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Sunday, June 23 2024


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THIS IS OUR 207th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 35, Number 3       

May/June 2017        ISSN 1074-3642  

- Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 33 states
and 15 countries
- Caretaker Profile
Domestic Couple - Working for the ultra-wealthy: Michael and Mary
- Letters to the Editor
Property owners and caretakers write about their experiences with
the Gazette



CARETAKER WANTED for a remote lodge in southeastern Alaska. The
lodge is located 50 miles north of Ketchikan in the heart of the
Tongass National Forest. We are currently looking for a couple
who is willing to re-locate and live a remote lifestyle. Ideally,
the dynamic of the couple would consist of them having a strong
background in household maintenance, construction, equipment
maintenance, expertise in all clerical and house duties, and
outdoor living. The position start date is this summer to be able
to help with summer projects and to get acclimated to the lodge
with the caretaking transitioning into the winter months where
the routine check-ups of the lodge and necessary maintenance
would be imperative to this position. Please send your resume and
information to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and please reference The
Caretaker Gazette.

ASSISTANT INNKEEPER WANTED. Must have these attributes:
friendliness, helpfulness enjoyment in working with people, kind
considerate, polite. "Foodie" and loves to cook, travel. Faithful
to work schedule and dependable. Have housekeeping skills or
willing to learn them. Clean, neat appearance. Desire to spend
time in Washington state and southeast Alaska. Please contact

PATAGONIA FRONTIER CALLING! Artist´s assistant and companion
needed in the Andes of Northern Patagonia for a determined woman
with Multiple Sclerosis. I need a commitment of a minimum of one
month, the longer the better. I am an artist and an experienced
horsewoman. I believe in the healing power of creativity, as well
as the love of nature and her creatures. My ranch is located in a
non-touristic part of beautiful Patagonia, nestled in the
foothills of the Andes, in the heart of the real Gaucho culture.
In the winter months (May through November) we may be changing
locations. I will pay all expenses when together. This is not a
salaried position, as it is a volunteer opportunity. In exchange
for adventure, fun, basic food and housing, you will be my
co-creator in art projects. Duties include, but are not limited
to: help with the horses. Important that we enjoy each other's
company. Free time to be arranged as needed and wanted. You
should have a mastery of English, Spanish a major plus, good
computer skills, a driver's license, and the ability to drive a
manual/stick-shift. Please send a description of why you are
interested, resume if you have one, something about yourself,
your age and a photo to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please see my
webpage at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your interest. I
look forward to sharing with you.


LIVE-IN RANCH HELP needed in northcentral Arizona. Single or
couple (EOE), vegan (preferred) or vegetarian for a no-kill
environment. Secure, upscale location. Primary duty is animal
care; secondary duties include repair/maintenance and
grounds-keeping. Must have experience with horses (within last
three years), intermediate riding skills (rider cannot weigh more
than 150 lbs.) with the ability to diagnose and treat common
injuries/ailments. Must be in good health, able to lift 50 lbs.,
walk up and down hills, and operate common ranch equipment. Valid
driver's license and dependable vehicle required. No smoking, no
drugs, minimal alcohol. Salary (DOE/Q) plus a two bedroom, two
bath home. Pets considered. References and background check
required. Please email your qualifications and salary
requirements to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.

Sedona, Arizona, in the area of Red Canyon. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
at Northern Arizona University needs a caretaker at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The site is approximately 10 miles west of
Sedona, with views of the red rocks on a former ranch with a
historic adobe house and other disused buildings/corals, at an
elevation of 4,600 feet. It has power but no water/septic. Access
to the property is via a dirt road. We're looking for someone to
stay on site in their own RV, or camper van, or 5th wheel for an
extended period. In return for a free stay and power, we need you
to keep an eye on our tree experiment inside a large fenced
enclosure and other infrastructure. If you see any intruders or
unauthorized folks on site you will need to call 911 and alert
the project staff. You will also call us if there are any other
problems, such as with wildlife/irrigation at the enclosure.
There is also the possibility of some hourly paid work to help
with tasks on the various research plots. Preference will be
given to applicants with an interest and aptitude for this kind
of work. For more details, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
with relevant information about yourself, your vehicle, work
experience, and your contact info. Thanks.

HORSE CARETAKER needed for a private home, in town, in Payson.
You must have and live in your own RV or trailer on my property.
One horse, a retired, well-mannered show horse needs a loving and
responsible caretaker. You will need a strong back for unloading
hay/feed bags. Duties include feeding, cleaning manure, waters,
blanketing, and shavings. This would be perfect for a retired

A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY Boarding Facility needs a responsible
caretaker. The position is in beautiful Yuma. Some knowledge of
horses a must! A very nice furnished two bedroom apartment is
provided in exchange for feeding, turn-out of horses, and grounds
maintenance (including some mowing). We are on five irrigated,
secluded acres. We have lots of trees. Non-smoker or drinker and
good people skills are a must. Apartment and utilities provided,
no salary. Please reply to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Greetings Caretaking Community, I am hopefully going to be
joining the Community of Caretakers within the next few months.
I've been a subscriber to The Caretaker Gazette on and off for
years, living vicariously through the stories of the subscribers
who have shared their experiences, fantasizing about the day I
can join you. I am now at the point in my life to release the
title of 'Homeowner' and take on the nomenclature of
'Gypsy/Caretaker'. As I've been thinking through what this would
entail, a conundrum presents itself. I know that 'things happen'
in Life and at the most unpredictable and unexpected times. I've
unfortunately had some major Life Crisis's in my life, most
recently the unexpected death of our son. That required us to
emergently get on a plane to another region of the country and
stay for a full week. We had to find immediate caretakers for our
furry family and our neighbors graciously stepped up. I have
healthy but elderly parents, and it's not unreasonable to
consider them needing me unexpectedly. So, you see where this is
going - what does one do while on a caretaking assignment,
especially if the care of animals is involved, if a Life Crisis
occurs requiring one's immediate presence? Is this potential
situation discussed during the negotiation period and what has
that experience been? What back-ups are put in place in
anticipation of something like this? I'd like some feedback from
those of you who may have experienced a Life Crisis while on
assignment. How did you handle it? Were the people you were
working for/helping out, amenable and helpful to your situation?
What actions occurred to release you from your agreement so you
could take care of your Life's business? This is a very real
potential situation and I'd like to go into this prepared to
discuss these situations. Your input is appreciated. Safe and
Wonderful Journeys, Michele G., Media, PA
Michele, I am very sorry to read of your losses but thank you
for bringing up this important issue. You have some very valid
points in your letter and I am sure there are other subscribers
who have experienced a Life Crisis during their time as
housesitters and caretakers. If any subscribers have experienced
and coped with a Life Crisis in the form of family illness,
death, or even their own illness while caretaking or housesitting
and they are willing to share their experiences with Michele,
please contact Michele at her email address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Hi Gary, I hope all is well with you and your family. Every time
I deal with you, I feel like I'm dealing with friends. I've never
taken a position from the ads, but have talked with, and know
several people to this day, which I've met through your ads.
Thanks for being there for so many people. You're more well-known
than you think. Doug H., Fairbanks, AK

Hi Doug, thank you for your nice message and subscription
renewal. We are happy to have you back with us! Over the decades
of publishing The Caretaker Gazette, we have been lucky to have
met so many great subscribers such as yourself and we do consider
you friends. Thanks again and best of luck to you.

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XXXXX St Apt 3, Buffalo, NY  Lou. P., Buffalo, NY 
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The Caretaker Gazette
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The Caretaker Gazette
This publication is a private newsletter researched and written
for landowners, caretakers, and interested readers. It is the
only up-to-date publication for property caretaking opportunities
in the world. All information is derived from sources believed to
be correct and reliable, but for which we assume no
responsibility. The Caretaker Gazette does not screen caretakers
or landowners, and only provides a medium of information
exchange. We assume no liability for arrangements made between
parties. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced,
or distributed in any form or retrieval system without our
written permission. 

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benefits and housing.

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HOUSESITTER needed for my new four bedroom/three bath home in Hot
Springs, AR. You will also need to take care of my new puppy. I
will be traveling on business, and out of the country from May 1
through August 1. The housesitter can live rent-free while I'm
gone, and I will pay all utilities. Please email why you would be
a good house and dog-sitter, along with your checkable references


CARETAKER REQUIRED. Located 80 kilometers southwest of
Mundubbera, a small town in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of
Queensland. Duties will include checking waters, fences and other
light duties. Local caretakers should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a beef property, located northeast of
Goondiwindi, in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. Need a
caretaker couple with livestock experience. A comfortable,
air-conditioned home, workshop, and stables provided in exchange
for light duties. This would be suitable for active retirees.
Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to apply.

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Gympie area. Will need to perform
general caretaking duties in exchange for single accommodations
and power. This position would be suitable for a pensioner.
Farming/Dairy experience would be an advantage. To apply, please

CARETAKER REQUIRED. A two bedroom cottage, with air-conditioning,
in Kaimkillenbun, Queensland is available. Located 24 kilometers
from Dalby, on the way to the Bunya Mountains. Minimal rent and
light duties required. Australian residents should call 0429 067

CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a cattle property 30klms from
Biloela, in the Shire of Banana, Central Queensland. You will
need to check water, fences, maintain lawns and gardens, and
other light duties. Mobile and internet available. Local
Queensland residents, should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to apply
for this position. Thanks.

CARETAKER COUPLE required for a Roma district property in South
West Queensland, 515 km from Brisbane. It is situated at the
junction of the Warrego and Carnarvon highways. We have beef,
meat, sheep and goats. A comfortable air-conditioned house, meat,
power, and phone provided. This would be a good position for
pensioners. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX requires a full-time live in caretaker for
its 100 acre property in Pokolbin, New South Wales.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX prides itself on providing a high quality
environment for residents and visitors. The caretaker plays a
pivotal role in coordinating various aspects of
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX operations and acts as a contact point for
owners on a variety of issues. The caretaker is responsible for
maintenance and security of all community property. Roles and
responsibilities will include: 1) liaise closely with the
executive committee ensuring the efficient operation, security
and maintenance of the estate and its facilities; 2) ensure all
internal administrative requirements are fulfilled; 3)
anticipate, isolate and solve any operational problems; 4) deal
with any complaints or concerns from owners in a professional
manner. Our requirements include being a good communicator, both
oral and written, having farm experience and competency with farm
equipment, and being computer literate. The remuneration for this
role will be negotiated with the successful applicant but is
expected to be in the $45,000 - $50,000/year. In addition, a
three bedroom home on the estate is provided for the caretaker
and his family, including utilities. Australian applications
(with resumes) should be sent to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the
attention of the Treasurer. Thank you.

