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Monday, July 15 2024


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THIS IS OUR 218th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 37, Number 2       

March/April 2019        ISSN 1074-3642  

Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 30 states
and 12 countries
Caretaker Profile
Villa di Corliano Livin the Villa Loca
Letters to the Editor
Caretakers and property owners write about their experiences with
the Gazette



VOLUNTEER RVing GATEHOUSE Attendant needed at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from April 1 through November 30.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a shaded oasis on the banks of Holt Lake
with 46 campsites, a protected swim beach, picnic area, and boat
launch. It is located approximately 30 minutes from downtown
Tuscaloosa, AL (about 25 miles away); the area provides for some
of the best fishing in western Alabama with excellent water
quality. Volunteer duties will include visitor assistance, remain
friendly and accommodating at all times, monitor activities in
the park with respect to violation of park regulations and notify
ranger staff or county police of any problems if warranted.
Assist with recycling programs and special projects lead by Park
Rangers. Hosts are required to work Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday every other week (if two gatehouse attendants are
present) or every week (if one gatehouse attendant is present).
Open gates at 7:00 am and close gates at 10:00 pm. Gates must be
opened for all emergencies. Gatehouse hours: 9:00 am to 11:00 am
and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Gatehouse hours are subject to change.
Hosts will be required to operate ORMS software, make
reservations, check in campers, collect fees, and issue various
passes, post campsite and shelter reservations. Portray a
positive image of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Training will
be provided. Work will be performed according to safety
guidelines provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For your
20 to 25 hours of work per week, we provide a RV campsite with
water, electric, and sewer hookups free of charge; we also
provide volunteer shirts and training for all new volunteers. If
interested, please complete the volunteer form at


IF THERE IS A PLACE in your mind's eye that can clearly picture
the perfect Alaska - and you yearn for it - then you should
consider working for us. It is all here on the Kenai Peninsula,
exactly as you pictured it: hundreds of square miles of
impossible beauty and bounty; a seemingly endless expanse of
rolling forests, mountain meadows, hidden lakes, whispering
streams, turquoise glaciers - and all of it teeming with rare
species of North American wildlife ... including some of the
largest game fish on earth. Maintenance is one of the most
important aspects of our resort. We are looking for people with
various skills. Problem solvers a must. Ability to work on a
deadline, often long hours on a great team. Maintenance Manager -
manage other maintenance staff and organize and run daily shuttle
schedule. Strong background in vehicle/equipment maintenance and
people skills  required.  "Can  do"  attitude  a  must. Ability
to organize/prioritize and complete projects required. Vehicle
maintenance/mechanic - varied, strong background in auto and
other maintenance required. Able to replace motors. Outboard work
a big plus. Grounds maintenance - lodge and surrounding property
maintenance. Good work ethic and ability to work long hours with
a smile a plus. Many of our guides and other managers began here.
To apply before March 31, please email your resume and references
to caretakergazette@gmail.com and include Alaska Opportunity in
the Subject Line for forwarding purposes. Thanks.


LOOKING FOR A CARETAKER, handyman, gardener, resourceful,
creative person for a private healing retreat sanctuary in
Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon, in exchange for living in a cozy, small
trailer with an outdoor covered patio. Must be reliable, have
your own vehicle and cell phone. Someone who loves nature, is
kind to our guests, and animals, self-responsible, peaceful
lifestyle and aware Presence.  Eleven hours/week exchange for
Caretakers Cubby, additional hours will be paid.  Please email

or travel trailer. One to three acres of land is offered
rent-free in exchange for acting as the caretaker for the ranch.
The property is located just 20 miles outside of Show Low on 40+
acres. It has an abundance of mature Pinon trees, rock
outcroppings, and meadow/flat areas. The property offers privacy,
seclusion, and nature at its best! Lots of birds, deer, antelope,
and bear. It is a beautiful property, and shopping, dining, and
services are a short drive away. There is a world class golf
course (Crystal Creek) nearby. While we are in a semi-remote
rural area, you will not be far from all that you need.
Activities to be developed on the property are an organic garden,
beekeeping/honey production, therapeutic riding, and an art
program. If you enjoy living in a semi-remote area, off the grid
and seek a sustainable lifestyle - we'd love to hear from you.
Please read carefully, and make sure you are prepared to live off
the grid. We will only respond to potential candidates whom we
feel will be a match to become part of our family and ranch team.
Your RV, 5th Wheel, or travel trailer must be in good condition
and you must supply your own propane, power, and water. If you
have horses you will be able to fence off (three acres) for
living and pasture for the horses. Please email your resume and
cover letter to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The cover letter should be
specific to the caretaker position, tell us the skill set and
experience you have that directly relates to the position and why
the caretaker position is a great fit for you. Please include the
length of time you feel you will be available to fill this
position. Six months, one year or longer, if it all works out. We
all know things happen in life and all opportunities don't always
work out. If selected and you or I feel that it isn't a good
match we will part as friends and wish you well. We require that
if the owner is on the property you give us a 48-hour notice that
you will be withdrawing from acting as the caretaker. This will
give us time to sign you out of the property and verify that any
ranch property has been accounted for and the one acre lot is
left in the same or improved condition. Caretaker duties and
responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
providing caretaking services and labor - this position could
develop into the caretaker receiving a stipend and or a salary.
You will be required to perform handyman/repairs, landscaping,
clearing, land management, construction, customer service,
electrical, solar system and wind turbine repair and management.
Should be willing to learn or have experience. As we develop the
ranch you will be called upon to learn beekeeping, organic
gardening or other skills that will allow you to caretake/manage
ranch operations. You should be a jack of all trades, able to
troubleshoot, build and or fabricate parts if necessary.
Initially, you will perform property checks and work closely with
the owner to ensure the security and safety of any property
assets. A plus to being the caretaker is you will enjoy the
bountiful harvest from the organic garden, orchard, honey, and
farm fresh eggs. There will be times when there is much to
accomplish and other times when there will be plenty of free time
to spend with your family, friends, recreational time or just
enjoy the peace and quiet here. This position is best suited for
a retired person with a retirement income or someone who has an
outside job that won't interfere with your caretaking
responsibilities. You must be a team player in deed and word,
honest, dependable, inventive, creative, troubleshooter and
problem solver with a can-do attitude, personable, professional
and respectful. As the caretaker you will enjoy the freedom to
landscape, grow a garden, and bring your toys. You are allowed
two cars, one truck, one or two ATV's, one boat, one or two
horses (will consider) one or two pets (will consider/no
aggressive breeds). Must be willing to pass a background
screening and drug check. If there is anything I need to know
about you, please include it in your cover letter. Honesty is the
best policy. All information will be kept private and
confidential. If selected the first step in the selection process
is a 1) Phone interview 2) Face-to-face interview 3) Tour of the
property 4) Offer to become the caretaker.


the western edge of Bentonville, AR. We are located right off of
SW 28th Street. Will also need to care for my two beautiful dogs.
Need the housesitter to start around March 1 with an indefinite
time-period (at least six months while I'll be out of the
country). Can be a single person or couple (no children or other
pets please). Must be dependable, trustworthy, and responsible
with checkable references. Must be a nonsmoker/drinker/drug user,
and in good health. Care for my home, dogs, and indoor plants. We
have a weekly landscaper who takes care of our lawn and outdoor
plants. Early retirees, retirees, or a part-time student would be
OK. You can work in the home as I have a great Wi-Fi connection
here. A small wage is possible. Must be a dog lover and be a
homebody and spend most of your time on my property. Please email
an introductory letter about why you would be interested in this


Hi Gary, I was just reading through some of my old issues of The
Caretaker Gazette and decided I would like to renew for another
year. I spend half the year in Costa Rica. I often meet tourists
who ask me, "How did you end up living in Costa Rica?" I tell
them it was thanks to The Caretaker Gazette when I took a
housesitting position they'd advertised! I fell in love with
Costa Rica because of you! Please sign me up for $29.95 for
another year of online issues. Keep up the good work. Adam C.,
San Jose, CA
Adam, Thanks for your kind words. You are very fortunate to be
able to experience the best of both worlds. Many of our
subscribers have found similar opportunities like yours through
the pages of The Caretaker Gazette.
Thanks to my help wanted ad for a caretaker I now have two
wonderful seasonal caretakers for my retreat and vacation
property. In exchange for the opportunity to live and work in one
of the most beautiful places in the U.S. the caretakers will be
learning about owning and operating a retreat property, including
giving workshops and classes to our guests here. This is the
third set of caretakers I've found through your publication and
already I can tell they'll be as good as the previous ones. Happy
results from your publication. Sarah W., Las Vegas, NV
Sarah, I'm glad to hear that your caretaker-wanted ad in the
Gazette resulted in positive responses to help you with your
property needs there. It sounds like your property will be in
good hands. Please spread the good word about the Gazette to
other property owners in your area who can use it.
Gary, I've noticed that so many listings in the Gazette contain
only an email address for readers to use when responding to the
ad. This is very frustrating because I don't have a computer, and
I wouldn't know how to respond to an email address. Any
suggestions? I'd really like to respond to some of the ads.  Sam
L., Deming, NM
Sam, the majority of our ads come to us via our website and
the property owners often list only an email address. A major
reason for this is privacy and some set up a separate email
address for their ad or have ad responses come to us. Sometimes
property owners like their applicants to have an email address so
they can receive regular updates from their caretaker or
housesitter regarding the property. We often suggest to our
subscribers who don't use email or computers to visit their
public library and get set up with email on the computers there.
I hope this helps.
Hi Gary, I have recently moved (by taking a long-term position
via the Gazette) and my address has changed. My new address is PO
Box , Cloudcroft, NM Jim. L., New York, NY
Dear Jim, thanks for sending us your new postal address. You
could have saved your postage and time by making your own Change
of Address online at www.caretaker.org. Our subscribers can sign
in to www.caretaker.org in order to make their own changes and
updates to their subscription record anytime. You can follow
these four steps to log in anytime:
1) Go to www.caretaker.org
2) Type in your username in the first box on the upper right
corner (your username is your email address).
3) Type in your password in the second box on the upper right
hand corner.
4) Click on the Sign In Button
Once you are logged in you can click on any of these features to
update your subscription record, if you like:
1) Change Account Password and/or Email Address
2) Change My Mailing Address
3) Renew Your Subscription (we do not offer automatic

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Entrance in Victoria. We have a unique situation for the right
couple. We require a couple who are retired but wanting to stay
active during their retirement. We offer a house to live in
exchange for assistance in running our park. Jobs consist of
cleaning, office work (non-computerized) and assist in
maintenance and park management. There is paid work also at
certain times of the year plus a small retainer. So if you are
ready to settle down in a beautiful part of the world, please

COUPLE REQUIRED for part-time caretaking. This includes a
gardening role on a small cattle prop north of Dalby in the
Darling Downs region of Queensland. Cottage accommodation is
available. Please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

RURAL CARETAKER POSITION available. Looking for a semi-retired
couple or single man to be a caretaker in the Armidale/Uralla
District. Must be available to move cattle, do gardening, lawn
mowing, etc. and feed the animals when the owners are away.
Supplied is a new two bedroom cottage. The caretaker's only cost
is gas and half the power bill. References required. Must be
reliable and honest. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for 11 days in February. Accommodation,
food, fuel and some remuneration provided. As well as caretaking
opportunities here, we are always looking for help on station if
this interests you please ring to register your interest. Please

