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Sunday, June 23 2024


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THIS IS OUR 213th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 36, Number 3        

May/June 2018        ISSN 1074-3642  

Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 31 states
and 15 countries
Caretaker Profile
Burky Achilles in Northern Patagonia
Letters to the Editor
Property owners and caretakers and write about their experiences
with the Gazette



housekeeper/host for 2018 season. Dates are somewhat flexible:
can be May/June - August/September. An RV spot with electric and
water will be available. Can dump waste one mile away in town.
Must be physically fit as this position is 90% housekeeping and
10% other labor (mowing, watering flowers, etc.). You'll be paid
by cabin ($15 - $25 depending on size) and will work four to six
days per week with plenty of time off. $1.00 per hour for every
hour worked - Bonus upon completing season. You can walk to the
river, and spend nights around the fire. Located one mile from
downtown Soldotna. For more information, please email

LOOKING FOR A COUPLE with a love of the outdoors, to help manage
a 5-star 10 bedroom lodge in Alaska.  Room and Board and small
salary provided. You will have access to unbelievable wilderness.
Need to have the ability to work in a fast paced environment with
multiple skills in food and guest services. We're looking for
help during the Summer and/or Winter 2018. For additional
information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or text your
contact info. Thanks.


PATAGONIA VOLCANO CALLING: An enthusiastic woman interested in
art, current events, and creative and spiritual thinking is
seeking a like-minded companion to join me in a healing adventure
at the world-famous, volcanic hot springs in Copahue, northern
Patagonia, Argentina. I am wheelchair-bound with local personal
aids who attend to my physical needs. I desire a companion to
converse in English, assist with correspondence and creative
projects, and manage and troubleshoot computer (MacBook expertise
preferred) and internet issues. Required skills: bilingual
English-Spanish, driving a manual transmission. Desirable
interests: art and physical therapy. We can review our preferred
timeframe for you to be here. If interested, please read our two
page feature Caretaker Profile story on Pages 8-9 in this issue,
along with photos of this Patagonia property, and then write to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX explaining your interests in this
opportunity. You can also learn more at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED to take care of mules and an off-grid
property from April to August. Looking for a seasonal couple to
care for 40 acres, six mules, two donkeys, two old dogs and a
bull outside of Prescott. The perfect couple would be able to
ride three of the mules, have fencing experience and be familiar
with solar systems. A new 36 foot 5th wheel will be provided,
along with a large garden space for the caretaker's use. Please

SEEKING A CARETAKER TEAM in Tubac, Arizona. These positions are
best suited for a couple who will live full-time on the property
in a single family dwelling. These jobs are suitable to very
motivated people who are willing and able to complete many tasks
and work without direct supervision on a diversified ranch.
Performs irrigation and farming agricultural operation and
management. Monitors and maintains buildings, fences, and grounds
to prevent unauthorized access. Performs all required
groundskeeping duties including, but not limited to, mowing,
trimming, weeding, raking, planting, fertilizing, and watering,
and maintains the watering systems; and perform reclamation
efforts such as erosion control, falling dead trees, and seeding
as needed. Provides housecleaning, laundry, and cooking as
required or as needed. Must have some relevant agricultural work
experience, handyman skills, cooking and household skills,
equipment maintenance skills, must have good communication and
interpersonal skills, and must be willing to work extended hours
and weekends. Position requires the caretaker couple to be
physically able to work outdoors in all types of weather, on hard
surfaces, and uneven terrain; be able to climb to and work at
heights of up to 25 feet; be able to safely operate machinery,
equipment, power and hand tools, work safely with chemicals and
cleaning agents; and be able to perform moderate to heavy lifting
and carrying of equipment, supplies, furniture, feed, and
miscellaneous items weighing up to 75 pounds. Valid driver's
license required, with a good driving record and have a High
School diploma or equivalent. This position requires a
pre-employment credit check, pre-employment drug screening, and
pre-employment background check. These are full-time salaried
positions complete with housing, utilities and company benefits;
100% funded profit sharing plan, vacation, life insurance, family
health plan, tuition reimbursement, and 401(k) employer match.
Please submit your cover letter, application and/or resume to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is an affirmative action, Equal Opportunity

Hi Gary, I have recently moved (by taking a long-term position
via the Gazette) and my address has changed. My new address is PO
Box , Cloudcroft, NM Jim. L., New York, NY
Dear Jim, thanks for sending us your new postal address. You
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4) Click on the Sign In Button
Once you are logged in you can click on any of these features to
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I want to thank everyone for contacting me about my emergency
need to find a caretaker for my Hill Country home. I had over 50
responses and was overwhelmed with the expressions of concern and
assistance everyone offered me. Wow. I am so impressed with the
folks out there looking for positions. I wish I had places for
all of them. B. V. Leakey, TX
Barbara, we're glad to hear that you received a great response
for your Help-Wanted ad and it's nice to see that you were able
to find a caretaker so quickly for your place through your
Gazette ad.

Hi, I'm wondering how to respond to various postings I see on
social media from The Caretaker Gazette. For instance, I just
read about a Pennsylvania position on your Facebook Page -
however, I think I have already responded to this Pennsylvania
advertiser via an email update that I recently received from the
Gazette. I also see other positions I'm interested in on my
Twitter account from The Caretaker Gazette - but I can't tell if
these are new positions or what? Please let me know how I should
be responding to these new positions I see on the Gazette's
social media. Thanks! Sara P. Santa Monica, CA
Hi Sara, thanks for writing. The Caretaker Gazette's social
media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) feature new help
wanted listings that have already appeared in recent email
updates that were previously emailed to all our Gazette
subscribers. The email updates that go out to subscribers contain
more detailed descriptions of the duties, responsibilities,
compensation, and contact information. In many cases, our help
wanted advertisers request that we feature a summary of their ad
and a photo on the Gazette's social media sites - so they can
obtain additional exposure for their ads. So Sara, as a
subscriber, you do not need to respond to new postings on the
Gazette's social media sites - just respond to the positions that
you receive in your Inbox from the Gazette's email updates that
we email to you.

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Our Caretaking Philosophy
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caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

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FARM CARETAKER needed. This would be suitable for an active
retired couple. Located on hills property, east of Pinjarra. A
renovated three bedroom/two bathroom house available, rent
subsidized by hours worked. Duties are livestock management,
house and garden maintenance, and handyman duties. Previous
experience with livestock required. Must be motivated and
reliable. Police clearance necessary. Please phone

WE ARE LOOKING for a mature reliable caretaker couple to assist
on our 60 acre camp ground located in the beautiful scenic rim
area of the Gold Coast hinterland. Duties are mowing, cleaning
small amenity block, kiosk work, bookings for the kiosk. Free
powered RV site provided and wage. You would need your own
caravan. If interested, please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

PERMANENT CARETAKER POSITION available on a cattle property
located 70km from Richmond, Victoria. Duties include checking and
maintaining fences and waters and garden surrounds. Air
conditioned accommodations provided. This positions would suit a
pensioner/couple but not limited to. Please phone Malcolm with
your references at 0746585638 or 0458585628.

CARETAKER WANTED for general farm duties in the Camden area,
southwest of Sydney, in New South Wales. A farm cottage will be
supplied in return for approximately eight hours of work per
week. This would suit an active retired couple. Please call

CARETAKER/MANAGER needed. This is an opportunity for a couple,
located 90kms east of Cloncurry, Queensland. Duties will include
all facets of cattle work with mostly bikes and general
maintenance on two properties. Grader and loader experience would
be an advantage. No local school available. Local residents
should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to apply. Thanks.

CARETAKER/HANDYMAN needed. A permanent position is available at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with flexible hours and regular paid
handyman duties. The caretaker gets a comfortable three bedroom
house and use of a farm work vehicle. This would be suitable for
an older, rural couple wanting to stay in touch. Located near
Williams and one hour from Mandurah. Please phone

PENSIONER COUPLE required in Baralaba, a small town in the Shire
of Banana in central Queensland. House, electricity, and small
wage provided in exchange for maintaining the house, yard,
fences, and waters on the property. To apply, please call

CARETAKER/OVERSEER needed. Looking for an experienced, reliable,
self-motivated and active caretaker for our property north of
Longreach, west of Rockhampton. Duties include: checking and
maintaining waters, fences and the homestead. Stock work on the
motorbike and in yards. Mechanical experience advantageous.
Salary package plus accommodations provided. School nearby. To
apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARING HONEST creative mature lady, or semi-retired or pensioner
couple needed to caretake a waterfront brick home/property at
beautiful, serene Baffle Creek, northeast of Winfield. We are
located 65km from Bundaberg. Gardening, landscaping,
housekeeping, handyman work required. More info can be provided
over the phone. Local applicants should call

CARETAKER/HANDYMAN needed for a cattle property, near the
Burdekin Dam We are located southwest of Ayr and Home Hill in
North Queensland. This would be suitable for a pensioner couple.
Light duties required. Local applicants should call

CARETAKER/PENSIONER REQUIRED on a Central Queensland property.
Located 30km from town with an all-weather access road. Duties
will include, but not limited to checking and maintaining fences
and waters. The successful applicant will be provided with a
comfortable three bedroom, air-conditioned cottage. Previous
experience working on a cattle property is preferred. Local
applicants should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to apply. Thanks.

