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Thursday, April 25 2024


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THIS IS OUR 212th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 36, Number 2       

March/April 2018        ISSN 1074-3642  

- Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 31 states
and 13 countries
- Caretaker Profile
John Harding - long-term caretaker
- Letters to the Editor
Caretakers and property owners write about their experiences with
the Gazette



A VERY SPECIAL FEMALE ASSISTANT is needed for this Huntsville
family. Their adult daughter (37) has Down syndrome and needs
someone to help the mother monitor her needs. This might include
helping with her dressing or cleaning needs. They need someone
who has good cooking, housekeeping, organizational, and laundry
abilities. At this time they have two homes, one in the city and
one in the country ... so you need to enjoy both types of living
arrange- ments as this is a live-in position. Currently they have
a full-time housecleaner and would probably keep her until they
build their new home in two years on the lake. They are seeking
someone who is responsible, respectful, and patient, detail
oriented, would be able to learn their way of doing things, has a
serving spirit, a sense of humor, and of course be honest,
trustworthy and respects the family's privacy. Someone who
doesn't mind listening to Fox during the day, and decorating for
the Holidays. This is a 5-day a week position but with flexible
hours depending upon what the family's needs are. Salary to be
determined and a full-benefit package is provided. Please send


SEEKING A CARETAKER TEAM in Tubac, Arizona. These positions are
best suited for a couple who will live full-time on the property
in a single family dwelling. These jobs are suitable to very
motivated people who are willing and able to complete many tasks
and work without direct supervision on a diversified ranch.
Performs irrigation and farming agricultural operation and
management. Monitors and maintains buildings, fences, and grounds
to prevent unauthorized access. Performs all required
groundskeeping duties including, but not limited to, mowing,
trimming, weeding, raking, planting, fertilizing, and watering,
and maintains the watering systems; and perform reclamation
efforts such as erosion control, falling dead trees, and seeding
as needed. Provides housecleaning, laundry, and cooking as
required or as needed. Must have some relevant agricultural work
experience, handyman skills, cooking and household skills,
equipment maintenance skills, must have good communication and
interpersonal skills, and must be willing to work extended hours
and weekends. Position requires the caretaker couple to be
physically able to work outdoors in all types of weather, on hard
surfaces, and uneven terrain; be able to climb to and work at
heights of up to 25 feet; be able to safely operate machinery,
equipment, power and hand tools, work safely with chemicals and
cleaning agents; and be able to perform moderate to heavy lifting
and carrying of equipment, supplies, furniture, feed, and
miscellaneous items weighing up to 75 pounds. Valid driver's
license required, with a good driving record and have a High
School diploma or equivalent. Position requires pre-employment
credit check, pre-employment drug screening, and pre-employment
background check. These are full-time salaried positions complete
with housing, utilities and company benefits; 100% funded profit
sharing plan, vacation, life insurance, family health plan,
tuition reimbursement, and 401(k) employer match. Please submit
your cover letter, application and/or resume to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is an affirmative action, Equal Opportunity

HANDYMAN/GROUNDS CARETAKER needed for five mobile home rentals in
a Scottsdale, Arizona Mobile Home Park. Minimum one year contract
after trial period. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

WE ARE LOOKING for a live-in House- keeper in Paradise Valley. We
would like to find a good housekeeper to live-in at our large
home. We offer a bedroom, with your own bathroom, beautifully
furnished, flat screen TV, and the use of a car. We need a home
caretaker. Please email your resume and references to

PROPERTY AND ANIMAL CARETAKER needed in Mesa. Looking for a
property and animal caretaker for a working ranch. We have horses
and dogs that need to be maintained. Horse handling experience
preferred. Daily activities to include: morning feeding/stall
cleaning, lunch feeding, afternoon stall cleaning, evening
feeding, maintenance care of horses (brushing, shaving, washing,
cleaning, etc.), and every day walking the property to make sure
the water lines are working, etc., tree trimming, lawn and plant
care, etc. A tractor is on site. Compensation will be $12.00 per
hour; the rate can change based on experience. There is also
living quarters on site which includes, water, shower, washer,
toilet, electric, microwave, and cable. The room is included with
the job. This would be a great opportunity for the right
caretaker. Please text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This letter to the Editor is from a property owner who had
advertised for a caretaker in the Gazette. She wanted to share
her point of view about hiring caretakers, so we thought this
would be helpful to our readership:

Why does a property owner want a caretaker? Here are two good
reasons: 1. The owner wants to keep his/her house running and
looking good. There may be employees, pets and plants to give
daily attention. He or she is not necessarily looking for skilled
labor, just a trouble-shooter. 2. There is a need to have someone
on the property to discourage crime. Empty houses invite
break-ins, so why don't property owners just rent out their
houses? Renters can be destructive and short-term. They don't
care about maintaining property or assuming responsibility. They
come and go at will. A caretaker, on the other hand, is getting a
place to call his own in exchange for his time and effort. A
common problem is that the caretaker comes to think and act like
a renter. Is housesitting right for you? Begin by being honest.
Are you healthy in body and spirit? Changing venues is not a cure
for troubles. Can you resist the temptation of having friends and
relatives drop in? Only you have the right to be there, while
watching over someone else's property. Will you find solutions to
problems? Can you stop mildew from eating an outside deck? Do you
know what to do if bees enter the house walls? What about a
septic tank that overflows? Or an employee that steals? These
events actually happened at my house. If a homeowner asks if you
can handle such things, the answer he hopes to hear is, I may not
know what to do now, but I will find out and deal with it. Is it
old fashion to mention morals? Caretakers live in someone's home,
and should be respectful of that. Yet a common complaint is that
too often the caretaker sees this as an opportunity to run wild,
and end up breaking all the rules. Caretakers must have the
ability to maintain, business-like relationships with the locals
and employees. It is usually better while on the job to be a
"hard Prickly" than a "soft cuddly".  Housesitter. Caretaker. The
terms say it all and are so definitive. Reread them slowly
because they explain the job. It can be a win-win for both the
caretaker and the homeowner. Since a housesitter needs to be on
the premises most of the time, he or she has the opportunity to
write, paint, etc. They may find themselves in a lovely property
with a great view. They just have to keep things clean and in
order for the homeowner. That is the exchange. And yet this
concept is so hard for some to grasp. I received several emails
from people wanting to sit my house and asking if I could find
them a job while they were there. My reply? The housesitting
position is the job. To all of you that dream of un-fettering
yourself I say, just do it! You can inherit the Earth later. Make
sure you are truly able to bend, to give, and to keep a sense of
humor. Marilyn C. Roatan Island, Honduras

Marilyn, thanks for writing and giving advice from a property
owner's perspective. I'm not sure if all of our readers will
agree with your characterization of renters, but you do provide
some good points. I'm also glad that, via your caretaker-wanted
ad in the Gazette, you were able to find one of our subscribers
to caretake your home for you.

The Caretaker Gazette
This publication is a private newsletter researched and written
for landowners, caretakers, and interested readers. It is the
only up-to-date publication for property caretaking opportunities
in the world. All information is derived from sources believed to
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responsibility. The Caretaker Gazette does not screen caretakers
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parties. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced,
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written permission. 

Our Caretaking Philosophy
The Caretaker Gazette is dedicated to the property caretaking
profession, and to our subscribers who have kept the Gazette
going since 1983. We publish the Gazette in order to help
property owners and caretakers find one another. We support the
caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

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HOUSESITTER needed for my large home in Riverwalk Farm Estates in
Bentonville, AR. Will also need to care for my two dogs. Need the
housesitter to start March 1, 2018 with an indefinite time-period
(at least six months while I'll be out of the country). Can be a
single person or couple (no children or other pets please). Must
be dependable, trustworthy, responsible, and a
nonsmoker/drinker/drug user, and in good health. Care for my
home, dogs, and indoor plants. We have a weekly landscaper who
takes care of our lawn and outdoor plants. Early retirees,
retirees, or a part-time student would be OK. Can work in the
home. Small wage possible. Be a homebody and spend most of your
time on my property. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


RESIDENT CARETAKER needed. Cleaning and general over-sight of
church buildings in North Adelaide. Must be computer confident.
Free two bedroom cottage provided, with modern conveniences,
including air-conditioning. This would suit an active,
semi-retired couple. Local applications should be put in writing
and mailed to Caretaker, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED to caretake our property at Baffle Creek,
in the Gladstone Region of Queensland. Light duties required in
exchange for rent and electricity. It's preferred if you have
your own caravan. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER/PENSIONER REQUIRED on a Central Queensland property.
Located 30km from town with an all-weather access road. Duties
will include, but not limited to checking and maintaining fences
and waters. The successful applicant will be provided with a
comfortable three bedroom, air-conditioned cottage. Previous
experience working on a cattle property is preferred. Local
applicants should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to apply. Thanks.

duties in the Springsure District. Need help on our cattle
property. Please apply in writing to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

WE ARE LOOKING for a mature reliable caretaker couple to assist
on our 60 acre camp ground located in the beautiful scenic rim
area of the Gold Coast hinterland. Duties are mowing, cleaning
small amenity block, kiosk work, bookings for the kiosk. Free
powered RV site provided and wage. You would need your own
caravan. If interested, please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

acreage located on the outskirts of Maryborough. A furnished,
new, modern, cabin will be provided, rent-free. This will be a
long-term arrangement. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more

HELP NEEDED. My name is Bill and together with my wife Briony we
run a 100 acre horse and cattle farm in Oakbank, South Australia,
which is about 30 minutes from Adelaide and the same from the
Barossa and Hahndorf. We train horses on the farm and as such we
have a busy life. We are looking for a couple with a
self-contained caravan/motor-home to give us a hand. We will
provide a beautiful setting/site and power and water. Ideally
someone who enjoys gardening, mowing, trimming and tinkering away
fixing anything that needs to be fixed etc. Please see below for
an outline of what is expected:
1) Gardening and maintenance.
2) Practical handyman stuff, i.e., check electric fences, look
over the stock, etc.
3) General presence on the property.
So please contact us if you would like somewhere to put roots
down for a couple of weeks or so and basically keep the home
fires burning.  We are very flexible in regard to going off to do
the tourist things or visit wherever you may wish. We live in a
beautiful part of the Adelaide Hills on the Lenswood Creek.

PERMANENT CARETAKER POSITION available on a cattle property
located 70km from Richmond, Victoria. Duties include checking and
maintaining fences and waters and garden surrounds. Air
conditioned accommodations provided. This positions would suit a
pensioner/couple but not limited to. Please phone

A CARETAKER POSITION IS AVAILABLE on a cattle station located 30
minutes north of Collinsville, in the Whitsunday Region of
Queensland. Looking for a responsible and reliable person or
couple to start ASAP. Applicants must be able to check cattle
watering points, general maintenance and keep a steady presence
on the property. Must be willing to work independently.
Accommodation and amenities will be supplied. This is a permanent
position for the right local applicants. To apply, please call

CARETAKER/HANDYMAN needed. A permanent position is available at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with flexible hours and regular paid
handyman duties. The caretaker gets a comfortable three bedroom
house and use of a farm work vehicle. This would be suitable for
an older, rural couple wanting to stay in touch. Located near
Williams and one hour from Mandurah. Please phone

CARETAKER Couple required on our property at Gundagai in New
South Wales, to maintain large established gardens and homestead,
plus other farm duties in return of a renovated, heated, air
conditioned, brick home. Electricity provided. Rural and sheep
knowledge essential. Must be honest, fit, reliable, enthusiastic,
self-motivated and of sober habit. At times, paid work will be
available. Two local references are required. Please call

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Jericho area. Jericho is a rural
village situated on the Capricorn Highway in Central West
Queensland. A small wage/rent and electricity will be provided
for free. Locals should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and leave a
message. Thanks.