CARETAKER/COUPLE REQUIRED for a small cattle station in the Shire
of Richmond in western Queensland. Fully kept and a small wage
will be provided. Must be a keen gardener with cattle experience.
An air-condoned furnished cottage will be provided. For full
details, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED for a large sheep station in the
Gascoyne. This would suit a couple with previous station
experience. Requirements of role include the care and maintenance
of: livestock (sheep and goats), solar powered mills providing
water supplies for sheep, daily mill runs, and frequent
communication with the station manager. Features of this position
include a comfortable homestead with air conditioning and 24 hour
power, groceries included, new work Ute provided, Wi-Fi, and
located 50 km to a private beach. Opportunity to enjoy wide open
spaces, natural outback beauty and peace in a truly idyllic
setting which reflects the charm and allure of outback Australia.
This couple position is to start immediately and the compensation
package can be worked out for the right couple. Prior station
experience is essential. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

BUSH CARAVAN PARK CARETAKERS needed. We are a young bush holiday
park in Coonawarra, in the beautiful southeast of South
Australia, surrounded by vineyards, fishing, beaches and great
food. We run glamping tents, cabins and rooms and have a lot of
cleaning, laundry, lawns and gardening to do, as well as
mechanical, electrical and other odd jobs from time to time. It
is a relaxed environment where it will be busy for a week and
then quiet for two weeks. We have a couple of onsite vans you can
choose from, or preferably bring your own. You will not have to
pay for electricity, gas or rent if you can do a minimum of 16
hours work for us each week. When you do more, you get paid more
if you want to. It is a great lifestyle for the fit and healthy
traveler to settle down for a while and lose the day-to-day
stress of normal life. Couples or singles are OK. A minimum stay
of two months is required (because we have to train you). $1,000
per month per person is average earnings. A smartphone is needed
for the booking system. No trade unionist types, hour counters,
whiners or complainers. No amphetamines on site ever - you must
present well to the public. We need two pairs of caretakers now.
If you are friendly and responsible, we are going to get on well!
Please call me on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to discuss.

CARETAKER/GARDENER NEEDED. Located 40km north of the small
village of Taralga in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.
Active pensioner couple required for this Tablelands property. A
comfortable three bedroom cottage with garage, power and
telephone rental supplied in return for 10 hours gardening and
maintenance around homesteads, plus caretaking when required. Up
to eight hours paid housekeeping/week plus occasional paid farm
work could be available. You need to have previously lived on a
farm and have an affinity with rural life. Please contact us at

Batchelor, Northern Territory. We are looking for a couple who
have their own accommodation (i.e. caravan/motor home), and who
would be interested in volunteering as On-Site Caretakers at the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX this year from April 1st to the end of
September/October, depending on the weather. This is not a paid
position. Your van site, power and water are free for you on the
grounds of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. There is also a bathroom,
fridge and small washing machine available. Batchelor is at the
gateway to the beautiful Litchfield National Park and is a very
historic little town of approximately 400 people, 50/50
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. Batchelor is only 100 kms from
Darwin. There is a wonderful community spirit in the town and
always lots of fun activities going on. Lawn bowls, a swimming
pool, general store, beautiful Batchelor Oval with cricket pitch,
many parks, monthly markets, monthly Quiz Nights, Op-shop,
Anglican and Seventh Day Adventist Churches, Butterfly Farm and
Rum Jungle Tavern with karaoke weekly are some of the activities
you could become involved in during your stay at the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The more you give, the more you receive in
Batchelor. You won't want to leave! We are interested in a neat
and friendly couple who are active and enjoy meeting and talking
with people, most of whom are travelers such as you. There is a
small shop/cafe in the entry building, selling Museum souvenirs,
gift lines from local artists, ice creams, drinks, etc. The cafe
is run by an independent person but there may be some hours of
paid work available during the busy times. The main requirements
are keeping the three buildings of the museum clean, opening and
closing, and greeting visitors each day. Also, maintaining the
museum grounds and driveways. Details of these activities will be
forwarded upon application, with a run-sheet of a typical day.
This is an easy and rewarding position for two people to share
the day's activities. The Museum is open seven days a week during
the season and on request thereafter. Open hours are from 10am to
4pm. You would be required to be here five days per week, then
two days off. This is flexible to suit different requirements. We
are all volunteers, and as such, try to be flexible. We have a
small yet dedicated group of Committee members and friends of the
Museum who look after it on a regular basis to allow our valued
caretakers to enjoy their time off. A keen interest in Australian
history, in particular WWII would be great but not necessary.
This is an opportunity to learn more about the Top End and the
front line of our Australian WWII history; also the Rum Jungle
Uranium Mine and the township of Batchelor in the 1950's, 1960's,
and 1970's. The Museum is fascinating and, whilst it has only
been open since 2012, has been given great reviews and is on the
to do list for the Northern Territory. It is constantly evolving,
with new exhibits and information being added on a regular basis.
If you are interested in keeping the history alive and would like
more info, please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


Caribbean Island off of Belize. We are searching for someone in
good physical condition, who feels confident living alone with a
pig immediately for four to six weeks on our remote island in
very simple environment. Frugal dealing with resources is
required. We have a small solar system for light and phone
charging, drinking and using water is harvested from rain. Your
job would be: being present on the island 24/7 and looking after
and feeding Piggy, a free living, dominant and not castrated male
pig, maintaining and controlling the systems, cleaning the
beaches and trails, watering the plants and other small
maintenance jobs. In your spare time you could watch the sky,
sunsets, dolphins and rays, explore the island, go snorkeling or
fishing around the island, find meditation or yoga spots or just
seize the day. Accommodation is a little wooden beach hut with
comfortable queen sized bed, kitchen corner with two burner gas
stove and basic equipment. There is no boat on the island. All
supplies you need, you have to bring when you come in a hired
motorboat from the mainland. There is no delivery service!
Depending on the weather, there could be lots of sandflies. There
is a shower outside. Property has a compost toilet. We have
perfect conditions for snorkeling and fishing in shallow waters
around the island. Internet and cellphone service are available
on the island! Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in southern Belize. A minimum commitment of
four weeks anytime from March to November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties as of
this date will be the care and feeding of six dogs, fishes,
watering young plants and minor maintenance. If interested please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. You can also google


HELP NEEDED at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Sofia. Come and join us in
our popular hostel here in Bulgaria. You can learn more at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We have been established and highly rated
in Hostel World & Booking.com since 2007, winning many awards.
(The latest has been Hostel Worlds "Best in Bulgaria 2018").
Veliko Tarnovo is one of Europe's best kept secrets, been the
ancient capital of Bulgaria with its two fortress and old town
surrounded by the Yantra River winding its way around the city in
the valley below. This is a friendly social and laid back hostel
with tons of character in a beautiful old city with plenty of
activities to keep you busy on your days off, hiking, rock
climbing, camping/swimming, exploring the old city and some cool
Urban Exploration sites. During the busy season we often run full
day trips, so you can join us on those as well. We need one
helper now for general duties, such as keeping an eye on
reception, cleaning, gardening, laundry and preparing breakfast
for the guests. You need to be able to speak good English, any
other languages would be great but not essential. We are asking
for four to five hours a day and we can be flexible on this so
you could work eight hours one day and have the next off, etc. We
will provide breakfast and dinner (mostly vegetarian), a dorm
bed, high speed internet and free laundry. If you're in the area,


in the San Jacinto Mountains on a beautiful 80 acre ranch. The
nearest towns are Idyllwild, Palm Springs and Hemet. This is a
very remote location at the end of a four mile dirt road. Live
onsite, rent and utility free in a one bedroom cute house, off
the grid. Minimal duties: be on site, feed three horses and
report to the owner. Satellite internet and cell service
available. Must be a self-starter and enjoy solitude. To view the
property please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then to apply

NAPA, CA MOUNTAIN RANCH seeks a full-time caretaker for a 70-acre
property in exchange for a two bedroom house on the property.
Duties take 15-20 hours/week and include groundskeeping, water
system management, irrigation, fence, tree and road maintenance,
equipment upkeep, pool care, light construction, tending chickens
and horses, security, and oversight of the major projects.
Flexible work schedule available - not an 8-5 job. Please email a
resume (PDF preferred) to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LOS ANGELES. Seeking a caretaker for a three bedroom Airbnb home,
where individual rooms are rented out to guests nightly. Check
in/out, laundry, cleaning, lawn mowing, pool and spa maintenance,
and assist with a second nearby home occasionally. Preference to
those who are handy. Living quarters provided and stipend to be
determined. Flexible hours allow for other part-time or freelance
opportunities. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER WANTED for a Lodge in the Sierras in Norden, CA.
Located on Donner Summit (7,000 ft. elevation), and one mile from
the Sugar Bowl ski resort in the tri-lodge area. This private
lodge of a Bay Area international organization is looking for a
dependable non-smoking caretaker. This club has a social
component that would require the caretaker (can be a couple) to
enjoy meeting new people and interacting with a variety of
personalities, generations of families and friends. This position
requires daily maintenance of the property. Qualifications
required include: basic bookkeeping skills, being able to handle
billing and make deposits, have the ability to follow written
procedures, have good communication skills, be personable and
comfortable with interacting with a variety of ages and
personalities, be able to communicate with the lodge committee as
issues arise, have basic handyman skills, and being able to
maintain a clean environment of a large facility. Must be
physically fit enough to shovel snow, must provide your own
computer and be able to check emails on a regular basis and reply
as needed, must be able to lift 80 lbs., must have a vehicle
suited for the snow, and must be willing and able to feed the two
cats that live on premises. Compensation will be $1,500/month. To
apply, tell us a little bit about yourself by emailing your
resume, cover letter, and recommendations to

River! Position available for an individual or couple with their
own RV to park on a pad overlooking the Sacramento River near
downtown or for an individual to live in a studio apartment on
the property. All utilities included, salary for approximately 20
hours a week of general maintenance and yard work. Good
communication skills necessary to work with potential boat slip
renters and existing tenants. Owners live on the property but are
gone four to five months a year. Boating experience helpful but
not necessary. Reliable, good references, no smoking or drugs.
Must like dogs. Please send your interest and resume to


HELP NEEDED ON OUR ORGANIC FARM. My wife Nadine and I own 1.5
acres of land along the Sproat River, near Port Alberni. We enjoy
being in the outdoors, gardening, foraging and hanging out with
our animals. We have a black lab, a mini schnauzer and a small
cat. Nadine speaks German and I am learning. We need help with
projects that include building and working gardens, yard
maintenance, taking care of chickens and collecting eggs,
pressure washing, planting and watering. planting shrubs,
weeding, building sheds, raking leaves, and dog walking. Guest
accommodation is a suite in our downstairs which includes a
private bathroom, bedroom and living room with a TV. We have room
for one person or a couple. If you have specific skills I can
find projects to suit you best. We expect 20 hours of work per
week per person in exchange for accommodation and food as well as
help with cooking and cleanup when we eat together. For more
information please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED full-time, year-round, on-site for a high
standard botanical grounds and elegant home (Elevation 8,500).
Candidates late 30s through early 50s, should be active and fit,
and knowledgeable and experienced at property management and
maintenance. Household and guesthouse, cleaning, laundry, kitchen
skills. Occasional weekend entertaining, flowers, vegetable
gardens, greenhouse, barn, fish ponds, lawns. Use of small farm
equipment, tools, tractor, irrigation, pumps, snow removal. Must
love three big dogs, cats, horses, and be able to co-exist with
established employees and vendors. Must have a current drivers
license with a good driving record. No children, smoking, or
drugs. Private on-site home, utilities, and salary provided.
Background check required. Please contact via email at

