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Sunday, June 23 2024


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Published since 1983          Volume 36, Number 6       

November/December 2018        ISSN 1074-3642  

Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 34 states
and 18 countries
Caretaker Profile
Reborn in Retirement - Victory in life comes from serving others
Letters to the Editor
Caretakers and property owners write about their experiences with
the Gazette


HOUSESITTER/GARDENER needed in Helena, a suburb of Birmingham,
now through December 31, 2018. In addition to our three
bedroom/two bathroom home, we have beautiful gardens, so we are
looking for a housesitter to maintain both our house and gardens
while we are away. The climate of Helena is typical of the Deep
South. Our private house, including utilities, is offered to stay
in for free in exchange for about two hours a day of taking care
of our gardening needs. Our preference is for a single,
non-smoking person, who is financially secure since we are not
offering any compensation for this position. We received many
housesitter responses from our last ad in The Caretaker Gazette -
but not from housesitters who are able to do our gardening work.
We would appreciate hearing from housesitters who would also
enjoy some of our landscaping work out in our beautiful garden
area. Must be a non-smoker/drinker, with no pets, or children.
Please email your interest and reasons for wanting to take this
housesitting assignment, let us know your gardening background,
and include your references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.


SLED DOG APPRENTICE/CARETAKER needed. Spend the winter in the
heart of the Alaska Range on the outskirts of Denali National
Park caring for sled dogs. The primary duty is to assist in the
care of our dogs. As a handler you will give food and water to
the dogs. Then you will clean the kennel. Afterwards, you'll need
to prepare and hook the dogs up for a training run, going on
training runs with or without supervision depending on
competence, and working with puppies. You will also complete a
variety of jobs to help us maintain the dogs, kennel, and
equipment. For instance you may paint and repair dog houses,
assist with building tasks, cut and stack firewood, repair gear,
etc. In general, we try to use each handler's strengths so while
you will have the opportunity to try many things, you will do the
most of what you are good at. Successful dog mushers, and
Alaskans, are jacks of all trades. The afternoon ends with
feeding the dogs and cleaning the kennel again. Housing is in a
private room in a private cabin. The cabin is a finished home,
but there is no running water. The shower and laundry facilities
are attached to our home. We are one of the finest sled dog
kennels in the state of Alaska. We expect the best of ourselves
and our handlers. We are interested in finding responsible,
capable individuals who are self-motivated, willing to learn, and
have a can-do attitude. Working at the Wolf's Den requires the
ability to approach daily chores with enthusiasm and
thoroughness. Experience not necessary, we will teach the right
person. We need help until May 1st 2019. To learn more, please


OUR BACKPACKER HOSTEL can use some help. We are a small family
run hostel in the center of Bariloche in Argentina's Patagonia
region, bordering Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded
by the Andes Mountains. We are always looking for cool, outgoing
and responsible people who speak a couple of languages (Spanish
and English preferred) and want to be part of the Hostel. We need
helpers to work as either looking after the reception (afternoon
or night shift), someone to serve breakfast to guests in the
mornings and for housekeeping. Depending on the time we have some
shifts available or some others. The minimum stay is one month.
We offer a bed (in a room only for helpers), all meals and the
opportunity of being part of something great! We love asados so
if you are a vegetarian, it won`t be easy for you. Please call us
for further information at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER POSITION AVAILABLE at an isolated Northern Arizona
ranch. The right couple will provide security for and maintain
homes, spring fed pond and orchard. Farming, ranching, plumbing,
electrical skills are desirable. Salary, housing, utilities (no
line electricity), and high speed internet included. Beautiful
climate, peaceful setting, with a tidy three bedroom, two
bathroom home. Pets and a horse are welcome here. A background
check and drug testing are required. To apply, please email your

or travel trailer. One to three acres of land is offered
rent-free in exchange for acting as caretaker for the ranch. The
property is located just 20 miles outside of Show Low on 40+
acres. It has an abundance of mature Pinon trees, rock
outcroppings, and meadow/flat areas. The property offers privacy,
seclusion, and nature at its best! Lots of birds, deer, antelope,
and bear. It is a beautiful property, and shopping, dining, and
services are a short drive away. There is a world class golf
course (Crystal Creek) nearby. While we are in a semi-remote
rural area you will not be far from all that you need. Activities
to be developed on the property are an organic garden,
beekeeping/honey production, therapeutic riding, and an art
program. If you enjoy living in a semi-remote area, off the grid
and seek a sustainable lifestyle - we'd love to hear from you.
Please read carefully, and make sure you are prepared to live off
the grid. We will only respond to potential candidates whom we
feel will be a match to become part of our family and ranch team.
Your RV, 5th Wheel, or travel trailer must be in good condition
and you must supply your own propane, power, and water. If you
have horses you will be able to fence off (three acres) for
living and pasture for the horses. Please email your resume and
cover letter to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The cover letter should be
specific to the caretaker position, tell us the skill set and
experience you have that directly relates to the position and why
the caretaker position is a great fit for you. Please include the
length of time you feel you will be available to fill this
position. Six months, one year or longer, if all works out. We
all know things happen in life and all opportunities don't always
work out. If selected and you or I feel that it isn't a good
match we will part as friends and wish you well. We require that
if the owner is on the property you give us a 48-hour notice that
you will be withdrawing from acting as the caretaker. This will
give us time to sign you out of the property and verify that any
ranch property has been accounted for and the one acre lot is
left in the same or improved condition. Caretaker duties and
responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
providing caretaking services and labor - this position could
develop into the caretaker receiving a stipend and or a salary.
You will be required to perform handyman/repairs, landscaping,
clearing, land management, construction, customer service,
electrical, solar system and wind turbine repair and management.
Should be willing to learn or have experience. As we develop the
ranch you will be called upon to learn beekeeping, organic
gardening or other skills that will allow you to caretake/manage
ranch operations. You should be a jack of all trades, able to
troubleshoot, build and or fabricate parts if necessary.
Initially, you will perform property checks and work closely with
the owner to ensure the security and safety of any property
assets. A plus to being the caretaker is you will enjoy the
bountiful harvest from the organic garden, orchard, honey, and
farm fresh eggs. There will be times when there is much to
accomplish and other times when there will be plenty of free time
to spend with your family, friends, recreational time or just
enjoy the peace and quiet here. This position is best suited for
a retired person with a retirement income or someone who has an
outside job that won't interfere with your caretaking
responsibilities. You must be a team player in deed and word,
honest, dependable, inventive, creative, troubleshooter and
problem solver with a can-do attitude, personable, professional
and respectful. As the caretaker you will enjoy the freedom to
landscape, grow a garden, and bring your toys. You are allowed
two cars, one truck, one or two ATV's, one boat, one or two
horses (will consider) one or two pets (will consider/no
aggressive breeds). Must be willing to pass a background
screening and drug check. If there is anything I need to know
about you, please include it in your cover letter. Honesty is the
best policy. All information will be kept private and
confidential. If selected the first step in the selection process
is a 1) Phone interview 2) Face-to-face interview 3) Tour of the
property 4) Offer to become the caretaker. The caretaker can
start on October 15th, 2018.


OUR RESORT IS A 28 UNIT MOTEL on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. We
are currently looking for a live-in Resident Couple to manage our
motel. You must be energetic and enthusiastic as well as
dependable, organized and a self-starter and able to manage the
day-to-day operations. You must have experience in 3rd party
booking sites like Expedia and Booking.com and have knowledge of
marketing in the motel business. Compensation includes the
apartment as well as utilities, internet and satellite TV. There
will also be a salary which will depend on experience to start.
So if you are interested in a long-term position, please send
your cover letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 


Hi Gary, thanks for answering all my questions by phone! I wanted
to let you know that just a few days after subscribing to your 
Caretaker Gazette I placed an email ad and a classified ad and
quickly received a great response for a one month housesitting
assignment upstate NY! The assignment was to begin this summer
and the homeowner and I kept in touch with each other all spring.
In the meantime, I was offered and accepted another short term
housesitting position in Brooklyn, NY! So my ad resulted in two
housesitting positions! In both cases, I made short visits to the
homes to meet the owners and their pets. In the case of the
upstate NY position, the owners were so happy with me we agreed
that I would return next summer to housesit again while they're
traveling! It was the first time for all of us using the Gazette
and we couldn't be happier. Here's my new ad. Thank you Gary!
Terry R., Pittsburgh, PA
Terry, that's great news! Thank you for sharing your story
with us and thank you for running your ads in the Gazette. I'm
glad to hear that you were able to find two positions through
your ad and will return for a second summer as a housesitter for
one of the owners. Please keep in touch. Thanks again. 
I see that you are now using Twitter to post Help Wanted ads for
The Caretaker Gazette. I hardly ever use Twitter, so does that
mean that I will be missing out on new positions that you post on
Twitter? Let me know. Thanks. Bob K. Rye, NY
Hi Bob, thanks for writing. The Caretaker Gazette's Twitter
page features new help wanted listings that have already appeared
in recent email updates that were already emailed to all our
Gazette subscribers. The email updates that go out to subscribers
contain more detailed descriptions of the duties,
responsibilities, compensation, and contact information. In many
cases, our help wanted advertisers request that we feature a
summary of their ad and a photo on the Gazette homepage and
Twitter page - so they can obtain additional exposure for their
ads. As a subscriber, you do not need to respond to new postings
on our Twitter page - just respond to the positions that you
receive from the Gazette's email updates that we email to
Dear Gary, Happy Thursday evening, my friend. I hope all is well
with you and your family. I just wanted to Thank You for the
wonderful opportunities you have given us with your email blast!
WOW! We are receiving some lovely attention and offers to our
Situations Wanted ad. It's really terrific. We will let you know
when and who we choose. I am so grateful to you. Be well and
again, Mary and I thank you very, very much. Very truly yours,
Mary and Kabin, Omaha, NE
That's great news, Mary and Kabin. Please keep in touch and
let us know which offer you end up accepting. Then, if you like,
we can send you the details on how you can publish a Caretaker
Profile story in a future Gazette issue and write all about your
new experiences.
Dear Gary, our email broadcast through your caretaker.org site
resulted in a very successful response and we hired someone who
we think will be an excellent caretaker. Even though we ran just
one email broadcast through you with you forwarding the responses
to us, we received many replies from some great applicants. We
really appreciate your fast communication and great responses.
The caretaker we hired is from Oregon and is happily settling in
to a warmer and drier climate here. Thank you for your very
professional service. Jan L., Santa Fe, NM
Thanks for the update, Jan. I'm glad to hear that your
one-time email broadcast was so successful. We receive many new
email broadcast ads every week - so for any subscribers who have
not yet given us an email address to use, you're missing out on
new opportunities like this one. Please remember, if you don't
have your own email address, you can provide us with someone
else's email address that we can use for you.