GARDENER/CARETAKER COUPLE needed in the Toowoomba Area. An active
trustworthy reliable gardener/caretaker couple required for a
full-time position. Machinery/mechanical/stock experience an
advantage. The successful couple shall live on the property and
maintain the large garden and surroundings. Accommodation, power
and wage provided.  Checkable references required. Please call

CARETAKER Couple required on our property at Gundagai in New
South Wales, to maintain large established gardens and homestead,
plus other farm duties in return of a renovated, heated, air
conditioned, brick home. Electricity provided. Rural and sheep
knowledge essential. Must be honest, fit, reliable, enthusiastic,
self-motivated and of sober habit. At times, paid work will be
available. Two local references are required. Please call

CARETAKERS NEEDED. A responsible and energetic couple is needed
for a 200 acre property near Appin, a small town in the Macarthur
Region of New South Wales, in Wollondilly Shire. Duties include
caring for cattle, chickens, two dogs, a few fruit trees, a small
vegetable garden, general maintenance, repairs and lawn
maintenance, etc. Must be fit, tidy and animal lovers, and must
be able to use mowers and basic tools. Must live on premises,
rent free and wages are negotiable based on experience and
working hours. Local applicants should call

RESIDENT CARETAKER needed. Cleaning and general over-sight of
church buildings in North Adelaide. Must be computer confident.
Free two bedroom cottage provided, with modern conveniences,
including air-conditioning. This would suit an active,
semi-retired couple. Local applications should be put in writing
and mailed to Caretaker, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Jericho area. Jericho is a rural
village situated on the Capricorn Highway in Central West
Queensland. A small wage/rent and electricity will be provided
for free. Locals should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and leave a
message. Thanks.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in southern Belize. A minimum commitment of
four weeks anytime from March to November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties as of
this date will be the care and feeding of six dogs, fishes,
watering young plants and minor maintenance. If interested please

SEMI-RETIRED COUPLE WANTED to caretake two acres of tropical
fruit trees, for the month of May 2018. Your responsibility is to
be a presence on the property. Duties will be feeding three dogs,
one cat, two talking parrots, and a small amount of chickens. If
interested please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


RANCH MANAGER/CARETAKER NEEDED for an alfalfa ranch in San
Joaquin County. Must be experienced in farm equipment operation,
pivot irrigation, mechanics and general maintenance. And the
day-to-day operations on an alfalfa farm. Applicants must be
self-motivated, trustworthy, manage time wisely and have a valid
driver's license. This position is year around and includes a
home and utilities. References required. Please mail resumes and
references in care of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER NEEDED in Mendocino County for a work trade situation.
A large country property close to Willits needs a caretaker for
animals and general property maintenance. This is a quiet,
peaceful place, close to town. No pets. Must have your own living
space, such as a motorhome, trailer, RV, tiny house, etc. Must
have references and skills. For more information, please call

CARETAKER WANTED for a remote 10 acre property in the beautiful
Sierra Nevada of Northern California. No stipend, free living in
your RV in a covered building with hook ups, in exchange for
work, 10 - 15 hours per week. The main duty is processing wood
for a wood burning household. Must be adept with a chainsaw, have
knowledge of woodland safety. Work at your own pace, no set
hours. Other duties as needed - care for chickens, random
handyman issues, tractor work, and feed the dogs if the owner
goes out of town. Love of gardening is a huge plus. The perfect
candidate is a physically fit retiree or veteran. Must have your
own income and vehicle - a 4WD is advisable - for the
non-maintained road and some snow. Quiet and remote, clean water,
pine trees and fresh air. Miles of hiking, wildlife, fishing and
gold panning nearby, perfect for a writer or nature lover. No
alcoholics or drugs, prefer a non-smoker. Barn and corral
available for a horse owner - negotiable. Looking for long-term,
but a one year commitment is okay. References and background
check required. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A CARMEL VALLEY CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNER is looking for a long-term,
live-in caretaker to help with all household duties, running
errands and doing special projects for three days of work in
exchange for a small studio on the beautiful Monterey Bay
Peninsula. A car is necessary for errands (gas allowance given).
This is a two acre home in the Valley, which is about 12 miles
from the ocean and 15 minutes to all surrounding areas within the
Peninsula. Must be self-starting, be able to complete projects
without being told, light gardening (have gardener) but to keep
outside of home and inside of home immaculate. This would be
great for a student or someone who has an income looking for free
housing. Studio is furnished, includes private entry, private
parking, kitchenette, bath and living/sleeping area. Please email
me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your consideration. This
is a wonderful offer to live in one of the most beautiful areas
in the US, work part-time, free housing and utilities and you
could even add on a part-time position or do continuing
education. Let's Talk!

SAN FRANCISCO DOG-SITTER wanted for 13 - 14 days in early April
in a two bedroom apartment in the central NOPA/Panhandle
neighborhood. Mellow, sweet-natured labradoodle needs company,
short walks and feeding. Non-smoker. References required. Please

vicinity, or coastal location such as Pescadero or Montara where
residents own a share of the equity in the property. I envision a
commercial property with a pool, e.g. a hotel/motel, school
house, or other such commercial building that could be converted
to a long-term residence for 10 to possibly 50 individuals or
families. Residents would have common ideals/living practices,
e.g. gardening, solar power, learning, teaching, public service,
cycling, trees, aquatic exercise plus therapy, organic food,
community dining, shared resources such as bicycles, cars, and
vacuums. If you are an investor or a resident seeking to live in
an intentional community with others who have similar
values/ideals, please email me at lXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

RANCH MANAGERS needed for a Private Ranch. A private family
retreat in a beautiful area of northern California is seeking a
support couple to assist in daily operations of 20,000+ acre
ranch. This is a live-on site position. This position is not
considered entry level. Experience is required. The compound
consists of: three employee homes, a four bedroom bunkhouse (used
primarily for subs and workers that are on the property for
several days), an office, Main House, Guest House, Lake (guest)
House, six guest suites, and an over flow trailer for workers
here for special projects. Other buildings include a laundry/pool
house, firehouse, butcher shop, several outbuildings for farming
resources, kennels, a green house, a mechanic's shop, woodshop, a
very large horse barn and riding arena, three garages, a gym,
equipment sheds, and several metal buildings that house personal
collections of the owner. There is a support couple on-site who
assist the Ranch Managers in daily duties and ranch coverage. The
primary focus of the Ranch is a retreat for the family. There are
several exotics that live on the property and the Ranch provides
habitat for local Deer, Turkey, and Elk herds. While we are not
considered a production ranch, we also put up hay for 150+ head
of cattle. Other responsibilities of the Ranch Managers include:
guest services for the family and their guests when in residence.
Must be hands-on, self-starters, mechanically inclined, have
haying, fencing, irrigation, farm equipment experience and other
duties relating to successful ranch management. Horseback riding
ability is essential, draft horse experience helpful. Personable,
ability to work alongside (and with) others, basic written and
oral communication skills, computer literate. Must have a
California Driver's License; housing and utilities provided.
Housekeeping is also a large part of this role. The homes are
maintained in a guest ready state at all times. Meal service is
provided upon request. While our meals are not gourmet, we do
strive for better than average on the food. We maintain a fleet
of heavy equipment. The Ranch Managers are also responsible for
managing and oversight of two cowboys who maintain the cattle and
do other ranch hand duties such as mending fences, maintaining
water troughs, haying, etc. Basic mechanical skills are required
for routine maintenance; any skills above basic are appreciated
and considered a plus. General ranch experience should include:
experience with haying, irrigating, planting, water conservation
and some basic carpentry skills, and must be mechanically
inclined. Salary is competitive and depends on experience.
Housing and utilities provided: the ranch provides one tank of
propane. A ranch phone is included and used for ranch business
only. No medical, you must provide your own insurance. Worker's
Compensation covers injuries that are work related. Ranching at
this level is not a job, but a lifestyle. If you are not
passionate about this type of work, please do not apply. You must
be comfortable living in a remote area, and this is not suitable
for couples with children. A dog is OK, but they will not be
allowed to run free here. Your dog must remain in a kennel when
you are not at home with them. Excellent communication skills
required. We are very isolated and must depend on each other to
get the job done. To apply, please fax your resume and references

LIVE-IN CARETAKER needed in Murrieta, CA. Seeking a caretaker, a
single man, for a horse property. A 35' trailer will be provided
along with all utilities, in exchange for the care of three dogs,
five horses and two mini-donkeys. Extensive equine experience is
a must. A love for dogs is required. This property is located on
a beautiful 6 1/2 acre parcel in a horse community. This is not a
full-time job, so having other employment is OK. Please no
smoking or drug use. We will be doing a background and credit
check on all applicants. To apply, please call

CARETAKER/MANAGER NEEDED for our Lodge. Seeking a couple to
perform caretaker duties at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, CA. We are
currently undergoing renovations turning the Lodge into a unique
and lovely event space! This exciting position requires previous
caretaker experience and a couple who is comfortable with guests
from all walks of life. Are you a couple with at least seven
years prior experience working as a caretaker for a lodge or
hotel property? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment
changing gears from one exciting project to another, with the
ability to deal with a lot of balls in the air and do so with
grace under fire? Are you considered the go to person' because of
your take-charge attitude and amazing problem-solving skills? Do
you have amazing customer service skills, handling guests and
customers with graciousness and a positive attitude? Would you
like to work for a great company that offers a collaborative team
environment and values its employees? If you answered yes to the
above and would like to dive into a great position where you can
make your own mark, then we are looking for you! This dynamic
opportunity will put you in charge of the following:
- the general upkeep and maintenance of the Lodge and property
- experience with guest services and hospitality preferred
- respond to guest reservation requests and negotiate customized
group events
- have the ability to enhance the overall hospitality experience
would be a plus
- provide general management direction to onsite staff
- oversee housekeeping to ensure guest rooms are ready in
- oversee caterers and bartenders for guest services during
- oversee and manage an onsite handyman
- manage inventory of supplies, such as toiletries, merchandise,
and alcohol
- oversee landscaping, including tree trimming, lawn and pond
- general handyman skills are preferred including plumbing and
electrical experience
- have the ability to assist in snow removal using heavy
equipment would be a plus
- performs duties in accordance with company and OSHA policies
- provide on-site general security
If you fit the profile above and would like to work for a
thriving company, we look forward to receiving your resume in a
Word document sent to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls please.
Thank you!