CARETAKER/RANCH MANAGER needed in Durango. A retired couple seeks
dedicated qualified help on a 100 acre hobby ranch and estate
property. Occasional travel and work on ancillary agricultural
real estate interests. Candidate will be responsible for all
facets of operation and maintenance of land, cattle, irrigation
(flood and pump), fencing, structures (homes, barns) vehicles,
equipment and tools, etc. Full-time, year round, caretaker
position available for a mature, experienced, healthy, drug free
male with clean driving record. The right 'fit' would receive an
annual package depending on experience. Some flexibility of
hours/schedule allowing for personal interests and needs. On site
caretaker house with some utilities available after a trial
period. The correct applicant would be a ranch experienced take
charge self-starter with strong work ethic, pride of
accomplishment, respect for the land and environment and a desire
to please. Please email your personal history (health, education,
marital status, family information, etc.), complete resume of
work experience, and salary history for consideration to

NEED A HOUSE CLEANER for a cabin north of the Taylor Reservoir on
Matchless Mountain Road, between May and October. Please call


CARETAKER(S) NEEDED for a 185 acre Rainforest Preserve and
Organic Farm in Costa Rica. Must speak basic Spanish, be able to
coordinate volunteers and workers in animal, farm and land care.
For more information, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

for a hobby farm in an Upscale Area of Costa Rica. Located on two
acres of Heaven Hills of Heredia with views and tranquility. Its
mild and sunny with a not-too-hot climate. Nice housing provided,
plus we pay for electricity, water, and trash pick-up. We have
great Wi-Fi, plus pay $500 month (which goes far in Costa Rica.) 
This is an easy gig. You will need to feed and play each morning
with five gentle dogs, and any easy odd jobs. This can be a
long-term gig. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


COUPLE NEEDED a housekeeper and gardener/handyperson at Henley on
Thames, on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border. A friendly and
outgoing family require a hands-on, experienced couple for a
large country house. Responsibilities include approximately 20
hours per week of general housekeeping, laundry, cleaning and
possibly some baking and approximately 40 hours per week of
gardening, general property maintenance, driving and dog walking
for three Labradors. A separate two bedroom bungalow on the
grounds will be provided, with all utilities paid. This position
comes with good rates of pay for the right candidates. UK
residents should apply with your resume and references to


Florida coast property. Landscape and irrigation experience
required. Must be able to operate and possibly repair common
maintenance equipment. Interpersonal and communication skills
needed, with the ability to text or email. Compensation package
commensurate with experience, level of commitment and good fit.
Please email your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER-WANTED. Seeking an honest, trustworthy,
non-smoking, non-drug using, quiet/peaceful, preferably vegan,
live-in housekeeper. Driver's license and fluency in English
preferable but not indispensable. I am a Real Estate Investor,
and Adjunct Professor at a local college who is neat, organized,
kind and respectful. This is an opportunity for a healthy, health
minded lady to live peacefully and securely without virtually any
distress. Lady shall have her own private bedroom, bath, study
area and use of premises for her considerate and respectful use.
Should be under 40 years of age to meet normal demands of full
housekeeper position in a distinctive and secure townhome with no
pets on a lake in Miami, Florida. Salary commensurate with
experience. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you. Take
care, Joseph

caretaker/gardener/landscaper individual (or couple) in
Homestead, FL on our private residence we call Compassion Farm -
an eco-natural canopy with oversized trees, forest, walking paths
and gardens. Our property is just 30 minutes from Miami Beach.
The caretaker's residence on the property consists of a private
recently renovated two story villa with full kitchen and bath.
Rent, electricity, water, garbage removal and internet are
provided. Responsibilities will include:
- Develop, update and execute a Land Management plan to ensure:
- Invasive and non-indigenous plant life is removed and kept at
- Plant life is maintained in healthy order without use of
- Plant life is continually refreshed and added to
- Taking care of the forest, gardens, property and buildings 
- Maintain trails and drives by trimming back growth 
- Remove all leaves and debris from paths and drives
- Participation in creation of and executing a sustainable
permaculture plan for the future
- Tending to the forest by removing invasive and non-local
species like air-potatoes and Brazilian peppers.
- Monitor, maintain and repair (or if required arrange factory
repair) the following:
+ Irrigation and wells
+ Fences and gates including the main property gate
+ Exterior lighting
+ Landscaping equipment 
- As required: perform miscellaneous building maintenance and
repairs including painting, light carpentry, light plumbing and
light electric and roof patches.
The ideal candidate (or couple) has the following
- Have great communication skills and a team mindset to manage
and work with us, volunteers, vendors, day labor and other
resources and agencies as required.
- Experienced and educated in plant and animal life native to
Redland, Florida
- 3+ plus years in a similar role in organic gardening and or
farming practices
- Organized and project oriented with willingness to perform work
hands on
- Able to analyze and resolve issues and problems 
- Possess a calm demeanor, a can do attitude, a collaborative and
communicative nature
- Working knowledge of electrical, plumbing and mechanical
- Expert knowledge on use and maintenance of landscape equipment
and tools
- Maintain a plant based diet 
- Be a non-smoker
- Must be handy to fix/maintain equipment and facilities
- Must have experience with agriculture, gardening, horticulture,
planting fruit trees, vegetable and a strong interest in organic
gardening and permaculture
- Must love dogs and animals and positive training experience a
If interested, please apply for this position here:


AN INDEPENDENT TEXTILE ARTIST and Craft Maker/Luthier couple need
help running projects and maintaining a large wooden riverside
property in North Karelia, Finland. We are located in the most
easterly region of the European Union, on the Russian border. If
you are practical with good hand skills, and enjoy the sense of
freedom that wide wild open spaces give, this could be the place
for you! We are further north than Anchorage, Alaska, and further
east than Istanbul, Turkey. Clean waters, pure air and endless
forests and waterways are available to explore. We are on the
Finnish border with Russia. We have white nights in the summer
and northern lights in the winter. It is extremely quiet up here
in a fairly isolated village. Karoliina is a working Textile
Artist and Roderick mainly repairs stringed musical instruments
(violins, cellos, etc.) but also makes a variety of craft
including glass jewelry, ceramics, turned wood, etc. Things to
do: as it is winter, not much! Help around the house, kitchen
management, so cooking meals and taking care of supplies,
redecorating and renovation inside the house and a bit of snow
work when needed. We have geo-thermal heating so there is no need
to chop wood except for the sauna. There is an Art/Craft/Ceramics
workshop/studio available for your use by prior arrangement,
including a DIY printing press and all the tools for intaglio,
engraving, etc. We also have a variety of different musical
instruments for you to play. You will have free use of a wood
fired sauna, canoe, fishing gear and bicycles. For the winter we
have a selection of traditional wooden skis for you and the local
ski track starts from the front yard. Shared accommodation with
your partner/buddy are available in the craft studio. Children
are welcome! You will have your own kitchen, toilet and front
door and shared shower/sauna. Free Wi-Fi, but streaming music or
video is very sketchy out here on the edge of the Taiga, and is
best not attempted. Basically self-catering, we'll provide all
the food you need according to your specification, but also,
depending on what is going on, we share meals together. The
nearest shops are 20km away, and you can use the car if you want
to explore the area. There is a bus twice a day on school days,
and we can pick you up/drop you off at the nearest railway
station - no problem. We expect five hours per day of work, five
days per week, and it is best suited to a stay of two weeks or
more. We expect you to take responsibility for your working
hours. No smoking inside the house please. The border crossing
point to Russia is 4km away, so think about a Russian Visa while
you are here. We drive across into Russia several times a month.
We try hard to maintain our independence and integrity by
sustainable practices, awareness of our global footprint and the
privilege of being born and raised in the western world. We can't
do anything to change the state of the world, but we do what we
can by helping in our own capacity the most vulnerable in our
society. Please contact us via our website at


GUARDIANS REQUIRED for a spectacular 260 hectare country estate
close to Carcassonne in the Corbieres, South of France. This area
is renowned for spectacular views and natural beauty. We are
looking for an energetic, resourceful, independent country and
gardening-loving couple. Part-time work offered, including
gardening, maintenance, swimming pool, and housekeeping for
property guests. Remuneration of a small salary. A two bedroom,
independent cottage with terrace supplied. Some knowledge of
French would be helpful. Interviews to be held in London. To
apply, please send your resume and references to


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED near Karterados. We are a small homestead with
gardens and animals with a surface of 3,000 square meters. We
cultivate a lot of fruit (about 20 trees: orange, mandarin,
apple, almond, olive, etc.), and vegetables. We have a lot of
chickens (about 100) as well as nine cats and four dogs running
around. Other than that, we try to produce a few organic products
such as tomato paste, dried tomatoes and figs and make our own
olives. My husband is a fisherman, so we have our own fresh fish
to eat. We speak Greek, English, French and German. We have one
room available for one to two volunteers, separate from our
house. We prefer people over 21 years old who would like to stay
for at least three weeks. Our house is located three kilometers
from the beautiful village of Karterados and only 200 meters away
from a quiet beach as we live on the non-touristic side of the
island. To get to the city you will need to walk one kilometer
along the beach to Monolythos, where you can get a bus to Fira,
the main city of the island (five kilometers away) or you can
easily walk. We would need some help in the garden (like
watering, weeding, planting...) as well as maintenance work and
if you like, you can help Panos as well cleaning his nets from
fishing. Although it is important that you like dogs and cats. We
would need help from March on. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
We are looking forward hearing from you.


EAST MAUI: Seeking a long-term caretaker couple or single for a
large wilderness property. This position entails intensive
mowing, clearing, infrastructure and building maintenance in
exchange for simple but private living accommodations and a small
stipend. Our place on the side of Mt. Haleakala is far from
development, powerlines, crowds and stores. It provides an ideal
lifestyle for happy, independent, energetic, stable, discrete
self-starters who thrive on hard outdoor physical activity. This
is a rugged coast with ocean and mountain vistas, intense
variable weather and nearby wild ocean access and undeveloped
shoreline, hiking, fishing, hunting and waterfalls for the
adventurous. Opportunities for growing natural food are endless,
and several organic fruit and vegetable farms are located in the
vicinity. Wild pigs, deer, goats and our flock of domestic
chickens wander the property amongst the fruit trees and forest.
Required experience and talents include operating and maintaining
a heavy tractor, mower, weed whacker, chainsaw, 4WD vehicles and
independent power and water systems, gardens and fruit trees in a
rugged, wet and steep environment. Folks who attract drama or
conflict or instability, or prefer town activities should not
apply. Please send resumes and verifiable references to

Maintenance and repair skills, electric, plumbing, wood working,
carpentry, mechanical, vehicle maintenance, tropical gardening a
MacGyver type of person! Work ethic, team player. If a couple,
additional kitchen and cleaning skills an option. Retreat
setting, oceanfront, remote, off grid (solar power). Work
exchange plus potential for pay after training phase and
additional benefits commensurate with level of experience,
positive attitude and level of commitment and good Fit! Long-term
preferred for right person(s). Please email your information, and
recent photo to caretaker@caretaker.org and include Hawaii
Position in the Subject Line for our forwarding purposes.

