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Tuesday, May 21 2024


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THIS IS OUR 211th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       


Published since 1983          Volume 36, Number 1       

January/February 2018        ISSN 1074-3642  

- Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 100+ caretaking opportunities in 35 states
and 15 countries
- Caretaker Profile
- Letters to the Editor
Property owners and caretakers write about their experiences with
the Gazette



A VERY SPECIAL FEMALE ASSISTANT is needed for this Huntsville
family. Their adult daughter (37) has Down syndrome and needs
someone to help the mother monitor her needs. This might include
helping with her dressing or cleaning needs. They need someone
who has good cooking, housekeeping, organizational, and laundry
abilities. At this time they have two homes, one in the city and
one in the country ... so you need to enjoy both types of living
arrange- ments as this is a live-in position. Currently they have
a full-time housecleaner and would probably keep her until they
build their new home in two years on the lake. They are seeking
someone who is responsible, respectful, and patient, detail
oriented, would be able to learn their way of doing things, has a
serving spirit, a sense of humor, and of course be honest,
trustworthy and respects the family's privacy. Someone who
doesn't mind listening to Fox during the day, and decorating for
the Holidays. This is a 5-day a week position but with flexible
hours depending upon what the family's needs are. Salary to be
determined and a full-benefit package is provided. Please send


PATAGONIA VOLCANO CALLING: Enthusiastic woman interested in art,
current events, and creative and spiritual thinking is seeking a
like-minded companion to join me in a healing adventure at the
world-famous, volcanic hot springs in Copahue, northern
Patagonia, Argentina. Preferred timeframe is January through
April 2018. I am wheelchair-bound with local personal aids who
attend to my physical needs. I desire a companion to converse in
English, assist with correspondence and creative projects, and
manage and troubleshoot the computer (MacBook expertise
preferred) and internet issues. Required skills: bilingual
English-Spanish, driving a manual transmission. Desirable
interests: art and physical therapy. You can learn more at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX If interested, please write to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX explaining your interests in this


mature, on-site volunteer barn manager/caretaker. This is a
non-salaried position, however a small stipend may be available.
We are seeking a financially independent, compassionate person to
help with the care of our animals. The position requires a person
with equine experience who would like to be of service helping us
care for abused, neglected, injured or abandoned animals. Our
goal is to restore health and wellness where we can with the hope
of eventual adoption. This is a rare opportunity for the right
individual to live peacefully "off the grid" in a secluded,
tranquil setting in the middle of the beautiful Sonoran Desert.
The job requires approximately 20 hours of service per week
helping with feeding, cleaning, grooming, nurturing and general
assist with oversight of the animals. We are seeking a person who
cherishes their privacy and solitude as much as we do. The person
must be: non-smoking; no drugs; pass a background check; computer
skills would be greatly appreciated; most importantly, no drama.
We are quiet, reflective stewards of the earth and require the
utmost respect for all living things by all who grace our
sanctuary. We will provide very modest free housing; all
utilities (100% solar living); high speed internet and best of
all - seclusion, peace and harmony. This is very simplistic and
purposeful living. Clearly not for everyone. If interested in
learning more please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HANDYMAN/GROUNDS CARETAKER needed for five mobile home rentals in
a Scottsdale, Arizona Mobile Home Park. Minimum one year contract
after trial period. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

WE ARE LOOKING for a live-in House- keeper in Paradise Valley. We
would like to find a good housekeeper to live-in at our large
home. We offer a bedroom, with your own bathroom, beautifully
furnished, flat screen TV, and the use of a car. We need a home
caretaker. Please email your resume and references to

PROPERTY AND ANIMAL CARETAKER needed in Mesa. Looking for a
property and animal caretaker for a working ranch. We have horses
and dogs that need to be maintained. Horse handling experience
preferred. Daily activities to include: morning feeding/stall
cleaning, lunch feeding, afternoon stall cleaning, evening
feeding, maintenance care of horses (brushing, shaving, washing,
cleaning, etc.), and every day walking the property to make sure
the water lines are working, etc., tree trimming, lawn and plant
care, etc. A tractor is on site. Compensation will be $12.00 per
hour; the rate can change based on experience. There is also
living quarters on site which includes, water, shower, washer,
toilet, electric, microwave, and cable. The room is included with

Hi Gary, thanks for running my housesitter-wanted ad in your
email blast. I received several great responses and I found the
perfect person to housesit my vacation home. Many thanks to you!
Maryann D., Portland, ME

Thanks for your nice email, Maryann, and thanks to our
wonderful subscribers who applied for your housesitting position!
Please keep in touch and let us know how things work out for you
and keep us in mind should you need a future housesitter for your
vacation property.
I've noticed that a couple of the positions in the Gazette have
run a second time. Can you please explain why this happens?
Should I bother applying for something that has already been
published in the Gazette? Todd W., Colorado Springs, CO
Hi Todd, there are three primary reasons why some of the ads
are rerun: first, at the time many landowners place their ads,
they pay for their ad to run in multiple issues as well as an
email broadcast in order to receive increased exposure (at our ad
rate of $0.65/word per issue and/or $65 for a 100 word email
broadcast); second, if property owners don't receive enough
responses from their first ad, they will pay us to rerun their ad
again; and third, because some positions are temporary or
seasonal, the property owners will run their ads several times
per year to fill their positions. If you find a position that
suits you, by all means apply for it!
Dear Gary, I'm considering changing careers to break into the
Estate Management field. Are you aware of any Professional
Household Management training programs that would help me launch
my next career as an Estate Manager? Please let me know. Sue R.,
Rye, NY
Hi Sue, the Administrative Household Manager/Personal
Assistant/Estate Manager program at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is what
you might need. Over the decades, we have heard about the
benefits their graduates have received. Many of our subscribers
have told us that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has provided these
benefits not only to those with no experience whatsoever in the
profession, but also to those who have worked in private
household service for years. We have seen their graduates go on
to highly rewarding careers, and we have seen experienced
graduates increase their earning potential beyond what they had
thought possible. Training provides invaluable practice with
minimal risk. This is especially important for applicants without
any previous experience. When an applicant without experience
begins a job, there is always the risk of making a mistake
monumental enough to get fired. Training at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
does not carry such a risk. Meanwhile, you can use the highest
quality of equipment, use the best possible products, and most
importantly, learn how to please an employer. Many of their
high-end clients will actually pick graduates over applicants
with previous experience. Why? Because they know the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX methods show potential applicants how to
prioritize according to their employers' wants and needs, give
potential applicants the tools they need to succeed, and show
potential applicants how to really pamper their employers. Think
of the dozens of applicants who may apply for any given position,
and then think of how much you will stand out as a graduate of
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! We have seen training provide their
graduates with opportunities they would never have had on their
own. We have seen the pride and gratitude expressed by employers
who have hired graduates or whose staff has been sent to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for training. We have, in short, seen lives
change for the better. If you feel that training could provide
you with the additional income you are seeking, as well as the
employment opportunities you desire, and the knowledge to make
you a true professional, you should call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
They offer both training at their Institute and a Home Study
program. And for the homeowner, they offer placement and private
training for their employees.

The Caretaker Gazette
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Our Caretaking Philosophy
The Caretaker Gazette is dedicated to the property caretaking
profession, and to our subscribers who have kept the Gazette
going since 1983. We publish the Gazette in order to help
property owners and caretakers find one another. We support the
caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Landscaper-Grounds Maintenance RVing
volunteer needed from March 1 through September 30, 2018. We have
one volunteer position available for someone to serve as a
landscaping/grounds maintenance volunteer. Must have your own RV.
This position will be primarily doing yard maintenance and
landscaping work at the Project Office, although some tasks will
be performed in park settings. The volunteer will be performing
individual tasks utilizing power and hand tools to maintain
grounds, flower beds, and parking lots, and to provide lawn care
services. Responsibilities will include:  operating small power
equipment; applying herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides;
planting/pruning trees and shrubs; mowing grass and trimming
edges; raking/mulching leaves and plant debris; and watering
vegetation. Appropriate personal protective equipment will be
supplied. The desired volunteer must maintain a professional
appearance and manner, have a pleasant personality, have basic
landscaping capabilities, and be willing to complete other duties
if needed. A personal background check is required. The flexible
work schedule is a minimum of 24 hours per week. A free RV
campsite, which includes electric, water, (sewer if available) is
offered in lieu of payment for work. If you are interested,
please apply online at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


duties in the Springsure District. Need help on our cattle
property. Please apply in writing to J. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. 

acreage located on the outskirts of Maryborough. A furnished,
new, modern, cabin will be provided, rent-free. This will be a
long-term arrangement. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Central Queensland area. A small wage,
free electricity and a place to stay included. Please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and leave a message.

CARETAKER COUPLE needed at this well-known weekend retail market,
located in Laverton in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western
Australia. The caretaker couple is to live on-site and oversee
the general supervision, maintenance and upkeep of the property.
The successful applicant(s) will be responsible for: providing
and supervising access to stallholders and the public on market
days (Saturday and Sunday) as well as at other specified times
during the week, regularly checking and securing all access
points within and around the premises, general property
maintenance, including lawns and gardens, and cleaning of all
common areas and waste management. Previous experience in a
similar live on site position is preferred, as is the ability to
perform routine supervision, gardening and maintenance tasks. A
comfortable two bedroom residence will be provided. It is
envisaged you will currently be self-employed and have experience
in caretaking other properties in Australia. To register your
interest, please forward a written application, detailing your
past experience to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Australia.

WORKING CARETAKER/MANAGER COUPLE needed for a family owned
property in the Boulia District. This is a full-time position.
Must be able to start immediately. Local applicants should call

A CARETAKER POSITION IS AVAILABLE on a cattle station located 30
minutes north of Collinsville, in the Whitsunday Region of
Queensland. Looking for a responsible and reliable person or
couple to start ASAP. Applicants must be able to check cattle
watering points, general maintenance and keep a steady presence
on the property. Must be willing to work independently.
Accommodation and amenities will be supplied. This is a permanent
position for the right local applicants. To apply, please call

CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED to caretake our property at Baffle Creek,
in the Gladstone Region of Queensland. Light duties required in
exchange for rent and electricity. It's preferred if you have
your own caravan. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARAVAN PARK MANAGER/CARETAKER wanted. Located in Guyra, a small
town situated midway between Armidale and Glen Innes on the
Northern Tablelands in the New England region of New South Wales.
Must have great people skills. This would suit a retired couple.
Accommodation included. To apply, please call

SEEKING PEOPLE to help out with upcoming station duties at
Martins Well station, approximately 50 km east of Wilpena Pound
(Flinders Ranges), overlooking the eastern side of the ranges.
Anyone with building, welding, mechanical or earthmoving
experience are needed. Also gardening, handyman, housekeeping,
caretaking, or anyone willing to help out with station jobs.
Martins Well can serve as a base to explore the Flinders Ranges,
approximately 95km to Hawker, 95km to Blinman, and 50 km to
Wilpena. Your own accommodations (an RV or caravan) is required.
Compensation is negotiable based on experience, and jobs and
hours willing to work. Prefer people who are prepared to stay at
least two weeks, and ongoing stays are also negotiable. Please
phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and if it's after hours, please leave
a message.