HELP NEEDED on a fertile, spectacular 80 acre homestead/ranch in
Callahan, California. 1/2 irrigated pasture, 1/2 forest. Minimal
electric, minimal impact. Ethical living. Courting
sustainability. Need kind, healthy, capable soul(s) to help with
irrigation, ditch and fence maintenance and some animal care
(including some milking) in exchange for a peaceful, wildly
beautiful place to put your mobile shelter and live rent free.
Long-term living and business opportunities. Ideal applicant(s)
has child(ren) being unschooled or homeschooled, but I'm open to
others as well. References and background check required. Please


ISLAND CARETAKER POSITION available. This is a live-in,
full-time, salaried assistant caretaker couple position - open to
couples able to work in Canada only. The location is a private
island with modern infrastructure systems, in the vicinity of
Whaletown Bay, Cortes Island, BC. The
responsibilities/requirements are for a mature couple in good
health, with a valid driver's license, good driving record, basic
first aid, and a stable employment history. Good interpersonal
skills and the ability to work well with other personnel in a
semi-remote location. Will need basic clerical and computer
literacy. Experience with small boat operation, knowledge of
marine safety and navigation. Must possess a valid Pleasure Craft
Operator Card. Experience in operations of equipment and
machinery, knowledge of mechanics, electrical, water systems,
generators and building maintenance. General knowledge in grounds
keeping, gardening and housekeeping. Salary will be based on
experience and expected responsibilities. A fully furnished two
bedroom house with utilities will be provided. Please submit


RANCH CARETAKER needed in Elbert County, near Limon, Colorado.
Duties would include some irrigated and dry land farming. We use
horses, but not required. Housing possible. Competitive wages
provided. To apply, please email your resume and contact

SEEKING A LONG-TERM groundskeeper/general laborer/caretaker in
the Northern Colorado area. Will need to maintain and upkeep a
very large area, including mowing, landscaping, picking up trash
and cleaning, fence maintenance, equipment maintenance, snow
removal, security and overall land care. Also includes feeding
animals and cleaning up after them. Applicant needs to be
proficient with a computer, check emails and voicemails, and have
excellent communication skills. Must be a very driven individual
who is willing to work hard on a daily basis. Housing is provided
and salary is negotiable. To apply, please email your resume to

estate in Greeley, CO. The ideal candidate is a hard worker with
great communication skills and must be able to listen and take
direction when given. Applicant must have a positive attitude
while working and present themselves in a respectable manner. The
job duties will included a variety of tasks and jobs such as
mowing a large area, gardening, feeding and watering longhorns,
taking care of animals, etc. The ideal candidate has experience
running heavy equipment. For questions please call


CARETAKER/RENTER WANTED for a Costa Rica beachfront home in
Zancudo, a small town on Gulfo Dulce. It's a contemporary
two-story, two bedroom/two bath, deck, laundry room, bodega, DSL
Internet, etc. Seeking a mature, non-smoking person/couple,
one-year lease. Available approximately September 1, 2018.
$300/month plus utilities and a deposit. Please contact
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please visit our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please read through all the columns on the
top for more information.  


FRIENDLY FAMILY WITH DOGS looking for a hands-on couple for a
large house and garden with pool in West Sussex. Work includes
approximately 25 hours per week for general housekeeping, laundry
and errands and approximately 30-35 hours for gardening, property
upkeep, driving, etc. Must be self-starters, smart and have a
good eye for detail. Previous experience or relevant skill would
be helpful. Separate, particularly nice two bedroom cottage, in a
beautiful seaside setting, with all utilities paid, included in
the package. UK residents should apply with your resume and


amazing resort in Fiji. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is located on Waya
Island in the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. This resort operates at an
occupancy of over 80% year round, and is a sister property to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - both award winning hotels also located in
the Yasawas. The role is the management of the day-to-day
operations of the Resort. You will be reporting to the Group CEO
and Managing Director in the USA and New Zealand. The role
involves the effective management of the staff team of
approximately 90 people. With a key focus on delivering the right
atmosphere and service levels we are well known for. You will be
working alongside the heads of departments to deliver the
budgets, and service goals, and maintaining the target revenue
growth, and continue to improve the profitability of the current
operations. The Resort is just completing a major refurbish in
time for the busy high season. We are looking for a management
couple with solid previous island resort hotel or resort
management experience of at least three years at a senior
management level, must be hotel not motel experience. The
contract will be initially for two years, commencing by the 1st
of June. To learn more please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then
click on Contact Us to apply for this position.


Florida. Immediate opening available for an experienced caretaker
couple to work at our farm/ranch. Must have general knowledge of
all functions pertaining to caretaking; including but not limited
to grounds keeping, equipment maintenance, handyman skills,
animals, housekeeping, etc. We are looking for a motivated couple
willing to work as a team covering all inside and outside jobs.
Compensation will include pay plus benefits, and room & board.
Please email your resume, references and salary requirements for
consideration to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Serious inquiries only

a 900 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment which is part of its newly
constructed facility at 601 SW 8th Avenue. The caretaker will be
expected to perform the following duties: Secure the on-site
premises on a daily basis before and after daytime hours of
operation; Open the premises at approximately 6:45 am and close
at approximately 5:30 pm daily; Will be on call in case of an
emergency during evening hours, including weekends and holidays;
Reports any and all activity related to building and grounds;
Responds to building alarms, vehicle alarms, suspicious visitors,
vandalism, etc.; Provide periodic surveillance throughout the
evening around entire properties. This is a great opportunity for
an experienced person who works daytime nearby or is retired from
employment in security, police/fire, or
construction/carpentry/handyman. This is an once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity for someone currently looking for a centrally
located, brand new place to live at a minimal cost! The person
must be able to permanently live on the premises (one bedroom/one
bath apartment, and no pets allowed) and be available early
mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays. Bilingual (English and
Spanish) preferred. This is a no compensation position. Must be
able to successfully pass a criminal background with Florida
Department of Children and Families (DCF). Candidates are welcome
to apply in person Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
or forward your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

SEEKING A PERSON who is honest, peaceful, healthy, physically
fit, loves animals, down-to-earth, and does not use tobacco. Need
assistance helping prepare a Southwest Florida property, which I
am getting ready to sell. Then we'll relocate to the Northwest
Florida panhandle country area. Long-term, rent-free, country
living is offered to you. To talk about this offer, please call


THIS IS A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY for a cheerful and relaxed couple
looking to spend the summer in the Dordogne, in southwest France,
between the Loire Valley and Pyrenees mountains. Our clients have
a lovely Gite complex near to Bergerac and require help with
weekly holiday makers from the UK. You would be expected to
provide support with a number of duties from shopping to bed
making and cleaning and low level maintenance. Preparing the
Gites for guests during handover and tending to some light
gardening. This should not amount to more than three/four days a
week so there is an opportunity to provide a babysitting/taxi
service to the families or enjoy France for yourself on those
days off. This is a temporary position lasting the summer season,
May - September. Accommodation provided. Please apply with your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED in Waipio Valley, Big Island, for our
riverfront three acre property in exchange for labor in
landscaping and building. Live in separate caretaker's quarters.
Owners don't live on the property. A 4WD vehicle and references
required. Phone and internet via cellphone booster. Please email

exchange your environment for the tropics. We have a 2.25-acre
estate in Kona, Hawaii in need of an individual who can care for
its landscape, gardens, and general maintenance. I will entertain
a couple for this opportunity, with the other half of the team
tending to high-end housekeeping. This commitment is for a
minimum of 90 days, but a longer-term relationship could be
possible for this position if all parties are content. If hired,
one can expect round trip airfare from your nearest major airport
to Kona, Hawaii. While on the property, we will provide you with
private hi-end accommodations with air conditioning, maid service
once a week, occasional complimentary meals, and a negotiated
stipend. Lastly, we will occasionally give you free use of a
vehicle to explore the island. We are in one of the most
beautiful parts of Hawaii, and I believe in the world. We are
seeking a self-motivated, organized, in shape and strong, and
very tidy and clean individual, who will work 30+ hours a week to
upkeep our estate's land, agriculture, and gardens. No drug use,
a non-smoker, and responsible alcohol use! We are willing to
train in our procedures, but you must have experience and be
proficient in the following areas: 
1) General Maintenance: There are occasions where we have to do a
little sanding and painting, pressure washing, and spraying bug
insecticides. These are done quarterly and sometimes
2) Grounds Maintenance: You must be proficient and competent in
using a commercial mower, weed eater, blower, hedge trimmer,
chain saw, and pole saw. We use mostly Stihl equipment, and have
an Echo weed eater, and a commercial mower by Honda. This
equipment will be your responsibility to maintain, and you should
be able to do light repairs on them. You will have to tend to all
fertilizing and weed maintenance. You must be competent in
installing, maintaining, and repairing irrigation. We use Toro
products. We have over 60 different fruit and spice trees, and
edible berries and bushes, vegetable and herb gardens, and an
acre botanical garden with rare palms, Heliconia, and Gingers. We
are in the process of adding three lotus and lily ponds, and in
July we are hoping to open our pigmy goat farm. It is fabulous,
but it is hard work to maintain all of them. If you love plants
and the outdoors, this is your dream job. The property has a
panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a spectacular place.
If you feel this position might be your calling, please send me
your resume and a list of references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and
include the terms House of Kona caretakers' in the subject line
of your email message. I will review them and give you a call to
set up an interview time. (I can do Skype and Face time). Please
have one of these options available for your interviews.
Responses should be received within 48 hours. All applicants will
be subject to background checks. You may contact me,
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for questions. Aloha and mahalo!


September 17 2018. You will be working on a project in the
beautiful forest of Vaglaskogur in the north of Iceland, doing
nature and environmental oriented tasks. Vaglaskogur is a 300
hectare forest, located about 35 km from the beautiful town of
Akureyri. It is the second largest forest area in the country.
The forest is located in Fnjoskadalur, a green and fertile valley
with the Fnjonska River running through it. It is a narrow
valley, thus sheltered from most wind directions.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been cooperating with the Icelandic
forest service and our groups of volunteers have been helping out
for a few years in other forests around Iceland with very good
results. The participants and the Icelandic nature conservation
have been very happy with the projects and the reforestation
efforts. The main tasks will be to maintain hiking paths, build
stairs, make and put up signs. The volunteers will also collect
pine cones that are used to plant again. Other tasks will be to
trim branches and beautify groves that are located near hiking
paths. Well maintained paths enable people to visit these amazing
areas without damaging the area and this important work also
helps to improve safety for visitors. The work can be demanding
and might require that you are in good physical condition. No
previous experience is needed. As it is outdoors work, volunteers
should be ready to adapt to the weather conditions and be
flexible with the working and free-time schedule, as depending on
the changeable weather, we may not be able to perform some of the
tasks or activities planned. The working plan will be flexible
and it will depend on the needs of our local host, the advance of
the diverse projects in the area surrounding the forest and of
course on the weather conditions. Volunteers should be prepared
for all kinds of weather and bring warm winter clothes as the
tasks take place outside and it can get very cold at this time of
the year. Bring warm under-layers, waterproofs, walking
shoes/boots, a good sleeping bag, hat, scarves and gloves. Last
but not least volunteers can explore the surroundings of the
location and enjoy free time activities arranged in cooperation
with our local project host. To learn more, please visit our


