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Monday, July 15 2024

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CARETAKER GAZETTE every day. Some listings are only published in
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THIS IS OUR 180th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       
Published since 1983                             Volume 30,
Number 6                          

November/December 2012                    ISSN 1074-3642  


-Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 33 states
and 16 countries
-Caretaker Profile
Wilderness Woman Writer - At Home Caretaking
-Letters to the Editor
Caretakers and property owners write about their experiences with
the Gazette

received at THE CARETAKER GAZETTE every day. Some listings are
only published in an issue of THE CARETAKER GAZETTE, and other
listings are emailed out the same day the listing comes in to THE
CARETAKER GAZETTE. For this Sample Page, all contact information
has been removed from the listings below and has been replaced



EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY of Alaska! Volunteer to be a
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Camp hosts receive a campsite,
stipend, and training for 30 - 40 hours/week. The season is
mid-May to September, with a minimum four-week commitment. Please
write to: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email 

EXPERIENCE THE COASTAL ALASKAN bush in style. Unplug from the
madness of an overcrowded world and enjoy watching bald eagles,
wild mountain goats, seals, sea lions, sea birds, and maybe even
an occasional bear (although they are very shy). Our
off-the-grid, hydro-electric powered lodge and home is looking
for volunteers to help with indoor and outdoor chores. We are
running a full-service wilderness lodge at one location and
building a seaside wharf and house at another location three
miles from the lodge. Everything is built by hand with no heavy
machinery so volunteers need to be physically fit and have some
experience with tools. At the lodge we need help with kitchen
duties, hauling and stacking firewood, gardening, cleaning,
building, painting, and renovations. We can house four volunteers
at any given time and the lodge takes no more than eight guests
at any given time so it is quiet and peaceful with opportunities
to learn new skills, work in a wilderness location where progress
is often slow but always meaningful, interact with high end
guests from around the world, and make positive lifetime
memories. All room and board is provided by the lodge and there
are no costs associated with volunteering. Volunteers eat the
same food as the lodge guests which consists of fresh Alaskan
seafood and other gourmet dishes. We ask for a six (sometimes
eight) hour work day, six days a week. Off work time can be
utilized to use the lodge kayaks, fish from the floating dock for
halibut, hike the local trails, engage in hobbies, or visit the
local town of Homer. We make our schedules as flexible as
possible so that you get the most enjoyment for your time with us
as well as participating in an Alaskan lifestyle that we have
been living for 30 and 40 years. We find our enjoyment in the fun
activities that we do and the work that we accomplish. We do not
drink or take drugs and we expect the same of our volunteers.
Volunteers need to be able to make their way to Homer, Alaska
and, from there, will take a water taxi to the lodge. Volunteers
can participate in our programs for as little as two weeks or as
much as six months. For more information see the lodge website at


PERSONAL ASSISTANT - CARETAKER needed in the Andes of Northern
Patagonia, Province Neuquen, for a 63-year-old woman with MS,
Multiple Sclerosis. The start date can be ASAP (I need a
commitment of one to three months, three months preferred). My
name is Virginia Neary Carrithers and I have had
relapsing-remitting MS since 1976. More importantly, I am an
artist and an experienced horsewoman. I believe in the healing
power of creativity, as well as the love of nature and her
creatures, especially horses. My ranch is located in a
non-touristic part of Patagonia, nestled in the foothills of the
Andes, in the heart of the real gaucho (Argentine cowboy)
culture. This is not a salaried position, as it is a volunteer
opportunity. However, in exchange for basic food and housing, you
will be my personal assistant - caretaker. Duties include, but
are not limited to: personal care, housekeeping and cooking,
helping me get around (putting my wheelchair in my truck/pushing
the wheelchair around), administrative work (internet work,
checking emails and composing Microsoft Word documents as I am
currently writing my autobiography), help me with my MS
challenges and exercise routine, occasional help with the
animals, such as giving food to the horses (while at the ranch),
making and serving maté! A local herbal drink (Don’t
worry, we’ll teach you how!). We do our best to schedule it
so that there are two assistants with me. As such, one assistant
works the morning shift (9am-3pm), while the other assistant
works the evening shift from (3pm-9pm). While you are not on
duty, you are welcome to explore the surrounding area and
participate in the many local activities. Free time to be
arranged as needed and wanted. You should have a mastery of
English, basic computer skills, a driver’s license, and the
ability to drive a manual/stick-shift truck. To learn more about
my background and interests please check out the website of my
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Also visit the website for the
family-owned XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for a visual
representation of the surrounding area near El Huecu. Please
email your resume, a description of why you are good for this
position, your personal interests, and a photo to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your interest. 


Hi Gary, this is a quick email to let you know how pleased I am
with the responses to my help-wanted ad. I received dozens,
although most were not practical or were not a good match. I did
receive several very positive replies and I have accepted one of
them. Well worth the advertising investment. Thanks, M. R.,
Portland, ME

Great, Marilyn! I’m glad your Gazette ad for a caretaker
resulted in many responses and you were able to select the best
applicant for your position. Please keep us in mind when
you’re ready to find your next caretaker for your

Hi Gary, just wanted to write to say that you have a fantastic
newsletter and I so look forward to getting my future issues. I
answered an ad for a place in New Jersey, (the first one I
inquired to) and they sent me an airline ticket to check it out.
It was a fantastic corporate bed and breakfast and everything
they described it to be. Although it didn't work out to my
advantage, it was a great little trip back, and if that's the
answer to my first inquiry, imagine how much more I can
accomplish! Keep up the great work! S. R. La Mesa, CA

Sharon, I’m happy to read that you found a great
opportunity in your first issue of the Gazette and the property
owner was able to pay your way to check it out in person. While
many property owners who can afford to do so are glad to pay your
way to meet them, others who don’t have the means require
you to pay for your own trip to their property.

Hi Gary, we just wanted to let you know that, thanks to your
Gazette, this summer we were able to exchange houses with a
couple in Provence, France. We had a wonderful time! We found
this couple via the Gazette! After such a positive experience we
will certainly keep our Gazette subscription, so please renew it
now. We are hoping to find something in England for next summer.
Thanks, J. and S., Los Angeles, CA 

Hi Jack and Suzanne, thanks for sharing the success you had with
the Gazette with us. We have subscribers in more than 80
countries, so if you’re interested in spending next summer
abroad there will be many more opportunities in future issues of
the Gazette.

In answer to the previous issue’s letter to the editor
about emails being the only contact for responding to caretaker
positions - I’d like to add that any local library should
provide computer use for patrons and even guests. Our library
provides non-card holders one free hour as a guest and two hours
for library card holders. So get over to your local library and
use their computer to respond to an ad! J. R., via email

Thanks for your response, Joyce. We have quite a few subscribers
whose only access to the Internet is at their local public
library. We encourage them to sign up for a free email account in
order to respond to ads that list only an email address as a
contact. We also tell them that, if they are unfamiliar with
computers, most librarians are glad to help them get started (and
many local public libraries offer free classes).

The Caretaker Gazette
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for landowners, caretakers, and interested readers. It is the
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responsibility. The Caretaker Gazette does not screen caretakers
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parties. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced,
or distributed in any form or retrieval system without our
written permission.
Our Caretaking Philosophy
The Caretaker Gazette is dedicated to the property caretaking
profession, and to our subscribers who have kept the Gazette
going since 1983. We publish the Gazette in order to help
property owners and caretakers find one another. We support the
caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

Contact Information
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Advertising Information
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ads and $20 for boxed, green-screened ads. 2) Display ads start
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display ad, or $130 for a 2¼" wide by 3" height
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Banner ads on www.caretaker.org start at only $55/month. Please
note that, because of the limited ad space available in each
issue of The Caretaker Gazette, we normally sell out of ad space
early. We do everything on a first come first placed basis. 

Copyright © 2012 Caretaker Publishing, Inc.


TUCSON NATIVE FOODS farm/education center seeks
caretakers/interns with diverse hands-on skills/interests. To
apply, please email  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

PARKER/BOUSE, AZ.  Caretaker wanted for five acres with two homes
and massive foliage. This is a nice area, lap pool etc. You can
live here for no charge! Pay your electric costs only.  Available

RETIRED, YEAR ROUND CARETAKER wanted for a small Wickenburg, AZ
horse ranch. Must be non-smoking, reliable, neat and clean, have
your own source of income, and basic knowledge of horses. No
drugs. Must be able to tolerate the summer heat here. Duties:
feeding and cleaning up after seven horses in the evenings.
Occasional full-time chores in the owner’s absence (feeding
dogs, cats and horses, watering plants, and light pool care) in
exchange for living quarters/utilities, washer and dryer.
Propane, phone and internet will be the caretaker’s
responsibility. Pets allowed. Please send a brief resume and
references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and leave a message.

CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED on a remote cattle ranch in northern
Arizona in the cool pines, north of Flagstaff. Our nearest
neighbor is two miles away. You will need your own 4-wheel-drive
to get around in this 6,000 elevation. Duties include: light
livestock feeding as needed, starting the generator, watching
over the place, and building a fire each morning in the main
house. No salary. Utilities, meat, and space for a motor home or
trailer parking available in exchange for caretaker duties. Would
like to find caretakers who can stay here long-term, since we
travel a lot. We are looking for a caretaker couple who can start
here around 12/15/12. We will need to do a background check on
all applicants. Please email why you would be interested in this
long-term caretaker position and include your references: 


CARETAKER NEEDED to live in my precious, darling A frame cabin in
the Ozark Wilderness in Northwest Arkansas from now through March
15, 2013. It is perfect for a single caretaker needing a
creative, scholarly or healing retreat. Must be someone who loves
cats; I just have one indoor cat. I need someone who likes quiet
and privacy in a wilderness setting, and who is not afraid of
Mother Nature. The small house is behind six creek crossings; so
there is the need for a certain level of fitness to be able to
leave your truck up the mountain and hike up and down for
possibly several weeks at a time. I would like the caretaker to
pay $250/month for utilities, including, electricity, propane and
phone. There are two scenarios that would work: 1) the caretaker
could be handy with finish carpentry and able to gather their own
firewood, or 2) the caretaker could afford to pay Cody another
small amount/month to do yard work, cut wood and finish the
things that need finishing, i.e., wood stove installation. Cody
is a local young man, very competent, who has lots of work and
does not want to live at my house nor does he like cats. He could
come over once a week and help you with whatever needs doing and
be on call for you in emergencies. Please email your letter of
interest and references to  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LAND PARTNER WANTED: This is a high quality/low cost living
situation. Is your heart alive, to beauty? Do you passionately
yearn to live in a really beautiful, quiet, bucolic place? Are
you an artist or writer who needs a lot of space and wants a lot
of time? Are you a mature but physically vigorous man or
exceptionally strong and skilled woman between the ages of 45 to
62, who relishes outdoor life? Are you keenly interested in
gardening? Basically, I am offering a wonderful living situation
(and partnership, not a job) in a large, old farmhouse and the
use of a hermitage cabin with great natural light, both furnished
and in good condition. The physical setting is an old 140 acre
farm of mixed pastures and woods, bottomlands and uplands. Would
you be happy to be part of the solution, in terms of land
management/climate change issues - engaged in a program that
seeks to create a luxuriant vegetative mantle and avoid
compaction, bare soil, and erosion? The farm is in the middle of
a five mile long creek valley where almost all the properties are
over 300 acres, located 50 miles east of the college town
Fayetteville, and 15 miles from the trailheads of the Buffalo
River with great hiking, riding, and canoeing. Please do not ever
try to visit this place without prior arrangement. Because I have
no computer or phone in my personal house, we need to make
initial contact through postal mail. Please write a statement
about your goals, needs, interests, skills, rural experience,


CARETAKER/MANAGER NEEDED in the Greater Bendigo, Victoria area.
This position is currently vacant for a 400 hectare property.
Duties will include general property maintenance, supervision of
casual staff, gardening and assistance with our cattle operation.
Accommodation provided. This position would be suitable for a
mature person who has general farming experience. To apply please

CARETAKER NEEDED for a salvage yard in Parafield Gardens, a
suburb of Adelaide. This position would be suitable for a
Pensioner. Live-in accommodations supplied. Must be honest.
Please apply in person at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

NIGHT CARETAKER/HANDY PERSON position available for a caravan
park in North East Victoria. We are looking for an active,
retired or semi-retired person. Couples may apply. Accommodation
provided. Previous applicants need not apply. This can be an
immediate start for the right person. For further information

kilometers from the Bundaberg central business district. Duties
will include maintaining seven acres by lawn mowing, slashing,
tree care, etc. A caretaker residence and small wage included.
This would be a good position for a pensioner couple. Please
apply in writing to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Australia.