VOLUNTEER TRAVELERS wanted for a nature-based tourist park on
Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Free food, accommodation, plus
travel expenses and bonus provided - paid work also available -
please call for details. We are looking for hard-working and
enthusiastic volunteers to join our team. If you stay for one
month or longer, we will also pay your travel expenses to
Kangaroo Island, and a bonus payment. Our 35 acre property is
located right near the famous Seal Bay Conservation Park, and
many other tourist attractions. We have plenty of koalas,
wallabies, kangaroos, and natural beauty on our property. We
operate a restaurant and accommodation business in this beautiful
location. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet
new people and enjoy an amazing environment with us on Kangaroo
Island. We have plenty of room to park your van or RV in a
beautiful setting. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more

FRASER COAST. Free RV camp site on the Burrum River for RVers.
Fishing, kayaking and crabbing available here, in exchange for
some light gardening and odd jobs. Friendly pets welcomed. I have
10 acres of garden, but it is getting on top of me, so an extra
pair of hands would be great. Located within five minutes to
shops, and 25 minutes to Hervey Bay. Please email

CARETAKER REQUIRED in the Goondiwindi/Garah area on a broad acre
farm. The job includes loading trucks, and general farm
maintenance. A good home will be provided. Extra work, such as
harvesting will include a negotiable wage. Local caretakers,

CARETAKER COUPLE position available on a western Queensland
cattle property, near the Shire of Winton. You can start
immediately. Must be fit and healthy. This is a paid position.

CARETAKERS WANTED for three to six months. Retiree/pensioner
couple with their own caravan need to help in the daily
maintaining and running of a river-front caravan and fishing park
in Queensland. Free rent and power provided. Please phone


HELP NEEDED in my little house with a nice natural garden in a
small village near Ghent and Bruges. I will need help with garden
work, taking care/loving the trees and plants, harvesting plants,
planting new plants, creating a blueprint of mandala garden with
a carton, giving a second life indoors with painting
stairs/ceiling/furniture, clay house work together on the walls,
create a nice garden trail, place driveway stones, brighten up
the place with sea shells, brighten up the kitchen and bathroom,
giving plants some nice nurturing, anything creative or nice you
can think of to make it paradise here, mostly with natural
ingredients. Also daily cleaning, cooking, (natural) shopping.
For example, making nice food/smoothies/ice creams with wild
flowers and leaves from the garden, drawing, music, campfire (if
dry), a little walk, going to sea to collect shells, harvest
plants from the nearby area, go to a nearby CSA and co-workers
garden (walking/biking distance) in the same village with nice
people like us! Daily meditation and yoga is possible (I do it,
you can join). The cat of the house is Charly. Food is vegan and
my place is cigarette/alcohol/sugar-free. My house is a 20 minute
walk from the railway station. The train leaves every hour and
takes seven minutes to Ghent and about half an hour to Bruges.
There are nice natural areas here and cultural things to do. If
you are in the area please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Hope to
meet you soon! 


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in southern Belize. A minimum commitment of
four weeks anytime from March to November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties as of
this date will be the care and feeding of six dogs, fishes,
watering young plants and minor maintenance. If interested please


PART-TIME CARETAKER needed for miscellaneous maintenance for an
older disabled couple who own a small RV park in Northern
California. Must have your own transportation, be smoke/drug free
and be flexible. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HI! WE ARE OFFERING A LONG-TERM POSITION for one low-key, honest,
detail-oriented person with their own regular, verifiable income
to caretake our country property ... (the caretaker must not have
a job outside of the caretaking duties). You can learn more at
our website: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We're offering a very nice warm
and dry, cabin with toilet, hot water, cooking facilities,
shower, etc. as a "work for housing" arrangement. The cabin is
very private, safe, and quiet. Our wish list for the perfect
caretaker is as follows:
1. Physically able to handle regular maintenance jobs such as
gardening, watering, security, light carpentry and "handyman"
2. Sober, non-smoker, (420 OK).
3. Well-adjusted, grown-up and happy.
4. No drama or emotional issues.
5. Kind and patient
6. Friendly, always approachable, and great with people.
7. Clean, with good hygiene
8. A big plus would be to own a truck for some duties like
firewood and dump runs. We would pay for the use of the truck
when needed.
9. Able to supply verifiable references, and be able to pass a
background check and credit check. 
10 Able to follow directions with great care, attention to detail
and reliability.
If you are interested, please respond via XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
and please supply your telephone number, a letter of introduction
telling us about yourself and what you have been up to for the
last 5-10 years, and describe your skills and past jobs. Please
state where your regular income comes from, and that you can
prove that the income is regular and ongoing - (examples could
be: inheritance, retirement pension, disability, etc.). Thank you
for reading our ad. We hope you're the right person to be our
caretaker! Thanks.

CARETAKER WANTED for a Mountain Ranch in Pollock Pines. I have a
two bedroom/one bathroom mobile home trailer available (the
trailer appliances run on propane) in exchange for help around
the ranch and building tiny houses on trailers. Also possible is
a live-in situation in my house for the right person. I have been
inundated with replies so when responding please describe what
abilities you have and work experience. I am leaning toward
retired people or somebody who would be around a lot but will
consider anybody who brings a lot to the table so to speak. There
is room for horses, over three acres, already fenced for the
caretaker. There is also a very rustic cabin and plenty of
trailer space available. Looking for somebody with experience
with horses or people with carpentry/handyman skills and business
management. A MacGyver type of person would be a plus. Must be a
self-starter and it would be great if you have a lot of your own
tools. A great deal of common sense is essential for living on a
ranch and I can't stress that enough. There are two trout streams
on the property and plenty of places to garden. Unfortunately
there is no 420 growing here. An apple orchard over one hundred
sixty years old is still bearing sixteen different varieties of
apples. There are also raspberries, gooseberries and loganberries
to be harvested. I need help restoring the house that has half
fallen down, as it was built in 1869. The ranch is semi remote,
located five miles to the closest neighbor, but only fifteen
minutes on good roads to Pollock Pines with major shopping stores
and schools. There is excellent cell phone reception. The ranch
is in generator country which means you need to provide your own
generator as there is no electricity! We get quite a bit of snow
in the winter so a 4-wheel-drive is advisable. There are possible
job opportunities with the right people but nothing going on at
the present moment. I need motivated people who want to help get
the business going again and expand to build tiny houses on
trailers. I have enough lumber cut and dried to build 10. This is
an l64 acre timber property. I have sawmill, kiln and woodworking
tools. Would like to find somebody interested in helping expand
my lumber, cabinets and furniture sales. Also interested in
turning the ranch into an equestrian campground and give guided
horseback riding on the property and the adjacent thousands of
acres of US forest land. I do have other caretakers so everything
is not dependent upon just one caretaker. No drug or alcohol
abusers please. There is a background check required. Please
reply with your phone number to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER WANTED in El Camino. I can trade a spot of my property
for a caretaker who can bring in their own self-contained
trailer. The caretaker will need to do some fence repair work and
caretaking a pasture ranch. Located one mile to the grocery
store. The property is at a low elevation, with year round
access, and other stores are nearby. There is room for dogs,
horses, and it has great horseback potential. You can ride your
colts, train your dogs, and hunt here. For more details, please

LOOKING FOR A CARETAKER for my beautiful ranch in Boulevard, in
the Mountain Empire area of southeastern San Diego County. The
area is rural desert along the Mexican border near the eastern
extent of San Diego County. We're looking for a caretaker to
watch over the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and help with projects. It
would be helpful if you have your own trailer or mobile home. To
learn more about XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and see photos, please
visit www.facebook.com/pages/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then please
call Lee for more details Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or call Lee at the Ranch from Friday noon

family ranch seeks a live-onsite caretaker. Work includes the
feeding and care of farm animals (horses, goats, sheep, and
chickens), vegetation/landscaping upkeep, light handyman duties,
and general ranch maintenance. The animals are family pets only.
A married couple is preferred, but an exception may be made for
the right single candidate. No small children. Basic English
required. Housing and utilities will be provided and the salary
will be commensurate with experience. To apply, please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, or fax your resume to

Jacinto Mountains of Southern California on a beautiful 80 acre
ranch. The nearest towns are Idyllwild, Palm Springs and Hemet.
This is a very remote location at the end of a four mile dirt
road. Live onsite, rent and utility free in a one bedroom cute
house, off the grid. Minimal duties: be on site, feed three
horses and report to the owner. Satellite internet and limited
cell service available. Must be a self-starter and enjoy
solitude. Please send questions, resume and references to


ISLAND CARETAKER needed for a Yacht Club. Full-time caretaker
required for a lower mainland yacht club outstation. Located in
the Flat Top Island group in Silva Bay off Gabriola Island,
British Columbia. This beautiful property is looking for a
motivated live-in team member. A couple on-site is preferred with
one as the employee and the other free to work off-island or from
home. Good Wi-Fi is available. Duties required include: gardening
and grounds keeping, including extensive trail clearing, pump and
emergency equipment repairs and maintenance, cleaning of all
buildings (common pavilion, members' kitchen, washrooms/showers
and workshop, docks and float maintenance, and operation of a
desalination plant for fresh water. Boating knowledge,
electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills would be an asset.
Applicants must be friendly, a self-starter and able to work
without direction, as well as with member volunteers. Must have a
strong work ethic and exceptional customer relation skills along
with an environmental stewardship attitude. A first aid ticket
and PCOC card are required. The boating season (May - September)
is a very busy time for the outstation and requires the full
commitment of the caretaker to daily rounds, cleaning, member
requests and attention to details. A private one bedroom
caretaker residence and workshop provided with a 17ft. tender to
get back and forth to Silva Bay (a five minute crossing). The
club provides a boat slip and vehicle parking. We welcome all
serious applicants. Only suitable candidates will be contacted.
Please apply with your resume and cover letter to

PROPERTY CARETAKER needed for 142 private acres with 2,400' of
private shoreline in a 3,500 square foot log home near Vernon,
BC, Canada. Two lovely cats. Couple or individual welcome. This
is a remote home, located one hour from Vernon. Main and property
improvements in exchange for rent/utilities. Please email


included. The Inn lies on 26 acres with a rushing mountain stream
and hiking trails. The 10 guest rooms are designed with flair and
elegance. You will join our team of exceptional Innkeepers. Your
job is to keep the Inn safe and warm, guests fed and happy,
flowers watered, critters shooed away, phones answered,
reservations made, guests married, beds made, laundry folded, tea
and cookies served, dishes washed, rugs vacuumed, meetings
attended, mail picked up, directions given and guests hugged
before sending them back to the real world. Then make time for
yourself beside the river, get eight hours of sleep, and start
all over the next day. Lodging is provided. Benefits include
meals, utilities, internet and an annual pass to nearby a Rocky
Mountain National Park. Work schedules have included occasional
three or four day weekends. You can learn more at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and please email your resume to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please include a note or letter on why this
job would be a good fit for both of us. Thanks.