CARETAKER COUPLE required for a cattle property west of Emerald,
in the Central Highlands Region, Queensland. This is a part-time
position for a couple who seek a rural lifestyle. Duties will
include basic maintenance on pumps and machines, cooking, gardens
and general property maintenance. Australian residents should
email their resume and two references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE required for a cattle property located 40
kilometers from Richmond, in western Queensland. A pensioner
couple would be appropriate to look after our animals and check
waters on weekends and while the owners are away. A small two
bedroom cottage will be provided, along with mobile service.

range of interesting people from all over the world? If you want
a truly unique experience, the non-profit museum
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX at the Old Alice Springs Gaol is looking for
friendly caretaker couples to help with customer service and
general maintenance/gardening during May - August. Six week
minimum commitment, maximum 20 hours a week, with work mainly on
weekends so there is plenty of time to explore the stunning
landscapes of the red center during the week! Caretakers will
normally work alongside volunteers, and will help to open and
close the museum, welcome visitors, help at the shop and
café, and complete minor grounds and maintenance work.
Training provided. This is an unpaid position, and you will need
your own caravan. We offer free rent and amenities, the chance to
meet new people and explore Australia's history, and a great
location that is an easy walk to town. If you are interested,
please give us a call on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or write
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We look forward to hearing from you!

CARETAKER COUPLE needed in Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast in
southeast Queensland. This position would be suitable for a
pensioner. Located close to the beach and fishing. A fully
furnished, very large caravan with hard annex provided, with an
ensuite shower/toilet. Some work needed here in lieu of rent.
Local caretakers should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

WE ARE SEARCHING FOR SOMEONE to look after our place and dog from
around April 8th to April 23rd in Western Australia. We are in
the plantation district, just outside of Carnarvon, at the mouth
of the Gascoyne River on the Indian Ocean. Duties include looking
after the dog, and checking that our reticulation system is
working. Repair if necessary. We may also need assistance from
the same person with some management duties (e.g. grounds work or
washing, etc.) at our short stay accommodation in the town
center, if there are bookings during this period. Duties would
include making sure that everything is prepared prior to arrival,
 meet and greet with keys, possible washing of sheets, remake
beds, clean if there are other guests arriving. Keep the pool
clean and monitor for the month. We do have a lady who will
likely do all these duties, but may need some assistance here and
there. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to further discuss.

CARETAKER needed on a farm with cattle and horses in the
Toowoomba region. This position would be ideal for a recently
retired couple. House and gardening duties required. A good house
with electricity will be provided. Please apply in writing to

Queensland. We seek a proficient and experienced handyman/person
and sound workplace references, to manage the day-to-day
operations of a community hall, which includes general cleaning
and maintenance with some groundskeeping work. A two bedroom
house, with a single lock up garage next to our hall, is offered
rent free to the successful applicants as remuneration in
exchange for the duties required. In the first instance, all
enquiries should be directed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX strictly
between the hours of 9am - 4pm daily, Monday - Sunday.  Please -
no text or voice messages.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in southern Belize. A minimum commitment of
four weeks anytime from March to November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties as of
this date will be the care and feeding of six dogs, fishes,
watering young plants and minor maintenance. If interested please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. You can also google


INTERESTED IN SELF-SUFFICIENCY? Want to help build a community?
Love the sea? There's a lot to do and we are on the hunt for
short-term/short-notice volunteers. We are looking for people who
are happy to get stuck into whatever needs doing, which at the
moment, unless you have specific boat-building/welding skills, is
cooking, and general clean-up and maintenance. We are also
looking for people with knowledge of gaff rigs and skills related
to boating. Sailing the farm is now in Cape Verde ready to cross
to Brazil with four crew onboard. If you want to join us we have
space in April for South America. Everything is going well. She
sails really well in the trade winds. Out of last eight days, we
have averaged more than five knots (for a 23 ton boat). Next stop
will be Salvador, Brazil. Thank you all for your support! Please
send an email to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX explaining why you would be
interested in our community and please place this in the Subject
Line: Sea Gypsy Application so we know you have been reading
this. Love from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - a sea gypsy tribe of


VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED. My name is Moise and I am a young vibrant
English teacher living in a village in the North of Bulgaria
trying to make my life more eco-friendly and self-sufficient. I
have recently moved into a house on the top of a hill in a little
village near Ruse. I am looking for a volunteer who is willing to
help in and around the house with little jobs like painting,
fixing minor things in the house and a little decoration. Also
someone who likes working in the garden, preferably with some
experience in planting and growing vegetables. My house has three
spare bedrooms at the moment; it's in two separate parts, the
downstairs has a main open room used as a dining area, a kitchen
a bathroom and my room which I use as an office, lounge and
bedroom. The upstairs part of the house, consists of three rooms
a hall and a bathroom. Also I have a high speed fiber optic
internet connection, so no worries there. I will probably be
working in the U.K. this summer, so I am looking for a person who
would be up for housesitting while I am gone. This will be from
July to August, if that becomes longer I will let you know. I
speak English, French and Spanish. My Mother is French and Father
English so I am of mixed upbringing. I have travelled extensively
having been to nearly 40 countries I am open to people from any
country or culture. I love all kinds of food and can't wait to
discover new cuisine and styles of living. If you have experience
in building, I would love to learn some new methods and
techniques. In the future I intend to build an Eco-friendly
Community Centre on my other plot of land. I hope to talk to you
soon if you are interested in coming to stay with me. Please call


HOUSESITTER NEEDED long-term for my small home in Santa Cruz. I
have a single-family 1930's home with two bedrooms and one full
bathroom, and plenty of space for a garden, on a quiet street,
and only 11 blocks to Sunny Cove Beach. Need someone to sit our
house and our two dogs. They are in and out kind of dogs, and
spoiled rotten too. Need plants watered too. For more details,

CARETAKER POSITION AVAILABLE at Point Arena in Mendocino County.
Requires expert handyman and all round jack of trades for a 20
acre, second home property in the beautiful redwood forest.
Requires impeccable references for work experience and character.
Maintain a water storage tank, make modest repairs to equipment,
irrigation system and extensive hand watering of many fruit trees
and flower gardens. Must be in good health and have high energy
and a sense of initiative. Small one bedroom apartment provided.
On site interviews to be scheduled in three to four weeks. Please
send your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM needed in the Albany/El Cerrito
area. We are a family of five and live in a large home in the
East Bay Hills, in El Cerrito. We appreciate the Asian cultures
and are looking for an Asian caretaker husband and wife team. We
offer to you a wonderfully located one bedroom live-in apartment
with a balcony, a separate entry and sweeping views of the Bay in
exchange for light home and garden work. If you are interested

HOUSESITTER WANTED for our home in La Jolla, for an immediate
year round position. This is a long-term house and pet sitting
assignment. We work out of the country, and have an older cat.
Housesitter will need to feed and provide meds to our cat. Some
yard maintenance and plant watering is required. For more
details, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

guesthouse in Anderson Valley, Northern California. We have three
outside cats who will need care. We can offer accommodation and a
small stipend. This is an opportunity to gain experience in the
hospitality industry. House cleaning and small
maintenance/repairs will be part of this position. This might be
suitable for a couple. Besides the five bedroom house, there is a
fully equipped cabin on the property, which could be used for
accommodation. This position requires, dependability and great
follow through skills, as well as computer skills. Please, only
very serious applicants should apply. Please contact


A RETIREMENT COMMUNITY in River Heights is seeking a couple for a
live-in caretaker position. The selected candidates will be
responsible for after hours, weekends, holidays and emergency and
non-emergencies. Previous caretaking experience an asset. Must
enjoy working with seniors. Canadian residents should reply to

BUTLER WITH COOKING SKILLS needed for our client's homes in
Canada, Spain and the Bahamas. The job responsibilities will
include: ensuring that one elderly principal is not left alone,
monitoring his well-being, managing all household food, including
cooking, grocery shopping, providing quality food and beverage
service, table service and settings in traditional Butler
service, wardrobe management and valet service for principals,
assisting the principals pack/unpack suitcases, running household
errands, and personal shopping as required, providing Personal
Assistant duties to include finalizing flight details, booking
cars etc., liaising with the principal's Personal Assistant on
any other requests, ensuring the home is welcoming and enjoyable
as possible for the principals and guests, ensuring that the
day-to-day running of the residences maintains the owner's
standards of cleanliness, efficiency, and organization,
supervising other staff to ensure they perform their duties to
the correct standard, light cleaning and detailing of the
households on the cleaners days off, answering the phone and
taking messages as needed, answering the door, greeting guests
and visitors as needed, scheduling and supervising all trades and
vendors, ensuring that all work on the property is completed in
the best way possible, conducting evening detailing and security
check of the entire property, organizing flowers twice weekly,
ensuring the proper maintenance of household automobiles,
including managing the cleanliness of the cars, and booking
regular maintenance checks, assisting with event planning for
social and seasonal events, keeping all cupboards and storage in
the household organized, managing all internet purchases and
returns of goods, and manage and monitor household inventories,
working with existing manuals and programs. Salary will be
commensurate with experience, and live-in residences provided in
Canada (Toronto), Spain and The Bahamas. Please email your resume
and references and mention that you are applying for

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, in Kingsville ON seeks an exceptional
Innkeeper. Adjacent to Lake Erie, ferries to Ohio, DTW, and your
presence will enhance our exceptional reputation and continue the
success of tourism in Canada's Deep South. Fully restored, five
guestrooms with ensuites, in Canada's newest wine region. Minimum
four week contract. References please. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


SEEKING A COUPLE to help manage an 11-year-old top rated B&B in
the mountain resort town of Ouray, Colorado. The Black Bear Manor
will provide lodging, breakfast, plus pay. A couple is preferred,
with experience in cooking, some cleaning, and light maintenance.
Please email your resume or details to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


MAINTENANCE HAND NEEDED for a private wooden boat yard on the
Mystic River. Available April-May 2017. We are a professional
maritime family with a non-commercial facility set on two
peaceful acres and a commercial property/dock in downtown Mystic.
Seeking a balanced, competent, discreet, reliable person with a
strong body, basic seamanship, carpentry, painting and mechanical
skills required for a full-time year-round position. We are
looking for someone who is near the beginning of their career
trajectory and will grow into the position long-term.
Accommodation included, work vehicle during business hours and a
variety of small wooden craft to use on your time off. Located
1/3 mile to Downtown Mystic. Salary depends on skill level and
willingness to learn. We offer fair wages. Pet friendly within
reason. Please email your resume or work history to