WE NEED A SHORT-TERM dog and housesitter from November 26th until
December 1st, 2012 in the Boat Harbour/Port Stephens area of New
South Wales. We have two friendly dogs, and a garden that would
need watering. We want a non-smoking person or couple who take
pride in their work. We have a lovely single level home with
pool, and within walking distance to the water. We will also be
requiring a housesitter for one month in July/August 2013. Please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more details.


LIVE FREE IN THE BAHAMAS. Mature, financially secure man or a
couple needed for one to three months to housesit our beautiful
beachfront property. Private Cottage, long distance (USA), Direct
TV and DSL are provided. Owner will be on-site on and off.
Responsibilities: walk and feed our island dogs, sweep floors and
screens of the main house, rake grounds, and water plants for
approximately two hours per day, total. This is paradise, but it
is the islands - food is expensive and things work most of the
time. If you are frail or fearful of the elements, please do not
apply. No smokers. No heavy drinkers. Please include current
photos and references! Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


HOUSESITTERS WANTED. Experience a tropical lifestyle in southern
Belize. The property is bordered by rainforests in the center of
Maya culture. Caretake a self-sufficient owner built homestead.
Electricity from the sun. Biogas is from organic materials. Enjoy
cosmically charged rainwater and unpolluted, energy packed
rainforest air. Taste a different tropical fruit each week. Stuff
yourself with organically grown veggies. Make natural perfume
from ylang-ylang petals. Prefer a mature, responsible, drug-free,
non-smoking couple or two adults. A minimum commitment of five
weeks anytime from April through November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties, as
of this date, will be the care and feeding of one cat, six dogs,
fish tanks, vermiculture, watering young plants and minor
maintenance. For additional information, please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For photos, please visit 


MUST LOVE CATS: Pet/housesitter needed June - early November,
2013. Four affectionate cats require not only sustenance, but
attention during our absence. They are indoor/outdoor, but get
lonely when we are gone. Other duties on five acres are light
mowing, and watering of yard and house plants. The garden area is
available if you wish. Our wooded ranch is very restful. Only
noise is occasional distant train. The property is in the rural
Sierra Foothills, 45 minutes from Sacramento in the Gold Country.
Shopping is within 15 minutes, and we are two hours from San
Francisco, and/or Reno/Tahoe. It’s a great base camp to
explore Northern California. We have a pond with fishing options.
Covered RV parking with full hookups is available for a large rig
with slides, or stay in the house. House has large kitchen, deck
with view, Satellite TV, internet, and utilities provided. Prefer
a mature, non-smoking, responsible adult/ couple, but will
consider others with references and a background check. No dogs
please. If you travel with your own small pets in your RV, they
are OK on leash only. We have a very strict leash law here.

Northern California. A responsible couple or family is needed to
live in a nice three bedroom/two bath doublewide home on 10
acres. The property has fruit trees, a large garden, spring
water, great views, and is surrounded by forest and quiet. A
long-term caretaker is sought. Country skills are desirable but
not mandatory. Reliability and honesty are key! Rent from $0 -
$600 per month depending on caretaking abilities/duties.
Absolutely no marijuana growing or processing.  Please call 

California. I am looking for a strong positive person to join our
team! This position will report to the Ranch Manager. Duties will
include general barn/animal chores such as cleaning stalls,
grooming arena, vacuuming barn and generally maintaining a clean
and tidy facility. Animal care when owner is traveling, including
turn in/out and feeding. Assisting housekeeper two days per week
in cleaning the owners' home and guest facilities. Horse
experience is a plus but this is not a riding job. No smoking,
drinking or drugs. Must be physically fit and have a valid
driver’s license. Pets will be considered. Hourly wage plus
nice small one bedroom home, utilities and other benefits
provided. Please submit a cover letter and resume to 

HOUSEKEEPER POSITION AVAILABLE in the Novato, CA area. Must be a
companion, caretaker, and cook. Female preferred with experience.
Must speak English, have a SS card, a valid CA driver’s
license and be bondable. Work 30 hours per week. Please mail your

HOUSESITTER NEEDED long-term for my home in Santa Cruz. Need
someone to housesit our house and our two dogs. They are in and
out kind of dogs, and spoiled rotten too. You must be a
dog-loving kind of person. Need plants watered too. For more
details, please email me at  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ROOM AND UTILITES PROVIDED (no pay) in exchange for care in
Camarillo, CA. I need a caretaker in exchange for room and board
in a nice clean home with a view, and internet cable with a lot
of channels. You will live with a 70-year-old man and my
22-year-old son who works a regular job. You must change a diaper
every three to four hours and feed the elderly man - that’s
all. I come by and clean during the week and I bathe the
70-year-old man and do his grocery shopping for him. This is
perfect for someone on Social Security or disability. No drugs
and no drama please. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to
apply. Thank you.

Center, California. The property is used for family reunions,
retreats and weddings. Please visit our website,
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for details. Her duties include:
cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, living space and kitchens, turning
over the living spaces and communicating with the owners daily.
She will interact with guests at check in and out. She will need
to notate lists of minor repairs and keep inventories. His duties
include: repairs, regular maintenance, landscaping, irrigation,
gardening, electrical, plumbing, mechanics, drywall etc. He will
protect, preserve and better the property. Truck needed. Owners
work closely with the caretakers on projects and to-do lists.
Caretakers must manage themselves and others, prioritize their
time, change gears quickly for emergencies, keep a work log and
estimate projects. We will provide one bedroom/one bathroom in
addition to a monthly salary of $1,750. Utilities included. A
working interview is required in Southern California. If you are
a couple who loves nature, and are hard workers please send your

WE WELCOME YOU TO WORK/LEARN WITH US on our magical ranch and
spiritual sanctuary in the Mendocino hills, north of Laytonville.
We are off grid with solar power, spring water, lake, creeks,
organic garden, old growth trees, sacred sites, meadows, timber
frame barn and main Lodge. Fluent English, German, Spanish and
some French/Hindi are spoken here. We are looking for up to two
people (no children or dogs), for short or long term, with a
willingness to work and perform seva. Tasks include: gardening,
carpentry, cooking, firewood, temple building, road work, forest
clean-up, tractor driving, event set-up, and much more. At least
28 hours/week is requested in trade for lodging (your private
10x12 fully furnished "fancy tent"), organic vegetarian
meals and what is bound to be a memorable experience. The three
land partners have lived in India and abroad for many years and
carry on that spirit here on the land. We have a Wi-Fi
connection, but no phone, and have outside showers and compost
toilets. For more information, please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We look forward to meeting you.

Healdsburg/Windsor area. This is an attractive opportunity for a
couple to live and work together, in a pleasant rural environment
– one hour north of San Francisco, who would find pleasure
living in the wine country. Searching for an honest, level-headed
professional couple to trade caretaking work for some or all of
the rent of fully furnished two bedroom house. The caretaker
couple should have a very green thumb; with carpentry, handyman,
and property management experience. Need excellent background
work history and references. Please: no pets, no hang-ups, and
that you prefer a country setting. Let's discuss the
possibilities to make this work for you and us. Open to new
ideas! Need your help soon!  Available now for the right couple.
Please respond with your qualifications and work history to be
considered by emailing to:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

is desired to help with an historic 1886 bed & breakfast on
the Mendocino Coast, three hours north of San Francisco. We need
help with hospitality, maintenance, and special projects. Desired
skills: construction, plumbing, electrical, painting,
housekeeping, cooking and cleaning, gardening, social media
marketing, and website work. We have no TV, but we have Wi-Fi and
a beautiful dance floor! We have organic kitchen gardens,
flowers, hens, several bedrooms, a piano, and bikes. A local bus
is available. Bonus points for dancers (especially social
Argentine tango and salsa) and musical abilities (we have a piano
in our 900 sq. ft. virgin redwood ballroom with amazing
acoustics). Teachers for Yoga, Pilates classes or other ideas
welcome. No pets, drugs or smoking. In exchange for approximately
24 hours/week we will provide a nice room with bathroom,
breakfast provided daily, and kitchen facilities available.
Limited positions for full-time helpers; more availability for
part-time (Sunday through Thursday nights, you can use weekends
to explore northern California). We speak English, French,
German, Danish, Spanish, and can help you with your English. To
apply, please mail resumes and references to 

RANCHHAND/CARETAKER NEEDED in the Russian River area. This
position requires 20 hours/week in exchange for a private
comfortable trailer with utilities in a beautiful, peaceful,
remote rural setting. This is the perfect situation for a retired
couple with a modest income (not dependent on outside employment)
who desire affordable housing and enjoy active outdoor living.
Duties include (but not limited to) yard work, forest
stewardship, firewood cutting, general handyman and other ranch
chores, including 4 hours/week housekeeping. Must be capable of
and enjoy physical labor. Additional paid hours possible. With
optional additional effort, a large organic community garden can
provide much of your produce. The remote location (one+ hour west
of Santa Rosa) means you should be someone who can enjoy and
appreciate the peace and solitude of country living without
frequent trips to town. Being in the boonies and isolated
requires people who do not need frequent social interaction other
than with your partner or landlord. The cost of transportation in
terms of fuel and time make frequent trips impractical. Internet,
satellite TV and laundry facility included. Please email with
details about yourself, your situation, and why you should be
considered an ideal candidate to  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CAT AND HOUSESITTER WANTED in Hamilton, Ontario from January 7th
to April 17th 2013. A couple is preferred, who are non-smokers.
There will be one cat to care for. This is a heritage home in the
country, 15 minutes from a hospital and shopping. For more
details, please email  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