CAT/HOUSESITTER NEEDED for our home outside of Hartford from
February 1 through May 31, 2018. We will be overseas and will
need our housesitter to look after our home and cats. We prefer a
non-smoker, a cat lover, a person who keeps a home very clean,
someone who is good with plants, likes solitude, and will be
quiet - and not disturb any of our neighbors. Must have checkable
references. For more details, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WORK EXCHANGE AVAILABLE in Costa Rica. A caretaker is needed to
do daily chores at a small farm in Costa Rica. This is perfect
for a retired person finding it hard to make it on a limited
budget. This is a work exchange position - free lodging in
exchange for part-time work. There is also a possible side
business for the right person, as I am looking for a volunteer
who does auto bodywork, painting cars, and small engine repair
for my quad bikes. Please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for photos
and more information, then call or text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


OUR CLIENT is looking for a practical maintenance, grounds
person, caretaker. The role includes managing the central
heating, general cleaning and helping with events. Accommodation
is a large integral flat to suit a couple but not young children.
The salary will be 20,000 - 25,000. UK residents should apply
with your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

southwest England. Our client is seeking a responsible
Housekeeper/House Manager couple for a large private house in
Devon. A self-contained two bedroom accommodation is available
and would suit a couple, although individual applications from
high caliber candidates might also be considered. A hands on,
responsible, proactive and enthusiastic approach to the care,
security and maintenance of an historic and beautiful family home
is required. Also the assistance in the operation of a growing
events/catering business will be required. For a more detailed
job description, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your


LIVE-IN CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a large property in Ponte
Vedra Beach, Florida. Live-in couple wanted for a large residence
on the Ocean. Duties will include cooking, serving meals,
cleaning, maintenance, and transporting of guests. General
maintenance of all aspects of the home. Must be professionally
trained or have prior experience with serving for a VIP family.
This position is long-term. Compensation is based on experience,
along with health insurance and an auto. The start date is within
the next 30 days or sooner. There is a private guest house for
your living included electric, water, and cable TV. Please email
your resume for consideration to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

HOUSEKEEPER AND GARDNER needed in Eustis. Can be a couple. Need
to work five acres with milk cows and sheep. Have 24 beds to
tend. Work in the mornings and have your afternoons free. Room
and board provided. For more details, please call

Florida. A goat dairy farm seeks a barn cleaner. Milking
experience would be a plus. This is a physical job, working
outside in all weather conditions. You will be responsible for
bringing in feed and hay, hoof trimming, and fixing fences/animal
containments. Room and board will be provided to the animal
caretaker. For more information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
or send an email message to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


THIS IS A WORKING ADVENTURE at beautiful estate in rural South
France. This could suit a couple. Cleaning, gardening, general
maintenance and possibly some cooking. Easy going family will
only be their sporadically. Live-on, own house, use of car, with
an attractive wage. A knowledge of simple plumbing, electricity
and pool maintenance would be an advantage as is the ability to
speak French. If you are honest, hard-working, organized and
self-motivated with good references, please apply, as we'd love
to meet you. Please send your resume and references to


FARM HELP needed. We are XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX living on an old
farm near Berlin. We are very self-sufficient here: we have solar
panels, heat with wood in the winter, we repair our cars on our
own, grow vegetables and fruits in our garden without any
chemicals, and we refinished our house inside and outside to make
it stable again. It's a three corner house - an old farm from the
1800's. We usually go in the forest to pick mushrooms and herbs
to eat, and have some fruit trees. Sometimes we have three cows
that eat the wheat at our place and two beautiful cats to care
for. We need some help for our gardening and construction work.
We can teach you everything that has to do with the garden,
animals, buildings and being self-sufficient. We have a large
fire space in our big garden, bicycles and lot more to offer our
help. You will have your own room and space and a bathroom to
share. All together we have a lot of space. We are planning to
construct a pool and a sauna next year too. It would be awesome
to get some help and having some people around who would like to
stay a while with us. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to discuss
more details. Thanks.


CARETAKER WORK EXCHANGE POSITION available on our two acres in
Huelo-Haiku. We are close to the ocean, with pools, and private
waterfalls. A cottage/cabin is available now. This is rustic
country living space (not paid) � Mahalo. Lots of Mana. We are
searching for the right person who appreciates off-grid living
and getting back to nature. Living space available for one or
possibly two people. No pets, since we already have pets on the
property. If interested, please provide the following information
and someone will get back to you ASAP. On island references a
must! Please respond with the following info:
1. Name, contact number, personal email and what area of Maui you
presently reside in
2. A little bit about yourself and what your 'ideal situation'
would be
3. Hours/days available 
4. Experience (resume if available)
5. Local references 
6. Current employer or self-employed? 
The caretaker is looking for:
-A desire for a work-trade position, long-term preferred 
-Hardworking, motivated, honest with integrity and clean living
-Able to lift 50lbs
-Own vehicle with a clean driving record (4WD a plus, but not
-Landscaping knowledge (weed whacking, mowing, tree cutting,
planting citrus, gardening, weeding, cane grass removal (from
roots) brush clean up, and know how to operate machinery with
-Organized, project oriented
-Interested in organic gardening, Aquaponics, sustainable living
and learning
-Love animals (especially dogs)
-Love nature 
-Construction/helper, painting and off grid experience desired
but not necessary
-Respect Aina, neighbor's and family living and caring for Aina
Look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in a
long-term caretaker position as a work trade/living situation.
Considered after a 30 day 'work trial' and a thorough background
check. Must be a win-win for all involved. We want you to be
happy here. Clear communication is a must. Maui residents should

Experienced couple wanted to live and work on a 5+ acre
residential/agricultural, off-the-grid, property in Kipahulu,
Maui. The property has multiple dwellings and farm structures, is
pesticide free, with carefully landscaped tropical gardens, lawns
and a wide variety of mature fruit and decorative trees. This is
a hands-on position for an experienced couple who wants to live
in a quiet, rural, agricultural environment. You must be
detail-oriented and be able to follow management directives.
Overall duties include landscaping (experience with tropical
landscaping required), gardening, mulching, green waste removal,
housekeeping, operating and maintaining landscaping equipment,
general/routine maintenance of multiple houses, as well as the
security of the property. Other maintenance responsibilities
include, but are not limited to, solar systems, water systems and
vehicles. Any basic carpentry, plumbing, or mechanical skills
would be considered a plus. You must have excellent communication
skills and professional references. Compensation includes an
hourly wage commensurate your experience, plus the use of a
private one bedroom, one bath house that has space for personal
gardening. Maui island residents will be given first
consideration, secondarily neighbor island residents. Others with
tropical and/or off-the-grid experience may be considered. Please
send a cover letter and current resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

have a beautiful 20 acre property on the Hilo side of the Big
Island. A separate small home (1,000 sq. ft.) with ocean and an
expansive view of the Pali ... sitting up 350 feet and three
miles off the ocean. Surroundings are the very lush tropical rain
forest. Homes are off-grid, with solar power, and high end
catchment water. No utilities to pay, but reasonably light living
is required. Internet is available, but does cost on the island.
Ideally, we would like to find a retired couple, who would like
to spend a year or two here. Duties involve mowing, yard work and
basically being on-site most of the time as security (not as in
armed, just as in "being present"). The home is very nice, 10
minutes to town (Pahoa). Swimming, snorkeling, walking trails,
etc. are all within minutes. The basics are that housing is
provided in exchange for lawn, garden, light maintenance, etc. We
split our time between Washington and Hawaii and show up
sometimes for a week, sometimes for a few months ... when we are
there the main house and caretaker house are about 100 feet apart
and it's never been a problem to let people go explore or take
their vacation while we are on-site. Our goal is to not leave the
homes unattended for the vast majority of the time. If
interested, please text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ELDERLY HEALTHY VIBRANT WOMAN with degenerative eye failure seeks
a woman, 50 - 70 years young for a full-time, live-in companion.
No personal care needed, only to share domestic duties i.e.:
enjoys cooking, light cleaning, and driving to occasional
appointments. A vehicle with air conditioning is required. Must
be somewhat tech savvy. This position is available now. In
exchange we offer a private room with bath, in a clean
comfortable home on Hawaii Island. High speed internet, TV with
cable box available in the bedroom. Meals to be planned together.
There is a cat who lives here. Please no smokers and no pets.
Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with any questions and letter
of interest and/or resume. References will be required.