SEEKING A MATURE, EXPERIENCED COUPLE with knowledge of gardening
and off-grid systems, preferably in the tropics, to
manage/caretake a small organic farm on 55 acres in rural Kaupo,
Maui, Hawaii. Will need to maintain/operate the electrical
infrastructure: wind, solar, hydro, well, irrigation systems,
equipment: tractor, mowers, chainsaws, yard, gardens, orchards,
chickens, do record-keeping and communication with the owner.
Light carpentry, handyperson-type repairs. Supervise part-time
helpers. Charming house provided. Salary will be commensurate
with skills and experience. Start immediately: overlap with
current caretakers. No hustlers, stoners, or snowflakes. Please
email your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Galena, Illinois is seeking a full-time,
live-in couple. Need an aspiring couple to take control of
operations starting in February 2019. The ideal team will be
responsible, flexible and hands-on in all aspects of the business
including breakfast service for up to 14 guests, general
maintenance and small repairs. Good communication, exceptional
customer service, and organizational skills required.
Responsibilities include managing guest experience from the
reservation, check-in to check-out, food preparation, managing
the housekeeping staff, and backing them up when required. Other
duties include some laundry, light repairs and maintenance as
well as gardening during the summer months. A live-in Innkeepers
quarters provided, as well as incentives. Please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


SUMMER COORDINATOR POSITION available on a 45-acre
privately-owned island in Penobscot Bay, Maine. The island
includes three houses that are rented on a weekly basis and two
houses used by family and friends. Other facilities include wharf
and boathouse, barn, tennis court, and miscellaneous accessory
structures. Some of the structures have limited solar electricity
however none of the structures have running water or plumbing.
The coordinator prepares island buildings and the harbor area for
summer operation. During the summer the coordinator provides
weekly preparation of three rental houses, assisting renters with
arrivals and departures, mail boat trips, and other related
activities. Other tasks include building maintenance and upkeep
as well as mowing of lawns, fields and tree clearing. In
September the coordinator assists with house close-up for the
winter. Requisite skills include carpentry, machinery, and
congenial interaction with guests. Boating skills arent required
but desired; a boat will be at the coordinators disposal. Salary
and benefits: $1,000 per week for approximately 40-hour work
week, for a 12-14 week season, outstanding island location.
Living facility included as coordinator benefit. Additional
earnings possible for special projects. For inquiries, please


A LARGE FAMILY living north of Boston seeks a highly energetic,
live-in couple for their beautiful 12,000 sq. ft. home on eight
breathtaking acres. This is a dynamic family with four beautiful
children. Her responsibilities will include housecleaning,
laundry, ironing, family meals, and occasional food prep for
small dinner parties, grocery shopping, running errands, and
indoor plant care. His responsibilities will include lawn mowing
and yard cleanup, trash removal, coordinating with contractors,
care for eight automobiles, occasional chauffeuring, snowplowing
(truck provided), occasional bartending, and care of two dogs and
two cats. Important qualities for this couple include experience
in a large family home, self-starting with great energy,
discretion, flexibility, can-do and willing attitudes,
nonsmoking, and child friendly. The family owns two additional
homes in Maine and Vermont, to which they travel frequently. When
the family is in residence, the couple will work 10-hour days
with a schedule of 10 days-on, four days-off. Salary is
commensurate with skills and experience and includes health
insurance benefits, paid holidays and two weeks' vacation, and a
newly-renovated carriage house apartment. To apply, please email
your resume and references to caretakergazette@gmail.com and
include Massachusetts Couple Position in the Subject Line for
forwarding purposes. Thanks.


THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Leland is seeking an Innkeeper couple
or an Innkeeper who is comfortable with a potential live-in
assistant (at least for the summer peak summer months, if that
route is chosen/preferred). Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to
read the full description and application instructions. The
owners are friendly and supportive, live nearby, and will be
highly involved in ensuring the Innkeeper(s) get off to a great
start with plenty of training. This is a wonderful 18 unit
waterfront hotel on five acres.


ASSISTANT INNKEEPERS needed for award winning 7-room Inn,
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, in Duluth, MN. Owners will train and
develop the right couple who have a proven love of people and
hospitality and interest in running all aspects of a small
lodging property long-term. Applicants must be non-smokers,
physically fit, possess a warm and friendly demeanor while being
organized and timely in handling guests requests. Knowledge of
computers, social media and reservations systems is essential.
This is not a shift job; rather a life choice, but does include a
1,100 sq. ft. apartment with balcony and view of Lake Superior,
days off, base salary and incentive plan, and the opportunity to
learn all aspects of the business from the owners. To be
considered, please submit your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
showing actual hospitality lodging experience and a cover letter
introducing yourself. No pets or children, please. (No phone


this summer, 2019. We are a high-end Bed and Breakfast Lodge in
the mountains of Northwest Montana. We need a couple who will
take over the day-to-day management and operations of our Lodge
starting sometime in April and working it until the end of
September 2019. They would be taking care of both the guests and
the facility while enjoying the time and benefits that our place
has to offer. You can check out our place at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and if interested, email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Villa di Corliano Livin the Villa Loca
Interests: travel, snowshoeing, hiking (doing the Portuguese
Camino in May), reading, paragliding, red wine, good coffee
Quotes: Just do it! Nike. And in the end, we only regret the
chances we didnt take Lewis Carroll

Cindy Sheahan

	I'd been talking with friends about unplugging from real life
and traveling the world. While reading The Caretaker Gazette, I
saw a listing for a caretaker in Tuscany. My friend excitedly
said, "this has your name written all over it!". A 15th-century
villa in Tuscany, between Pisa and Lucca, was seeking two-month
commitments for caretaking at the estate. All that was required
was to contact the Count (yes, a Count!) and let him know you
were interested and go from there to see what happens... 
	A quick email to Agostino letting him know I was beyond
interested...he asked for two letters of recommendation, a photo
and a quick bio if available, and a short email detailing why I
was interested. The job consisted of watering the estate's trees
and flowers every day, picking up litter every morning from the
previous nights' festivities, and occasionally assisting for an
hour or so at weddings and other fancy events held at the villa
from time to time. These chores might take two hours or so each
day, and then I was free to explore the area, making sure I was
back by 8 pm each evening for security purposes. And I was free
from these duties one day each week in case I wanted to leave the
villa overnight. In exchange for these simple tasks, I'd be given
a small studio apartment up the spiral staircase above the
kitchen (like Cinderella!), complete with bed, desk, tiny
kitchenette and private bath. I was intrigued!
	I had seen a profile in another issue of The Caretaker Gazette
featuring a previous caretaker, Linda, and contacted her with a
couple of questions I had about the caretaker's position.  She
was happy to answer and give me some insight as to what was
expected on a daily basis. After reviewing my submission and
keeping me on pins and needles for a few months, Agostino let me
know that August and September 2018 was available -- was I?  Um,
yes! We agreed, discussed some details, and I got busy making
plans to spend the summer in Tuscany. I landed here in Tuscany in
an incredibly amazing 15th century villa as a caretaker for two
months, with free accommodations and my very own room, all for
spending just a couple of hours each day doing some flower
watering and picking up any bits of trash that may have blown in.
	Villa di Corliano is a gem, owned by the same family since the
mid-1500s and situated halfway between Pisa and Lucca - two
delightful, important and historic cities in the Tuscan region of
Italy. Agostino Agostini (the Count) and his wife Roseanna (a
Countess now by marriage, but a Baroness in her own right!) own
the property and take such pride in making sure everything is
well run and beautifully kept. They live in nearby Pisa, but stop
by almost every day to check on things (maybe to check on me and
my not-so-amazing watering and gardening skills!). Many famous
people have stayed at the Villa throughout history, including the
poets Byron and Shelley,  assorted kings, dukes and titled
nobility from around Europe, Mary Shelley, the author of
Frankenstein, and possibly the toddler Galileo Galilei, who
Agostino believes was here with his parents many, many years ago
in the 1500s. The estate consists of the main house with an
imposing entry hall, grand ballroom,  formal office/study, the
owners deluxe apartment for when they stay overnight or when the
bride and groom stay after their fairy tale wedding at the villa;
a large well-equipped cucina (kitchen) downstairs, charming
breakfast room, assorted other rooms, and 10 beautiful bedrooms
available to rent from the lovely Leonardo and vivacious Veronica
who contract with Agostino to run a bed and breakfast within the
	A couple of lucky people live onsite at the Villa full time
Maximillian, a lanky, tall, bespectacled and always cheerful
Italian man who does yoga every evening in the gardens at sunset
and keeps forgetting that I dont speak Italian, and an older man
whose name I dont know, who smiles and bobs his head
enthusiastically and says Bongiorno!!! every time I see him.
	Theres an old stable, used now for storing the gardening tools,
riding mower and the many, many chairs and tables on hand for le
nozze (weddings), celebrations and parties that can be held at
the Villa. Theres also a chapel onsite with a small crypt below.
	Another outbuilding is the oil mill. A beautiful classic
edifice, the roof has fallen in and rendered it unusable. There
are old stone baths in this building a thermal spring runs under
the property and once, the baths were used as soaking tubs for
taking the waters but now this building is used for storage as
well (Side note San Giuliano Terme, a cute little village with
the world-renowned bagne (thermal springs and baths) is just
about a mile down the road from the Villa, and has a 5-star hotel
with spa services, soaking pools, mud baths and other dreamy
services available, which I will avail myself of soon).
A view of Villa Corliano

