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Monday, July 15 2024

NEW HOUSESITTING AND CARETAKING LISTINGS are received at THE CARETAKER GAZETTE every day. Some listings are only published in an issue of THE CARETAKER GAZETTE, and other listings are emailed out the same day the listing comes in to THE CARETAKER GAZETTE. For this Sample Page, all contact information has been removed from the listings below and has been replaced with “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.
THIS IS OUR 172nd ISSUE!       
(206) 462-1818        www.caretaker.org

Published since 1983                               Volume 29,
Number 4

July/August 2011                                ISSN 1074-3642


- Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 120+ caretaking opportunities in 39 states
and 15 countries
- Caretaker Profile
Desert Gem Caretaker – Troy Irvine
- Letters to the Editor
Caretakers and property owners write about their experiences with
the Gazette


received at THE CARETAKER GAZETTE every day. Some listings are
only published in an issue of THE CARETAKER GAZETTE, and other
listings are emailed out the same day the listing comes in to THE
CARETAKER GAZETTE. For this Sample Page, all contact information
has been removed from the listings below and has been replaced


CARETAKING COUPLE needed from September 1, 2011 through late May
2012 on a comfortable, alternative energy, Alaska Peninsula,
remote homestead. You can enjoy wildlife, fishing, hydroelectric
power, internet, phone, chickens, greenhouse, woodworking shop
and sauna. Skiff/outboard, general mechanical and maintenance
skills are required. Remote living experience recommended. A
monthly stipend will be provided. For more information, please

INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE in remote Alaska. If you are interested in
coming to Alaska let us know. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Bethel
provides the local community during the growing season with
affordable, fresh produce, free of pesticides, herbicides and
chemical fertilizers. It is our intention to provide locally
grown produce year-round. Our sustainable farming focuses on
building the fertility of the soil with natural materials,
resulting in rich, vital field ecosystems that produce fruits and
vegetables as pure and healthy as they were intended to be.
Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to learn more, and you can

HOMER, ALASKA. Need caretakers for picturesque, historic log
cabins on working Alaska pioneer homesteads: 1) Remote, special
beachside cabin on 50 acres, watch small cow herd, maintain
fences. Wood stove, propane lights and cooking, no plumbing or
electric. 2) Private room in large two story log house, on a
historic 600 acre homestead and Museum (since 1940's), share
facilities and common area, help with farm, garden, haying,
orchard, answer phone, oversee workers, check in travelers, etc.
Horses, garden, beach, trails, sauna, chickens, interesting
pioneer family and neighborhood. Lots to do in Homer in your
spare time (Art galleries, fishing, and hiking). Please call
Mossy at (907) 235-7540, or email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. To learn
more, please visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  

CARETAKER WANTED from June 1 -September 5, 2011 on a remote
Fishing Lodge, 80 miles west of Anchorage. For more information,
please visit our website at: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


I AM IN NEED of a caregiver, gardener, and pet sitter type
individual. Good references required. I have an acre property in
Prescott, AZ, in the high country, not desert. I have a sweet
little cabin called the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Pictures available.
88-year-old man with some very early stage Alzheimer who needs
about three - four days a week care of about two - four hours a
day. Wonderful property close to downtown Prescott. Lots of free
time. Free rent with a small salary. I have five dogs, two cats
and a flock of happy hens. The gentleman is a happy guy and easy
to care for, needs some personal care, help taking showers and
simple meals. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email

VOLUNTEER WORKERS needed. We are a 90 acre family-run alpaca farm
in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Alpacas are easy on the
environment, thrive in our harsh high desert climate, and provide
a peaceful interlude with a sweet face. We strive to minimize
environmental impact while growing our herd of these incredible,
intelligent animals. The alpacas' and llamas' fiber provides us
with crafting and clothing options, such as spinning, weaving,
felting, knitting and crocheting. We are on solar power,
completely off the grid, recycle everything, and must do for
ourselves and our animals. We grow a large garden and practice
sustainable pasture improvement. We are not vegan, but believe in
humane practices and good, healthful eating -- practicing this
can sometimes be a challenge. Our Great Pyrenees and Anatolian
livestock guardian dogs keep range cattle and predators away from
our alpacas, barn cats and the flock of laying hens and
free-range semi-feral bantam chickens we keep for bug control. At
over 5,100’ elevation, our Spring and Summer weather is
cool at night and changeable. Workers are welcome all year with
two private and shared rooms, camping and RVing is OK. We are
near the Grand Canyon, railroad, caves, Sedona, Oak Creek,
Prescott, Flagstaff, national monuments, the San Francisco Peaks,
and abundant wildlife offer recreational opportunities. Workers
need to arrive on a Thursday or Friday and be able to work
independently on the farm, two week minimum stay suggested. We
expect 40 hours of work weekly for room and board. Must be open
to education, able to negotiate stairs, enjoy animals, wilderness
and the sun and speak English. No special diets, young children
or pets please. Requests for help may include fencing, herd
health (handling the alpacas!), carpentry, roofing, learning
beekeeping, housekeeping, weed control, construction, road work,
conservation measures, water and pasture management. Come enjoy
our alpacas and help keep Arizona beautiful! To learn more and to
apply, please visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 


Hi Gary, just wanted to write to say that you have a fantastic
newsletter and I so look forward to getting my future issues. I
answered an ad for a place in NJ, (the first one I inquired to)
and they sent me an airline ticket to check it out. It was a
fantastic corporate bed and breakfast and everything they
described it to be. Although it didn't work out to my advantage,
it was a great little trip, and if that's the answer to my first
inquiry, imagine how much more I can accomplish! Keep up the
great work! S. R. La Mesa, CA

Hi Sharon, thanks for your nice letter! I hope you have
success on your next trip to interview for a property caretaking
position. While some property owners are glad to pay your way to
meet them, not all property owners are able to afford to do so
and they will expect serious applicants to find their own means
to get to their property. 

Why does a property owner want a caretaker? Here are two good
reasons: 1. The owner wants to keep his house running and looking
good. There may be employees, pets and plants to give daily
attention. He or she is not necessarily looking for skilled
labor, just a trouble-shooter. 2. There is a need to have someone
on the property to discourage crime. Empty houses invite
break-ins, so why don’t property owners just rent out their
houses? Renters can be destructive and short-term. They
don’t care about maintaining property or assuming
responsibility. They come and go at will. A caretaker, on the
other hand, is getting a place to call his own in exchange for
his time and effort. Is housesitting right for you? Begin by
being honest. Are you healthy in body and spirit? Changing venues
is not a cure for troubles. Can you resist the temptation of
having friends and relatives drop in? Only you have the right to
be there, while watching over someone else’s property. Will
you find solutions to problems? Can you stop mildew from eating
an outside deck? Do you know what to do if bees enter the house
walls? What about a septic tank that overflows? Or an employee
that steals? These events actually happened at my house. If a
homeowner asks if you can handle such things, the answer he hopes
to hear is, “I may not know what to do now, but I will find
out and deal with it”. Is it old fashion to mention morals?
Caretakers live in someone's home, and should be respectful of
that. Caretakers must have the ability to maintain, business-like
relationships with the locals and employees. It is usually better
while on the job to be a “hard Prickly” than a
“soft cuddly”.  “Housesitter”.
“Caretaker”. The terms say it all and are so
definitive. Reread them slowly because they explain the job. It
can be a win-win for both the caretaker and the homeowner. Since
a housesitter needs to be on the premises most of the time, he or
she has the opportunity to write, paint, etc. They may find
themselves in a lovely property with a great view. They just have
to keep things clean and in order for the homeowner. That is the
exchange. And yet this concept is so hard for some to grasp. I
received several emails from people wanting to housesit and
asking if I could find them a job while they were there. My
reply? The housesitting position is the job. To all of you that
dream of un-fettering yourself I say, just do it! You can inherit
the Earth later. Make sure you are truly able to bend, to give,
and to keep a sense of humor. M. C. Roatan Island, Honduras

Marilyn thanks for writing and giving advice from a property
owner’s perspective. I’m not sure if all of our
readers will agree with your characterization of renters, but you
do provide some good points. I’m also glad that, via your
caretaker-wanted ad in the Gazette, you were able to find one of
our subscribers to caretake your home on Roatan Island.

The Caretaker Gazette
This publication is a private newsletter researched and written
for landowners, caretakers, and interested readers. It is the
only up-to-date publication for property caretaking opportunities
in the world. All information is derived from sources believed to
be correct and reliable, but for which we assume no
responsibility. The Caretaker Gazette does not screen caretakers
or landowners, and only provides a medium of information
exchange. We assume no liability for arrangements made between
parties. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced,
or distributed in any form or retrieval system without the
Publisher’s prior written permission. 

Our Caretaking Philosophy
The Caretaker Gazette is dedicated to the property caretaking
profession, and to our subscribers who have kept the Gazette
going since 1983. We publish the Gazette in order to help
property owners and caretakers find one another. We support the
caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

Contact Information
If you need to reach us to place an advertisement, renew your
subscription, or change your address, please contact: The
Caretaker Gazette, 3 Estancia Lane, Boerne, TX 78006.
phone: (206) 462-1818 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 
fax: (440) 337-3737 available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 
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Thea K. Dunn, Ph.D. - Editor, Writer, Researcher and PC
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WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY available for a hardworking, full-time
couple at a private hunting and fishing lodge in rural
southeastern Arkansas. Housing provided. Couple teams preferred
(no young children please). Duties include: yard work, security,
cooking, repair, maintenance, light carpentry, bush hogging,
mechanical repair and maintenance of ATV’s/small
tractors/out- boards, plumbing, roof repair as necessary, minor
welding, pet care for hunting dogs kept on site, vegetation
control, building and repair of duck blinds, deer stands, cooking
year round potentially several times per week for groups up to
twenty people, security patrol of thirty-five hundred acre
property, project management on small construction and repair
projects, small CAT/backhoe work, food plot preparation,
unimproved road maintenance, provision/stocking of facility,
light electrical work, daily cleaning of facility (including
floors, windows, bedding, bathrooms, etc.), game skinning
/cleaning/preparation, intense work and long hours during ninety
day hunting season. Individuals must have good attitude and
ability to serve guests. Wonderful home provided separate from
hunting facility, basic utilities included. Location is
approximately twenty miles from nearest town, comprised of
wetlands, hardwood forest and row crop farmland. People who are
honest, love outdoors, nature, working outside and can manage
their own time will love this work. Small wood working shop and
power tools located on site. Facility has been managed since
early eighties. Procedures, rules and instructions are well
established in the handbook with policies provided. Individuals
must have ability to cooperate with independent farm personnel
who work cropland on property. To apply, please email your resume


PERMANENT POSITION available for a caretaker on a rural property
– 23 kms from Denmark, West Australia. We are looking for a
quiet single person or couple to live on our property who have a
keen interest in gardening and vegetable growing. In return for
accommodation, we require lawns and edging done regularly, chooks
maintained, gardening and vegetable patch maintenance, odd jobs
attended to around the house/property and occasional paid
seasonal assistance in other areas. A background with machinery
(four wheeler, whipper snipper) is required. This is not suitable
for anyone with children or animals. Please respond by mailing
your resume to Caretaker Position, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER POSITION available in a Cabin Park, in the northern
suburbs of Melbourne. The position exists for an energetic person
who is skilled in all areas of maintenance. Must be computer
literate and enjoy working with the public. On-site living is
required. Please fax your resume to (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER NEEDED in the Chandler, Queensland area. We are looking
for one person only for duties on an acreage property. Some heavy
work will be involved. Onsite accommodation, along with gas and
electricity will be supplied. No wages. This caretaker position
would be suitable for an active pensioner. Please call

A LOCAL RESORT has a position available for an energetic person
willing to learn the role of a Caretaker Manager. Please mail
your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Australia.