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WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NOMADIC COUPLE to share with us 10-12 hours
of light duties per week in exchange for a secure camp site,
power and water for your RV. We have a small crop of garlic due
to harvest soon and maybe some small jobs about the farm. Our 42
acre property is four minutes from Jimboomba, Queensland and 50
kilometers from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. You would be welcome
to stay for a week, month or longer. Our last couple would come
regularly for six weeks or so, but they have since settled on
their own place. For more information, please call

CARETAKER WANTED. A beautiful property in Mt Rivers, New South
Wales requires a live-in caretaker (couples/families welcome) to
look after the grounds and dwellings. Must have experience with
farm and groundskeeping equipment (tractors, mowers, chainsaws,
etc.). Experience with cattle would also be a benefit.
Rent/remuneration is negotiable. For further details, please call

family, 50km west of the Forbes region of New South Wales. We
have 3km of Lachlan River on our property, which is great for
fishing. We are seeking help as we are currently renovating our
house and working on the gardens. A bit of a handyman and an
interest in the garden would be preferable. We have approximately
two weeks of work, possibly more, for the right person. Please

CARETAKER NEEDED for our property at Rockyview Station, 70km west
of Georgetown. Need some help with gardening, to mow and water
the lawn, three to five hour house cleaning once a week, and
change the water in the cattle trough about once per week. Power
and amenities provided. Would prefer a long-term caretaker if
possible. The road is bitumen for 69km and one km of dirt all
weather road. Please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

A SINGLE PENSIONER is required for a position on a small property
in Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Accommodation provided in
exchange for light duties. Experience with cattle required.
Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more details.

WE ARE LOOKING for an honest, reliable, energetic couple for
caretaking Nambung Station Stay. We have a small rural caravan
park located 44kms southeast from Cervantes near the Pinnacles in
the Midwest of Western Australia. This position would suit a
retired couple with their own caravan and transport. Duties would
include reception, cleaning and general maintenance, starting
November 2018 to May 2019 minimum. If interested, please email

CARETAKER COUPLE needed for Theda Station in the North Kimberley
(Western Australia's sparsely settled northern region). We are
looking for a couple to caretake an isolated cattle station over
the Wet starting immediately for six months. Must have basic bush
mechanical skills, and interested in conservation. Duties would
include weed management, gardening, Tractor/slasher and
maintenance of buildings and machinery. There is no road access
for up to six months, so the caretaker couple must enjoy each
other's company! Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for further
details, or contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER/HANDYMAN needed on a horse property on The Northern
Gold Coast This would suit a husband and wife team with no
children. Duties will include feeding, manure pick up, gardening
and property maintenance. Horse experience is necessary. A
furnished house will be provided with retainer. No backpackers or
visa holders. For the initial application please call

ACTIVE CARETAKER COUPLE required, with rural experience, in the
Jerico district. An air-conditioned cottage will be provided.
Wages are negotiable. One dog would be OK. Two local references
required. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

FARM HELP needed. We run a property based in Central New South
Wales, in Warren, located 600 kms from Sydney. It is a cotton,
sheep and cropping property. We are looking for a cheerful,
self-motivated, fit person with a can-do attitude to help us.
This position would probably suit a female. The work will include
general farm duties, sheep work, looking after sheep dogs and
other animals and pets, gardening, and help taking care of the
homestead. We require good spoken English. You will need your own
car, as we are 40 kms from town. There are several travelers in
the area to catch up with if you wish. We provide good
accommodation in a self-contained cottage beside our house.
Cooking facilities, an outside area with BBQ, and pool are right
here. Must be confident to caretake if we are away for a few
days. No smoking please. We are reliable, friendly employers. We
have had several travelers from across the globe, who have learnt
heaps and enjoyed the whole experience. If you are organized,
hard-working, fit and happy to lend a hand, please apply. We look
forward to hearing from you. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
more details.

CARETAKER needed for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This would ideally
suit an active semi-retired person/couple with excellent work
ethics and people skills! Duties include: guest relations,
housekeeping, animal care and grounds maintenance. Weekend work
required. Attractive compensation, lodging and working
conditions. We are in a strategic location between Sydney and
Melbourne on the Hume Highway, 20 minutes to Gundagai and 40
minutes to Wagga. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with any

CARETAKER/GARDENER needed for our property 40km north of Taralga,
New South Wales. We are looking for an active pensioner couple
for our Tablelands property. A comfortable three bedroom cottage
with garage, power and telephone rental will be supplied in
return for 10 hours gardening and maintenance around the
homesteads plus caretaking when required. Up to eight hours paid
housekeeping/week plus occasional paid farm work could be
available. You need to have previously lived on a farm and have
an affinity with rural life. Please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in southern Belize. A minimum commitment of
four weeks anytime from March to November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties as of
this date will be the care and feeding of six dogs, fishes,
watering young plants and minor maintenance. If interested please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. You can also google


BIG SUR CALIFORNIA. We have an opening for a ranch helper on a
homestead. Here there are llamas, alpacas, goats, cats and
gardens. The person must be based in the country outdoor
lifestyle. Solar power close to beaches and hiking trails. One
hour to town. It's important to have a connection and experience
with animals and permaculture. Be responsible and take
initiative. I also do many chores and work in other places, so
I'm gone from home some. You must be healthy and aware, able to
clean corrals, weed-eat, move hay, etc. Be able to work a full
day on the land each week. Be able to interface with other people
working. Kindness is very important. Exchange of 40 hours a month
for a mini-house (approximately 450 sq. ft.) plus outdoor space.
To apply and for more information please contact

CARETAKER NEEDED in Tehachapi. A private horse ranch is looking
for a live-on-site, part-time caretaker to feed animals, handle
gardening/weeds, mend fences/water lines and typical ranch tasks.
A California driver's license and good DMV record are needed.
This hands-on position is for an experienced person, able to work
alone and efficiently, without supervision, training or drama.
Housing is in a 30' travel trailer plus utilities and salary. No
under-the-table cash payments. Must be over 25 for commercial
vehicle insurance. Retired seniors are encouraged to respond.
Please email your past work history and employment references to

CARETAKER/CARETAKING COUPLE wanted for a family-owned winery
estate located in the beautiful California Trinity Alps/Humboldt
County. Private furnished one bedroom/one bathroom with
utilities, cable, internet, gas fireplace and washer/dryer
provided in exchange for 25 hours/week work. Additional hours due
to summer events and grape harvest will be monetarily compensated
at a competitive rate. Duties include landscaping,
groundskeeping, and building maintenance. Must have knowledge of
farming equipment, irrigation systems and your own vehicle. The
ideal candidate(s) has vineyard and winemaking experience, and
loves vegetable gardening. We are looking for committed,
energetic people who want to be part of a fun-loving team. Small
pets are considered. Please send an introduction letter,
resume/work experience, and three references to

LOOKING FOR HELP finishing the interior of our rustic cabin in
the Sequoia National Forest, located in the southern Sierra
Nevada Mountains of California. It's remote (75 minutes to Home
Depot) but beautiful. Looking for someone (or a couple) with some
or all of these skills: carpentry, drywall, electrical, plumbing,
painting, and landscaping. Must have: excellent references, a
strong ability to project manage, be self-motivated, honest,
reliable, and have a resilient personality. You will need a good
vehicle and driving record, a clear background check, no
drugs/smoking, good communication skills and a can-do attitude.
Experience with power tool maintenance/repair and with living
rustically is a plus. Trade 20 hours per week for the cabin.
Please email your details to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HOUSESITTER NEEDED for my Bay area home from November 1 through
December 31, 2018, while I'll be out of the country. I have three
spoiled cats which also will need to be taken care of - so I am
really searching for a cat/housesitter. I'm a few blocks from the
Balboa Park BART Station and a public park with a swimming pool,
playground, and tennis courts. Please email me a letter about
yourself and if you are a cat lover. Must be non-smokers and able
to provide checkable references. Please email

RANCH CARETAKER needed in Oroville. I have 10 acres and need
someone who has a trailer to park here for partial trade for rent
and property caretaking once in a while. Nothing big, just help
out now and again. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more

CARETAKER - HOUSEKEEPER / COOK COUPLE needed for an 85-year-old
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on the Sacramento River (located between San
Francisco and Sacramento). Looking for a caretaker with handyman
skills, and able to do some tractor work. Cook/housekeeper will
prepare and serve meals during the hunting season (October
through January). Salary, two bedroom apartment with kitchen, all
utilities, dish network, internet and food during duck season,
will be provided. Pets are OK. This position is not suitable for
children. Please email your resume and references to

SAN FRANCISCO DOG SITTER wanted for three weeks in late
December/early January in my two bedroom apartment in the central
NOPA/Panhandle neighborhood. Mellow, sweet-natured labradoodle
needs company, walks and feeding. Non-smoker. References
required. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

County. A single person or couple is needed (non-smoker) to care
for my Father. Free housing and groceries provided. Five days
work and five nights work will receive $100.00 a week
(negotiable). He needs to be reminded to take his medicine as
directed and breathing treatments. Please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please provide references from friends and

CARETAKER NEEDED for a mountain ranch in Pollock Pines, in El
Dorado County. A one bedroom mobile home is available in exchange
for help around the house and ranch. This is an l64 acre timber
property. I am leaning toward retired people or somebody who
would be around a lot but will consider anybody who brings a lot
to the table. There is room for horses on three acres already
fenced for the caretaker. Looking for somebody with experience in
carpentry, with handyman or handywoman skills. Somebody with
horse experience is a plus. Looking for a MacGyver type - meaning
a caretaker who knows how to do quite a few things, and if not -
knows how to find out how. Must be a self-starter and must have a
lot of your own tools. There are two trout streams on the
property and plenty of places to garden. An apple orchard that is
over one hundred sixty years old is still bearing sixteen
different varieties of apples. There are also raspberries,
gooseberries and loganberries to be harvested. I need help
restoring the house that has half fallen down and was built in
1869. The ranch is semi-remote, five miles to the closest
neighbor, but only fifteen minutes on good roads to Pollock Pines
with major shopping stores and schools. There is excellent cell
phone reception. The ranch is in generator country which means
you need to provide your own generator since there is no
electricity. We get quite a bit of snow in the winter so a
four-wheel drive is essential, or a pickup truck preferably. Dogs
are OK if they are confined to the caretaker's area. No drug or
alcohol abusers please. There is a background check required.
Please reply with your phone number to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER NEEDED for our home in the mountains of North Central
British Columbia, Canada. Looking for an individual or couple who
like an alternate lifestyle, with solar power, wood heat, and
pumping water into holding tank from small lake for use in the
house. This is not a paid position, it's a chance to live rent
free while experiencing the gorgeous British Columbia Mountains.
Must be into handling 90 lb. propane tanks (for stove and water
heater), and the generator for beefing up the solar power
batteries in the winter. A "handyman or woman" is advisable for
possible trouble shooting. Wood-heated large sunny art studio, 60
km. of ski trails in Crown land behind our place. Utterly
gorgeous mountains are all around. Steelhead and salmon fishing
in the famous Bulkley River and Babine Lake. Kayaking, rafting,
great ski hill above Smithers, British Columbia. We are 10
minutes from the small town of Telkwa, 20 minutes from Smithers
which is fully serviced and has several one hour flights a day to
Vancouver. Our 180 acres feels isolated but easy access and has
good roads to town. Animals, kids, and extended family are all
welcome. Does need someone at home keeping the home fires
burning. To apply, please email your resume and references to
caretakergazette@gmail.com and include British Columbia Caretaker
in the Subject Line for forwarding purposes. Thanks.