CARETAKER/OVERSEER needed. Looking for an experienced, reliable,
self-motivated and active caretaker for our property north of
Longreach, west of Rockhampton. Duties include: checking and
maintaining waters, fences and the homestead. Stock work on the
motorbike and in yards. Mechanical experience advantageous.
Salary package plus accommodations provided. School nearby. To

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Central Queensland area. A small wage,
free electricity and a place to stay included. Please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and leave a message.

WORKING CARETAKER/MANAGER COUPLE needed for a family owned
property in the Boulia District. This is a full-time position.
Must be able to start immediately. Local applicants should call

CARAVAN PARK MANAGER/CARETAKER wanted. Located in Guyra, a small
town situated midway between Armidale and Glen Innes on the
Northern Tablelands in the New England region of New South Wales.
Must have great people skills. This would suit a retired couple.
Accommodation included. To apply, please call


SEMI-RETIRED COUPLE WANTED to caretake two acres of tropical
fruit trees, for the month of May 2018. Your responsibility is to
be a presence on the property. Duties will be feeding three dogs,
one cat, two talking parrots, and a small amount of chickens. If
interested please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in southern Belize. A minimum commitment of
four weeks anytime from March to November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties as of
this date will be the care and feeding of six dogs, fishes,
watering young plants and minor maintenance. If interested please


CARETAKER/MANAGER NEEDED for our Lodge. Seeking a couple to
perform caretaker duties at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Soda
Springs, CA. We are currently undergoing renovations turning the
Lodge into a unique and lovely event space! This exciting
position requires previous caretaker experience and a couple who
is comfortable with guests from all walks of life. Are you a
couple with at least seven years prior experience working as a
caretaker for a lodge or hotel property? Do you thrive in a
fast-paced environment changing gears from one exciting project
to another, with the ability to deal with a lot of balls in the
air and do so with grace under fire? Are you considered the go to
person because of your take-charge attitude and amazing
problem-solving skills? Do you have amazing customer service
skills, handling guests and customers with graciousness and a
positive attitude? Would you like to work for a great company
that offers a collaborative team environment values its
employees? If you answered yes to the above and would like to
dive into a great position where you can make your own mark, then
we are looking for you! This dynamic opportunity will put you in
charge of the following:
- the general upkeep and maintenance of the Lodge and property
- experience with guest services and hospitality preferred
- respond to guest reservation requests and negotiate customized
group events
- have the ability to enhance the overall hospitality experience
would be a plus
- provide general management direction to onsite staff
- oversee housekeeping to ensure guest rooms are ready in
- oversee caterers and bartenders for guest services during
- oversee and manage onsite handyman
- manage inventory of supplies, such as toiletries, merchandise,
and alcohol
- oversee landscaping, including tree trimming, lawn and pond
- general handyman skills are preferred including plumbing and
electrical experience
- have the ability to assist in snow removal using heavy
equipment would be a plus
- performs duties in accordance with company and OSHA policies
- provide on-site general security
If you fit the profile above and would like to work for a
thriving company, we look forward to receiving your resume in a
Word document sent to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone calls please.
Thank you!

A CARMEL VALLEY CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNER is looking for a long-term,
live-in caretaker to help with all household duties, running
errands and doing special projects for three days of work in
exchange for a small studio on the beautiful Monterey Bay
Peninsula. A car is necessary for errands (gas allowance given).
This is a two acre home in the Valley, which is about 12 miles
from the ocean and 15 minutes to all surrounding areas within the
Peninsula. Must be self-starting, be able to complete projects
without being told, light gardening (have gardener) but to keep
outside of home and inside of home immaculate. This would be
great for a student or someone who has an income looking for free
housing. Studio is furnished, includes private entry, private
parking, kitchenette, bath and living/sleeping area. Please email
me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your consideration. This
is a wonderful offer to live in one of the most beautiful areas
in the US, work part-time, free housing and utilities and you
could even add on a part-time position or do continuing
education. Let's Talk!

CARETAKER WANTED for a remote 10 acre property in the beautiful
Sierra Nevada of Northern California. No stipend, free living in
your RV in a covered building with hook ups, in exchange for
work, 10 - 15 hours per week. The main duty is processing wood
for a wood burning household. Must be adept with a chainsaw, have
knowledge of woodland safety. Work at your own pace, no set
hours. Other duties as needed - care for chickens, random
handyman issues, tractor work, and feed dogs if the owner goes
out of town. Love of gardening is a huge plus. The perfect
candidate is a physically fit retiree or veteran. Must have your
own income and vehicle - a 4WD is advisable for the
non-maintained road and some snow. Quiet and remote, clean water,
pine trees and fresh air. Miles of hiking, wildlife, fishing and
gold panning nearby, perfect for a writer or nature lover. No
alcoholics or drugs, prefer a non-smoker. Barn and corral
available for a horse owner - negotiable. Looking for long-term,
but a one year commitment is okay. References and background
check required. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HELP NEEDED on a fertile, spectacular 80 acre homestead/ranch in
Callahan, California. 1/2 irrigated pasture, 1/2 forest. Minimal
electric, minimal impact. Ethical living. Courting
sustainability. Need kind, healthy, capable soul(s) to help with
irrigation, ditch and fence maintenance and some animal care
(including some milking) in exchange for a peaceful, wildly
beautiful place to put your mobile shelter and live rent free.
Long-term living and business opportunities. Ideal applicant(s)
has child(ren) being unschooled or homeschooled, but I'm open to
others as well. References and background check required. Please

vicinity, or coastal location such as Pescadero or Montara where
residents own a share of the equity in the property. I envision a
commercial property with a pool, e.g. a hotel/motel, school
house, or other such commercial building that could be converted
to a long-term residence for 10 to possibly 50 individuals or
families. Residents would have common ideals/living practices,
e.g. gardening, solar power, learning, teaching, public service,
cycling, trees, aquatic exercise plus therapy, organic food,
community dining, shared resources such as bicycles, cars, and
vacuums. If you are an investor or a resident seeking to live in
an intentional community with others who have similar
values/ideals, please email me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

RANCH MANAGERS needed for a Private Ranch. A private family
retreat in a beautiful area of northern California is seeking a
support couple to assist in daily operations of 20,000+ acre
ranch. This is a live-on site position. This position is not
considered entry level. Experience is required. The compound
consists of: three employee homes, a four bedroom bunkhouse (used
primarily for subs and workers that are on the property for
several days), an office, Main House, Guest House, Lake (guest)
House, six guest suites, and an over flow trailer for workers
here for special projects. Other buildings include a laundry/pool
house, firehouse, butcher shop, several outbuildings for farming
resources, kennels, a green house, a mechanic's shop, woodshop, a
very large horse barn and riding arena, three garages, a gym,
equipment sheds, and several metal buildings that house personal
collections of the owner. There is a support couple on-site who
assist the Ranch Managers in daily duties and ranch coverage. The
primary focus of the Ranch is a retreat for the family. There are
several exotics that live on the property and the Ranch provides
habitat for local Deer, Turkey, and Elk herds. While we are not
considered a production ranch, we also put up hay for 150+ head
of cattle. Other responsibilities of the Ranch Managers include:
guest services for the family and their guests when in residence.
Must be hands-on, self-starters, mechanically inclined, have
haying, fencing, irrigation, farm equipment experience and other
duties relating to successful ranch management. Horseback riding
ability is essential, draft horse experience helpful. Personable,
ability to work alongside (and with) others, basic written and
oral communication skills, computer literate. Must have a
California Driver's License; housing and utilities provided.
Housekeeping is also a large part of this role. The homes are
maintained in a guest ready state at all times. Meal service is
provided upon request. While our meals are not gourmet, we do
strive for better than average on the food. We maintain a fleet
of heavy equipment. The Ranch Managers are also responsible for
managing and oversight of two cowboys who maintain the cattle and
do other ranch hand duties such as mending fences, maintaining
water troughs, haying, etc. Basic mechanical skills are required
for routine maintenance; any skills above basic are appreciated
and considered a plus. General ranch experience should include:
experience with haying, irrigating, planting, water conservation
and some basic carpentry skills, and must be mechanically
inclined. Salary is competitive and depends on experience.
Housing and utilities provided: the ranch provides one tank of
propane. A ranch phone is included and used for ranch business
only. No medical, you must provide your own insurance. Worker's
Compensation covers injuries that are work related. Ranching at
this level is not a job, but a lifestyle. If you are not
passionate about this type of work, please do not apply. You must
be comfortable living in a remote area, and this is not suitable
for couples with children. A dog is OK, but they will not be
allowed to run free here. Your dog must remain in a kennel when
you are not at home with them. Excellent communication skills
required. We are very isolated and must depend on each other to
get the job done. To apply, please fax your resume and references


ISLAND CARETAKER POSITION available. This is a live-in,
full-time, salaried assistant caretaker couple position - open to
couples able to work in Canada only. The location is a private
island with modern infrastructure systems, in the vicinity of
Whaletown Bay, Cortes Island, BC. The
responsibilities/requirements are for a mature couple in good
health, with a valid driver's license, good driving record, basic
first aid, and a stable employment history. Good interpersonal
skills and the ability to work well with other personnel in a
semi-remote location. Will need basic clerical and computer
literacy. Experience with small boat operation, knowledge of
marine safety and navigation. Must possess a valid Pleasure Craft
Operator Card. Experience in operations of equipment and
machinery, knowledge of mechanics, electrical, water systems,
generators and building maintenance. General knowledge in grounds
keeping, gardening and housekeeping. Salary will be based on
experience and expected responsibilities. A fully furnished two
bedroom house with utilities will be provided. Please submit

ISLAND CARETAKER needed for a Yacht Club. Full-time caretaker
required for a lower mainland yacht club outstation. Located in
the Flat Top Island group in Silva Bay off Gabriola Island,
British Columbia. This beautiful property is looking for a
motivated live-in team member. A couple on-site is preferred with
one as the employee and the other free to work off-island or from
home. Good Wi-Fi is available. Duties required include: gardening
and grounds keeping, including extensive trail clearing, pump and
emergency equipment repairs and maintenance, cleaning of all
buildings (common pavilion, members' kitchen, washrooms/showers
and workshop, docks and float maintenance, and operation of a
desalination plant for fresh water. Boating knowledge,
electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills would be an asset.
Applicants must be friendly, a self-starter and able to work
without direction, as well as with member volunteers. Must have a
strong work ethic and exceptional customer relation skills along
with an environmental stewardship attitude. A first aid ticket
and PCOC card are required. The boating season (May - September)
is a very busy time for the outstation and requires the full
commitment of the caretaker to daily rounds, cleaning, member
requests and attention to details. A private one bedroom
caretaker residence and workshop provided with a 17ft. tender to
get back and forth to Silva Bay (a five minute crossing). The
club provides a boat slip and vehicle parking. We welcome all
serious applicants. Only suitable candidates will be contacted.
Please apply with your resume and cover letter to


SEEKING A LONG-TERM groundskeeper/general laborer/caretaker in
the Northern Colorado area. Will need to maintain and upkeep a
very large area, including mowing, landscaping, picking up trash
and cleaning, fence maintenance, equipment maintenance, snow
removal, security and overall land care. Also includes feeding
animals and cleaning up after them. Applicant needs to be
proficient with a computer, check emails and voicemails, and have
excellent communication skills. Must be a very driven individual
who is willing to work hard on a daily basis. Housing is provided
and salary is negotiable. To apply, please email your resume to

RANCH CARETAKER needed in Elbert County, near Limon, Colorado.
Duties would include some irrigated and dry land farming. We use
horses, but not required. Housing possible. Competitive wages
provided. To apply, please email your resume and contact

included. The Inn lies on 26 acres with a rushing mountain stream
and hiking trails. The 10 guest rooms are designed with flair and
elegance. You will join our team of exceptional Innkeepers. Your
job is to keep the Inn safe and warm, guests fed and happy,
flowers watered, critters shooed away, phones answered,
reservations made, guests married, beds made, laundry folded, tea
and cookies served, dishes washed, rugs vacuumed, meetings
attended, mail picked up, directions given and guests hugged
before sending them back to the real world. Then make time for
yourself beside the river, get eight hours of sleep, and start
all over the next day. Lodging is provided. Benefits include
meals, utilities, internet and an annual pass to nearby Rocky
Mountain National Park. Work schedules have included occasional
three or four day weekends. You can learn more at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please include a note or letter on why this
job would be a good fit for both of us. Thanks.