CARETAKER COUPLE REQUIRED for a busy caravan park in Woorim,
Queensland, on Bribie Island, catering to both long-term and
tourist business. This position is for approximately four days
per week (Friday and Monday including) and holiday relief.
Experience in a similar role desirable. Accommodation provided.
An Australian Business Number is required. Please fax your
application (maximum two pages) to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

ISLAND CARETAKER needed. A private resort on Camp Island (a small
island around two hectares in size) located north of Bowen,
Queensland requires a Caretaker/Maintenance/Tradesperson. Due to
isolation of this position, a couple is preferred. A sound
knowledge of boats is essential. Remuneration package including
accommodation is offered. To apply, please mail resumes to

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Kingaroy area, the agricultural part of
Queensland, approximately 2½ hours drive northwest of
Brisbane. This is a long-term position. The caretaker will have
light duties in exchange for a house and power. Must be a
non-smoker. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX between 6:30 –
8:30 pm.

CARETAKER needed. We are looking for a mature person. Are you
looking for a quiet lifestyle on a cattle property 65 klms from
Bundaberg? The caretaker must do some work of the property in
lieu of rent. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER/HANDYMAN needed for a small Gold Coast horse property.
This position would be suitable for a retired person with horse
and machinery experience. Free air-conditioning provided in a
granny flat for the caretaker. Please phone


LAST MINUTE OPPORTUNITY to be on a Caribbean Island from the 12th
of June until the 15th of November. Apartment, ideal for an
individual or a couple, who is willing to pay for expenses. For
further information please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


EXPERIENCE TROPICAL SUSTAINABLE Living. No experience necessary.
Prefer couple or two adults to caretake XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a
self sufficient integrated homestead. Age not a factor if you are
in reasonably good health. A minimum commitment of four weeks or
more, anytime of the year. For details, email:


FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed for approximately one hour/day. Must
love animals, and be reliable. Small apartment provided. Please
mail resume to Caretaker, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

REDDING, CA PROPERTY offers free rent, free utilities, and
possible stipend. Live in our modest travel trailer or bring your
own trailer or RV. For more info, send blank email with Redding
Caretaker in the subject line to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKERS NEEDED for a rural Sonoma County property (in the
Healdsburg/Windsor area). I am looking for a couple who are
retired or semi-retired. Need to be in good physical shape and
desire to work on a rural organic farm in beautiful Sonoma County
(outside the Healdsburg town limits). Must have a green thumb,
take pride in your work, and wish to trade your work instead of
paying rent for a private, spacious, well appointed residence in
return. Some domestic work can also be considered as part of this
exchange. Must have landscaping or farm work history with a clean
background and solid references. Reliable transportation is
required and a clean driving DMV record. No pets, no smoking, and
no parties allowed. Must like caretaking and take
responsibilities seriously. Please provide your background
information when emailing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you.

CARETAKER needed for a 100 acre ranch near Cambria. This position
includes a small apartment, and a stipend. Must have overall
handyman skills, and a basic knowledge of fruit trees would be
very helpful. Applicants will need to have an outside income. To
apply, please mail your resume to Caretaker Position,

FURNISHED ROOM AVAILABLE in the downtown vicinity of Paso Robles
for trade for a live-in caretaker. Prefer someone local. Rent is
free for room, must share utilities equal to $300 per month. The
room comes complete with queen size bed, dresser, TV, and
nightstand, house phone, Wi-Fi Internet, and Direct TV included.
Must be able to assist with light housekeeping, cooking, and
light household duties. Must be available and on property in
evenings and nights. Looking for a responsible adult who loves
animals, with a clean background, and no drugs or alcohol. Pets
are negotiable. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more
information, and please leave a message if I miss your call and I
will call you back as soon as I can.

FARM CARETAKER needed on the central California coast. Must be
able to do weed abatement for the orchards and buildings, along
with light maintenance, for 15 to 20 hours weekly. Animal and
watering duties will be required when the owners are gone. A
small apartment will be provided on a very pretty ranch. We can
only accept single applicants for this non-salaried position.
Please email your experience and references to

CARETAKER WANTED: Experienced, physically fit person needed as a
caretaker for a private ranch/vineyard in Aptos, California. This
is a long-term, full-time position. Duties would include but not
limited to: security, landscape maintenance, general handyman and
basic auto maintenance. Applicant should be a self-starter with
the ability to work independently and perform regular duties
without close supervision. Compensation would include salary
(based on experience), on-site private residence (propane not
included) and vehicle for work related purposes. Must pass a
background check, work well with people, and possess a valid US
driver's license. Please fax XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email your
cover letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

BEAUTIFUL KLAMATH RIVER property in Northern California seeks a
caretaker or a Business Partner. Carpentry or plumbing skills
preferred. Riverfront, fruit orchard, garden/farm space,
telephone, DSL. Photos at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. For more
information, please send blank email message with Klamath
Caretaker in the subject line to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSE MANAGER/BUTLER needed in Toronto, Ontario, starting in
July. Remuneration will be $50,000 to $70,000 plus a benefit
package. A private family seeks an experienced House Manager to
keep a large residence in permanent readiness condition. The
position is live-out, full time. The successful candidates will
be responsible for the day to day running of the residence and
property, maintaining the house calendar and providing prior
notification to the family and staff of the scheduling of events
and house maintenance/repair activities, food and beverage
service for family and guests, greet visitors and guests,
answering of telephone and taking messages, event planning and
assistance with private and social events, dealing with household
vendors and contractors, scheduling trades, vendors and
landscapers for seasonal work year round, supervising the
housekeeper and laundress staff, but also working alongside.
Applicants need a minimum of five years experience working in a
semi-formal/formal style of residence. Please email your resume

A SEMI-RETIRED COUPLE is needed as caretakers for a small mid
island marina in Vancouver, BC. Accommodations are available.
Please fax your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

RESIDENT CARETAKER COUPLE wanted for Scott's Inn. A minimum of
two years experience in similar environment preferred. Good
customer skills a must. Accommodation provided. Please send your
resume to Caretaker Position, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

MOBILE HOME PARK MANAGER needed, west of Edmonton, Alberta. We
are searching for a personable, experienced, reliable couple for
a 300+ pad mobile home park in Hinton, Alberta. Computer and
handyman skills are required. Must be bondable. To apply, please
fax your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

OPEN POSITION for a full-time, permanent, live-in domestic couple
in Vancouver, British Columbia starting in July 2011.
Remuneration will be $90,000 to $125,000 year in CAD gross. A
private family seeks an experienced domestic couple to keep a
large residence in permanent readiness condition. The position
requires five consecutive days of work each week. Candidates
should click here for a full job description, requirements,
qualities, and contact information: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

SEMI-RETIRED COUPLE wanted as a Caretaker/Handyman for a small
marina in the Victoria, BC area. Remuneration and on-site
accommodation provided. Salary to be negotiated. Please fax your

HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED in Vancouver, British Columbia starting in
July. Remuneration will be $35,000 to $60,000/year. A private
family seeks an experienced, mature, professional housekeeper who
will take charge of the different aspect of the cleaning
maintenance of a large vacation residence. Supervised by the
estate manager, the successful candidate will do daily cleaning
and care of the residence, cleaning of the silver, china,
crystal, fine art and delicate surfaces, carry out washing,
ironing, steaming and linen care, including hand washing delicate
items like silk and cashmere, make the beds, organize and
maintain closets, unpack and pack luggage, run errands and carry
out special requests for the family on occasion and taking
messages and answering the telephone including greeting of guests
and visitors. Applicants must have excellent English
communications skills and a minimum of three years of work
experience in a private household. Please email your resume and

EXPERIENCED RESIDENT CARETAKERS needed in Point Grey, Vancouver,
BC. An experienced resident caretaker(s) is needed for a
well-maintained 45 unit hi-rise in Point Grey. This is a re-piped
building with new boiler system and modern interior finishes. The
caretaker job description includes cleaning, rent collection,
showing/renting suites, contractor supervision and undertaking
minor repairs in suites and around common property. Applicants
must have strong administrative skills, communication and
maintenance/painting skills coupled with good knowledge of the
RTA. This position is ideally suited to one full-time and one
part-time individual. This live-in position includes reduced rent
on a large two bedroom unit. No pets allowed. Please fax your
resume with cover letter to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Salary
expectations will be commensurate with experience.


DOG-SITTER/HOUSESITTER wanted in Grenada, Caribbean from mid-July
to mid-October 2011. I am looking for a practical, peace loving
single or couple, (must speak English) to house and dog sit in my
beach house during the annual closure of a small beachside hotel.
This is a rural location. Must use a jeep to get around. Duties
to include weekly starting of the generator, a bit of gardening,
and lot of dog loving. For more details, please email


HOUSESITTER NEEDED in Carbondale from mid-June to mid-July for
about four weeks. I am traveling to Asia for about one month and
would like to find a housesitter to stay at my home and attend to
my two dogs. I live in an old home which has a lot of character.
If you are interested, I travel one to two times a year to Asia
and am gone two - four weeks each time, so it would be ideal if I
could locate a housesitter for this summer who might also be
available at other times during the year. Please email


MAINTENANCE VOLUNTEERS needed at Mansfield Hollow Lake. The
volunteer position will be from November 1, 2011 to October 31,
2012. The Position requires a two person team to work 30 hours a
week between the two of them, doing daily maintenance work and
any other duties as described in the contract. They must have a
valid driver's license, fully operable vehicle, and proof of
liability insurance. In return for their services they must
reside in a Corp owned house located on the property. Please mail
a letter of interest to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


A BAMBOO HOUSE is available for you in the mountains of Costa
Rica, on nine acres, secluded with a 10 foot waterfall on the
property. We need long-term caretakers, with minimal duties. We
have many fruit trees, no electricity currently - but it is
coming soon, a gravity water system, and composting toilet. We
are 20 minutes from Dominical beach and surfing. Please email for
The caretaker must be reliable and responsible and be a
sustainable lifestyle type.  