the next level of excellence. Our luxury five room (#1 on
TripAdvisor) Inn is nestled in the Teton Mountains of Victor
Idaho, near Yellowstone and Teton National Park. The ideal
candidate is outgoing, highly organized, self-motivated with high
integrity and attention to detail. Responsibilities include;
guest services, upselling/coordinating libations, packages and
massages, inventory/vendor management, shopping, preparing/
serving gourmet breakfasts, on line reservation management,
check-in, payment reconciliation, housekeeping, minor gardening
and property maintenance, book/organize small weddings, and
special events and assist the owner with social media and
marketing. We are open nine months out of the year and close
November, April and May (vacation/repairs). Occupancy 40%/winter
and 85%/summer. Salary will depend on experience, performance
bonus, on site living accommodations with utilities, Wi-Fi, and
Cable TV. No children, smoking or pets. Car a must. To learn
more, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then submit your
resume and cover letter to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LIVE-IN COUPLE REQUIRED to manage a five bedroomed luxury B&B in
beautiful West Cork, Ireland. The property is a former Presbytery
set on six acres of gardens and woodland, on the Wild Atlantic
Way. The friendly owner currently resides in Switzerland and
likes to stay at the property several times a year. The
successful applicants will be personable, hard-working and enjoy
meeting people from all over the world. Apart from the day-to-day
running of the B&B, the applicants would also be responsible for
the garden and general maintenance and developing the business
with new ideas. An interest in cooking is essential as apart from
breakfasts, evening meals would need to be available for guests.
This is an exciting opportunity for a couple wishing to escape
city life and create a new life experience. Please apply with
your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSEKEEPER/COOK AND GARDENER needed for a private residence in
Italy near Imperia. Need an experienced professional and
self-motivated couple with their own car to work to a high
standard. Commencing the end of April until September/October.
You should enjoy a rural and peaceful lifestyle. Must be
non-smokers. The property is a four bedroom modern/traditional
style house in the hills overlooking the sea, surrounded by olive
trees. The residence is used relatively infrequently for various
periods of time. There are no children. An enthusiastic
housekeeper with attention to detail is required to care for this
four bedroom home, handling all the cleaning, laundry and ironing
and able to use a sewing machine. Fresh healthy cooking will be
required when the owners or their guests are in residence. The
gentleman of the couple will be required to clean cars, water
plants, care for the swimming pool and pool house, gardening,
help in the olive groves and be a good DIY/handyman. An
understanding of Italian is helpful. A one bedroom studio
apartment on the grounds away from the main house is provided. A
negotiable salary of 1,700 Euros per month is available. Please
email your resume, references, and current photographs to

CARETAKER NEEDED in 2019. My family is the owner of a historical
house in Tuscany. We've owned the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX since 1536
and we will need a caretaker a year from now starting March 1st,
2019 to November 30th, 2019. The Villa is seven kilometers from
Pisa and 10 kilometers from Lucca, inside a nature park reserve
in the Tuscan countryside, on an old Roman Road. We are looking
for a responsible, reliable person who loves historical houses
and is willing to stay in the Villa, carry out some duties in
exchange for free lodging while on holiday in the area. Mornings
and afternoons are completely free and Monday is a full day free.
Additional duties will include light gardening in the early
morning or late evening for a maximum of two hours, checking that
all doors and gate are closed (after 11pm), and sleeping in the
Villa each night from 8pm until 7am. Accommodation will be a
single room at the top of a spiral staircase with a kitchenette
(small frig, sink, hot plate and toaster over) in the corner and
a private bathroom with shower. The room has satellite TV and
free Wi-Fi, but no meals are provided. A washing machine is
available for use in the Villa. Duties will include some of the
following: gardening, building, helping with tourists, and art
projects. So basically the caretaker will clean the garden around
the villa, help guests if they need suggestions for where to
eat/visit or to call for a taxi, verify that the doors and gates
are closed before going to bed, and generally keeping an eye on
the place, especially at night. There are also many events at the
Villa, such as weddings, concerts, gala dinners, etc. and the
caretaker helps direct the guests to the designated parking
areas. The main requirement is to sleep inside the Villa for the
overall security of the guests. Your bedroom is upstairs so you
have a good view of the main Villa entrance. The property is
occupied by the working staff and gardeners from 7am until 8pm,
so those hours are totally free for the caretaker. This is a
volunteer/exchange position and no money compensation and no
meals provided, for one person only. For those who can't wait a
year to go to the Villa and would like to visit on a rental
basis, one can rent a small apartment for 550 Euros per month
plus utilities of around 80-100 Euros/month. For more details or
inquiries regarding the Villa volunteer caretaking position,
please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and for the apartment
rentals, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a small (under 12 rooms) year round
Select Registry hotel located in a seaside community in Mid Coast
Maine. Named by Trip Advisor 2017 and 2018 as #9 of top 25 small
luxury hotels in the country. We are seeking a sophisticated Inn
Manager with a true passion for hospitality, who shares our
commitment to providing the finest guest service. The right
candidate will help lead our team in continued pursuit of
excellence. Positive attitude, reliability, professionalism and a
desire to create a memorable experience for each guest are a
must. Responsibilities: inventory management for housekeeping and
the small kitchen. Oversight of Housekeeping, including
scheduling staff and performing follow up room inspections.
Oversight of a small breakfast kitchen, including scheduling
staff and monitoring breakfast service (only) to assure highest
quality product and presentation. Ability to assure smooth
operation of registration and (minimal) cashiering functions of
the Front Desk, including welcome daily arrivals, VIPs, special
requests, group needs and room assignments. This is an exempt
full-time position. In season, (Mid-May to Mid-October) may work
over 40 hours/week (within reason). Salary depends on experience.
Compensation includes on site housing in a 600 sq. ft. suite, and
an incentive package. Candidates must have previous
innkeeper/hotel manager experience in a luxury environment. Must
have excellent presentation and communication skills (written and
verbal), and be extremely guest focused. Attention to detail and
ability to multi-task; follow up and leadership skills required.
Computer skills, especially experience with reservation software,
preferred. Please email your resume and references to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls please.

VEGAN CHEF NEEDED in a small personalized historic home, which is
a yoga retreat in northern Maine. The position is May 21 -
October 15/minimum one month stay/longer better! in exchange for
room board and yoga. To learn more, please visit
our team. There are opportunities for hikes, lakes and more! No
drugs or alcohol please. References please.

THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Millinocket, ME is looking for a
live-in Innkeeper, preferably a couple, to run the B&B for the
2018 season (June 1 to October 31). Duties include: Inspection of
guest rooms, public areas, and grounds for cleanliness and
appearance; Cleaning and turning over of all rooms, and general
cleaning of all common areas in the house; Greeting and
registering guests; Answering inquiries pertaining to Inn
policies and services. Collecting payments and recording data
pertaining to funds and expenditures for all operations. Managing
and maintaining kitchen inventory. Cooking breakfasts for all
guests and managing dietary requests. Organizing and making
reservations. Handling any emergencies with guests and property
maintenance. Answering all emails for the business and handling
telephone inquiries. If you are interested in this opportunity,


Caretaker Profile - Burky Achilles in El Heucu, Northern
Patagonia, Argentina
Interests: writing, travel, learning via cultural immersion,
hiking, food and wine accompanied by scintillating company or a
good book.
Quote: A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go
back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

	Burky, Ginny (Patagonia property owner), and Monica

	In December 2016, on a gray Pacific Northwest day, the sky
steadily leaking, I once again swore that I would not endure
another soggy Oregon winter. An email posting from The Caretaker
Gazette titled: Patagonia Frontier Calling promised a sunny
Argentinian summer. 
	The Gazette's email update had a number of new ads, but this one
really stood out for me:
Patagonia Frontier Calling:
Enthusiastic woman interested in art, current events, and
creative and spiritual thinking is seeking a like-minded
companion at my farm in northern Patagonia, Argentina. Gender is
not important; attitude is. I prefer a commitment of at least
three months.
I am wheelchair-bound with local personal aids who attend to my
physical needs. I desire a companion to converse in English,
assist with correspondence and creative projects, and manage and
troubleshoot computer and internet issues.
Required skills: bilingual English-Spanish, expertise with both
PC and Mac systems, driving a manual transmission.
Desirable interests: art therapy, organic gardening, cooking, and
horse riding.
	Ginny, the Patagonia property owner, is a very determined
American woman who had been living with Multiple Sclerosis for
forty years, the last twenty in Northern Patagonia. She needed an
artist's assistant and companion. I ticked off every requirement,
except for Spanish, and applied immediately. In further
correspondence, I learned rather than being her painting
assistant, Ginny wanted me to ghostwrite her memoirs. As a writer
in need of a roof and a project, I said yes in exchange for room
and board. 
	On February 14, 2017, after a four-hour, US$300 taxi ride from
the nearest airport in Neuqu'n, first on paved, then gravel
roads, I arrived at Ginny's dusty ranch just outside the tiny cow
town of El Heucu. 
	According to the description on the Creativity Heals
Foundation's website, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the home of Ginny's
ranch and the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, is an integral part of the
Mother lands of Estancia Ranquilco. They share the river, the
lands, horses, friends and families. They realize and are
thankful for the privilege of having the responsibility of the
guardianship of these great lands. Estancia Trocoman differs from
Ranquilco in that they are not a traditional cattle estancia but
rather more a quiet retreat for artist types who wish to
rejuvenate, recharge and to create in their particular media with
the support of Mother Earth. They are located deep in the heart
of the vastness of the Andes Mountains bordering on Chile in
Northern Patagonia.
	For three-weeks I reviewed over 350 pages of timelines written
by previous volunteers, media articles from the 70s through the
90s, and Ginny's journals and artwork. Many long discussions with
Ginny lent depth and voice to the tumultuous, yet passionate and
highly creative life of Virginia Neary Carrithers. 
During my three months (summer to early fall) in El Heucu, most
mornings dawned bright and windy. Tall, thin Lombardy and rangy
Alamo Blanco Poplars held down the dust on Ginny's twenty acres.
The Lombardys stood sentry in rows planted as windbreak alongside
the main house, while gray-skinned Alamo Blancos, some seventy
feet tall, spread silver-leaved canopies wherever their
wind-blown seed had landed. Sketch in a backdrop of summer-blue
sky and gold Andes foothills dotted by herds of cattle, goats,
and sheep, and you have the essence of Northern Patagonia. 
	My routine was enviable. I rose before the mosquitoes in the
early-morning cool to meditate to horses nickering, or the
squadron of dingy-green parrots squawking as they dive-bombed the
water trough, or the papery rattle of parched poplar leaves.
Following meditation, I savored soft white queso creamosa and
thin-sliced ham on crusty bread. Coffee laced with ranch honey
and the kind of rich heavy cream my grandmother used to skim from
bottled milk rounded out the meal. On the front stoop of my
ranchita I journaled, then set out for an hour-and-a-half hike.
Initially, I stuck to the gravel road headed away from town into
the mountains, but began to notice footpaths leading into the
hills. One morning I veered onto a path that crossed a dry arroyo
and found a road that took me to the Mapuche School. From there I
wandered footpaths through homestead-dotted hills. 

