and farming equipment maintenance,
housekeeping, minor farming, hay production, animal care (horses,
cattle, and goats), lawn maintenance, and pool maintenance.
Benefits include health and dental insurance, a 2-bedroom
apartment, an automobile, and vacation. Must have experience.
Salary of $40,000+ per year for each caretaker. Full work days
are Monday - Friday. Animals need to be fed on weekend mornings.

GROUNDSKEEPER/PROPERTY MANAGER needed in a Philadelphia suburb. A
retired couple seeks a healthy strong single person or couple to
maintain the interior and exterior property needs on a two acre,
private 6,200 sq. ft. residence with numerous shrub and perennial
borders/beds, plus a small second property. Grounds duties
include maintenance of shrub and perennial borders/bed landscape,
hands-on, irrigation management and related gardening tasks.
House management requires maintenance and handy skills. The ideal
candidate is self-motivated, takes a hands-on approach, no job
too big or too small, comfortable lifting/hauling 50 lb.
material, knowledge of perennial gardening, and experienced with
hand and power tools. A pick-up truck is required. This position
includes housing in a three bedroom 1,800 sq. ft. house plus
utilities, located a 15 minute drive from the main residence,
plus a salary determined by prior experience. Looking for an
initial commitment of four months (June through September) with
expectation of a long-term tenure for the right candidate. Please
email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LIVE-IN COUPLE required for a rural estate in North Scotland –
Moray. A friendly family including an elderly couple is looking
for a professional, discreet and reliable couple, or individual
to assist with household, handyman and garden duties. Working
alongside other staff, the candidates will take care of general
kitchen duties including some cooking, household work, and
laundry, as well as some garden duties, basic general repairs,
driving and errands. Need to have basic computer skills, a
flexible and caring attitude and a pleasant disposition. Clean
driving license and excellent references essential. The start
date will be ASAP. A generous salary and separate accommodation
will be provided. Please mail your CV and references to


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Wagener, SC is a non-profit organization
focusing on small exotic felines, hybrids and domestic cats. We
are looking for people to fill our live-in positions in return
for your accommodations which is a room in our large farmhouse
with perks. Positions available: 1. Housekeeper/cook 2. Caretaker
3. Cat Assistant. Please email your resume to


A HISTORIC PLANTATION located midway between Charleston/Savannah
seeks a couple with any combination of following skills:  house
painting, finish carpentry or gardening. $75,000 salary provided,
plus a one bedroom residence on the plantation. Please reply by


to feed three horses daily. We are looking to fill this caretaker
position immediately. If you love horses, you will love these
horses. We’re looking for a non-smoker, no illegal drugs, and
preferably an upstanding individual with high moral values. The
caretaker will be required to pay utilities. To apply, please

5-Star Luxury Hunting Lodge in South Dakota. A strong farming
background (2,000 acres of food plots), as well as good
mechanical and overall maintenance skills are also required.
Located in the heart of South Dakota hunting country we have
hosted guests from Argentina to Alaska. Chuck and Sheila built
this wonderful lodge in 2000 and set the standard for excellence
for a truly quality facility for more than 20 years. Starting pay
will be $40,000 ~ compensation will be based on experience and
performance. A newly remodeled three bedroom home is included,
with utilities. You can learn more at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


IBIZA, SPAIN: Property Manager/Caretaking Couple Wanted --
Dual-Language Skills Essential: Spanish/English. Seeking a highly
experienced, personable and outgoing couple with a solid and
long-established working relationship to live-in and manage a
beautiful, picturesque 16-hectare finca (farm) in Ibiza, Spain.
The property, located in the pastoral north end of this
Mediterranean island, has been inhabited for more than 2000
years. The new owners aim to restore the historic residential and
farm buildings and to establish a viable regenerative farm
practice for a small-scale commercial pomegranate orchard, a
vineyard, a self-sustaining home garden, and a small number of
domestic farm animals. Applicants must be well-versed in
responsibilities and possess the skills to operate such a rural
property, sensitive to growing and harvesting demands,
responsible land conservation practices, tree care, and some
construction supervision for the first two years. You will live
in a comfortable apartment off-site – in the seaside resort
town of San Antonio – until your on-site apartment is ready.
Once the on-site residences are habitable, responsibility will
shift to include cleaning and cooking, too. Your on-site
residence will be custom built to the highest modern standards,
located in the most picturesque and historic section of a 400
year old stone barn. Both members of the couple must have valid
driver’s licenses, and one personal vehicle. A second farm car
comes with the job. We hope that the exceptional and intelligent
couple who take this job will become an integral and essential
part of building this exquisite and unique project and expect to
become a vital and creative part of our extended family and the
Ibiza community, with an intention to settle here for many years.
All living expenses are fully covered – housing, most meals,
and utilities. In addition, there will be a fair salary which we
need to discuss together. The start time is immediate. Please
send your CV, proof of residency in the EU or a visa which allows
you to live legally in Spain, and a letter, written in English or
Spanish, explaining why you are uniquely qualified and deeply
interested in this extraordinary opportunity to