BACKUP CARETAKER COUPLE needed in Winnipeg, MB. An on-site backup
caretaker couple is needed for a St. Vital high-rise. The
successful applicant must possess great tenant relations, a
positive attitude, minor maintenance and cleaning experience. A
two bedroom suite and salary provided. Please fax your resume to


LOOKING FOR a resident caretaker; must be financially secure
(since we are offering a minimum modest compensation) and mature.
The position is for part-time light duties on a desirable
location at a small Caribbean inn. Free housing and utilities are
provided on the resort's premises, plus approximately $500/month
minimum stipend in exchange for part-time work. The applicant
should be in good health, resourceful, trustworthy and addiction
and drug-free. If you are handy, it would be a plus. For USA
citizens, a passport is not needed to fly from the States, as
Culebra, Puerto Rico is a territory of the USA. To get more
information, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX One
caretaker position is open for October 10, 2012; another position
opens on February 1, 2013.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We are a Buddhist nonprofit endeavor located
at the base of a magnificent mountain range in South-Central
Colorado. The valley floor is at 8,000 feet surrounded by
14,000-foot peaks. We are close to the Sangre de Cristo
Wilderness and the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This is an
agricultural area in an Alpine-desert environment. We have
chickens, horses and dogs and are planning to get goats or sheep
for milk, yogurt and cheese. This year we will finish the
greenhouse and grow greens and herbs in it. We also plan to plant
gardens on our land of potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots,
quinoa and millet using permaculture designs. We are especially
using Geoff and Nadia Lawton's "Greening The Desert"
concepts. For the past three years we have been creating our
compost to use this year. We are seeking one or two volunteers
who can stay at least a month at a time (hopefully longer). We
prefer people who can stay a minimum of eight weeks. People with
building abilities to finish the greenhouse would be very
welcome. Helpers would be asked to carry out morning chores (feed
and water the horses, goats or sheep, and chickens), along with
other farm chores when needed. They would also help with planting
seeds, plants and trees, as well as composting and watering them.
We plan to make home-made egg noodles from the eggs and will be
making cheese and yogurt this summer. We do not slaughter any
animals for food (or for any other reason). Our ultimate goal is
to be as self-sufficient as possible. All volunteer work will not
amount to more than three hours per day, leaving volunteers time
to explore this wonderful community. In return, helpers will
receive accommodations but must provide and prepare their own
food. Volunteers will stay in a lovely retreat cabin or in a
trailer - both with a gorgeous view of the mountains. All
volunteers must have their own transportation (car, truck,
motorcycle or bicycle). Sorry, but we cannot accept children or
pets. No alcohol or drugs may be used on our property. We have
many other on-going and compassionate projects involving Buddhist
teachings, healing, music and film, as well as collaboration with
Native American leaders, which volunteers may find interesting.
Buddhists do not do "missionary work;" we do not try to
convert others. If volunteers wish to learn more about our
teachings and meditation while here, they can, but it is not
necessary. There are many spiritual centers of various religious
traditions here, along with world-class hiking, climbing
(Penitente Canyon is across the Valley); white water rafting and
hot springs. We want to express our gratefulness in advance to
all those kind enough to help us with our good endeavors. Those
interested in viewing pictures can see some on our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then you can email us at 

RANCH CARETAKER NEEDED in Rifle, CO. Reduced/free rent provided
to care for my ranch. This would be ideal for a retired couple.
Light duties include yard work, keeping the place clean, etc. The
caretaker will work directly with the owner. Please email your
resume and references to  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

COLORADO MOUNTAIN CABIN available. Seasonal or permanent help
needed. You must love helping people. Includes hospitality,
cooking, cleaning, maintenance and more. Remote cabin, no road
access, solar power. Share the mountain experience with up to 400
hikers per day, or as few as three. Feed up to 45 people.
Functional fitness needed, wood and water hauling. This can be
for a single or a couple. No children, no pets, no smoking. Meals
are vegetarian. Beautiful, unique setting for a self-starter who
enjoys non-routine days and can think on their feet. Room and
board plus wages provided. Please email 


A MATURE COUPLE sought for help at a newly rebuilt 1790 Colonial
home on 26 acres of woods, fields and meadows in the picture
perfect New England town of Sharon in Northwest Connecticut, the
Berkshire Hills. This six bedroom home has a newly decorated and
expanded one bedroom caretaker's apartment with its own separate
entrance. The owners are part-time residents with a New York City
apartment. In addition to general housekeeping and grounds
keeping, gardening and care of husband with middle-stage
Alzheimer's can be added with salary for skilled help. The right
couple will be in their middle years, active, energetic and
experienced in all aspects of home maintenance. We are looking
for people who will take pride and pleasure in tending to a
beautiful historic house and be more like family than servants.
This is an area rich in history and culture with a strong
component in the arts. A well trained and friendly dog would be
welcome as well. Residence available from November 1st, 2012.
Please send your resume and references to 

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a 34-room historic mansion. We seek
enthusiastic experienced innkeepers. We are searching for a
couple to operate (24 hours/day) the front office, registration,
reservations, concierge, sales, light back-up housekeeping,
continental breakfast set-up, and computer/audit reporting.
Seeking a self-motivated, energetic, personable extrovert,
multi-tasker couple. The Inn has housekeeping/maintenance staff
support as needed. The restaurant/wedding facility may be leased.
This is an exceptional property in the center of an exceptional
town. The couple’s salary to be determined, plus
accommodations and healthcare. To apply, please mail your resume


CARETAKER/RENTER WANTED for our Costa Rica beachfront home in
Zancudo, a small tropical town on Gulfo Dulce. Contemporary
two-story home, two bedroom/two bath, deck, laundry room, bodega,
DSL internet, etc. Seeking a mature, non-smoking person/couple
for a one-year lease. Available 3/2013. $400/month plus utilities
and a deposit. Please contact  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSING SWAP AVAILABLE. Beautiful in-town historic home in
Lewes, DE available for your home in Palo Alto and surrounds, CA.
Dates flexible. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


FULL-TIME EXPERIENCED GARDENER needed for a small estate in North
Yorkshire. The property has a formal garden, lake, and a walled
vegetable garden. Accommodation provided. Driving and references
essential. Please mail your resume and references to

COOK/HOUSEKEEPER needed for an American couple. This position
would be suitable for an energetic person with experience, a
valid driver's license, sense of humor and a good cook. Must
enjoy taking care of dogs and country living. The accommodation
is suitable for a single person only. Live-in/out. No pets. To
apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

COUPLE REQUIRED for a large country home on the West Sussex/Hants
border. Experience of running a large home is essential. Duties
to include cooking (family meals and dinner parties/shoots),
housekeeping and laundry care to a high standard, butler duties,
gardening and general maintenance of house and vehicles. You will
be joining an existing friendly team. A lovely self contained
courtyard flat will be provided. Salary dependant on experience.
References required. Please mail your resume and references to

HOUSEKEEPER or Housekeeper/Gardener/Handyperson Couple wanted for
a small country house three miles south of Stratford Upon Avon.
Minimum of 28 hours per week. A two bedroom bungalow will be
provided, and wages to be discussed. References essential. Please
call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.

PART-TIME DOMESTIC HELP needed. A cheerful, energetic, country
loving person is required to help with domestic duties in a large
country house. Must be able to cook to dinner party standards as
well as be prepared to iron, mend and clean alongside two other
staff. Mainly required in the mornings but with occasional
evening work and weekends. Highest standards expected in relaxed
informal environment. A driver’s license is required and a
knowledge of computers would be a bonus. A small, pretty, two
bedroom cottage with garden will be provided in return, with
council tax paid plus a small wage. Please reply by handwritten

RURAL HOUSEKEEPER needed in the Newmarket area. All aspects of
housekeeping, childcare as needed, and the care of animals
including horses. A UK driving license is required. Ground
work/general maintenance available for partner for one day per
week. References required. Accommodation will be a two bedroom
cottage. Please mail your resume and references to


A NORTH PALM BEACH FAMILY of three is seeking a hands-on
Household Manager. This family's 4,200 sq. ft. formal home holds
a very busy household and lots of detail. This is a long-term,
live-out position with the possibility of living in.
Responsibilities include housecleaning, food prep, light to
moderate cooking of healthful and organic meals, providing dining
service, grocery shopping and other errands, flower arranging,
plant care, organization, packing, clothing care, dry cleaning
management, guest and party service, very occasional travel, and
pet care. The ideal candidate will be a mature, experienced,
nonsmoking professional who can self-start and work
independently; is healthy, unobtrusive, calm yet assertive,
well-mannered, loyal, and trustworthy; and exemplifies an
impeccable work ethic. Capabilities to follow detailed
directions, refer to and review the Housekeeping Manual, and work
smoothly with other staff to provide stellar service to the
employer are all important to this position. If you have an
expert knowledge of cleaning high-end surfaces, complete
discretion, excellent organizational skills and memory, exquisite
attention to detail, adaptability, and a high degree of
efficiency, this family wants you! Other staff are also employed
in the home. Experience in working in a formal household is
required; professional training is a plus. Hours are
Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., and
Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (flexible). This is a can't-miss
employment opportunity for a skilled, experienced, dedicated
household professional!  Annual salary $55,000-70,000, as
commensurate with experience and skills. Please, no phone calls.
Please send your resume to Liz at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 
for consideration.


GUARDIANS NEEDED for a house in Provence. An English family needs
an experienced, energetic couple (no children and preferably
non-smokers) to act as Guardians, House Managers and a
Housekeeper for their large holiday home in the hills of
Provence.  A two bedroom self-contained apartment and small car
will be provided. Must speak good French and be competent
drivers. Good references are essential. This position will be
available late in 2012 or early 2013.  Please mail your resume
and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. 


HOUSESITTER/GARDENER needed in Atlanta from October 25 through
December 15, 2012. I enjoy my garden, which requires some help to
maintain when I am not here. The gardening should take about ten
hours each week. I also have one cat that will need to be cared
for. My three bedroom house including utilities is offered for no
rent in exchange for the gardening and caring for my home and
cat. My preference is for a single, non-smoking person, who is
financially secure and self-sufficient and loves cats. Please
email and explain why you might be interested in staying here and
at least three checkable references to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Once I receive your email, I can
provided more detailed instructions on what to do with my cat,
garden and home when I am away. Thank you.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is looking for an enthusiastic,
friendly volunteer who enjoys the outdoors to fill a campground
host opportunity. Would prefer someone who would like to stay the
entire season, but the length of stay is negotiable. Greet
visitors and assist campers, track visitor use, inform visitors
of regulations and restrictions. Clean restrooms and campsites
and perform minor maintenance tasks in the campground, maintain a
neat and organized work area and campsite. Hosts are provided a
free campsite with a small trailer, electricity and water. Please
mail your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


I AM LOOKING FOR DOG/HOUSESITTER in Jaibalito, Lake Atitlan,
Guatemala starting January 5, 2013 for seven weeks. The village
is only accessible by boat so this requires a certain degree of
agility/mobility. You pay $35 for electric and $15 for gas as
well as walk Zita a minimum of two times a day for 20 minutes.
More/longer are welcome! You have to dote on her, bathe her, and
spend nights at home. Because of boat only access, this means
you're in the pueblo after 5:30pm. The property does better with
some care. A gardener comes 10 hours a week and he knows how to
keep busy on his own. However, with the dry season, an hour of
watering a day (mostly with sprinkler but some hand watering) is
needed. Gardening opportunities are boundless. A housecleaner
comes on Wednesday mornings. There is a rental cottage next door.
Currently, it is occupied and causes you no work. It is meant to
be let for six months. If it was to become available, I'd ask you
to help out in terms of meeting new tenants with key and calling
housecleaner. I've had 8-year-olds and their moms, 65-year-old
retired men, a couple in their late 30's, single women, and an
array of people stay here. Again, this somewhat remote location
with boat access only is not to all tastes. Life here is somewhat
physical with the boat passage, walking, etc. It’s not for
everyone. The most important criteria are a dog lover who has
respect for the house and awareness of the responsibility that
comes with that charge. Posada Jaibalito has Internet and Wi-Fi,
a three minute walk away. Internet (for those who need high
capacity) is best from Panajachel, a 30 minute boat ride away.
The house is a two bedroom/one bath, kitchen, hot water shower,
washing machine and is approximately 1,000 sq. ft. The property
is fenced. Zita has the run of the yard and house. It is a five
minute walk from the public boat dock. Basic groceries can be
bought in Jaibalito. More specialized items must be bought in
Pana, a 30 minute boat ride away. I'm also looking for mid April
through early July 2013. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
if you are interested. Thanks.