	At Ginny's place with her Arabian Toronado

	Burky out for a ride on Ginny's Patagonia ranch

	The Mapuche Indians, indigenous to south-central Chile and
Southwestern Argentina, have a rich heritage in Patagonia. Many
still live in the traditional gaucho style - close to the land in
small, thick-walled homes built to withstand summer's searing
heat and winter's bone-binding cold. Hand-woven Mapuche saddle
blankets and bags, ponchos and rugs are sought after by locals
for hundreds of miles. Tourists would buy them if there were
tourists. But there was only me. 
	While Gaucho culture is still strong in Northern Patagonia, the
advent of DIRECTV and flip phones in a town that until only
recently had no gas station (and though they have one, it's often
out of gas) are transforming daily life. Few gauchos ride their
horses to town for errands. And with no industry other than
ranching, fewer children now follow in their parents' footsteps.
Instead, they are electronically lured to cities by white-collar
jobs and television's promise of sparkling nightlife.
	Post hike, I'd prime myself for work on Ginny's memoir,
rereading the previous day's writing or reviewing the timelines,
before joining her for the main meal of the day. Some days Ginny
and I sat alone under the shade of an ancient Alamo Blanco a few
yards from the main house. The cook served oven-roasted beef or
goat and vegetables with a side salad of greens plucked fresh
from the garden. Other days, if Ginny's daughter, Sky arrived to
negotiate the sale of cattle, goats or sheep for their
100,000-acre Estancia Ranquilco, as many as a dozen people might
arrive for business and stay for the meal. Regardless, the main
meal stretched over an hour, usually two, then siesta, which is
when I put my head down to write. 
	My goal on Ginny's memoir was 1,000 words a day and my work day
wasn't over until I met or exceeded that goal. Some days, I
finished in a few hours which left me time to harvest and clean
vegetables; pick, rinse, and season kale for the dehydrator;
vacuum the indoor pool; or my favorite job-train the Rat Terrier
puppy who'd arrived the same day I had. As fall's cool settled
in, the pool was covered for the season. I split wood for my
tiny, but dependable, wood stove to heat the ranchita, as well as
an extra pile for the woodbin in the main house. 
	Other days, my 1,000 words took more than five hours. Late
afternoons, Ginny wheeled her chair out to my ranchita to cajole
me into a yerba mate in the dirt yard surrounded by nickering
horses, dusky mountains, and open sky. After an hour break, I'd
work until supper. If I hadn't yet managed my 1,000 words, I'd
eat, then beg pardon from Ginny who was sometimes torn between
companionship and a finished book. 
	In April, the advent of fall, a three-day storm rolled in. Wind
stripped the poplars of loose leafs, while rain battered the
livestock, grounded the wild parrots, and turned the dirt yard to
mud. I wrote faster. My 90-day tourist stamp was soon to expire
and renewal required a prolonged in-person tango with the
infamous bureaucracy at the Buenos Aires' Immigration Office.
	With ninety-five percent of the book complete, the challenge
became how to end it. I stewed for days. Restless, my mountain
hikes stretched longer. In late April, a fever descended for a
day during which I sequestered in my ranchita and huddled near
the woodstove. I dreamed Ginny's life. I dreamt I wouldn't
finish. The fever broke in the early hours. On that piercingly
bright and frosty morning, I woke knowing exactly how to end the
book and wrote it in a day. 
	The description for the book on Amazon says: By the time
Multiple Sclerosis entered the picture, Virginia Neary Carrithers
had already learned how to fight for life and love. From bouts of
croup that nearly killed her as a child, to her mother's mental
illness and cancer, to her beloved brother's accident that left
him a quadriplegic, and her father's suicide, Ginny stood strong,
developing a deep inner strength. She would need it for the
challenges to come. A free-spirit and talented artist, her life
morphed from small town Iowa to the seductive life of the
jet-set, where mafia connections, luxury, physical passion, and
fame became her norm. When MS sideswiped her health, Ginny, not
to be deterred, rose to become a spokesperson for the National
Multiple Sclerosis Society, helping raise millions for The Race
Against MS. The coming years brought marriage to an international
playboy, motherhood, and a life-altering move from the U.S. to a
100,000-acre estancia in the Andes of northern Patagonia,
Argentina. Pushing past tragedy and disease, Ginny's life took a
path of extremes few can imagine. Through her memories and words,
explore and discover how her sense of humor, strength of heart,
and creative spirit induced an unexplainable joy in the face of
overwhelming odds.
	You can find Ginny's book, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, at Amazon.com

	Horses graze in a peaceful setting on Ginny's Patagonia


LOOKING FOR A DOMESTIC CARETAKER for a potential long-term
position in Kensington, Maryland starting in May 2018. Free rent
provided in lieu of salary. Must be able to spend nights. Need a
mature woman. For more details, please contact

LIVE-ON ESTATE MANAGER COUPLE needed. An executive family with a
secondary seasonal waterfront residence in Eastern Shore, MD is
seeking an Estate Manager Couple to manage this property. This is
a newly created, full-time, year-round, live-on position with a
private, three-bedroom home provided. The ideal couple must be
hands-on, with five years' experience in a similar role,
excellent staff management competence, superior organizational
and project management skills, and strong technical and
mechanical acumen. Event planning and formal entertaining
experience is also necessary. Competitive compensation, full
benefits package, and relocation assistance offered. Immediate
interviews available; the family is ready to hire the best.


SUMMER 2018 LIGHTHOUSE "KEEPERS" needed! Unique caretaking
opportunity available for a volunteer couple at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on a semi-remote island near Salem, MA.
Duties include property maintenance, carpentry, mowing, greeting
day-time visitors and assisting with overnight visitors. Seasonal
position from approximately mid-May to mid-September, 2018.
Handyman skills required. Familiarity with ocean boating
necessary. Lodging provided in the spacious Keeper House.
Workboat for trips to the mainland included. Please visit our
website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to learn more. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX stating qualifications/experience, and
include your resume if available. Visiting the property this
season is recommended and can be arranged prior to the end of


CABIN RESORT CARETAKER COUPLE needed in Watersmeet, MI. We are a
seven cabin lakeside resort located next to a wilderness and
recreation area cherished for its pristine lakes and old growth
forest. This is a great place to canoe, kayak, hike, fish, bike,
photograph the outdoors, experience nature and serenity or to
simply relax. Gas motors boats are not allowed at our resort or
in the adjacent wilderness area. Your main responsibilities will
be guest relations, cleaning and preparing cabins in-between
guests, routine maintenance and repairs, and grounds keeping.
Lodging is in a private lakeside cabin. This is a seasonal job
running from approximately May 15 to October 15. We have another
couple willing to split the season if you are not interested in
the entire time period. Compensation to be negotiated. Mail your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LOOKING FOR A COUPLE/INDIVIDUAL to park their tiny home/camper on
our seven acre property close to Mankato, MN. Live for free for
cleaning a remodeled 100-year-old farmhouse for vacation rental
turnovers and up keeping the property. Located across the street
from a ski hill and miles of a scenic trail system. Kayaking and
mountain biking are down the road. Chicken coop, garden for use.
Could bring a horse or two on the property but a small charge for
horse(s). Starts June 1, 2018. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


looking for a responsible, competent couple who would live at the
park full-time, year round as a Resident Caretaker. A three
bedroom, 2 1/2 bath apartment (2nd floor) including all
utilities, cable TV and Wi-Fi furnished in exchange for general
Camp Host duties. Those include general maintenance
(plumbing/electrical), cleaning, yard work, pool maintenance,
front desk/store clerk and keep a presence when owners are
absent. Must be friendly and courteous to customers. Non-smokers
and no pets. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, or email your
resume and pictures to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


1st. Rent-Free 2-year-old mobile home included. Open and close
the gate, trash patrol, minor landscaping, lock checks, show
units and complete leases. Small locally owned storage facility,
located 100 yards from the Yellowstone River. This would be great
for a person with a home based business or other night work.
Other than just being around, actual work is estimated a seven
hours/week. Must be sociable with handyman skills and able to
shovel snow. Time away is possible with prior notice. Basic
computer skills and excellent communication skills required.

SEASONAL COUPLE WANTED for housekeeping and grounds/maintenance
in southwestern Montana from May through October. Looking for a
couple to live and work at our beautiful, remote ranch for the
summer. The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a holistically managed cattle
operation, though these two positions fall under our guest
business. We have three restored homestead properties that we
rent as vacation rentals. We care about our land and animals
deeply and this is exhibited through our ranching style, our
conservation partnerships, and even down to the green cleaning
products we use in our guest homes. We are looking for people who
believe in, and can support, this greater vision. The grounds
keeper will be responsible for mowing and yard work, hot tub
care, fence work, general ranch maintenance and repairs to
buildings and vehicles. Please share with us what experience you
can offer. This person will communicate with both the guest
manager, cattle manager and ranch owner regarding needs around
the property. The housekeeper will be the primary person
responsible for cleaning the guest cabins during turnovers. This
includes cleaning, laundry, and assessing supply levels. The
housekeeper will work primarily on their own cleaning, but will
work closely with the guest manager and may assist with other
tasks as needed. Both of these positions require working alone as
well as in conjunction with the greater XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
team. Our location is ideal for snowbirds looking for a quiet
place to explore southwest Montana during the summer months.
Though these are seasonal jobs, we are very interested in
establishing relationships with people who will want to return
each summer. We are listing as individual positions as well, but
think this will be ideal for a couple. Housing is provided
(though you may bring an RV) as well as vehicles for ranch work.
We are in a very remote valley just north of the Continental
Divide. We are within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem so our
landscape is full of pronghorn, badgers, raptors, grizzlies, and
more. There are tons of ways to connect with nature in your time
off - local lakes and streams, plenty of hiking opportunities and
scenic drives as well a world-class birding at the Red Rock Lakes
National Wildlife Refuge just across the valley. We sit within
two hours reach of West Yellowstone, Dillon, and Idaho Falls.
World-class fishing is within your reach as we are situated near
the Henry's Fork and Beaverhead and Madison Rivers. For more
information, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Valley of Montana, located an hour and fifteen minutes from
Yellowstone National Park. Looking for an energetic,
self-starting, outgoing person to enjoy the Montana experience.
Best applicants will be detailed, organized, and eager to assist
in maintaining and renting eight cabins, and supporting the
kitchen and dining room needs. Duties include, but not limited
to, interacting with guests, cleaning cabins, some ground
maintenance, food prep, and dishwashing. Must be able to bend,
stoop, carry, lift, etc. Housing inside the Lodge is provided.
All meals provided plus monthly pay and a portion of the tips.
You'll have ample time to fish, hike, explore, and enjoy Montana.
The position needs to be filled from mid-May to mid-September;
$500 end-of-season bonus. To learn more, please visit our website


PET AND HOUSESITTER NEEDED for our large home in Papillion, NE
starting June 1 through September 30, 2018. You will need to
watch over the place and our two dogs, Golden Retrievers. Both
are affectionate, healthy, and love to be walked. This is a
beautiful, peaceful place, with a pond, deck, a large room on
back with windows all around. This would be a great place for a
writer or painter. We are not far from Omaha and Halleck Park (a
recreation area in the heart of the city). Applicants must be
dog-lovers, not smoke or drink, not bring any other pets with
you, and not have any parties here. References required. If
interested, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thanks.


SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED, full-time, handyman/caretaker couple for
our property (with orchard) in Blue Diamond. You will be required
to live on the property. Handyman work will vary between Blue
Diamond and Las Vegas properties. Experience with electrical,
plumbing, carpentry and mechanical work necessary. Property
caretaker should have basic knowledge of fruit trees and pond
maintenance. Reliable transportation a must. Compensation
includes generous salary, plus rent and all utilities in a
non-smoking 3,000 sq. ft. home. You will be required to submit to
a background check. Please send your resume and local references


FULL-TIME LAKESHORE CARETAKER needed for a private camp in Bolton
Landing, New York and a private home in New Jersey. This is a
very long-term position. Applicants should have experience in all
phases of care, light meals prep, and grounds maintenance.
Operation of basic equipment required. A mature male is
preferred. Boat, and automobile operation is essential. A private
three room cottage, boat, car, food and small stipend will be
provided. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WE HAVE FULL-TIME LIVESTOCK CARE and construction needs. A small
ranch just north of Albuquerque is in need of an experienced
livestock caretaker/experienced construction worker. Job
requirements include: applicants must have a full-sized pickup,
must be able to pass drug testing, must consent to a background
check, and have no convictions. Must live in housing provided
here and work as a trade-out for rent/utilities/landline plus a
weekly salary. Sorry, but the living facilities are not able to
accommodate children. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more
information. Interviews by appointment. Serious inquiries only.


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A RELIABLE, LIVE-IN individual or couple to
live in a three room studio apartment on our property in Fly
Creek, NY and manage the property. The living quarters include
bedroom and full bathroom with full kitchen, cable and internet
included. Position available April 1. Must be a non-smoker. If
interested please tell us something about yourself and send your
contact information to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

DOMESTIC COUPLE needed for a Live-In, Formal Household in New
York City. Our client is looking for a formally trained couple
that has years of experience working together. The couple is
expected to handle all duties of caretaking for a large residence
in the city. As a team, the couple will need to provide white
glove formal services and entertainment of guests, manage all
vendors and contractors, maintenance of all house items and
vehicles, manage home inventories, and the upkeep of antiques and
historical items. Please send your resume to


HELP NEEDED for gardening and property maintenance in Kerikeri in
Northland New Zealand. Located 80 km north of Whangarei. No
experience necessary. Three to four hours of help per day for
accommodation and food. We have a very comfortable house with
Wi-Fi and all home comforts located on the coast with ocean
views. NZ applicants should text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


ESTATE HOUSEKEEPER needed for a beautiful estate in Delaware,
Ohio. They have a beautiful 20,000 sq. ft. home (all on one
floor) that you will help care for along with three other
employees. They are seeking one of the best; previous experience
working in a private home of wealth is required. Most of their
employees have been with them over 15 years, and this is a newly
created position. Besides working for a really nice employer and
an exciting family, you will be provided with paid vacation,
401K, insurance, and a great salary. This is a live-out position.
Please send your resume, photo, and copy of driver's license or
contact us with a detailed letter to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A BUSY FAMILY in Bexley, OH seeks a live-out Household Manager
for this home and a second home. This family includes three
children (ages 6, 4, and 7 months) and a black Lab. They employ a
Nanny, though the Household Manager should enjoy children as they
may be asked to help in case of emergency or illness. They are
seeking someone who can manage the daily tasks of the household
so the parents can focus on their family and careers.
Responsibilities will include housecleaning; supervising the
part-time Housekeeper; caring for marble, crystal, silver,
artwork, and other fine items; cooking dinner three days a week,
plus some cooking for holidays and social functions; laundry and
ironing; coordinating social functions; overseeing contractors;
running errands; flower arranging; overseeing gardening and
outside maintenance; overseeing automobile cleaning; and anything
else required to help their homes and lives run smoothly.
Holidays and weekends may occasionally be required for social
functions, though they will offer comp time or holiday pay for
holidays worked. They are looking for an individual who is able
and willing to take the initiative without constant supervision
or management; a problem-solver; self-motivated; and flexible.
They need a person with a positive attitude who is willing and
able to take on many roles as needed. Should have previous
experience working in a private home of wealth. Please send
resume for consideration to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LIVE-OUT HOUSEHOLD MANAGER needed for an Upper Arlington
(Columbus, Ohio) home that consists of two adults, two children,
12 and 15, and two pug dogs. This 8,000 sq. ft. home has a
cleaning service that comes in twice a week. Your
responsibilities will include: making sure that the dogs are well
cared for when the parents travel the one dog has anxiety issues
and misses their old Household Manager; training the children to
do their own laundry and care for their rooms this might involve
setting up an organizing system for laundry and school projects;
errands, overseeing the cleaning service, occasional meals,
keeping their appointment and social calendar, warranty file,
household manager book, repair manual and the scheduling of
repair personnel, and keeping an entertaining/guestbook, and
create a smart home, etc. They moved into this home 1 1/2 years
ago, and some things still have not been done to the homeowner's
satisfaction. The parents enjoy eating out, but a nice meal at
home would be nice on occasion. You would also be responsible for
their entertaining functions which range from 10 to 100 people on
a regular basis (twice a month), that would include coordinating
the principals needs with the caterers regarding food, servers,
decorations, bartending, invitations, etc., This person must be a
non-smoker, relates well to the children (a boy and a girl), able
to chauffeur the children upon occasion, flexible in their work
schedule, have a true service heart, and never forget that the
dogs need attention. Both male and females are welcome to apply.
Salary will be determined by experience, training, and abilities.
Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


the property and maintain a wildlife ranch in Canadian County,
Oklahoma. The ideal candidate will be able to do general land and
property maintenance, and perform handyman repairs and equipment
maintenance. The person chosen will be provided a very nice home
in which to live on property. Salary will be commensurate with
experience. Must be responsible, hard-working and have a positive
attitude as well as a knowledge of landscape equipment and
machinery, including tractor, front loader, chain saw, etc.
Essential duties:
Maintain buildings and areas surrounding homes
Maintain lakes and ponds
Maintain an intensive supplemental feeding program for deer and
photo blinds
Provide predator control of feral hogs and coyotes
Maintain and beautify the ranch
Possess handyman skills
Provide security of gated property
Maintain ranch equipment, vehicles and facilities
Construct and maintain fences
Willingness to be available 24 hours per day for questions,
emergencies, etc.
Ability to provide excellent customer service to family and
Ability to keep a positive attitude and work rare weekends if
Able to operate and maintain equipment
Able to solve problems
Able to maintain records
Able to work independently and keep a work schedule
Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships
with employees, supervisor and officials
Very safety conscious
Able to prioritize as well as multi-task
Have excellent communication skills
Have a valid Oklahoma driver's license
Capable of traversing rough terrain and working under harsh
Please mail your cover letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

position in Mustang, OK. Live-in and use of house for no rent in
exchange for supervision and assistance with basic chores and
some pruning and yardwork. The ideal candidate will also have
coursework in psychology and/or meditation. Please be over 25 and
have your life together. The job is for you but your family will
have to have other accommodations. Small pet negotiable. All
details provided upon interview. I do not text, and do not have a
smartphone. Please write to me at Caretaker XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
with a cover letter and resume, or email me at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and please follow the same guidelines.


WANTED: Couple to job share caretaker/janitor/housekeeping
responsibilities at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX located in Eastern
Oregon. Hiring for the Summer 2018 season running May 15 through
September 30 approximately. Responsibilities include maintaining
grounds, lodge, cabins and bathhouses. Duties include mowing and
irrigation rotation of grounds, maintenance and cleaning of
lodge, cabins and bathhouses, laundry and helping in the kitchen
during and after meals. Salary is $3,000/month plus room and
board. Must be able to pass a background check and obtain a
current Oregon State Food Handlers card. For additional
information please email us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

SEEKING AN INNKEEPER for a beautiful beachfront property on the
central Oregon coast. The position is for a long-term, full-time,
live-in, hands on Innkeeper or couple. This is a small lodging
business consisting of seven small cottages and three suites. We
are looking for someone friendly, positive, energetic, organized,
and with a great work ethic to assume management
responsibilities. This position is non-smoking and not pet
friendly. Duties of this position include but are not limited to:
guest reservations, check in/out, housekeeping supervision and
assistance, laundry and some property maintenance. No meal
preparation is required. The compensation package includes a
salary, living quarters with paid utilities and paid vacation
time. The owners are on site several months of the year and for
all paid time away to assist with responsibilities. Please
respond by email. References encouraged. Please email your resume


LIVE-IN HOUSESITTER/CARETAKER. Individual or couple needed for a
house/guest house in Panama. If you love nature, this is a rare
opportunity. Magical acres in the cloud forest on a beautiful
river 10 to 15 minutes from town. Tropical climate. Could be a
retiree, writer, or serenity deficient soul(s) good organization
and communication skills, computer skills, handyman/construction
skills, permaculture/gardening knowledge/skills and if you have
some Spanish or are bilingual are all a huge plus. No smoking,
drugs, or substance abuse problems. References required. Will
consider short-term (two/six months) but prefer long-term
(six/12+ months). Mature applicants welcome. Compensation
negotiable. Please send your resume or letter describing your
life and skills to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a large estate in Southern
Pennsylvania. Duties include landscaping maintenance,
housekeeping, minor farming, animal care (primarily horses), and
lawn and pool maintenance. Benefits include health and dental
insurance, apartment, auto, and vacation. Must have experience.
Salary of $70,000 per year for the couple. Please send resumes to