IN SEARCH OF CARETAKER(S) in East Texas - with any or all of the
following skills: Builder/handyman, mechanic, pilot, organic
gardener/permaculture, healthy cook, healing arts, yoga teacher,
admin, computer, assistant/secretarial skills, organizer, animal
and nature lover. Please email your resume/letter describing any
training and skills to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

cutting horse and cattle dog operation in Bowie, Texas. Duties
include and not limited to: barn chores, sweeping, weeding,
mowing, weeding and watering the garden and flowers, and animal
and pet care. A two bedroom/two bathroom home with utilities
provided. Salary depends on responsibilities and experience.
Possible horse accommodations. A background check and references
are required. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

AG MANAGER NEEDED in Central Texas for a diverse and
eco-conscious operation. You will need to take care of livestock,
pecans, hay and pastures. Manage livestock breeding and
marketing. Our vineyard is coming soon. The salary will be
$40,000+ (depending on skills and experience) plus housing and
benefits. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

able to operate and maintain hay production equipment. Additional
duties include limb cutting, shredding, road maintenance, and
water well maintenance. House, utilities, water, and truck
provided to the caretaker. Compensation is negotiable, based on
experience. The caretaker must have a valid driver's license (no
DWIs, and no criminal record). A background check will be done.

RESPONSIBLE, MATURE PERSON NEEDED to live in our Flower Mound,
Texas home and care for our 12-year-old, 57 pound Belgian
Shepherd while we are overseas. Quiet, secluded, wooded and safe
neighborhood near Lake Grapevine and hiking/biking trails. Small
koi pond needs feeding twice a day, and weekly filter cleaning.
Starting now, for between three and six months. References
requested, and our reference from prior caretaker available.

SEEKING A CARETAKER for our manufactured housing community in
Kingsland, TX - one hour west of Austin. Kingsland is a nice
small town on Lake LBJ, with lots of great boating, fishing, and
hiking in the area. There are only about 3,000 residents so there
is no traffic and easy living. We have owned and managed Twin
Rivers Community for a decade. There are 30 homes in the
community, seven homes are owner occupied and the rest are
rentals. We have very little turnover and many long-term renters.
As we turn over our rental homes, we are looking to sell them
when possible to shift to a more home owner community. It is very
nice, clean and quiet and centrally located in Kingsland. We are
just down the street from banks, a pharmacy, HEB, a coffee shop,
the post office and restaurants. We have worked hard to create an
affordable housing solution for Kingsland that offers folks a
nice and safe place to call home. We would like to spend more
time traveling and are seeking caretaker(s) to live in the
community and provide handy-person services, lawn/landscaping
services and oversee contractors (plumbers, air-conditioner
repairmen, etc. if the job needs this). I will continue to
collect rents and manage any tenant/resident issues. It is not a
full-time position - some weeks may require more hours than
others. We are offering a discounted rent on a one bedroom/one
bath home. Or if a larger house is desired, we have a 3/2 we can
consider. We will also pay a competitive hourly rate for work
done. We are looking for a nice individual or couple who share
our values and work ethic and would enjoy caretaking this
community. We will allow one small dog or cat. Please contact

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located in Waxahachie, Texas, has a ranch
caretaker position available with housing provided. We are a 200
acre ranch located 30 minutes south of Dallas. We raise reined
cow horses and rope horses and currently stand one stallion
off-site. The caretaker position duties include maintaining all
grounds, residential and horse facilities. Will need the ability
to run and maintain farm equipment, general landscaping knowledge
and attention to detail is a must. Pay will depend on experience.
References and background check required. To apply, please send