CARETAKER REQUIRED. A scenic ranch south of Longview Alberta
requires a caretaker. Lawn care, livestock feeding, and general
supervision in exchange for housing. This would be ideal for a
retired couple with a farm background. Please call


LOOKING FOR A RESIDENT CARETAKER. Must be financially secure and
mature. The position is for part-time light duties on a desirable
location at a small Caribbean Inn. Free housing is provided on
the resort's premises, plus a small stipend in exchange for
part-time work. The applicant should be in good health,
resourceful, trustworthy and addiction and drug-free. For USA
citizens, a passport is not needed to fly from the States, as
Culebra, Puerto Rico is a territory of the USA. For more
information, please visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WORKING RANCH CARETAKERS NEEDED for approximately three weeks
ending December 21, 2018. Need to have experience and be
comfortable caring for cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, and dogs
and, experience equal to driving tractors pulling wagons of hay
to feed. Common sense a must as is being physically fit for
strenuous activity if needed. We are in a winter location with
below zero temperatures possible and animals still need daily
care. No smoking, drugs, nor excessive alcohol. Prefer two people
for safety but one can do the job. Chores include feeding and
watering seven days a week and dedicated stewardship 24 hours a
day. Compensation provided. RV site available or 4-season 5th
wheel provided. Please email me with questions or send your
application listing experience and references to

CARETAKER/RANCH MANAGER needed in Durango. A retired couple seeks
dedicated qualified help on a 100 acre hobby ranch and estate
property. Occasional travel and work on ancillary agricultural
real estate interests. Candidate will be responsible for all
facets of operation and maintenance of land, cattle, irrigation
(flood and pump), fencing, structures (homes, barns) vehicles,
equipment and tools, etc. Full-time, year round, caretaker
position available for a mature, experienced, healthy, drug free
male with clean driving record. The right 'fit' would receive an
annual package depending on experience. Some flexibility of
hours/schedule allowing for personal interests and needs. On site
caretaker house with some utilities available after a trial
period. The correct applicant would be a ranch experienced take
charge self-starter with strong work ethic, pride of
accomplishment, respect for the land and environment and a desire
to please. Please email your personal history (health, education,
marital status, family information etc.), complete resume of work
experience, and salary history for consideration to

YEAR-ROUND LEAD INNKEEPER and maintenance couple needed at the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Estes Park, Colorado. The Inn lies on 26
acres with a rushing mountain stream and hiking trails. It's an
incredible place to be. The 10 guest rooms are designed with
flair and elegance. We are looking for an energetic, outgoing
couple who enjoys nature and the outdoors, and who has proven
dependability. We are looking for an experienced couple to serve
in two roles: a year-round, full-time Innkeeper and a part-time
or full-time maintenance person. The Innkeeper must be able to
quickly grow into the role of Lead Innkeeper over the first six
months of employment. Our team is excellent and the operation of
the Inn has been refined over 32 years to be a smooth process
that creates delighted guests. We have the best staff and are
incredibly proud of them. We expect that you come with strong
experience in B&B operations (or boutique hotel operations),
especially hands-on experience in housekeeping, laundry, cooking,
and guest operations. For maintenance, we are looking for
experience with construction, handiwork, mechanical and
electrical systems and all kinds of around-the-house tasks. The
Innkeeper's job is to keep the Inn safe and warm, guests fed and
happy, flowers watered, critters shooed away, phones answered,
reservations made, guests married, beds made, laundry folded, tea
and cookies served, dishes washed, rugs vacuumed, meetings
attended, mail picked up, directions given and guests hugged
before sending them back to the real world. Then make time for
yourself beside the river, get eight hours of sleep, and start
all over the next day. As the Innkeeper grows into the role of
Lead Innkeeper, this person will take over responsibility for
coordinating outside services, reporting payroll hours,
maintaining documentation, rewriting recipes, submitting posts to
social media, answering staff member's questions, running
business reports and taking action, following up on special
projects through completion, contacting the owners as issues
arise, and other duties as assigned. The maintenance person will
be responsible for: repairs to commercial kitchen appliances,
commercial and residential laundry equipment, furnaces and
boilers; repairs to staff housing units; repairs to windows,
doors, locks, lamps, bathroom fixtures, wall holes, and other
room issues; lawn mowing, aeration, grounds maintenance, plant
health; repair of concrete pathways, stone steps, stairways;
assistance with wedding event needs including tents, tables and
chairs; and other duties as assigned. Benefits include: housing,
tips, groceries, gym membership, a National Parks Pass, rotating
3-day weekends, perfect for camping and exploring the forests,
extra pay on holidays, three days off for Christmas, and more!
Please email your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LIVE-ON DOMESTIC COUPLE needed in Vail, CO. A retired executive
with a large ranch property that includes a pristine main
residence and guest cabins near Vail seeks an experienced
Domestic Couple to join his long-term staff, as the last couple
in this position retired after 16 wonderful years. The ideal
candidates will be comfortable working in the mountains, embrace
the outdoors, and be conscientious, meticulous, and organized
with strong homemaking skills. One individual will primarily be
responsible for Chef/Cook responsibilities, including: preparing
healthy meals, purchasing groceries and household supplies,
assisting with events and entertaining, and assisting with
household management. The other professional will perform
hands-on daily cleaning, manage vendors, complete organizational
projects, and provide personal service to the principal. This is
generally a five day work week, with two consecutive days off per
week. Compensation up to $150,000 offered, with full benefits;
separate fully-furnished attached apartment on the property
provided. Please apply for consideration (please fill out one
application per person) at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Only qualified
applicants will be contacted. We invite all interested
professionals who are looking for a rewarding opportunity to
consider this position. The start date is flexible; relocation
assistance offered. We look forward to reviewing your


seeking a Personal Assistant/House Manager. Their House Manager
of almost 10 years is stepping away for personal reasons and will
be available to assist with onboarding. The ideal candidate will
have several years of experience in a similar role, including
experience managing multiple properties and the desire to work
with a family with school-age children. The principals value open
communication and will be true partners in the day-to-day
operations of their homes. Technology skills are necessary,
including knowledge of managing smart home and security systems
and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and similar software
for tracking information, maintaining calendars, and managing
projects. The general schedule is full-time, Monday through
Friday, with flexibility needed. The family is respectful with
scheduling; evening and weekend hours are sometimes required.
Annual compensation of $100,000 to $130,000 is offered, depending
on experience, plus benefits (health benefits, paid holidays, and
paid time off). Please apply for consideration. Only local
candidates can be considered, and qualified applicants will be
contacted. Please apply XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HELP NEEDED outside of Logumkloster, a small town on the Jutland
peninsula in south Denmark. Because of a cancellation, we are
open for visitors yesterday. We hope we can inspire you to come
and share our days and give us a hand on our property here. We
are an open-minded family, who need a hand with some loose ends
on our modernized, old farmhouse. We are a Danish/Dutch couple,
Erik (72-years-old) and Gijs (52-years-old). We have two
children, who have left home, but our cats are still there. We
live in an old farmhouse, as we have done for twenty years now.
It got partially modernized and we try to be self-sufficient with
energy through geothermal heat and solar panels, but there are
some loose ends. Our home is five kilometers from Logumkloster,
which is a little village 25 kilometers from the German border.
We build everything ourselves, but need some extra hands because
age has set his footprint on our energy. We would like to get
some help for our sauna project; we want to make a sauna out of
the old furnace shed. Also, a part of the old stable which has
been used for chickens needs a new roof. And our vegetable garden
needs to be cared for. So if you have some experience with
bricklaying, carpentry, welding, and gardening, or are willing to
learn and you want to share your world with ours, then please
call us. We speak Danish, Dutch, English and German. We would
like you to stay for at least one to three weeks. If you are in
our area, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


well together and have good housekeeping and gardening skills.
This position is likely to be for up to 12 - 18 months because
their property will be going on the market. They live in a lovely
part of Surrey in a six bedroom house and require a conscientious
Housekeeper with a partner who can manage a large garden laid
mainly to lawn and shrubs and hedges, with handyperson skills.
Two days off in the week with weekends off by prior arrangement.
This position works five days/week. Accommodation will be a
separate cottage on the property. Salary will be 40,000 - 50,000.
UK residents should apply with your resume and references to


CARETAKER NEEDED in Redland, Florida. This will be part-time work
in exchange for housing. An active retired person is needed to do
maintenance on a seven acre mango-avocado farm in exchange for a
free efficiency on site with private entrance. Duties will
include mowing, weed whacking, feeding dogs, general help. I
don't want a person with a full-time job. No smokers. Utilities,
Wi-Fi, cable, and electricity included. For more information,


LIVE-IN DOMESTIC COUPLE required ASAP for a beautiful holiday
residence in the South of France. We are searching for an
experienced couple who can fulfil the roles of managing the
property, overseeing maintenance issues during the quieter
season, hands on housekeeping and laundry, and being able to step
up the game when the clients are in residence! This is a
beautiful large property in the Saint-Tropez area. The family are
mainly in residence during the summer months when they have
guests and entertain regularly. From September to April the
family rarely visit, so your role will be more maintenance,
security and overseeing any works that need to be done. Maintain
the properties, vehicles, airport runs and ad hoc errands as
required. Deal with any issues with the facilities, swimming
pool, etc. Ensure the property is ready for the family's arrival.
If you can cook light meals this would be an added bonus. French
language is beneficial as a lot of the staff in residence only
speak French. Separate accommodation on the property is provided.
It is a spacious apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a
lounge area. Food is provided for you while the principal is in
residence. Salary is from 4,000 Euros net per month depending on
experience. To apply, please email your resume and references to

FULL-TIME, LIVE-IN COUPLE needed in the Gardener and Housekeeper
roles. A small British family, who travel extensively, seek an
adventurous couple who wish to experience life abroad. This
live-in position comes with accommodation in a two bedroom
cottage on a private estate, services included. Guaranteed
contract for a year with possible extension. Responsibilities
will include: presence on the estate when owners are away, dog
care for one small pet, gardening and yard work, pool
maintenance, cleaning and general housework, laundry, and light
cooking when necessary. French language is a bonus, but not
vital. A driver's license is essential. You will have access to
cars when not in use. Flexible contract length, salary and
working hours. Good references and DBS essential. To apply,
please send your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


RESPONSIBLE SKILLED COUPLE needed in Waipio Valley, Big Island.
Should have maintenance, carpentry, landscaping, repair and
cleaning skills. Three acres in a remote retreat setting,
riverfront, off-grid (solar/battery power). Phone and internet
via cellphone booster. Live in separate caretaker's quarters.
Owners don't live on the property. 20 hours per week (total for
two people) in exchange for boarding. Bananas, avocados, mountain
apple, coffee, sweet potato and more growing on property. Looking
for a Positive attitude, easy going, and a level of commitment. A
4WD vehicle and references are required. Please email your
information and recent photo to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER(S) WANTED. We are looking for an honest, dependable and
stable person, or couple, or family to help us take care of our
seven acre off-grid sustainable homestead on Papaya Farms Road in
the Kapoho Area of Lower Puna, on the Big Island. Yes - we are
very close to the great lava river (about a mile away) and we
might have to evacuate at short notice. The situation was too
much for the caretaker family who were here and they have left,
but we still need to maintain the place and are seeking
assistance. As a result of the current situation we are asking
for less work from our new caretakers than we usually do. We just
want to keep the place functioning and keep the jungle from
growing over the place. On our seven acres, we have about five
acres of which has been cleared of forest. We have a lot of fruit
trees growing. We have vegetable gardens which are producing some
great crops. We have two chicken coops which currently house 15
chickens. We have a pond stocked with Tilapia, and five sheep.
The caretakers' responsibilities are mainly in the following
areas: mowing, weed-whacking, weeding, mulching, composting; some
basic building maintenance; keeping the fast-growing invasive
species in check. The person(s) suitable for the position will:
be able to work with or without supervision; be strong enough to
handle a variety of power tools and to move heavy objects such as
rocks and logs when needed; be handy; being able to fix tools and
equipment is not required, but is a plus; have good communication
skills; have at least one person available most of the time to
deal with any and all of the different kind of situations which
arise in off-the-grid living; not smoke tobacco or marijuana;
appreciate the natural quiet of this area and will not wish to
pollute it with noise. We live in a very quiet neighborhood where
we greatly appreciate the sound of nature, and we would like our
caretaker(s) to respect that. In return for the work as
described, we offer the following accommodations: a 16 by 16
off-the-grid cabin with solar electricity, hot and cold running
water, refrigerator, and flush toilet, outdoor shower, kitchen
with two burner gas stove, outdoor area with picnic table and
many other great features. The place is quiet, private and
extremely beautiful. You really have to see it to appreciate it.
Plus we are close to the ocean, a natural warm pond, and many
other natural treasures. This is a work trade for accommodation
only. We do not offer any money as part of the deal, although you
will be provided some quantity of fruits and vegetables when
there is enough to share. Please reply by email to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with some information about you if you think
you are a good fit for us. 