HOUSESITTER/PETSITTER needed in the Stamford area from May 1
through September 1, 2017. I am looking for someone to look after
our house and three dogs while we are away. You need to be a
dog-lover and have experience looking after them. Must have your
own vehicle and driver's license. Please provide references we
can contact. For more details, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


we offer a work exchange program. Please contact us if you want
to stay for free as a basic volunteer and work four hours per
day/five days a week. Use of all facilities is included. Child
care, kitchen cleaning, maintenance/garden and reception are the
positions we offer. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


large family home in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. Key responsibilities
will include: housekeeping, general cleaning and household
laundry/ironing, maintenance of cleaning equipment, care of
antique books, paintings and furniture, flower arranging,
supervision of household and external event staff, ensure house
security, looking after family dogs and cats, including walking
and cleaning, table service and waitressing, cooking, preparation
and serving of informal meals, light lunches, dinner parties and
shoot lunches, baking and preparation of cakes/puddings/desserts,
making of preserves, pickles and cordials, and organizing the
home-grown fruit, vegetables and meat. Candidates must be willing
to have a flexible approach to working hours and be willing to
work out of hours on occasions of dinner parties and evening
charity events. Candidates must have these essential attributes:
honesty, integrity, discretion, reliability and flexibility, good
planning and organizational skills, ability to communicate with
the family as well as other staff and work as part of a team,
caring and confident with animals, and a full driving license.
The position is a live-in post and accommodation comprises of a
large spacious self-contained flat within the main house. Salary
will be dependent on experience, references and whether the role
is part-time five mornings a week, or full-time. To start as soon
as possible. Please send your resume and references to

couple's weekend residence on a family estate in West Sussex with
easy access to the M23. The Gardener/Caretaker position involves
primarily sole gardening, but also swimming pool maintenance,
some caretaking and occasional driving. Some additional garden
help is available, but experience is absolutely essential for
this mature garden of borders, lawns, roses, orchard, greenhouse
and conservatory. The Housekeeper/Cook requires strong
organizational skills and is responsible for cleaning, laundry,
shopping and cooking to a good standard. This job requires
weekend work when the owners are in residence with two weekdays
off. A separate three-bedroom cottage and car will be provided.
Both candidates must have fluent English, driver's licenses and
experience in private household service. The last two couples
stayed for a total of 16 years and six years! Late April/early
May start date if possible. Salary is negotiable based on
experience. Please send your resume and references to


LIVE-IN, FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed in Sebring, FL. Caretaker
needed for an older gentleman. Driver's license required. This is
a live-in position. For more information, please call

IMMEDIATE OPENING for a property caretaker/handyman. This is a
long-term employment opportunity. This position would be great
for a retired husband/wife team on a 24-acre estate in Yulee, FL.
Duties will include mowing the grass, light maintenance, painting
and be willing to do whatever is required on the property. Must
have a valid Florida driver's license and a clean motor vehicle
record, and pass a background check. Live in the home on the
property. EEOC and drug free. Random drug testing will be done.
Please submit your job history and references to

LONG-TERM CARETAKING COUPLE needed in northwest Florida for the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Must have maintenance and people skills.
Housing furnished. No smoking, no pets. Please send your resume

LIVE-IN PROFESSIONAL HOUSEKEEPER/Family Assistant needed in the
Miami area. A professional couple with three children living on
Fisher Island, FL needs additional help. Other staff includes
nannies. Duties will include overseeing that the details of the
home and needs of the family are met in a timely and organized
way, cleaning residence to a high standard, laundry, assisting
with cooking, some involvement with the children, oversight of
vendors, and various errands. The ideal person will have good
energy, be neat, organized, on time, polite and loves working
with children. The candidate should be career oriented in
domestic private service. Must have experience in a private home.
Will need 3+ years of relevant experience of paid private home
professional housekeeping experience and have the ability to
maintain confidentiality of the household and the owners'
affairs, and be courteous, discreet, honest and a responsible
character. Must have good communication skills verbal and
written, be computer savvy, be well groomed, non-drug user,
physically able to perform the duties of the position and willing
to take a pre-commencement physical, be English speaking, be able
to sign and adhere to confidentiality agreement, be of good
background, legal to work in the USA and willing to submit to
pre-employment background, security and medical check as
requested, and be a non-smoker. The Housekeeper/Family Assistant
will generally be on duty Monday through Friday, with an
occasional Friday or Saturday night. A flexible professional
private service attitude that puts the employer's needs at a
premium is expected and highly valued. The tone and tenor of the
relationship will be mutual respect. Accommodations will be a
private room with en suite bathroom, with your own separate
access. Hourly compensation provided with health insurance after
a trial period. To apply, please email your resume to
caretakergazette@gmail.com and include "Fisher Island Position"
in the Subject Line for forwarding purposes.

HOUSECLEANER/COOK needed for a diabetic senior couple who live in
Sanibel Island, FL in the winter time and Piely Island (Lake
Erie) in the summer time. Hours are 9am to 5pm weekdays. This is
a wonderful couple who need your help. Responsibilities will
include housecleaning, caring for a small sweet dog, laundry,
ironing, preparing some meals, etc. They are very private people
who like to keep to themselves. So no "Chatty-Cathy's" please.
Please send your resume, photo, and copy of driver's license to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. No phones calls please. Private living
accommodations are provided.


DOMESTIC COUPLE needed in Paris. A foreign ultra-high net worth
couple is looking for a domestic couple to take care of their
flat in Paris. The flat has approximately 875 m2, and is located
in the 1st district of Paris. The flat is under 24 hour
surveillance, and there is also a housekeeper who looks after the
property throughout the year. The owners visit the flat several
times a month and spend approximately four to seven days in a
row. The domestic couple will serve the employers and will be in
charge of the overall maintenance and management of the
apartment. The couple will have to be flexible and work at the
property on the weekends. The position is live-out but a flat may
be provided for the break times. A uniform will be provided. This
position requires experience working for private families as a
domestic couple, speaking both English and French, being
excellent at multitasking, being flexible and discreet. The
duties and responsibilities will include: managing the flat,
general maintenance of the flat (parquet, windows, furniture),
shopping for groceries and household items, shopping for the
employers, managing subcontractors, reporting on the expenses and
affairs to the family office, table setting and table service,
making windows and cleaning bedrooms, laundry and ironing, some
cooking if required, looking after the balconies, and cleaning
silver and valuable items. The schedule will be Monday to Friday
when the employers are absent, and being flexible when the
employers are at the property. The salary will be 6,200 euros
gross per month for the couple. The Contract Duration
Indeterminée will have a probationary period of one month.
To apply, please complete the application at

TRAINEE ESTATE JUNIOR needed for an English private residence in
France. No experience necessary. This is a brilliant opportunity
to learn the many aspects of Estate work from the grounds, to the
house, to horse husbandry, and care of a small number of sheep
and chickens. This will be a busy, varied role. Applicants must
have a good sense of humor and like animals. New shared barn
conversion provided, with its own bathroom. Please send your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER NEEDED on the Big Island of Hawaii. 4-hours/day work
exchange program available. Must be enthusiastic about rustic
jungle life, experienced with off-grid living and solar
equipment. There is no phone/electricity, no pay, but fun, and
surfing! Seeking peaceful, hard-working, cooperative, spiritual
minded, vegetarians, no drinkers/smokers/drugs. For more info,
please email your information to caretakergazette@gmail.com and
include "Big Island Caretaker Position" in the Subject Line for
forwarding purposes.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We are Jorg (43) and Ralf (42), the founders
of a Community Supported Agriculture project that focuses on
organic farming, providing our members with many delicious
naturally preserved products (jams, chutneys, sauces, juices,
etc.). We are also interested in traditional preserving and
fermenting in form of Sauerkraut, Kimchi, vinegar, etc. (new
fermenting techniques are always welcome!). Regional recipes from
all over the world are appreciated. We are located right between
Vienna and Budapest. The next largest town is Gyor (about 20
minutes' drive). The village we live in is right next to the
river Raab. It is both friendly and laid-back. Summers are
usually hot (up to 40°C) and dry with impressive crystal clear
skies at night. We are looking for people who love to work in the
fields, specifically seeding, planting, watering, weeding,
harvesting and housekeeping. We provide accommodation in the form
of a large guestroom, a shared bathroom (accessible through
outdoor arcade) and shared living space. We provide vegetarian
(optional vegan) food with a large portion of home grown seasonal
vegetables. We would prefer that you stay for more than one week.
Must be a huge animal lover! We have five friendly dogs, four
cats and 28 parakeets (budgies). We are native German speakers,
who are fluent in English and able to speak some Hungarian. We
are LGBT friendly! To learn more please visit our website at
looking forward to meeting you!


You will have the unique opportunity to work in the hot spring
capital of the world, Hverageroi, volunteering for the
municipality. The town is built above a geothermal hot-spring
field, and derives its name from the Icelandic word for hot
spring: hver. It is located 45 kilometers from Reykjavik, and may
be seen from the vantage point of the Kambar mountain slope, as
it spreads out across a 5,000 year-old lava field. Pillars of
steam from the numerous hot springs in the town may be seen
rising up out of the ground. In summer, the town is a green
community, abounding in trees. A green revolution is taking place
as areas of woodland expand in and around Hverageroi, with the
locals working together in order to further develop their
blossoming town. The surroundings are a paradise for outdoor
activities. To the north of town is one of the country's largest
geothermal areas, Hengill, where plumes of steam can be seen from
far. Hiking trails stretch from town through Olfusdalur Valley,
into the Hengill volcanic area, all the way to Nesjavellir and
Pingvellir National Park. Along the way are warm springs where
bathing is possible. Volunteers will mainly be working in the
town of Hverageroi and the neighboring surroundings. The main
tasks include pulling and removing weeds and applying
preservation on wood. Volunteers will also do some work in a
forested area in the municipality, such as making walking paths.
Other tasks might be cleaning up and light maintenance in the
public recreational areas of the township. The work can be
physically demanding and volunteers need to be motivated to work
outdoors and to be flexible to work in all the diverse tasks
connected with the project. Weather in Iceland is unpredictable,
so be prepared for all kinds of weather and be sure to bring warm
winter clothing since most of the work will take place outdoors
and it can get cold also in the evenings. Around this time of the
summer solstice, the sun hardly sets and the nights are almost as
bright as the days. The nights are magical and staying up
enjoying the beautiful surroundings is a unique experience.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX volunteers will be staying in a local
house/school with access to kitchen and bathrooms and will sleep
on mattresses on the floor. Shower facilities in the building are
basic but the participants will have access to the local swimming
pool. Please bring your own sleeping bag. Volunteers will receive
food supplies and be in charge of cooking and cleaning
activities. To learn more, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or call us in Iceland at


WINTER WATCHPERSON(S) NEEDED from October 1, 2017 through May 31,
2018 in Silver City, Idaho. Watch over an historic mining town
with approximately 65 buildings. Quarters provided with
utilities, workers comp, and a monthly salary. Must be physically
fit and able to function at a high altitude. Please submit your
letter of interest along with your resume and references to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please include personal contact

PERMANENT CARETAKERS wanted for a private estate in North Idaho.
My husband and I are looking for a year-round, energetic,
caretaking couple to live and work on our estate in Sandpoint,
ID.  Please learn more by going to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then
click on our Apply bottom on our website. Thanks.

luxury five room highly rated (#1 on TripAdvisor) Inn nestled in
the Teton Mountains of Victor, Idaho, near Yellowstone and Teton
National Park. Seeking an outgoing, highly organized and
self-motivated couple/single person. Responsibilities may
include; guest services, upselling packages and massages,
coordinate massage service and prepare packages, inventory and
vendor management, preparation and serving multi-course
breakfasts, sell and serve beer and wine, on line reservation
management, check-in, payment reconciliation, housekeeping, room
turnover, laundry, kitchen clean-up and common area, lawn, garden
and property maintenance, book and organize small weddings,
special events. Open: May 20th - October 30th and closed for
three months in the Winter.  Salary based on experience,
performance bonus, on site living accommodations with utilities,
Wi-Fi, and Cable TV. No children, smoking or pets. Car a must.
Please submit resumes to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by April 10th.
Phone interviews will be conducted on April 14th.