 CAREGIVER is needed to assist my 79-year-old husband with
meals, grooming and daily walks. There will be periods of time
when he will need three meals a day when I am not home but
normally just breakfast and lunch, as well as helping to feed and
care for a number of cats and a sweet dog. I am looking for a
mature woman who is self motivated, loves animals and elderly
people, has an abundance of patience and humor, enjoys cooking
light, healthy meals and is comfortable with tropical weather. No
nursing required. Your own transportation is essential and some
basic Spanish would be helpful. We are offering a one bedroom
apartment in a lovely setting with pool, on the beach in Playa
Pelada, along with a small salary. A minimum of three to six
month commitment is needed. Applicants must be non-smokers. A
background check will be required. Please email

HOUSESITTING COUPLE wanted to stay in my home in Costa Rica for a
full year, starting September 10, 2011. Must be a couple only,
who can make a one year commitment. The couple will have to pay
for utilities. For more information, please call

off-the-grid beachfront permaculture, organic farm, botanical
collection and eco-lodge). We are located on the southern
Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, south of Puerto Viejo. Our mission
at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is to educate people about the ideals of
permaculture and sustainability. Our houses are built from local,
fallen trees, solar panels provide our electricity, we compost
our leftover food, make our own dirt and our chickens provide
eggs for us to eat. To support our diet and local communities, we
grow over 100 tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal
plants and shop locally. Our washing and drinking water is
collected rainwater from our water-catchment system. In addition
to living as sustainably as possible, we are dedicated to
teaching environmental awareness and consciousness. As such, we
invite new people to visit the farm whether as part of an
educational or retreat group or as a guest for a few nights.
Here, you get to be immersed in a sustainable-living,
energy-conscientiousness, off the grid experience, complete with
composting toilets, hand powered grinders, extremely loud howler
monkeys and a complete lack of any extraneous noise. Where else
could you experience a power outage from leaving a light on or
have entertainment consist of dancing around the fire and taking
mud baths in the nearby river? We believe Punta Mona is a unique
place and one that has much to teach about the things we take for
granted, the power of shared intention and the beauty of living a
simple, unplugged life. As such Punta Mona's door is open to
those who wish to contribute to the farm, experience a new way of
life and catch a glimpse of our beautiful jungle farm and
eco-lodge! Our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX contains a wealth
of information about Punta Mona and how you and others can visit
us throughout the year. You can email us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LIVE IN HOUSEKEEPER REQUIRED in Staffordshire. This would be
suitable for an early retired couple. Duties will include general
housekeeping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, household maintenance,
day to day management, and gardening. Must love dogs, have
previous experience and have initiative. Must drive, have no
children living with the couple, be non-smokers and have great
references. Please mail your resume and references to

HOUSESITTER NEEDED in Exeter, Devon, from September 21st to 8th
October 2011 then for ongoing spells from eight to 17 days. We
have a beautiful ancient longhouse with lots of land/stream/log
fires and local walks to the 16th Century local pub. Housesitters
(couples preferably) are needed regularly through the year,
except summers, to look after the house and two small well
behaved dogs. There is nothing arduous to do here, just looking
after the dogs/plants etc. There are lots of things to see
nearby, as we are just six miles from Exeter, and 20 minutes from
the coast. No reimbursement, and sorry no children. The
housesitters will certainly need their own transport –
since the nearest town is 2.5 miles away. Must have been dog
owners. Lovely en-suite accommodation with the run of the house.
Plenty of logs for the fires in winter. We have all modern
conveniences including central heating. We usually plan around
four to six months ahead. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and
please include "housesitting" in the subject line.

LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER needed for a family. Housekeeper must be
child friendly as the duties will include assistance with the
four girls (ages 4 to 12). Live in a beautiful period house, set
in its own parkland and village. Exceptional accommodation.
Applications should be mailed to the Secretary,

HOUSESITTER WANTED for my London, home from December 10, 2011 to
January 11, 2012. I need the housesitter to look after my flat in
London's East end, overlooking a canal, 10 minutes from London
city. I have a two bedroom flat, lounge, two bathrooms, kitchen,
and one male cat. Must have UK police clearance certificates and
professional references. Applicants must be UK citizens and an
interview will be required. Please email  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Gatwick Airport in West Sussex. Looking for someone to manage a
small nice guest house/hotel. This would be ideal for one person;
however an opportunity exists if you wish to bring your partner
with you. For more information please call  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

FRIENDLY CARETAKERS needed. You will receive a cozy two bedroom
self contained flat in an idyllic, southwestern Norfolk nature
reserve. We are searching for an active, retired couple to do odd
jobs and take care of two large dogs. Please call

HOUSESITTER WANTED for our home in Kent, England from the end of
December 2011 to the end February 2012. We require somebody who
can care for our home and our two cats whilst we are visiting our
daughter in Australia. Please email Jackie and Peter at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.

COUPLE NEEDED for a rural Kent property. We are searching for an
experienced professional couple for developing a unique business
opportunity. This position requires commercial initiative, shared
duties, covering security, first class cooking/housekeeping, and
property maintenance. Must have flexibility, and team working
staff organization. Previous skills in public relations,
administrations, civil ceremonies functions would be a strong
advantage. Must have full driving licenses. A competitive salary
will be provided, along with a private three bedroom
accommodation. Please mail your resume and references to


I NEED HELP with my rural Everglades home on a country road, ten
miles north of Everglades City. I am seeking a single person, 40s
to 50s, to assist me with daily chores. I was a firefighter
forced into retirement by multiple sclerosis. I get around fine,
just slow doing it. M.S. is like a headache but it's mine, you
can't catch it. I need a person who is peaceful, down-to-earth,
loves animals, is a non-smoker, and is trustworthy. Please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, for various reasons, is not open to the
public, we infrequently host permaculture interns who wish to
learn practical matters associated with permaculture design
implementation and maintenance. For details, see our Intern
frequently asked questions page at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and
related documents on our web site at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Our
location in North-Central Florida particularly suits internships
over the winter months. Interns here may simultaneously monitor
our online course at no tuition charge, if the internship occurs
while the course is in session. This option is subject to


WORK ON A LIVESTOCK FARM in Les Domaines, We need a worker to
help on a 100 hectare livestock farm in central France.
Accommodation for a single person or couple will be provided.
Previous experience with cattle and pigs as well as tractor
driving is useful but not essential. This is an ideal opportunity
to gain skills whilst living in one of the most beautiful parts
of France. We are an English family so there’s no need to
speak French – but a good chance to learn. A clean driving
license plus references are essential. This position is for EU
nationals only. Please call  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HOUSESITTER needed in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques area
July 3 to July 10, 2011. We are looking for someone to look after
our house and animals for one week. We have cats, dogs, chickens
and fish to see too. Must like the countryside and the quiet
life. This would be perfect for walkers and lovers of the
mountains and tranquility. A driving license is advised. Please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more details.


CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a 10 acre private horse farm, 80
miles east of Atlanta. The job is well suited for a mature,
physically fit, early retired couple looking for additional
income. Property is in a well kept gated community on Lake
Oconee. Duties include handling and upkeep of horses and other
pets, maintaining a small barn, yard work including lawns and
flower gardens, using equipment like a tractor and pressure
washer and being a general handy-man. Accommodation provided is a
one bedroom fully furnished apartment with balcony overlooking
pastures and lake. Utilities are included plus salary. We are
looking for a long term arrangement. Reliability and honesty are
essential and experience in all aspects of the job is required.
References are needed. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email 

WILDLIFE PRESERVE CARETAKER needed in the Jones County area (near
Macon). Work and/or education background in wildlife and/or
forestry is desired. Experience in food plot planting,
maintaining fence lines management of lakes, records kept of fish
and wildlife. Must have a valid GA driver’s license. Health
insurance, paid leave. Please apply in person, between 8 am - 5
pm, Monday – Friday at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or fax your


HOUSESITTER NEEDED for my home in the hilly countryside of
Hessia, Germany from November 1 to December 17, 2011. My home is
on two levels including a fenced-in backyard. I have a small
female wiener dog (2-years-old). The housesitter will need to
look after my dog and the house, take in the mail, and clear the
entrance of snow (unlikely to happen). You will have your own
room and bath, kitchen with a living area free for use. Please
email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY in Maui. Your stay may consist of helping
run and maintain the fruit stand, gardening, land maintenance,
care of the fruit orchards, coconut wood building projects, all
in a community living environment. Located on the North Shore of
the island of Maui, along the historical Hana Highway,
overlooking Waipio Bay. Incredible views, five minutes from
waterfalls, fresh water pools and the bamboo forest, and a 20
minute drive from Hookipa Beach Park for the best windsurfing and
surfing. Situated on an eight acre property with some vegetable
gardens and fruit orchards. Our main operation is running our
fruit stand along the Hana Highway. We work hard and we play
hard: surf, beach, bike, run, hike, and camping trips. We love
our reality and we are willing to share it with good healthy
beings. We ask 30 hours per week: about 6 hours a day, five days
a week: mostly morning or afternoon off with two days off to
explore Hawaii. Work varies depending on which projects we are
currently undertaking. Common tasks include: helping at the fruit
stand, mowing, weeding, weed eating, trimming, fertilizing,
planting, harvesting, building and maintenance, art and craft,
pottery and more environmental projects. We offer large tents: 8
by 10 to 10 by 16, on a wood platform, covered by a canopy, with
electricity, mattress, cupboard, hot shower, toilet, new
community kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, freezer, and blender.
We buy food once a week and try to meet everyone’s
requirements to supplement our gardens. Volleyball, basketball,
soccer, Foosball, biking, horse shoes, surfboards, body board,
snorkeling. Please visit our website to learn more:

SEEKING PERSON/COUPLE for studio rental, work exchange in Hana
Maui Botanical Garden, housekeeping. Should be a handy fixer, be
clean, and have good references. Please email