CARETAKER/BARN-HELP WANTED. Immediate opening for a
caretaker/couple at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX facilities to care for
our horses and perform basic farm work in exchange for a large,
furnished two bedroom apartment and a monthly stipend based on
experience. Utilities included. This is a perfect position for
someone with supplemental income (pension, etc.) who loves
country living. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX facilities are located on
Lake Buchanan in Burnet, Texas. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX serves those
with a variety of physical, emotional, and mental challenges
through our therapeutic riding programs. The successful candidate
must have extensive experience caring for horses,
positive/self-starter, non-smoker, dependable and team player. No
children. Must have own transportation. Experience in basic ranch
repairs is a plus. Background/references checked. This is a great
opportunity for someone who loves a calm, positive environment.
For more information on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX please visit
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For more information or to apply, please
send your bio/resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


a passion for hosting retreats, eco-tours, and educational
programs at a healing, meditative equine farm along the Caribbean
Sea in the US Virgin Islands, bringing daily joy to the lives of
horses, tourists, and the local community, this could be your
dream job. This 30-year established 100 acre farm with 25 horses
is seeking gentle, collaborative, skilled horse trainers, farm
hands, and passionate tour guides with deep integrity to share
educational experiences through horseback riding tours in the
sea, internship and mentoring programs, summer camps for all ages
and abilities. To apply, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with
the subject line "Caretaker.org horse stables opportunity"
including the following info:
an explanation of why you want to do this, and confirmation that
you can provide three references who can verify your ability to
undertake the big responsibility of basic horse handling and/or
livestock farm skills (email a resume if you have one). Must have
proven excellent references to verify your high caliber
camaraderie, teamwork, and positive attitude, keen ability to
identify and communicate issues effectively. Desired skills
include proper grooming of horses, basic riding and training
techniques, recognizing behavioral signals and health issues,
administering basic health treatments, knowledge of horse
anatomy, conformation, equine nutrition, basic farm skills, fence
mending, water/well/pump engineering, and/or construction skills,
or a willingness to learn. Willing to train the right person who
has exemplary social skills. Must be able to hike big hills
leading horses, and work in the sea for extended periods of time
several days per week and enjoy leading tours on foot and
horseback educating tourists to maintain a 5 star Trip Advisor
rating. Being part of a creative team, community, and summer camp
working with people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds must
be your passion! This role requires a deep love for rugged
nature, working in heat, humidity, sandy beaches, rocky
shorelines, swimming in the sea, getting wet and running with
horses throughout the day, in areas prone to intense sun, rain,
mud, mosquitoes, bugs, and extreme weather events that come
through the Caribbean Islands. Our horses are gentle, and as a
trainer, you must agree to and whole-heartedly believe in
implementing the Monty Roberts Join-Up horse training style of
training. First Aid/CPR certification, or willingness to obtain.
Must have a valid driver's license and transportation (we can
help connect you to options). This is not a job for complainers.
Seeking happy, positive, kind, collaborative contributors to
community, sustainable living visionaries, and those who respect
and aspire to practice mindfulness, well-being and gentleness.
Need ability to problem solve, willingness to learn, ask
questions, seek guidance/consensus from leaders and the team as
ONE and understand the interpretive skills of guiding, mentoring,
teamwork and have a sense of humor and love sharing food,
friendship and fun! Lodging provided (private bed/bath, shared
kitchen, community area with Wi-Fi) and some meals in exchange
for four days/week work six hours/day; anything over is paid
$100/day depending on number of tours, construction/projects, and
your experience. This is a beautiful island with lots of culture,
hiking, diving, snorkeling, and many other free-time options.
Thank you for reading!


Mountain Lake. Applicants should be in good health, handy and
resourceful with a common sense understanding of the hazards of
nature. Responsible, trustworthy, reliable, competent, with a
strong body. Must be self-reliant. No tobacco or alcohol users
need apply please. Experience rural life on seven acres. Live
rent-free in exchange for maintenance work such as weeding,
raking, gardening, light maintenance of fences and buildings,
weed-eating work and light chain saw work. The caretaker will
need some of their own tools to do landscaping and gardening, as
I have some tools but not enough for all kinds of work etc. The
caretaker will work with ducks, goats, and chickens. Might be
other animals – not limited to mentioned animals. Will exchange
a furnished, partly furnished, or unfurnished small but
comfortable one bedroom cabin for work. Will provide a small tank
of propane each month along with paying a percentage of electric.
No other wages or moneys provided. If you’re interested, please
send an email message to caretakergazette@gmail.com with
“Bedford, VA Property” in the Subject Line for forwarding
purposes. Thanks.