Artwork dating to the 16th century in the Villa

	The grounds, about three hectares (7+ acres) are lush and green.
Palm trees (I, for one, did not realize palm trees grew in
Italy!), ancient cedar trees, lush hydrangea bushes with plump
pink-spotted flowers causing the stems to bow from their weight,
pink, white and red wild roses, English ivy, potted flowering
plants and shrubs (which all need to be watered every day by me!)
and two stone fountains - one with a plethora of goldfish and a
couple of croaking frogs watched over by an ancient crumbling
statue of a young boy, the other small pond containing seven
nervous turtles who, immediately upon hearing me approach,
nosedive into the murky water to avoid being seen.
	Theres a spectacular ginormous tree, said to be planted in the
early 1800s, called The Freedom Tree, under which you can sip
espresso or cappuccino and enjoy a cantuccini or sfogliatine
(Italian pastries) outside the caf in back. And everywhere on the
estate, geckos of all sizes can be found some as tiny as a childs
finger colorful, prehistoric-looking lizards that scurry up the
stucco walls of the estate and dart into the bushes, annoyed to
have been splashed and disturbed from basking in the sun as I
water the flowers each evening.
 But the main attraction at this palazzo is the artwork to be
found within (and upon) the walls here. Frescoes cover the
ceilings, the hallways, the entryway, the ballroom walls even the
outside walls are decorated with graffiti. Painted by Andrea
Boscoli in 1592 and Nicola Matraini in 1750, these original
murals are simply incredible. Many of the paintings are
allegorical, and some feature astrological and mythological
beings and gods and goddesses.  There are dragons, cherubs,
nymphs, minotaurs, tortoises, unicorns, angels, lions, fruit,
princesses, centaurs, winged creatures, satyrs, kings and more.
	As well as the frescoes, there are statues, busts, family
crests, old photos and delightful dcor around every corner and in
every nook and cranny. Even the steep spiral stairway to my tiny
room has beautiful frescoes covering the old stone walls.
	In the sitting room is a concave wall in which a fountain has
been created using seashells. Water flowed and cascaded down the
various levels of shells until it reached the bottom. In the
center of the fountain, there is a dragon above a mythological
face. A few feet away, above the mantel of the fireplace, is a
lever in the wall that the host could twist to enable smoke to
come out of the dragons nose. An amazing party trick in its day,
I am sure!
	My accommodations are so much more modest than the rest of the
villa a simple terracotta tiled floor in a stark stucco room with
a tiny single bed upon a wooden platform (think convent). A desk,
microwave and toaster oven from the 1980s, a convection hotplate
from IKEA, two dishes, two glasses, a few mismatched bowls, a
wine glass that I pilfered from the coffee shop downstairs, a
dorm-sized fridge, an ancient 12 TV that may or may not be
connected to cable (I havent tried turning it on yet), and a
small bathroom with bidet and a shower stall. This tiny room is
where I sleep, make salads and write, and like Cinderella, I must
be back at the villa every day by 8 pm in case guests have
questions or will be late arrivals, so that Leonardo and Veronica
can head home and know that someone is onsite for such a
situation. And when weddings are here at the manor, I am expected
to assist with guests, pointing them in the direction of il bagno
(the bathroom) or showing where parking is available. I am able
to take off from these ever-so-pressing responsibilities one day
a week, and have planned a couple of overnights in Florence, the
Cinque Terre, Siena and Verona so that I can explore at my
leisure without having to hurry back on the last bus of the day,
which is around 7 pm.
	Meals are not included. I make my own coffee and breakfast and a
big salad for lunch, then grab cheap pizza or pasta for dinner
(10 for pasta and vino). The rest is whatever youd spend for fun
bus to Pisa, train to Florence for the day
	Ahh. Did I mention the place is haunted? Of course it is. An
ancient legend says that the ghost of Teresa della Seta Bocca
Gaetani still roams the halls of the villa. She was a beautiful
woman from an ancient Pisa family who married Count Cosimo
Baldassarre Agostini in 1755. She visits occasionally, moving the
tapestries and draperies in the villa, or slamming doors and
windows. During a full moon, she has been seen in the driveway,
guiding a carriage drawn by six splendid horses, and her laughter
can be heard in the cellar and kitchen of the villa. Ghost
Hunters International, an Italian paranormal TV shows, filmed a
couple of episodes here, complete with electro-magnetic field
radiation detectors, ambient temp sensors and other
ghost-tracking devices. If youre so inclined you can find these
on YouTube.
	Meeting the Count and his lovely wife, hanging out with Leonardo
and Veronica, Alyssia and Oriana from the B&B and meeting people
from all over the world that came to stay at the villa was an
experience I'll never forget. Being able to explore the Tuscan
countryside, pop over to Florence for the day, spend an overnight
in Verona to see Andrea Bocelli at the Arena Coliseum and hike
the Cinque Terre were experiences beyond compare.
The Gazette offers life-changing opportunities to those willing
to say "yes!" I'm scouring the latest issue to find my next
unforgettable experience...
Detail of the Villa's exterior 


17-acre gated property. A nicely furnished two bedroom, one
bathroom/laundry room apartment, plus utilities, will be provided
in exchange for 24 hours/week work with horses. Must be
experienced in handling and grooming horses. Ability to ride a
plus, but not necessary. Duties include barn chores, turnout,
feeding, and maintenance of pastures, arena and RP. Some
landscape maintenance, flood irrigation, and other odd jobs paid
on an hourly basis. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. and move 100 lb.
bales of hay. Non-smokers, no drugs, or alcohol problems. This is
an ideal position for a retired couple or single man. A
background check and references are required. Please contact

RANCH HOUSESITTER needed this Spring. Our Nevada home and ranch
land are located near Reno, with breathtaking views of the
mountains around the ranch. We have five horses on the ranch, so
well need a housesitter who can care for our horses. We have a
four bedroom/three bath home that well need the housesitter for
while we are out of the country. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and let us know if you can start
housesitting from the end of March until the end of June.

CARETAKER WANTED by an absentee owner for a small Ranch/Farm in
Pahrump, NV, near Las Vegas. Duties consist of light maintenance,
keeping the property secure and the landscaping, etc. alive and
well. This is a non-compensated position, but there is a space
available, including utilities, for your Mobile/Camper/Motor
home. If you do not have your own, there are two small mobiles
that could be made livable, with a little of your work. An
opportunity for income exists for a handyman, Jack-of-all-Trades
on other Pahrump rental properties, which the owner has. There
are some chickens, etc. now and if you want to, you are welcome
to expand them and/or do your own gardening or farming, etc. Your
horses are OK, as there are three inactive pastures. For more
information, please contact Marty at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


is searching for a very well-qualified, experienced caretaker who
is a self-starter, self-motivated, enjoys working alone and
outdoors in all seasons, and a person who takes pride in all the
work that they do. Candidates must have knowledge of building
maintenance, opening and closing seasonal cottages, equipment
usage and their maintenance, landscaping skills, sprinkler
operation, and handyman skills. This position entails living and
working on the property, supervision of the property, and
security of the property and all of its buildings. Salary,
housing, and other benefits are available. Please send your
resume and best contact information to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking an energetic new Innkeeper (this
would be ideal for a couple or family). We are situated on a 105
acre working farm. This would be a great position for a
couple/family seeking to work and reside on a working
pasture-based farm. The candidate will be responsible for
managing all aspects of daily operations. Responsibilities
include: training and managing a small staff, breakfast prep,
housekeeping, laundry, guest room prep, purchasing supplies,
guest relations, managing phone and online reservations,
maintaining excellent customer reviews, property maintenance
(lawn care and snow removal), social media, website upkeep,
organizing farm tours, and event planning. This position is
contracted and accommodations, utilities, internet, and
farm-raised products (meat and eggs) are provided as part of
compensation in addition to a salary with performance-based
bonus. Please respond by emailing your resume to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX You can visit our website to explore the


A PRIVATE FAMILY OWNED RANCH located 34 miles from Santa Fe is
seeking an experienced full-time caretaker. We are looking for a
responsible, energetic, self-starter kind of individual with a
good working knowledge of general maintenance issues such as
plumbing, carpentry, electrical, welding and painting. Must have
a love for the outdoors. Room and board possible for the right
candidate. Salary will be $36,000. Please email your resume to

RVing MAINTENANCE VOLUNTEER needed for 20 primitive campsites
from June 1 through September 15, 2019 at the Conchas Dam
(located approximately 32 miles northwest of Tucumcari, NM). Must
have your own RV. Duties will include: Visitor outreach and
interpretive programs, routine maintenance projects, trail work,
assisting visitors with park rules and regulations and all
questions, and assist Corps staff. Work with the camp host on
major maintenance and cleanup projects, and help provide aquatic
invasive species and boat safety inspections, and assist the park
staff as needed. The maintenance volunteer can obtain a full
electric and sewer campsite for their RV in return for 25 to 30
hours per week volunteer services. Please apply at

SILVER CITY, NM. Caretaker needed for a remote ranch. Live off
the grid surrounded by Forest and BLM land. Duties include
maintaining livestock waters, electric fence, feeding livestock
guardian dogs, opening and closing corral gates morning and
evening. Large RV with all utilities furnished. Ten hours of work
per week in trade of living quarters and wages offered if extra
work is performed. Starts early April to November. For more
information please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


established, award winning Inn in the Village of Lake Luzerne,
NY, southern Adirondacks/Lake George/Saratoga Springs area. We
are seeking the right person or couple to oversee the daily
operation of our 12 bedroom Inn. The applicant(s) must have a
willingness to learn all aspects of the business and the reality
of Innkeeping. Abilities should include the knowledge of
breakfast cooking, and baking would be a plus. Applicant(s)
should have the physical ability to learn the
Housekeeping/laundry end of the business and to oversee and step
in as needed. Must have good people skills to handle check-in
duties day or night. Computer knowledge and social media
knowledge a plus. A one bedroom apartment in the Main Inns 1890
building is included. Please email your resume and a statement
why you would be right for this position to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HOUSESITTER needed for our large home and acreage in Westchester
County, New York. Need an honest and trustworthy person to stay
here. This would be ideal for a college student who lives nearby,
or a retired person. This can turn into a long-term position, as
we plan on foreign travel for months at a time for many years in
the future and will always need help with our property. Our next
trip will be from April 10 through August 15. A one bedroom/one
bathroom cottage on our property will be provided to the
housesitter. Must check on the main house daily, bring in the
mail, and make sure that the gardener and pool person show up
each week. If interested, please email some information about
yourself and your references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LIVE-IN DOMESTIC COUPLE needed in Water Mill, NY. An executive
couple with a secondary residence in Water Mill seeks to hire an
experienced and capable Domestic Couple to take charge of the
residence and provide personal service while the principals are
in residence.  Past experience working in a fine home required. 
The ideal candidates will be hard-working, have excellent cooking
and cleaning skills, and will love dogs. The primary
responsibilities for the couple will include daily hands-on
cleaning of the residence, managing vendors and contractors to
maintain the residence, coordinating events, providing guest
service, and preparing quality daily meals for the principals
while they are in residence using fresh ingredients. The ability
to cook for small dinner parties and prepare a range of cuisines
is required. This is a full-time, year-round position, with a
Thursday through Monday schedule in-season. Accommodations in the
residence are provided.  Joint compensation up to $175,000
offered, depending on experience, plus a full benefits package.
Please apply for consideration. Early spring start date
available. Please apply XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for consideration
(please fill out one application per person). Must have at least
three years of experience working in private service. Qualified
applicants will be contacted.


URGENT HELP NEEDED in Whangarei, a city in the Northland region
of New Zealand's North Island. We are about a 10 minute drive
from Parua Bay and Whangarei Heads Road beaches. We have a small,
hilltop sheep farm and need urgent help planting avocado trees
and a summer vegetable garden, maintaining the paddocks, weeding
and trail clearing on the path to the small waterfall, and
general help around the house and property. Your accommodation is
a separate two bedroom flat, with views out to the bay, and a
little patio at the front. It's equipped with a kitchen,
bathroom, stereo, books and games. I serve yummy, wholesome meals
and cater to all diets. If you don't have a car/van we can pick
you up at the bus station in Whangarei. There's not much to do at
night but read and relax and enjoy the beautiful night sky and
listen to the call of the Moorporks! We need 4 hours per day help
in exchange for your accommodation and meals. Currently we can
accommodate up to four people. We speak French and conversational
Spanish, and love helping travelers perfect their English and
enjoy meeting new people. If youre in the area, please call us at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information. Thanks.

family in a rural area just an hour north of Auckland. We are a
young, fit and active family, with both parents being
self-employed. The area we live in is surrounded by beautiful
beaches, bush walks, a small village close by, and the larger
town of Warkworth just a 20 minutes drive away. Your main job
will be cleaning a small holiday cottage on our property (after
guests have stayed), basic housework and gardening around the
house during the day, and looking after our two young kids after
school during the week, and in the school holidays. You need to
be good with children, being able to play with them, but also be
a positive influence and have the ability to help with homework
etc. We have a boy (8 years) and girl (6.5 years), both at
school, very outgoing, happy, confident kids. We will provide
full board including all meals, your own good sized bedroom with
king size bed, shared bathroom with the kids, the use of a car,
Wi-Fi, and the flexibility to find other local paid work (such as
restaurant work) as long it doesnt interfere with your household
duties. You will only be required during the week, so weekends
will be free for you to travel or to get a paid job at the local
village which has restaurants and cafes. 20 hours work per week
covers board and food, any hours over this would be paid. We lead
an active, healthy lifestyle, we love the outdoors and make the
most of the beautiful local beaches. We live in a rural setting
surrounded by native bush and farmland, and have a number of
animals, including a dog, two cats, chickens and sheep. We are
close to Matakana Village and beautiful beaches including Omaha,
Pakiri and Goat Island. The successful applicant needs to be over
20, honest, fit and healthy, non-smoking, active and enjoy the
outdoors, and have a good sense of humor. You must be able to
clean and do housework to a high standard. Also must be okay with
animals. You will need a drivers license and be confident driving
in NZ. Please contact Clair with any questions, and if suitable
we will set up an interview. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if
you wish to ask any questions or chat about the job. Thanks.