WORK EXCHANGE AVAILABLE in Costa Rica. A caretaker is needed to
do daily chores at a small farm in Costa Rica. This is perfect
for a retired person finding it hard to make it on a limited
budget. This is a work exchange position - free lodging in
exchange for part-time work. There is also a possible side
business for the right person, as I am looking for a volunteer
who does auto bodywork, painting cars, and small engine repair
for my quad bikes. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for photos
and more information, then call or text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


PERSONAL ASSISTANT, male or female, needed for a Greek family
based in London. Previous experience in a private household is
preferable. Flexible hours and travelling required. Some
knowledge of Greek would be an advantage. UK residents should
apply with your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


non-profit organization) provides a 900 sq. ft. one bedroom
apartment which is part of its newly constructed facility at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The caretaker will be expected to perform
the following duties: Secure the on-site premises on a daily
basis before and after daytime hours of operation; Open the
premises at approximately 6:45 am and close at approximately 5:30
pm daily; Will be on call in case of an emergency during evening
hours, including weekends and holidays; Reports any and all
activity related to building and grounds; Responds to building
alarms, vehicle alarms, suspicious visitors, vandalism, etc.;
Provide periodic surveillance throughout the evening around
entire properties. This is a great opportunity for an experienced
person who works daytime nearby or is retired from employment in
security, police/fire, or construction/carpentry/handyman. This
is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone currently
looking for a centrally located, brand new place to live at a
minimal cost! The person must be able to permanently live on the
premises (one bedroom/one bath apartment, and no pets allowed)
and be available early mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays.
Bilingual (English and Spanish) preferred. This is a no
compensation position. Must be able to successfully pass a
criminal background with Florida Department of Children and
Families (DCF). Candidates are welcome to apply in person Monday
through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm or forward your resume to

LIVE-IN CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a large property in Ponte
Vedra Beach, We have a large residence on the Ocean. Duties will
include cooking, serving meals, cleaning, maintenance, and
transporting of guests. General maintenance of all aspects of the
home. Must be professionally trained or have prior experience
with serving for a VIP family. This position is long-term.
Compensation is based on experience, along with health insurance
and an auto. The start date is within the next 30 days or sooner.
There is a private guest house for your living included electric,
water, and cable TV. Please email your resume for consideration


friends to host one of our luxury chalets in Morzine in the
French Alps. We want people to join our team who combine their
love of winter sports with a passion for customer service and
perhaps an interest in developing a career in the hospitality
industry. We believe in a well-motivated team where hard work can
be rewarding and fun. We're looking for people who are motivated
by: looking after people and getting enjoyment from seeing a
satisfied guest, making an effort to get on well with people from
all walks of life, ensuring all the tiny details that make for a
great holiday are taken care of, and looking out for the rest of
the team so that everyone is working well and having fun. The
responsibilities include: hosting our guests and making sure they
are happy and well looked after we pride ourselves on making sure
they feel that nothing is too much trouble, helping to prepare
delicious food to a very high standard. Each day this includes a
cooked breakfast, afternoon tea and a four course dinner.
(Professional cooking experience is not necessary as training
will be provided but competence in the kitchen and passion for
food is important for at least one person out of the couple).
Ensuring the chalet is always spotlessly clean and tidy, laundry,
shopping, driving guests to and from the slopes, snow clearing,
basic chalet maintenance, helping with basic guest administration
such as organizing ski hire, ski lessons, massages, booking
restaurants and taxis. The Package: We expect a lot from our
team, and in return we are prepared to do everything we can to
motivate them, so our package includes: Competitive wage, one day
off per week (this will always be a Thursday), full Portes du
Soleil season pass, travel costs to and from Morzine from the UK
or equivalent, good standard of accommodation, all food and
drink, use of company vehicle, full training course starting late
November. If you're looking for an exciting and challenging way
to spend your winter and would like to be part of the AliKats
team then please apply now to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Nationalities
accepted: Must have UK work experience and a NI number. Must have
a full clean driving license suitable to be driving in France.

THIS IS A WORKING ADVENTURE at beautiful estate in rural South
France. This could suit a couple. Cleaning, gardening, general
maintenance and possibly some cooking. Easy going family will
only be their sporadically. Live-on, own house, use of car, with
an attractive wage. A knowledge of simple plumbing, electricity
and pool maintenance would be an advantage as is the ability to
speak French. If you are honest, hard-working, organized and
self-motivated with good references, please apply, as we'd love
to meet you. Please send your resume and references to


CARETAKER WORK EXCHANGE POSITION available on our two acres in
Huelo-Haiku. We are close to the ocean, with pools, and private
waterfalls. A cottage/cabin is available now. This is rustic
country living space (not paid) Mahalo. Lots of Mana. We are
searching for the right person who appreciates off-grid living
and getting back to nature. Living space available for one or
possibly two people. No pets, since we already have pets on the
property. If interested, please provide the following information
and someone will get back to you ASAP. On island references a
must! Please respond with the following info:
1. Name, contact number, personal email and what area of Maui you
presently reside in
2. A little bit about yourself and what your 'ideal situation'
would be
3. Hours/days available 
4. Experience (resume if available)
5. Local references 
6. Current employer or self-employed? 
The caretaker is looking for:
-A desire for a work-trade position, long-term preferred 
-Hardworking, motivated, honest with integrity and clean living
-Able to lift 50lbs
-Own vehicle with a clean driving record (4WD a plus, but not
-Landscaping knowledge (weed whacking, mowing, tree cutting,
planting citrus, gardening, weeding, cane grass removal (from
roots) brush clean up, and know how to operate machinery with
-Organized, project oriented
-Interested in organic gardening, Aquaponics, sustainable living
and learning
-Love animals (especially dogs)
-Love nature 
-Construction/helper, painting and off grid experience desired
but not necessary
-Respect Aina, neighbor's and family living and caring for Aina
Look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in a
long-term caretaker position as a work trade/living situation.
Considered after a 30 day 'work trial' and a thorough background
check. Must be a win-win for all involved. We want you to be
happy here. Clear communication is a must. Maui residents should

have a beautiful 20 acre property on the Hilo side of the Big
Island. A separate small home (1,000 sq. ft.) with ocean and an
expansive view of the Pali ... sitting up 350 feet and three
miles off the ocean. Surroundings are the very lush tropical rain
forest. Homes are off-grid, with solar power, and high end
catchment water. No utilities to pay, but reasonably light living
is required. Internet is available, but does cost on the island.
Ideally, we would like to find a retired couple, who would like
to spend a year or two here. Duties involve mowing, yard work and
basically being on-site most of the time as security (not as in
armed, just as in being present). The home is very nice, 10
minutes to town (Pahoa). Swimming, snorkeling, walking trails,
etc. are all within minutes. The basics are that housing is
provided in exchange for lawn, garden, light maintenance, etc. We
split our time between Washington and Hawaii and show up
sometimes for a week, sometimes for a few months ... when we are
there the main house and caretaker house are about 100 feet apart
and it's never been a problem to let people go explore or take
their vacation while we are on-site. Our goal is to not leave the
homes unattended for the vast majority of the time. If
interested, please text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

PROPERTY AND GARDEN CARETAKER needed in beautiful Maui, Hawaii!
You get to enjoy living in botanical gardens with a year-round
waterfall and large natural swimming pool. Feel the magic of Maui
as you enjoy living in an atmosphere of tropical wonderland! This
is like living in a national tropical park, quite secluded and
back to nature! We are located only a few blocks from the famous
Hana Highway, on the beautiful island of Maui in an area called
Huelo, only 15 minutes from shopping and 30 minutes from the main
town of Kahului. What you get is free rent and utilities all
provided for a caring, professional, talented, caring,
enthusiastic, yet easy going individual. If you are positive,
energetic, easy to work with, enjoy being of help and a seasoned
all around handyman then this is a great place for you to enjoy
one of the most beautiful places on earth Maui. Here you get to
tune into a higher purpose, feel the happiness from knowing you
are a part of something higher than yourself. At the gardens your
skills as an experienced expert property maintenance, repair
person will be a great addition to our team. Having skills in
organic gardening, forest farming, landscape yard work, and
garden care and upkeep is a plus. This is similar to a salaried
position so you have to be a non-hour counter, and this is a
great situation for those who are into a higher vision and
mission and are passionate about having a greater purpose in
life. Here we ask that you have a great love for God, in a
non-sectarian all-embracing manner. Being into meditation and
yoga would be a plus. Successful applicants must complete a
thorough background check. Our caretaker is in charge of keeping
a watchful eye on the property and residents. They will have a
pre-arranged days off each month. They will be responsible for
any emergency that comes up on the property. Must keep a
well-maintained and repaired appearance of the property by
walking the exterior and interior of the estate daily. They will
be in charge of maintaining safety and security of the property
and the residents, they will be on-call. Caretaker must have the
ability to take calls and respond in a timely manner and always
respond in a polite and respectful manner. The ideal candidate
must have significant experience caring for buildings and
upgrading and repairing them including excellent carpentry, and
electrical and plumbing skills. Knowing off grid systems like
catchment and sump pumps is a must. This is a year-round
position. Please respond to this available position by sending a
letter of interest, resume of past experience and four each
personal and work references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED in Waipio Valley, Big Island, for our
riverfront three acre property in exchange for labor in
landscaping and building. Live in separate caretaker's quarters.
Owners don't live on the property. A 4WD vehicle and references
required. Phone and internet via cellphone booster. Please email