LONG-TERM CARETAKER POSITION available for beautiful country
estate in eastern Pennsylvania. Part-time duties are all that is
required to cover housing expenses. Duties include mowing, weed
wacking, flower beds maintenance and some light building
maintenance. Living quarters are a beautiful two bedroom
apartment with deck overlooking stream fed ponds and woods.
Wildlife visits are a constant happening. Please contact

SMALL FARM CARETAKERS needed in Hawley, PA. Come live in a
historic Lockhouse (built in 1826) along the Lackawaxen River,
one of the premier fly-fishing rivers in the Northeastern United
States. We have 250 acres (mostly forested) in the Pocono
Mountains and are looking for a caretaker (individual or couple)
to live and work on our property. This job is ideal for a person
or couple who work from home, have another job in the area, or
are retired/semi-retired. Hours vary according to the season. The
spring, summer and autumn months are much busier with increased
general maintenance of the property, while the winter months are
much more relaxed. Responsibilities include, but are not limited
to: caring for animals (beef cows, donkey, chickens, cats),
landscaping (weed whacking, weeding, pruning, mowing, leaf
removal, etc.), mowing pastures, housekeeping, gardening
(vegetable), splitting and stacking wood, snow removal (plowing),
and maintenance of private residence and guest houses. If you are
not highly experienced in all of the job duties but are handy and
are willing and open to learn, you will be considered for the
position. Caretakers must have their own transportation, be
non-smokers, be physically fit (occasionally lift and/or move up
to 50 pounds without assistance), have a strong work ethic, and
be willing to make a long-term commitment. Please mail your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LIVE-IN INNKEEPER COUPLE needed. If you are looking for a
lifestyle change and a beautiful vibrant place to live, we look
forward to meeting you! Our award winning, newly renovated luxury
boutique XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking a high-energy,
hard-working, forward-thinking, trustworthy hospitality
professional(s) to join our team. The responsibilities included
in this position are related to carrying out day to day
operations of the Inn efficiently and accurately, while relating
to guests with presence and poise. Responding to inquiries and
taking guest reservations via phone, online, and through
third-party sites, guest check in and check out, providing
hospitality and concierge services, attending to breakfast, daily
housekeeping and laundry tasks, assisting in keeping the property
neat and orderly, office work related to the guest reservation
system and organization of reservation paperwork, and social
media. This is a full time live-in position. Culinary/pastry
background, light repair/maintenance experience a plus. Please
submit your cover letter, resume, references to

residence. This is a year round opportunity to work as a live-in
couple to manage a Narragansett estate. We prefer a mature,
energetic couple who is seeking a long-term position. The ideal
candidates are flexible, dependable, team players, hardworking
and efficient. Duties include housekeeping, laundry, cooking,
pool maintenance, light maintenance, light gardening, errand
running, chauffeuring and vehicle care. Accommodations in a
private, furnished guest house on the premises are available for
two adults with paid utilities, salary, paid time off, 401K
retirement plan and partial medical coverage. An automobile will
be available for use in meeting work responsibilities. Only
non-smokers need apply. Please email your resume and references


A HOUSEKEEPER is required for a Castle in Angus. Located along
the stunning coastline in the east of Scotland. The successful
applicant will be undertaking a full-time role including cooking
when the family and their guests are visiting. Other
responsibilities will include general housekeeping. A flexible
attitude to working hours is required. Availability during
National Holiday times is essential. This is a live-in position
for an honest, dedicated, organized and personable individual
with high standards. A competitive remuneration package is
available, dependent on skills and experience. Please apply with
your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a small family run hotel in the heart
of the Berner Oberland, in the Swiss Alps. Beside the hotel rooms
we run a bar/restaurant with 30 seats and a busy terrace. We are
looking for someone (EU nationals only, please) to support the
manager in covering reception, kitchen back-up, and housekeeping
and bar work; all the roles involved in running a small 12
bedroom hotel. We have a small team, so we expect everybody to be
hands-on, which means gardening from time to time, too. We pay
Swiss salaries, tips are shared equally, full board and
accommodation provided. We are looking for those who are keen to
enter the hotel profession or have experience already and who
have the personality to work in a social environment. The
customer staff relationship is a key part of our family run
hotel. We look for positive ambitious staff with a proactive
attitude (must have a European Passport). We also provide a
detailed reference for further employers at the end. Please note
the hotel is in a remote village high in the Alps. The hotel is
owned by David Waterhouse from London, so interviews would be in
Vauxhall on April 23, 24, and 25. Your first language should be
German or English (most guests are from USA, Switzerland, Germany
and the Netherlands but also from the UK). The summer season
starts in the beginning of June. We are looking for someone to
work from around the 20th of May to the end of August, or from
the beginning of June to the end of September, or the beginning
of October. For more information, please visit our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then email a short resume to


LOOKING FOR A COUPLE to serve as part-time caretakers for a
Nashville property. Duties, in exchange for living in a 1,000 sq.
ft. two bedroom, one bath private apartment, would include:
maintaining house, vehicle, and property, airport pick-up and
drop off, grocery shopping, light errands, laundry and
housekeeping. Must have availability during weekdays. A
background check is required. If interested please email your


AN AUSTIN COUPLE is seeking a hands-on Gentleman Household
Manager for their brand new 27,000 sq. ft. smart home. The home
has two house cleaners, but you will be required to fill in when
needed. They are seeking a professional person with a service
heart who enjoys dogs. They are seeking someone who is
self-motivated who understands that when you are work, you are at
work - which means no personal phone calls or anything that takes
your time away from your job. You need to have a nice
personality, friendly, good sense of humor, non-smoker,
organized, mature, and flexible. They are seeking someone who is
creative with tablescapes and holiday d'cor, bar service, and has
some sort of food background. Computer, bookkeeping, accounts
payable, travel arrangements (domestic and international),
keeping their social calendar, are part of your responsibilities.
You need to be able to supervise with a soft hand. Salary is
$70,000, with medical, dental, glasses, and life insurance
provided. Auto is furnished for personal and business use with
garage. Your beautifully furnished, professionally decorated
apartment has tons of storage space. The principals travel a good
deal so you have the run of the house most weekends. This couple
is extremely kind and considerate with their approach to staff
and work related issues. Their last employee was with them over
10 years and only left to help care for his mother who had health
issues. So if you are seeking a position that you can stay at for
many years, you should consider this one. If interested please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER NEEDED in Fort Stockton, in Pecos County, Texas. We are
looking for a caretaker who knows about livestock and horses. You
can already have a job. No drugs allowed. An English speaking
small family would be OK. To apply, please text

6,500 sq. ft. Fort Worth downtown home for a mature couple. They
have no pets. They also employ two house cleaners, security, and
other contracted staff.  They are seeking someone who is honest,
flexible, has a service heart, understands manners and protocol,
excellent organizational skills, team player who can get along
with a variety of personality types, and has excellent
communication skills. Must have experience purchasing for wealthy
families, good computer skills, and experience with staff
management. You will be supervising housecleaners, so you must
have this knowledge also. Are you a non-smoker, self-motivated,
easy going, tactful, and have a sense of humor? Do you have a
current passport? Hours are 9 to 5. Great salary with a full
benefit package. This is a live-in (two bedroom apartment located
nearby provided) or out position. Please send your resume to


CARETAKER WANTED for a historic Vermont trout club. Seeking a
resident caretaker for the April - October 2018 season. Salary
plus residence and utilities provided (see our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ). To apply, please respond to

- Love growing and creating beauty with flowers and vegetables? 
- Have extensive experience with organic gardening methods? 
- Have at least five years verifiable experience as a gardener?
- Have skills arranging flowers and preserving/storing vegetables
- Have experience with gardens records keeping, greenhouse
propagation and management?  
- Take pride in your work and being part of a team of people who
work hard and support each other? 
If so, please read on.
- Planning, planting and cultivating multiple flower and
vegetable gardens. 
- Harvesting, preserving and storing produce.  
- Maintaining shade trees, fruit trees, berries and grapes. 
- Greenhouse operation and maintenance. 
- Hiring and managing a seasonal gardening assistant.
- In general, keeping the gardens in accordance with the owners'
aesthetic preferences and their commitment to the values of
operating their property in an environmentally sustainable,
efficient and safe manner. 
Skills and Qualifications:  
- Extensive experience and knowledge of the organic production of
both vegetables and flowers, from propagation and cultivation, to
harvest, preserving/processing and storage.  
- Possession of a strong aesthetic sense in order to help design
the gardens in attractive ways and to be able to provide fresh
vegetables and beautiful flower arrangements as requested.  
- Experience keeping accurate, useful and reliable records and
the ability to maintain tools and surroundings in a neat and
attractive manner. 
- Greenhouse management experience.
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
- Employee management skills.
To apply, please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WE NEED A HOUSESITTER for our home in the Town of Culpeper this
summer. We will be back in Europe and need a trustworthy
housesitter to watch over our house and pets, and clean the pool.
If you are interested, you will need your own car, demonstrate a
love for pets, and provide at least four checkable references.
After we check references, we would like to meet and have you
stay here for one weekend, to ensure compatibility with our three
dogs and two cats. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


SEEKING A CARETAKER (single or couple) for an 80-acre property in
Washington State. We are located in a rural setting in the
foothills of the North Cascade Mountains in Whatcom County, 26
miles from Bellingham. We provide an attractive well-maintained
house and all utilities in a beautiful setting in exchange for
some basic maintenance jobs. Other work on the property as needed
is paid at an hourly rate. Work typically may involve caring for
four well-behaved goats and two cats during owner absences,
weed-whacking, operation of tractor for winter plowing,
maintenance of equipment involving small motors, and building
repairs as needed. Caretakers will look after the property when
owners are absent, about one week each month. Useful skills
include basic property maintenance (basic carpentry, plumbing),
use of power equipment such as weed whackers and chainsaws, and
small motor maintenance. Caretaker(s) must be nonsmoker,
physically fit, and animal lovers. Caretakers will have quite a
bit of free time. We are looking for a long-term commitment.