CARETAKERS NEEDED in West Auckland. We are located a short drive
from the Auckland City Center, and less than 30km from the
Auckland International Airport. This is a unique caretaking
opportunity available at the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club. A
naturist lifestyle is not necessary. This would be ideally suited
for New Zealand residents who are retired or a semi-retired
couple. We are an established private club tucked away on 25
acres of a stunning park-like setting in West Auckland. The
position starts immediately so if this sparks some interest and
you would like to know more, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed in Corapeake, NC. I need someone to
take care of my house and dogs (I breed Great Danes) while I
work. You would have a private room and bath, full run of the
house, washer/dryer/dishwasher; everything that is needed for the
house and dogs, food, Wi-Fi, and I can even put satellite
reception in your room. For this I expect the house to be kept
tidy, dogs fed and watered and let out of the house, care of any
puppies that are in the house, outside pens cleaned up every day,
and the outside yard taken care of during the growing season. We
are located in Corapeake NC just south of Suffolk VA, a stones
throw across the North Carolina line. I will not tolerate
drugs/alcohol/drama or smoking in the house. Please email me at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your phone number and lets talk if you
think you might be a good match for this position. You will be
treated like part of the family.


A UNIQUE AND REWARDING FULL-TIME, year-round opportunity is
available for a highly experienced private estate head manager
for our home in Grandview Heights. This management position will
provide many diverse situations requiring well developed people
and estate management skills. The qualified applicant will
possess 8 - 10 years of direct estate management experience on
high end properties. Strong people management and organizational
skills are mandatory. A goal oriented approach to projects,
issues and challenges is essential. The proper maintenance and
pristine care of the many residential buildings, structures and
expansive grounds will require this manager to make independent
and sound recommendations while maintaining the highest degree of
quality standards. There is an opportunity for a spouse, as a
part-time, seasonal cook during the summer months. The focus of
this 20 - 25 hour/week cooking position would be the preparation
of meals using fresh vegetables and fruits from the familys large
garden. Experience in canning and preserving is required. The
workplace is a respectful and productive environment. Excellent
pay, free housing, and a generous benefits package are available
and commensurate with experience. Please email a letter of
qualifications with salary requirements and resume to
caretakergazette@gmail.com and include Grandview Heights Position
in the Subject Line for forwarding purposes. Thanks.


Must be a mature live on-site couple. The ranch provides a
beautiful caretaker home with paid utilities. Salary based on
experience. Need to have advanced culinary skills. General
housekeeping, and general and grounds maintenance skills also
required. Must be non-smokers. This is a long-term position.
References from previous employers required. We prefer at least
one to two years of experience. Please forward your bio and

31, 2019 at Canton Lake in Canton, OK. A full-time volunteer with
their own RV is needed in a Class A campground to do painting,
flowerbed maintenance, and other minor maintenance tasks. Must be
able to physically paint, weed, water flowerbeds, and do light
maintenance. Services exchanged for designated volunteer RV
campsite with 30 amp electric and water hookup. Please apply at


Assistant for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, you are responsible for
maintaining and upgrading the education facilities at Jawbone
Flats alongside the Facilities Manager. As a team of two, there
are times that you are solely responsible for all systems and
buildings while the Facilities Manager is out. This is a
residential position, and you will live on-site in private
cabin-style housing provided by Opal Creek. For more details on
the place and the position, please visit our website at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To apply, please send a cover letter and

MANAGEMENT TEAM NEEDED. Located 40 miles southeast of Crater Lake
National Park, our 130 acre ranch has 2+ miles of riverfront. We
have had 23 years of successful lodging and a fly fishing
operation with two guest houses. Senior owners are looking for a
team to manage all aspects. Ranch skills needed: handyman;
plumbing; electrical; equipment maintenance; and gardening.
Office skills needed: computer; internet; reservations; and
registration. Cleaning skills needed: meticulous eye for detail;
and energy. People skills needed: interact with guests to provide
an exceptional vacation experience. May through October is our
busy season full-time. Compensation includes a house, utilities,
ranch lifestyle, and a modest salary with opportunity for
performance bonuses. Please only email your resume to

a people person? Do you like fresh air and the great outdoors?
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is taking applications for qualified park
hosts/caretakers who have had previous hosting experience and a
camping rig 2000 or newer - no tents. Applicants must be able to
pass a background check. If interested, please complete an
application at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by clicking on
Applications/Brochures/Permits and then choose Park Host
Application and complete the application.


FULL-TIME, LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER needed. A capable and professional
housekeeper is required for a large country home on a rural
estate in stunning Angus. A friendly, responsible and trustworthy
person is needed. The successful candidate will be responsive and
efficient. They should be comfortable working alone and as part
of a team, as necessary, with oversight for the smooth running of
the house. The house is a baronial mansion with 13 bedrooms over
three floors. It is an informal and friendly family home with
four adults and two children over three generations in permanent
residence, living over two households. Other family members and
friends visit regularly. Duties to ensure a smooth running of the
household include general cleaning, tidying and upkeep of the
home including care of antiques, silver and fabrics, laundry and
ironing, help hiring and managing a part-time cleaning employee,
setting the wood stove and fires, managing the supply of logs,
occasional food preparation - from family meals to help with
formal dinners, table setting and occasional table service,
dealing with tradesmen, reporting maintenance issues to
appropriate estate staff, have alarm and fire systems knowledge
with an awareness of house security, and overseeing, monitoring
and management of the biomass heating system to ensure it is
fueled and working efficiently. Live in accommodation is a two
bedroom self-contained flat within the house. It is possible a
second role is available on the estate for a partner with the
right skills. Please apply with your resume and references to


LIVE-IN CARETAKERS WANTED for a Nashville lake property. Married
couple wanted to help maintain a 9-10 acre lake property in
return for a three-bedroom apartment plus electric, plus
Internet. This is an ideal situation for a couple who already
have a supplemental income. Looking for caretakers interested in
a long-term situation only. Must be diligent, trustworthy,
hard-working self-starters who like working outdoors and are very
handy with things like lawn care, basic carpentry, plumbing and
electrical. Must also be able to pass an extensive background
check. No drinkers/smokers. Please email your resume to


WORKING COUPLE NEEDED for a Recreational Ranch in the Texas Hill
Country in Concan, TX. Responsibilities include grounds
maintenance, repairs, housekeeping and providing hospitality
services for our family when present. Hospitality services may
include preparing, serving and cleaning up meals for a maximum of
16 people per day. Experience with minor carpentry, electrical,
plumbing and small engine repair is preferred. Experience with
the restaurant/hotel/resort/B&B is a plus. Compensation includes
a three bedroom private home, utilities, satellite, Wi-Fi,
medical insurance and salary commensurate with experience. Paid
vacation provided after a probationary period. Important
qualities and characteristics include for this full-time job:
self-motivated, friendly, ability to complete work without
supervision, reliable, honest, hardworking, and organized.
Primary responsibilities will include: lawn and grounds
maintenance, general cleaning and maintenance of large home, care
of swimming pool, guest services cleaning up common areas during
booking, preparing and serving meals, maintenance of tractors,
vehicles, lawn equipment, etc. Specific requirements include: a
drivers license, willingness to be drug tested as needed, and the
ability to pass a background check. Pets may be allowed based on
circumstances. Interested? Please send a cover letter and resume

CARETAKER, GROOM, HORSE EXERCISER needed for a private 310 acre
ranch in Lipan, TX. You must have the following experience,
qualifications, a clean background, and a valid Texas drivers
license, and social security card. Other than a family ranch, you
have lived on and worked full-time caring for horses, cattle,
dogs, and cats, tractor work, mowing, fence repair, general
maintenance of equipment and property. Must know how to load and
haul horses and cattle, and recognize sickness, injury, and
emergencies regarding animals. Be able to administer medications
- maintenance, routine and emergency. You do not need to ride for
this job, but must have expertise with exercising, lunging,
bathing, grooming, and tacking horses. A one bedroom/bath private
furnished apartment, utilities, satellite, Wi-Fi, washer and
dryer will be provided. Salary to be determined, and a yearly
bonus provided. Workers compensation, and health insurance
provided after 90 days. A ranch truck is available for ranch
errands. You will have off on major holidays, however, the
majority of days off are during the week not weekends as we are
gone many weekends. Five days and nights on, two days off. You
will get paid vacation time. For more info please email

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE for a motivated couple with a great
work ethic. Multiple businesses - Beautiful Texas Hill Country
location of 26 years: Antiques/Garden area, Award winning Bistro,
Cabins/Vintage trailers For Sale or Rent! Ideally one would help
manage the Antique shops, with experience in all aspects of
retail from pricing, selling, cleaning to display with attention
to detail. Marketing, computer skills and social media a Plus.
Perks are traveling to Round Top Texas Antique shows
(Packing/Setting up/Selling). Your skilled carpenter partner
would love our complete Workshop - helping in all areas of
restoration. Construction/general maintenance skills a plus. Must
love Animals ours are like family as well as attractions that
share our work space. Applicants must be physically able to
perform job descriptions. Background checks, references -
smoke/drug free environment, long-term, full-time. We are proud
of what our hard work has accomplished and want help to continue
to improve. Compensation, bonuses, and incentives will include a
full RV site. After visiting this unique opportunity at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX please share your resume and how you feel we
can meet each others objectives. Please email

housing and utilities in DeWitt County, TX. It is best suited for
a retired pensioner or veteran couple with a steady outside
income. The position requires approximately 20+ working hours per
week in exchange for a two bedroom, one bath home. This is new
position for our family, so the job description is our best guess
and will evolve with time and needs of the owner. There will be
some heavy lifting (50lbs or better) required as well as other
physical labor, yard maintenance, fencing repair duties and other
items that come up on a country property as needed. Knowledge of
farm machinery and maintenance is helpful, but not a deal breaker
if people are willing to learn. Animal experience, especially
with cattle, dogs and chickens is a plus. Caretakers should not
expect many vacation days, especially during the holidays, but
short-term visitors are welcome. Approximately 45 minutes to one
hour morning and evening work every day will be required to care
for the place. Other duties might include, letting workmen on the
property, running an occasional errand, and checking the mail
box. The owner will live on the property in a separate house.
Other work on the home will be negotiated on a project by project
basis. Good communication skills and an organized, self-starter
personality are very much appreciated. For more information,