HELP NEEDED. Our off grid eco sustainable organic farm
incorporates organic sustainable agroecology, permaculture,
agroforestry, regenerative agriculture into our living
educational homestead project. We want to attract folks who have
more altruistic/giving personalities and who want to directly
stop the insanity, vs. self indulgence/takers who are looking for
a new adventure/vacation/cheap hangout (still about me, myself,
and I, escapism, and adding to the problem). Learn to become part
of the solution instead of part of the problem at Popai’s
educational living project. We are an educational living project
that aligns with peer reviewed scientific evidence that inspires
us to come up with solutions to co-create-caregive the mother of
us all in a fair, healthy, sustainable and responsible way. Rick
is a physician and needs help so that he can finish writing a
book and educate rather than medicate about creating a fair,
responsible, healthy and sustainable Earth. Do you feel the pulse
of the planet? Long term/occasional short term couples or single
folks, Peace Corp like folks, committed to deep ecology,
permaculture, and are health conscious,
drug/addiction/materialism free, responsible, energetic,
disciplined, fit, stable couple/single (age 20 - 40's) wanted. We
are asking that the couple/single "homestead dance" or
work trade in exchange for housing: 18 hours per week for single
or 28 hours a week per couple. Hours are flexible. The dance
entails: chopping coconuts, milking goats, coppicing nitrogen
fixing trees for green manure and fodder, garden/structure
maintenance, making dog food and supplements for the cats. We use
only hand tools such as loppers, bow saws, pruning saws, axes and
transport fodder, green/animal manures in wheelbarrows. Six
months minimum stay, but occasionally open to short term. Four
structures are available with panoramic ocean views, rain water
catchment stored in ferro-cement tanks, hot shower, stove,
refrigerator, wireless internet, surfing four miles away,
snorkeling 1½ miles. Please send your resume, references,
and photo to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or snail mail to


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED from August 31 to September 14, 2011. We will
be working on a few different projects, mainly collecting wild
berries and gathering the ingredients as Icelanders used to cater
themselves some decades ago when the country and this region in
particular were very isolated and transport of
“foreign” goods and products was almost non-existent.
We will be counting and registering information regarding the
plants and trees that grow in the area. Other tasks might include
maintaining hiking trails and pathways in the area of Langibotn
and putting up signs and descriptive information charts for the
trails. We might also take part in a media project which may
include photography and filmmaking. We will be hosted in a local
house in Bíldudalur; bringing a sleeping bag is necessary.
Food ingredients will be provided and a kitchen will be
available, volunteers will share the duties of cooking and
cleaning activities. Perhaps one of Iceland's most remote areas,
the Fjord of the Eagles, Arnarfjörður, is located in the
West fjords at 65º´ north of the Equator, close to the
northern most part of the country and in the area is the
western-most point of Iceland and Europe, Látrabjarg. The
distance from Reykjavik is 475 km (7 hours drive) by the Whale
Bay tunnel. Bíldudalur, is a small sea-side village, built
on the slopes between mountain and sea, on a spectacular fjord
inlet, famed for its beautiful landscape and good weather. The
summers are often very warm and sunny with gentle breezes,
conditions which are hospitable for fishing, swimming, hiking and
a variety of other activities. The vicinity offers a variety of
interesting places to explore and hiking and mountain climbing
are popular. The sheer beauty of the region attracts people and
tourism has started to play an increasing role recently. Please
visit us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or contact us via email at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or call us in Iceland at 


to live in your own RV on our property in north Idaho. Help with
horses, cats, a dog and doing some maintenance. This would be
great for those who love the out-of-doors. No smoking or drugs.
For more information, please call  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


AN INDIANAPOLIS FAMILY seeks a couple to care for their large,
beautiful home. The gentleman should be an experienced handyman
who can provide small repairs and care for the automobiles and
dogs. The woman will be responsible for cooking family-style
meals for them and their three children two or three nights a
week, cleaning up afterwards, and light housekeeping. The family
already employs full-time Housecleaners and other staff. This is
a wonderful opportunity for a couple who enjoys participating in
the bustle of a busy, thriving family. Salary commensurate with
skills and experience and includes living accommodations and
benefits. Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for


WE HAVE a native plant and grass nursery business on 640 acres
where we grow plants and grasses for resale. We are seeking
volunteer interns now through September who can stay for four to
five months or less. We have a furnished house with laundry and
anything you would need to live. You could eat meals with us if
you want. Besides farming, we'd love your help with alternative
construction and energy, and restoration projects. Expect to be
weeding, planting, whatever needs to be done. Transportation is
available. English only is spoken. The house is set up for a
family if necessary or for two adults. Let us know about special
diet needs. You must like to work outside. This is a very
family-oriented business. We have children involved and some
grandchildren. Please email  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


of Italy, in Piemonte. Our place is where different cultures,
local and foreigners can meet and different events can be
organized. You can come as guest, or as a volunteer. Volunteers
can come for a long-term period (two months minimum) or for a
short-term period (two weeks). The volunteer will be the host of
the place, so he or she will enjoy the area, take care of the
house, of the guest, and of the people who pass through here,
helping the organization of events, and interacting with the
local community, basing the job on Karma Yoga, which means
worrying about giving, instead of receiving. We need volunteers
who can share their knowledge offering: massages, meditation or
healing sessions, workshops, and yoga. Also, there is sometimes
the possibility to do some work for a few days regarding
gardening and house cleaning, cultural promotion, or something
connected with second-hand clothes. There is nothing planned
before, so the volunteer will create the space and the situations
right for themselves, according with his or her vision of the
reality. We believe that each person who passes through here will
teach and learn something, in a sharing process as it is
intercultural. We also host travelers who stay here for a short
time, a couple of days, for free. Please write to us and we will
send you more details. We will need your profile for being a
volunteer. The volunteers and the travelers will be hosted in a
flat in the beautiful old center of the city. You will live in a
kind of communitarian spirit, but depending on the moment,
sometimes you can be alone, sometimes with different people.

HOUSESITTER NEEDED in Barga, Lucca, Tuscany from July 24th to
August 11th, 2011 for our five bedroom house with stunning view
and pool. The housesitter will also have to care for our two
goats, two dogs, and eight cats – and our fruit and
vegetable gardens. Must be a responsible animal lover and have
the patience to water the garden every day. For more details,

“Desert Gem Caretaker – Troy Irvine”
Date of Birth: May 20, 1944
Address: c/o The Caretaker Gazette, 3 Estancia Lane, Boerne, TX
Interests: Books, books, books, writing, public and private
education, technology, science, history, performing arts, movies,
bicycling, nature, the media, and travel 
Quotes: “We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not
breaths; in feelings, not in figures on the dial; we should count
time by heart throbs.  He lives most who thinks most, feels the
noblest, acts the best.” – G. Bailey   To which Troy
adds:  “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of

Troy Irvine

        In the upper reach of the ruggedly beautiful Sonoran
Desert of Arizona rested a 40-year-old gem of a home that seemed
to spring up naturally from the mountain foothill rock on which
it was built. Before his death, Frank Lloyd Wright, the master
American architect, visited this unique Sonoran desert home,
admiring the structure for its connection to the land, openness,
and views all around with large rooms set at angles. There are
Wrightesque design touches throughout the interior and exterior
of the home, including graphic accents.
        Troy Irvine, the property caretaker, knew the owner and
designer of this home prior to the older man’s death in
1997. In addition to caring for the home and gardens, Troy spent
several weekends with the 92-year-old man, cooking for him and
having many long talks. He learned that the owner had not only
designed and built the home (with no architectural training), but
this Renaissance man was also a miner, hydrologist, rare book
collector and trader, photographer, and artist.
        The large, custom home was designed and built to
entertain visitors (writers, artists, scientists) from throughout
the world with cabana guest quarters located next to the pool. A
separate guesthouse sat just below the main house. Barbecue
grills and large cement benches surrounded the house, attesting
to heavy entertaining. Desert river rock along with copper and
turquoise rocks were used sparingly in panels inside and out,
lending understated color and complementing the wooden ceiling
        This was the third large property that Troy has served as
caretaker for. Troy says, “I always get in touch with
nature on the properties where I live by eating the fruit growing
on it or by making a tea from an indigenous plant. This Sonoran
Desert home had bunches of rosemary and I’ve even made a
tea from its delicate blossoms. I kept water in a shallow cement
pond behind the house for wildlife and left food out for the
javelina (wild pigs), which often lounged around the kitchen
porch—as many as a dozen at a time including babies. One
year I had two rattlesnakes removed 12 hours apart just outside
the back door. Before I moved in, the owner allowed a rattler
named ‘Irk’ to live just off the porch at one end.
You always needed to wear shoes outside and look around where you
were walking. I was stung by a scorpion once, which was lying in
my bed under the covers.”
        With glorious sunsets and with a mountain blocking the
nightglow of Phoenix 1,200 feet below to the south, nighttimes
were pure American West. Two coyote packs howled at the moon
nearby, and the stars at night were large and brilliant,
unobstructed by the Phoenix smog in the valley below. There was
no other sound, save for an occasional night owl. According to
Troy, “It was the total quietness and sense of aloneness
(the house was located at the end of a private road, behind a
locked gate) that I, like the original owner, enjoyed so
        During the week, Troy was often away from the property
during the day, either teaching high school journalism and
English or taking classes at Arizona State University, where he
was completing a Master of Education with a specialty in
Curriculum and Instruction. Caretaking enabled Troy to live rent
free in a beautiful home and setting while pursuing a career as a
teacher and writing articles for several magazines, including an
article about this unique property. As luck would have it, during
the years Troy was caretaking the property ASU researchers were
tracking two Gila monsters (America’s largest and only
venomous lizard) in the area around the house. Troy recalls,
"I grew up as a teenager in Scottsdale and have been coming
up to this part of the Sonoran Desert for years for hiking. I had
leased a prominent old home there before, and really felt like I
        Troy says that he was given only one duty upon moving in
as property caretaker: look after the house and property.
Furnishing it with his own belongings, he easily settled in. He
adds, “Now that I’ve experienced property caretaking
and enjoyed the freedom and quality of life it affords, I would
like to continue caretaking elsewhere—hopefully near a
university where I can finish my master’s degree, and
hopefully where there is water or forest, or both. I've been
fortunate to live in a great house with a million dollar view and
look forward to finding another great caretaking situation via
the pages of The Caretaker Gazette.”