SEEKING FULL-TIME CARETAKERS for a north shore estate on Kauai.
We are seeking a couple to serve as the caretakers for our estate
located on the North shore of Kauai, which is about 100 miles
northwest of Honolulu. The responsibilities for this position
would include managing the overall maintenance of the property
and structures as well as assisting directly in the maintenance.
We would also seek assistance with cooking and daily housekeeping
duties when we or our guests are in residence. The successful
candidates will have previous successful experiences serving as
caretakers and will be looking forward to establishing a
long-term, mutually rewarding relationship. We will provide
competitive compensation as well as free housing in a recently
constructed, two bedroom caretaker's house. To apply, please
email your resume and references to caretakergazette@gmail.com
and include Kauai Caretaker in the Subject Line for forwarding
purposes. Thanks.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX VOLUNTEERS needed for a project in the South
of Iceland from April 11 through April 25, 2019. This project is
located in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and glaciers
to the north and near the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The
closest town is Vik. This project will require outdoor work
beneath the glacier. Our host for this project is a farmer's
family on the south shore of Iceland. The farmers cultivate
carrots and keep cows. This is the seventh year that
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX volunteers will have the unique opportunity
to get to know and explore this traditional Icelandic farm. There
will be various tasks, depending on the weather, some cleaning
tasks, for instance clearing fields of rocks, fences, trash,
beautifying the area around and removing an invasive species
called Rumex Longifolius; which has been used in Iceland in order
to control soil erosion and revegetate eroded areas; but in some
places its spread is more than desirable and being a foreign
specie endangers the native species. This weed can remain viable
for a long time, is helpful for vegetative reproduction,
adaptable to different environments and in this habitat it
benefits from agricultural practices which lead to disturbance or
eutrophication. It reduces production from the field and lowers
the feeding value of the grass to the animals. Those interested
can help out with farm activities, such as taking care of the
animals, and cultivating potatoes and vegetables. Participants
are invited to take a look at the cows in the stalls, assist in
milking them if interested or just tending to them in general.
The group will also be taking care of trees, cutting and planting
them. The weather conditions in Iceland are unpredictable,
especially during winter and in early April the average
temperature is just above zero. Be prepared to experience all
kinds of weather and be sure to bring warm winter clothes as the
tasks take place outside and it can get cold. Bring warm
under-layers, waterproofs, walking shoes/boots, a good sleeping
bag and gloves. SEEDS volunteers will stay in an equipped flat,
in a sleeping bag accommodation, sharing rooms. Please bring your
own sleeping bag. Volunteers will receive food supplies and be in
charge of cooking and cleaning. Please visit our website at


CARETAKER NEEDED FOR A HORSE FARM in Troy, Idaho, in exchange for
housing. The primary duty will be to check on animals and
facilities for the manager who lives off the property. Included
tasks are feeding chores on weekends and closing up each night. A
retired person or couple who spend most of their time at home
would be ideal. Duties are light but the ability to spot problems
quickly is essential. We are far enough from the university city
of Moscow to be secluded and peaceful but close enough to be
convenient. Please email your past work history and employment
references. A background check will be done. Please visit our
website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to learn more, and email


SHORT-TERM CARETAKER NEEDED on a buffalo ranch in the rolling,
wooded hills of Northeast Iowa. One ranch hand needed in January
or February, and one ranch hand needed mid-May to mid-June, 2019.
Responsibilities include driving a tractor to feed hay to bison
and cattle, checking fences and waterers, and some simple
carpentry/fencing/farm improvement projects. This is a paid
position. Housing provided. Excellent experience for anyone who
wants to learn more about farming. Must be willing to learn and
take direction. Willing to train the right person for the job. No
smokers, and must pass a drug and background test. Please send
your cover letter, references, and job experiences to


THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (San Giuliano Terme, Tuscany, Italy)
requires a responsible and reliable person who loves historical
houses and who will be available from April to November 2019 for
periods of at least two months and a maximum of three months. The
caretaker should be a person who would like to exchange the
hospitality in a room with single bed, kitchenette and private
bathroom with an overnight stay at the villa from 10pm to 7am and
some light gardening activities for a maximum of three hours each
day. The mornings and afternoons are totally free, and the weekly
free day can be discussed. No money compensation, and no meals
are provided. Must be a non-smoking volunteer. Italian speaking
is not a requirement. To apply, please write to


Reborn in Retirement
Interests: Photography, sports, travel, gardening, people and
helping others.
Quote: Victory in life comes from serving others.
	Housesitting in paradise creates miles of smiles

	Nine years ago, my wife and I were in the final stages of
planning our retirement. We had worked our entire lives building
a nice retirement portfolio for travel and living comfortably.
Then all hell broke loose. We had our identity stolen. We lost
everything! A $3,000,000.00 portfolio was lost and we were
harnessed with an additional $450,000.00 in debt due to the
theft. All of this in an eight hour period.
	We were too late in our life to rebuild our retirement and after
working so hard for 40 plus years, we were tired of the high
pressure job and everything that goes with it. We started looking
for a way not to live, but just survive. A friend of ours
suggested we look into The Caretaker Gazette. Not knowing what it
was, we discovered the best way was to subscribe.
	We perused the ads for a full year before we decided to take the
plunge. We started the process of contacting people in various
parts of the United States, Europe, Great Britain, The Caribbean,
Australia, Central and South America.  We wanted a warm climate
or a very interesting location. The Gazette did not disappoint.
There were many ads to choose from. We sent letters out to
Hawaii, The Caribbean, Florida, Spain and Baja California,
Mexico. We received responses from four of the five that we sent
out. All were interested in us and we had never had any
caretaking experience.
	We were finalists in all four of the opportunities. We had to
pull out of the offer in Spain since you can only get a 180 day
visa and the opportunity was for nine months. So we were down to
three. All offered interesting opportunities. Hawaii, perfect
weather, a house on the beach, a little money and a six month
commitment. The Caribbean, a small bungalow near the beach,
perfect weather, a little money and commitment for as long as we
wanted, if we worked out.
	Then we met The Captain and Tennille. (Not their real names and
no, they are not the musical group.) We had phone interviews with
them and we just seemed to strike up a very good relationship
over the phone. The Captain pilots a 1935 all wooden 75 speed
yacht and his wife is the chef on board. She is also the first
mate or anything else she needs to be. They pilot the yacht for
the better part of the year. Part of that time is spent preparing
the yacht for the season as well as preparing it for winter
quarters. After long conversations and investigations, they
offered us the opportunity to come to Florida and housesit for
them and their two cats. We felt such a bond with them, we knew
that this should be our first shot at housesitting. We had a
garage sale, packed up the rest and headed for a little town in
central Florida. We arrived at The Captain and Tennille's very
nice home and enjoyed a dinner with them and their neighbors.
What a welcome!
	The Captain and Tennille had employed several housesitters over
the years and were not sure they wanted to continue down this
road, but they were going to try it one more time. I must mention
that previous housesitters had not come through The Caretaker
Gazette. We spent a few days with our homeowners to go over all
of the requirements, rules, duties, area contacts, neighbors
names and everything else you might need in their absence.
Our first year of housesitting proved to be both enjoyable and
challenging. As nice as the house is, there were several issues
that came up that we took care of, with the owner's approval. We
cared for the house, pool, property and beach like it was our
	A typical week would consist of: feeding the cats, watering the
gardens, plants and flowers. Groom the beach and weed many of the
beds and berms on the beach. Pick any fruit or vegetables and eat
them. Mow the lawn and trim various areas. Keep the house and
pool clean. Play with and love the cats. Meet and talk with the
neighbors and occasionally have dinner together. Do any required
maintenance that happens to come up. Keep the lawn and garden
equipment in good operating condition and do any odd jobs that
happen to come up while the owners are absent. Pick the owners up
at the airport when they get a few days to come home and see
their house and cats. And finally, enjoy the beautiful sunsets on
the lake.
	We are living a great life without the money, but a great deal
of love and friendship. We are very fortunate to call The Captain
and Tennille friends and share many times with them when they are
home during the winter. Are the owners as pleased as we are? I
assume they are since they have asked us to continue to housesit
for them as long as we and they like.
	What is our secret? First marry a woman as charming as my wife.
Always be a visitor but know that you are at home and take care
of it as it were your own. Pay attention to details.  Do the
little extras that mean so much yet require so little. Stay in
touch with the owners and send pictures of their pets.
	We still peruse the Gazette to look for short term opportunities
for December to the middle of March, but we are very happy doing
what we are doing with The Captain and Tennille and plan on
keeping our friendship and our housesitting position with them as
long as they will have us. 

        The sun is always shinning on these first time


OUR GUESTHOUSE in Asuka, a small village located in Takaichi
District, Nara Prefecture, needs help. We are in rural, scenic
area with a lot of historical sites. We have a renovated old
house built 150 years ago, and our guesthouse was opened in the
spring of 2015. Asuka area flourished as the capital 1,500 years
ago. But now we have a peaceful countryside where farmland
spreads out. Beautiful rice terraces, wonder stones, and friendly
people will be welcoming you. Your job duties will include
cleaning, washing, bed making, etc. Hours expected will be three
hours a day, five days a week. We can provide a bike, washing
machine, food and accommodation. Your bed is in the dormitory
room. We will provide local harvested rice! Most guests here are
almost all Japanese. So you can try to learn the Japanese
language with them and we are seeking helpers who can understand
in Japanese. You can learn a lot of Japanese history here too. If
you are in Japan and interested in helping us, please call


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Georgetown, Maine is seeking 2019 season
caretakers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Primary duties
Maintaining grounds and equipment
Providing tours 
Hosting overnight guests
Maintaining a blog
Must apply as a pair as it is a two person job. Families are
encouraged. For more information please visit
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The application deadline is December 1st,


GORGEOUS COUNTRY ESTATE, close to DC and Virginia, seeks live-in
innkeeper(s). Upscale property with six suites - hosts weddings
and events. Responsibilities include receiving guests, assisting
wedding parties, housekeeping, shopping, light landscaping and
maintenance, and breakfast preparation. This is an ideal job for
a single person or couple. Transportation required.
Culinary/hospitality/event or gardening interests a plus - not
requirement. Base pay plus incentive. Please send your resume or

waterfront farm on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This position would
be for a caretaker whose duties would include grass cutting,
gardening and moderate repairs. A housekeeper position might also
be available. Must be an animal lover. Beautiful historic home,
as well as a vehicle will be provided. Please email resumes to


CARETAKER WANTED for a mansion in Marion, Massachusetts, located
one hour from Boston and 45 minutes from Providence RI.
Landscaping, pool, dock, main house and guest house. The property
itself is about 2.5 acres. We have cleaners for inside the houses
but need someone to oversee, check daily in wintertime, do minor
maintenance and bring in our specialized vendors as needed. Need
a good person with high standards to start ASAP. Please email