FULL-TIME WRANGLER AND CARETAKER needed at a private ranch
located between Sun Valley and Stanley, Idaho. Searching for a
special individual to help the owner care for and exercise
horses, do general ranch maintenance, and make sure ranch guests
are comfortable and have fun. This is a jack-of-all-trades job.
Experience with horses, landscaping, boating, fly fishing or
hospitality are all a big "plus". Must be flexible with terrific
people skills. Housing provided. Lots of recreation time and
opportunity in this spectacular setting. Work hard, play hard,
and make sure everyone has fun. Available May 15 through August.
Please email a summary of your experience and qualifications to

MANAGE A CHARMING MOTEL in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. We are
looking for a professional outgoing team with maintenance
experience. We provide residence, salary, and bonuses. Please
call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from 8:30am - 5:30pm or email us at


ASSISTANT INNKEEPER needed. An upscale country Inn and cottage
property in upstate Illinois is seeking an enthusiastic,
talented, full-time Assistant Innkeeper. The ideal candidate is
able to effectively perform a variety of tasks, while smiling
through the long day, in an often fast-paced environment. He or
She will be responsible for bringing a positive attitude and
flexibility, to guest service, kitchen prep, housekeeping,
gardening, reservations, phone and email response, and all the
innumerable duties of innkeeping. The Assistant Innkeeper will
work closely with the Innkeeper and owners to provide the
ultimate guest experience, and fun and comfortable work
environment, in a countryside "Farm to Table" atmosphere. The
position will be live-in, and will require immense flexibility
with hours, 24/7 guest response, and working of weekends and
holidays. Must Haves: Team-player attitude, a passion for
hospitality, excellent organizational and problem solving skills,
sense of urgency, and a calm can-do attitude. To be included in
our interview process, please send your info and resume to


CARETAKER NEEDED next year, in 2018. My family is the owner of a
historical house in Tuscany. We've owned the Villa since 1536 and
we will need a caretaker a year from now in March of 2018 at the
Villa Di Corliano. The Villa is seven kilometers from Pisa and 10
kilometers from Lucca, inside a nature park reserve in the Tuscan
countryside, on an old Roman Road. We are looking for a
responsible, reliable person who loves historical houses and is
willing to stay in the Villa, carry out some duties in exchange
for free lodging while on holiday in the area. The duties include
staying in the Villa every night from 8pm until 7am. Mornings and
afternoons are completely free and Monday is a full day free. We
want the caretaker to stay a minimum of two months. Accommodation
will be a single room at the top of a spiral staircase with a
kitchenette (small frig, sink, hot plate and toaster over) in the
corner and a private bathroom with shower. The room has satellite
TV and free Wi-Fi, but no meals are provided. A washing machine
is available for use in the Villa. Duties will include some of
the following: gardening, building, helping with tourists, and
art projects. So basically the caretaker will clean the garden
around the villa, help guests if they need suggestions for where
to eat/visit or to call for a taxi, verify that the doors and
gates are closed before going to bed, and generally keeping an
eye on the place, especially at night. There are also many events
at the Villa, such as weddings, concerts, gala dinners, etc. and
the caretaker helps direct the guests to the designated parking
areas. The main requirement is to sleep inside the Villa for the
overall security of the guests. Your bedroom is upstairs so you
have a good view of the main Villa entrance. The property is
occupied by the working staff and gardeners from 7am until 8pm,
so those hours are totally free for the caretaker. This is a
volunteer/exchange position and no money compensation and no
meals provided, for one person only. For those who can't wait a
year to go to the Villa and would like to visit on a rental
basis, one can rent a small apartment for 550 Euros per month
plus utilities of around 80-100 Euros/month. For more details or
inquiries regarding the Villa volunteer caretaking position,
please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and for the apartment
rentals, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER needed for a down-to-earth doctor's family in
Covington, KY. They have two girls (7 and 10) and three dogs. A
private apartment will be provided, and you can have an older
child, husband or pet with you. This is a non-smoking household.
They are seeking someone who enjoys children and also likes
housecleaning. Someone who can pay attention to details, be
prompt, and patient with children and kind. They need a person
who enjoys dogs. Responsibilities also include laundry and
cooking dinner three to four days a week. They want someone who
will feel as this is their home also. Please send resumes to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls, please.


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Millinocket, Maine is looking for a
live-in Innkeeper, preferably a couple, to run the B&B for the
2017 season (June 1 to October 31). Duties include: inspection of
guest rooms, public areas, and grounds for cleanliness and
appearance; cleaning and turning over of all rooms, and general
cleaning of all common areas in the house; grounds maintenance
and lawn care; greeting and registering guests; answering
inquiries pertaining to Inn policies and services. Collecting
payments and recording data pertaining to funds and expenditures
for all operations. Managing and maintaining kitchen inventory.
Cooking breakfasts for all guests and managing dietary requests.
Organizing and making reservations. Handling any emergencies with
guests and property maintenance. Answering all emails for the
business and handling telephone inquiries. If you are interested
in this opportunity, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

RV HOST needed for the summer. The town of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,
Maine is looking for a qualified RV couple with good people
skills to manage the town owned public beach for the 2017 summer
season. It will provide to the caretakers a RV site with water,
electricity, septic and compensation. Responsibilities will
include overseeing several part-time employees, maintaining the
property as needed, enforcing the rules and maintaining our
family-friendly atmosphere. Our season runs one week before
Memorial Day to one week following Labor Day. You may view
pictures of the area by visiting our Facebook page at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please contact us via our Facebook page for
a more complete job description and requirements. Compensation
includes the value of the RV site plus a $4,000 stipend for the
Labor Day to Memorial Day period plus two weeks.


Domestic Couple - Working for the ultra-wealthy: Michael and Mary
Interests: Mike: Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, snow shoeing,
writing, cars, motorcycles, aircraft and my beloved Jeep. Mary:
Hiking, biking, kayaking, knitting, cooking,
Quote: "Wherever you go, there you are" - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mike and Mary with the dogs on the Aspen property

	I'm not sure exactly how we arrived at the idea of being
caretakers, but once we started reading The Caretaker Gazette ads
for Domestic Couple positions working for the ultra-wealthy, the
hook was set. When we saw the kind of money that we could make,
the kind of places we could live and the fringe benefits, we knew
we wanted in.
I'd spent a good part of my working life wearing a suit and
working in an office. I worked as an Account Executive for a
Video Production company, a Marketing Director, and I ran a
company that did animation. But the truth was - I never really
liked working in an office. I was always kind of a gearhead,
liked mechanical things and loved being outdoors. So in 1989 I
bought a coin operated pay telephone company which I ran for
eight years until cell phones started taking over. After that I
started a small used car dealership specializing in European
cars. I really loved tinkering with cars but when the economy
started going south it got harder and harder to make a go of it.
Eventually I closed the dealership and ended up with an inside
sales, cubical world job that I absolutely hated. In 2008 I lost
that job. But it turned out to be the best thing that could have
happened because it forced me to do some hard thinking about how
I wanted to spend the rest of my life. 
	My wife, Mary, had started and run a successful daycare
business. She'd done quite well with it and was making good
money. She loved working with kids and it was a good business.
But when the economy started going downhill she started losing
business as parents lost their jobs. It's hard work mentally and
physically and is very stressful—it was time to do something
	So here we were, both in our late fifties and needing to
reinvent ourselves in the worst economy since the Great
Depression. At the time I kept seeing executives getting
multi-million dollar "golden parachutes." I figured that if
anyone was going to survive the recession, it was rich people. In
fact I can remember joking that since we didn't get a golden
parachute ourselves maybe we could latch onto the ankles of
someone who did. And in fact, that's almost exactly what we ended
up doing. 
	Once we decided what we wanted to do, the question was how. We
sent out a bunch of applications but weren't getting much in the
way of responses. The upper echelon Domestic Couple jobs are
generally handled by employment agencies and they flat out won't
talk to you unless you have a minimum of two of years' experience
working in a wealthy household. We had the right skills and were
well suited for the job, but we couldn't get past the
"gatekeepers." I'm pretty good at selling myself but we needed to
be able to deal directly with an employer.
	In January of 2009 an ad appeared in The Caretaker Gazette for a
Domestic Couple position in Aspen, Colorado that seemed perfect
for us. And it wasn't through an agency! We sent an application
right out, but got a nice note back that the position had been
filled. So we kept plugging away with applications but weren't
having too much success. About three months later the Aspen job
turned up in the Gazette again. We put in another application and
one day the phone rang - it was them! After some back and forth,
we were offered the job. It was an entry level job in both pay
and duties, but the important thing was we were in. If we did a
good job and hung on for a couple of years we could move up to a
better job. I'm not going to take any credit for us getting the
job, it boiled down to exceedingly good luck and I wouldn't even
rule out the possibility of divine intervention. We just happened
to have the right combination of skills and experience.
Surprisingly my wife's daycare experience was one - they had nine
dogs and figured if Mary could take care of kids she could take
care of dogs. The second was the fact we'd lived at high altitude
before. Their house is at 9,000 feet. The couple they'd hired
couldn't cope with the altitude and had left after three months.
So we packed up our car, and left our home in Grand Haven,
Michigan for Aspen. 
	The job included a free apartment - it was under the garage but
very nice and had the same Million dollar view they did. It was
fully furnished and came complete with everything. We just showed
up with our clothes. We had 400 channels of cable and they paid
the utilities. The house in Aspen was 8,000 square feet and was
quite a showplace. It's been featured in numerous magazines
including The Wall Street Journal. It was valued at $15 million
at the time and was full of art, antiques, furs, jewelry and who
knows what else. When they weren't there we were responsible for
everything plus their beloved dogs - we were definitely starting
out at the deep end of the pool. It was intimidating working in a
house like that. I never touched anything I didn't have to - some
little knickknack on an end table might well cost more than our
	It turned out to be a much more difficult and complicated job
than we could have ever imagined. The levels of complexity in a
house like that boggle the mind. Aside from the sheer physical
labor of caring for it inside and out, you have to understand how
it all works and know (or learn) about an incredible number of
subjects. On my end, it had three commercial grade boilers, snow
melt systems (roof and driveway), solar hot water, reverse
osmosis water filtration, drapes that open and close on a timer,
touch pads throughout the house that controlled HVAC, stereo
(inside and outside), satellite TV, a home theater, wine cellar
with temperature/humidity monitors and alarm, and lighting. I had
to know how it all worked and be able to find out what was wrong
when it didn't, which happened on a regular basis.
	Figuring out all this stuff out and keeping it working was only
half of it. I also had to schedule, supervise and deal with the
small army of outside contractors (when I couldn't fix it myself)
it takes to keep a place like this running smoothly. I put
together a team of contractors who understood the "special needs"
(at a price) of the homeowners and would get there quickly. There
were many perks to the job. The work load varied - at times we
were swamped, other times we had it pretty soft, especially when
they were out of town. Care of their dogs was a big part of the
job, and since they were show dogs they needed a lot of exercise
to stay in shape. We used to spend two to three hours nearly
every day walking the dogs. We'd start our day by loading up a
couple of dogs and taking them someplace nice to hike. Mary and I
love walking and hiking. We couldn't believe we were getting paid
to go hiking in such a beautiful place!
	We spent two years in Aspen and learned a lot. But we wanted to
be near our family in Michigan and started looking for jobs that
were closer. With two years under our belt we found job hunting a
lot easier. We ended up with three offers. The job we really
wanted (and got) was in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The house was
13,000 square feet plus a guest house, a three story boathouse
with ballroom, various outbuildings, and a 40x60 foot equipment
garage. There were 10 acres of mowed lawn with intricate
landscaping, four fountains, a pond, a beach, and ten acres of
woods, all to be maintained by me. The house was built in 1911
and was a mix of old and new, which adds another level of
complexity when it comes to maintenance. But it came with a big
pay raise, so we had no complaints. It was a gearhead's dream in
terms of "toys." I had a new F250 work pickup with plow, a diesel
tractor, and all manner of equipment.