PROPERTY AND GARDEN CARETAKER needed in beautiful Maui, Hawaii!
You get to enjoy living in botanical gardens with a year-round
waterfall and large natural swimming pool. Feel the magic of Maui
as you enjoy living in an atmosphere of tropical wonderland! This
is like living in a national tropical park, quite secluded and
back to nature! We are located only a few blocks from the famous
Hana Highway, on the beautiful island of Maui in an area called
Huelo, only 15 minutes from shopping and 30 minutes from the main
town of Kahului. What you get is free rent and utilities all
provided for a caring, professional, talented, caring,
enthusiastic, yet easy going individual. If you are positive,
energetic, easy to work with, enjoy being of help and a seasoned
all around handyman then this is a great place for you to enjoy
one of the most beautiful places on earth "Maui". Here you get to
tune into a higher purpose, feel the happiness from knowing you
are a part of something higher than yourself. At the gardens your
skills as an experienced expert property maintenance, repair
person will be a great addition to our team. Having skills in
organic gardening, forest farming, landscape yard work, and
garden care and upkeep is a plus. This is similar to a salaried
position so you have to be a non-hour counter, and this is a
great situation for those who are into a higher vision and
mission and are passionate about having a greater purpose in
life. Here we ask that you have a great love for God, in a
non-sectarian all-embracing manner. Being into meditation and
yoga would be a plus. Successful applicants must complete a
thorough background check. Our caretaker is in charge of keeping
a watchful eye on the property and residents. They will have a
pre-arranged days off each month. They will be responsible for
any emergency that comes up on the property. Must keep a
well-maintained and repaired appearance of the property by
walking the exterior and interior of the estate daily. They will
be in charge of maintaining safety and security of the property
and the residents, they will be on-call. Caretaker must have the
ability to take calls and respond in a timely manner and always
respond in a polite and respectful manner. The ideal candidate
must have significant experience caring for buildings and
upgrading and repairing them including excellent carpentry, and
electrical and plumbing skills. Knowing off grid systems like
catchment and sump pumps is a must. This is a year-round
position. Please respond to this available position by sending a
letter of interest, resume of past experience and four each
personal and work references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED in Waipio Valley, Big Island, for our
riverfront three acre property in exchange for labor in
landscaping and building. Live in separate caretaker's quarters.
Owners don't live on the property. A 4WD vehicle and references
required. Phone and internet via cellphone booster. Please email


2018. Our host for this project is a farmer's family on the south
shore of Iceland close to the town of Vik, the farmers cultivate
carrots and keep cows. The farm is located in a beautiful area
surrounded by mountains and glaciers to the north and near the
Atlantic Ocean to the south. There will be various tasks,
depending on the weather, some cleaning tasks, for instance
clearing fields of rocks, fences, trash, beautifying the area
around and removing an invasive species called - Rumex
Longifolius; which has been used in Iceland in order to control
soil erosion and revegetate eroded areas; but in some places its
spread is more than desirable and being a foreign specie - it
endangers the native species. This weed can remain viable for a
long time, is helpful for vegetative reproduction, and adaptable
to different environments. It is primarily a weed of grassland,
and in this habitat it benefits from agricultural practices which
lead to disturbance or eutrophication. It reduces production from
the field and lowers the feeding value of the grass to the
animals. Those who are interested can help out with farm
activities, such as taking care of the animals, cultivating
potatoes and vegetables. Participants are invited to take a look
at the cows in the stalls, assist in milking them if interested
or just tending to them in general. The group will also be taking
care of trees, cutting and planting them. Volunteers will stay in
an equipped flat, in a sleeping bag accommodation, sharing rooms.
Please bring your own sleeping bag. To learn more, please visit


A RANCH/ESTATE in the mountains of central Idaho, located 30
minutes from the Sun Valley resort, is looking for the right
couple with gardening/groundskeeping experience from April to
October. Duties include maintaining lawns, planting and
maintaining flower gardens, operation and maintenance of
automatic sprinkler systems, some fence maintenance. This is a
salaried position with on-site housing and basic utilities are
provided. Ideal candidates will be reliable, versatile, flexible,
hardworking, honest and have good communication skills, be
self-starters and have the ability to "figure it out". Please
apply with a letter of introduction, work history and references


WANTED: an experienced caretaker couple needed for a large
property in Zionsville, Indiana. Duties will include cleaning,
laundry, housesitting when the couple travels, running errands,
some animal care, and some grocery shopping and cooking. Must be
able to work independently. The husband must have experience with
landscaping and be a handyman, and the wife will be responsible
for inside cleaning. Both must have a US driver's license. Must
have references. Compensation is a one bedroom apartment on the
grounds, all utilities and salary. The salary will be based on
experience. To apply, please email some information about
yourself, and at least three references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


DOMESTIC COUPLE needed. Our client is looking for a professional
Domestic Couple for their stunning Estate in the heart of Italy.
This is a live-in position with separate accommodation from the
main house. The candidates must be fluent in English and Italian
as they will be dealing with local contractors and suppliers. A
good knowledge of cooking is required. You will need to be
experienced in managing people, payrolls, budgets, etc. You will
also be required to clean the house and drive the family's cars
and manage their upkeep. The client is away for part of the year
so you will be expected to keep the household clean and tidy
while they are away. Salary is upward of 50,000 depending on
experience. To apply, please email your resume and references to


CARETAKER WANTED. Experienced, physically fit single or couple
needed as caretakers for a large, private estate in South
Louisiana. This is a long-term, full-time live-in position.
Duties include landscape maintenance, general handyman work,
pool, tree and lawn care. Cleaning and caring for all outdoor
buildings, fences and furniture. Use and maintenance of heavy
equipment required. Strong mechanical, electrical, carpentry and
plumbing experience a must. The individual will be responsible
for understanding and monitoring the property's electrical,
plumbing, water, irrigation, heating, and security systems, and,
when outside repairmen are needed, the individual will be
expected to learn from the repairman both the problem and the
solution. This is a very active lifestyle for an experienced,
responsible, organized, self-starter who would often be working
without daily supervision, but from closely monitored checklists.
Duties include maintaining the grounds and garden to a high
standard (grass cutting, weed-eating, stick picking up, spraying
around trees, chain sawing, fence mending, fountain maintenance,
garden watering and weeding). Housekeeping requirements include
routine cleaning and laundry services. This is a unique
opportunity for a special, hardworking couple, looking for a
rewarding career in a rural, natural environment. The successful
applicant must be a self-starter with the ability to work
independently and perform regular duties without close
supervision. The compensation package includes on-site private
residence, (a two bedroom house, with one bath, attached garage,
etc., on two acres of wooded land, located in the middle of the
property) utility allowance, salary is $40,000 and safety bonus
is possible. Hours are Monday through Friday, eight hours a day,
weekends off. Nights, including weekend nights, must be spent on
the property, although when the owner is present, exceptions can
be arranged. Must pass a background check, work well with people,
and possess a valid US Driver's License. Please email your resume


DOWN EAST MAINE hobby breeder of German Shepherds seeks a stable,
sober, part-time caretaker. Must be handy with tools, and great
with dogs. Housing is available on the property at a reduced
rate. Single preferred. Must pass a background check. Please call

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Georgetown, Maine are seeking 2018 season
caretakers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The primary duties
-maintaining grounds and equipment
-providing tours and hosting overnight guests
Must apply as a pair as it is a two person job. Families are
encouraged. For more information, please visit

FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed for a private island in Downeast
Maine. This island farm is seeking a caretaker couple. The couple
will have to have the ability to see what needs to get done.
Duties will include maintenance, mechanical, farming, gardening,
cooking, boat operating, and wood harvesting. Housing, salary and
benefits will be provided. To apply for this position, please
email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


A Return to Villa di Corliano, Tuscany
Interests: Serenity, nature, flora and fauna, travel, walks,
exploring, natural medicine, good health/wealth, learning.
Quote: "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home"-

Linda playing with the dog by the Villa

	Over two years ago, I saw a Help-Wanted ad in The Caretaker
Gazette for a position in a 15th century Italian historical Villa
between Pisa and Lucca on an old Roman road, close to San
Giuliano Terme. I immediately responded and spent the summer of
2016 there as the caretaker/guardian. Upon my return, I sent in a
profile which The Caretaker Gazette published in their
March/April 2017 issue. The experience went so well that Count
Agostini in Tuscany asked me to return again this summer. So
here's an update on what I did this past summer of 2017
	Summer began early this year in Tuscany ... the days are warmer,
with still cool nights, much like Southern California, so summer
is on its way now by May 15th, reaching the 80's by
mid-afternoon, which means more watering, weeding  and trimming
the roses in the gardens surrounding the Villa.
	My routine is up early, down the spiral staircase and out to the
glorious gardens and park that is the surrounding nature for the
Villa, - The Count's cat, Lila, usually follows me around dodging
in and out of the bushes. The Villa is really hers, full of
glorious trees, old buildings like the frantoia (olive oil mill),
and woods to play in - and enough stairs for a lifetime of play
	On Mother's Day weekend (a big holiday in Italy), the extra
staff and waiters arrived as I do a tour around the villa picking
up any debris/cigarettes and giving it a gentle manicure. It's
the perfect Villa for these kinds of activities and they host
over 25 weddings from May to September as well. There were three
separate parties going on in different locales, so over 120
people were there throughout the day - children running, laughing
playing, balloons, etc. They were in and out of the downstairs
villa hall and all around the garden and restaurant. All were
catered by the restaurant owner, Antonio and his staff of
waiters. Two communion lunches, with all the families dressed in
their Sunday best and a Mother's Day luncheon. So the Villa was
full of festivities all day. Italians are indeed very family and
friend oriented and they love sharing meals, good food and wine.
It's a great part of the pleasure of being in Italy. One of my
duties on days like this is to keep an eye on all the comings and
goings making sure no one throws anything in the fish or turtle
ponds, nor climbs the trees, pick the flowers, etc. and everyone
is happy! The loud frogs in the pond fascinate and entertain as
well as annoy many! I enjoy their loud croaking and the numerous
species of birds that inhabit the park. The sounds of nature are
music to my ears.
	By mid-June it was a blazing hot summer, with no rain in sight,
so more watering, especially the Hortensias, the favorite flower
of the Countess Rosanna. I let Lila in my room for a small bowl
of cold milk, then back out for a daily quick tour to see that
the Villa is tidy and clean before the guests wake up and come
down for breakfast in the garden. There are only 15 guest rooms
in the B&B and this is managed by a couple from March until
November (the Villa is closed during the winter months). The main
event is the annual City Grand Tour and dinner at the Villa (Tour
Fantasmi in Villa). It's a private tour company that brings
Italians to hear the history, see the frescoes and relish the
stories of the ghosts that still lurk there. (Ghost Hunters
International even did a video on the Villa you can see on
YouTube). They have a delicious Tuscan dinner prepared by Antonio
and his wife, then a private tour of the salon and frescoes
followed by a nightly walk around the grounds. It is well done
and everyone seems to enjoy it!
	Saturday is a big day for weddings here. In fact there was a
wedding every weekend for the whole months of June and July.
Antonio and his crew from the Osteria dell Ussero here at the
Villa complex will be doing the catering so preparations started
well in advance. Outdoor umbrellas and shade sails, and extra
staff were hired for the event. And more gardening duties of
cleaning, cutting and watering as the caretaker, I only have
light gardening. The Count also has other staff gardeners to do
the large work.
	The Villa di Corliano is one of the most popular villas in
Tuscany for weddings. It is close to the Pisa International
Airport with enormous grounds, and separate locations for
aperitivo, cocktails, and buffet, dinners. There's even a place
for dancing the night away in the cantina below. Many
photographers even use drones to capture the majesty of the
	My duties during the weddings were to answer questions, help
direct the people to the parking area or the special locations on
the grounds, and basically watch and enjoy - keeping an eye on
the activities. And I always get a glass or two of Proseco,
offered by the caterers.
My weekdays were mostly free by mid-morning, so I usually visited
the public market in Pisa on Wednesdays and Saturdays to buy my
fresh Pecorino cheese or the homemade biscotti of fig and almonds
called "cantucinni".
	Lucca, a city in Tuscany, on the Serchio, is nearby and I often
take the bus. Every summer they have the music festival and the
city is packed with tourists. Believe it or not, even the Rolling
Stones played there in September outside the old walls of the
medieval city.
	I stayed an extra few days to train the incoming caretaker. The
new person was from Finland, so we did the rounds together. I
showed her where all the equipment was as well as the keys, and
the gardening routine. She learned quickly and seemed to be
dazzled by the sunlight which she rarely sees in her homeland.
	I always enjoy La Bella Italia, food, wine and the Italians, and
am sure I will return again often. I feel I've developed a
friendship now with the owners and they've invited me back to
Corliano, anytime.