September 8, 2018. The hosts are a group of locals developing the
Icelandic highlands with alternative tourism services, including
running a series of huts in this isolated area in the highlands
and offering services to visitors and hikers. The Icelandic
highlands, or the interior, are a true pearl to nature lovers and
outdoor people. It is accessible on 4WD cars and most routes
involve crossing rivers where there are not any bridges. If you
really want to get away from it all, the interior of Iceland is
like nothing you have ever experienced. The mountainous center of
the island, with its rocky deserts, craggy mountain peaks, ice
caps, volcanoes, hidden valleys and hot springs, is an awesome
and untouched wilderness. The interior was almost totally
inaccessible until recently. In this camp XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
volunteers will work on diverse environmental outdoor tasks,
including repairing of walking paths and making steps in steep
parts of the trails, landscaping around the huts in the area.
Volunteers will also help with the revegetation in some areas
around, clearing litter on the walking paths, and general
preparations within the area. As the landscape is raw, the work
is physically very demanding but also rewarding. Volunteers
should have a motivation for working outdoors and to experience
one of the most isolated areas in Iceland. The weather in Iceland
is unpredictable, so be prepared for all kinds of weather and be
sure to bring warm winter clothing since most of the work will
take place outdoors and it can get very cold in the highlands.
Volunteers will be hosted in a local mountain hut; sleeping in
shared rooms on mattresses on the floor; please bring your own
sleeping bag. The facilities are very basic and volunteers are
expected to show consideration for their companions. Volunteers
will be staying close to the glacier Hofsjokull and near to the
rivers Hvita and Pjorsa. To learn more, please visit our website


A RANCH/ESTATE in the mountains of central Idaho, located 30
minutes from the Sun Valley resort, is looking for the right
couple with gardening/groundskeeping experience from April to
October. Duties include maintaining lawns, planting and
maintaining flower gardens, operation and maintenance of
automatic sprinkler systems, some fence maintenance. This is a
salaried position with on-site housing and basic utilities
provided. Ideal candidates will be reliable, versatile, flexible,
hardworking, honest and have good communication skills, be
self-starters and have the ability to "figure it out". Please
apply with a letter of introduction, work history and references


CARETAKER NEEDED in 2019. My family is the owner of a historical
house in Tuscany. We've owned the Villa Di Corliano since 1536
and we will need a caretaker a year from now starting March 1st,
2019 to November 30th, 2019. The Villa is seven kilometers from
Pisa and 10 kilometers from Lucca, inside a nature park reserve
in the Tuscan countryside, on an old Roman Road. We are looking
for a responsible, reliable person who loves historical houses
and is willing to stay in the Villa, carry out some duties in
exchange for free lodging while on holiday in the area. Mornings
and afternoons are completely free and Monday is a full day free.
Additional duties will include light gardening in the early
morning or late evening for a maximum of two hours, checking that
all doors and gate are closed (after 11pm), and sleeping in the
Villa each night from 8pm until 7am. Accommodation will be a
single room at the top of a spiral staircase with a kitchenette
(small frig, sink, hot plate and toaster over) in the corner and
a private bathroom with shower. The room has satellite TV and
free Wi-Fi, but no meals are provided. A washing machine is
available for use in the Villa. Duties will include some of the
following: gardening, building, helping with tourists, and art
projects. So basically the caretaker will clean the garden around
the villa, help guests if they need suggestions for where to
eat/visit or to call for a taxi, verify that the doors and gates
are closed before going to bed, and generally keeping an eye on
the place, especially at night. There are also many events at the
Villa, such as weddings, concerts, gala dinners, etc. and the
caretaker helps direct the guests to the designated parking
areas. The main requirement is to sleep inside the Villa for the
overall security of the guests. Your bedroom is upstairs so you
have a good view of the main Villa entrance. The property is
occupied by the working staff and gardeners from 7am until 8pm,
so those hours are totally free for the caretaker. This is a
volunteer/exchange position and no money compensation and no
meals provided, for one person only. For those who can't wait a
year to go to the Villa and would like to visit on a rental
basis, one can rent a small apartment for 550 Euros per month
plus utilities of around 80-100 Euros/month. For more details or
inquiries regarding the Villa volunteer caretaking position,
please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and for the apartment
rentals, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

DOMESTIC COUPLE needed. Our client is looking for a professional
Domestic Couple for their stunning Estate in the heart of Italy.
This is a live-in position with separate accommodation from the
main house. The candidates must be fluent in English and Italian
as they will be dealing with local contractors and suppliers. A
good knowledge of cooking is required. You will need to be
experienced in managing people, payrolls, budgets, etc. You will
also be required to clean the house and drive the family's cars
and manage their upkeep. The client is away for part of the year
so you will be expected to keep the household clean and tidy
while they are away. Salary is upward of 50,000 depending on
experience. To apply, please email your resume and references to


DOWN EAST MAINE hobby breeder of German Shepherds seeks a stable,
sober, part-time caretaker. Must be handy with tools, and great
with dogs. Housing is available on the property at a reduced
rate. Single preferred. Must pass a background check. Please call

FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed for a private island in Downeast
Maine. This island farm is seeking a caretaker couple. The couple
will have to have the ability to see what needs to get done.
Duties will include maintenance, mechanical, farming, gardening,
cooking, boat operating, and wood harvesting. Housing, salary and
benefits will be provided. To apply for this position, please
email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Georgetown, Maine are seeking 2018 season
caretakers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The primary duties
-maintaining grounds and equipment
-providing tours and hosting overnight guests
Must apply as a pair as it is a two person job. Families are
encouraged. For more information, please visit

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Millinocket, ME is looking for a live-in
Innkeeper, preferably a couple, to run the B&B for the 2018
season (June 1 to October 31). Duties include: Inspection of
guest rooms, public areas, and grounds for cleanliness and
appearance; Cleaning and turning over of all rooms, and general
cleaning of all common areas in the house; Greeting and
registering guests; Answering inquiries pertaining to Inn
policies and services. Collecting payments and recording data
pertaining to funds and expenditures for all operations. Managing
and maintaining kitchen inventory. Cooking breakfasts for all
guests and managing dietary requests. Organizing and making
reservations. Handling any emergencies with guests and property
maintenance. Answering all emails for the business and handling
telephone inquiries. If you are interested in this opportunity,


John Harding - long-term Pacific Northwest caretaker!
Interests: Bible Study, hobby breeding of Labradoodles,
photography, inventing, creative writing.
Quote: Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your
heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you. (I
Samuel 12:24)

        John Harding and his wife

	Back in the late 90's I was living what most would have
considered The American Dream. I worked as a professional Civil
Engineering Design Specialist with the State Department of
Transportation. My monthly income, health, dental and vision
benefits, as well as future retirement opportunities and my
location of employment in relation to where I lived was
undoubtedly a very desirable arrangement. The only thing was, the
life I had carved out was at a point of controlling me - I was no
longer in control of it. I had come to a place of feeling like a
prisoner of my own success. How could I change what I had come to
rely on so heavily without experiencing a total crash and burn
episode in my life?
	One day at work while listening to the local radio station, Gary
Dunn from The Caretaker Gazette comes on the air as a guest
speaker to discuss the plethora of opportunities for property
caretaking as being a potential career path. I was drawn to his
topic like a moth to a flame! Fortunately the outcome of that
interest was nowhere near the same for me as a flame would have
been for a poor moth!
	I decided to become a subscriber to The Caretaker Gazette in
spite of my initial thought of: If it sounds too good to be true
This coming July of 2018 will be the 19th year that I have
happily served as the resident property caretaker on one of the
most beautiful pieces of off-grid, Pacific Northwest, wilderness
properties I could have ever imagined living upon!
	Originally, I accepted the position with a handshake agreement
with the property owner that if after one full year, he decided
he liked me and wanted me to stay, and I decided I liked it here
and wanted to stay, I would begin paying him a small monthly
amount of rent for the modest living quarters that were provided.
One year passed and a meeting was held. I did like it and I
wanted to stay. He not only liked me as well, but decided I was
worth being paid a small monthly stipend instead of being charged
	I served him as his resident property caretaker for 12 years,
helping him with various projects along the way but mostly
assisting him in taking care of his elderly father whom I had
come to love and call Grampa. Being as independent as he was,
Grampa was actually quite easy to take care of - in fact, I found
myself sometimes feeling like I was the one being taken care of.
He truly treated me like a grandson.
	After Grampa passed, the property owner attempted to gift me
with a couple of acres of his 40 which he no longer felt a need
to keep. The county however, would not allow the 40 acre
wilderness property to be divided. So, to honor my 12 years of
service to him and his father, he did the next best thing for me.
He contacted the only other private property owner that owned
property adjacent to his and offered to sell his 40 acres to them
with the added bonus of acquiring a reliable, honest,
trustworthy, dependable resident property caretaker.
	I was soon contacted by that other property owner and told that
if I'd stay as their resident property caretaker I could continue
living on the 40 acre property and have full access to all the
structures upon the property as if they were my own! My duties
would simply remain as they were enjoy living there as if I owned
the place! Only difference was, now I had less caretaking duties
and lots more private property (completely surrounded by BLM and
Forest Service land) to enjoy!
The previous owner's fully furnished, and isolated cabin has been
used a couple of times as a wonderful Honeymoon Resort, as well
as a nice guest cabin for visiting friends and family.
	The property is wonderfully located several miles from any
neighbors or paved roads providing a peaceful tranquility most
can only dream about. Hearing the soothing sounds of running
water from the year round stream passing only yards away from the
main house is beyond adequate description. Millions of dollars
have been paid by some to try and replicate what I've enjoyed as
being all natural for the past 18+ years! As the resident
property caretaker, I pay no rent, no mortgage and no property
taxes! Amazing how stress free that is!
	Living only 40 minutes away from the beautiful Giant Redwoods of
Northern California, and only an hour away from the scenic
Pacific Ocean makes this place Too good to be true...but it
isn't, it is true!
A small piece of advice to potential property caretakers: Be
truthful, consistent, reliable, respectable and teachable. Those
qualities can open many doors of opportunity!
	Thank you Caretaker Gazette and Gary Dunn!

        The rent-free home John has been living in since


THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Lenox, MA is looking for seasonal
help in the kitchen and front of the house. We are open
year-round; however, the summer months represent our peak season.
We have a 24-seat (inside), 30-seat (veranda) fine dining
restaurant, an unrivaled outdoor lawn setting, where we offer
drinks and small plates, and a 12-suite boutique inn. This would
be an ideal position for a couple who has front and back of the
house experience in restaurants and/or hotels. We are seeking
individuals to join us from the beginning of June through the end
of December. Hours per week will range from 40 - 65 hours. A room
can be made available for the right person. We can also assist in
finding housing off property. Please send your resumes and cover
letters to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We look forward to meeting you!