 The view of the Sonoran Desert from the front of the


CARETAKER NEEDED to live on a historic museum property. Free rent
of one bedroom apartment is available in exchange for caretaker
duties. Must be available nights and weekends for tours, special
events and security. Details and an application are available in
person Tuesday – Saturday from 10 - 4, at


A MAINE SPORTING CAMP on the River needs help. Join the staff at
our remote, rustic, year round hunting and fishing lodge, eight
miles from a paved road and off the grid. A love of hunting,
fishing and the outdoors is a must. We offer hunting, fishing,
canoeing, snowmobiling, (real wilderness experiences!) and we
need your help. The camp has eleven wood heated log cabins with
indoor plumbing, a lodge with radio phone, satellite internet,
DirecTV, kitchen and dining room that seats 42 people. The two
positions available are as follows:
1) Maintenance: Must have good mechanics experience and must be
able to maintain power generators and all camp equipment. Must be
competent with construction tools, chainsaw, (30 cords of
firewood a year), maintenance and use of tractors, mowers, and
snowplows. Must be competent at painting, basic woodworking,
electrical and plumbing. Will perform various overall repairs and
maintenance of lodge and cabins. Will assist head guide with hunt
2) Cook: On an ‘as needed basis’ when American Plan
clients are booked. Cleanliness is top priority! Family style
meals. All meals are prepared from scratch ingredients and not
from cans or packages. Breads and desserts are baked fresh.
Should have a working knowledge of bookkeeping, computer,
internet correspondence, record keeping. Will assist with booking
and scheduling of hunts. 
Both: Must be comfortable living remotely, and have good
communication skills and the ability to work well with people.
Must be willing to help out in all areas when needed. Will have a
solid loyalty to the camp and its successful operation. All
meals, housing, salary and paid vacations provided. Security and
drug check. References required. Please send resumes to


SHORT-TERM VOLUNTEERS needed by the beach in Berlin, MD. While
inside quarters are tight right now, we occasionally have indoor
space available for short-term stays and camping is always
available. Please check out XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX You’ll see
that we are an organic farm seeking greater sustainability. Tired
of reading about a simpler life and sustainability, we are on our
journey (nowhere close to our destination), so come try it out.
Vacation from your normal life for a few days or a few weeks.
Come learn and grow with us.


NEED A SINGLE SUMMER HOUSESITTER for my small home in Cambridge.
My home is a three bedroom/two bath and is located just a few
blocks from MIT. You can relax here, escape the stress of the
outside world, and enjoy my small garden area. Must be a cat
lover, and be able to care for my two male cats this summer. Need
a housesitter to start on July 1 and stay through September 15,
2011. Please email Angela at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and explain why
you would be interested in my cat’s care and housesitting
for me this summer. Thanks.


HOUSE/PET-SITTER NEEDED for a lovely, warm, ecological house in a
beautiful mountain forest setting on a five acre farm near
Zirahuen, Michoacan, Mexico from January 15 - December 15, 2012.
A large one-bedroom, strawbale house, with compost toilet will be
provided. Large greenhouse, rainwater collection, all amenities,
wood stove, firewood, three dogs, two cats, and chickens.
Gardener comes three times/week, housekeeper once/month. We are
twenty minutes by car from Patzcuaro, and two km from Zirahuen.
Photos available. Please email resume/references to


Township apartment community. Will be responsible for all aspects
of property management. Show and lease apartments, resident
relations, with some maintenance experience. We are looking for
someone who will take pride in their work. Please send resumes to


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. My property is ten miles from the town of
Natchez, MS, 90 miles from the airport, and two miles from a
paved road. The property adjoins a 35,000 acre wildlife refuge.
The accommodations are in an 1800 era brick building, with two
upstairs bedrooms, and a shared bathroom downstairs, and a shared
kitchen for fixing your own meals. This will be in exchange for
garden/grounds work. The property owner's library will be
available, and a computer hookup is also available. Interesting
local history tours, hiking, and biking are available.
Volunteers’ detailed background/references are required


A ST. LOUIS FAMILY seeks a hands-on, live-out Household Manager.
They have two teenagers and two cats living in a 10,000 sq. ft.
home. The perfect candidate will be responsible for caring for
the home and ensure that it is clean and beautiful, running
errands, overseeing any contractors and vendors, and anything
else required to keep the home running smoothly. This family has
had a maid for many years, but they now want someone who can run
the household as well as keep it clean. If you are seeking a
loving family to be a part of, and the satisfaction of running
and caring for an efficient household, this is the perfect
opportunity for you! Salary and benefits are commensurate with
experience. Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for


NESTLED IN THE TREES, on two acres bordering Cottonwood Creek in
Clyde Park, Montana sits an amazing little horse farm. Turnkey
horse facilities include: split rail fencing, numerous corrals
and outbuildings, shelters, automatic waterers, hay storage shed,
and a round pen. This, added to: an easy access location; a
quaint 16'x16' bunkhouse with "charming" outhouse; art
studio; machine shed; and a fabulously renovated artistic home
are all part of this Big Sky Montana dream. This would be perfect
for any adventurous, free spirited, non-smoking single or couple.
Would like to trade (or partial trade) for a horse property/land
in Hawai'i or the California Coast area (starting this fall) or
lease (deposit, credit check, resume and references required), or
sell. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more details, or
email Wendy with your details at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE needed to maintain a "get-away" ranch
property for a family near Missoula. Qualified candidates need to
have experience working on an estate, be highly knowledgeable in
building, mechanical maintenance and repairs, enjoy rural living,
and have good housekeeping and cooking skills. This is a
year-round position. A two bedroom cottage on the property is
provided. We offer an excellent salary and benefits package.
Please email resumes to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER working at one of the most unique and untouched
places in the lower 48. A small remote Montana mountain resort is
seeking applicants with kitchen/housekeeping experience. Hours
vary. Flexibility a must. Outdoor lovers will be comfortable
living in a remote location. Applicants with their own RV
preferred. Resume, recent photo, and references required. For
more information check out our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To
apply, please send your resume, photos, references and contact


Invitation to travelers, adventurers, and students of eco-tourism
from around the world… come and enjoy the adventures and
challenges of life in Montenegro. Apply your experiences or
studies in a stunning and exciting environment full of
opportunity. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is pleased to be able to offer
a number of modestly paid intern/volunteer positions to positive
individuals who can afford to get here, are willing to get by on
a modest local salary (we throw in accommodation and meals) and
are excited by the idea of applying their skills in a completely
different environment this summer. Our small hostel has its own
vibe with its own tipi’s, garden for campers, barbeque,
veggie patch, fruit trees, with a beach down the road, a good
flow of travelers, and a need for energetic, proactive, young,
hip individuals with good ideas to make sure the good times keep
rolling whatever the crowd and that a stay at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX will be the highlight of a guest trip.
Please contact us to find out more about this opportunity by


CARETAKER/TOURGUIDE OPPORTUNITY: management of a large two story
vacation rental home in Las Vegas with motor home and RV parking
availability. Applicant must have personality, love of people,
adventure, and have a can do attitude. Handyman background, good
driving record, and a love of touring our national parks are very
helpful. I provide you a place to live and a touring van. You
will earn a very good living providing service to my guests on
tips alone. Plus you will earn a percent of the touring intake.
Your pets are not allowed. House cleaning and grounds maintenance
is also part of the job. This is full-time employment. Please
call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more details.


AN ORGANIC GARDEN needs a caretaker in Salem County. You will
never starve. I am looking for someone who likes farming or
gardening. I have a lot of land, but, not enough time or freedom
to take care of it the way I want. If you like gardening, and
organic food, I have good land, no pesticides, lots of acreage
and want to turn it into a community garden. If you need a place
to stay and have a trailer, we may be able to work something out
with that too. If you are interested, please call

PROPERTY CARETAKER needed for a private estate in Red Bank. The
position requires a full-time caretaker to oversee the
maintenance of a large home. Caretaker responsibilities will
include: house repairs and oversight of the lawn and landscaping;
required to drive the family car occasionally and run errands for
the lady of the house. Must have a general understanding of
mechanical systems and required preventative maintenance. Must be
able to set priorities and work without daily oversight but still
get all the tasks done timely. Must have good references and a
respectable credit record, and speak English. Compensative salary
and benefits, and cottage on the property provided rent-free.
Please fax your resume (or a letter outlining your job history)
and salary history to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

GROUNDSKEEPER/CARETAKER needed year round, long-term for a remote
homestead in Northern NJ. We are looking for a self-motivated
individual/couple to care for our large vegetable garden, fruit
trees, lawns and landscaping. Duties include: all aspects of
vegetable and fruit gardening, mowing, landscaping, firewood,
snow removal, related equipment maintenance, property security
during owner's absence and general property care and building
maintenance. Small salary provided, along with the private use of
a three bedroom, two bath caretaker’s house. No children or
pets. Must have a clean driving record and a clean drug check.
Please email your resume and/or qualifications to


VOLUNTEER HELP needed. I have a fully sustainable farm/renewable
energy learning center powered by wind, sun and biogas. It
borders a beautiful mountain wilderness in northern New Mexico,
next to lakes, rivers and hot springs. Helpers can expect nice
accommodations (there are several apartments) and excellent local
food (e.g. trout, mushrooms organic greens etc.); tasks are
varied and range from farming, taking care of livestock, to
construction and repair of energy systems, or picking mushrooms
at 11,000’ altitude. There are also all kinds of
food-related tasks such as baking bread or fermenting root
vegetables and cabbage into kim chee, or making kombucha, so
those interested can learn all about  the aspects of sustainable
living, on actually existing systems - not just theory. It is
also a great place to see low-budget building methods such as
adobe (mud brick) strawbale, pumicecrete, pallets and earthships
(my neighbor's, not mine). Longer stays work better for me. It
takes a while to understand how my house works. Due to slow
internet I prefer to be contacted by phone, but short emails will
be answered in even shorter replies. Pets may be okay, but need
to prove they don't harass my livestock - though I do have emus
that harass dogs. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX first, and
then contact me. Thanks.