Linda leaving the lower garden


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We are truly a Volunteers Farm because every
piece of the farm has been built by volunteers! We started our
operations back in July 2013, in a Dragon fruit and Durian farm
at the foot of Jugra Hills, then we moved to a 10 acre farm in
Kuala Selangor and we are now located in Janda Baik, which is
50km north of Kuala Lumpur (one hour drive from KL). Janda Baik
is a traditional Malay village in Bentong, Pahang with
"Californian weather" (sunny with a cool breeze) and that makes
working in the fields very bearable. The temperature ranges from
32C in the afternoon to 18-22C at night. Our Farm is situated in
a three acre plot of land and it has one acre of fresh water pond
(water source from the mountains) which we now use for fish
rearing with a natural feed. Our farm's goal is to become a
sustainable, self-sufficient farm and our aspiration is to be an
education hub on natural farming, permaculture,
aquaponics/vaquaponics, natural construction and a community
development center. At our farm, we apply permaculture
principles, effective microorganisms, agnihotra together with
other natural farming techniques. We also have a few satellite
farms in the vicinity which we help to manage. Our edible garden
has many varieties of herbs, vegetables and fruits like
mangosteen, ciku, coconuts, cempedak, papayas, calamansi, lemons,
sugarcane, pineapples, passionfruit and more. Our livestock
consist of chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits. We are affiliated
with local educational institutions such as the University Putra
Malaysia and oversea universities for internship programs on
agriculture, environmental engineering and natural construction.
We are currently in need of people from various backgrounds who
have experience in one or more of the following: 1) natural
construction and building huts; 2) food production, fermentation,
baking, cooking; 3) sales and marketing (social media); 4)
house-keeping; 5) arts and crafts; 6) natural farm work: and 7)
natural feed production. We welcome especially those who can stay
on a longer term basis of three to six months for internship and
team leader projects, or anyone who exhibits entrepreneurship
related to organic and sustainable practices. To learn more and
see photos, and then contact us, please visit


SEEKING A LIVE-IN CARETAKER COUPLE (a spouse team) to work in a
personal residence in the St Louis area. Green card holders
encouraged to apply. Duties will include: home/yard maintenance,
light gardening, trimming hedges/trees, cleaning the swimming
pool, general housekeeping (cleaning, laundry, making beds,
etc.), light meal preparations, pet care, childcare, babysitting,
feeding children, and carpooling a child to events. Typically 50
hours per week with two days off. Benefits include a separate
furnished apartment within the employer's newly built home, a
vehicle for personal use, fully paid medical benefits, two weeks
of paid vacation after one year of employment, a free iPhone, and
free cable. To apply, caretaker couples should email their
resume(s) and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LIVE-IN CARETAKER COUPLE needed in Missoula, MT. Year-round
Property Manager/Chef Couple is needed to live on site to provide
a security presence and maintain a large, unique property in a
rural mountain setting in Montana. Qualified property manager
candidates will need to have experience working with
sophisticated mechanical and IT systems and possess excellent
organizational and management skills. Qualified chef candidates
need to have excellent culinary skills and experience working in
private service. The ideal couple must be flexible, and willing
to respond to a variety of work responsibilities including staff
management, performing administrative and light housekeeping
duties, dog care, running errands and other tasks as needed. A
spacious, recently remodeled two-bedroom house on the property is
provided. These positions offer a joint compensation potential of
up to $150,000 annually depending on experience and a benefits
package with generally a five day work week. The starting date is
flexible. Please apply to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and upload your
resumes and cover letters for immediate consideration. Only
qualified candidates will be contacted.


HOUSE AND PET-SITTER needed for when we'll be out of town from
December 20, 2017 until February 1, 2018. We live on the
outskirts of Las Vegas. We are looking for someone to come watch
over our home and our two dogs while we're away. Rex is a
10-year-old German shepherd and Lady is a 14-year-old Shepherd
mix. They're sweet dogs, and just need to have company so they
don't get too lonely and depressed while we're away. They're both
rescue dogs, so we're afraid that if we board them they'll think
we're abandoning them. I suppose they're just sensitive doggy
souls. It'd also be nice if you could bring in our mail each day
and water the plants once or twice a week. For more info, please


Winnipesaukee, a beautiful lakeside estate with wooded, natural,
and well-maintained grounds looking for a well-qualified,
experienced caretaker. Must have extensive knowledge of: building
maintenance including opening and closing seasonal cottages;
equipment usage and maintenance; landscaping skills with
experience of lawn care and sprinkler operation; and handyman
skills. Must be self-motivated, hardworking, enjoy working alone,
working outdoors in all seasons, and must take pride in every
aspect of their work while working independently and with
direction from the owner. This position entails daily work,
supervision and security of the property and its buildings.
Salary, housing, and other benefits are included. Please email
your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for consideration.


FULL-TIME LAKESHORE CARETAKER needed for a private camp in Bolton
Landing, New York and a private home in New Jersey. This is a
very long-term position. Applicants should have experience in all
phases of care, light meals prep, and grounds maintenance.
Operation of basic equipment required. A mature male is
preferred. Boat, and automobile operation is essential. A private
three room cottage, boat, car, food and small stipend will be
provided. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


SILVER CITY, NM caretaker needed for a remote ranch. Live off of
the grid surrounded by Forest and BLM land. Duties include
maintaining livestock water, electric fence, feeding livestock
guardian dogs as well as closing and opening corral gates. Large
RV with all utilities furnished. Requires approximately 10 hours
of work per week. For more information, please call

WILDERNESS SANCTUARY. Long-term couple wanted for a lovely cabin,
plus stipend. Enchanted New Mexico river-canyon botanical
eco-refuge needing maintenance, homestead assistance,
woodcutting. Producing herbalist magazine with solar power. To
learn more, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSESITTER NEEDED. I need someone to stay in my Brooklyn condo
with my cat starting around December 20 through January 31, 2018.
The condo is quite large, over 1,900 square feet. There are three
bedrooms; the master bedroom has a large bath on the main floor.
Two other nice bedrooms are upstairs with a full bath. I have
hardwood floors on the first level. I live just steps away from
the subway and there is easy access to shopping right down my
street. You can live here rent-free, I will take care of all the
utility bills, but I cannot afford to offer any compensation. If
you are an interested cat-lover, please email me a message on why
you would be interested in staying here and taking care of my cat
while I'm gone, along with your references to

The highly honored Grassmere Inn stays open year round, however,
much of my time is spent off the property from September -
Memorial Day. Each year we engage six to seven caretakers who are
provided housing including all utilities, Wi-Fi, and cable TV in
exchange for 20 - 30 hours of work (hours are contingent upon
skill sets). In many cases the work is not intensive. We need at
least one staff member on the property 24 hours a day in case of
emergency, and take turns answering the phones overnight. There
is no salary. There is the possibility of this becoming a
year-round position. Most importantly, we need someone whose
capabilities include front office, (processing credit cards,
answering the phones, etc.) and able to work Fridays, Saturdays,
and Sundays. Someone who can do housekeeping, and someone who can
help with maintenance upgrades. We only keep one building with 14
rooms open (and do not have many guests) from September - April.
However we want to maintain the property and keep it as neat,
clean and safe as possible. If this is something you are
interested in, or know someone who may be, please provide the
following: a resume, references from a past employer, landlord
(if applicable) and a personal reference. Please also provide
your residences for the past three years. Absolutely no smoking,
and no pets are allowed on the property. Please email

A 70 ACRE FRUIT FARM IN UPSTATE NY is looking for an experienced
Take Charge person/couple to maintain it. A valid driver's
license is required. Will need the ability to perform all duties
- pruning, driving tractor, mowing, spraying and picking etc.
Free housing plus a salary will be provided. References required.

looking for an individual or couple for a live-in opportunity. We
are looking for individuals who are committed, loving and
responsible caretakers who understand the importance and
responsibility of caring for living animals. Other
responsibilities include some property maintenance of the grounds
and equipment, keeping the facility clean and transportation when
necessary. We are looking for individuals who speak fluent
English, are of legal status and have a clean and current
driver's license and are willing to use their own car. Salary
includes all paid basic living expenses plus a stipend. All
interested applicants should please send an email message to


PROPERTY OWNERS who have an equestrian property in Millbrook, NY
as well as a home in Sun Valley, Idaho, are looking to hire
several employees. Please make sure we have your recent resume
and application on file, or send to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


WE'RE LOOKING FOR A COUPLE OR SINGLE to stay with us to help
cook, clean, babysit, garden, and paint and build if you can. We
are looking for someone who is astute enough to see what is
needed and doesn't need direction. Thinking up creative ways of
keeping a five and seven-year-old occupied is essential. Crafts,
outdoor play, baking, etc. What you will get when you stay with
us: three meals a day. This will include cereal, fruit and toast
for breakfast, sandwiches and fruit for lunch, and a kiwi yummy
dinner. Sorry no vegetarians! You get your own new private double
room with a comfortable queen size bed. What we expect in return:
five hours of work per day, five days a week. You are to keep a
clean and tidy bedroom, make your bed daily, open up the curtains
in the morning and open a window to air it out. We live on a
small lifestyle block 10 minutes' walk from Wanaka in stunning
Central Otago, so having your own transport is preferred, however
you may be able to catch a ride into town with us on your days
off (not guaranteed, though). If you are in New Zealand please


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a Bed and Breakfast Inn located in the
Harbor Village on Bald Head Island, NC. You can learn more at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We're looking for an experienced General
Manager (couple or single) to manage our 13-suite inn. We are a
fractional ownership B&B with a Home Owners Association Board of
Directors. This position reports directly to the Board of
Directors on a regular basis. The position will require general
management skills to oversee all aspects of running an Inn
including general innkeeping, breakfast service, guest/owner
experience and relations, maintenance, reservations, budget and
financial reporting, newsletter, social media, etc. Serious
inquiries only and you must have checkable references. Please

HOUSESITTER wanted from March 1 until July 31 for our home and
acreage with glorious views from a mountaintop near Asheville.
The housesitter will need to check that the gardeners show up
each week to do mowing and some pruning, this time of the year.
You can live here rent-free, but no salary will be provided. To
apply, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER COUPLE WANTED at a lakefront Tudor Mansion in New
Franklin, OH for an open position beginning in 2018. Seeking a
responsible, self-motivated, hard-working couple to live in and
care for a beautiful 20-room Tudor mansion and grounds used as a
wedding and meeting venue. The 5.8-acre property sits adjacent to
Portage Lakes State Park. Must be able to perform minor home
repairs and maintenance of the house, grounds, and equipment.
Impeccable cleaning and upkeep of the home's interior is
required. Caretaker must be present at facility rentals to
provide access to rental parties. Free rent and utilities in lieu
of salary. No children, no pets. Please send your resume and
include professional references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone
calls, please.  