a cat sanctuary in the greater Northern Virginia Area (Culpeper)
may be seeking a person or couple experienced in the care and
handling of cats including feral cats. Animal Allies has feral
cats that must be observed and assessed and retrieved if in need
of veterinary care. The person/couple must have a genuine
commitment to the animals for their sake as demonstrated by
previous work/volunteer history. The person must have computer/IT
skills to communicate effectively and to be responsive to the
Board and others with whom responsiveness is required. Animal
Allies designees must be informed of the status of the sanctuary
and sanctuary animals on a weekly basis. The person must have
organizational skills in order to develop and coordinate
volunteer efforts for the care of the animals or
repair/improvement/enhancement of the facilities. The
person/couple must not have engaged in hunting or any lethal
program for wildlife management and have an appreciation for
wildlife (the property serves as a wildlife sanctuary). The
person/couple will be expected to maintain the facilities in a
clean and sanitary condition (housing and runs) for 20 - 40 cats.
This can be done by resident caretakers or through recruitment of
volunteers. Cats must be observed as much as possible each day,
fed, have their litter changed and provided with enrichment to
the extent possible. The person/couple will need to cooperate in
wildlife programs that may be available. Compensation will be a
free residence worth $1,600 per month according to a recent
appraisal. This would be the equivalent compensation of about
$400 a week for work performed. It is estimated that 25 hours a
week would be expected/required to accomplish the maintenance
chores. If caretaker(s) engages in any projects, develops any
programs, conducts any fund raising or educational activity in
conjunction with the sanctuary, that enhances the welfare of
animals and the work of Animal Allies, bonuses will be provided
accordingly. For further information or to express your interest
in this position please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


State is available! This employment opportunity comes with a
home, car, and all communication devices. The duties of the
caretaker include maintenance and operation of the water
treatment plant, pump house, fire house, post office, runway,
roads, vehicles, and equipment. In addition to a salary you will
also receive additional funds to help defray costs of health
insurance, travel, and other expenses. Please email responses to

CARETAKER WANTED. Live-in, full-time and rent free at a private
Central Washington ranch (seven miles from Ellensburg) on
hundreds of acres with river frontage and abundant natural
scenery and wildlife. The opportunity start date is flexible and
begins this Fall. Must be honest, capable, handy, healthy and
generally available during normal business hours. The gig comes
with a two-bedroom apartment, utilities and internet included,
ample storage, and workshop type areas can also be provided upon
mutual agreement. Additional compensation may be offered for
specialized skills and contributions that go well above and
beyond typical property caretaker duties. Not looking for social
types, but rather folks who enjoy plenty of elbow room, peace and
quiet. The ranch enjoys a true four seasons and weather
conditions at times demand that the caretaker be in very good
health and mobility. Responsibilities include, but are not
limited to: routine walkthrough inspections of the various
structures on the property and patrolling the surrounding
acreage, light to moderate maintenance (such as mowing,
snow-plowing and minor repairs), coordinating and managing
necessary outside help, and generally being a constant and
reliable presence at the ranch, particularly during business
hours and while ownership is away. No children or pets please, no
smokers or heavy drinkers. Must have your own reliable automobile
in good working order. Someone with a full-time job would likely
not be a fit due to the lack of needed availability. No hunting
or fishing allowed on-property. To apply, please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LOOKING FOR A CARETAKER COUPLE for my home/estate in North Bend,
Washington, located on 60 acres on the Middle Fork of the
Snoqualmie River about 35 miles east of Seattle. Housing is
included with a very nice 1,200 sq. ft. apartment over the
garage. Caretaking includes exterior maintenance of the yard and
buildings along with firewood cutting and splitting. Five acres
of mowing during the growing season and lots of landscape
maintenance. Please contact me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you're
interested in knowing more.

resort in Manson, Washington. Onsite housing is provided in a
three-bedroom home (nonsmokers and no pets). The position is
year-round full-time with the primary season May – September.
The resort includes accommodations for up to 50 guests, an onsite
cafe, sports activities, and event spaces. Experience
successfully managing a B&B, Inn, or Boutique resort, including
reservation system. Ideally, each has innkeeping experience and
one must have culinary experience and can provide fresh,
high-quality cuisine from locally sourced ingredients. There is
an onsite garden to manage. The base salary for the couple is
$70,000 - $80,000 plus housing, comprehensive benefits, bonuses,
and off-season time off. To apply, please submit your resume to


apartment complex for families near 124th and Burleigh in
Wauwatosa, in Milwaukee County. Must be adept at landscaping,
cleaning, minor repairs and have strong communication skills.
Applicants must have a valid driver’s license. Previous
experience is required. This is an ideal setting for a couple,
and one can have an outside job. The hiring process will include
a background check. Salary up to $1,250 per month plus a
two-bedroom apartment and utilities included. If interested,
please fax your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


I am a mature female, a UK resident currently in Canada. I am
looking for caretaking opportunities in Canada and the Americas.