CABIN RESORT CARETAKER COUPLE needed in Watersmeet, MI. We are a
seven cabin lakeside resort located next to a wilderness and
recreation area cherished for its pristine lakes and old growth
forest. This is a great place to canoe, kayak, hike, fish, bike,
photograph the outdoors, experience nature and serenity or to
simply relax. Gas motors boats are not allowed at our resort or
in the adjacent wilderness area. Your main responsibilities will
be guest relations, cleaning and preparing cabins in-between
guests, routine maintenance and repairs, and grounds keeping.
Lodging is in a private lakeside cabin. This is a seasonal job
running from approximately May 15 to October 15. We have another
couple willing to split the season if you are not interested in
the entire time period. Compensation to be negotiated. Please
mail your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LOOKING FOR A COUPLE/INDIVIDUAL to park their tiny home/camper on
our seven acre property close to Mankato, MN. Live for free for
cleaning a remodeled 100-year-old farmhouse for vacation rental
turnovers and up keeping the property. Located across the street
from a ski hill and miles of a scenic trail system. Kayaking and
mountain biking are down the road. Chicken coop, garden for use.
Could bring a horse or two on the property but a small charge for
horse(s). Starts June 1, 2018. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


SEEKING A LIVE-IN CARETAKER COUPLE (a spouse team) to work in a
personal residence in the St Louis area. Green card holders
encouraged to apply. Duties will include: home/yard maintenance,
light gardening, trimming hedges/trees, cleaning the swimming
pool, general housekeeping (cleaning, laundry, making beds,
etc.), light meal preparations, pet care, childcare, babysitting,
feeding children, and carpooling a child to events. Typically 50
hours per week with two days off. Benefits include a separate
furnished apartment within the employer's newly built home, a
vehicle for personal use, fully paid medical benefits, two weeks
of paid vacation after one year of employment, a free iPhone, and
free cable. To apply, caretaker couples should email their
resume(s) and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


SEASONAL COUPLE WANTED for housekeeping and grounds/maintenance
in southwestern Montana from May through October. Looking for a
couple to live and work at our beautiful, remote ranch for the
summer. The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a holistically managed cattle
operation, though these two positions fall under our guest
business. We have three restored homestead properties that we
rent as vacation rentals. We care about our land and animals
deeply and this is exhibited through our ranching style, our
conservation partnerships, and even down to the green cleaning
products we use in our guest homes. We are looking for people who
believe in, and can support, this greater vision. The grounds
keeper will be responsible for mowing and yard work, hot tub
care, fence work, general ranch maintenance and repairs to
buildings and vehicles. Please share with us what experience you
can offer. This person will communicate with both the guest
manager, cattle manager and ranch owner regarding needs around
the property. The housekeeper will be the primary person
responsible for cleaning the guest cabins during turnovers. This
includes cleaning, laundry, and assessing supply levels. The
housekeeper will work primarily on their own cleaning, but will
work closely with the guest manager and may assist with other
tasks as needed. Both of these positions require working alone as
well as in conjunction with the greater J Bar L team. Our
location is ideal for snowbirds looking for a quiet place to
explore southwest Montana during the summer months. Though these
are seasonal jobs, we are very interested in establishing
relationships with people who will want to return each summer. We
are listing as individual positions as well, but think this will
be ideal for a couple. Housing is provided (though you may bring
an RV) as well as vehicles for ranch work. We are in a very
remote valley just north of the Continental Divide. We are within
the greater Yellowstone ecosystem so our landscape is full of
pronghorn, badgers, raptors, grizzlies, and more. There are tons
of ways to connect with nature in your time off - local lakes and
streams, plenty of hiking opportunities and scenic drives as well
a world-class birding at the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife
Refuge just across the valley. We sit within two hours reach of
West Yellowstone, Dillon, and Idaho Falls. World-class fishing is
within your reach as we are situated near the Henry's Fork and
Beaverhead and Madison Rivers. For more information, please email

BE PART OF BEAUTIFUL Elk Lake Resort in the Centennial Valley of
Montana, located an hour and fifteen minutes from Yellowstone
National Park. Looking for an energetic, self-starting, outgoing
person to enjoy the Montana experience. Best applicants will be
detailed, organized, and eager to assist in maintaining and
renting eight cabins, and supporting the kitchen and dining room
needs. Duties include, but not limited to, interacting with
guests, cleaning cabins, some ground maintenance, food prep, and
dishwashing. Must be able to bend, stoop, carry, lift, etc.
Housing inside the Lodge is provided. All meals provided plus
monthly pay and a portion of the tips. You'll have ample time to
fish, hike, explore, and enjoy Montana. The position needs to be
filled from mid-May to mid-September; $500 end-of-season bonus.
To learn more, please visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and then please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


RANCH HOUSESITTER needed this Spring. Our Nevada home and ranch
land are located near Reno, with breathtaking views of the
mountains around the ranch. We are just getting the ranch
started, (we purchased it in 2016) so there are no animals on it
yet. We have a new four bedroom/three bath home that we'll need
the housesitter for while we are out of the country. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and let us know if you can start
housesitting around the beginning of April and finish around May
30, 2018. Thank you.

SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED, full-time, handyman/caretaker couple for
our property (with orchard) in Blue Diamond. You will be required
to live on the property. Handyman work will vary between Blue
Diamond and Las Vegas properties. Experience with electrical,
plumbing, carpentry and mechanical work necessary. Property
caretaker should have basic knowledge of fruit trees and pond
maintenance. Reliable transportation a must. Compensation
includes generous salary, plus rent and all utilities in a
non-smoking 3,000 sq. ft. home. You will be required to submit to
a background check. Please send your resume and local references


WE HAVE FULL-TIME LIVESTOCK CARE and construction needs. A small
ranch just north of Albuquerque is in need of an experienced
livestock caretaker/experienced construction worker. Job
requirements include: applicants must have a full-sized pickup,
must be able to pass drug testing, must consent to a background
check, and have no convictions. Must live in housing provided
here and work as a trade-out for rent/utilities/landline plus a
weekly salary. Sorry, but the living facilities are not able to
accommodate children. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more
information. Interviews by appointment. Serious inquiries only.

SILVER CITY, NM caretaker needed for a remote ranch. Live off of
the grid surrounded by Forest and BLM land. Duties include
maintaining livestock water, electric fence, feeding livestock
guardian dogs as well as closing and opening corral gates. Large
RV with all utilities furnished. Requires approximately 10 hours
of work per week. For more information, please call


HOUSESITTER needed for our large home and acreage in Westchester
County, New York. Need an honest and trustworthy person to stay
here. This would be ideal for a college student who lives nearby,
or a retired person. This can turn into a long-term position, as
we plan on foreign travel for months at a time for many years in
the future and will always need help with our property. Our next
trip will be from March 1 through August 31, 2018. A one
bedroom/one bathroom cottage on our property will be provided to
the housesitter. Must check on the main house daily, bring in the
mail, and make sure that the gardener and pool person show up
each week. If interested, please email some information about
yourself and your references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


PROPERTY OWNERS who have an equestrian property in Millbrook, NY
as well as a home in Sun Valley, Idaho, are looking to hire
several employees. Please make sure we have your recent resume
and application on file, or send to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HELP NEEDED for gardening and property maintenance in Kerikeri in
Northland New Zealand. Located 80 km north of Whangarei. No
experience necessary. Three to four hours of help per day for
accommodation and food. We have a very comfortable house with
Wi-Fi and all home comforts located on the coast with ocean
views. NZ applicants should text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

WE'RE LOOKING FOR A COUPLE OR SINGLE to stay with us to help
cook, clean, babysit, garden, and paint and build if you can. We
are looking for someone who is astute enough to see what is
needed and doesn't need direction. Thinking up creative ways of
keeping a five and seven-year-old occupied is essential. Crafts,
outdoor play, baking, etc. What you will get when you stay with
us: three meals a day. This will include cereal, fruit and toast
for breakfast, sandwiches and fruit for lunch, and a kiwi yummy
dinner. Sorry no vegetarians! You get your own new private double
room with a comfortable queen size bed. What we expect in return:
five hours of work per day, five days a week. You are to keep a
clean and tidy bedroom, make your bed daily, open up the curtains
in the morning and open a window to air it out. We live on a
small lifestyle block 10 minutes' walk from Wanaka in stunning
Central Otago, so having your own transport is preferred. If you
are in New Zealand please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a Bed and Breakfast Inn located in the
Harbor Village on Bald Head Island, NC. You can learn more at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We're looking for an experienced General
Manager (couple or single) to manage our 13-suite inn. We are a
fractional ownership B&B with a Home Owners Association Board of
Directors. This position reports directly to the Board of
Directors on a regular basis. The position will require general
management skills to oversee all aspects of running an Inn
including general innkeeping, breakfast service, guest/owner
experience and relations, maintenance, reservations, budget and
financial reporting, newsletter, social media, etc. Serious
inquiries only and you must have checkable references. Please


DOMESTIC COUPLE needed for a very special retired couple in
Dublin, Ohio. This is a live-in or out position. The gentleman
has MS and enjoys woodworking in the winter and enjoys working
on/creating bonsai trees in the summer, two to three hours a day.
So if the man has an enjoyment of this hobby it would be helpful.
He also needs help after bathing and getting dressed and
chauffeuring him to doctor appointments. On the flip side the
wife enjoys classical music, art shows, museums, etc. and would
love it if the lady has an interest in this so that they can
travel together to some of the exhibits around the country for
enjoyment. Some light cleaning, laundry, shopping, and home-style
cooking would be required for this quiet household. There is also
no smoking ever by the couple. A clean police and driving record
are required.  Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LIVE-OUT ESTATE HOUSEKEEPER needed in Lewis Center, Ohio. Salary
to $70,000+. Do you have previous experience caring for really
nice homes? Do you understand the difference between detail and
general cleaning? Do you know how to care for expensive art work;
Oriental rugs; stone floors and counters; etc. Are you a good
cook and wouldn't mind doing some on occasion? They are seeking
one of the best; previous experience working in a private home of
wealth is required. This is a wonderful position with a really
nice family who is offering long term employment. Their last
employee was with them over 10+ years. They are offering a great
salary and benefits. Must have at least five years' experience
cleaning on an estate. Please send your resume to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you have any questions.

ESTATE HOUSEKEEPER needed in Delaware, OH. They have a beautiful
20,000 sq. ft. home (all on one floor) that you will help care
for along with three other employees. They are seeking one of the
best; previous experience working in a private home of wealth is
required. Most of their employees have been with them over 15
years, and this is a newly created position. Besides working for
a really nice employer and an exciting family, you will be
provided with paid vacation, 401K, insurance and a great salary.
This is a live-out position. Please respond to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you have any questions.