HOUSESITTER NEEDED from December 15th, 2017 to January 15th, 2018
for our three-bedroom home in the Oklahoma City area. We need a
dog-lover to look after our two cute Poodles, who need cuddles
(and food), and to be walked twice each day. Our home is very
close to the I40, and just 20 minutes by car to the city. A large
park is a short walk away, along with walking trails and tennis
courts. You must keep our house in good shape while we are away,
because we expect it to be the same when we return. If you are
interested, please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


O'Brien, Oregon (between Grants Pass, Oregon and Crescent City,
California). Looking for a healthy, strong, single, honest,
non-smoking, non-drinking, drug free man who has competent skills
in off-grid home construction, with emphasis on
plumbing/electrical. What I have to offer ... tools on hand, a
separate furnished cabin to use during the project period and
hourly pay to be discussed at time of call. If qualified and
interested, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

our house and our three dogs in our large four bedroom home in
Portland, Oregon. We need the housesitter (single or a couple,
but no children please) to start on February 1 and stay at least
six months while we are out of the country. We have a lovely home
in the Alameda Ridge area. We will leave detailed instructions
for the care of our three dogs. This is a great opportunity for
an individual or couple, who are responsible, trustworthy, email
communicators with us as we travel, and dog lovers. Please send
an email about yourself along with references to


LIVE-IN HOUSESITTER/CARETAKER needed. Couple or individual needed
for a house/guest house in Panama. If you love nature, this is a
rare opportunity. Magical acres in the cloud forest on a
beautiful river minutes from town. 75 degrees year round. Could
be a retiree, writer, or serenity deficient soul(s) - but good
communication skills, computer skills, handyman/construction
skills, permaculture knowledge and if you have some Spanish or
are bilingual are all a huge plus. No smoking and drug free.
References required. Will consider short-term (two to six months)
but prefer long-term (six to 12+ months). Mature applicants
welcome. Compensation negotiable. Please send your resume or
letter describing your life and skills to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a large estate in Southern
Pennsylvania. Duties include landscaping maintenance,
housekeeping, minor farming, animal care (primarily horses), and
lawn and pool maintenance. Benefits include health and dental
insurance, apartment, auto, and vacation. Must have experience.
Salary of $70,000 per year for the couple. Please send resumes to

CARETAKER WANTED for a permanent position to maintain a 10 acre
estate in eastern Pennsylvania. Duties include lawn mowing, weed
wacking, leaf cleanup, and building maintenance. Compensation is
to live rent-free in a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment, including
utilities. Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER/HOUSEKEEPER needed to start ASAP for a large house and
property in the Delaware Water Gap area. Part-time housekeeping
and property maintenance duties in exchange for free rent and
utilities in a three bedroom house with two garages located on
the property with scenic views of the Kittatinny Mountains. Extra
paid work on the premises might be requested on occasion, as well
as supervision of film or video crews when the property is rented
as a photo shoot location. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A PHILADELPHIA FAMILY OF SIX is seeking a full-time, live-in
domestic couple to manage their home and keep it clean.
Responsibilities will include full housecleaning, all family
laundry and ironing, assistance with meal preparation, cooking
and washing dishes, as well as assistance with serving when they
entertain, about once a week. They also require overall
maintenance and care of their home, HVAC, home technology,
electrical, plumbing, appliances and oversight of outside
contractors when necessary. They will require some small handyman
projects, replacing light bulbs and keeping extras stocked;
automobile cleanliness and overseeing maintenance; and some
assistance with transportation and light errands. The right
candidates must be child-friendly and willing to help with
childcare during the week as needed, as well as most Saturday
evenings. Workdays are usually Tuesday through Saturday night;
hours are flexible, and they are able to be flexible with
changing a day off if necessary. Knowledge of a kosher home would
be a plus, but they are willing to train the right candidates.
The family spends most of their summer at a beach house, so the
summer is a time for deep household cleaning. This family is
eager to find a professional, friendly, trustworthy, discreet,
unobtrusive, and quiet couple with experience in working in a
private home together. To apply, please send your resume to


residence. This is a year round opportunity to work as a live-in
couple to manage a Narragansett estate. This position is
full-time. We prefer a mature, energetic couple who is seeking a
long-term position. The ideal candidates are flexible,
dependable, team players, hardworking and efficient. Duties
include housekeeping, laundry, cooking, pool maintenance, light
maintenance, light gardening, errand running, chauffeuring and
vehicle care. Accommodations in a private, furnished guest house
on the premises are available for two adults with paid utilities,
salary, paid time off, 401K retirement plan and partial medical
coverage. An automobile will be available for use in meeting work
responsibilities. Only non-smokers need apply. Please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


September 15, 2018. Must bring your own RV. Volunteer duties:
Camp hosts greets visitors, and provides directions, hospitality
and information to campground guests. Camp hosts instruct
visitors on camping fees, self-pay guidelines and other rules.
Camp hosts help in the upkeep of facilities and grounds,
including light cleaning and restocking of three vault toilets,
litter pick-up and trash removal around the campground and the
beach area, and the cleaning out of fire rings. Special skills:
Camp hosts needs good verbal communication skills and the ability
to answer questions, along with a positive attitude. The Camp
host must also have a good work ethic and be able to communicate
and provide interference with Rangers and local Law Enforcement.
Camp hosts should have the physical ability to walk the
campground loop and visit campsites, pick up trash and light
cleaning. Disclaimer: There is a flood warning system in place
that sets off a siren before parts of the campground might flood.
The Camp host must be aware of the system and what to do when the
siren goes off. In a normal year flooding might occur once; which
generally effects four or five of the 13 sites. The Camp host is
given free camping at a camp pad that has water and electrical
hook ups in return for being available to visitors six days a
week and light cleaning, litter pick up and visitor interactions
throughout the week, usually working around 30 hours a week. If
you are interested, please apply online at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

FREE RENT AVAILABLE in Kadoka, in Jackson County, South Dakota.
Looking for a handy person with carpentry skills for an apartment
rehab. Free rent in a furnished two bedroom/one bathroom unit,
and wage provided for maintenance and caretaker work. No smoking
allowed. Please text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.


LIVE-IN PROPERTY CARETAKER needed in Tellico Plains, TN. Now
hiring for a property caretaker for a beautiful
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX located in the Cherokee National Forest of
Southeastern Tennessee. This is a live-in position that requires
food service experience. This position is available immediately.
The successful candidate will also be responsible for light
maintenance, housekeeping, groundskeeping and guest services.
Lodging is provided, as well as a weekly salary. This is an ideal
position for someone with good management skills. No pets are
permitted, and reliable transportation is required. For
additional information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


FT. WORTH, TEXAS:  Male or Female assistant household manager is
needed for a 6,500 sq. ft. downtown home for a mature couple.
They have no pets. They are seeking someone who is honest,
flexible, has a service heart, understands manners and protocol,
has excellent organizational skills, and a team player who can
get along with a variety of personality types. Should have
excellent communication skills. Must have experience purchasing
for wealthy families, good computer skills, and experience with
staff management. You will be supervising housecleaners, so you
must have this knowledge also. Are you a non-smoker,
self-motivated, easy going, tactful, and have a sense of humor?
Do you have a current passport? Hours are 9 to 5. Great salary
with full benefit package.  This is a live-in or out position.
Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and visit
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information.

NEED AN EXPERIENCED RANCH CARETAKER to live and work on a remote,
scenic ranch in Concho County, Texas. We gather our cattle with a
feed wagon - not horses. Must be non-smoking, non-doping or heavy
drinking, and a mature family man. Equipment operator a plus. The
ranch will furnish a nice, three bedroom/two bathroom house,
salary, utilities, insurance, work truck and pasture for a few
horses if needed. To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
after 7pm, or write to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

FULL-TIME COUPLE NEEDED for caretakers of a ranch located outside
of Eagle Pass, TX. Duties to include watering routes, feed
cattle, fill corn/protein feeders, maintain fences, tractor work
(small and large equipment) and maintenance detailed by ranch
guidelines and instructions. Experience with heavy machinery
needed. Housekeeping, yard work and weekend assistance with
cooking and cleaning. Background check required. Personal
reliable transportation required for off ranch errands and
supplies runs (paid mileage). Includes furnished mobile home,
utilities and DirecTV. The ranch is located 15 miles from Eagle
Pass and an additional seven miles travel from Highway 57.
Unfortunately, facilities are not favorable for children. Reports
of weekly activities to be issued by email, therefore, some basic
computer skills are necessary. Please text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
for more information.

ESTATE MANAGER needed for a Houston Estate, with a starting
salary of $100,000+. A different position is for a Personal
Assistant/Cook in Austin, paying $60,000+. For more details and
to apply, please go to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and fill out this
Agency's application form.