LOOKING FOR A MATURE COUPLE to experience off-grid living in our
solar home on a tranquil, 17 acre, prior fruit ranch, now bird
sanctuary in the Zihuatanejo area, on Mexico's Pacific Coast,
approximately one mile from the Playa Blanca. Our two bedroom,
two full bath home with a full kitchen is in the classic Mexican
style with living areas surrounding a courtyard. Amenities
include booster reception for cellphones, Wi-Fi microwave tower,
solar electricity, ample well water connected to both the house
and bodega, and the use of our stick-shift VW Passat.
Responsibilities include providing a presence for security as
well as some upkeep skills for the house and property. Available
from the last week in March 2019 through the first week in
January 2020. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX noting your
interest and availability. A manual with pictures of the house
and descriptions of its operations and the surrounding community
will be emailed to you.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Vicksburg, MS. We are looking for
volunteers who can work a variety of days throughout the year.
Monday through Saturday we have two shifts (9:00 AM to 12:00 AM
and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM), but many volunteers work all day. We
have one shift (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM) on Sundays. Main duties
include greeting visitors and asking them to sign in, providing
information about the museum, and assisting visitors with
information about the city of Vicksburg (the Vicksburg Visitors
Bureau provides an employee every day to assist with this duty).
We also keep all of our volunteers on an email list, and a few
times a year we ask for additional assistance with events that
take place at the museum. Most volunteers work two to four days a
month, but we can accommodate as many (or as few) volunteer hours
that the volunteer is willing to work. If interested, please
complete the volunteer form at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


learning retreat center and ranch on several thousand acres in
Western Montana is seeking an experienced, skilled, personable,
and capable Facilities and Operations Manager to oversee all
aspects of facility operations for this extensive property. A
professional with past experiences in ranch management,
sustainable practices, business management, staff oversight,
public relations, and leadership will thrive in this unique
position. You will be a hands-on manager interacting with a broad
range of stakeholders, professional, government and municipal
contacts, and other community figures. Primary responsibilities
will include: direct oversight of facility and ranch staff,
vendors, and contractors; implementing policies and procedures as
the property is built up; keep key executives and principals
apprised on project progress; manage a wide range of projects,
including construction builds, maintenance, restoration and
sustainability initiatives, and other projects as needed;
collaborate with other leaders and directors; serve as emergency
contact and eyes-on-the-ground for the facility, grounds,
structures, and staff; be responsible for building and
maintaining relationships with neighboring and nearby
organizations, executives at the business office, local
residents, and other key partners. Key qualifications include:
strong leadership ability; conscientious, respectful,
open-minded, and collaborative; able to work well in a
team-focused decision making environment; have past experience in
ranch management, business management, public relationship,
facilities maintenance, and/or staff leadership; be tolerant,
understanding, and capable; be skilled in establishing,
implementing, and building staff and facility procedures, plans,
and processes. Top-market competitive compensation offered, plus
an excellent benefits package, including health coverage, dental,
vision, life insurance, and a 401(k) retirement plan.
Accommodations provided at the retreat and all living expenses
covered. For consideration, please apply. Qualified applicants
will be contacted. We invite all interested professionals who are
looking for a rewarding opportunity to consider this position.
The start date is flexible; relocation assistance offered. We
look forward to reviewing your application. Please apply for
position XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Please fill out one application
per person.)

north of Babb, MT, located approximately five miles from the
Canadian border and 12 miles from Glacier National Park. There
are four residences (the caretaker house and three vacation
rentals), a bunkhouse and a shower house (vacation rental) and
outbuildings including a newer 30X30 shop, an alpaca pole barn,
and an older 4-stall barn. All are in good shape, needing general
maintenance and repairs occasionally. The outbuildings need some
painting and repairs. The fences are up but need maintenance and
some replacement. There is also a lakeshore cabin 12 miles from
the ranch that needs interior work. Equipment includes three
ATV's, a new Kubota tractor with loader attachment, box blade and
brush hog, and a pickup for Ranch use. The equipment would
require regular maintenance and upkeep. There are seven alpaca
and a llama. The alpacas are sheared annually by a professional
shearer and their fiber processed. The Llama is sheared every
other year. The property consists of hayfields, a fenced horse
pasture with water, and native grass grazing. There are areas of
dense aspen. Most of the property is left wild to encourage
wildlife, as it is part of a wildlife migration corridor between
Glacier Park and the Sweet Grass Hills. The views are amazing.
All in all, it is a beautiful piece of property, with lots of
potential. I work remote on a rotating schedule and do not have
the time or skills to do the work needed. In addition to property
repair/maintenance, the caretaker would be responsible for
managing the vacation rentals which would include handling all
reservations and correspondence, greeting and working with guests
to ensure a pleasant stay, and providing housekeeping. A two
night minimum is required, and most guests stay three to four
nights, so it isn't a nightly turnover like a motel. You can
check the website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for details on the
vacation rentals, and reviews from previous guests. I am looking
for a couple who is self-sufficient in living/working in a remote
situation and has a positive attitude. Please be aware there are
long hours in the summer months. Property skills needed are basic
ranch skills including equipment operation and maintenance,
building maintenance and repair, barb-wire fencing and land
management including noxious weed management, animal care, and
the ability to relate to ranch guests. Skills needed to manage
the vacation rentals include guest services/hospitality
experience, strong administrative skills and background, strong
organizational skills, good verbal and written communication
skills and computer skills. Flowers and gardening skills, and
social media skills are a big plus. A valid driver's license is
required, and candidates must be drug free and pass a background
check. A passport is needed if planning to go into Canada. All
homes are smoke-free, and pets are acceptable if not disruptive
to the ranch guests. A two bedroom house would be provided and a
pasture if you have a horse or two. The house is all electric and
I pay up to $120/month for the electrical bill. A new well system
was installed (it is good water), and I pay for garbage hauling.
Satellite TV is available but not provided. The caretaker
residence is a comfortable frame house, all appliances including
a washer/dryer, hardwood floors, and full basement for storing
supplies, great views, approximately 1,040 sq. ft. each level.
There is a wood stove installed to keep the heating bill down in
the winter. I provide a cell phone and laptop with internet for
ranch business use and recordkeeping. I would like to get feeder
steers for beef and would provide the caretaker one-quarter
beef/year, and add chickens for fresh eggs. The property could be
as self-sufficient as a person would want. If you are interested,
please forward a resume, references and a recent photo to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls please. Please include what
salary/compensation you would expect. Equal Opportunity


POSITION AVAILABLE starting in October, 2018 for a northern
Nevada, 17 acre horse property. A nice furnished two bedroom/one
bathroom apartment plus utilities will be provided in exchange
for 24 hours/week work with horses. Must be experienced in
handling and grooming horses. Ability to ride a plus but not
necessary. Duties include barn chores, turnout, feeding, and
maintenance of pastures, arena and RP. Some landscape maintenance
and other odd jobs paid on hourly basis. Must be able to lift 50
lbs. and move 100 lb. bales of hay. Non-smokers. A background
check and references will be required. Please contact

LAND CARETAKER needed in Winnemucca (Humboldt County, Nevada).
Looking for a survivalist mentality person or couple. Do you love
nature and seclusion? We need a caretaker for our several hundred
acres of arid Northern Nevada grasslands, where we will slowly be
planting trees, making a forest out of a desert. The days are
hot, nights cool, and there are no mosquitoes. Work only takes a
couple of hours a day. Work when it is cool, rest when it's hot.
The caretaker will stay on our property (in a motorhome), care
for chickens, three cows, and (optional) dog, and later other
animals (possibly alpaca and emu). Work will include: 
1. Pulling up shrubs, tossing in a wood chipper and using the
chipped wood to make roads (for water trucks) on the property 
2. Planting trees (probably in November and June) 
3. Watering and caring for trees (first two to three years after
4. Helping to build fences (sometimes alone)
5. Check on animal water (they eat grass in areas where the trees
do not grow)
6. Weekly communication (with photos and videos) with the owners.

Compensation will be $10 - $15 an hour, free rent in the
motorhome, and free land use (10+ acres) for the caretaker.


seasonal (May through October) 18 room Bed and Breakfast just
steps from the ocean in beautiful Spring Lake, N.J. Full-time
duties include front desk, kitchen and guest room
responsibilities. Must be great with people, have tons of energy,
and the ability to work independently and efficiently. Please
feel free to visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and if
interested please send a letter and/or resume to

BASKING RIDGE AREA - Housesitter needed from right after
Thanksgiving to right after New Year's Day, to look after three
dogs, two cats, five goldfish, and our garden. You will be
responsible for feeding our animals, and watering the indoor
plants, no exercise required for the pets. Our pets are very
well-behaved, so you should have no problems with them. We would
prefer a live-in housesitter, but will also consider twice daily
visits to our home for feeding/watering duties from any local
applicants. Please email why you would be interested in
housesitting and taking care of our pets, and provide at least
three checkable references. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


NORTHERN NEW MEXICO: A large ranch in beautiful Georgia O'Keeffe
country seeks a non-smoking single person or couple for a
caretaking position. Two bedroom home and utilities provided in
exchange for care and feeding of two horses and occasional dog
care. Additional work for hourly payment includes pool and
landscape maintenance, general household and ranch repairs,
housekeeping. Must be stable, trustworthy, have a current
driver's license, and be able to pass a background check. Please
email your resume, salary requirements and references to

CARETAKER COUPLE needed. After two wonderful years here, my home
and property caretakers must leave. I am looking to replace them
with a couple as committed as they are. This is a work-trade
arrangement. In exchange for caring for my home and other aspects
of the land, your home is rent-free. I work very hard, I go to
Santa Fe almost every day except Sunday and need support on the
ranch. Currently, the home of the caretaker is rustic, simple,
partially furnished. It was intended to be a garage type
structure and one day will be. It had a simple kitchen, a small
bathroom, and a loft bedroom upstairs. A concrete floor. It is
heated via wood stove. You would provide your own wood. It has a
washer/dryer and fridge. No dishwasher. The cottage is
approximately 900+ square feet. There is no fence around the
cottage. I am building a new home on my land, it is rammed earth.
It will take almost another year to complete. Once I move out of
the home I am living in, it will become the home of the
caretakers. It is a one bedroom, one bath, with a small atrium,
tiny living room, and an amazing kitchen, a delightful 2.5 acre
backyard fenced in, a wonderful patio, porch, and great views of
the pond. It has a large loft area that may be used as another
bedroom or studio space, office, etc. There is storage closet
upstairs. The house has lots of natural light and windows. It is
all solar, propane for hot water and heat in one room, which may
change. It also has a wood stove. It is a magical home. And yes,
there is a claw foot tub in the bedroom. The work trade includes
sprucing up my home Tuesday through Friday, I like it to feel
like a temple. I am not a messy person. You will need to refill
the bird feeders and bird baths Monday through Friday. I have two
dogs that you would care for during the day and chickens. The
dogs are German Shepherds. A love of dogs is of utmost
importance. Chickens are easy in the summer, harder in the
winter. If I need to travel, you would be on the job weekends
too. That doesn't happen often. On Monday, I have extra support,
someone that comes into clean. That is a day for you to take care
of odds and ends inside or out that need to be done. Maintaining
the sacred space of your own home and surrounding area is a
requirement while helping me with mine and my animals. The entire
property is 275 acres. My new home is about 4,000 sq. ft. It is
further away from the current homes, so more privacy afforded to
everyone however I will be using the house the caretakers will be
moving out of for an art studio or other fun pursuits. The
caretaking couple must have a reverence for place and honor the
property I have worked so hard to be on. It is remote and
private. It is technically a subdivision. You must be comfortable
with the isolation. It can get super windy out here. We have more
weather, rain and snow, than in Santa Fe. Your house does not
have a garage. We have pack rats out here. Keeping the hood open
on our cars at night has completely cured the problem of them
chewing wires. Only people who can pass a thorough background
check should apply. It is a two-person situation, a couple is
required. I would like people on the property most of time, not
leaving during the day and rushing home to get things done before
I get here. One person should be capable of maintaining things
like small plumbing leaks or other repairs, only serious,
long-term applicants need apply. Honesty is non-negotiable.
Quiet, respectful people are a must. This is a sanctuary. I
appreciate my privacy. Generally I will leave notes during the
week on the kitchen island to communicate anything. Most, but not
all, Sunday's, I will cook dinner and get together with you so we
can discuss anything we need to and get to know each other
better. I've covered a lot here so there is not a lot of back and
forth because I didn't provide enough information. Local
applicants are preferred. If you are interested, please send your
resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I will not respond to general
inquires unless I have some information about you. Excellent
references are required. I am in no rush, it is important the
find the right people. The current caretakers will help with the
process and training.