Michigan Home where Mike and Mary were Estate Managers

	They allowed me to load up with all new, professional grade
Stihl gear—I had carte blanche to buy anything I felt I needed to
do the job. They had some fun cars that I got to drive like a
Mercedes S class, a classic Mercedes convertible and a brand new
Bentley. And they had their own jet which Mary and I got to get
on occasionally. 
The job was a real learning experience and we added a lot of new
skills to our resumes. Mary cooked and we served at parties, I
was bartender, we helped put on larger events with 150 plus
people, and I played chauffeur in the Bentley. They liked how we
ran things and after a few months the job went from caretaker
couple to a true estate manager couple position. They asked us to
also manage their oceanfront estate in Florida. Mary and I began
spending more of our time managing other people who did the work
and I learned quite a bit about running an estate long distance
(with occasional visits). 
	After two years there, our current job essentially fell into our
laps. The house is 22,000 square feet, plus a pool house,
carriage house, and 3,000 square foot wine cellar. There are 20
acres of mowed lawn but there's a full-time groundskeeper, so I
have some help. Plus we got a big raise in pay along with top
notch health insurance. The owners have turned out to be the
sweetest people we've ever worked for and they treat us great.
One September they sent us to their vineyard in Napa for a week
to dog sit. They paid for the whole trip, had us stay in the
guest house, gave us lots of free wine, a new Jeep to use, and
told us to go have fun when we weren't watching the dogs. So I
suppose the moral of our story is that in spite of long odds it
is possible to re-invent yourself. I have to confess that there
was a time when I felt like I'd never have a decent job again and
now I have a new career that quite honestly has turned out to be
the best, most challenging and most satisfying job I've ever had.
Mary didn't realize how burned out she'd gotten until she got
away from the daycare business and in spite of working very hard
is finding her new role a very welcome change.
	The Domestic Couple business sure isn't for everyone - while the
job descriptions make it sound pretty easy, the reality is
anything but. At times we can't believe we actually get paid for
some of the things we do but the majority of the time it's the
hardest job either of us have ever had. I spend large amounts of
their money on a daily basis and in a typical year oversee six
figures worth of work, repairs, maintenance and improvements.
There are a lot of potential pitfalls. It's an odd combination of
menial tasks and huge responsibility. I might clean up dog dirt
one minute then hop in a Maserati, Bentley or classic 427 Cobra
to get gas or take it in for service. While driving cars like
that might sound like fun, it is until you come to the
realization something like a flawless Cobra is worth a million
bucks and if you screw it up you'd be out of a job. It's always a
bit of a "high wire act," it's fast paced, high pressure, intense
and you're on duty 24/7 when the owners are in residence.
	While it may not be the job for everyone, the good news is if
you read The Caretaker Gazette, there are jobs that suit anyone's
interests and abilities. There are jobs in big cities, rural
places, full-time career type jobs, part-time laid back type
jobs, ranch or farm jobs, you name it. And you can work in exotic
locals all over the world. It's a wonderful lifestyle and our
only regret it that we didn't get into it sooner.

Mary on the porch of the Napa Vineyard Home


GORGEOUS COUNTRY ESTATE, close to DC and Virginia, seeks live-in
innkeeper(s). Upscale property with six suites - hosts weddings
and events. Responsibilities include receiving guests, assisting
wedding parties, housekeeping, shopping, light landscaping and
maintenance, and breakfast preparation. This is an ideal job for
a single person or couple. Transportation required.
Culinary/hospitality/event or gardening interests a plus - not
requirement. Base pay plus incentive. Please send your resume or


CARETAKER, HANDYMAN, GARDENER, personal assistant needed for a
beautiful 10 acre estate property, with a pool and pond, in
Sturbridge. Located within one hour of Boston, Providence, and
Hartford, and two hours from New York City. Handyman skills are
essential, including light plumbing, electrical, painting, etc.
Other jobs include personal assistant, winter snow cleaning,
greeting guests, computer internet/office work, errands,
chauffeuring, light cooking and housecleaning. Must have a smart
phone, laptop and auto. Need reliability, integrity, easy going
nature, good communicator, be a nonsmoker and nondrinker and be
organized, clean and neat. Housing and salary offered. Please
email a letter explaining all of your skills especially the type
of handyman and landscape/gardener skills, resume, picture,
contact phone and email, along with your explanation on why you
would be the best candidate for this position to


SEEKING CARETAKER(S) for an off-grid ranch, a short walk from a
spectacular, unspoiled beach on the pacific coast of Mexico.
Rustic but comfortable house provided. Incredible views,
swimming, fishing, etc. Welcoming, rural, Mexican community plus
travelers. Housing, internet and food stipend in exchange for
three to four hours per day maintenance, animal care and yard
work. Late July - early October. Candidate(s) must have
intermediate or higher Spanish, be very comfortable in nature,
and be interested in exploring a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle.
Experience with life in Latin America, farm animals, solar
electric, fencing, water systems, carpentry, all a plus. Longer
term situation also possible. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HORSE FARM CARETAKER needed in the Holland, MI area. We are
seeking an individual to live on the premises and assist in
managing a small horse breeding program. Feeding and stall
cleaning with some knowledge of horse husbandry desirable, along
with seasonal yard and lawn maintenance. All accommodations
provided, plus allowance. To apply, please call


BUILDING CARETAKER needed in Minneapolis. A well established and
highly reputable firm specializing in community association
management of condominium and townhome associations is seeking a
full-time building caretaker to join our team for properties in
Minneapolis. The caretaker will split hours between two
properties. Primary duties include but are not limited to
cleaning of common areas such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping,
sweeping, light maintenance and some administrative duties. Hours
are Monday - Friday 7:30 am -4:30 pm. Our ideal candidate must be
a good cleaner who is detail oriented, has maintenance
experience, and is a self-starter who is able to work
independently. Candidates must also have good communication
skills, be a team player, and be conscientious, responsible and
personable. Candidates must pass a criminal background check. We
offer a competitive wage and a great working environment.
Interested candidates should fax their resume to


FREE room/limited board for a couple/single exchanged for
part-time work on Bison Quest vacation ranch for three to five
months. Includes helping hosts with meal preparation/guest care
while supervising two to four volunteers doing the gardening,
cleaning, etc. Must be environmentally oriented, love the wild,
animals, and not be afraid of hard work. Please email


FULL-TIME CARETAKER NEEDED for a Lake Winnipesaukee estate
located six miles from Wolfeboro and comprised of approximately
12 buildings. Must be independent, hardworking, have extensive
building, maintenance, handyman, equipment and landscaping
skills, take pride and care in every aspect of your work, be
self-motivated and enjoy working outdoors and alone. References
required. House, benefits and salary provided. Please send your


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HOUSESITTER for the month of May for our
home in Jersey City, NJ. This will just be an exchange of your
housesitting service for the living space in our home - no pay
involved. You should be comfortable with city living. Our home is
in a quiet urban neighborhood and has a small garden which will
need some watering if we get into a dry spell. We are close to
shops, restaurants and other stores. The housesitter's primary
responsibility will be to look after our home and care for our
two dogs while we are away. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if
you are available and please provide checkable references.

INNKEEPER(S) NEEDED in Avon by the Sea, NJ. This is a live-in
only position. We are looking for a Marketing Intern. Web or
computer or Social Media savvy required. A well-groomed person
can also help with guest services, very part-time. Would be your
second job or perfect for a retired couple or soon to be retired
person. It would be perfect if you also have a home based
business. If you want to do more hotel or innkeeper duties there
are many optional jobs here, such as a cook, housekeeping, etc.
that are available. This is more of a place to live than a job at
least to begin with. A very modest room is provided to start
with, with the ability to improve living quarters provided. But
at least your rent, utilities, cable and Internet are paid for.
To apply, please email your resume and references to


CARETAKER NEEDED for a small ranch in the southwestern New Mexico
Mountains, duration to be negotiated. Handyperson and Housekeeper
couple would be ideal. Livestock, pets, landscaping, fencing,
maintenance and small repairs. Private house in a beautiful
secluded valley, plus salary, provided. No smoking, drugs or
problem drinking. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER WANTED. Located near Silver City, NM. Caretaker needed
for a remote ranch. Live off the grid, surrounded by Forest and
BLM land. Duties include maintaining livestock water, electric
fence, corral gates and feeding the livestock guardian dogs.
Large RV with all utilities furnished. Approximately 10 hours of
work per week. For more information please call

LIVE YOUR DREAM on a remote ranch in southwestern New Mexico,
north of Glenwood. The permanent caretaker must have their own
income source since this is not a paid position. Housing and
utilities provided. Phone, and Wi-Fi available. Responsibilities
include feeding livestock twice daily and general maintenance.
Must pass a background check. This position would be perfect for
a retiree, artist or someone seeking peace and quiet. Email:

Arabela, New Mexico, located near the Lincoln National Forest.
Foreman duties include but are not limited to, checking and
filling feeders, maintaining and upkeep of multiple houses
located on the property, tractor work, mowing, fence and road
maintenance. Will also check waterlines and troughs and repair as
needed, along with pond maintenance, brush trimming and clearing.
The caretaker will be responsible for house cleaning, washing
towels, sheets, etc., and keeping houses stocked and ready for
guests. Previous ranching experience required along with
medium-level handyman skills. On-site housing and utilities
furnished. Salary dependent upon experience. Pre-hire drug
testing and background checks will be performed prior to an offer
of employment. Please respond in writing to


FULL-TIME INNKEEPER needed for a nine room B&B in Fishkill, NY.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, set on 4.5 acres, with on-site pool, barns,
greenhouse and gym. This home has ties to the Revolutionary War
located in the Historic Hudson Valley, 60 miles north of New York
City. Seeking an experienced couple or single capable of
operating and growing this amazing property. Responsibilities
include preparing breakfast, concierge, overseeing housekeeping,
phone and emails, reservations, check in and out and creating a
memorable guest experience. Must be hardworking, energetic,
reliable, non-smoking and computer literate. Compensation will be
based on experience, on site apartment, meals and transportation.
Health insurance and retirement benefits available. Please visit
our web site at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to view this beautiful B&B.
Please send your resume, letter of intent, copy of current
driver's license, and photo to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