CARETAKER WANTED in Waipio Valley, Hawaii. We are looking for a
couple for our riverfront three acre property, in exchange for
weekly hours of outdoor physical labor in landscaping and
building. You will live in separate caretaker’s quarters.
The owners don't live on the property. 4WD vehicle and references
are required. No smokers. Internet and cell signal onsite. Please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Aloha, Rob and Pam.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE who will volunteer six hours per day,
five days per week and we will volunteer a place to stay and food
at our three bedroom Bed and Breakfast on 3.24 hectares. We are
located in a beautiful tropical setting. We need someone who is
willing to help and learn the day to day workings of a bed and
breakfast: preparing breakfast, help maintain a clean kitchen,
cleaning, making up rooms, washing and drying beddings/towels,
keeping the outside swept, washing off sidewalks and watering
outside plants. The suggested length of stay is three months or
longer with mutual agreement. We have a shared room open for use
with a shared bath and private entry. We would need the
cooperation of anyone staying in this room to keep all levels of
noise to a minimum for the respect to the other guests in rooms
nearby, and to be very courteous and well mannered when a guest
might be encountered. Work starts bright and early with breakfast
at 6:00am. You will prepare your own meals in a shared kitchen,
basic food is provided. We are looking for someone
self-motivated, organized, clean and neat, mature with a
respectful attitude, willing to put in some hard work, as well as
learning what we do and how we do it. We need a non-complaining
person with a good attitude when working with others. We have a
Zero Tolerance Policy meaning we cannot allow someone who has
issues to remain at our bed and breakfast. This is not to scare
you off; this is to assure you that we are serious about our bed
and breakfast and taking care of our guests. So anyone coming as
a volunteer who does not take it seriously, will not follow the
rules, or has issues, will not remain at our bed and breakfast.
No drugs, drinking, or smoking allowed. Please do not waste
someone’s chance to come to our bed and breakfast if you
are not truly interested in learning how a bed and breakfast
works. Two days a week will be for rest and relaxation. Nearby
area sights and fun things to do include beaches, secret ponds,
botanical gardens, old Hilo Town, waterfalls, volcano, and parks.
We can pick you up at the airport. The local County Bus service
and Convenience Store are located less than a mile from our
location. English is spoken. Children and pets are not accepted.
If interested, please fax your resume and references to

BIG ISLAND NATIVE PLANT REFUGE seeks caretaker(s) capable in
'off-grid' living at 2,400' with a passion for horticulture. For
more information, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED for a remote location in Hawaii. Manage
the property and staff for a large property, and maintain houses
for the owner and guests. Basic and advanced skills are needed
for carpentry, plumbing, electrical, project management,
personnel management of five to seven staff, and troubleshooting
the phone, Internet and equipment problems. Should have Hazmat
driver’s license eligibility, and be comfortable with heavy
equipment such as a tractor or backhoe. Will need computer
proficiency for emails, Word, Excel, Quicken or similar software.
Maintain the house in ready condition with food and supplies. If
you enjoy cooking healthy meals, it can be part of the job but
not required. Please send your resume or CV to

CARETAKER’S POSITIONS available. For our next
caretaker’s positions we need two more people for three to
six months or more. We are looking for two friends or a couple
who truly know orchards and know about pruning and weed-wacking
work. Hawaii is a subtropical rainforest and an amazingly fast
growing jungle. You need to be comfortable in maintaining small
solar systems and know how to repair and maintain our buildings.
Do you know how to prune a tree?  Can you fix a weed-wacker or
small machines? The exchange is five days of four hours each,
total of 20 hours each week. The season for our citrus fruits
orchard is winter, but with care bananas can grow the whole year
round. Avos come in late September. You can check our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX If you are interested, please email a
picture and your age to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and tell us
about your experience and why you want to come to

“Wilderness Woman Writer - At Home Caretaking”
Date of Birth: February 6, 1952
Interests: Healthy Lifestyle Educator, Online Publishing, Being
in the Mountains, Backcountry and Wilderness, the American
Southwest, Being with my Dog Maggie, Intelligent Living on Planet
Earth, Natural Eco Buildings, Inspiring others to Follow Their
Hearts, ancient Aramaic Wisdom
Quote: "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull
of what you really love it will not lead you astray" Rumi

Cary Ellis

When Cary Ellis first saw gray outcroppings of the Rocky
Mountains against a clear blue western sky, it was love at first
sight and that was all she wrote. Over many years Cary traveled
to the West, always dreaming of living there.  
She spent many years running alternative health centers, personal
transformation workshops, and corporate team-building programs
around the U.S. When she finally took a sabbatical from working
with the public, she landed in a small town in the San Juan
Mountains of southwest Colorado. 
Cary found herself in “heaven,” snowboarding, hiking,
doing river trips, and began to live her dream of writing about
her many years of work in the human growth field. As the big
skies and wide-open spaces won her heart she also realized that
there were people who owned places in this big country who
couldn't be there all the time, due to responsibilities or family
obligations far away.
Her first stint at caretaking was for a woman who traveled to
Australia. Cary stayed in an apartment at the center of the barn,
where all kinds of animals stood waiting to be petted and fed.
Cary took the opportunity to “download” a screenplay
that had been swirling around in her head for months and
eventually placed as a quarterfinalist in an Australian
screenplay competition. As Cary played in the mountains her many
years of work begged to be written down.
When the opportunity to caretake a ranch for musician Dan
Fogelberg arose, she gladly accepted. There were 100 applicants.
Dan said, “I want a writer. I know that they will be
interested in spending time here, and I’d like to help a
writer succeed.” The ranch manager said, “I know a
writer who would be perfect, but it’s a woman and she has a
dog.” Dan said, “Send her up.” And thus began a
wonderful relationship, where Cary would develop the work that
had been on her heart over the next few years while being the
onsite caretaker of a beautiful, remote, high elevation 600-acre
ranch. Sadly, Dan battled cancer, and is no longer with us. 
A few chapters later, Cary finds herself ready for another
caretaking job. The Caretaker Gazette, always her faithful
companion (along with her dog Maggie), is scanned regularly for
likely positions. In November she takes a look at her last issue,
with her subscription about to expire.
“Oh my goodness, here’s a caretaking position in
Colorado and it’s a paid opportunity!” Cary shot off
an email to the ranch owners, not expecting much as the position
required taking care of horses. She had cared for horses for
seven or eight years but was not a horse “expert,” so
she didn’t think she would be considered. In fact, a few
weeks went by and she even forgot about sending the email.
One evening the phone rang, the caller introduced himself, and
told her he had belatedly found her email, after interviewing a
number of other applicants. He and his wife liked her
qualifications and wondered if she would be willing to get on a
plane if they would fly her out to interview. It took Cary about
two seconds to say, “Yes!”
It turned out the people wanted someone whose first priority
would be to care for their home and their property. Also included
in the job was feeding horses; however they did not want someone
who was so horse knowledgeable that they would want to train or
ride the horses, which was perfect. (It’s always
interesting to find out all the details).
Cary spent the weekend and visited for quite a few hours with the
owners so they could get to know each other and what expectations
were on both sides. Cary flew home and on Monday got a call, that
if she would like the job, they would like her to have it. This
was great news and, within a couple of weeks, Cary and her gentle
giant dog Maggie were on their way back to Colorado.
Cary is glad to be back in the wide-open West. She lives in a
sweet house on the ranch that she was able to fix up to be cozy
and comfortable (and her voluntary labor earned her a nice
raise). She feeds 10 Western cutting horses two times a day,
cleans water tanks, feeds chickens and pigeons, barn cats, and
sometimes housesits dogs when the family is away. She has
weekends off and, during the week, spends a few hours each day on
household maintenance chores.
Cary loves the peace of living on a country estate with
wilderness nearby, not driving to work or dealing with the public
(she would be happy even more remote as long as there’s
high speed internet). This gives her mind freedom to develop the
ideas going into her writing and websites. She currently has one
book published on Amazon called, “Super Immunity
Secrets,” and soon will have another book in the
marketplace, along with several web projects. See her work at I
am a Rare Jewel. You have finally found a caretaker/companion who
is an energetic grandmother with integrity and loyalty being
number 1. I am reliable as a House manager, personal assistant,
calibrating finances, landscaping challenges, gardening, planning
dinner parties from two to 100 people, with menu experience, fine
wine, music to compliment the mood, along with the ability to
honor your guests as royalty. My personality allows me to engage
with diverse people from all over the world, because laughter is
the universal language and it make's others happy. Communication
is imperative along with respect for one another. One of my
forte's is saving money. And I like making a difference in others
lives. I will take care of your family treasures you have worked
so hard to establish your memories with. I am sincere and
passionate in all that I do. Life is an adventure. Geographically
I am flexible and I have FBI clearance. With my Sterling
references, we should at least speak over the phone. At present I
am in Northern California, so if I do not answer, leave a message
as to when you could call back in the afternoon at 2:00
California Pacific time, so I can be available for you. My email