URGENT - caretaker position open now. We need a live-in caretaker
in northeastern New Mexico on a remote cattle ranch. Furnished
studio apartment, DSL, utilities, and TV provided. Position
includes care of an elderly man who uses a power chair,
assistance with use of bathroom lift, meals, bathing and
dressing, coverage for my town trips and respite time, and farm
chores, feeding animals, and gardening. No pets, drugs, alcohol
or smoking. Stipend provided. Congenial atmosphere! Please email


LONG-TERM CARETAKER(S) needed for a 40 acre start-up farm in the
Adirondacks - near skiing, lakes, and mountains. Looking for a
caretaker/animal caretaker. We are starting a small sustainable
farm. We had a dog rescue, so we have nine dogs, one cat, will
have chickens, dairy/fiber goats, and sheep. Responsibilities
include finishing up carpentry on barn/apartment if capable,
fencing, garden set-up, dogs/animals in mornings and evenings,
and milking dairy goats. Two hours in the morning and evening,
full-time, three weeks a year. Full room in a new apartment. No
salary now, possible in the future. If handy with carpentry,
could start ASAP. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LONG-TERM, LIVE-IN CARETAKER needed for a multiple building camp
in upstate NY. The caretaker position will be responsible for
hands on repair and preventative maintenance of the following
buildings, equipment and systems: eighteen buildings with
plumbing, electricity and HVAC systems, numerous accessory
structures, electric boats, gas powered boats, wood and canvas
canoes, sailboats, waste system consisting of several pump
stations, water supply system, electrical distribution system,
fire pump system, 250 kw generator and switching gear, security
system. automobiles, lawn mowers, snow blowing equipment,
electric golf carts, bicycles, etc., gravel and asphalt roads,
including snow removal, and cleanliness of grounds, upkeep of
lawns, spring tree planting. During periods when the owners
and/or guests are residing on the camp, this position is
responsible for assisting in the facilitation of various events,
such as canoe trips, outdoor meals, etc. Must have good
interpersonal skills and excellent written and oral communication
skills. Position requires that caretaker live on the property and
maintain a security presence 24/7 between themselves and other
staff. Location is fairly secluded and is better suited to
couples whose children are grown. Applicants will be subject to a
background check and drug testing. The camp is a non-smoking
facility. Please send resumes to Caretaker, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER/MAINTENANCE person needed for a large camp in South
Fallsburg, NY. Must be responsible and live on premises all year
round. Must have experience in general maintenance and
landscaping. Please fax your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, in Callicoon, NY. Couples preferred, kids
are OK; also ideal for an energetic retired or semi-retired
couple. No pets allowed. A two bedroom house plus heat will be
provided in exchange for the care and maintenance of facilities
and grounds. This is a year-round position. Please write to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with list of qualifications and three


CARETAKER(S) NEEDED on my historic farm near Trondheim that
includes livestock, organic produce, grains, restoring buildings
and pastures, pony riding and a B&B. Room and board provided
in exchange for work initially, with the potential for a stipend.
Experience necessary. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more


A POWELL, OH ADULT COUPLE is seeking an expert Housecleaner with
at least five years' experience working in a wealthy home to care
for their museum-quality home with dogs to begin immediately. The
right candidate will be one who takes pride in his or her work,
be very detail-oriented and be able to detail-clean meticulously.
Must also have an attractive, professional presence; be a
non-smoker; be punctual; have a pleasant personality; and have
dependable transportation. This is a live-out position. Salary
$50,000-$60,000 as commensurate with skills and experience.
Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for


CARETAKER POSITION available. A couple is preferred. Duties
include grounds maintenance, cooking skills a plus, but not
required. House and utilities provided. To apply, please submit

CARETAKER needed for a small horse farm in the Tulsa area.
Caretaker must live on-site. To apply, please mail your resume
and references to: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

A PARK HOST is needed in Skiatook Lake/Birch Lake on Birch Cove B
Loop. Skiatook Lake is located on Hominy Creek in Osage County.
The Park Host volunteers are needed from November 1, 2011 to
April 1, 2012 to assist the staff in day to day operations on the
camping loop over the winter. To apply or obtain more
information, please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


VEGANS WANTED. Vegan single or couple with fifth-wheel or travel
trailer needed. What we have to offer: an existing RV hook up on
our ranch, a small stipend, fresh vegetables from the garden, the
option of keeping your horse here, breathtaking views and the
luxury of enjoying wide open spaces without having to pay the
property taxes. What you have to do: shovel shit (literally),
mend fences, repair outbuildings, work in the vegetable garden,
help clean house when needed, and any and everything else that is
needed to maintain this wonderful lifestyle. We are a couple who
strives to live a sustainable lifestyle while operating an
agricultural animal sanctuary on what was once a working cattle
ranch. If what we have described is the way you wish to spend the
precious days of life allotted to you here on this earth, please
contact us so we can start a conversation. Additional
information: the sanctuary is run in cooperation with the County
Sheriff’s Office who will participate in the interview
process and also do the background checks. Random drug testing is
a required for this position. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Take a look XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We would like a mature couple
that would like to work part time here on our farm. As you can
see we live on a great place with many amenities. The work
includes typical farm work, animals to care for, tractor work,
maintenance of buildings, and fences. There is also computer
kinds of work and a garden to care for. If you ever thought about
living the farm life here is your opportunity.  We are still
expanding production. There is opportunity here. Housing and we
grow most of our food. A minimum stipend to start. Opportunity
for growth in income is relative to production. Serious
applicants, please email your resume and references to


CARETAKER NEEDED for a four bedroom in Berwyn. Available for
occupancy, together with part-time hours doing household care
taking, errands, etc. for a couple living in neighboring house,
who also own NJ shore property and are away for a portion of the
winter. Time required and rent negotiable. The available home is
within walking distance to a middle school, Conestoga, and the
Berwyn train station. Please mail inquiries to Caretaker

CARETAKER COUPLE needed to maintain and oversee an executive
country estate in Weatherly. The property owner with a secluded
estate in the Pocono Mountains seeks an active retired couple to
assist in managing his private family residence, two rental
cottages, and extended outdoor property including private
airstrip and gardens in a quiet secluded area. This is a unique
lifestyle opportunity for a couple wishing to reside on a
secluded estate. This is not a 40 hour work week which allows for
either spouse to hold an additional part time position or simply
to leave quality living time to experience the outdoor private
setting. The caretaker couple will receive comfortable living
accommodations (excluding utilities), $10,000 year income, access
to estate property amenities, opportunities for gardening
(personal garden plot), fishing, biking, swimming, hunting,
skiing, golfing, snowmobiling, and private wooded trails for
hiking. The ideal team will be a retired, trustworthy and
reliable, active married couple who enjoy a four season climate
in the nature and outdoors. His skills: a gentleman of
‘jack of all trade’ mechanical talents either
developed through a general contracting background and-or
mechanical, landscaping or farming background, capable of tending
to overall general repairs of farm tractors and equipment, lawn
maintenance, general gardening skills. And have the ability to
work with no supervision. Her skills: personable, organized and
detailed, computer literate with basic Microsoft Word skills, to
assist with light bookkeeping, confirming reservations and
information for rental cottage guests (only two cottages), light
housekeeping and cottage guest preparation, and gardening. There
will be a maximum of 20 hours a week expected in the above tasks
(couple combined). Must have an additional supplemental income,
social security, pension, to cover personal medical exposure.
Have or apply and obtain a PA driver’s license and provide
three character references. There will be a background check and
a one month trial period. To apply, please email your personal
resume profile with video or photo introduction to

A PITTSBURGH ADULT COUPLE seeks a live-out Housekeeper or
Houseman who is very detail oriented. Responsibilities include
housekeeping, laundry, walking two small dogs three times a day,
and cooking breakfast, light lunches, and dinners to be
refrigerated and then reheated by the employers. The couple has
exacting standards and desires their home to sparkle with
everything in its proper place at all times. This is a marvelous
opportunity for an extremely professional and exacting
Housekeeper or Houseman. Salary and benefits are commensurate
with experience. Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
for consideration.

FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed. Will be responsible for the grounds
and facility maintenance. A small residence will be provided.
Please mail your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE wanted for a permanent position to maintain an
estate in Montgomery County PA. Work would include lawn and
garden care, house cleaning, some carpenter work, etc.
Compensation would be free rent and utilities in exchange for
labor. A like new two bedroom apartment is available for you to
enjoy. Please respond to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER NEEDED for a camp in West Chester, PA. You would live
on camp grounds year-round and maintain buildings, grounds and
pool. In summer, you will ensure that the pool is functioning.
Must have: PA state child abuse clearance, valid driver's license
and insurance, basic handyman and maintenance skills, and two
references. Local residency preferred. Compensation during summer
months commensurate with experience. Assistance with utilities. 
Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with Camp Caretaker in the
Subject Line.


MATURE COUPLE needed for a small Rhode Island farm property.
Caretaker and horse lover needed for property maintenance. Must
have general horse knowledge to take care of three to four
horses. I have a new barn, and three bedroom/two bath house. This
is a quiet country area, with water access. Looking for a couple
wanting a permanent situation. Must have an excellent work ethic,
be motivated, and take pride in results. Related experience.
Summer in New England, and winter in Florida. Please contact me
via email at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, or call my cell at


COUPLE REQUIRED for a beautiful country estate house in
Perthshire. The couple will be responsible for all aspects of
housekeeping, high standard cooking, driving and general
maintenance in and around the house and grounds. First class
references are essential together with an enthusiastic, flexible
and responsible approach to the position. Excellent separate
accommodations and pay package provided to the right team. Please
apply in writing to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Scotland.

HOUSEKEEPER required for an Edinburgh household. This
position’s duties will include ironing, cleaning, making
beds, etc. Job will take four hours/day. Please mail your
application and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Scotland.


HORSE HELP needed. We are a horse ranch that just started a
non-profit organization using equine therapy to help our veterans
and their families with the invisible effects of war on their
families and children. Our mission is to also help at risk youth,
young adults and their families, along with our horse rescue
program. Using rescued horses to rescue people. We are looking
for help with horses, i.e. riding, feeding and ranch work. We are
also looking for help with clearing building sites and building
cabins. You can see pictures on my website at


A SOUTH TEXAS CATTLE RANCH is looking for a bilingual couple with
good work ethics. Will be working with fencing, cattle, some
horse work, heavy machinery, welding, windmill and water wells.
Wife needs to be able to help with house cleaning and yard work.
Housing, utilities, salary, benefits, and a vehicle for ranch use
included. Please mail resumes to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and include
a call back phone number. The hiring need is immediate.