CARETAKERS NEEDED for land-sitting in Deming. Free rent offered
in exchange for living there and keeping a safe eye on
everything. We just bought a few acres of land off Highway 10 in
Deming, New Mexico between mile marker 90 and 91 on the Freeway
side going west. If you have an RV or travel trailer or other
moveable housing, this is perfect for your living arrangement.
I'd like to get a team of regular caretakers who can live on the
land to just keep an eye on things that are being stored there as
far as construction supplies and more. We are in the process of
putting in the septic tanks and getting some sort of potable
water storage too, so for now we'll have to use two Portsheds for
the bathrooms until the septic tanks are in. Will have a water
station for portable wash sinks. Electricity for now is a
generator until they issue the service meter. This is available
in less than a week. I am looking for two or four people with
different time schedules so there's always someone there on the
property. For more information, please call


hotel with 18 guest rooms and a prime park-walk location in
Cooperstown, NY. Seeking an energetic, enthusiastic individual
with stellar verbal and written communication skills, ability to
problem solve, prioritize, multi-task. Attention to detail is
crucial. Once trained, will work independently. Computer skills,
familiarity with reservation software required. Must be able to
climb multiple flights of stairs with luggage. Experience in
lodging industry desired. Start date for training is November
2018. Initial duties include covering four front desk shifts per
week (mix of day/evening, weekends required), acting as
after-hours contact person, assisting with breakfast service.
Compensation includes salary plus housing (a three bedroom, 1.75
bath house). Non-smoker, no substance abuse, no pets. Solid
references, and a background check required. Resume with cover
letter that communicates who you are in addition to what you�ve
done should be emailed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (please do not
call main number for the Inn).  

A FARM IN UPSTATE NY, Wayne County is looking for a Farmer Family
to operate as their own. 70 acre fruit farm with a small
vegetable garden. All equipment, tractors, sprayer, mower, etc.
available. Live on farm. Split proceeds. Please call

FULL-TIME ONSITE CARETAKER needed in Rhinebeck in exchange for
reduced rent. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

caretaker couple to live in, long-term, to care for small show
dogs on a beautiful property in Westchester, NY (one hour/50
miles north of New York City). Responsibilities include: total
care of the dogs (grooming, cleaning, feeding, exercising, vet
care, training and most important loving). Caretaker
responsibilities to be discussed more in depth during our
interview. Free room and board and salaried position. Person(s)
must have a current driver's license, be a non-smoker,
non-drinker, have no live in children, and have verifiable
references. Please email your resume and references to

COOKS WANTED - FREE HOUSING available on the beach!
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX restaurants. A pair of new restaurants on
Fire Island National Seashore, NY, in Watch Hill and Sailors
Haven is seeking a Sous Chef, Short Order/Line Cooks, and Prep
Cooks. Free employee housing behind the dunes of the ocean beach
in a national park setting. This is a wonderful opportunity to
work hard, learn, save money, and spend the summer and fall on
Fire Island. Family meal included! Please email

Millbrook, NY. Urgently needed! We are searching for a couple for
caretaking, property management, driving, and housecleaning. We
are looking for a non-smoking mature couple with no children for
our home and 86 acres. Must be a good driver. A cottage home with
utilities will be provided, along with compensation. References
required. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for an interview.

CARETAKER NEEDED. It is that time of year. We have staff who must
depart. We have the following positions available immediately for
short-term positions (6 - 12 weeks) or potentially year round.
Housing provided plus salary plus bonus. We also need a Front
Office Assistant Manager - the ideal candidate would have some
hotel experience (or education) with online reservation systems.
Recent graduates are fine. However, someone who is computer savvy
and a quick learner would be considered.  One must be willing to
work many Friday and Saturday days/evenings during the high
season. We would like to have someone who could work until
October 15, 2018 or so. However, we would also consider someone
for a shorter time period. And, we would also consider someone
for a year round position! For the year round position we would
prefer someone who is willing to live on premises five to seven
nights per week, with four to six weeks vacation a possibility.
Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to familiarize yourself with
our businesses, then if you are still interested, please apply in
confidence to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and please include your
resume, references, salary history and requirements, and the
dates you are available.  


VINEYARD WORKERS NEEDED ASAP! We need two men who can start
immediately for a vineyard developing a new vineyard in the
Marlborough/Blenheim/Picton area. Our employer informed us this
work is more suitable for male workers. And the job is really
easy and they can guarantee minimum wage +8% holiday pay. This is
a work and stay deal, so you need to be sure that you could stay
at our hostel during the job. We offer free Wi-Fi, shower,
toilet, kitchen, Sky TV and so on. If you stay more than a month
we can offer you a long-term special rate for dorm room. So
please inform us your arrival date ASAP then we will book your
job and accommodation. All you need to have for this job is your
Work Visa, IRD number, bank account and your own transportation.
Please send us a text message on our mobile number at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you need more information. Thanks.

looking for reliable, honest, detailed oriented and positive
persons to work at our reception as intern duty manager, starting
as soon as possible. You must be able to speak fluent English and
able to commit six weeks at least (up to three months), starting
immediately, and only backpackers with working holiday visas or
student visa will be considered. You will work 14 hours/week,
three days in a row in the afternoon shift (varies from 3:30pm -
9:30pm) or in the morning shift (from 9:30am to 1:30pm). Your
duties include checking in and checking out guests, handling
cash, bookings and the reservation system, cleaning check, hostel
laundry, etc. Your working hours will basically cover the fee of
your stay in our hostel. It's also a great chance to meet new
people from all over the world, learn about the hospitality
industry in a real scenario and the basic running of a hostel and
improve your English and communication skills. Full training will
be provided. In addition you will get free accommodation in a
three bedroom unit, free laundry and hi-speed staff Wi-Fi. If
you're interested please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We hope to
hear from you soon!


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX volunteer maintenance position available for
RVers from May 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX offers 99 campsites on or near the lake.
Amenities include an amphitheater, playground, swim beach,
dumping station, and a boat launch area. The volunteer
maintenance host is responsible for inspecting bathhouses and
vault toilets, picking up litter on campsites and throughout the
park, cleaning out fire rings of ashes, wiping picnic tables
clean, painting campsite posts, lantern holders, gates, etc.
RVing volunteers will reside at a campsite located within the
park with free 50 amp electricity, water and sewer provided.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, an award-winning 21 room country Inn, is
searching for an Innkeeper or Innkeeping couple for a long-term,
live-in position. Candidates must be able to effectively
supervise staff, as well as personally participate in all aspects
of the day-to-day operations of the Inn. Prior hospitality and
supervisory experience is preferred. Compensation includes salary
and incentive bonus program. This is not a short-term Inn-sitting
position, the owners are looking for someone to join the team for
the long-term. Please submit your resume and salary requirements
by emailing them to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSESITTER NEEDED from December 1, 2018 to January 30, 2019 for
our three-bedroom home in the Oklahoma City area. We need a
dog-lover to look after our two cute Poodles, who need cuddles
(and food), and to be walked twice each day. Our home is very
close to the I40, and just 20 minutes by car to the city. A large
park is a short walk away, along with walking trails and tennis
courts. You must keep our house in good shape while we are away,
because we expect it to be the same when we return. If you are
interested, please email Liz and Pete at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER NEEDED. Just a little about us. We specialize in team
roping. Our main facility which we call home is in Oklahoma. We
recently purchased a facility in New River, Arizona, just north
of Phoenix. We will be in Arizona from December through the end
of March and Oklahoma for the rest of the time. We are looking
for someone to do regular chores: feed, water and muck stalls,
take care of livestock, mow, weed-eat and whatever else your
ability allows. We want someone who is honest with a good work
ethic. Someone who can work alone or with others. Housing is only
for an individual or couple, as there is not enough room for a
family. You would work on both the Oklahoma and Arizona ranch.
Salary is based upon experience. Housing is included with
utilities, internet, Netflix, washer and dryer. We take good care
of our employees and expect the same of you. If you're
interested, please text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


OUR STORY: The Opal Creek watershed is 35,000 acres of protected
rainforest, part of the last remaining low-elevation old-growth
forest left in the Pacific Northwest. Soaring trees dripping with
moss, crystal-clear streams, and a diversity of
old-growth-dependent species make Opal Creek a unique gem in
Oregon's crown. At its center is the historic off-grid mining
town of Jawbone Flats, our base of operations since the Opal
Creek Wilderness was created in 1996. The Winter Caretaker is
responsible for helping to maintain and improve the facilities at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX while programs are closed down for the
winter season (November - March). This is a residential position:
the Winter Caretaker will live in Jawbone Flats in housing
provided by the organization and must be able to winter over,
potentially being snowed in without vehicular access for a period
of four months. For more information, please see job details at

FREE CABIN EXCHANGE AVAILABLE on my 30 acre farm in the coastal
community of Seal Rock, in Lincoln County, in exchange for work
(no pay). I'm seeking a long-term, farm caretaker/builder to
tackle some projects in exchange for free rent. A small forest
cabin (12 x 20) will be provided to a single caretaker, or a
couple. A semi-retired or retired builder would be welcome. Will
need to be able to mow, weed whack, and do wooden projects and
repairs (with and without help). Would like the caretaker to do
some roof work, both old and new, put on some siding, and gate
repairs, plus all around handy farm work. Some knowledge of water
systems and plumbing, would be a plus. Must have a valid Oregon
driver's license, with your own truck or car and be a
non-smoker/drinker. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and tell me
about your craft and yourself. Thanks.


couple) for a property in Panama for three to 12 months. Have
magical acres in the cloud forest on a river, located 15 minutes
beyond town. Have a tropical climate here. Would love a handyman,
construction kind of person, or someone experienced with building
(or someone able to liaise with them). Could be a retiree,
writer, or serenity deficient soul(s) someone with good
organization and communication skills, computer skills, and
permaculture/gardening knowledge/skills, and if you have some
Spanish or are bilingual are all a huge plus. References
required. Mature applicants welcome. Please send your resume or
letter describing yourself and skills to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


East PA, a small town on the shores of Lake Erie, home to
numerous wineries.  The Inn is well established eight rooms, in
business for 16 years. We are looking for an energetic
self-starter, ideally with some hospitality experience. You will
greet guests, make breakfast, answer phone calls and handle the
reservation system, manage small staff, and resolve minor
maintenance issues. Must pay attention to details and the wants
and needs of our fabulous guests. This is a great opportunity to
add innkeeping responsibilities to your resume! Living space is
appropriate for a single or couple only. Compensation includes
housing, utilities, Wi-Fi, cable, base salary, performance bonus
and scheduled time off. Please email your resume to