Experienced property caretaker, household manager, and caregiver
looking to thoughtfully arrange her next position. Presently
located in Hunterdon County, N.J. Bucks County PA region. For an
easy transition, considering all surrounding counties in the
area. Over 25 years of experience working for private individuals
and families throughout the U.S. with excellent references.
Experienced horsewoman in addition to caring for livestock and
all family pets. Enjoy quiet locations and familiar with the
responsibilities and labor that are required to maintain the
property and home. Discreet, conscientious, hardworking,
self-starter, who easily adapts to employers preferences. Please

House Sitter Available: 35 years animal care, excited to provide
peace of mind while you're away! In home house/pet sitting
modeled after pets' familiar routines and favorite activities.
Work From Home and present throughout the day. Home care and
personal assistant business 5+ years. Excellent references. Fully

We live on the Big Island of Hawaii and have 30 years of organic
coffee and macadamia nut farming, gardening, and carpenter helper
experience. Light work such as mowing, pruning, and branch pole
sawing is available, as well as non-toxic spray and carpenter
assistance. In addition, some domestic help and shopping. From
Kamuela to Kona, we are available for a long-term commitment.

Permaculture Caretaker Seeks Home Base. Do you want to grow an
abundance of food on your land? Need help? Certified Permaculture
Designer and experienced Urban Farmer looking for live and work
arrangement, both as an on-site project and base of operations.
Currently living in Missouri USA. Open to relocation, especially
to sites on or near water. Seek exchange of paid living
accommodations plus hourly rate, plus equity in land and/or
business in exchange for consulting and design services.
Additional professional background as a Business Analyst,
Operations Manager, and Office Manager. Patiently searching for
the right fit. Please contact at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I don’t know if this even exists, but I’m going to put it out
there anyway. I’ve got this dream to live in a remote setting
in a green valley with foothills, surrounded by mountains and
wildlife and a big view of it all. In exchange for this
experience I will care for your property as if it were my own
only better because it’s yours. Two mature 60+ ladies traveling
in RVs with one small dog and two Labradors. Looking forward to
talking with you and seeing what is available out there. Please

Experienced estate, farm and ranch caretaker seeking long-term,
full-time, live-on situation. I am proficient in all of the
trades, can operate and maintain equipment, pools and spas, and
have managed multiple properties. I have also buttled,
chauffeured, done basic housekeeping, provided security, and
supervised staff, vendors and contractors. I am equally
comfortable working inside and outside the home. I can care for
and ride horses, and I love dogs, cats and most farm animals.
Former marina General Manager, lifelong sailor and boater,
musician and aviation enthusiast. I am open to new opportunities
anywhere, and am flexible geographically. No pets or dependents.
I don’t drink, use tobacco or drugs, am fully vaccinated with
boosters, and I’m physically fit and healthy. For my resume and
bio, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

MAINE. Capable and experienced, hands-on, mature caretaker couple
available. We are seeking an equitable, long-term, live-in
assignment in the mid-coast, down east regions of Maine. Please

74-year-old single female enjoying good physical and mental
health relocating to Wyoming. Available for caretaking or work
exchange near Thermopolis or Greybull. Offering a loving presence
on your property and care of your home and animals while you are
away. I'm a professional healer, housekeeper, caregiver of
animals and elderly humans and an experienced gardener seeking a
quiet, comfortable, small cottage for myself and cat companion in
exchange for my skills and services. Please contact Maureen at

35-year-old female with extensive experience in homesteading,
animal husbandry (including horses), gardening, landscaping,
housekeeping, childcare, cooking, customer service, writing, and
web-design. Self-starter, friendly, adaptable, organized, and
dependable. Also, a harpist, yoga teacher, and astrologer for
supplementary/flexible income that is mostly from home. I come
with a 9.5-year-old that unschools and an indoor cat. Prefer
independent housing. I am available immediately in the Pacific
Northwest or anywhere in the US or globally with moderate winters
beginning October for long- or short-term opportunities. I also
have a dog and four dwarf goats I would like to bring to the
right long-term position. Please contact Melissa at

After 30 years of professional private home service it is time to
segue to a property/estate caretaker. My skill set includes
working as a house manager, personal assistant, cook, nanny,
pet/house sitter, housekeeper, and all around Jill of all trades.
I am still open to doing most of these tasks, except nannying. Or
I can oversee your property or help manage a small inn. I am an
excellent cook! Mature, energetic woman, unencumbered, seeking to
move back home to the Western U.S. I will pass a background
check, I am honest, full of integrity and extremely reliable.
Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.