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Our Project is located outside a little
village in the northeast of Thailand. Well off the beaten track
of tourism, we offer an opportunity for everybody to join in a
fascinating project where we combine vipassana meditation, yoga,
natural building and ecological gardening (especially
permaculture) to a system of personal growth and care for nature.
We want to show that the path inside and sustainable living can
be very lively, joyful and fun. We rock the garden! Our project
is deeply rooted in the Thai community, so you can experience an
authentic insight into Thai culture and really be part of it. Our
teacher is the Abbot of a Monastery in the nearest city and as
such, living mindfully and observing the Buddha`s teaching is
very much at the heart of this project. We have a deep connection
with the village monastery and the Buddhist community and enjoy
sharing in ceremonies and festivals together. Each day you will
have meditation training and Buddhist teachings as well as
learning tools to work and live peacefully as a community. Please
note; as we work on behalf of the monastery, this is a drug and
alcohol free place! Although we are connected with a Buddhist
monastery, we are not aiming to convert anybody to Buddhism. We
want to find a way to live harmoniously together no matter what
one believes, where he comes from, or where he is going. We are
looking for people with very open minds, who want to get involved
and make a positive change. We have built a beautiful large open
air shelter for sleeping with a tin roof and bamboo mats for the
flooring. We have lots of double mosquito nets for everyone. Our
semi-outdoor kitchen is fully functional and we have built
beautiful thatched showers and separate toilets. The
accommodation is basic, but also fun! We are at a stage where we
are looking to take the project to the next level and expand!
Which gives you the opportunity to participate in the makings of
a self-sustainable community. This is an incredibly exciting time
in the growing process and great time to learn! We have basic
facilities and provide two hearty vegetarian meals a day. Right
now we are focused on earthen buildings, maintaining beautiful
gardens and implementing systems to improve soil quality and
retain water. We also have on going mosaic projects and we`re
more than open to hear your creative ideas. So come join us and
get inspired! All open minds are welcome at our project. We also
run regular workshops varying from making your own organic skin
care products to raw cooking or harvesting kombucha and we
encourage volunteers to share their knowledge with the group too.
Now is the time to learn share and grow together. Our project is
located 30 kilometers away from the third largest city of
Thailand. The city is a student town with a great night markets
and beautiful restaurants set around the lake. Even as a large
city, its always a surprise if you see tourists. A monastery
environment is a very special place to be so if you`re interested
drop us a message and we`ll happily send you more information on
our schedule, our responsibilities and how to register your
space. Thank you so much and we look forward to getting to know
you! May all beings be happy. To learn more, please visit


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Hartland, Vermont. We are looking to hire
someone with high standards to clean our cabins, manage the
laundry, and ensure that all cabin supplies are maintained. Over
time, this person may take on additional responsibility on both
the cabin and farm side to increase his or her compensation. We
provide free housing, internet, and all utilities in a small
furnished studio apartment with private entrance, kitchen, and
bathroom. The studio apartment has a beautiful view of the
Vermont Mountains. You will have access to amazing farm produce,
fresh eggs, and artisan cheese subject to availability. In
addition to free housing, starting pay for the first six months
will be $8.50/hour. After a successful first six months, we will
offer a raise, bonus, and paid vacation depending on performance.
You must be physically capable of pulling the cleaning cart with
supplies, equipment, and laundry between the various buildings in
all weather conditions. The ideal candidate will enjoy living on
a beautiful farm, meeting new people and is interested in taking
advantage of all the attractions, good food, and activities this
area has to offer (see our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
"Things to do"). Please send your resume and a letter of interest
(no phone calls please) to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Farm, and Conscious Community in Vermont. Year-round residential
position co-managing a stunning, secluded, 120 acre organic
homestead and retreat center, with ponds, gardens, trails, woods,
fields, and hills. Vegetarian, spiritually oriented community of
three to six residents focused on personal growth, meditation,
and conscious communication. Requires integrity, self-discipline,
clean living, commitment to self-awareness and health - plus
skills in business management, digital marketing, homesteading,
building maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, retreat hosting,
directing interns, and community living. Includes private cabin,
food, utilities, internet, $500/month starting, plus long-term
opportunity for profit sharing and business co-ownership. Couples
welcome. Cannot accommodate children, dogs, pot smoking, debt, or
addictions. To learn more please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or

house in Jamaica, Vermont from May 10th - June 21st, 2019. This
is a smoke free space, with smoking permitted outside only.
Caretaking duties include: grass and yard maintenance, trash and
recycling removal, Airbnb caretaking including: laundry,
trash/recycling removal, compost to chickens, and cleaning the
tiny house rental if the cleaner is unavailable. Feed and
interact with animals two well-behaved cats and 50+ chickens.
Interested parties should forward a brief biography, references,
and a picture of yourself or couple to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER and Animal-Lover(s) needed for a private residence in
Northern Virginia, 20 minutes from Washington, DC. This is a
resort-style 9, 000 sq. ft. home with a pool in a secluded
location, but I spend most of my time 45 minutes away in Virginia
developing my dream horse farm on 240 acres. Help is needed with
my two cats and two dogs, so I can gain some flexibility, while
also keeping my home in perfect shape. Some yard work, house
cleaning, laundry and general organization is expected from maybe
a couple who wants to share my precious life. I am German, also
spending a lot of time abroad. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


volunteers are needed to help clean the house and look after the
cats and chickens and gardens - please note this can be a cold
climate we do not yet have central heating and facilities are
really basic compared to modern living! We have lots of blankets
though! We are at the early stages of restoring an old, large and
characterful building, parts of which date to the 14th Century,
with a walled garden, orchard and vegetable patch. We`ll be
creating a small yoga studio, accommodation rooms and community
spaces. In the medium to long-term we hope the site will host
retreats and small scale events. We need help with all kinds of
work, including: helping with chores, keeping the house clean and
tidy, looking after the greenhouse and veg patch, taking care of
the chickens and cats, roofing type work - fitting tin roofs to
workshop outbuildings, repairing walls and lintels, making
curtains, carpentry type work - fixing dilapidated gates and
doors, determining feasibility of solar/ground source/wood
heating and electricity sources, documenting the building
structures during renovation, digging trenches for drainage, and
designing a permaculture strategy for the site. We can offer
accommodation in the house in shared rooms with other volunteers,
and three meals a day, in return for an average of five hours of
work a day across the time you`re here. Please note you`ll also
be expected to help wash up (or help cook) the meals we eat
together. Food is predominantly locally sourced. We eat meat
sparingly, but can feed vegans and veges (but please tell us in
advance if you have dietary restrictions as it is hard to find
specialist products in rural areas). Were learning Aga cookery
and are into stews and soups. Claire`s a keen fermenter of
pickled vegetables. We`re conveniently located within a quarter
of an hour by car or taxi from Holyhead, from where there are
connections to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and
Dublin. Ynys Mon (known in English as Anglesey) is an island with
attractive beaches, historic sacred sites and distant views of
the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia). The site itself is in the
village of Llanfachraeth, which has a local shop and pub, and
Holyhead has other shops and amenities. We typically have one or
two volunteers staying most of the time, for up to a fortnight
initially, or long weekends are also possible. When you get in
contact, please let us know if there are particular projects
you`d like to help with. Your hosts are XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
likes: designing, plants, cooking and yoga. She is currently
learning about: growing things, taking care of animals, Welsh
language and culture. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX likes: building,
fixing, energy and water systems, railways and engineering of all
kinds. He is currently learning about: lime plasters and
renewable energy sources. At times there are cats, chickens,
relatives, visitors, lodgers, guests and students on site too. At
other times it can be very quiet! To see photos and contact us,
please go to our Facebook Page at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


theXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located in Arlington, Washington, on
about 6.9 acres of property. The key themes of local pioneer
life, logging and farming are woven into many of the museum
displays. We also have a series of outbuildings for acquisitions
too large to display in the museum, including printing presses,
tractors, trucks, and early farming machines. The museum is open
three days a week and frequently hosts special tours and other
community events throughout each year. We need a full-time
property management/caretaker couple to be responsible for the
daily on-site management of the appearance, cleanliness and
security of the Museum, Pioneer Hall, outbuildings and grounds
including administration of all rental activities. This will
include routine lawn mowing and grounds maintenance; light
janitorial duties; able to lift up to 70 pounds; daily trips
up/down multiple stairs and walking the grounds (unassisted);
purchasing necessary maintenance supplies (reimbursed); English
language proficiency; making, being present for and managing
rental appointments; explaining and administering rental
contracts; collecting and accounting for rental deposits and
fees; rental record keeping; enforcement of property and rental
rules; routine hazard mitigation; general security and initial
response for fire and intrusion alarms; writing reports when
required. As our daily, on-site Agents, you (each) must have
professional appearances and demeanors, excellent interpersonal
communication skills, current drivers licenses and no criminal
records. Free on-site living quarters are provided (an
unfurnished 1,200 sq. ft., two bedroom apartment), with basic
utilities included. However, there are no pay or health insurance
benefits, so you must have an existing outside source of income
to cover your personal expenses (retirement, Social Security,
etc., or other employment that will not conflict with the daily
property management/caretaker duties). This position is
year-round (not seasonal), with two weeks of vacation per year.
As our current property managers/caretakers are planning to move
out of state, this position is estimated to be vacant/available
in April (or later) 2019. To apply, a resume and cover letter
should be mailed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CAT/HOUSESITTER WANTED for about a month in February 2019. Must
love cats. Housing available in exchange. Have acreage near Port


chores in Capon Bridge, WV - free apartment, utilities, internet
and more. Details and photos are available at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please click on About Us then click on
Business Opp's and then click on the Caretaker document. Please


A RETIRED EXECUTIVE COUPLE with a waterfront summer home in the
southeastern Wisconsin resort city of Lake Geneva is seeking an
experienced caretaker couple to live on their property. The
estate owners are long-term employers who are in residence on
weekends in the summer. The home is well staffed and used for
family and social events. The ideal candidates will be
mechanically inclined and experienced with sophisticated
mechanical and IT systems, have strong organizational and
administrative skills and have successfully managed vendors and a
staff. A separate, newly remodeled apartment on the property will
be provided along with a competitive compensation and benefits
package. Flexible start date. Please apply XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
for consideration (please fill out one application per person).
Must have at least three years of experience working in private
service. Qualified applicants will be contacted.


Tutor, teacher, trainer available in the Cincinnati/Northern
Kentucky area, but open to other areas if private housing is
included. Have experience with all subject areas except upper
level Math and Science. Have a Master's in ESL, ELL and Literacy.
Have taught pre-K through 12, University, Teacher Training,
Military, NATO Generals, Algerian Special ops, Italian Nuclear
Physicist, Company presidents, Economic University Faculty, and
have done so in 11 countries. Speak passable Spanish, basic
Japanese, Bosnian, and Turkish, and a polite level of numerous
other languages. Extremely good with motivating students of all
ages and stages in education and career. Please call

Retired male with lifetime building, handyman, groundskeeping,
and maintenance skills looking for post-retirement
employment/adventure. Detail oriented, able to work unsupervised
in any condition, with very good customer/communication skills.
Extensive lifetime references, spotless driving record,
non-smoker, with a valid passport. Single - Celibate - Christian.
Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (sorry, but no computer,
internet, text, fax, or email available).