The Colorado ranch that Cary is caretaking 


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to work at a farm in the South of Iceland, at
the feet of the mighty and famous Eyjafjallajökull, which
last erupted in 2010. Our tasks will mainly be focused on
improving the environment in and preparing the place for the
winter. We will assist in cleaning up the area, clearing old
fences and replacing them, painting and preparing the farm for
winter in various ways. Volunteers will be able to assist in
regular farm work such as milking, riding and collecting hay. We
will have the opportunity to live and work with an Icelandic
family, participating in the diverse tasks that they are involved
in, in their daily lives. This is a unique opportunity to get to
know and to experience first-hand how a family in the countryside
lives. The farm is big, with sheep, cows and horses, have their
own produce and we will have the opportunity to work and learn
about that. The valley of Brynjudal, where the work camp of the
first week takes place is about 80 kilometers from the capital;
deep inside Hvalfjörður. It is surrounded by mountains,
to the north of the valley is a mountain called Múlafjall,
south of the Valley are Bolafell and Suðurfjall and to the
west Þrándarstaðafjall. The valley is extremely
beautiful, with many plants and trees. There are many small
canyons, streams and waterfalls and it is a popular place for
hikers to visit. Along the valley runs the river
Brynjudalsá which starts in Sandvatn. Hvalfjörður
lies north of Reykjavík and Mosfellslbær and is the
longest fjord in the south-west of Iceland, cutting 30kms deep
into the land along a north-east/south-west axis and curling to
the east at its head. Before the Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel
was opened in 1998 and the main ring-road rerouted underneath the
fjord, all traffic heading north or west to and from
Reykjavík had to follow the fjord all the way around - a
drive of an hour or two. The second week will take place in the
area of Úlfljótsvatn a 70 km drive from
Reykjavík. The area is popular among scouts and nature
lovers and it is popular for recreational fishing. The working
plan will be flexible and it will depend on the needs of our
hosts, the advance of the diverse projects in the area and of
course on the weather conditions. In this camp, volunteers will
be hosted in a farmhouse, sleeping on mattresses on the floor.
Volunteers will have to bring their own sleeping bag. The house
is a fully equipped home, with access to a kitchen, bathroom and
washing machine. We will share the different duties of cooking
and cleaning. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER (OR CARETAKER COUPLE) needed. Our caretaker couple of
10+ years is retiring. We're seeking a full-time caretaker to
live on the property, year round on a large farm near Harvard,
IL. Must have experience with or knowledge of beef cattle,
maintaining grounds/gardens, handling large equipment, including
a tractor. Common sense, good judgment and initiative are
important. This could be couple’s position with
housekeeping, cooking, serving and gardening. Offers excellent
salary, benefits and a beautiful, spacious farm house on the
property for you. We have a five day work week. Please email your
resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for consideration.


LIVE-IN HOUSE MANAGER needed with a £top tax free package
available. My client is looking for a Household Operations
Manager who will report to the Director of the Palaces. Your role
will include supervising the Housekeepers, Butlers and Laundry.
This is a diverse and extremely challenging “hands on
role” with overall responsibility and accountability of the
entire household operation. Includes the management and
supervision of all Household Staff across four locations
including organizing all domestic staff’s schedules and
staff rotation, overseeing all Housekeeping teams to ensure that
high standards are met. Must assign duties for all Teams and
apply knowledge of all housekeeping techniques, and conduct
spontaneous checks. Continuous following up is a must. You will
be responsible for scheduling staff vacations throughout the
year. Must possess extensive knowledge of Food and Beverage
Operations and be responsible for organizing events on all scales
and maintaining high levels of service to the family. You will be
responsible for keeping household inventory supplies on a regular
basis and purchasing both locally and internationally. Must
follow up on all maintenance issues to ensure that they are
completed to a high standard and solve emergency maintenance
issues which may arise with direct coordination with the
Maintenance Department. Coordinate logistics of transporting the
main operation (Domestic Staff) to the other three locations and
liaise with other departments (Logistics, Maintenance,
Horticulture, Communications) when required by the Household.
Skills required: strong managerial/leadership skills with proven
experience of managing private residences with more than 5+ years
experience, possess excellent knowledge of floor supervision,
public areas, office management, work with textiles, fabrics and
other materials, use of cleaning materials and equipment,
laundry, and scheduling administration, able to work and perform
under pressure, able to delegate responsibilities, highly
organized and able to perform multiple tasks with ease and
calmness, able to manage large teams of people, able to
communicate with different cultures, problem solving abilities,
to be able to train all staff (Butlers/Laundry and Housekeeping)
in their appropriate areas, accuracy, confidentiality and
familiarity with working in this environment, ability to be
flexible and work unsociable hours, proficient in using MS Word,
Excel and Outlook, neat and tidy appearance, superb command of
the English language both written and oral. Please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A PRIVATELY OWNED REMOTE ISLAND is searching for the right couple
to join our present team. An experienced Boatman is needed to
take over our Waterfront Operations which include operating and
maintaining our vessels. Additional skills such as mechanical,
welding, carpentry, farming, etc. are helpful in meeting our
mission. This is a full time, year round position with salary,
insurance, vacation, housing and other benefits. A part time
position is available for someone who has skill sets that may
include farming, house cleaning, cooking, painting, gardening,
etc. Hours will vary by season. This position may become full
time in the future. Both positions require people who are
adaptable, versatile, flexible, hard-working, honest, and able to
mesh with our present staff and the ability to "figure it
out". This is a fun and unique working environment that
requires team work, independent work and the ability to interact
with all levels of society in a friendly and professional manner.
To apply, please send a letter of interest, resumes and three
references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.

Island, Maine, a 20 minute ferry ride from Lincolnville, looking
for you to take care of our two dogs and one cat from November -
May (flexible) while we're away, in exchange for a place to live.
The house is a small two-room cottage with a view of Eastern
Penobscot Bay. We pay for heat, electricity, phone and internet.
You need your own source of income, as there are few jobs on the
island during the winter. This would be perfect for artists or
writers. No smokers, please. For more information, please email

A MAINE LIGHTHOUSE is seeking two keepers to be gracious hosts.
Must possess hospitality skills for guest services. Requires a
service ethic, maintenance skills, and small boat handling. A
launch captain¹s license is required. Keepers reside on the
island, off the beautiful rock coast, act as tour guides,
caretakers, housekeepers, and gracious hosts, providing
breakfasts and afternoon tea to guests. Formal meal service,
linens, and events catered from the mainland through a
partnership with historic Newagen Inn. The position begins in
April 2013. Positions offer seasonal residence from mid-April
through mid-October, with a monthly stipend, and incomparable
experience. You can learn more at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Please email your resume and letter to


CARETAKER WANTED in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.
Duties include groundskeeping, mowing, weed-wacking, driveway and
machinery maintenance, gardening, horse care (three horses),
stable and stall maintenance. A spacious one bedroom apartment
will be provided. Experience and references required. To apply,
please email your resume and references to


71,000-acre park features sand dunes, beech/maple and pine/oak
forests, rivers, inland lakes, miles of Lake Michigan beach, two
offshore islands, an historic farming district, a lighthouse, two
campgrounds and 105 miles of hiking trails. Campground Hosts
serve in both D.H. Day Campground and Platter River Campground.
Hosts are a contact for campers and act as an observer for the
Lakeshore, especially at times when park personnel are not
available to perform these functions. Hosts also assist in
promoting visitor satisfaction by providing essential services to
the visiting public in a timely and efficient manner. The
timeframe is May through October; we ask that hosts serve a
minimum of one month. Free campsites available for a minimum of
32 hours of work/week. The campsites have water/electric hook-ups
only, (no sewer and electric may operate at reduced amperage
[<30amps] on some sites), dump station is available. Uniforms
provided. Please mail your resume and references to

HANDYMAN/CARETAKER needed for an Alma area home. Flexible time of
approximately 50 hours/month in the summer, and 20 hours/month in
the winter. $9/hour. Reasonable mechanical skills and good
driving record are required. This is a good opportunity for an
early retiree looking for supplement income. To apply, please

LOOKING FOR SOMEONE in the Hemlock, MI area to do some light
housekeeping, and cooking for a 75-year-old  gentleman in
exchange for free room, and board (room includes a nice size bed,
TV/DVD player, etc.). He has cable TV, phone and everything you
may need. This 75-year-old’s legs are giving him problems,
and it’s hard for him to get around. But still, he is
always on the go! And his wife suddenly passed away last
November. So needless to say he is lonely being home all alone.
He does smoke. Cusses like a sailor. And has two very friendly
poodles. He is a wonderful out-spoken person (my best friend). My
wife and I often bring him meals, run errands, and hang out and
drink coffee with him. But he really wants someone who is willing
to cook, and do light house work in exchange for the free room
and board. If this is something you may be interested in, please
call me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thank you.


CARETAKER NEEDED in the Inver Grove Heights area. Duties include
daily general cleaning of a large apartment building and
apartment turnovers. Must have an eye for detail and be available
daytime hours and weekends. One or more years of caretaking or
cleaning experience is preferred. Must live on site. Compensation
includes a two bedroom apartment plus salary. To apply, please
fax your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking a Cook and a Maintenance
person which can be a couple and who can agree to live following
the five Precepts in a monastery environment. More story pictures
are available at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a monastery and
Meditation Center, the home of the Buddhist American Forest
Tradition and the Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM) which
is a reclaimed practice found in early Pali Texts.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX provides training for Lay persons,
Monastics, and sometimes shelters students while completing
thesis works. While in residence, visiting monastics sometimes
offer training in Pali, Chanting, or Buddhist history. We need a
Cook - please become our friendly primary Kitchen person able to
cook Vegetarian and Mixed Diets for three to six people in the
winter up to 6-20 people April - October. Organize and work a new
modern kitchen facility. Help assign yogi jobs during retreats to
help you do prep work and clean-up. Maintain a clean kitchen,
organize food storage, and help with purchasing supplies. Must be
clean and organized/dedicated to cooking above all else. Will
also help with setting up and cleaning small cabins and bath
house for incoming retreaters. It is not hard work.
Plant/maintain kitchen herb garden just outside your door. Assist
with the main large box garden for house vegetables. Help care
for three loving dogs and two cats who think they are people!
Must be friendly with people. This is a country place in the
Ozark Mountains. A maintenance person is also needed. Be able to
fix things, prime a well, repair a hot water heater, reset the
electrical after a storm, order in propane, and cut firewood.
Maintain a walking therapy pool in the summer time. Drive a
medium sized Kabota tractor with bucket and blade with changeover
for brush hog or forklift work. Maintain properly crowned gravel
roads. Help maintain good drainage. Mow lawns and weed eat new
landscaped memorial gardens/mulch etc. Edge cut roads. Help to
maintain vegetable garden in season. Keep up a small fenced area.
Able to use chainsaw to clear trees when necessary, and use a
splitter for firewood. Help keep up vehicles and small engines.
Organize an old sawmill-site building inside. Keep the outside
areas clean and free from snakes. Prepare the building for
renovation to happen soon. Current benefits we can offer: a
double cabin that can be used in the monastics area for the
winter months with a bathroom close by in the old house. This
will mean someone’s eye will be on that area through the
winter months. You will have the use of a GMC truck for monastery
business, and the use of laundry with dryer beside the kitchen.
We all chip in together for food/can buy in bulk through the
local co-op. The Media Director will keep you company for the
winter and offer full access to Dhamma talks and videos with
support. When teachers are in residence you will be able to
attend all Dhamma talks and train for free with Bhante V. You
will have the use of a new meditation hall, small meditation
temple, and the Library, and have Kitchen/Dining Hall for
sitting/thinking with fireplace. Possible access to internet
during winter and for sure during the summer months. When
students attend retreats, they will sometimes make a donation to
help things along. We share whatever we have here and work
together for the purpose of Research, Practice, Preservation,
Teaching of the Foundation Buddhist Dhamma attempting to help
people take this practice into their daily life and be happier!
There is the future possibility of living on the property that
has been set aside for a supporting a co-housing community. Right
now we own this land but need the director to appear to take this
plan beyond the dream-sheet. Must email interest first to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX then send across your resume with
references. There will be two phone interviews with


NEBRASKA CARETAKER NEEDED. This is an excellent opportunity and
great potential for working caretaker/maintenance, groundskeeper
for a 1,500 acre property in the Nebraska panhandle. We have
beautiful rolling hill country, pine trees, a pond, and
substantial shelter belt tree row investment with established
drip irrigation system. A person with nursery or horticultural
green thumb skills will be a plus. Minimal livestock involvement.
A person with agricultural experience/farming and mechanical
skills would be most helpful. This is a working position. The
caretaker will perform equipment maintenance, upkeep, and general
security. Multiple benefits discussed with the right person.
Salary negotiable and commensurate with work performed. No onsite
housing. Excellent benefit package available. Additional
negotiable benefits and compensation for skilled/qualified
person. Please send your resume with salary history and salary
expectation to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thanks.