WE ARE IN NEED OF A SECOND PERSON on our north Texas private
ranch. We need someone with experience working as a live-in ranch
caretaker, loper, or groom. Must know how to recognize sick and
injured animals that include, horses, cattle, dogs, and cats.
Must be a proficient equestrian which includes handling foals and
show experience. Female preferred, but not a deal breaker, as you
will be traveling to some horse shows. Ideally your riding skills
need to include, but not necessarily all, western pleasure,
cutting, and reining, as we have a little of everything. You also
should be able to ride in a smaller saddle, i.e. 14 to 15 inch
seat. Other duties include cleaning stalls, corrals, kennels,
indoor cat areas, feeding, doctoring, checking cattle, etc. You
must be able to operate a standard transmission and tractor.
Please do not apply if you do not have a handful of years of
experience working for other than family owned ranches. We supply
a one bedroom apartment, satellite, and salary. Please no dogs,
as we have plenty, other pets considered. Please email your

AN AUSTIN COUPLE is seeking a hands-on Gentleman Household
Manager for their brand new 27,000 sq. ft. smart home. The home
has two house cleaners, but you will be required to fill in when
needed. They are seeking a professional person with a service
heart who enjoys dogs. They are seeking someone who is
self-motivated who understands that when you are work, you are at
work ... which means no personal phone calls or anything that
takes your time away from your job. You need to have a nice
personality, friendly, good sense of humor, non-smoker,
organized, mature, and flexible. They are seeking someone who is
creative with tablescapes and holiday d'cor, bar service, and has
some sort of food background. Computer, bookkeeping, accounts
payable, travel arrangements (domestic and international),
keeping their social calendar, are part of your responsibilities.
You need to be able to supervise with a "soft" hand. Salary is
$70,000, with medical, dental, glasses, and life insurance
provided.  Auto is furnished for personal and business use with
garage. Your beautifully furnished, professionally decorated
apartment has tons of storage space. The principals travel a good
deal so you have the run of the house most weekends. This couple
is extremely kind and considerate with their approach to staff
and work related issues. Their last employee was with them over
10 years and only left to help care for his mother who had health
issues. So if you are seeking a position that you can stay at for
many years, you should consider this one. If interested please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


around the world, is now looking for a Butler/House Manager for
his property in Dubai. The ideal candidate is professional, has
good skills in management, experience in food and beverages and
private house butler service. Must have common sense, excellent
communication skills and the ability to manage up and down. An
attractive package will be provided for the right candidate.
Duties and responsibilities will include: ensuring excellent food
and beverage service including meals, beverages during the day
and when hosting guests, provide swift result to any client
request, maintain inventory of operating supplies and equipment
according to par stock and operation's needs, constantly inspect
the house for issues or defaults, housekeeping, gardening
maintenance for immediate corrective action, coordinate with
drivers for any guests' movements, coordinate with the Personal
Assistant for any client related topic, follow house standards
for ambiences along the day (lights, candles, music, etc.)
managing household staff rotations, provide weekly reports to the
principal keeping him updated with any snagging lists,
maintenance and staffing. Skills and qualities required: must be
a problem solver and quick to act on any request from the guests,
common sense to face any situation, exceptionally presented and
an understanding of etiquette, good knowledge of the proper
management of a household (housekeeping, maintenance, power,
laundry, etc.), good negotiation skills and ability to liaise
with third party vendors, contractors and team members. This is a
six days a week position, with certain hours to fulfil the role
requirements. Salary: 60,000 - 70,000 net per annum, plus
accommodation, plus bills paid. To apply, please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT COUPLE needed. An executive couple with two
homes in Park City, UT seeks an experienced live-on Household
Management Couple to oversee a large residence and guest condo.
The ideal candidates will have past experience caring for a fine
home and have strong management and administrative skills. The
homes are high tech and the couple must be comfortable with
Crestron, modern audio visual systems, and network devices. The
couple will be responsible for year-round care of the properties;
providing personal support to the principals, family members, and
guests; caring for the family dog; and managing household staff,
contractors, and vendors. The couple will coordinate up to a
dozen dinner parties annually and will be required to serve.
Additional duties include: construction project management,
expense reports, household budgets and bill payment, plant and
flower care, errands, inventory/restocking, and chauffeuring. The
principals are generally in residence three months annually,
December through March. During this time, the schedule is six to
seven days weekly. During the off-season, the schedule is Monday
through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (no evenings, holidays or
weekends). Competitive compensation package offered, with private
live-on accommodations, relocation assistance, and benefits
package available. Please apply for position XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
(please fill out one application per person). There is a flexible
start date. Qualified applicants will be contacted.

a very small town within the Wasatch Mountain Range. A retired
professional couple is in need of reliable housesitters (or a
future house exchange) from December 15, 2017 through January 30,
2018. Our three bedroom condo is on the first floor, with a
complete kitchen: two microwaves, dishwasher, disposal,
convection oven, two TVs, VCR/DVD, washer, dryer, and two full
baths. Complete with a 12-year-old cat that typically sleeps 12
hours per day. For more details, please email


RESIDENT CARETAKER(s) needed for a historic (established 1900)
off-grid, private trout club with a nine acre pond in the hills
of central Vermont. The position is full-time from mid-April
through late October. This is an excellent opportunity for nature
lovers and only a short drive to shopping. Duties include;
maintenance and cleaning of the Clubhouse, turnover of rooms
after guests leave, mowing, weed whacking, keeping boats ready
for use, firewood stocked, and upkeep of all buildings and
grounds. Experience with propane appliances would be helpful. In
addition to salary, a recently renovated caretaker cottage with
utilities and internet access is provided. Please contact

experienced Innkeepers for an 8 Bed Inn run as a Bed and
Breakfast and event venue. This is a salaried, year round
position for live in managers. Light cooking, housekeeping,
customer service, front desk, some marketing and sales, grounds
keeping are all part of the job description. Days off can be
spent skiing and hiking in the beautiful Green Mountains. Please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A FUN AND FUNKY HOMESTEAD in Bridgewater, Vermont needs a
caretaker. Free room and board provided. We have a new (old)
property that we are trying to get up and running here. I am an
Art Director and Production Designer who works primarily in New
York City and then spends any off time at the homestead. It is
currently under construction, but quite a fun place to be. We
have plenty of space for you to have your own rooms, and a hot
tub. I am simply looking for people to help with feeding the
animals and maintaining a presence here. Currently we have 30
chickens, 10 ducks, eight pigs, two dogs, and thousands of bees.
We also have three gardens. This all adds up to very few hours a
week. We want to encourage free thought and mindful awareness. Do
what you feel will help our little community here. There is a
wood and metal shop if you feel creative, and I would encourage
any other exploration as well. We are often teaching classes on
curing/fermenting/baking, all are welcome. We have free internet
and laundry, and great tea too! More books than you could read in
a lifetime. Give a shout if you have questions or interests, and
good luck on your journey. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSESIT a furnished mountain cabin, with modern appliances,
located one hour from Washington, D.C. Care for a cat, during two
plus winter months. A mature, male, grad student is preferred.
Must have outdoor savvy, and a 4-wheel-drive. For more details,

A NATURE CENTER VOLUNTEER is needed from May 1 through September
15, 2018. The US Army Corps of Engineers is seeking volunteers
for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX nature programs! You may volunteer at
the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Programs include school field trips and
classroom presentations. Assist in caring for live reptile and
non-venomous snake displays. By volunteering at Kerr Lake, you
will gain valuable experience in the Corps' management of parks
and natural resources!  You must be at least 18 years of age.
Free housing on the lake is available! If you are interested,
please apply online at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

SEEKING AN ORGANIZED, ENERGETIC and customer oriented individual
or couple to act as Innkeeper(s) for an expanding Virginia Inn
that reaches a varied audience from corporate to leisure guests.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to cooking,
inventory management, shopping, managing and scheduling staff,
marketing and social media, reservations, housekeeping, and
overall accountability to the owner. Must be team players and
understand the nuances of providing the best experience for all
guests and team members. This year-round position includes
off-site housing, health insurance, paid vacation and bonus for
the right candidate. Previous lodging experience is required and
compensation will be offered as appropriate. No smoking allowed,
and a vehicle is required. Please submit your resume, references
and cover letter to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HELP WANTED on a homestead in the idyllic San Juan Islands.
Beautiful, quiet and rural ferry serviced island. Offering rustic
cabin or spot for your RV. Utilities included plus stipend, in
exchange for 20 hours/week of varied property improvement
assistance on acreage with outbuildings. Seeking someone with
skills in construction or who is generally handy. Following
direction, identifying what needs attention and being detail
oriented are essential. Additional paid work possible. Single or
couple considered. Applicant(s) must be honest, dependable,
conscientious and motivated. To apply, please send your resume,
references and a personal message to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. A
three month trial period, can turn into long-term if it's the
right fit. Background check required.

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA. Want to work in a postcard
with a great team who genuinely enjoys what we do? This 5 Star
Inn, located in Friday Harbor�s historic downtown, is looking
for a year-round live-in innkeeper. This individual or couple is
a self-starter, quick study, and hardworking team player who has
excellent follow through, a great sense of humor, attention to
detail, and values the team and each member's contributions. They
are physically active, hands-on and eager to create an idyllic
guest experience. They possess the business skills and aptitude
to successfully run the Inn. The job responsibilities include
guest services, phone and online reservations and concierge
services, breakfast service in collaboration with chef,
marketing, and social media, property maintenance, and seasonal
renovation projects. Salary is commensurate with experience. The
start date will be on or before March 15, 2018. Please email your
resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

in south Stanwood, not far from Kayak Point County Park. This
position includes caring for goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs and
horses on 52 acres of partially forested and partially fenced
pasture land. It is a beautiful and tranquil place. We are
looking for a hard-working individual with farm/horse experience.
Housing is provided and living on the farm would be required to
watch over the animals and facilities. Housing is a newish clean
28 foot travel trailer with included propane, electric, septic
hook up and running water. The location is remote so you must
have reliable transportation. We are looking for someone to work
year round. The trailer is large enough for a one or two people.
Our ideal caretaker will have experience with farm animal care
including horses and goats, prior tractor and farm work who is
very handy - building/carpentry experience would be a benefit. It
must be someone who can do physical labor, communicate clearly,
follow directions and work well with others and also mature
enough to work reliably on his own with pride for his work. Drug
testing and a criminal background check may be part of the hiring
process. No smoking or drug use of any sort including marijuana
will be allowed. Duties will include: maintain the fencing, horse
care, grooming, goat hoof trimming, cleaning horse stalls,
chicken coops, goat houses, bring horses in and out of stalls,
pastures and paddocks, feed and water all livestock, mow
grass/fields, keep grounds safe and clean, tractor work if
experienced, help with crops/garden, and be comfortable lifting
100lbs. Pay would be $12/hour with housing included, there is no
charge for housing - it is required to live here and sleep
overnight for employment. If employment is terminated so is the
housing. Initially work will be approximately four to six hours
daily for six days per week, Monday through Saturday. As we grow
or jobs develop on farm more hours may become available. Please
text XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX indicating why you should be chosen for
this job and information about yourself. Thanks.