Have Tools Will Travel! Hello, Im a single 67-year-old
renaissance man (in excellent shape) in need of a place to hang
my hat for a few years. I spent 44 (half-years) as an independent
high-end carpenter, plumber, electrician and handyman working
specialty projects. The other half of those 44 years as
owner/operator of a first-class whitewater rafting company in
Washington and Oregon. Im sincere, honest, kind, continually
curious, politically liberal and occasionally funny. Im also a
published singer/songwriter. Thats the short version. Im in
semi-retirement mode now and looking for a property that is in
development or needs attention that would appreciate my skill set
remodeling or maintaining structures. It could be a private
estate or a boutique resort. Im fond of the western states but
could spend time in the tropics as well. I dont need much space
to live in, of equal concern though, Im seeking sufficient shop
space to store and work with my tools while I continue to write
and develop my musical aspirations and internet business. Im not
interested in a full-time job, working for free or housesitting.
Im not a ranch or farm hand dealing with livestock or landscaping
labor. I would like to contribute to an established estate or
thriving enterprise in the tourism sector but not likely to go
with a full-time corporate hustle unless what youre doing is
intriguing enough to hold my interest. Looking to relocate in
March-April-May 2019. Excellent references and full resume
available by email here: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your

Life Coach (French/English), Retreats On The Path, SPA Estate
Manager/Massage Therapist in Palm Springs CA will relocate.

Seeking a Caretaker Position. Tiny house owner with off-grid
solar and compost toilet needs a potable water hook-up. Retired -
excellent health. Seeking place to park and manage property.
Experienced managing - milking goats, making cheese. Experience
in carpentry, plumbing and various fence building repair.
Experience in all types of organic and sustainable gardening.
Prefer living in the West Sonoma or Mendocino county areas of
Northern California, but open to alternative locations.
References available. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and
please use the word caretaker in the Subject Line. Thanks.

Common sense is my number one asset. Im reliable, honest,
non-smoking, clean and ready to take care of your property needs.
Have some tools and handyman skills. Have my own income and valid
drivers license. Looking for a quiet, rural setting. Will
exchange work for a cottage or small house, plus utilities for 20
hours of work per week. Willing to work extra for a stipend. Can
do mowing, weed-wacking, low tree maintenance, some snow removal,
as well as general cleaning. Im neat and clean, with your
security in mind at all times. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Caretaker position wanted. 53-year-old retired firefighter, with
an Associates in Ornamental Horticulture and M.S. in education.
Have 30 years experience with all mechanicals including solar.
Currently management/caretaker of Sunset Cottages, in Sylvan
Beach, NY. Responsible for daily care and repairs for 24 vacation
cottages plus emergency repairs for a large restaurant and surf
bar. The business has been sold. Will consider short or long
positions. Non-smoker, non-drinker, athlete. A people
person...motivated with a smile! Please call

Experienced caretaker couple seeking a live-on situation in
Northern Baltimore or Harford County, Maryland. He: Angies List A
rated handyman/carpenter/painter and lawn service since 2007.
Former marina and horse farm manager. She: member of the
managerial team at a large local animal hospital 20+ years, and
expert pet care provider. Us: married 31 years, empty-nesters, we
were part-time, live-on caretakers for 15 years on a private
estate and vineyard in Sparks. We are looking for a comfortable
place to live in exchange for doing whatever needs to be done.
Salary not necessary if part-time, although full-time paid
position(s) would be considered. Please email

Married Christian couple, mid-40s, with no children, seek a
long-term, reduced rent/lease situation in exchange for part-time
caretaking (grounds, maintenance, security, admin, etc.). Guest
cabin, caretakers home, unoccupied house, second home or estate?
We are open to ideas! Anywhere in the U.S. We want to live in a
beautiful secluded, rural area with green forests, fishing,
hiking, and hunting. We have our own reliable, verifiable income
from virtual businesses, so internet is a must. Healthy
non-smokers, non-drinkers, professionals with excellent
references. Let's talk! Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Mature Husband and Wife in Omaha, Nebraska looking for a paid,
long-term caretaking opportunity. We are both former teachers. We
love animals. We have two domesticated (indoor only) cats. We are
both handy with a hammer as well as grounds maintenance and
administration. We are non-smokers/non-drinkers. We are not
financially independent and would need an income from the job,
but that income is negotiable. We want to live somewhere
beautiful and be of service. Excellent references available.

Houseman/Estate Manager with ten years experience and excellent
references seeks a long-term live-in position. Willing to
relocate. Comprehensive skillset: Solution/Results oriented in
housekeeping, laundry, pet care, garden/lawn and pool
maintenance, carpentry, electrical, managing staff/vendors and
vehicle detailing/maintenance. Professional demeanor, non-smoker
and have a clean drivers license. I look forward to an interview
and sharing my resume portfolio with you. Please call

Estate Manager, Guardian Couple, Caretakers. Married couple
seeking our next adventure! Let us care for your castle, estate
or farm. We are discreet, honest, detail oriented and have an
excellent work ethic. My wife (of 20 years) and I are seeking
long-term, professional, and salaried position or positions
starting close to September 2019.  I am currently the Facility
Manager (I hold a certificate from Rutgers University), AV
Manager, and Worship Coordinator of a church in Manasquan, New
Jersey (since 2005). I am a dynamic individual with many ideas
and I use evidence and critical thinking to solve problems. I
grew up in a B&B that my parents owned in Spring Lake, New Jersey
and I participated in all aspects - managing, house maintenance,
cleaning, cooking, etc. I spent four years in the Marine Corps
and returned to New Jersey where I met my wife. We both worked at
the B&B from 1996 to 2002. My resume includes work in sunroom
assembly, cabinet making, environmental remediation, and as a
private chauffeur. My interests include sailing, kayaking,
hiking, sustainable farming and forestry, environmental
stewardship, passive solar energy, off grid power systems,
permaculture. My Wife holds a Masters Degree in Education. She
worked at a public school for 14 years, and homeschooled our two
children, who are now 16 and 18.  She has worked at several B&Bs
over the years and works as a personal assistant and caretaker,
companion to the elderly. Her interests include raising chickens
and goats, organic gardening, and horseback riding. Our daughter
is now in France studying the language and culture as an Au Pair,
and our son is looking forward to a new adventure with us. Please
contact Todd for more information at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

I am seeking a caretaking position near the ocean or Front Royal,
Virginia, with a spiritually directed person who has more
property than they can manage alone. I want to share co-creative
stewardship of the property working with Nature Intelligence in
exchange for a small yurt home on the property. I have over 30
years experience caring for rural properties, homes and animals
and have excellent references. If interested or know of someone,
thank you for contacting me: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Seeking Southern Maine York County: Professional woman, 57,
offers caretaker assistance in exchange for rent: assist with
tenants, gardening, farming, greenhouses, yard work, animals,
housesitting, and painting. Former real estate agent, property
manager, landlord, real estate investor, homeowner for 11 years.
Bought/renovated fixer uppers, acted as contractor. Live-in Elder
Caretaker twice. Non-smoker. Car/cat. Organized, mature,
grounded, intelligent, self-starter. Great references. Please

Retired couple looking for a caretaker position with housing.
Will take care of your animals and property in exchange for

Fun Canadian Couple looking for six month to one year adventure.
We are in our mid 40s/early 50s. Fit, young at heart,
responsible, hardworking, well-travelled. Above average skills in
hospitality, event management, administration, promotion and
radio. Currently becoming ESL instructors. Looking for new
challenges anywhere in the world. Please email

Couple looking for Caretaker/Estate manager on site position in
the United States. Experienced in property management, event
coordination, bookkeeping, baker, AFC Certified Sous Chef,
property maintenance, (carpentry, plumbing, painting, installing
tile, laminate, vinyl, HVAC, swimming pools, dock work), lawn
maintenance, dyke and floodgate maintenance, heavy equipment
operator, breeder of flight birds (quail, pheasants, turkeys,
ducks), hunt guide, concierge service, and great customer service
skills. Good credit and clean background checks. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for full resume or questions.
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I'm a long time subscriber of The Caretaker Gazette with years of
wilderness, off-grid living experience and I've had lots of time
to come up with some pretty impressive inventive ideas! I would
love to share some of my ideas with an investor looking for
something original, unique and useful to manufacture and market.
I am seeking an investor that would be willing to discuss license
agreements or royalties. If you're a serious investor looking for
some fresh new ideas and willing to sign non-disclosure
agreements, let's talk! Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKING QUESTIONS WANTED: Property owners, caretakers. Writing
about eight caretaking experiences in 15 years. How it fell into
my lap, scenarios, red flags, the approach to ensure success.
FREE BOOK if question(s) used. Anonymity respected. Please email


Yes, please begin or renew my postal subscription to The
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 	Over the decades many of our advertisers and subscribers, both
property owners and caretakers/housesitters, have discussed their
healthcare situation and possible insurance options/alternatives
with us. We recently dropped our current medical insurance when
the premiums jumped to $2,000 per month with a $12,000 annual
deductible. We switched to a $354 per month healthcare program
called Medi-Share.
I wanted to share some information with you about Medi-Share as I
thought you might be interested in their affordable healthcare.
Like us, you and your family could join their community of
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discounted by Medi-Share members.
With Medi-Share you and your family won't need to worry about the
mandate to purchase health insurance or pay costly penalties and
fees, since members are exempt through a special provision in the
Affordable Care Act.
If you would like to learn more, please go to
http://bit.ly/2gvMroU or please call Myles Lilley who is a Member
Development Specialist at Christian Care Ministry at 800-772-5623
extension 2224.
I hope this helps!
Take care, Gary C. Dunn, Publisher THE CARETAKER GAZETTE

For Sale: Unique property with ocean view on the South Pacific
Coast of Costa Rica. If your dream is to live in the tropics, run
your own bed and breakfast, have your own organic garden, or
eco/green mini-resort, hostel or simply own your own piece of
paradise it will be hard to find a better place to do it or a
better opportunity than this one. For more information, please
email caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale
in the Subject Line.

Need to earn a living to support your travels? Want to give back
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Wheels can help you learn how and can help you find your perfect
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West Valley Island Cultural Festival Announces Availability of
Sponsorship Opportunities. The next festival takes place in
October 2019 in Surprise, Arizona. To learn more, please visit
with any questions. Thanks.

Arizona Cowboy has written true stories in four exciting and
interesting books all about half a century on horseback. 2005,
was the year the books closed on the Arizona, cattle and horse
ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. During the start
of the year 2005, the handwriting on the wall began and the books
closed on this historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then,
became my pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true
happenings during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the
open range while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into
usable cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later
in the other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among
wild cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin out in Arizonas beautiful,
natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although unusual, are
just as I recollect them. To all those who have ever dreamed of
being a cowboy, heres your chance to ride along with me as your
side-kick and saddle pard. You can view an entertaining
introduction with many colored pictures at

Copyright 2019 Caretaker Publishing, Inc.

Take care, 
Gary C. Dunn, Publisher

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WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HOUSESITTER for the month of September, 2024 for our home in Jersey City, NJ. This will just be an exchange of your housesitting service for the living space in our home – no pay involved. You should be comfortable with city living. Our home is in a quiet urban neighborhood and has a small garden which will need some watering if we get into a dry spell. We are close to shops, restaurants and other stores. The housesitter’s primary responsibility will be to look after our home and care for our two dogs while we are away. Please email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you are available and please provide checkable references.


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