SEEKING AN INNKEEPER for a beautiful beachfront property on the
central Oregon coast. The position is for a long-term, full-time,
live-in, hands on Innkeeper or couple. This is a small lodging
business consisting of seven small cottages and three suites. We
are looking for someone friendly, positive, energetic, organized,
and with a great work ethic to assume management
responsibilities. This position is non-smoking and not pet
friendly. Duties of this position include but are not limited to:
guest reservations, check in/out, housekeeping supervision and
assistance, laundry and some property maintenance. No meal
preparation is required. The compensation package includes a
salary, living quarters with paid utilities and paid vacation
time. The owners are on site several months of the year and for
all paid time away to assist with responsibilities. Please
respond by email. References encouraged. Please email your resume


LIVE-IN HOUSESITTER/CARETAKER needed. Couple or individual needed
for a house/guest house in Panama. If you love nature, this is a
rare opportunity. Magical acres in the cloud forest on a
beautiful river minutes from town. 75 degrees year round. Could
be a retiree, writer, or serenity deficient soul(s) but good
communication skills, computer skills, handyman/construction
skills, permaculture knowledge and if you have some Spanish or
are bilingual are all a huge plus. No smoking and drug free.
References required. Will consider short-term (two to six months)
but prefer long-term (six to 12+ months). Mature applicants
welcome. Compensation negotiable. Please send your resume or
letter describing your life and skills to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A PHILADELPHIA FAMILY of six is seeking a full-time, live-in
domestic couple to manage their home and keep it clean.
Responsibilities will include full housecleaning, all family
laundry and ironing, assistance with meal preparation, cooking
and washing dishes, as well as assistance with serving when they
entertain, about once a week. They also require overall
maintenance and care of their home, HVAC, home technology,
electrical, plumbing, appliances and oversight of outside
contractors when necessary. They will require some small handyman
projects, replacing light bulbs and keeping extras stocked;
automobile cleanliness and overseeing maintenance; and some
assistance with transportation and light errands. The right
candidates must be child-friendly and willing to help with
childcare during the week as needed, as well as most Saturday
evenings. Workdays are usually Tuesday through Saturday night;
hours are flexible, and they are able to be flexible with
changing a day off if necessary. Knowledge of a kosher home a
plus, but they are willing to train the right candidates. The
family spends most of their summer at a beach house, so summer is
a time for deep household cleaning. This family is eager to find
a professional, friendly, trustworthy, discreet, unobtrusive, and
quiet couple with experience in working in a private home
together. Please email your resume XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you have any questions.

HORSE STABLE CARETAKER wanted in Southwest Pennsylvania. Onsite
furnished apartment with utilities and internet included in
compensation. Duties include feeding and caring for horses, light
maintenance, general repairs to equipment, etc. Must be a
responsible, clean, non-smoker, self-starter with horse
experience and knowledge. Our farm is quiet, peaceful and scenic
while being 15 minutes from town. This is a permanent caretaker
position. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


residence. This is a year round opportunity to work as a live-in
couple to manage a Narragansett estate. This position is
full-time. We prefer a mature, energetic couple who is seeking a
long-term position. The ideal candidates are flexible,
dependable, team players, hardworking and efficient. Duties
include housekeeping, laundry, cooking, pool maintenance, light
maintenance, light gardening, errand running, chauffeuring and
vehicle care. Accommodations in a private, furnished guest house
on the premises are available for two adults with paid utilities,
salary, paid time off, 401K retirement plan and partial medical
coverage. An automobile will be available for use in meeting work
responsibilities. Only non-smokers need apply. Please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


OUR CLIENT is looking for two caretakers to work two weeks on and
two weeks off to provide daily care and social interaction to an
elderly woman. Her home is in Fife, between the Firth of Tay and
the Firth of Forth. She has a lovely sense of humor but can be
forgetful, so she needs someone to provide reassurance, support
with administration, cooking meals and appointments. Driving is
essential. The family is very supportive and visit frequently.
The family is keen that she should have stability with her care
and that the two caretakers will work together as a team. You
should have experience with memory loss because this lady
struggles in the mornings with her memory but improves as the day
goes on. She has a lovely nature but does get confused sometimes.
Accommodation will be provided via a separate bedroom and
bathroom, along with a salary of 120/day. Please apply with your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


September 15, 2018. Must bring your own RV. Volunteer duties:
Camp hosts greets visitors, and provides directions, hospitality
and information to campground guests. Camp hosts instruct
visitors on camping fees, self-pay guidelines and other rules.
Camp hosts help in the upkeep of facilities and grounds,
including light cleaning and restocking of three vault toilets,
litter pick-up and trash removal around the campground and the
beach area, and the cleaning out of fire rings. Special skills:
Camp hosts needs good verbal communication skills and the ability
to answer questions, along with a positive attitude. The Camp
host must also have a good work ethic and be able to communicate
and provide interference with Rangers and local Law Enforcement.
Camp hosts should have the physical ability to walk the
campground loop and visit campsites, pick up trash and light
cleaning. Disclaimer: There is a flood warning system in place
that sets off a siren before parts of the campground might flood.
The Camp host must be aware of the system and what to do when the
siren goes off. In a normal year flooding might occur once; which
generally effects four or five of the 13 sites. The Camp host is
given free camping at a camp pad that has water and electrical
hook ups in return for being available to visitors six days a
week and light cleaning, litter pick up and visitor interactions
throughout the week, usually working around 30 hours a week. If
you are interested, please apply online at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A PRIVATE RESIDENCE near Geneva is recruiting a full-time
experienced housekeeper/cook, to join a work team of three in
late February. You must have excellent attention to detail and be
comfortable working with minimal supervision. Responsibilities
include cleaning, laundry and wardrobe management. You will
prepare simple meals when required therefore some confidence in
the kitchen is advantageous. You will help look after and walk
two dogs and although the Principal lives alone - her children
and other guests visit regularly. Requirements: applicants must
be fluent in English or French, must be of European Nationality
due to visa restrictions. Salary will be 3,000 CHF per month,
plus accommodation and food. Please apply with your resume and


LIVE-IN PROPERTY CARETAKER needed in Tellico Plains, TN. Now
hiring for a property caretaker for a beautiful
cabin/motel/restaurant facility located in the Cherokee National
Forest of Southeastern Tennessee. This is a live-in position that
requires food service experience. This position is available
immediately. The successful candidate will also be responsible
for light maintenance, housekeeping, groundskeeping and guest
services. Lodging is provided, as well as a weekly salary. This
is an ideal position for someone with good management skills. No
pets are permitted, and reliable transportation is required. For
additional information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


AN AUSTIN, TX COUPLE is seeking a hands-on Gentleman Household
Manager for their brand new 27,000 sq. ft. smart home.  The home
has two house cleaners, but you will be required to fill in when
needed. They are seeking a professional person with a service
heart who enjoys dogs. They are seeking someone who is
self-motivated who understands that when you are work, you are at
work ... which means no personal phone calls or anything that
takes your time away from your job. You need to have a nice
personality, friendly, good sense of humor, non-smoker,
organized, mature, and flexible.  They are seeking someone who is
creative with tablescapes and holiday d'cor, bar service, and has
some sort of food background.  Computer, bookkeeping, accounts
payable, travel arrangements (domestic and international),
keeping their social calendar, are part of your responsibilities.
You need to be able to supervise with a soft hand. Salary is
$70,000, with medical, dental, glasses, and life insurance
provided.  An auto is furnished for personal and business use
with garage. Your beautifully furnished, professionally decorated
apartment has tons of storage space. The principals travel a good
deal so you have the run of the house most weekends. This couple
is extremely kind and considerate with their approach to staff
and work related issues. Their last employee was with them over
10 years and only left to help care for his mother who had health
issues. So if you are seeking a position that you can stay at for
many years, you should consider this one.  If interested please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER NEEDED in Fort Stockton, in Pecos County, Texas. We are
looking for a caretaker who knows about livestock and horses. You
can already have a job. No drugs allowed. An English speaking
small family would be OK. To apply, please text

POSITION AVAILABLE on small acreage west of Fort Worth, TX. Care
of barn with two horses and Llama. Clean barn daily, feeding,
light maintenance. Mowing and care of landscape. Some handyman
skills a plus. Separate 1,000 square foot house plus all
utilities offered. Small salary is negotiable. Seeking a single
person or couple. No smoking. Must love animals and dogs. If a
couple, light housekeeping would be needed. Must have references
and complete a background check. Please send info to

PETSITTER NEEDED for two weeks in mid-March.  I live in the small
town of Menard, Texas - located two hours from Austin - and need
someone to stay at my house and care for two dogs and a cat while
I'm away. Must be dependable, love animals and be able to amuse
oneself in a very small town. The house is only one bedroom and
bath - but on a large lot, and a couple could work out here. 

ASSISTANT HOUSEHOLD MANAGER needed in Ft. Worth, TX (for one year
then you take their place). Male or Female assistant household
manager is needed for 6,500 sq. ft. downtown home for a mature
couple. They have no pets. They also employ two house cleaners,
security, and other contracted staff. They are seeking someone
who is honest, flexible, has a service heart, understands manners
and protocol, excellent organizational skills, team player who
can get along with a variety of personality types, and has
excellent communication skills. Must have experience purchasing
for wealthy families, good computer skills, and experience with
staff management. You will be supervising housecleaners, so you
must have this knowledge also. Are you a non-smoker,
self-motivated, easy going, tactful, and have a sense of humor?
Do you have a current passport? Hours are 9 to 5. Great salary
with full benefit package. This is a live-in (two bedroom
apartment located nearby provided) or out position. Please send

CARETAKERS NEEDED in the San Antonio area. Immediate
availability. Need two people and/or family to park their RV on
my recently inherited property and be a security presence. Your
primary responsibility would be to be on the property. Am
offering a free place to park along with electrical and water.
Dumping would have to be done elsewhere. Looking for a quiet
couple and/or family. This would be a several month opportunity.
References and valid IDs are required. For more information about
this opportunity, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please
provide your resume, caretaking history, references and your
reasons for your interest in this opportunity.


around the world, is now looking for a Butler/House Manager for
his property in Dubai. The ideal candidate is professional, has
good skills in management, experience in food and beverages and
private house butler service. Must have common sense, excellent
communication skills and the ability to manage up and down. An
attractive package will be provided for the right candidate.
Duties and responsibilities will include: ensuring excellent food
and beverage service including meals, beverages during the day
and when hosting guests, provide swift result to any client
request, maintain inventory of operating supplies and equipment
according to par stock and operation's needs, constantly inspect
the house for issues or defaults, housekeeping, gardening
maintenance for immediate corrective action, coordinate with
drivers for any guests' movements, coordinate with the Personal
Assistant for any client related topic, follow house standards
for ambiences along the day (lights, candles, music, etc.)
managing household staff rotations, provide weekly reports to the
principal keeping him updated with any snagging lists,
maintenance and staffing. Skills and qualities required: must be
a problem solver and quick to act on any request from the guests,
common sense to face any situation, exceptionally presented and
an understanding of etiquette, good knowledge of the proper
management of a household (housekeeping, maintenance, power,
laundry, etc.), good negotiation skills and ability to liaise
with third party vendors, contractors and team members. This is a
six days a week position, with certain hours to fulfil the role
requirements. Salary: 60,000 - 70,000 net per annum, plus
accommodation, plus bills paid. Please email your resume and


CARETAKER WANTED for a historic Vermont trout club. Seeking a
resident caretaker for the April-October 2018 season. Salary plus
residence and utilities provided (see our website at

CARETAKERS WANTED from May 20, 2018 through May 31, 2019.
Reliable, rugged and personable individual, family or companions
needed to care for a rural Vermont property which includes two
rustic buildings, three rental cabins, on 400 acres in Mt Holly,
VT. Some of the duties include: building and equipment
maintenance, water systems, mowing, snow removal, cabin
preparation and cleaning, greet and support renters through
rental season; provide security during off season. Strong
communication skills required. Self-starting and organizational
skills required. The property is isolated, with exquisite scenery
and abundant wildlife. For more info, please visit
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then email your resume and cover letter