HOUSESITTER needed for when we'll be out of town from October 18
until November 3. We live on the outskirts of Las Vegas. We are
looking for someone to come watch our two dogs while we're away.
Rex is a seven-year-old German shepherd and Lady is a
eleven-year-old Shepherd mix. They're sweet dogs, and just need
to have company so they don't get too lonely and depressed while
we're away. They're both rescue dogs, so we're afraid that if we
board them they'll think we're abandoning them. I suppose they're
just sensitive doggy souls. It'd also be nice if you could bring
in our mail each day and water the plants once or twice a week.
For more info, please email us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WINTER INNKEEPERS NEEDED in historic Ocean Grove. Live rent-free
in a quaint seaside community now through mid-May with all
utilities including cable TV paid, plus 20% commission on
bookings. All this in exchange for maintaining our 12-room inn
during the off season. Duties include taking reservations over
the phone and online, preparing and serving breakfast, keeping
rooms and public areas clean and performing normal maintenance.
This is an ideal situation for a couple or individual with hotel
experience. We would be willing to train aspiring candidates.
Please no phone calls. Please send resumes by email after you
visit our website, where you can also see a description of the

BASKING RIDGE AREA - Housesitter needed from November 1 to
December 31, 2012, to look after three dogs, one cat, five
goldfish, roses, and our garden. You will be responsible for
feeding our animals, and watering the indoor plants, no exercise
required for the pets. Would prefer a live-in housesitter, but
will also consider twice daily visits to our home for
feeding/watering duties from any local applicants. Please email
why you would be interested in housesitting and taking care of
our pets, and provide at least three checkable references. Please

INNKEEPER COUPLE WANTED for a seaside inn on the Jersey Shore.
The Normandy Inn, an 18 room Spring Lake, NJ Bed and Breakfast
seeks an innkeeper couple to manage all aspects of operations,
housekeeping, food and beverage, marketing, reservations,
maintenance, and bookkeeping. Experience in hospitality, hotel or
inn management. Having the ability to multi-task along with
having cooking skills is necessary. References are required. An
attractive compensation package includes an apartment, monthly
compensation, plus a bonus incentive. This position will start as
short term but may lead to a long term commitment. Please email
your resume and salary requirements to


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX needs volunteers. This is a fully
sustainable farm/renewable energy learning center powered by
wind, sun and biogas. It borders beautiful mountain wilderness in
northern New Mexico, next to lakes, rivers and hot springs.
Helpers can expect nice accommodation (there are several
apartments) and excellent local food (trout, mushrooms organic
greens, etc.); tasks are varied and range from farming, taking
care of livestock, to construction and repair of energy systems,
or picking mushrooms at 11,000 feet altitude. There are also all
kinds of food-related tasks such as baking bread or fermenting
root vegetables and cabbage into kim chee, or making kombucha
those interested can learn about all aspects of sustainable
living, on actually existing systems - not just theory. It is
also a great place to see low-budget building methods such as
adobe (mud brick), strawbale, pumicecrete, pallets and
Earthships. Longer stays work better for me; it takes a while to
understand how my house works. Due to slow internet I prefer to
be contacted by phone, at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, but short
emails will be answered in even shorter replies. Pets may be
okay, but you will need to prove they don't harass my livestock -
though I do have emus that harass dogs. Please email


A CENTRAL ADIRONDACK ESTATE seeks a full-time, year round,
property caretaker/working superintendent with excellent
character and references. He/she will be responsible for a large
estate with many structures. The caretaker will need to be a jack
of all trades, skilled with a chain saw, able to perform road
maintenance and plowing, have good mechanical skills and be able
to manage one to two employees. He/she will need to have
excellent interpersonal skills and be able to interact with many
different owners and other interested parties. The caretaker will
need to live on the property and will be provided with a lakeside
three bedroom house, heath care benefits and a competitive
salary. Please send inquiries and resumes to

A NICE ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT, situated in a private, serene
setting in the Catskills NY area, is available free of charge in
exchange for caretaker/handyman work. The apartment is in
Liberty, NY and will include all utilities. This would be ideal
for an honest single person, with no drug/drinking problems. It
is located in a bungalow colony with most of the work required
during the summer rental season then total privacy for the rest
of the year. If you are interested, please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and leave a message with your phone
number if you receive my answering machine. Thank you.

LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED to maintain our 10,000 sq ft home on
Long Island, NY. Duties would include cleaning, laundry, cooking
and occasional babysitting. Must be available Monday through
Saturday 7am to 8pm. Compensation will be based on experience and
also includes full room and board including private bath. Please
email your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


RESOURCEFUL COUPLE NEEDED to take care of 3.5 acres of
off-the-grid coastal property, near San Juan del Sur, including
the main house (where the caretakers will live), two cabins
(could be rented as a salary) and pool. This is a long-term
position. Duties needed: supervise on-site living local handyman
for maintenance purposes and love and feed two dogs and four
cats. Our solar powered property is located on a hill, in very
natural setting, with ocean and valley view, three km from
pristine beaches. A 4x4 will be provided. Spanish-speaking a
must. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to learn more.


GENERAL LIVE-IN CARETAKER needed for an elderly gentleman in
Gastonia, NC. Cooking and light housework is required. References
must be provided. To apply, please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or fax your resume and references to


A CHAGRIN FALLS/HUNTING VALLEY, Ohio-area family is seeking a
full-time, live-in or live-out Housekeeper for their 7,000+ sq.
ft. home. This is a friendly, active family of six who is looking
for someone to "be a part of the family" long-term.
There are four children that range in age from 7-17, plus two
small dogs. Responsibilities include housekeeping (both general
and detail, working on a five to six day rotation); laundry;
minimal ironing; changing bed linens; help with cooking/food prep
in the evening; keeping organization in the kitchen, closets,
etc.; and occasional errands. The ideal candidate will be a
non-smoker, personable, detail-oriented, organized, and flexible.
Must enjoy being around a family that has an active lifestyle, be
motivated to help others, enjoy caring for the family they work
for and be willing to learn. Newly redone living accommodations
include a private bedroom in the finished basement, full bath,
kitchen, and private entrance with all utilities, satellite TV,
Internet, and all meals provided. Work schedule Sunday-Thursday,
off Friday and Saturday, but flexible. This is a fantastic
employment opportunity with a casual and fun family! The annual
salary is $35,000-55,000, as commensurate with experience and
skills. Please, no phone calls. Please send your resume to our DC
office at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for consideration.

FARM VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. The farm is comprised of 20 acres with a
large organic vegetable garden. About 10 acres are reserved for
hay making to feed the dairy goats, llamas, horses and rabbits.
Ducks and chickens also live on the farm. The farm is involved
with agritourism and offers classes on the farm. One house on the
farm is used as a Bed & Breakfast and classroom. An ongoing
project is working to save the endangered Butternut tree from
extinction. The farm has about 50 butternut trees on it.
Volunteer helpers would learn many types of work; gardening,
composting, soil fertility, natural weed control, greenhouse
building, tree planting, fence building, harvesting and
preserving food from the garden by drying and home processing,
seed collecting, animal care and fiber processing. Flower and
herb garden renovations, growing a wide variety of vegetables,
small fruits and cut flowers, which are sold at farmers markets
and local restaurants. There is an orchard with several varieties
of apples, cherries and pears. Volunteers stay in the B&B
house. Rooms have bunk beds, and can be shared or a private room
can be requested. Breakfast is on your own with food provided.
Lunch and dinner are provided and prepared but volunteers help
with preparations and clean-up. No smoking or drinking allowed at
any time. Please mail a letter of interest to

A DUBLIN, OH ADULT COUPLE is seeking an expert Housecleaner with
at least two years' experience working in a wealthy home to care
for their museum-quality home with dogs. Position to begin
immediately. The right candidate will be one who takes pride in
his or her work, be very detail-oriented and be able to
detail-clean meticulously. Must also have an attractive,
professional presence; be a non-smoker; be punctual; have a
pleasant personality; and have dependable transportation. This is
a live-out position. Salary commensurate with skills and
experience. Please send your resume to


FARM AND RANCH HAND needed near Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Must have
experience with general farm equipment maintenance and operation,
welding, fence building, cattle, etc. Housing and some benefits
offered. Applicants must send resumes with references to


HELP WANTED. A permanent all around farm caretaker is needed on
our farm in northwestern Oregon. Housing will be included. To
apply, please mail your letter of interest/resume and references

CARETAKER WANTED for a 420 acre sheep farm in Oregon near Salem.
Duties include winter sheep feeding, fencing, miscellaneous farm
chores, and being here when we are away. Housing provided in a
two bedroom SW trailer. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CONTRACTED RESIDENT CARETAKER position available in West Linn, OR
at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX caretaker position is under
contract with the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and work is led by
the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Candidates with agricultural,
housekeeping and/or landscape maintenance knowledge, skills and
experience are encouraged to send letter of interest and resume.
Caretaker(s) is responsible for outdoor maintenance of grounds
surrounding the residence, trail maintenance, invasive species
removal and other duties as assigned. One or two individuals can
apply - couples welcome. Three person maximum, two adults with
one child, or one adult with two children allowed. A limited
number of domestic pets are allowed. Seeking competent
individual(s) who will work hard and display enthusiasm in
performance of all housekeeping and landscaping maintenance tasks
assigned. Thirty hours of service per week is the general time
requirement for expected performance of these duties. Caretaker
housing (Lang House) is a private residence, two bedroom/two
bathroom house on the City's Firlane Property located at 195
Rosemont Road in West Linn, 97068. Compensation - residence
occupancy is given in exchange for caretaking, landscape and
trailhead maintenance services. Duties include outdoor
maintenance of grounds surrounding the residence, trail
maintenance, invasive species removal and other duties as
assigned. Must be able to operate heavy equipment such as
tractor, weed cutting machinery, trimmers and mowers. Lifting is
required and other duties as assigned. Candidates will be
required to submit a consent for criminal background check.
Interested parties can please send a letter of interest and
resume by 5pm on October 31, 2012 to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