B&B MANAGERS NEEDED. I recently purchased and renovated a
beautiful, historic 3,500 sq. ft. Chapel, complete with a Rectory
containing seven bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths as well as a five bedroom,
two bath Convent. West Grove Chapel is located in the quiet
village of West Grove, PA. Located in historic Chester County,
Wyeth country near Longwood Gardens, Brandywine River Museum,
Brandywine Battlefield, Valley Forge, etc. My intent is to offer
the Chapel as an event venue and the Rectory and Convent as a
B&B. Everything is in place! I need someone to market and manage
it. If you're interested, please text or call


WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE to help us with a new project
(couples are welcome). We need workers who can help us and stay
for a month or more. We have a guest house located in Aljezur, on
the southwest coast of Portugal. Aljezur is a small town with
incredible beaches. The surf pumps all year round and there are
several trekking routes nearby, part of the famous Rota
Vicentina. We currently need help in painting, gardening work,
and cleaning. We offer free accommodation and use of the kitchen
in exchange for 24 hours of work per week - which could be in any
of the above plus any extra chores that come up. We are pretty
laid back and flexible, but pretty serious about the work as
well. Not to worry - we make it fun. So if you have some
experience with any of the above and would like to be part of our
team, in this beautiful region, we have been looking for you! If
you are in the area, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER NEEDED at my goat farm. I am looking for a single
person or couple to live as the caretaker of a small hobby goat
farm in Rock Hill, SC, approximately 40 minutes south of
Charlotte, NC. I am offering a home in lieu of a salary. Duties
include light groundskeeping, feeding the animals, housecleaning,
and some cooking. The work is part-time, 10 to 20 hours a week
mostly on the weekends. I request a valid driver's license and no
criminal offenses. Professional references are needed and a
background check will be done. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


VOLUNTEER HELP needed. I currently have a small house, with
mountain views in traditional Spain, inland from Alicante about
three hours by bus through beautiful scenery. It's near Riopar in
Albacete, Castile-La Mancha - a small traditional Spanish
mountain village, great for walks, etc. This would be suitable if
you like some time and space to yourself as well as being capable
of doing some of the house stuff.  You would share a bedroom and
bathroom with one female helper who has been invited to do
general house care, cleaning, shopping, etc. I have very limited
mobility but I do drive to and from the shops. You should enjoy
cooking, with a special interest in good food and wines. Helpers
should have a love and working knowledge of tasty good quality
food. If you enjoy wine-tasting it will be a pleasure to enjoy
good wines with you. There is usually a lot of music in this
house! Have Wi-Fi access. If you're in Spain, please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information. Thanks.


AN EXPERIENCED AND HIGHLY SKILLED Filipino or Portuguese-speaking
domestic couple is sought by a return client in Switzerland. This
position is to take care of the part-time residence throughout
the year. The family are in residence around three months a year,
but require a trustworthy and self-sufficient couple to manage
the household. One half will be taking care of the cooking with
fresh family meals, shopping and running errands. All
housekeeping will also be required, no bedrooms cleaning
required, just entertainment rooms. The other half will be acting
as a handyman and taking care of maintenance. Both will be acting
as security also making sure the home is secured. There is a
laundress already employed. The couple will need to be dog
friendly as the principals have a Labrador and will need to be
taken on walks. Accommodation is provided as a large bedroom and
own bathroom on a separate floor of the house, there will be use
of a kitchen too. Working five days a week with two days off,
some weekends will be required especially when the family are in
residence. One driver is needed and the couple must speak either
Filipino or Portuguese. This position is to commence in August or
September. Salary is negotiable from 900+ per week net. Please
apply with your resume and references mailed to


CARETAKER COUPLE needed for our East Texas property. A mature
couple or gentleman, non-smokers, are needed to manage and
maintain (1) house, (2) apartment, and (3) a commercial building
for an absentee owner. Some experience is required in trade
skills and lawn care. Compensation is a rent-free furnished
apartment, subsidized utilities, and the potential to own the
property. This is part-time work for a long-term commitment. The
property is located in a small, historic town, near three large
lakes and part of an established neighborhood. All the structures
are well maintained, situated on a beautifully manicured lawn.
Please submit your resume including your contact information to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX References will be requested and checked.


THIS IS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for a diligent and enthusiastic
Executive Head Housekeeper, who has glowing references from
previous employers, to relocate and work just a half-hour drive
from Dubai. The residence is not occupied full-time but regularly
used by the family and very high profile guests. You would be
managing a team of approximately 15 household staff to ensure
exacting standards are met. You are responsible on a daily basis
for the operations of the Palace - reporting to the Palace
Manager. The ideal candidate would: have essential proven private
house experience; be discreet with the understanding of
confidentiality; be aware and proactive in recognizing cultural
practices; be available to work flexible hours and prepared to be
on call; be adaptable and prepared for all eventualities; have
exceptional attention to detail; be hands on cleaning, having the
energy to look after every aspect of cleanliness within the
property; understand and have thorough knowledge on the care and
protection of crystal, silver, china, fabrics, carpets, fine
furnishings; have strong organizational experience to prioritize
tasks, supervise staff and implement incomparable services and
standards across the property; be proactive in ensuring the
residence is always prepared for unexpected visits.
Accommodations are in a super first-floor, one large bedroom
apartment, with bathroom en-suite, nice kitchen, sitting room and
additional bathroom.  You have a separate entrance and are
located in a stunning compound with other apartments which are
occupied by Europeans and includes a gym and swimming pool. A car
will be provided - if you don't drive (it is preferable that you
do) then a driver will be provided instead. Salary will be 3,100
net per month - no bills except for sharing internet cost in the
apartment with one other unit.  Medical insurance and 30 days'
leave a year taken after one year of service with ticket in
Economy back to your home country. To apply, please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A HOUSESITTING POSITION is available in suburban Salt Lake City
from November 20, 2018 until around January 1 2019, while the
owners are out of the country. We have a large, five bedroom,
fully furnished house with all amenities in an upscale
neighborhood, near schools and shopping centers, and close to the
I-15. Very light duties are expected and include watering the
plants, taking care of the yard and communicating with the owners
via email, or by cell phone if any emergencies develop. Dog care
will also be required. If interested, please write to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please include references and your past
housesitting experience. Thank you.


SEEKING CO-MANAGERS for a Holistic Eco-Retreat Center, Organic
Farm, and Conscious Community in Vermont. This is a year-round
residential position co-managing a stunning, secluded, 120 acre
organic homestead and retreat center, with ponds, gardens,
trails, woods, fields, and hills. Vegetarian, spiritually
oriented community of three to six residents focused on personal
growth, meditation, and conscious communication. Requires
integrity, self-discipline, clean living, commitment to
self-awareness and health - plus skills in business management,
digital marketing, homesteading, building maintenance,
housekeeping, cooking, retreat hosting, directing interns, and
community living. Includes private cabin, food, utilities,
internet, $500-$1,000/month starting, plus a long-term
opportunity for profit sharing and business co-ownership. Couples
welcome. Cannot accommodate children, dogs, pot smoking, debt, or
addictions. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


RESIDENT MANAGER(S) NEEDED to run a B & B in Warrenton, VA.
Immediate full-time live-in position available for a single
person or couple to run this Bed and Breakfast with 10 suites,
along with help hosting weddings and events. Only one mile from
Old Town Warrenton and 45 minutes from D.C., located on 21
peaceful acres. The ideal applicant should have a background in
hospitality, be service oriented with an outgoing personality,
have excellent communication skills, live on-site and be on-call
to accommodate guests. Must be available on weekends. Salary is
commensurate with experience. Compensation package includes
weekly salary, tips and bonuses. A spacious, new 1,600 square
foot apartment with beautiful views, full kitchen, Jacuzzi,
washer/dryer and all utilities provided. Daily responsibilities
vary depending on guests and events; include innkeeping,
check-ins, food preparation and service, housekeeping, light
maintenance and securing facility after hours. Must have your own
transportation. Absolutely no pets, smoking, alcohol, or drugs
and must have a clean background check. Please send your cover
letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CAT/HOUSESITTER WANTED for about a month in February 2019. Must
love cats. Housing available in exchange. Have acreage near Port

SEEKING A LIVE-IN CARETAKER for a lovely, fully furnished, 3,000
sq. ft. home in Port Angeles (close to Olympic National Park).
Some of the caretaker's duties inside this three level craftsman
home include the following: General housekeeping: Turnovers
between guests/laundry/vacuum/clean kitchen, and bathrooms;
Welcoming guests upon arrival and departure; Online bookings,
general co-hosting duties; Local concierge/point of contact if
needed; Landscaping and general day-to-day maintenance as needed,
including lawn mowing, painting, etc. Optional garden planting
for Spring 2019. The caretaker's quarters include a furnished
private room with a private entrance, and restroom with shower,
laundry, kitchenette, and den. Preferred caretaker attributes:
experience with online platforms such as Airbnb, Hipcamp, VRBO,
and long-term rentals; can pass a background/credit/drug test if
requested; clean and relatively organized lifestyle; current CPR
trained; Master Gardener would be most excellent; willingness to
learn and take direction; cheerful attitude that goes the extra
mile; responsible and drug free = reliable and trustworthy.
Sorry, but no pets or unregistered guests allowed. This is a
smoke free/drug free home. If you'd like to know more, please
include a personalized introduction in your reply (a recent photo
and resume will also be helpful). Sorry - we are not on Facebook.

PROPERTY CARETAKER NEEDED (couple preferred) for a private family
club on 700 acres of land in the scenic Columbia Gorge in
Washington. The club operates on a large piece of land with a
limited number of cabins. The caretaker is responsible for making
sure the property is in great shape. During the summer, this
consists of ensuring the gates, fences, dock and roads are
properly functioning and maintained. In the winter, it consists
of keeping the roads clear for travel, securing the property from
trespassers, checking cabins for winter damage and maintaining
clubhouse facilities. 
Skills needed:
+ Good interpersonal skills
+ Ability to operate a variety of equipment, get around the
property in boats and on trails, operate power and landscape
tools, do basic carpentry and remodeling, lift, move, push and
pull in excess of 80 lbs., handle outdoor temperatures and work
non-traditional hours, including early mornings, weekends and
+ Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, texts)
+ Ability to work independently with little supervision
+ Ability to organize and manage time and projects
+ Background check upon offer
+ Drug screen upon offer
This is a full-time job that includes a salary of $30,500, with
health insurance available, and housing and all utilities paid.
Please email your resume or detailed letter to


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is filling two positions immediately in
Lesage, WV. Two ideal candidates will have equine experience,
share living space (two bedroom, one bathroom) provided on site,
work around 20 hours per week feeding horses, providing basic
equine care, cleaning stalls, maintaining grounds and your living
area. You will receive housing, water paid and a small monthly
cash stipend for $150. This is a position is very physically
demanding. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lavalette, WV. You will need your own RV. Duties will include
grass mowing and trimming, painting, landscaping, sign
maintenance, trail maintenance, and de-winterizing facilities.
Special projects, less routine in nature, may also be available.
This position is provided with a laundry room nearby that can be
used free of charge. A minimum of 25 hours per week per campsite
(not per camper) will be required. We are willing to consider any
suggestions you may have concerning work schedules and/or duties.
Volunteers camp for free on sites featuring concrete pads; plus
water, sewage, and 50 amp electric hookups. Please apply at


CARETAKER WANTED. A couple is preferred. We have a gorgeous
setting and idyllic lifestyle in Crawford County. We�re
searching for a full-time, live-in caretaker to maintain our
horse ranch. The ideal candidate is a non-smoking, non-drinker,
self-starter, organized with a strong commitment to quality,
neatness, and appearance. Experience with horses is a must. Horse
duties include the caring for eight Trail horses, including
grooming, feeding, exercising, turn out and care of the tack. A
"jack of all trades" with basic skills in carpentry, plumbing,
painting, mowing, trimming, cleaning, electrical work and
landscaping. Must be willing to work hard while our family is
away, and even harder when we are on site. (Approximately 10-14
weekends a year). Cleaning and maintenance of the main house
along with preparation for our arrival are also required. Salary,
utilities, and residence, (modern kitchen, two bedroom house with
an outdoor deck, hunting and fishing on premises, etc.) and a
brand new Ford pick-up provided. To apply, please email your
resume and references to caretakergazette@gmail.com and include
Crawford County Caretaker in the Subject Line for forwarding
purposes. Thanks.