FULL-TIME, ON SITE Caretaker/Property Coordinator needed for the
Greyhounds As Pets Adoption Programme Trust (GAP). We require a
suitably qualified on site coordinator to look after our 27 acre
rehoming facility situated on State Highway 1, Levin. Duties
include caretaking, property maintenance including lawn mowing,
gardening and security. This role also assists the GAP rehoming
manager in transporting dogs to the Veterinary clinic and the
Inter Island Ferry as required. A two bedroom unfurnished house
is provided on the property as part of the remuneration package.
New Zealand applicants need to be physically fit, have handy
maintenance skills, be able to use two ride-on mowers and be
prepared to assist with stand-in dog handling assistance if
required. An affinity with animal welfare is also essential. The
successful applicant reports to the GAP Rehoming Manager. NZ
residents, please send your application to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


GUEST RANCH INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY for a couple available now.
Get out from behind that desk and get in the saddle. Do you have
what it takes to be a hands-on working couple at an off-the-grid
cowboy-style guest ranch in the tropics? If so, we want to hear
from you. We are looking for candidates to begin soon. We are an
intimate solar powered guest ranch offering guided horseback
tours with four rooms for overnight guests. Be sure to check out
our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to acquaint yourself with the
ranch. What we are looking for in a couple: one of you must be a
very experienced rider with a good knowledge of western riding
(and be able to provide riding lessons to beginners). The
experienced horse person should also have basic knowledge of
horse healthcare and be as well-skilled in horsemanship (on the
ground horse work) as they are in the saddle. The other should
have some experience or be willing to learn fast. You both have
experience in hospitality and enjoy hosting international guests.
You love people and would enjoy the role of ranch host. One of
you must love the kitchen and cooking up meals for up to 15
people ~ with knowledge of menu planning and costing. You will be
responsible for prepping and hosting nightly dinners. You both
can drive a 'manual shift' vehicle. General responsibilities
including daily errands to town and pick-up and delivery of
guests. Candidate(s) should have intermediate or higher level of
Spanish, be very comfortable in nature, and be interested in
exploring a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle. You are well
traveled and comfortable living in a foreign culture. Ideally
this is not your first time to Central America. You enjoy
photography and are willing to photograph our tours and do post
editing of the images. The ranch is located 20 minutes from the
surf beach town of San Juan del Sur. The couple will be required
to lead horseback rides and host guests at the ranch in addition
to some administration work. Hours are by no means fixed. Housing
accommodation, laundry service, cell phone, and access to
transport are included as well as a basic stipend after
completion of training. This is a great opportunity for a couple
who is interested in gaining valuable experience in ecotourism
and like the idea of living abroad in Nicaragua. If you are
interested in this position please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and attach your resume(s) and a current photo. We will contact
suitable candidates for a skype interview.


A DAYTON, OHIO FAMILY needs a housekeeper for their beautiful
home. The ideal employee is hardworking, honest, consistent and
flexible. Duties and hours can change based on demands of the
day. We are looking for someone who will be willing to stay
long-term. The principals of the home are business owners (of
several businesses), and philanthropists. They travel often, and
have a second home in Florida which at times could require the
staff to come along. The main expectations of this role are all
aspects of cleaning and maintaining cleanliness and organization
of the home, as well as laundry. Helping when entertaining, in
terms of serving food or beverages, cleaning up after meals, etc.
is also a plus. The housekeeper may be expected to go on simple
errands and a vehicle would be available for their use in that
case. Must be respectful and professional in demeanor.  Please
send your resume, photo, and copy of your driver's license to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls, please.

ESTATE HEAD HOUSEKEEPER needed. A senior couple in Beavercreek,
OH needs a Housekeeper for their beautiful home. The right
candidate will have at least two years' experience working in a
private home of wealth. Responsibilities for this position
include housecleaning, laundry, setting up for occasional dinner
parties and cleaning up after, maintaining relationships with all
maintenance personnel, and running errands. The right candidate
for this position will be smart, self-starting, and perceptive
(in other words, if there's a problem, you're the kind of person
who will fix it rather than wait for your employer to tell you to
do it!); presentable; and friendly. Hours are Monday through
Friday. Salary commensurate with skills and experience and
includes two weeks' vacation, paid insurance and utilities, and a
rent-free beautifully-furnished home in a lovely neighborhood.
Please send your resume, photo, and copy of your driver's license
to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls, please.


single person to be a live-in caretaker for six to 12 months.
Must have your own transportation as it is eight miles to the
nearest town. The center provides retreats for individuals and
groups in an interfaith setting. Duties in exchange for living in
a two-room cabin with all meals and utilities included, including
Wi-Fi plus $100 monthly stipend, are to provide assistance with
kitchen prep for the lunch meal, wash and fold guest linens,
maintain the library area, and pitch in with community events.
Total time to complete these duties is three to four hours per
day, five days per week. Please email your resume to


to November. Must like cats, equines, dogs. I go camping allot.
Covered RV site with full hookups provided. Well behaved pets are
okay. No Pot/drug users. References required. Please email

our house and our three dogs in our large four bedroom home in
Portland, Oregon. We need the housesitter (single or a couple,
but no children please) to start on June 1 and stay at least six
months while we are out of the country. We have a lovely home in
the Alameda Ridge area. We will leave detailed instructions for
the care of our three dogs. This is a great opportunity for an
individual or couple, who are responsible, trustworthy, email
communicators with us as we travel, and dog lovers. Please send
an email about yourself along with references to

CAMP CARETAKER needed. This is a seasonal position, full-time,
salaried position, running from mid-May through the camp closure,
usually around the end of September. This would be an ideal
situation for a couple as we have only one cabin available for
living quarters although we can arrange additional living
quarters. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX caretaker job responsibilities
will include maintenance of camp grounds which involves mowing,
weed-eating, moving rotating sprinklers, raking. Maintenance of
buildings which involves sweeping, mopping, trash removal,
general repair, keeping supplies stocked in bathhouses. After
each meal, assist in the kitchen with dish washing. Be available
to assist with receiving inventory and heavy lifting as needed.
We are a friendly and easy-going group and we work at the camp
because it is fun, and we want to be here. For more information
about the Camp, please visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and click on our "About Us" page. The camp complement consists of
three full-time positions, the Host/Caretaker, the cook, and the
assistant. The Host/Caretaker and assistant assist the cook in
the kitchen. We have one to two additional people helping out in
the kitchen during larger camps. We are an equal opportunity
employer. To apply please send an email expressing your interest
and outlining your experience to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. These
positions are open until filled so call immediately if you are

AN ABSENTEE OWNER is seeking an interim Innkeeper for
approximately three months with a potential for longer term
engagement. This is a beautiful and amazing place to work with
established guest clientele fully engaged with the Oregon
Shakespeare Festival.  This is an historic 5-star B & B with 10
guest rooms in Ashland, Oregon serving a full breakfast for up to
25 guests. Duties include: providing excellent guest experience,
managing reservations and bookings with Rezovation software,
supervising, managing and training staff in housekeeping and
breakfast preparation as needed. Hands-on experience for such
responsibilities is necessary on low-occupancy days.  Budgeting,
payroll management, and purchasing/expense reporting is required
and regular contact with the owner. Financial management, expense
payment, and payroll services are provided so you can focus on
guest enjoyment. Interested parties, please email your resume and
salary requirements to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Furnished
accommodations provided in close proximity, but not on site.


CARETAKER NEEDED: Full-time position available at a beautiful
camp in northeast Pennsylvania (Pocono Mountains) for children
with special needs. Applicant must be experienced in overall
maintenance of children's camp. Should have knowledge of
carpentry, lawn equipment maintenance, plumbing, electrical,
grounds and pool care. Additional support staff provided during
summer. Housing and utilities provided. Salary dependent upon
experience. This is an excellent opportunity for couples and
retirees. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A PHILADELPHIA FAMILY needs a live-in couple for their large,
beautiful home. This family, without pets, needs a couple with at
least five years' experience and/or professional training for the
care of a private home of wealth. They would like a couple with
good common sense and a strong service attitude. The right
candidates will be self-motivated, friendly yet professional,
flexible, and detail-oriented. Responsibilities include
housecleaning, organization, laundry/ironing, grounds keeping and
maintenance, vehicle care, handyman work, occasional backup
childcare, and anything else necessary to ensure quality care of
their home and family. If you are seeking a loving family to be a
part of and the satisfaction of running and caring for an
efficient household, this is the perfect opportunity for you! The
salary will be up to $100,000 as commensurate with skills and
experience, and includes a private apartment. Please send your
resume, photo, and copy of driver's license to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls, please.

We are looking for an experienced, hardworking, responsible
jack-of-all-trades to help us manage our rustic 30 acre facility
in Bucks County. Duties and responsibilities will include
electrical, plumbing, carpentry work as well as field maintenance
and painting. Every day is different. Salary depends on skills
and housing included. The caretaker must live on site in our one
bedroom/one bathroom cottage (it is heated, has a kitchen, etc.).
The cottage also has a working fireplace and overlooks a small
pond. Full background checks will be required. To apply for this
position, please email your resume and salary requirements to

COUPLE NEEDED for a caretaker/housekeeper/cook position for a
private hunting club. A family oriented hunting and fishing club
in Northeastern PA (Pocono Mountains) is seeking happy,
responsible, energetic, married couple for full-time, year-round,
live-in caretaker/ housekeeper/cook position on 2,350 beautiful
wooded acres. Duties include preparing and serving three meals a
day, ordering and maintaining food inventory, managing room
reservations for members, care and maintenance of buildings,
grounds and roads, interaction with members and guests, computer
generated ordering and billing and support of members' fishing
and hunting activities. The caretaker couple's qualifications
should include the following:
*	High school diploma or beyond
*	Direct experience cooking for large groups
*	Experience in food service, lodging, or hospitality industry
*	Excellent communication skills: spoken, written, email, phone
*	Proficiency in basic computer software - MS Word, MS Excel,
accounting software
*	Ability to maintain accurate records
*	Experience hunting and fishing
*	Service oriented dispositions
*	Ability and desire to live on-site at the Club full-time
*	Experience operating heavy equipment such as tractor, mower,
splitter, chainsaw
*	Mechanical, electrical, carpentry, plumbing skills desirable
*	Both applicants must have a valid drivers' license and clean
driving record
*	Background check required
This private, members only, family oriented hunting and fishing
club was chartered many years ago by the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania. It is situated on several thousand acres with two
lakes, several miles of a major stream, and numerous large
conifer swamps, all surrounded by hardwood Forest Land. The site
includes a large Clubhouse (lodge), PA bank barn, tackle house,
three boathouses, four kennel runs, and a trap range. Members
enjoy overnight lodging, three daily meals, and hunting and
fishing related activities with deer, bear, coyote, bobcat,
beaver, otter, turkey, grouse, trout, bass, pickerel, crappie,
and bald eagles found on the premises. The compensation package
will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The
package includes a full-time residence (onsite four bedroom/two
bath apartment in clubhouse), all utilities, full board, salary,
healthcare contribution, paid annual vacation, and more.
Interested and qualified applicants should send their resumes and