RANCH CARETAKER COUPLE NEEDED for a ranch north of Hondo, TX.
Responsibilities include cooking for 6 - 10 people, cleaning of a
large ranch house with tile floors, cleaning of guest houses,
laundry, purchasing groceries as needed, caring for pets and pool
and koi pond, maintenance/repairs, yard work, gardening, and
ranch vehicle upkeep. Will provide salary depending on experience
and furnished living accommodations with paid utilities. Must
have a valid driver’s license and be physically healthy,
with cheerful attitude, and no criminal history. Non-smokers are
preferred. Please send info to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

NEED A RANCH COUPLE with cow experience to work with the owner
and crew. This is a cow/calf operation. A three bedroom house (on
school bus route) will be provided. Please state your age and
matrimonial status and mail to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER/RENTER NEEDED in central Texas from mid-June to
mid-September. We have a 100-acre ranch with lovely three
bedroom/two bath home. Garden, cats, dogs, chickens, horses need
care. You pay for TV, wi-fi, and electric. Please email

CARETAKER NEEDED. Looking for a married couple for a ranch in
West Texas. No ranching duties. No kids, smoking, or drugs. Care
of housing, grounds, roads and vehicles for absentee owners.
Cleaning, some cooking, and light laundry. Modest salary,
housing, utilities, and ranch vehicle provided. Please send your
qualifications, prior employment history with dates, and salary

A MATURE PERSON is needed to perform wildlife management chores
and manage hunting dogs south of San Antonio. Housing, salary and
vehicle provided. Must be a self-starter familiar with farming
and hunting techniques and willing to do the work. Will also
assist with a cow/calf operation as the schedule allows. To
apply, please fax your resume and references to

RANCH MANAGER needed for an Arabian ranch in Mineola, TX. We need
an experienced couple for management and training. Must have
foaling and breeding experience. Duties include feeding, cleaning
stalls, maintenance, etc. This is a working manager position -
not an executive position. Benefits include great weather in the
best part of Texas, a custom furnished log home, truck,
utilities, cable and telephone plus $250 per week per person. No
pets allowed. No smoking, drinking, must pass criminal background
check and have a good driving record. Please email your resume


VOLUNTEER PARK HOST needed at North Hartland Lake. One couple
with their own RV needed to volunteer. Work three days and
receive three days off. Volunteers answer visitor questions,
provide directions and other assistance, collect day use fee and
track visitation. In exchange for volunteering, hosts will be
provided a RV campsite with water, sewer and electric hookup (30
or 50 amp) within walking distance of the fee booth. Couples will
work together. Please mail your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


FARM CARETAKER COUPLE needed. We are looking for a couple to work
together with us on our farm in Virginia. He must have experience
using farm equipment and maintenance, responsibilities include
care for our cattle, horses, and small animals; fences and
pastures; landscaping and lawn maintenance; general handyman work
to maintain our facilities and other duties as tasked. Her duties
include care and cleaning of our home, guesthouses, and gardens.
Farm work is not a 9:00 - 5:00 job and may vary daily and
seasonally. The right candidate must be flexible and willing to
use good time management to get the job done. We provide a
salary, house, and other benefits. Candidates must be
non-smokers, no drugs, in good health, and agree to a background
check. Please contact us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with resumes,
photos, and references if you are interested.

beautiful 30 acre farm in Northern Virginia. Live rent-free in a
spacious one plus bedroom carriage house with luxury amenities,
including Wi-Fi, stainless steel kitchen, dishwasher,
washer/dryer, built-in bookshelves, mountain and pastoral views.
Currently furnished, can be unfurnished. In exchange you would
assist our dressage trainer with feeding horses, cleaning stalls,
turn-outs, general barn cleaning and a few other duties to help
keep the farm running smoothly. Hours are part-time, but help is
needed mornings and evenings six days per week. Handyman skills a
plus. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, this is a very lovely
estate one hour west of Washington, DC. Candidates must have a
strong background in horse care with excellent references.
Perfect for a retired couple or single with an outside source of
income. May bring one horse for training. Please email

HOUSESITTER NEEDED mid-June to mid-September in the Manassas area
to water houseplants, outside plants, mow the lawn, and bring in
the mail. For details please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a new, vibrant, living and learning
center seeking on and off-site partners interested in the
co-evolution of an ecologically, socially abundant and resilient
world. Located near Sedro Woolley, Washington, the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is perched on a hillside overlooking the
Skagit River Valley and fertile farmlands below, with mountains
beyond. We are a community for cultivation, healing, and creative
arts, community living, cottage industry, and many other bright
possibilities. We welcome interested parties who would like to
explore their niche at our large yet humble and evolving place.
To learn more, please visit our website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A WASHINGTON, DC FAMILY is seeking a Household Manager in a large
metropolitan home. This is an immediate, long-term, live-out
position, with the possibility of being live-in. Three adults and
three children live here. Responsibilities include general and
detail cleaning, home organization, grocery shopping, driving,
home renovations, help prepping children’s meals, and
assisting the mother of one of the homeowners. The ideal
candidate will be experienced, non-smoking, and enjoy being
around the triplet children. Should also be personable,
hard-working and flexible. Approximate hours are Monday through
Friday, 8am - 6pm, with an hour for lunch. Annual salary $50,000
to $60,000 (commensurate with experience and skills) and includes
a car for work-related use and full benefits, including medical
and dental insurance. If interested, please contact the


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX hosts volunteer work groups. Volunteers
contribute 35 hours per week of work in exchange for room and
board. We will host several work camps, several volunteer
weekends and seek to fill specific volunteer positions. All
long-term volunteer positions require an initial interview visit
of three to four days. Occasionally, we have need of a short-term
volunteer with building, carpentry, woodworking or house painting
experience. In general, we work with the land and actively
contribute in our local community. Expect to find the lines
between work and play blur and disappear during your stay here,
and experience time speeding up and slowing down simultaneously.
Expect to work on a variety of projects. To apply, please
complete our “How can I Help?” form at


BARTER LABOR for rent in Wisconsin Rapids. Long-term sheep and
yarn business internship available at Kimmet Croft Fiber. I have
a flock of 40 Merino sheep and a herd of German Angora rabbits.
My interest is in raising sheep and producing quality yarns. If
you are interested in this business internship, please contact
Janice Becker by calling XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or emailing


BEAUTIFUL GUEST FACILITY in a historic old stone ranch house
needs a cook/facility manager/caretaker. The seven bedroom newly
remodeled home serves as a cookhouse for a large working ranch as
well as a destination for guests, corporate retreats, weddings,
and family reunions. The ranch is located in a beautiful setting
in the foothills of the Laramie Mountains at Horse Creek,
Wyoming. This position is mainly for a cook for the ranch
operation and would include cooking daily for four people as well
as cooking for up to eighty people on occasion. Food handling and
cooking experience is necessary. Please email your resume to

TWO DIFFERENT RANCH POSITIONS available. 1. Ranch couple needed
for private family ranch on a remote mountain ranch in
southeastern Wyoming. Woman will handle housekeeping of buildings
along with maintaining yard and landscaping. We need an
experienced electrician/plumber/carpenter to maintain/improve the
main house and several outbuildings. Housing, utilities, salary,
vehicle, insurance plan. Must pass background/credit check.
Please email your resume to  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
 2. Horseman needed for Wyoming private family ranch. Responsible
for training riders of different levels, trail rides, farrier
work, maintaining barn facilities and landscaping, fencing, and
general ranch duties. Carpentry skills a plus. Seasonal with long
term potential. Must pass background/credit check. Please send


Professional Caretaker Available – Security –
Bonded. Have 10 years experience in pet/property maintenance.
I am a neat, clean-cut, gentleman, 50, and licensed wildlife
rescue agent. I am a huge animal/nature lover - animals are my
life/passion. I am dependable, honest, trustworthy, uniformed,
have a chauffeurs license, and excellent references. Seek a
Michigan position in Byron, Hartland, Holly, Howell, Fenton,
Grand Blanc, Linden, or Swartz Creek. I am also geographically
flexible for the right circumstances. Please call Jeff at

Conservative, honest, stable (married 23 years, same job 21+
years) couple with large (11, home-educated children) family
seeking a farm/ranch caretaker opportunity in the St Louis area.
Experience in farm/cattle operations, large machinery,
agricultural production, and kennel operations with agricultural
education. Property owners for 20 years. Owned multiple small
businesses. Don't smoke/drink. Available late July/early August.
Please contact Jerry by calling XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or emailing

Wanted to rent: Retiree with verifiable pension seeks
small cottage/guesthouse in quiet rural area of Southeast
Florida. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or call

Los Angeles Area Housing Exchange sought by RN Nurse for
presence, expertise, and supervisory skills. Single mature woman
with UCLA job three evenings/week available as on-site consultant
and/or intermittent caregiver (e.g. injections, wound care,
etc.). Loves kids, has Autism experience. Does not smoke or
party. Prefer guesthouse/pool house or apartment with separate
entrance, full bath, and kitchenette. Serious inquiries only.

NY/CT Area: Mature, single female seeking seasonal
housesitting/petsitting during the months I reside in the US
(September through May). I will take care of your house/apartment
and/or pet. Currently work as a Night Manager at a Hotel in
Norway. Dual citizenship, excellent skills to handle your affairs
and keep you updated while you are away. Will provide references.

Professional Caretaker + AQHA Gelding featured in the
May/June 1999 issue of The Caretaker Gazette. Available now in
Arizona, NW Valley Maricopa. Small salary and RV Hookup desired.
Licensed PI and RE Broker. Please call Sylvia at

Single, healthy, athletic, intelligent, hardworking,
motivated marine biologist/horse trainer (F) seeks a long term
lease/caretaking position/property swap (from Clyde Park, MT) for
the fall of 2011 forward. Animal friendly and welcoming location
on the California Coast or Hawaii with horse facilities
preferred. References, resume available. Please email

Seeking Estate/Home/Farm caretaker position in the Santa Fe,
New Mexico area for the long-term.  Mature, educated,
self-starter, energetic, veteran with trained Giant Schnauzer
dog. Experienced in property management, home health care,
organic gardening, large and small animal care, and cooking.
Cheerful positive attitude. Excellent local references. Please
contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for detailed resume.

Seeking couple position. Currently based in Zambia due to
Peace Corps position. Husband (35): Currently head mechanic for
large and small vehicles/equipment. Experienced guide. General
farm maintenance, raised chickens, turkeys, goats, cattle, ducks,
fish farming, exotic game. Wife (30): masters from Tulane
University, experience in grant writing, computer skills,
accounting, cheese making, merchandising, household maintenance,
management experience, healthy cooking, loves animals and
children. Relocating to US in June. Ideal position to include
housing and benefits. Please contact: Amanda and Adrian at:
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Skype interview possible. Resumes

Seeking a house sitting position in Spain the last two
weeks of October 2011. I love animals and my references are
available. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Let a woman do it! Allow me to manage your estates,
business, life! Over ten years managing for one private family:
three ranches, multiple homes, high end sportsman's lodge and
anglers shop. Also have successfully owned/run my own whitewater
rafting business and writer by night, professional photographer.
Kindly manage staff as well as hands-on: horses, livestock, pet,
children, homes, office with great attention to detail. 100%
positive references, no gaps. Professional. Confidential.
Compassionate. Smart. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

New Mexico:  Professional couple in their fifties looking
to downsize for awhile would like to care for your property in
Los Alamos, White Rock, or Santa Fe for one to two years. Husband
continues to work in the science field and I have worked as a
dance and fitness teacher for thirty-five years. We are reliable,
responsible, non-smoking, and caring individuals. We are planning
to build a home on property in Santa Fe after completing this
caretaking role for you and your home, pets, and property. Please
consider us; you would be leaving your property in good hands.
Please reply to Anita at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Retired Chief Financial Officer seeks position managing a
small to mid-size estate. I have strong general and financial
management skills and would be ideal for an absentee owner. I was
employed by only two (2) institutions during my entire career.