FULL-TIME RANCH CARETAKER needed for a cattle and outfitting
ranch in Southeast Wyoming. This caretaker opportunity is on a
beautiful, centrally located ranch in the southeast corner of
Wyoming, 30 miles from Wheatland, WY, just an hour away from
Laramie, and under three hours from Denver, CO. A three bedroom
farm house and utilities provided. Large garden area available
with horse pasture and livestock/crop sharing possibilities.
Duties include: maintaining fences, check and feed cattle,
oversee the property, seasonal haying and irrigation, and
seasonal landscaping - mowing and trimming. Minimal duties during
the winter months. The position can be as minimal as the duties
listed or can expand into more responsibility with additional
income. Must be reliable and physically able to accomplish
moderate manual labor. No smoking please. Please send your
resume, references and contact info to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A Professor at Shenandoah University is looking for a caretaker
position in or around the area of Winchester, Virginia. Please

Self-Employed Graphic Designer seeks a housesitting or caretaking
opportunity. I enjoy gardening, pets and can swing a hammer.
Available 10/1. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Southern Maine - Eliot, Kittery, and York: Professional woman
seeks small, rent-free house with yard access in exchange for
caretaker/property assistance. Starting October 2018. Duties
negotiable and might include: Assist with tenants, gardening,
farming, yard work, light snow removal, animal care,
housesitting, and painting. Former real estate agent, Property
Manager, Landlord, Real Estate Investor, homeowner, 11 years. 
Bought and renovated fixer uppers, acted as contractor. 30+ years
work experience. Currently in Massachusetts. Non-smoking.
Excellent health. Nature, writing, music, exercise, animal, art
enthusiast. Work with children. One car/cat. Mature, stable,
reliable, forthright. Superb references. Please email

Experienced management couple seeking a position September 2019.
She has thirty years experience as a teacher, six years office
manager, and one year cafe manager. Computer literate, team
player. He was landscaping/maintenance manager for many years at
RV/mobile home parks plus four years at local hotel. References
available. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

In Search of a Winter Caretaker Position. I currently manage the
Big Sandy Ranch near Pinedale, Wyoming. This is a seasonal
position that runs from May 1st to November 1st. The ranch is a
private ranch that focuses on providing memorable guest
experiences. I would love to find a position during the winter
that utilizes my skill sets in property and ranch management as
well as livestock and equine care. I am very detail oriented and
consider myself a jack-of-all-trades with plumbing, electrical,
large equipment, and carpentry experience. I would be happy to
answer any questions you may have and provide references. Please

Seeking a Live-In, Long-Term Caretaker or Manager position.
Mature, honest, caring, down to earth Professional or
Professional Couple with over 20 years of experience with
Estates, Farms, Ranches and Lodges. I/we have the hands on
experience and knowledge to insure your home or asset(s) are
maintained, performing and thriving at the levels you expect and
deserve. Impeccable resume and references available upon request.
Will relocate in the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii or

I'm Buster, a mature, responsible, drug-free dog searching for a
long-term housesitting situation around Northwest Philadelphia,
PA, so I can be as close as possible to the Wissahickon. In
exchange, I'll chase all squirrels that dare to step on your
property. My long-time, friendly, human companion will take care
of everything else, like housekeeping, gardening, indoor plant
care, relocating spiders, and carrying my leash. Please contact
her at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to discuss details and opportunities.
I'll bring my own beds!

Conservative, Christian husband and wife team, mid-40s, no
children looking for a remote property, hunt club, lodge, etc.
caretaking position. Husband is a big, strong, strapping guy who
would be excellent for security, fence repair, trail maintenance,
minor house repairs, deer management, etc. He is an avid
fisherman, hunter, and survivalist. Wife is an expert cook and
gardener, who can provide housekeeping, meals, and also has 20
years experience with sales, marketing, customer service,
accounting, software, and more. Both are friendly, professional,
and responsible. Seeking long-term, year round position with
housing, and salary if possible. Non-smoking, healthy, no drugs.
Many references! Interesting personal backstory that people find
inspirational. We are blessed in this life, and would love to
utilize our skills and love of the outdoors in a meaningful and
prosperous way. Prefer Midwest (especially Michigan) but will
consider anywhere in the U.S. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Single over-40 White Male, native-born American, college-educated
honorably-discharged U.S. Army Veteran, in need of one bedroom
apartment in the Los Angeles area, of which will accept a
Veteran's Section 8, AKA VASH Housing Voucher County of L.A.
maximum $1,500 per month rent. Any property owner can accept
section 8, despite popular belief! I have no criminal record,
never had any alcohol or drug problems, and no tattoos or gang
affiliations. I need to live in a decent, civilized area, where
English is predominately spoken and where it is quiet and private
like a shtetl. Please help, and I certainly do not deserve to
live in a bad, noisy, gang-infested area because I am not "one of
the chosen". Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Mature couple currently finishing a Property Management position
in Wellington Florida, caring for a 10 acre horse farm and its
animals. Other duties included office and barn management.
Looking for a similar situation. Please email us at

Caretaker position wanted. 53-year-old retired firefighter, with
an M.S. in education. Currently management/caretaker of Sunset
Cottages, in Sylvan Beach, NY. Responsible for daily care and
repairs for 24 vacation cottages plus emergency repairs for a
large restaurant and surf bar. The business has been sold. Will
consider short or long positions. A people person...motivated
with a smile! Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Greetings! I am a retired International Flight Attendant. I
worked for over 30 years with a major airline. I have lived
abroad in Italy and speak basic Italian and French. I am looking
for a caretaker position, preferably long-term in Europe. I am
people oriented and very extraverted. I love to cook, and I
attended school at Le Cordon Bleu and majored in Culinary Arts. I
enjoy event planning, catering and entertaining and at one time I
owned my own catering company in The Woodlands, Texas called Love
at First Bite. I am a passionate gardener and have a Master
Gardening Certificate. I am an animal lover. I am a non-smoker
and non-partier. I presently live in the US. I am available
immediately for a caretaker position. I can be reached by cell
phone at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I look forward to hearing from

Highly experienced couple available for hire. We have been
married for 20 years and worked in the property management and
caretaking field for 18 years. We have collaborated in a wide
range of both professional and personal services. Her experience
includes: personal assistant, household organization, staff
hiring and supervision, scheduling and timelines, catering and
menu planning and also enjoys gardening. His are: general
contracting, property maintenance and upkeep, remodeling and
construction, vendor management, high end carpentry and finish
work, boat captain, vessel maintenance and repair. It is hard to
imagine a situation we have not troubleshot. We are indeed a
dynamic duo as well as a hardworking, discreet, salt of the
earth, sporty couple (who love tennis). We are interested in an
intriguing opportunity, living either on or off property, year
round or seasonal. In a perfect world, we would like a dual
property position, living half a year at each location. We
currently reside in southern California and Montana and we are
open to new and interesting locations, international as well.

Mature Husband and Wife in Omaha, Nebraska looking for a
caretaking opportunity in a primarily English Speaking country.
Both are former teachers. We love animals. Both are handy with a
hammer as well as grounds maintenance and administration. We are
non-smokers/non-drinkers. We want to live somewhere beautiful and
help make life easier for anyone involved. We have lived
overseas, and would relish another overseas opportunity as
property caretakers. Excellent references available. Please call

Certified Home Health Aide/Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant
seeks a live-in job to take care of the elderly. Can be
recommended. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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I'm a long time subscriber of The Caretaker Gazette with years of
wilderness, off-grid living experience and I've had lots of time
to come up with some pretty impressive inventive ideas! I would
love to share some of my ideas with an investor looking for
something original, unique and useful to manufacture and market.
I am seeking an investor that would be willing to discuss license
agreements or royalties. If you're a serious investor looking for
some fresh new ideas and willing to sign non-disclosure
agreements, let's talk! Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKING QUESTIONS WANTED: Property owners, caretakers. Writing
about eight caretaking experiences in 15 years. How it fell into
my lap, scenarios, red flags, the approach to ensure success.
FREE BOOK if question(s) used. Anonymity respected. Please email


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property owners and caretakers/housesitters, have discussed their
healthcare situation and possible insurance options/alternatives
with us. We recently dropped our current medical insurance when
the premiums jumped to $2,000 per month with a $12,000 annual
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I wanted to share some information with you about Medi-Share as I
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If you would like to learn more, please go to
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Development Specialist at Christian Care Ministry at 800-772-5623
extension 2224.
I hope this helps!
Take care, Gary C. Dunn, Publisher THE CARETAKER GAZETTE

For Sale: Unique property with ocean view on the South Pacific
Coast of Costa Rica. If your dream is to live in the tropics, run
your own bed and breakfast, have your own organic garden, or
eco/green mini-resort, hostel or simply own your own piece of
paradise it will be hard to find a better place to do it or a
better opportunity than this one. For more information, please
email caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale
in the Subject Line.

Need to earn a living to support your travels? Want to give back
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West Valley Island Cultural Festival Announces Availability of
Sponsorship Opportunities. The festival takes place on Saturday,
October 27, 2018 in Surprise, Arizona. Please visit
www.wvislandculturalfest.com to learn more, and email Sponsors
@wvislandculturalfest.com with any questions. Thanks.

Arizona Cowboy has written true stories in four exciting and
interesting books all about half a century on horseback. 2005,
was the year the books closed on the Arizona, cattle and horse
ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. During the start
of the year 2005, the handwriting on the wall began and the books
closed on this historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then,
became my pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true
happenings during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the
open range while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into
usable cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later
in the other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among
wild cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin out in Arizona's
beautiful, natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although
unusual, are just as I recollect them. To all those who have ever
dreamed of being a cowboy, here's your chance to ride along with
me as your side-kick and saddle pard. You can view an
entertaining introduction with many colored pictures at

Copyright 2018 Caretaker Publishing, Inc.

Take care, 
Gary C. Dunn, Publisher

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CARETAKER NEEDED at the Daintree Rainforest Beach Front location in North Queensland. This great opportunity has just come up for a caretaker for this beautiful beach front location. We provide a free shady site on the beachfront, water and the amazing wildlife dreams are made of in exchange for light duties. You provide your self-contained caravan and the willingness to look after the property and keep the grounds tidy. This would suit a couple who love nature and the beachfront. An ex-tradesman, farmer, or keen gardener would be ideal. This is in an incredible location, and our previous caretakers have all stayed longer than planned. This is an immediate start with three months’ work available. If interested, please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


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