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located on 220 acres in Harrisville is one
of the premier Shooting Sports Clubs in New England. Founded in
the 1940's, the 500+ Member Club boasts: a rifle and pistol
range, pistol pits, trap and skeet fields, sporting clays and
five stand, 3D archery, a new indoor pistol range, fishing ponds,
outdoor pavilion and a new club house, event hall and commercial
kitchen. We are seeking a live on premise, full-time Facilities
Manager and Property Caretaker to manage our facilities and
property. In this role, the Facilities Manager/Caretaker will
interact with Club Members and the general public in regards to
the Club, sporting and other social events in person, by phone
and by email, monitor routine and non-routine maintenance
schedules and emergency calls for physical plant maintenance and
repair, provide daily and routine maintenance and cleaning of
facilities that include the Club House, bar, kitchen, event hall
and restrooms, provide daily inspection of outdoor facilities and
secure all buildings and club areas after dark, manage the bar
and general kitchen inventory and order to maintain stock levels
as needed, purchase and receive scheduled deliveries from
authorized vendors, suppliers and distributors for authorized
club functions, purchase and pick up supplies and dry goods as
needed from vendors and suppliers, provide detailed reports of
supplies, ordering and cash-out, and maintain a daily log of
activities. A passion for the outdoors, shooting sports and
fishing are highly desirable but not required. A ServSafe
Certification is preferred. This is a full-time on premise role
with a competitive salary based on experience. On premise housing
is provided that includes electric, heating and cable. All
applicants must pass criminal history, drug screen, and credit
checks. This is a drug free facility. Must have a valid driver's
license with a reliable and insured vehicle. Health benefits are
not provided for this position. Please forward your resume and
complete contact information to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please, no
phone calls.


LONG-TERM OR FULL-TIME INNKEEPER needed for a wonderful
waterfront B&B near Beaufort, SC, in the middle of the
"Lowcountry". Single or couple will be able to handle this small
but outstanding non-smoking, pet-friendly B&B. Standard B&B
duties required. If you would like to find out more information
about this position Please email your resume and references to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I look forward to hearing from you and
hearing all about you.   


MANAGER NEEDED for a South Texas ranch, located between George
West and Freer. The start date will be June 1, 2017. Must have
strong mechanical skills. Capable of maintaining housing,
vehicles, equipment, horses, cattle, domestic animals, wildlife.
Heavy machinery operation, fencing, water, road and brush work.
Prefer a mature couple. Wife paid to assist housekeeping, cooking
duties. Background, credit check required. Please send a letter

CARETAKER NEEDED for two labs, three cats and three mini donkeys
on a 27 acre ranch near Fredericksburg, TX for two weeks. The
tentative dates will be September 24th - October 8th. Would like
someone close to either Austin, or San Antonio. Please contact

A HILL COUNTRY RANCH needs an experienced ranch worker with
cow/calf, hunting and equipment experience. House, utilities and
truck are furnished. Please send resumes to

CARETAKER COUPLE needed. Looking for a retired couple to maintain
Palo Pinto County, Texas ranch house headquarters, guest laundry,
grounds and buildings. Some mechanical and gardening skills
needed. Two bedroom/one bath house plus utilities provided.
Monthly cash payment will be dependent upon your skill and
willingness to do other work. High morals, strong work ethic and
references needed. Please mail your resume and references to

RANCH COUPLE - CARETAKER needed in Bellville, Texas. Experience a
must! Please don't apply otherwise. Five year reference required
with phone numbers - okay with drug testing and background
checks. Must be a team player, self-starter with a positive
attitude, good with people/kids and be able to work some
weekends. This is a hands on hard work position - be organized
and willing to put in an honest day's work. We are looking to
hire a husband/wife team immediately to work at our horse,
cattle, dog, cat, goat and chicken ranch. The daily job includes
housekeeping, feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, keeping the
alleyways clean, gardening, fixing fences, roads, dragging
arenas, general cleanup, yard work, etc. If you're not willing to
work hard and be dedicated then this isn't the place for you. It
isn't an 8 to 5 job. Horse experience: Natural-horsemanship
skills and a kind hand - a must! Lead changes. Mechanical
knowledge. Genuinely care about your job - a must! The ability to
take instructions and make educated decisions or know when to say
I don't know. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to discuss salary
and housing benefits, or email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

FAMILY OWNED TEXAS PANHANDLE RANCH is looking for a full-time
couple to help with the care at ranch headquarters.
Responsibilities include, but not limited to, housekeeping,
laundry, some cooking, grounds keeping, handyman tasks, and there
is a possibility of some ranch work. Must be able to communicate
with ranch staff. Housing, utilities, and health insurance
included. This is a nonsmoking environment. References required.
Please fax your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

LONG-TERM INNKEEPER WANTED for a #1 Ranked B&B in Houston. We are
seeking an energetic, outgoing, honest and dependable individual
to be the day-to-day Innkeeper for our 13-room bed and breakfast,
located in central Houston. The Innkeeper will be responsible for
managing daily housekeeping staff, general operations and
reservations, guest check-in and overall guest relations. There
is currently a breakfast cook and housekeeping staff that are
there daily but individual needs to be open to stepping into
these roles for the day in the event that an unexpected absence
occurs. We are looking for a long-term Innkeeper who can start by
mid-May. Background in marketing and hospitality a plus, but not
required. Also, space currently is being built to accommodate
weddings. The Innkeeper can double as wedding coordinator (for
additional compensation) or we can hire someone else for this
role. For an initial phone interview, please email your resume to

RANCH MANAGER COUPLE wanted for a 20-section ranch in Fisher
County, Texas for ranch/wildlife and household needs. The job
entails wildlife management, operation and maintenance of
standard farm equipment, ranch care and improvement, housekeeping
and general support for owners. Competitive compensation based on
ability and experience. New ranch manager house and ranch truck
provided. Looking for long-term employees. References required.
To apply, please mail your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


RANCH CARETAKER POSITION available. The Board of Directors of
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a Utah non-profit corporation, is currently
seeking a qualified individual or family to serve as Ranch
Caretaker(s) of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and its related amenities on
a full-time basis. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a beautiful ranch
nestled in the back country of picturesque Southern Utah,
specifically about 35 miles northeast of Kanab, Utah. The 8,000
acre Ranch consists of approximately 300 individual Units or Lots
owned by association members, ten commonly owned cabins,
approximately 2,000 acres of commonly owned association lands,
three stocked trout ponds, two water systems, a small store, a
Ranch Headquarters area that includes the caretaker's four
bedroom homestead set amongst large shade trees and surrounded by
large lawn areas, a garden plot, flower beds, in-ground fire pit,
playground, livestock pens and additional buildings and spaces.
While the only electricity available is through solar power, the
Ranch does have internet and cell phone service. The Ranch
Caretaker responsibilities are: maintenance/housekeeping of
association owned rental cabins and Ranch roads, basic carpentry
projects, home maintenance skills, operate and maintain Ranch
equipment, be self-motivated and self-sufficient, and provide an
outgoing and friendly atmosphere for association members that
visit yearly. Specifics of duties will be provided upon
applicant's request. Salary dependent upon experience. For a
complete job description or to apply, please contact
must provide a current resume, at least three references and
submit to a drug test. This position would be ideal for a family
that home schools. Position open until filled.


CARETAKERS WANTED in Mt Holly, VT from June 1, 2017 to May 31,
2018. Reliable, rugged and personable individual, family or
companions to care for a rural property: two rustic buildings,
three rental cabins, and two lakes on 400 acres surrounded by
protected land. Duties include equipment, water system and
building maintenance, mowing, firewood, snow removal, rental
cabin preparation and cleaning. Greet, orient, and support
renters through the rental season; provide security during off
season. Strong communication skills required for interaction with
renters, corporation members, contractors and local community.
Self-starting and organizational skills required for project
management. The property is isolated, with exquisite scenery and
abundant wildlife. You can view details at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Please email your resume and cover letter to


CARETAKER NEEDED for three horses on a 30 acre gentleman's farm
outside of Ellensburg. We are located nine miles east of
Ellensburg. Chores to include: keep the barn clean, feed horses
twice a day, and manage cleanliness in two small paddocks. A
furnished studio cottage attached to five stall barn with
kitchen, dishwasher, washer and dryer is included. We pay
$12/hour for any additional chores such as lawn mowing, window
washing, gardening, etc. as needed. Must be reliable and like
animals. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


A PORT WASHINGTON, WI RESIDENT seeks a caretaker for owner's
private residence, rental property, storage barns, greenhouse,
garage, and land when owner is present and away. Manages
day-to-day needs of owner, performs routine household and
property maintenance, identifies and addresses problems,
coordinates vendors / repair personnel for property's buildings,
roads, open spaces and landscaping. Reports directly to owner;
works closely with the owner's executive and household staff,
vendors and guests. Full-time salaried position; access to
comprehensive benefits, paid-time-off, holidays; on-site housing
negotiable. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for complete

LIVE-IN CARETAKER COUPLE needed. Do you enjoy working outdoors?
Do like to hunt and fish? A long-term, live-in
caretaker/groundskeeper position is available on a beautiful
private lake estate near Pickerel, WI on 700 private acres. A
three bedroom home will be provided. The caretaker couple will
have the full use of the property, and must have a strong work
ethic, be trustworthy and have a sense of responsibility. Must be
self-motivated and able to work without supervision. Duties
include but not limited to, lawn care, trail maintenance, vehicle
maintenance, and general handyman skills, including work with a
chainsaw and power tools. Winter responsibilities are generally
limited to snow plowing. The ideal candidate would be a recently
retired couple with an outside income. A small salary of
$500/month will be provided. Please email your resume and

FULL-TIME ON-SITE CARETAKER sought for a residential co-op on 80+
acre lake property at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Wisconsin's
Northwoods. Located three miles from town and schools on the
state highway. Duties include, but not limited to, general
security and maintenance. Exact duties, salary, and benefits to
match experience and ability. Computer skills essential.
Experience, proven people skills, and references required. Also
seeking a seasonal kitchen manager/cook. Please respond to


WANT TO SPEND SOME TIME (June - September) on a non-working ranch
between The Big Horn Mountains and Sheridan? This is an
opportunity for someone - writer, graduate student, retiree, or
couple - to have use of a beautifully situated, recently
restored, vintage ranch house (kitchen, living room, two
bedrooms, bathroom, two porches, Wi-Fi) in exchange for 20 hours
a week (mainly yard work/errands, at $10 per hour). Must have an
insured, 4-wheel-drive vehicle for rutted roads. Preferably no
children, pets, smoking, and no drugs. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX stating your background and possible dates.
Personal/phone interviews and references required.