HOUSESITTER NEEDED this Spring. We are a responsible couple with
three cats living in Grafton, a small town in Windham County (10
minutes from Chester, VT). We are looking for a housesitter from
May 1 - June 30, 2018. We have a beautiful home overlooking an
apple orchard, in a quiet residential area, with a large deck,
private, one story ranch home with four available bedrooms and a
large living, dining, kitchen area, with garage, etc. We may also
be out of town from September 15 - October 15, 2018 and if you
are interested, we can have you continue on in the house for that
time (even if we're there, it's big enough for all of us). Please
email Joe if you are interested at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

experienced Innkeepers for an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX run as a Bed
and Breakfast and event venue. This is a salaried, year round
position for live in managers. Light cooking, housekeeping,
customer service, front desk, some marketing and sales, grounds
keeping are all part of the job description. Days off can be
spent skiing and hiking in the beautiful Green Mountains. Please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A FUN AND FUNKY HOMESTEAD in Bridgewater, Vermont needs a
caretaker. Free room and board provided. We have a new (old)
property that we are trying to get up and running here. I am an
Art Director and Production Designer who works primarily in New
York City and then spends any off time at the homestead. It is
currently under construction, but quite a fun place to be. We
have plenty of space for you to have your own rooms, and a hot
tub. I am simply looking for people to help with feeding the
animals and maintaining a presence here. Currently we have 30
chickens, 10 ducks, eight pigs, two dogs, and thousands of bees.
We also have three gardens. This all adds up to very few hours a
week. We want to encourage free thought and mindful awareness. Do
what you feel will help our little community here. There is a
wood and metal shop if you feel creative, and I would encourage
any other exploration as well. We are often teaching classes on
curing/fermenting/baking, all are welcome. We have free internet
and laundry, and great tea too! More books than you could read in
a lifetime. Give a shout if you have questions or interests, and
good luck on your journey. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


FREE RENT AVAILABLE for taking care of horses, a dog and a bird.
Located west of Richmond, near Maidens, VA. I am looking for a
caretaker for my animals. In exchange for caring for my horses
daily and my dog and bird when I am out of town, I will provide a
log cabin and electricity free of charge and pay $45 per month.
Caretaker will pay for propane heat. Washer and dryer are located
in the barn. Caretaker must know how to ride and care for horses.
I am looking for only one person. Please don't contact me if you
are interested in having someone live with you. Caretaker may
board one horse at a nominal fee. References will be required. If
interested, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A NATURE CENTER VOLUNTEER is needed from May 1 through September
15, 2018. The US Army Corps of Engineers is seeking volunteers
for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX nature programs! You may volunteer at
the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Programs include school field trips and
classroom presentations. Assist in caring for live reptile and
non-venomous snake displays. By volunteering at Kerr Lake, you
will gain valuable experience in the Corps' management of parks
and natural resources!  You must be at least 18 years of age.
Free housing on the lake is available! If you are interested,
please apply online at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXID=9353


CAT/HOUSESITTER NEEDED five miles from Port Townsend, WA for
February and part of March. Must love cats. Housing exchange.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking a couple to fill the position of
Outstation Manager at its Port Madison Outstation. Founded in
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is one of our country's most active and
long-established yacht clubs, with facilities ranging from the
historic Mainstation on Portage Bay, to ten outstations located
along the shores of Washington and British Columbia. The history
of the Club is tied to the tradition of pleasure boating,
yachting, and competitive sailing. Port Madison Outstation on
Bainbridge Island, Washington, in scenic Port Madison lies the
FOCSLE. Located halfway down on the southern shore of the inlet,
Port Madison Outstation is the first of 10 outstations purchased
by Seattle Yacht Club in 1944. This 17-acre waterfront property
is meticulously maintained with moorage for 30 or more boats, a
club house with commercial kitchen, playground area, bathrooms,
showers and a pavilion for outdoor barbecues. Qualifications
include, but are not limited to, the ability to lift to 50lbs and
a variety of skills to maintain the docks, grounds and buildings.
Excellent customer service skills and desire to exceed
expectations. Be a welcoming and helpful host of the facilities
for our members' use and enjoyment. Basic electrical, plumbing,
landscaping, minor carpentry, basic computer skills are a must.
Boating background and familiarity with small marinas preferred.
Compensation includes a residence with water view, with all
utilities paid, salary, and an excellent benefit package that
includes medical, dental, vision and 401K. Please email your
cover letter and resume in PDF format to: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
will accept cover letters and resumes until March 1, 2018. Full
compensation commensurate with experience and job skills.

HELP WANTED on a homestead in the San Juan Islands. Beautiful,
quiet and rural ferry serviced island. Offering rustic cabin or
spot for your RV. Utilities included plus stipend starting at
$1,000/month depending on your skill level and hours. Seeking
someone with skills in construction or who is generally handy.
Following direction, identifying what needs attention and being
detail oriented are essential. Additional paid work is possible.
Single or couple considered. Applicant(s) must be honest,
dependable, conscientious and motivated. Looking for a commitment
of at least three months. To apply, please send your resume and a
personal message to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

located on the beautiful Snake River, in the Asotin/Clarkston
Area. The duties for the position include cleaning, lawn care
(mowing and spraying weeds) as well as minor repairs and
maintenance. Compensation will be housing and utilities (valued
at $800/month) plus $200/month which is equivalent to $11/hour
(20 hours/week). There is no smoking or alcohol allowed on-site.
The job could grow into a manager position for right applicant
which would include customer service and promotion. If
interested, please email your experience and job history (at
least the last three jobs) including the time period worked and
reason for leaving to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA. Want to work in a postcard
with a great team who genuinely enjoys what we do? This 5 Star
Inn, located in Friday Harbor's historic downtown, is looking for
a year-round live-in innkeeper. This individual or couple is a
self-starter, quick study, and hardworking team player who has
excellent follow through, a great sense of humor, attention to
detail, and values the team and each member's contributions. They
are physically active, hands-on and eager to create an idyllic
guest experience. They possess the business skills and aptitude
to successfully run the Inn. The job responsibilities include
guest services, phone and online reservations and concierge
services, breakfast service in collaboration with chef,
marketing, and social media, property maintenance, and seasonal
renovation projects. Salary is commensurate with experience. The
start date will be on or before March 15, 2018. Please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

in south Stanwood, not far from Kayak Point County Park. This
position includes caring for goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs and
horses on 52 acres of partially forested and partially fenced
pasture land. It is a beautiful and tranquil place. We are
looking for a hard-working individual with farm/horse experience.
Housing is provided and living on the farm would be required to
watch over the animals and facilities. Housing is a newish clean
28 foot travel trailer with propane, electric, and septic hook up
included, and running water. The location is remote so you must
have reliable transportation. We are looking for someone to work
year round. The trailer is large enough for a one or two people.
Our ideal caretaker will have experience with farm animal care
including horses and goats, prior tractor and farm work who is
very handy - building/carpentry experience would be a benefit. It
must be someone who can do physical labor, communicate clearly,
follow directions and work well with others and also mature
enough to work reliably on his own with pride for his work. Drug
testing and a criminal background check may be part of the hiring
process. No smoking or drug use of any sort including marijuana
will be allowed. Duties will include: maintain the fencing, horse
care, grooming, goat hoof trimming, cleaning horse stalls,
chicken coops, goat houses, bring horses in and out of stalls,
pastures and paddocks, feed and water all livestock, mow
grass/fields, keep grounds safe and clean, tractor work if
experienced, help with crops/garden, and be comfortable lifting
100lbs. Pay would be $12/hour with housing included, there is no
charge for housing - it is required to live here and sleep
overnight for employment. If employment is terminated so is the
housing. Initially work will be approximately four to six hours
daily for six days per week, Monday through Saturday. As we grow
or jobs develop on farm more hours may become available. Please
text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX indicating why you should be chosen for
this job and information about yourself. Thanks.

RVING CARETAKER NEEDED for a two acre, wooded, secluded parcel of
land near Naselle, WA. It's available to park your RV on, for
only eight hours each month of light trail trimming and weeding.
You will have to have a generator and a decomposing toilet. There
is no power to this site. There is a natural spring that runs
through the middle of the property with a well. You are
surrounded by woods on all four sides. Just off the property you
could hike for 45 miles before you hit pavement on state timber
land. This property is nestled at the base of Radial Mountain.
You are one mile from the town of Naselle and a few miles from a
gas station with food and propane. There are deer, elk, and mass
wildlife just out your door. This area is great for elk hunting
parties as well. You would be 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean for
surf fishing and beachcombing, five miles from the mighty
Columbia River with the best salmon fishing in the Pacific
Northwest, 500 yards to the great Naselle River, with winter
steelhead and salmon fishing, and 13 miles to the tide flats to
harvest little neck steamer clams and oysters. You are seven
miles from two mountain high trout lakes that you can access
directly from your property on a dirt bike or a vehicle. You are
15 miles from Astoria, Oregon for all your large town shopping.
If you love small community out in the country with not one
traffic light and like to rough it a bit this might just be your
paradise. You will also have access to 24 acres of old growth
timber with walking trails and the O'Connor Creek that has a cool
salmon and silver run. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Only
serious, responsible, inquiries please. No drugs and no
alcoholics wanted. 


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOST with your own RV needed from May 15
through September 15, 2018. Greet visitors and answer questions
about the National Recreation Reservation Service and other
programs. Ensure campground entrance gate opens in the morning
and is secure at night. Conduct periodic walk through/drive
through of park to assure campers are on assigned sites according
to records. Host will be bonded and will collect fees in the
campground before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Since the
host is bonded, this will be a long-term assignment. Campground
hosts do not enforce park regulations; however, they are the eyes
and ears of the park rangers and assist rangers and visitors
during emergencies. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is one of area's most
popular campgrounds, and the host provides a very valuable
service. This campground is located 12 miles off Exit 67,
Interstate 79. In exchange for the services, campground hosts are
provided a RV site at the entrance to the campground with
electric, water, and sewer hookups. If you are interested, please


Wyoming. This is a permanent position. We are looking for a
family or a couple who loves the Lord. Would consider a single
person also. This is a Christian Retreat at the base of the Big
Horn Mountains in beautiful Ten Sleep Canyon. Must be physically
fit ... a person who loves people. It is rewarding hard work.
Cleaning bunkhouses, the Lodge and the small Historic Chapel. 50
working acres/must manage at least three part-time workers.
Preparing the grounds and lodging for guests, taking reservations
for campers, groups, retreats and weddings. May have to work
along with the present manager and Director. Must be willing to
put in long days May-October. November-April are very slow
presently but reservations continue to grow. Duties also include:
Apple Orchard maintenance, basic maintenance of the Ranch grounds
lawn mowers, 4 wheeler, and ATV. We serve our guests, and many
times this can be very demanding. Painting ... cleaning ...
organizing ... some supervising of our part-time help. The
manager and Director will be present the majority of the time, so
we like a positive easy going willing to learn hard working
Family. Must be a self-starter. We will train, there is a lot to
do all of the time. Housing is provided - a camper if it's a
single person. Possibly a three bedroom house if it's a family.
All utilities, and Wi-Fi included. Ten Sleep town is seven miles
down Highway 16, with gas and some restaurants. The main grocery
store is about 26 miles from Ten Sleep. Bring your own
transportation ... we have eight full service hook ups, just in
case you have your own RV or camper. This is your volunteer work
in exchange for housing ... this is a ministry. Jesus is the J in
Circle J. Attending a monthly board meeting is expected ...we are
non for profit and must report our activities to them. This is a
gorgeous Canyon ... many, many travelers stop here from all over
the world, on their way to Yellowstone National Park. We must add
volunteers, so this could be a position for more workers where we
would provide housing. The experience and hard work are very
rewarding. Our guests and anyone who visits love it here. Please