MY NAME IS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I live in Shelton, Washington on
a small farm. I am type one diabetic and will occasionally need
help with medical issues. I have 25 chickens, five geese, two
dogs, and a cat. I will need help around the farm with gardening
and help with the animals. I am looking for someone to move into
my house. I have room upstairs for a single person. I am looking
for a trade for help around my farm for room and board. If
interested, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

HORSE CARETAKER needed for a farm and festival venue in Quilcene,
WA on the Olympic Peninsula, starting in early April, 2018. I
need a strong, honest, hardworking, intelligent caretaker who
loves and knows horses inside and out to take care of my
21-year-old Saddlebred mare in exchange for room and boarding of
your horse(s) and general overseeing of the farm grounds. My
husband and I live on a 53 acre farm that is occasionally used
for weddings, music concerts, etc. Horse facilities are
excellent, with a small caretaker home near 4-stall stables. We
have a large garden that I'm happy to share. If you're a handy
person, we will have occasional paying jobs. If you're
interested, please send your resume and contact info to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and I'll be happy to send photos and more
fully describe the position. Your horse is welcome; mine needs a
companion and loves mares. Thanks.


CARETAKER COUPLE OR INDIVIDUAL needed. An executive couple with a
waterfront summer home in a Southeastern Wisconsin resort
community is seeking an experienced caretaker couple, estate
management couple, or individual to care for their property
because their long-term couple of more than 25 years has retired.
The home has long-term staff in place. The family is in residence
less than 80 days per year, when the home is used for family and
social events. Key responsibilities will include:
-Overseeing vendors
-Preparing healthy family-style meals
-Household administrative tasks
-Staff oversight
-Providing hospitality to family members and guests
-Handling additional projects as needed
Key qualifications include:
-A minimum of 10 years of private service experience
-Experience working in and caring for fine homes
-Tech savvy and being able to perform basic troubleshooting
-Detail oriented, highly organized, self-starter, with a service
A newly renovated, private, separate apartment is available to
live in for a couple or individual. Excellent compensation
package offered with a comprehensive benefits package, including
use of a car, health insurance, and paid time off. Relocation
assistance available. Please apply to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
consideration. Qualified applicants will be contacted. Please
complete one application per person.


September) on a non-working ranch by Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains
near Sheridan? This is an opportunity for someone - writer,
graduate student, retiree, or couple to rent a beautifully
situated, recently restored, fully equipped vintage ranch house
(kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, two porches,
Wi-Fi) in exchange for cash ($200 per month) and labor (20 hours
of general help per week - overtime at $8 per hour) doing mainly
flower gardening  and yard work on a 1 1/5 acre property
(irrigating, mowing, weeding) and running approximately twice
weekly errands into town.. Smart phone recommended. Must have an
insured, 4-wheel drive vehicle for rutted roads. No pets,
children, or drugs. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX stating
your background and preferred dates. Personal/phone interviews
and references required.


Caretaking In Lieu Of Rent - Salt Lake Valley. Quiet, mature
female, along with my two cats, with an advanced degree and a job
in education seeks a long-term housesitting position caring for a
property or residence in lieu of payment of rent. I have previous
long-term caretaking experience and great references. I can be

In search of caretaking position in Sacramento, CA and
surrounding areas. We are a responsible married couple with
professional jobs who are looking for a medium- to long-term
housesitting position, at a property or residence. We are hoping
to move closer to our elderly parents for a while. We are quiet,
pleasant, clean, hardworking, and conscientious, and have
experience caring for a large home with acreage (our own). We can

Experienced caretakers will watch your property in or near
northern Idaho. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Need a caretaker/gardener? Offering a caretaker exchange for a
small house on land in Clark County, Oregon. Mother and son seek
housing in a rural setting. I am a soul coach/shamanic
astrologer/writer. My son is full-time employed. Solid references
available. Have lived in Clark Country since 2009 and want a
garden. Can also negotiate rent. For more information, please

Home Caretaker/Gardener/Sitter/Office Manager available. Retired
FedEx aircraft auditor, detail-oriented, professional appearance,
and skilled communicator with an easy going attitude. Travel and
Tourism Sales degree assures your property is engaged and safe.
Front or back office computer programs and social media. Can
oversee landscaping crews, have a green thumb for garden care and
I love animals. Thanks for your consideration. Please email

Trustworthy and responsible man seeking a smaller ranch or
private property to oversee in Tennessee. Years of
farming/ranching/building experience to offer but more
importantly, the ability to be counted a faithful steward of
whatever is entrusted to me. Can give more details upon request.

Highly Experienced and Thoroughly Vetted Private Service
Professional seeking permanent a long-term salaried position in
the USA as a House/Estate Manager, Personal Assistant, Private
Cook, Caregiver/Companion/Driver, or any combination thereof. I
possess over 10 years of experience in high level Private Service
working directly for High Net Worth Individuals, CEOs, and their
families. I have been intensely vetted, and my background is
spotless. My resume and references are completely verifiable. I
am single with no children and will relocate for a great
opportunity working for nice people. I am available to begin work
within 30 days after receiving an employment contract. Personal
information: Date of birth: 11/18/1968, US Citizen, Non-smoker,
Drug-free, Very light drinker, Clean driving record, Clean
Federal background check, Clean credit, Excellent references,
Able to travel for work, Auto - 2017 Subaru, No dating/No
nightlife, and my parents are both deceased. Serious inquiries
please contact me for my complete resume at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Management/Caretaking Couple available. Possessing extensive
experience working around the world within the Hospitality and
Construction Industry. Our CVs are diverse and interesting in so
many cultures and challenges. We have a natural ability to enjoy,
respect and improve the challenges embraced to the highest
standards, whilst loving the complexities and involvement from
local communities. Key attributes, interpersonal skills, strong
communications, effective organization, prioritization and
absolute common sense. An infectious smile, great sense of humor,
and the absolute love of working hands on to promote the best
possible experience to those around us with a can do, will do
attitude and respect. Steve and I are active, energetic and
enthusiastic, with open minds and the ability to learn new task
and disciplines. I believe between us we have all the expected
requirements, to offer our very best. We speak English, Spanish
and basic French. Now ready for our next professional challenge,
'World-wide'. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Professional couple seeking a quiet housesitting, property
caretaking position in exchange for housing in Portland, OR or
surrounding area. We are in our late thirties, non-smokers, and
we have two sweet indoor kitties. Noel works full-time for Whole
Foods, and Beth is a writer with 15 years of caretaking
experience. Glowing references and resumes available. Please

Caretaker/Handyman/Housesitter available in the Santa Barbara, CA
area. Christian man, 60-years-young, native of Santa Barbara,
urgently seeking a new housing relationship. Ideally, I would
like to offer my handyman skills in exchange for reduced rent for
a cottage, guest house, studio, etc. Respectfully, I offer for
your consideration, a solid work ethic, positive attitude, no
drinking, drugs, or parties. I have numerous skills and
attributes that honestly make me a quality candidate for a
caretaker/handyman/housesitter situation. I promise to show you
and your home/property the greatest respect. Local references
available. Should you wish to discuss your needs further, please
call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thank you for your consideration.

Retired bio teacher excellent health and sound mind. I have great
people skills as well as excellent references. I have taken care
of homes in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Lake Tahoe CA. Love dogs,
cats, etc. Love to take care of your place and your animals. Good
with hammer, paint brush and chain saws. Don't like to sit.
Please contact me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Caretaking In Lieu Of Rent - In The Greater San Antonio, TX Area.
Quiet, mature, female, long-time San Antonio, Texas resident with
a Master's degree and a work-at-home job (telephone counseling)
seeks a long-term caretaker position monitoring a property or
residence in lieu of payment of rent. I have previous property
management and security experience and have great references. For
salary (negotiable amount) in addition to rent, I also can watch
over pets as I am an animal lover. I do have a small dog and a
cat. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Feel free to call with any

Happy Pets for over 20 years. My home or yours and I will travel.
I love all animals. Your home will be spotless and your pets will
love me. I can bring in your mail, put out your trash, and water
your plants. Excellent references available. Please call

Greetings - It's that time of year again to make my
summer/upcoming Caretaking Plans. The last two summers have been
in the eternally lovely Villa di Corliano in Tuscany, Italy. I'm
looking for a beautiful place to stay/caretake/visit at your
Villa, Ranch, BNB, Estate, Winery, Home, Guest House, etc. I can
housesit, care for your beloved animals and do light gardening -
over holidays or even longer. I can oversee your property with
confidence and care and interface with staff, coordinate duties
and events and even supervise. I enjoyed assisting in the Wedding
arrangements and various dinners, concerts and other events at
The Villa. I'm multi-talented and solution oriented, a team
player with an entrepreneurial spirit. I am also flexible,
creative and content with the beauty and grandeur of nature ...
with a sunny disposition and a happy heart. I speak French,
Spanish and Italian, have Masters Degrees in ESL and Traditional
Chinese Medicine, with a long career in holistic healthcare as a
Licensed Acupuncturist, Homeopath/Naturopath. Definitely a
non-smoker. Will consider all possibilities most anywhere.
References in English, French and Italian available upon request.
If you have any questions, or would like to speak with me, just
let me know via email and I'll send my phone and Skype address.

Retired Couple looking for long-term position on farm. I am
retired from 30 years as a manager and groundskeeper on horse
farms. My wife is a professional dog groomer. Am looking for
housing in return for part-time work. Prefer the East Coast.
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For Sale: Unique property with ocean view on the South Pacific
Coast of Costa Rica. If your dream is to live in the tropics, run
your own bed and breakfast, have your own organic garden, or
eco/green mini-resort, hostel or simply own your own piece of
paradise it will be hard to find a better place to do it - or a
better opportunity than this one. For more information, please
email caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale
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West Valley Island Cultural Festival Announces Availability of
Sponsorship Opportunities. The festival takes place on Saturday,
October 27, 2018 in Surprise, Arizona. Please visit
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ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. During the start
of the year 2005, the handwriting on the wall began and the books
closed on this historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then,
became my pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true
happenings during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the
open range while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into
usable cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later
in the other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among
wild cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin' out in Arizona's
beautiful, natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although
unusual, are just as I recollect them. To all those who have ever
dreamed of being a cowboy, here's your chance to ride along with
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CARETAKER NEEDED at the Daintree Rainforest Beach Front location in North Queensland. This great opportunity has just come up for a caretaker for this beautiful beach front location. We provide a free shady site on the beachfront, water and the amazing wildlife dreams are made of in exchange for light duties. You provide your self-contained caravan and the willingness to look after the property and keep the grounds tidy. This would suit a couple who love nature and the beachfront. An ex-tradesman, farmer, or keen gardener would be ideal. This is in an incredible location, and our previous caretakers have all stayed longer than planned. This is an immediate start with three months’ work available. If interested, please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


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