Greetings! I am an experienced house (and pet) sitter / property
caretaker, recently relocated back to the Los Angeles, California
area. Excellent references, very honest and reliable, take
loving-care of anyone's home, pets and plants as if they were my
own. Late 40s female, professional counselor (MA),
yoga/meditation/mindfulness teacher-trainer and wellness
facilitator for over 20 years;  live a very healthy, happy
lifestyle, do not drink, use drugs or smoke, vegetarian,
outdoors-type, love gardening and taking care of plants, and will
consider animals depending on the situation. I am presently
looking for a situation on the west-side of Los Angeles County,
CA: Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Culver City,
Malibu, Topanga through various canyons, Pacific Palisades, etc.
and the Santa Barbara County area. Long-term is desired, but open
to semi-temporary as well (preferably not under two months).
Happy to provide references and professional resume upon request.
If interested, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Hi! My name is Merry Lynn and I'm an ESL teacher, researcher,
writer, and freelancer. I do require access to the internet. I
grew up in the country with animals around me. I know a bit about
gardening. I've provided care for dogs, bottle fed orphaned
kittens and loved children and seniors. I'm looking for a longer
term position and I'm happy to be responsible for your chickens,
rabbits, and domestic animals. References available. If using the
phone, dial 82 for the country code, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Photos
available. Skype is OK too!

Estate Manager/Housesitter available. I'm a single, non-smoking
lady with lots of energy who loves life! 15 years' experience
with high end homes at Lake Tahoe, Mexico, and California. My
skills and background are impeccable. Excellent
references/resume. Professional and efficient. Looking to
relocate by June 1, 2017. Prefer the ocean-side areas of La
Jolla, Del Mar, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, etc., but will consider
all the San Diego area. Please email Michele at
pleasure to hear from you.

Experienced caretakers will watch your property in or near
northern Idaho. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Seeking a long-term onsite security and/or property maintenance
position, in exchange for housing and salary (negotiable). Prefer
the local Sacramento area. Strong background in mechanics as well
as all phases of construction. Please contact
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. References available on request.

Intelligent, athletic young couple seeks a home to care for in
rural Orange County, CA (near Mission Viejo) beginning as early
as May 2017. Gardening and professional cleaning experience.
Excellent references, please get in touch with

Travel Companion/Caregiver RN with Oncology specialty looking to
travel with you or your loved one. Compassionate kind caregiver.
Self-supporting geezer seeking a small apartment, trailer,
hayloft, or houseboat with plumbing, etc. Finished with city
life; can help out in whatever capacity I am able to. Overseas
(hardship) living plus working experience; federal and state
secret clearances. Bonded, good credit and civil records plus
good landlord and job references. Get along with kids and animals
well. No dependents, no drugs, no vehicle, no weird visitors or
pets. Available in a few months on long-term basis for
timber-sitting, land, building, and horse maintenance. Please

Attention Homeowners! I'm looking for a long-term caretaking
situation to care for your property in Los Angeles Westside area.
I am a skilled plumber and electrician equipped to service your
property and take care of it. I am also trained in martial arts
for 15 years and an Air Force veteran. I am bondable and passed
top secret security clearances. I am well equipped to care for
the safety and security of your valuables. I am also an artist,
sculptor, and healer. Please contact me to brainstorm. Please
call or text and let's have a chat. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Colorado Realtor seeking a housesitting position to relocate to
Hawaii. Responsible, tidy, no kids or pets, no drugs, no drama.
Just looking to escape the cold and be by the water. Can provide
very good references to serious parties. I will consider paid and
un-paid positions, just depends on the situation. Please email

Greetings Estate/Retreat owners in the Cape Cod, N. California
and S. Oregon areas. I am a mature woman with 20 years'
experience managing and caretaking vacation and private homes
including: scheduling, preparing for and serving as point
person/liaison for guests, artists, writers and VIPs. As well as,
wedding and party planning, set up, assisting and clean up. I
enjoy gardening, beach and trail maintenance, animals and the
summer/winter transition of seasonal homes. My well-honed
aesthetic sense will help sustain the unique nature of your
property. For more information, background and references please

Greetings Fellow Travelers/Adventurers, and
Estate/Villa/Chateau/Winery Owners. I am once again caretaking at
the Villa di Corliano near Pisa, Italy in May and June. By July
1st, I will be ready and willing for another opportunity
housesitting, pet care, gardening, events/dinners/wedding
assistance, etc. in your chateau, villa, estate or property. I
have references, am reliable, responsible and flexible. You can
count on me to take good care of your beloved pets and property.
I love animals and long walks in nature. I speak French, Spanish
and Italian; have Masters Degrees in ESL and Traditional Chinese
Medicine, with a long career in holistic healthcare as a Licensed
Acupuncturist, Homeopath/Naturopath. I'm also open to the
possibility of a "couple" offering. If any willing "gentleman"
wants to share an interesting position, let's connect and
discuss. For anyone in the vicinity of Pisa, Tuscany, come by for
a visit/tour of the Villa and a glass of wine and conversation,
and if the Count is available, I'll introduce you. Looking
forward to hearing from you. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Property caretaker available in Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR
area. Can start in August/September. Mature lady will care for
your home, including pets, indoor plants, landscaping, and more.

Experienced, mature woman for compassionate Caregiving in San
Francisco East Bay and Marin County. Background checked,
certified massage therapist, licensed adult art teacher,
certified with Trustline.org which is an FBI criminal background
check. I am happy to work with children. Five years' experience
personal care for elders, and meal prep. Male partner may be
available for 24/7 live-in working condition. Please write me at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or text me on cell phone, or leave voice

Professional House and Pet Sitter available. Worked at a
Veterinarian for many years, and have tons of references and
experience. Responsible, honest and reliable. Please text
Martiele for details at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Second Act Career Wanted: retired school teacher and management
level corporate executive, extremely diverse talents with
excellent people skills, general maintenance, construction,
landscape/pool care, business management, cooking, cleaning,
theater, entertaining, too many to list. Will travel relative to
location and responsibilities, short and long term options.

Seeking A Live-In Caretaker/Caregiver Position. Retired San
Francisco professional tailor seeks a job position, preferably in
California's Central and North Coast. Excellent references,
resume available for long-term, permanent housesitting. Seeks a
live-in caretaker/caregiver job/on site security guard, 30 years'
experience, handy man, pet sitting, light maintenance, light
gardening, light food preparation and cooking; can run errands in
town and country with my Ford van. Have a current driver's
license, car insurance. Smoke/drink/drug free. Quiet, able
bodied, and reliable. Clean, quiet living quarters must go with
above position. Available immediately. "The caretaker with the
caring touch". Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Conscientious and conscious/wellness-oriented husband-and-wife
team, seeking a live-in Property Caretaker/Personal Assistant
opportunity in a nature setting. Our experience includes (but is
not limited to): Facility and Event Management; General
(Lt./Med.) Maintenance/Repairs; House and Pet-Sitting;
Housekeeping; Landscape Maintenance; Organizing; Painting;
Seasonal Cleaning; as well as Administrative Assistance.
Additionally, we can offer various holistic, Therapeutic
modalities and programs. We look forward to hearing from you!
Please contact us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Refined lady with hotel and restaurant background seeks a home
management position. Gourmet cooking, pets, small party
arrangements and an organizational Master. Prefer the area of
Southeast Florida, but will listen to all offers. Please email

We are a semi-retired, married, Christian non-smoking couple. He
has skills building roads, using all heavy equipment, fencing,
and carpentry. She is a biology science teacher, with 20+ years
gardening, goats/sheep, horse training experience, and has horse
farming equipment. Looking for a permanent situation. We have our
own large travel trailer, along with dairy goats, poultry, and
horses to plow with. Can teach organic gardening, farming
ranching classes and homesteading skills.  Looking for an area in
the central Texas hills, the Texas coast, or West Texas.
Blessings to all. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Seeking A Ranch/Farm Hand Position. I am a hard worker and fast
learner. I have common sense and a great work ethic. I don't set
myself up for failure, so if I say I can perform the task and
meet requirements - I can! I'm physically fit and capable. I have
to work for a living, and I want it to be work that I need and
enjoy doing. I have experience fencing, all aspects of haying,
ground/land/vehicle/home maintenance and repair, feeding,
doctoring, vaccinating, foaling, calving, tagging, sorting, and
more. I'm not afraid to jump in and try anything I've never done.
I can work well with others who work - I can't abide a lazy
individual. I can work with little or no supervision, or as part
of a team. I am not a wrangler, nor am I seeking companionship
(want that to be upfront and clear). I'm honest and reliable, I
can pass a drug test and a background check. I'm a
non-smoker/drinker. I have verifiable work references. I am
seeking long-term employment. I will give 150% to ensure a job
well done. I am asking for an opportunity. You will not be
disappointed. I am willing to relocate, no matter how remote.

Housesitter available now! I am experienced with great
references. Kathleen Deyo seeks a housesitting position in Austin
or very nearby. I love animals and seek free rent and utilities
and a modest stipend. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or call
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Dear Esteemed Conservationists: On Accomack County's bayside on
the Eastern Shore of Virginia lies a precious ecosystem like no
other. "Wild Acres"'s 127.7 acres of forests, marshes, field,
edges, and over 1.3 miles of waterfront is home to a biodiversity
of indigenous mammals, birds, herptiles, invertebrates, fish, and
wild flora. As a nurturing steward, I have managed "Wild Acres"
estate, my homeland, for dwindling Northern Bobwhite and other
game and nongame species, including neotropical songbirds. I
would like this land and water's environmental integrity and
wildlife heritage to remain intact. This haven would be ideal for
nature lovers, sportsmen, fishermen, natural resource education
programs, and/or an ecolodge. (Also on the estate is an "as is"
bungalow with a Colonial wood-embellished fireplace and alcove).
Currently, "Wild Acres" is not listed with a realtor. I would
like to work directly with an appropriate conservation entity to
purchase and continue to nourish this rare property. Pristine
property like this is rapidly disappearing. Given "Wild Acres"'s
vast attributes, I think that $895,000 is a fair price. I look
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Enthusiastic and self-motivated recent college graduate with
experience and teaching English as a foreign language
certification (TEFL) seeks a teaching position in the U.S., Asia,
Europe or other location. I have the ability to design, create,
and implement engaging lesson plans. I am flexible and creative,
and experienced in photography and art and will bring those
skills to the classroom. I have lived, worked, and traveled in
the U.S. and in the developing world. My full resume and
references are available upon request. Please respond to my email

For Sale: Unique property with ocean view on the South Pacific
Coast of Costa Rica. If your dream is to live in the tropics, run
your own bed and breakfast, have your own organic garden, or
eco/green mini-resort, hostel or simply own your own piece of
paradise it will be hard to find a better place to do it - or a
better opportunity than this one. For more information, please
email caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale
in the Subject Line.

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CARETAKER NEEDED at the Daintree Rainforest Beach Front location in North Queensland. This great opportunity has just come up for a caretaker for this beautiful beach front location. We provide a free shady site on the beachfront, water and the amazing wildlife dreams are made of in exchange for light duties. You provide your self-contained caravan and the willingness to look after the property and keep the grounds tidy. This would suit a couple who love nature and the beachfront. An ex-tradesman, farmer, or keen gardener would be ideal. This is in an incredible location, and our previous caretakers have all stayed longer than planned. This is an immediate start with three months’ work available. If interested, please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


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