Sonoma or Marin Counties, California. Mature professional
seeks housing/work situation from August 2011 until June 2012.
Able to work 10 - 20 hours/week in exchange for
room/studio/cottage. Work interests include: organic farming,
retreat center, bed and breakfast, or childcare. Please contact
Susan at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Can provide references.

Professional caretaker/estate manager seeking position.
10+ years experience. Knowledgeable in carpentry, plumbing,
electrical, irrigation, and all aspects of landscaping. Also
cooking, accounting and vendor and contractor oversight.
Excellent references. Prefer Hawaii, Caribbean, the west. For
more information please call Chris at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or

Retired person looking for house sitting positions of any
duration, am geographically flexible, and have excellent
references.  Love pets and plants. Can be available as a couple
if preferred, depending on time frame. Please email Mary Anne at

Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama: Caretaking position
desired in exchange for housing by a reliable family: husband, a
mechanically capable tugboat captain; wife with Animal Science
degree and home-schools 15-year-old son with animal husbandry
skills. References available. Please contact Joseph at

Early 30's, clean/healthy, with a clean dog for immediate
occupancy to house/hotel caretake or rent exchange in U.S.
Mid-Atlantic to Miami Beach, FL. Experience with house upkeep,
swim instruction and creative work. Background and references at
request. Contact through text: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

We are cleaning savvy, very responsible married couple and
have excellent business references. Non-smokers/drinkers. Please

Exciting, fun, hard working couple looking to manage your
farm or ranch property. Experience in irrigation, medium crop
management, cow/calf operations, equestrian breeding and
training, land management and facility management. Please email

Adventurous 50-ish couple seeks a position; domestic or
abroad. Karen: professional organizer/customer service rep.
Peter: experienced farmer/contractor. Great work ethic and many
skills! Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email

Mature, Experienced Female individual caretaker/house sitter
available to care for your home, secure and maintain it while
you are away or travel. House sitting sites preferably located in
the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area. A commitment of three months
minimum would be nice. Reliable, state bonded, conscientious,
trustworthy, competent, integrity, discrete, flexible and
non-smoking. Great references, background check welcome. Please

California based mature, energetic, reliable woman (54)
with intelligent 12-year-old home schooled son seek long term
housesitting situations abroad. Loving care of animals, homes,
and gardens our specialty. Available starting November 2011.
Excellent references, on request. Please contact Ahu at

Writer seeks housesitting - AZ, NM, Cincy, OH. Non-smoker.
Loving care for home, pets, plants.  Consider other US and
International areas. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or call

I'm reliable, honest, non-smoking, clean, semi-retired,
have own income and valid driver’s license. Looking for a
quiet, rural setting. Will exchange cabin, cottage or small house
plus utilities for 20 hours work. Will work extra for stipend. I
have some tools. Mowing, general cleaning, pool care, minor
plumbing and carpentry. Security background. Can be reached at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, any time. Mostly East Coast.

New York City. Mature, single female available to
apartment sit for six months or longer beginning June 1. Will
take care of your apartment and/or pet (preferably small dog).
Currently work as legal secretary. Excellent business skills to
handle your affairs and can keep you updated while you are away.
Will provide references. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Experienced, responsible couple (Attorney and Writer)
seeking housesitting/caretaking opportunity in Charlottesville VA
area from July 2011 to June 2012. A shorter time frame
considered. Please contact Chris and Ember by emailing

Maui, HI.  Experienced husband and wife estate management
team seeks a live-in caretaking position on Maui. We have the
skill sets, credentials, and discretion needed to ensure the
smooth operation of your special property. Live-in caretakers
offer exceptional security, management results, and peace of mind
for discerning property owners. We are trustworthy, loyal,
helpful, reliable, and we care. Excellent references. Please
contact Jamie or Melanie by emailing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or

Southwestern Ontario: Wanting to move (near)
"home" to have quality time with my aged, yet
independent parents. I am a 57 year young, Christian woman
seeking caretaking/housesitting/rental situation on acreage,
within one hour of London/St. Thomas/Aylmer. Could support elder
to "stay on the farm". Am semi-retired Registered Nurse
(long-term care) and former Veterinary Technician. I bring three
sheep, horse, two cats and References! Thank-you! Please contact

Seeking short-term housesitting position (September 1
– October 10) in Jamestown, RI area. Early retired
professional with well behaved, matured Golden Retriever.
References available. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Wanted: Housesitting during December – March 2011/12
(dates flexible) in Galveston County TX area by retired snowbird
couple. Neat, clean, non smokers. Please contact Pam Johnson at

Mature sober former teacher seeks long-term gig
(housesitter or caretaker). Good with animals. Energetic, no
drama, capable and efficient handyman with van seeks lodging
and/or pay in a place I can write. Please call David at

Mature woman seeking caretaking position, housekeeping,
cooking, domestic pet care, caregiver or companion for elderly
and gardening. Preferably short term but open to all offers.
Currently located in Florida but would prefer position in New
England or Europe. Valid passport with impeccable driving
history. 30 years of outside business to business sales and
customer service experience. Security presence for your home.
Please respond to Mary via email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

35-year-old woman, 4-year-old son, and large dog seek
caretaker/management position in/near Santa Cruz County. Please
contact me for complete resume by emailing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Experienced Ranch Manager/Caretaker or couple available to
care for horses, cattle other livestock/pets. Maintenance of
fences, buildings, pastures, lawns, barns/stalls, security,
record keeping, personal errands. Salary negotiable, excellent
references, non-smoking/drinking/drugs. Please email

Experienced Ranch Managers, Western States: We believe
that our 25 years of combined experience in professional ranch
management, private estate management, horse breeding, training,
outfitting, guest hospitality, public relations, business
management and customer/guest services, as well as our 4-year BS
college degrees, make us ideally suited to manage your operation.
We have been married over ten years and have two children. We are
seeking a position that includes housing in the western states.
To request a more complete description of our experiences,
qualifications, skills and education as well as to obtain copies
of our resumes, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or email us at

Mature, reliable, self-motivated individual will bring
excellent skills to your business. Office Manager with
bookkeeping, computer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), event
planning, and gate-keeping skills. Have a secret security
clearance. Salary commensurate with duties/skills. Currently in
southern Mississippi. Prefer western North Carolina (closer to
family), but may consider other areas. Please email inquiries to
caretaker@caretaker.org with “NC ad” in the Subject
Line. No smoking/drugs, looking for clean air and a healthy
atmosphere. Available Fall 2011.

I taught Mr. Belvedere everything he knows!
House-Sitter/Estate Manager - South Carolina/Georgia. Experienced
housesitter and estate manager available immediately in South
Carolina/Georgia. I am a mature, proactive and responsible
(non-smoking) gal, who will look after your home, pets, plants
with TLC. Impeccable references! Seasonal or long term. For peace
of mind while you’re away, contact me today! Please email

~dream it, plant the seed, watch the possibilities grow~
recently retired, experienced, enthusiastic, and ready for a new
beginning couple desires caretaker position in California. We are
very passionate animal lovers, hardworking, dependable, self
reliant, take pride in our integrity and working well with
others. Have property management and hands on skills in many
areas. Our qualified outstanding personal references are
impeccable. We have a lot to offer. You won't be disappointed.

Mature, single female available for housesitting position
in either Central or South Maui, Hawaii. I am available on either
a short term or long term basis. Feel free to email me:

Young Canadian woman travelling to Paris, France on August
1 until August 15, 2011 and hoping to find a house to stay in
while there. Willing to take care of plants, gardens, cats, dogs
or other pets in exchange for place to stay. I am responsible,
clean, respectful, quiet and drug free. Please contact me at

Working Property Manager available. Skills: construction,
grounds and landscaping, domestic livestock, wildlife management,
farming and horticulture, hunting and fresh water fishing guide,
gardening and cooking. Statistics: male caucasian, age 58, height
5' 7", physically fit veteran, retired building contractor,
agricultural background, and financially secure. No dependents.
Geographically open. Excellent references available. Please call

Couple seeks a one - six month house-sitting position in
Peninsular Charleston, NYC, or DC. Self-employed, young
professional couple with ten years of Hospitality Management
experience. We wish to aid in animal care/gardening/basic
maintenance in exchange for short-term rent-free accommodation.
References and resume available. Please email

Caretaker/House Manager/Chef - Mature, experienced,
multi-talented, with excellent references. Preference for casual
country live in situation in West/SW. Resume, Bio and contact

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Costa Rica modern two bedroom home on a gorgeous beach
backs up to the rainforest. $300/month rent plus utilities. Your
responsibilities only to be there and keep it clean. Pictures and
more information on request. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX offers, affordable, quality, online training
for Household Managing. This is ideal for people looking to enter
the Household Management field. Scholarships available for
reduced tuition. If you have any questions – please email

Stunning 3,845 sq. ft. custom log home on 22.46 acres,
half is irrigated pasture for four horses. Four bedrooms, 3 1/4
baths, formal dining room, washer/dryer hookups, living room with
rock fireplace. 1,200 sq. ft. deck, two car garage, tack shed,
hay barn DSL, postal service, UPS available on year round
maintained roads. Great recreational area with access to Vail and
Steamboat Springs. $2,500 per month with horses, $2,000 without.
Damage deposit $2,000, cat/dog deposit of $300 per pet. Available
late summer; lease required. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

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provides practical advice about living on a low-budget by choice
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loving it. With concise typing and line drawings, Dwelling
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Find jobs with horses and the people to fill them! Since
1986, Equimax has been the place where jobs and horse people find
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For Sale: Unique property with ocean view in Costa Rica.
If your dream is to live in the tropics, run your own bed-and
breakfast, or eco/green mini-resort or simply own your own piece
of paradise you will not find a better place to do it – or
a better opportunity than this one. Please email
caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale in the
Subject Line.

BackHome Magazine: A how-to handbook of sustainable
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those interested in solitary lifestyles. It is a collaborative
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donation is $10.00 in the USA and $12.00 US funds for outside the
country. Send contributions to Raven's Bread Ministries, 18065 NC
209 Hwy, Hot Springs, NC 28743 or contact:

Contractor wanting to move to Maui. I have 29 years of
experience. If you have a home in need of remodeling or a
maintenance/repair situation, I am available. To learn more,
please visit my website at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Resume available
upon request.

Are you the best of the best? Our premier search firm specializes
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