OREGON COAST DOG SITTER NEEDED through May of 2013. Must be a dog
friendly person or couple. (Non-smoking). Lucy, our
seven-year-old Labrador, is well trained and lives inside as part
of the family. Duties include taking care of Lucy and limited
light maintenance of your studio apartment and grounds. Located
on 2 ½ private acres about a 10 minute drive from downtown
Florence. Nice studio apartment up one flight of stairs with
vaulted ceilings, view of Siltcoos Lake. Water, sewer, garbage
and electric provided with apartment. Laundry facilities are
located on the ground floor. Florence is in the National Dune
Recreation area and is surrounded by numerous lakes. Beach access
is about two miles away. If interested please email


PEARL ISLANDS, PANAMA: Immediate opportunity available for living
and working on a beautiful tropical island. Experience what
others only dream about! The Perla Real Inn (eight rooms) located
on Contadora Island, Republic of Panama is seeking an experienced
couple for onsite day-to-day operations. Hospitality/tourism
experience preferred and having spent some time in Latin America
would be a plus. The ideal candidates are positive and outgoing;
willing to help guests whenever and wherever. Honest, well
organized, detail oriented, with superior communication and
problem solving skills. Respectful of the owners established
business policies, self motivated. Position requirements include:
basic Spanish/English, management of the housekeeping staff,
basic computer skills, email, accounting software, Microsoft
Excel, light maintenance/handyman work, mechanical skills a plus
(golf carts), light physical activity/lifting, a clean and well
groomed appearance, being able to operate a stick shift truck,
and have a three month minimum commitment. The compensation
package will include $650 a month plus reservation and rental
incentives for a couple (two people) or an individual (one
person), one bedroom accommodation with access to outdoor cooking
and the restaurant area, in room cable TV, AC, small fridge,
computer/internet access, one day a week off accumulative –
to be taken in succession during the slow time, and daily
breakfast. The manager(s) will be responsible for all travel
costs associated with the position. Please email (only) your

CARETAKER WANTED for a cacao farm in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. I'm
looking for the right person or couple to care for and maintain a
beautiful hand crafted Tropical Island home and make the most of
the 13 acre farm planted mostly in cacao. Being able to speak
Spanish is helpful; enjoying the remoteness and privacy is
required. The island is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and
all transportation to and from the island is only by boat. You
need to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. This is a lifestyle
opportunity not a paid position. More info is available at


CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED for a large estate in Southeastern
Pennsylvania. Duties include landscaping maintenance,
housekeeping, minor farming, animal care, and lawn and pool
maintenance. Benefits include health and dental insurance,
apartment, auto, and vacation. Must have experience. Salaries are
negotiable. Please send resumes to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Perthshire A couple is required at
this remote shooting lodge. They need to be resourceful, and be a
complement to the existing estate staff and understand long
winters and busy summer and stalking seasons. The housekeeper
will be responsible for the lodge including seasonal help and
cater for the family and other parties. The properties manager
needs a wide range of skills both within the Lodge and around the
Estate. To apply, please mail your resume and references to

COUPLE REQUIRED. We are searching for a responsible, mature
couple to caretake and help in a house in Borders village near
Jedburgh. The position would include cooking and housework,
part-time help in the garden, and looking after cars and driving.
Dog lovers are essential. A three bedroom cottage is available by
agreement. This may suit a couple who are semi-retired. Please
apply with full resume and references to:


April 2013 through October 2013. This position is located at a
major water resource project with heavy summer visitation. Length
of term may vary. Position includes free RV pad with electricity.
Duties include welcoming campers to the area, assisting with
weekend interpretive programs, minor litter pick-up, and regular
rounds in the campground to be visible and answer questions.
Please mail your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


FARM CARETAKER needed in Franklin, TN. Duties will include taking
care of the farm in general, grass cutting, weed eating, cleaning
barns, cleaning windows, taking care of horses, cutting and
bailing hay, etc. To apply, please write to Farm Caretaker,


THREE MONTH INTERNSHIP with the possibility of long-term
employment available for a progressively minded person with a
serious desire to be part of building and helping maintain a
sustainable, organic, small farm in central Texas. Knowledge of
Permaculture theory a plus. If your interests run toward hard
work not much money, good food and doing a job correctly, then
please apply in writing: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ON-SITE CARETAKER COUPLE needed to take care of the headquarters
and wildlife and provide cooking and cleaning for a 17,000 acre
South Texas hunting ranch. Please fax your resume to

A MARRIED COUPLE is needed to work on our ranch. She to work in
the house as needed. He to maintain the yard and grounds, and do
ranch work and ranch repairs. Must be non-smokers/non-drinkers.
Please send your resume and/or letter to:

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a family farm nestled in the rolling
hills of Milam County, needs volunteer help. We operate a raw
milk dairy and cheese creamery. We also have a horse-powered
vegetable CSA. Our newest ventures are aquaponics green houses
for vegetables and sprouting seeds for animal feed (fodder
system). We can always use a hand with daily operations and
special projects. Please visit our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to see if you would be interested in
helping out, and if so, please contact us through our website.

CARETAKER POSITION available for a small Hill Country ranch.
Strong maintenance skills will be a plus. Prefer a semi-retired
couple receiving retirement or social security income. A nice
home and hourly wage provided. Please fax your resume to

FULL-TIME CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a cattle/game ranch in
Robertson County, Texas. Daily duties include cooking, cleaning,
yard work, and general maintenance. Applicants must be English
speaking, self-motivated, hard working individuals who work well
with others. This is a salary position with living accommodations
and a ranch vehicle provided. Background check and employment
screening is required. Serious inquiries only. Please mail your
resumes and references to Caretaker Couple Position,

NEED AN EXPERIENCED RANCH HAND. Skills must include the ability
to work cattle; horses; weld; operate a backhoe; and all other
related duties. We are near Pecos, Texas. House, salary,
utilities and ranch truck furnished. Please fax your resume with
references and phone numbers to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


VOLUNTEER(S) NEEDED beginning in October. I have a lovely,
hilltop cape on a country road near trails for walking, horseback
riding, cross-country and downhill skiing, biking. I am creating
a home hostel and would like help putting up a ceiling of
plywood. The room is in the basement. I need steps built leading
off the two porches. The one or two helpers will have
accommodations, have internet access, and use of the house while
the exchange is in effect. I expect the work could be done easily
in one or two weeks or sooner depending on how handy you are. I
am also finishing up putting a cover on a teepee and making a
storm-cap. The area I live in is close to a hydroelectric dam
which we built and run, selling electricity to the grid. This
rural town is a great example of sustainable living with its
community gardens and farmers' market. There are several maple
syrup producers here and historic farms, organic vegetables and
meat farms, cheese makers and a local beer pub. Hartland is near
the Simon Pearce glass blowing operation nearby, open all year
and wood-fired pottery both at my place and elsewhere in town
offers a chance to see, make, and fire pots if you come when it
is happening, often in April. Dartmouth College is nearby. There
is a Shambhala Buddhist center nearby that I attend. The
Connecticut River and its many bird refuges are great for
kayaking or canoeing. I have two kayaks and an outfitters
operates in the next town. There are also several covered
bridges, one the longest in New England. If interested, please


WANTED: A mature, single, healthy, English-speaking person to
live rent-free in a separate guest house located on our acreage
in a prestigious gated community in McLean. This is a long-term
position. Living quarters, including utilities, will be provided
in exchange for part-time house cleaning, housesitting and
general household help. No salary, pets, or smoking, and you must
have your own car in good working condition. The guesthouse is a
large one bedroom with full bath, a small modern kitchen, washer
and dryer and new carpeting. Please send a letter of interest and


A SEATTLE, WA COUPLE is seeking a Household Manager. This is a
long-term, live-out position with the following responsibilities:
managing staff, grocery shopping, serving of food, some cooking,
light housekeeping (when needed), some laundry/sewing/ironing,
performing daily chores, running errands, storing/caring
for/cleaning high-end clothing, party/event planning, packing for
wife's travel, spraying off docks/decks/walkways, caring for
pets, and possibly traveling with the couple. The ideal candidate
will be a mature, professional individual who is also dependable,
smart, confident, positive, happy, discreet, trustworthy,
organized, healthy, hard working and self-starting. This person
must also have Macintosh computer skills, good etiquette, a sense
of fashion, experience/knowledge of high-end clothing and its
care, a love of dogs, and a willingness to roll up his/her
sleeves and help, if needed. Nonsmokers only. Privacy and
confidentiality are paramount to this family. They travel
frequently and are in residence about seven to eight months out
of the year. Perks from the family may be included as well. Hours
are Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with flexibility. Don't
miss this wonderful employment opportunity! Annual salary $50,000
to $65,000 as commensurate with experience and skills. Please, no
phone calls. Please send your resume to Liz at

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in rural Washington seeks a caretaker
or couple with their own RV. Should have skills in building,
plumbing, electrical, and off-grid living. Must be financially
stable, with three years of storable food per person. Barter in
summer, reasonable rent in winter. Must be available some daytime
hours. Need ASAP. Must love dogs and the earth. Preference for
spiritual, No drugs or drama. Hearts of Gold and Wills of Steel.
Key words: Dollar collapse, earth changes. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX would be a good fit.


PROPERTY CARETAKERS needed. Seeking a caretaker team for a senior
housing property located in the heart of Wausau. This team will
possess strong customer service, cleaning with attention to
detail, and excellent maintenance skills. Our candidates will be
required to live on-site in a beautiful two bedroom apartment.
Please send your resume or letter of interest to 

CARETAKER NEEDED for a Northern Wisconsin home from October to
May. Located in a beautiful rural setting, only 30 miles south of
Duluth, MN and Lake Superior on 50+ acres. This is a great
opportunity for those who love snow and winter weather. Looking
for a responsible, financially secure single (woman preferred) or
couple to live in the house and care for our property. The
caretaker will be responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the
house and property including lawn care and snow removal. The
ideal candidate can operate and trouble shoot problems with lawn
mowers, the snow blower and chainsaw. This is a great opportunity
for an artist or writer looking for quiet time in a rural
setting. References and background check required. Please email 


CAMP CARETAKER WANTED. A full-time position during the summer
months, and part-time during the "off-season" is
available through The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, owned by the
Lions of Wyoming on Casper Mountain. Responsibilities will
include: maintenance, repair, and the upkeep of the Camp
facilities and grounds. Basic electrical and mechanical skills
are required. On premises for five months. Computer and record
keeping skills are also required. Will need to take and
coordinate reservations for the Camp, year round and submit
regular facility and reservation reports. The salary will be
commensurate with experience. This opening is available
immediately. To apply, please mail your resume - application to 

SNOWED-IN ALPINE WILDERNESS RANCH at 8,200 feet, 50 miles north
of Pinedale, Wyoming, 22 miles from nearest plowed road, needs a
caretaker. Various length stints are available through June 1.
Gorgeous scenery, rich wildlife, indoor plumbing, home-generated
electricity, wood heating, radio-telephone and satellite
internet. Electrical and mechanical savvy a plus. See
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for pictures. Responsibilities: 1) be
there, 2) keep water running, 3) monitor weather station, 4) feed
cat, 5) shovel two roofs if snow exceeds three feet. No pay, but
we supply food, fuels and "utilities". Snowmobile not
provided. References required. Please email