HOT SPRINGS COUNTY FAIRBOARD is seeking a full-time caretaker.
The job requires physical labor, management skills and
self-motivation. Must be willing to work weekends with equipment
knowledge. Pay will depend on experience. Please mail your
resume, including three references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Mature Person seeking a property caretaker position around the
Grosebeck, Texas area in February 2018. I am meticulous and
responsible. Ranch raised and animal friendly. Two well-trained
German Shepherd guard/watch dogs to assist in looking out for
your investments.  Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Recently retired US nurse and carpenter, educated, married 30
years seeking a situation May 1 to October 31, 2018 for cooler
weather. Presently living in Mazatlan, Mexico. Non-smokers, no
pets or encumbrances. Love to read, garden, travel, theater, and
cook, and have long conversations with a glass of wine. Previous
40' sailboat owners. Willing to be a presence on your property or
rent and open to suggestions. Very responsible, considerate and
no health issues. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and check us
out on Facebook under XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Do you live in the Lake Tahoe vicinity? Take the vacation you
have been dreaming of and let me care for your home while you are
gone. Mature single woman looking for a short-term or seasonal
housesitting job in exchange for free rent in Carson City, NV or
the Lake Tahoe vicinity. Start time is flexible. Please contact

Caretaker Available. Experienced with administration,
maintenance, and security. Client confidentiality a priority.
Single, non-smoker, non-drinker, drug-free, no children, no pets.
Retired, quiet, 45 years' experience in the residential
construction and maintenance field. Associate's Degree
(Architectural and Building Engineering Technology). Live-in
position preferred; Southern New England. Please respond to

Experienced caretakers will watch your property in or near
northern Idaho. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Seeking a live-in housesitter/light caretaker, possible light
caregiver position in the Sacramento, CA Area. Following a career
in law enforcement/Investigations, I now seek a live-in
housesitting position which may evolve into a permanent
arrangement. Pet-sitting, light gardening, light maintenance, or
related tasks are fine. I am tobacco/drug/alcohol-free and would
describe myself as responsible, trustworthy, and honest. A quiet
and clean environment is requested. I am flexible, tidy, and
reliable. Open to negotiation on all related matters. Please call

Caretaker Available! I can be your home/ranch/farm caretaker. Can
go anywhere. I just need a private bedroom and bath. Will take
care of your place, animals, etc. I own two mares and I have lots
of experience with horses. Please no texts; phone calls only.

Professional couple seeking a housesitting, property caretaking
position in the Charleston, SC area. Lawn care, landscaping, home
repair/maintenance, interior design are just a few of the skills
this healthy, active, honest, trustworthy, non-smoking, neat,
clean couple possess. Please contact us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Dynamic caretaker couple available as organic personal
chefs/caterers, organic landscapers/gardeners/plant lovers,
interior and exterior home beautifiers and organizers, security
system maintenance and presence, tech-savvy personal assistants,
auto/boat/motor-coach detailers and operators, pet care
specialists, pool/spa/pond maintenance technicians, handy dandy
DIYers, errand runners, and general good-hearted, well-rounded
people who take great care of you and your stuff!  Ideally suited
for warmer weather locations, especially those near natural
bodies of clean water, but will consider all serious and
respectful offers. Please contact us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Thank you!

Mature, British single male with UK/EU and US citizenship;
Responsible, fit and self-sufficient, seeks
housesitting/work/volunteer opportunities in adventurous,
preferably tropical locations. Former Information Technology
professional with marketing and customer service experience.
Interested in helping others, adventure, writing a book and
creating a new life. I love meeting people, customer contact and
technology and I am passionate about spirituality, personal
growth, and yoga. I think a retreat center would be an
interesting place to be, but I am open to any interesting
opportunities. Based in Austin, Texas but geographically
flexible. References available on request. Please call or text

Reliable couple seeking meaningful paid work for this season or
longer. We are a skilled, experienced couple living full-time in
a Class A RV with our 5-year old dog. We are 36 and 44 with
experience living on homesteads and off-grid intentional
communities looking for a similar environment with like-minded
folks. Our hearts are rooted in community and cooperation but our
spirits are adventurous so our RV allows us to stay in one place
for a season or project and have sincere, heartfelt connections
while continuing to explore thereafter. Our skills include
construction (carpentry, drywall, light plumbing, roofing, etc.),
natural building (straw bale, earth bag, cob, wattle and daub,
timber frame and plaster), landscaping and yard maintenance,
garden and market farming, permaculture, homesteading, animal
husbandry, and organizational work for small businesses or
non-profits. We can take care of most of our needs within our RV,
but water hook-up and electricity are ideal. Let's start a
conversation! Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Experienced Caretaker available, proficient in all areas of home
renovation and repairs and fixture installation (electrical,
plumbing, tiling, carpentry, painting etc.). Outbuilding and
grounds-keeping and maintenance, landscaping, mowing, chainsaw
and firewood processing, gardening, tractor with loader and
backhoe operation, small engine operation/repairs, snow plowing,
orchard care, animal care and beekeeping. Dock
building/installation and care, watercraft maintenance and
operation. Experienced with smart home systems and security, and
vendor/contractor liaising. Also experienced, educated
chef/innkeeper and private chef, well-versed in many cuisines and
varied food choices and needs (vegetarian/vegan, allergies, and
diabetics). Former Marine, fit, single, conscientious non-smoker
with no tattoos or body piercings seeking salaried live-in or
live-out caretaking and/or private chef position for long-term
(temporary assignments possible). Willing and able to relocate to
your property, and travel if required. For complete bio, resume
with photo and extensive references please message

Hello, my name is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a single, 42-year-old
female, in good health and good shape. I am looking for a
ranch/farm caretaker job anywhere from Texas to Arizona. I have
experience, worked with horses, dairy goats, hogs and chickens. I
can run skid steers and Tractors, mechanically inclined, can cook
and clean and take care of things with no supervision. If there
is something I don't know, I am a fast learner and will find a
way. I have a clean background, no drugs, drinking, drama or
drugs. Can supply references, do a background check, and have a
resume upon request. If I may be of help to yall, feel free to

Reliable, honest, non-smoking, clean, semi-retired caretaker
available. Have my own income and a valid driver's license.
Looking for a quiet, rural setting. Will provided 20 hours work
for housing. Will work extra for stipend. I have some tools.
Mowing, general cleaning, pool care. Security background. I can
be reached at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX any time.

Full-time, Housesitter (10 years) and Property Manager (three
years) seeks a salary and lodging, or Innkeeper position. Single
woman, outgoing, college degree, with high integrity. Own
vehicle, no pets, non-smoker, no drugs or alcohol. Full profile
and current references available on request. Please email

Enthusiastic, hard-working couple seeking a salaried position or
work trade for housing preferably in Colorado, but open to
relocating for the right opportunity. We have extensive
experience managing and caretaking rural upscale properties as
individuals (see resumes). Now we are looking to take it to the
next level together. We love to take on new projects and
implement creative problem solving. Motivation, flexibility and
communication skills make us great team players. We have an
amazing dog Marlin, and resumes with excellent references. Please

Housesitting Job wanted in the Saskatoon Area. A responsible
51-year-old lady is looking for short/long-term housesitting job
in exchange for free rent. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Handyman-Property Caretaker looking for a work exchange situation
in the mountains of Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Area. I'm an honest
man looking for a private small house, cabin, cottage, large
studio, detached room, mobile home, trailer (single wide type),
livable barn, or granny unit. Fair work provided in exchange for
all or part of the rent and/or you can pay for my skills,
building maintenance and repairs, grounds keeper - gardening,
property caretaker, ranch hand - animal care and more. I'm
willing to work skilled and non-skilled jobs. Willing to provide
excellent care for your home and property needs. I offer quality
work and skills for fair and honest wages. I'm an honest,
reliable, quiet and friendly man with a very well behaved dog.
Please feel free to call me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX so we can
talk (sorry no text). 

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BACKWOODSMAN MAGAZINE, unique in our field for the past 37 years.
Specializing in Muzzleloading, Primitive Weapons, Primitive
Archery, Leather Projects, Black Powder Cartridge Guns,
Woodslore, Historical How To Projects, History, Woods Shelters,
Indian Lore, & Much More. One year $25, 2 years $48, 3 years $67.
Sample $6. Backwoodsman Magazine, Box 1740, Fulton, TX 78358.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking formal training instructors.
Salaried live in/live out position available in Los Angeles.
You'll provide year round training for some of our top clients
and their staff. The position is salaried and you'd be required
to work when needed just as if you were working in a home with an
absentee employer. This is a great opportunity for couples who
know everything about formal living and what it takes to properly
train others to care for a 5 Star home with a formal family. If
you can train others to be the best domestic staff we'd like to
talk to you. Only qualified people who desire to teach others
need apply. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Two-unit fully equipped vacation rental in Grand Junction,
Colorado being offered for $195,000 cash only. Please call


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Use XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to stop burst pipe disasters before they
happen, save thousands in water costs by catching slow leaks,
control and monitor your water from anywhere in the world, see
your water usage over the web, and easy installation in your
home! WATER HERO systems start at $499

For Sale: Unique property with ocean view on the South Pacific
Coast of Costa Rica. If your dream is to live in the tropics, run
your own bed and breakfast, have your own organic garden, or
eco/green mini-resort, hostel or simply own your own piece of
paradise it will be hard to find a better place to do it - or a
better opportunity than this one. For more information, please
email caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale
in the Subject Line.

Need to earn a living to support your travels? Want to give back
by volunteering at state parks or wildlife refuges? Workers On
Wheels can help you learn how and can help you find your perfect
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I'm a long time subscriber of the Caretaker Gazette with years of
wilderness, off-grid living experience and I've had lots of time
to come up with some pretty impressive inventive ideas! I would
love to share some of my ideas with an investor looking for
something original, unique and useful to manufacture and market.
I am seeking an investor that would be willing to discuss license
agreements or royalties. If you're a serious investor looking for
some fresh new ideas and willing to sign non-disclosure
agreements, let's talk!

Arizona Cowboy has written true stories in four exciting and
interesting books all about half a century on horseback. 2005,
was the year the books closed on the Arizona, cattle and horse
ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. During the start
of the year 2005, the handwriting on the wall began and the books
closed on this historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then,
became my pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true
happenings during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the
open range while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into
usable cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later
in the other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among
wild cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin' out in Arizona's
beautiful, natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although
unusual, are just as I recollect them. To all those who have ever
dreamed of being a cowboy, here's your chance to ride along with
me as your side-kick and saddle pard. You can view an
entertaining introduction with many colored pictures at

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YEAR-ROUND MANAGER(S)/CARETAKER(S) NEEDED in the Port Clyde, Maine area. We need a couple or individual whose skills should include the following: experience in hiring staff and managing a team of four or more people, including seasonal workers; experience with creating and managing budgets; experience operating and maintaining boats; experience with overseeing infrastructure projects and maintenance; the manager will be responsible for oversight of the farm operation, including participation as needed with care of farm animals, farming activities and gardens. Compensation includes a salary and good benefits, including health insurance, a private three bedroom house, two meals per day and utilities paid. Employment to start as soon as possible. Please email your resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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