Active, healthy mature man seeks a property caretaking position
in Montana. Arborist and tree service owner over 40 years,
practicing modern arborculture. Diverse significant experiences
in forestry, horticulture, gardening, ecology, agriculture and
landscaping. A student of nature. Previous caretaking experience,
including almost five years on a remote cattle ranch. Experience
operating equipment, cutting and raking hay, small sawmill,
crane, large truck and chipper, etc. Prefer only rural settings.
Have lived remotely and simply for many years. Much experience
painting, oiling/staining, carpentry, constructing rock walkways,
walls, patios, and raised bed walls. Strong organic focus. Also a
student of nutrition, human, animal, and plant. Strong sense of
responsibility, very honest with integrity and require it in all
significant relationships Excellent references available. Please

I’m a general contractor in search of housing and/or
employment. I’m willing to relocate for the right opportunity,
where it’s a win-win situation for both of us. I have more than
30 years of experience as a home improvement contractor. I have
never advertised—all word of mouth. I’m still operating my
company as well as being a property manager and caretaker. So,
I’ll be in my current location in Fairfield County,
Connecticut, until the end of September. I have been instrumental
in all aspects of renovating a 10,000+ sq. ft. home that was
bought in foreclosure for $870,000 and sold for $2 million in
cash. I live in a cottage behind the main house and I store all
my tools in one bay of the garage. Let’s have a conversation to
discuss my background as well as your needs. With my experience,
I’ve become a jack of all trades including carpentry, plumbing,
electrical, painting, tiling and historical restoration. I’m
computer literate, mainly using Microsoft Office Suite, setting
up networks and Wi-Fi. I also like to cook, read, golf, fish,
travel, and confident LOL. References are available upon request.
Thank you for your time. Kind regards, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Available for house/pet sitting. Geographically open. Prefer the
Southeast. Professional, outgoing mature female. Extensive
property management experience, residential and commercial. Have
Airbnb Superhost experience. Speaker and writer. Please contact

Experienced, mature caretakers (9 years off-grid, 5 years
managing a retreat rental) seek a position with private housing.
Extensive gardening, greenhouse, landscaping, tree work, admin,
guest services, catering, house cleaning, handyman, ranch, and
animal skills (vet-tech) etc. Prefer a rural setting - quiet,
peaceful, nature-lovers. Dependable, no drama, healthy and
self-motivating. Excellent references available. Housing as
compensation, income negotiable. Central coast California from
Paso - Ojai. Will consider other California – Oregon locations.

Holistic Animal Practitioner (semi-retired) near San Francisco,
California seeking short or long-term positions in the U.S. and
abroad. Excellent references for pet care and estate management
provided upon request. My own precious pup of 14 years has
crossed over. Now, I am honored to love and care for your sweet
fur family in your absence. Thank you in advance for entrusting
me with your best friend(s). You can verify my profession at my
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Arizona Cowboy has written true stories in four exciting and
interesting books all about half a century on horseback. 2005,
was the year the books closed on the Arizona, cattle and horse
ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. In 2005, the
handwriting on the wall began and the books closed on this
historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then, became my
pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true happenings
during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the open range
while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into usable
cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later in the
other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among wild
cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin’ out in Arizona’s
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dreamed of being a cowboy, here’s your chance to ride along
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CARETAKER NEEDED at the Daintree Rainforest Beach Front location in North Queensland. This great opportunity has just come up for a caretaker for this beautiful beach front location. We provide a free shady site on the beachfront, water and the amazing wildlife dreams are made of in exchange for light duties. You provide your self-contained caravan and the willingness to look after the property and keep the grounds tidy. This would suit a couple who love nature and the beachfront. An ex-tradesman, farmer, or keen gardener would be ideal. This is in an incredible location, and our previous caretakers have all stayed longer than planned. This is an immediate start with three months’ work available. If interested, please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


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