Dallas, TX - Seeking housesitting assignments in the Dallas area.
Very responsible, retired exec and wife. Considering downsizing
and a move to Dallas. We own two very nice properties (3,000 sq
ft lake house and 3,850 sq ft residence) and will treat your home
as our own. Please respond to  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

House and/or pet-sitting wanted. Single, healthy, female, 63
available. Self-employed Healthy Kitchen Coach. Please contact 

Couple looking for a long-term caretaking/security position in
New Mexico. ISA Certified Arborist/Journeyman Carpenter, and
IT/animal caretaker. Please contact  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Carer. Companion. - Articulate. Well Educated. Culinary
expertise. Computer savvy. Your special circumstances will get my
skilled services. Anywhere in the world. Please call 

Excellent Caretaker/Homecare Provider seeking new assignment:
experienced Estate/Home management. Personal assistant. Healthy
cooking. Horticulture. Care for your beloved pets. Security
presence. Can reside on property. Please call

Cooperative Retirement Community. Elderly man needs help with
security. I can provide a variety of personal care service in
exchange for security services. Rural, eastern Colorado or
anywhere in the U.S. Please write:  Resident,

We are a couple in our forties looking to caretake, preferably in
Santa Cruz, San Francisco, or Big Sur areas; or Western NY/ PA.
We are professional gardeners and love animals. I currently work
at a Santa Cruz Garden Center. Able to do high end tree,
landscape, vegetable gardening. Good eye for creating a landscape
in tune with natural environment. Responsible, clean, and
dependable. Please email Kim and David at

Excellent Caretaker Available 9/1. Horse, pet, garden/landscape
too. Oregon. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

San Francisco lady seeks long-term living arrangement as a
caretaker/companion to a private residence in San Francisco: 15
hours per week of free services in exchange for a caretaker
cottage or other private housing. Can be unfurnished. I have 12
years experience in housekeeping, light secretarial, keeping
garden tidy and watered, pet care, light cooking, and
coordinating maintenance and repairs. I am a mature, educated and
stable person who can provide considerate, honest, reliable
friendship and assistance, and I enjoy bringing comfort, security
and peace of mind to others. Non-smoker. San Francisco references
available. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Christian German Man. New, North East. Please call

Mature Canadian Husband and wife team - TESOL certified looking
for pay opportunities after January 2013 housesitting/
caretakers/ teaching anywhere. Born and raised country, know the
value of hard work and pride in accomplishment and property
ownership. Please contact Tim and Sioux -

Caretaker Couple: Passionate about Earth stewardship and Service
to Humanity. Wife is RN, massage therapist, colonic therapist.
Husband: massage, advanced Craniosacral therapy, excellent
handyman, passionate about sustainability, organic gardening,
clean, quiet, honest, and reliable. We cook, clean, garden and
caretake property, people, and pets. Seeking long-term work/trade
arrangement n Northern California, in Napa, Sonoma, or Lake
County. Available January 2013. Extensive references available.

Stuart-Hobe Sound-Jupiter Florida. Peace of Mind. Home, vacation
and estate house checks, housesitting, property repair.
Experienced.  References.  To learn more, please visit

I am looking for a caretaking position December - March anywhere
where the snow does not fly. Wanting relief from long Alaskan
winter. Am a 65-year-old strong, capable, willing worker raised
on a farm. So I have cow, horse, goat, chicken, and dog
experience. Need only minimal living quarters.  Please email

Responsible Person seeking Housesitting/pet sitting - prefer
long-term. I can go anywhere, and would like to explore Alaska,
Colorado, South and Northeastern States. Will need to be located
close to public transportation. Duties negotiable in exchange for
free rent. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Hello Seattle Area: Professional Alaska camp cook/lodge
manager/housekeeper/ ferry naturalist is seeking a caretaker or
other position in Puget Sound, SJI or Olympic Peninsula to get
better acquainted with the area. Mature, single, non smoker, no
pets and unlimited references. Let's talk: Fran:

Professional couple-mechanical engineer/homebuilder and
registered nurse/manager. Seeking three months+ warm weather
approximately December 2012 - March 2013. Very flexible, capable,
handyman, gardening, caregiver, non-smoking/non-drinkers, basic
Spanish, easy going and friendly. Respond to:

Honest dependable couple with farm, ranch, and caretaker
experience looking for a caretaker position in New England, NY,
or Eastern Washington area. We come with high recommendations.
Please contact Steve at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Seeking Reduced Rent for Part-Time Caretaking! You receive 4-8
hours/week of my services, reduced rent and constant occupancy
for your property. I receive private bedroom/bath, and caretaking
experience. About me: Technology Professional (Network Engineer)
working from home five (5) days a week.  My job allows working
from anywhere in the world, via high-speed Internet and
Cellular/Mobile phone access. I bring with me a positive
attitude, willingness to learn and my constant curiosity. Partial
list of skills: mail/parcel sorting, maintaining pool/spa,
securing doors/gates, using and maintaining machinery, basic
electrical, healthy and fit for walking around property, great
with pets, clean driving record, administrative tasks, computer
knowledge, non-smoker, self-motivated, US Citizen with valid
passport. Available long-term anywhere within United States or
territories, or 1-3 (one to three) months in Western Europe.

Storyteller comes complete with beautiful artist and cook.
Pleasant and Fun middle-aged couple seeking a position as
property caretakers/Estate managers, in exchange for housing and
other reasonable compensation. Well rounded and experienced.
Skills and talents include mouth watering Country Cooking,
maintenance, gardening, cleaning, entertaining, art classes, tour
guide, storytelling and a whole basket more. We have experience
as innkeepers and fifteen years in the hospitality industry,
management, customer service and quality control. We are
non-smokers and non-drinkers. Perfect driving records,
Dependable, detailed and very reliable hard workers. Outstanding
references and resume available upon request. We look forward to
hear from you and interview in person. Please call

Professional Energetic/Goal Oriented Couple seeking Property
Management/Security Caretaker Career for Private/Vacation
Residence, Estate, B&B, or Ranch. Geographically flexible,
Excellent Communication/Computer skills, Exceptional Work Ethics
and Judgment. Great References available. Please email

Mature Honest Couple 57 and 55, non-smoker, drug free seeking to
caretake your residence or business off season in Alaska. The
location between the Kenai and Homer. Both self-starters, He has
37 years in construction, property-management, Handy-man
services. She has experience in office and retail work. We have
no pets, but can watch yours if necessary. Please call

Going away for the holidays? Professional couple seeking
short-term caretaking assignment in the Southeastern PA region
during the 2012 holiday season. Looking for rural or suburban
locations in the Reading-Allentown-Philadelphia area so we can be
closer to family in November/December. Child and pet-friendly.

Retired couple (50’s), seeks house/pet sitting position
November/December to mid-January in Western U.S./Coastal British
Columbia/Mexico for 3-10 weeks. Our twenty year old blind, deaf
cat occupies our Camper. Road access, level parking, plug-in for
4WD Truck Camper and Wi-Fi required. Private setting preferred.
Off grid OK. We provide loving pet care, plant watering, light
maintenance. We are clean, quiet, 30 years married, financially
independent with excellent references. Please email opportunities

Bright, responsible, professional seeks a holiday
housesitting/caretaking situation for all or part of December 22
– January 5. Love animals; have references; experienced and
joyful traveler. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Semi-retired professional couple with horticulture, farming,
financial planning and forestry experience in New Zealand, USA,
Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda seek a stimulating position in Central
or Latin America as caretakers/volunteers/house and pet sitters.
We have always had pets, have owned horses and our own homes and
are keen gardeners with plenty of experience in home repairs and
maintenance. We are also experienced in Africa in transferring
technology through "Training of Trainers" and will
consider long term volunteer positions that include supervising
or training other volunteers. We are currently house sitting in
Costa Rica and are accustomed to living in remote places. Please
email us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for further details and
local references.     

Seeking position as a live-in caregiver in the Santa Cruz area. I
am a middle aged lady with great organization skills. I am good
with children and love animals. My other skills include house
cleaning, gardening and cooking. I understand how demanding these
days can be and that’s why I would be a great asset to
have. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX after 6pm Monday to
Friday and anytime on weekends or email

Responsible professional couple seeking housesitting/petsitting
opportunity between January 1-22 in the U.S. or nearby islands.
We are non-smokers/non-drinkers employed on a cruise ship as a
security officer and a nurse seeking a new environment to explore
on our vacation. We are very experienced in taking care of
animals and are free to travel anywhere in the U.S or nearby.
Please contact Dana at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

I am a Rare Jewel. You have finally found a caretaker/companion
who is an energetic grandmother with integrity and loyalty being
number 1. I am reliable as a House manager, personal assistant,
calibrating finances, landscaping challenges, gardening, planning
dinner parties from two to 100 people, with menu experience, fine
wine, music to compliment the mood, along with the ability to
honor your guests as royalty. My personality allows me to engage
with diverse people from all over the world, because laughter is
the universal language and it make's others happy. Communication
is imperative along with respect for one another. One of my
forte's is saving money. And I like making a difference in others
lives. I will take care of your family treasures you have worked
so hard to establish your memories with. I am sincere and
passionate in all that I do. Life is an adventure. Geographically
I am flexible and I have FBI clearance. With my Sterling
references, we should at least speak over the phone. At present I
am in Northern California, so if I do not answer, leave a message
as to when you could call back in the afternoon at 2:00
California Pacific time, so I can be available for you. My email

French/German-Speaking Europe. Tri-lingual young family
(teachers) of four with German citizenship seeks housesitting
situation in German or French-speaking Europe for year-long
sabbatical Summer-2013 - Summer-2014. Please contact Brian at

Fun, trustworthy, pet professional seeking a "Live in"
situation where I can share all of my love and appreciation for
animals of all types. (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, etc.). I have
over 30 years of pet care experience. "A true Pet Whisperer
type". Pet services provided: exercise with transportation.
Walks and Beach trips. Complete grooming care - with equipment.
Feeding - Special diets if required. Other services: Home and
property care. Gardening, light house work, I like to cook.
Throughout the years I have rescued more than 100 pets, and
currently have Afghans and Lowchens that are my pack. Excellent
references available. Please call Priscilla at

I'm a mature, responsible, dependable, woman with a strong work
ethic, seeking a caretaker, housesitter, petsitter position in
the warmer climes of the Pacific Northwest (Northern California
or Oregon). I come with 20 years experience from my own business,
caretaking and cleaning trophy homes in the Colorado Rockies. I
enjoy keeping busy and don't mind solitude as I am a budding
writer. I travel with three incredible mousers, keep an
immaculate home and thoroughly enjoy working inside and out. I
have a great love and respect for animals and nature. Your
property and pets will be in competent hands and treated with
loving care. I have excellent, verifiable references available
and will prove to be a great asset for any setting. Please email

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SUBLET - New York City. One BEDROOM apartment on the Upper West
Side. Spacious. November 2012 to June 2013. $1,200 a month.
Non-smoking apartment. Must love cats and be a health conscious
individual or couple (Buddhist/ Vegetarian cat lover ???) two
cats. Utilities, Wi-Fi, cable included. Close to two parks. Three
elevator Doorman Building. Great natural light. This is a
beautiful opportunity for the right person. Please email

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