RVING CARETAKER NEEDED for a two acre, wooded, secluded parcel of
land near Naselle, WA. It's available to park your RV on, for
only eight hours each month of light trail trimming and weeding.
You will have to have a generator and a decomposing toilet. There
is no power to this site. There is a natural spring that runs
through the middle of the property with a well. You are
surrounded by woods on all four sides. Just off the property you
could hike for 45 miles before you hit pavement on state timber
land. This property is nestled at the base of Radial Mountain.
You are one mile from the town of Naselle and a few miles from a
gas station with food and propane. There are deer, elk, and mass
wildlife just out your door. This area is great for elk hunting
parties as well. You would be 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean for
surf fishing and beachcombing, five miles from the mighty
Columbia River with the best salmon fishing in the Pacific
Northwest, 500 yards to the great Naselle River, with winter
steelhead and salmon fishing, and 13 miles to the tide flats to
harvest little neck steamer clams and oysters. You are seven
miles from two mountain high trout lakes that you can access
directly from your property on a dirt bike or a vehicle. You are
15 miles from Astoria, Oregon for all your large town shopping.
If you love small community out in the country with not one
traffic light and like to rough it a bit this might just be your
paradise. You will also have access to 24 acres of old growth
timber with walking trails and the O'Connor Creek that has a cool
salmon and silver run. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Only
serious, responsible, inquiries please. No drugs and no
alcoholics wanted. 

located on the beautiful Snake River, in the Asotin/Clarkston
Area. The duties for the position include cleaning, lawn care
(mowing and spraying weeds) as well as minor repairs and
maintenance. Compensation will be housing and utilities (valued
at $800/month) plus $200/month which is equivalent to $11/hour
(20 hours/week). There is no smoking or alcohol allowed on-site.
The job could grow into a manager position for right applicant
which would include customer service and promotion. If
interested, please email your experience and job history (at
least the last three jobs) including the time period worked and
reason for leaving to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

FARM HAND SOUGHT for a 20 acre natural horse farm on San Juan
Island. A simple cabin will be provided. Please call

SEEKING A COUPLE to manage an 18 room lodge at Ashford, WA. This
is a full-time, live-in, year round position. The ideal couple
candidate has hotel experience, excellent guest service and
communication skills, enjoys guest interaction and hospitality,
has excellent computer skills, honest, self-motivated, energetic,
organized, can multi-task and is ready and willing to perform
other related tasks as needed. Duties include, but are not
limited to being responsible for day-to-day operations including
reservations (phone and online), guest check-in, housekeeping,
making simple breakfast for guest and property oversight
answering phones and interacting with guests and employees. Other
duties include conflict resolution, managing housekeepers,
ordering supplies, training and being able to help
identify/support maintenance issues. We value both teamwork and
individuality and as such the contributions of our staff matter.
Please send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOST with your own RV needed from May 15
through September 15, 2018. Greet visitors and answer questions
about the National Recreation Reservation Service and other
programs. Ensure campground entrance gate opens in the morning
and is secure at night. Conduct periodic walk through/drive
through of park to assure campers are on assigned sites according
to records. Host will be bonded and will collect fees in the
campground before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Since the
host is bonded, this will be a long-term assignment. Campground
hosts do not enforce park regulations; however, they are the eyes
and ears of the park rangers and assist rangers and visitors
during emergencies. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is one of area's most
popular campgrounds, and the host provides a very valuable
service. This campground is located 12 miles off Exit 67,
Interstate 79. In exchange for the services, campground hosts are
provided a RV site at the entrance to the campground with
electric, water, and sewer hookups. If you are interested, please


FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed in Wauwatosa. We are looking for an
on-site caretaker for a 24-unit apartment complex for families
near 124th and Burleigh in Wauwatosa. Must be adept at
landscaping, cleaning, minor repairs and tenant relations.
Previous experience required. Looking to fill this position
immediately. Compensation includes a two bedroom apartment,
utilities and excellent salary. Please mail your resume and
references to Caretaker Position, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking a full-time caretaker. The job
requires physical labor, management skills and self-motivation.
Must be willing to work weekends with equipment knowledge. Pay
will depend on experience. Please mail your resume, including
three references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


European, single, health conscious, fit woman seeks live in
situation for myself and my friendly dogs. I offer pet sitting,
care of all animals, farm experience, housekeeping, caregiving
especially hospice and dementia patients. Geographically
flexible, but prefer California, Oregon, Washington, and
Colorado. I am very neat and respectful of my surroundings. No
drugs or alcohol. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Experienced caretakers will watch your property in or near
northern Idaho. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Housesitting Job wanted in the Saskatoon Area. A responsible
51-year-old lady is looking for short/long-term housesitting job
in exchange for free rent. The start date can be negotiable. For
more information, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Handyman-Property Caretaker looking for a work exchange situation
in the mountains of Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Area. I'm an honest
man looking for a private small house, cabin, cottage, large
studio, detached room, mobile home, trailer (single wide type),
livable barn, or granny unit. Fair work provided in exchange for
all or part of the rent and/or you can pay for my skills,
building maintenance and repairs, grounds keeper - gardening,
property caretaker, ranch hand - animal care and more. I'm
willing to work skilled and non-skilled jobs. Willing to provide
excellent care for your home and property needs. I offer quality
work and skills for fair and honest wages. I'm an honest,
reliable, quiet and friendly man with a very well behaved dog.
Please feel free to call me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX so we can
talk (sorry no text). 

Mature English lady, professional caregiver, former British
Government employee (NYC/San Francisco) seeks a live-in caregiver
situation. Legal resident in the UK/USA. Private pay,
non-medical. Cooking from scratch, good, healthy meals. Home and
business owner. Excellent references. Please call

Greetings Fellow Travelers and Estate/Villa/Chateau/Winery
owners. I have completed a second summer season at the Villa di
Corliano in Tuscany (See my Caretaker Profile in this issue) and
am now ready and open for new adventures in new locales. There's
so much I enjoyed and learned at the Villa ... all the noteworthy
events, dinners, weddings, parties, private tours, but the most
memorable is the beauty of the gardens, trees, the birds singing
their praises for a new day, the Frog concerts, and Lila the cat,
my companion in the early morning rounds of watering and weeding.
I can housesit, care for your beloved animals and do light
gardening - over the Holidays or even longer. I can oversee your
property with confidence and care - and interface with staff,
coordinate duties and events and even supervise. I'm
multi-talented and solution oriented, a team player with an
entrepreneurial spirit. I am also flexible, creative and content
with the beauty and grandeur of nature, with a sunny disposition
and a happy heart. I speak French, Spanish and Italian, have
Masters Degrees in ESL and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a
long career in holistic healthcare as a Licensed Acupuncturist,
Homeopath/Naturopath. Definitely a non-smoker, and no drug use!
Will consider all possibilities. References available in English,
French and Italian upon request. Ciao, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Housesitter/Caretaker available. Southeastern or mid-Atlantic
U.S. preferred. I would not mind taking care of your pets, your
yard, farm chores, etc. I have done yard work on high-priced
properties many times to make ends meet. References are
available. I am a musician. Although I will try to find work in
your area, a small salary will be necessary. Please contact me by

Seeking a live-in caretaker/caregiver position. A retired San
Francisco professional tailor, age 60, seeks a job position,
preferably in California's Central or North Coast. Excellent
references, resume available for a long-term, permanent
housesitting position. Seeks a live-in caretaker/caregiver job/on
site security guard, 30 years' experience, handyman, pet sitting,
light maintenance, light gardening, light food prep and cooking.
Can run errands in town and country with my Ford van. I have a
current driver's license, with car insurance. Smoke/drink/drug
free. Quiet, able bodied, and reliable. Clean, quiet living
quarters must go with above position. Available immediately. "The
caretaker with the caring touch". Please email

I am a retired RN looking for a short-term
housesitting/pet-sitting job anytime from January - March/April
2018 in the central California coast area. I have my own
transportation and can do housecleaning tasks and maintain your
property in the owner's absence. Please contact

Looking for a nice home with several fenced acres to let (8)
Scottish Terriers run. Willing to pay a deposit and rental fee.
The dogs will not damage property, they are very well behaved but
require privacy. Could be a long-term rental to offset costs of
your second home. Property must provide a stimulating atmosphere
to enjoy. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Caretaker work wanted in Idaho. Have experience with animals and
outdoor work. Would need to be long-term. Please call

SWM 57 seeks a paid position as a landscaper/arborist/handyman or
right-hand man! Certified Arborist I.S.A. member FL-0433A. Check
isa.com for my credentials. Class A Commercial Driver's License
Texas, clean MVR. Have my own equipment to mow grass, trim trees
and shrubs. Seeking live on site position. Non Smoker/Drug user!
Good references available. I was a U.S. Army veteran 1981-83 in
West Germany. Will help with other responsibilities as requested.
Please call or text me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to set up an
interview, or please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Retired couple looking to live in Costa Rica, Hawaii, or Arizona
for the winter months or longer in 2019. We bring a lot to the
table! We have horse experience, and maintenance expertise. We
are a non-smoking, clean, reliable couple who will treat your
home like our own. Looking for a housesitting position or run
your business while allowing you to take a break. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you'd like to hear more about us.

My name is Tom Spencer and I am looking for a long-term position
as a Live-In Estate Caretaker in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Due to a
downsizing at my company in New York City I have been forced to
relocate and have always wanted to live in Santa Fe. I have 35
years of experience as a real estate appraiser and am very
familiar with the problems that can arise with large estates. I
am hoping to find a long term live-in caretaker position that
would help me assimilate into the community. I am very reliable
and responsible with excellent people skills. If you are
interested in my services please contact me at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thanks for your consideration, Tom

Enthusiastic, Self-Motivated, and Experienced ESL Teacher, with
B.A. degree and Teaching English as a Foreign Language
certification (TEFL) seeks a housesitting position in the Philly
Area. I have lived, worked, and traveled in the U.S. and in Asia
and Europe. My full resume and references are available upon
request. Please respond by emailing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Retired man, with over two decades caretaking experience would
like an unpaid situation with nice folks in the western USA.
Reliable and trustworthy in all phases of residential and
property care. Quiet, friendly, respectful, musician. Various
skills. No baggage, zero drama. Great references! Please contact

Experienced Caretaker available, proficient in all areas of home
renovation and repairs and fixture installation (electrical,
plumbing, tiling, carpentry, painting etc.). Outbuilding and
grounds-keeping and maintenance, landscaping, mowing, chainsaw
and firewood processing, gardening, tractor with loader and
backhoe operation, small engine operation/repairs, snow plowing,
orchard care, animal care and beekeeping. Dock
building/installation and care, watercraft maintenance and
operation. Experienced with smart home systems and security, and
vendor/contractor liaising. Also experienced, educated
chef/innkeeper and private chef, well-versed in many cuisines and
varied food choices and needs (vegetarian/vegan, allergies, and
diabetics). Former Marine, fit, single, conscientious non-smoker
with no tattoos or body piercings seeking salaried live-in or
live-out caretaking and/or private chef position for long-term
(temporary assignments possible). Willing and able to relocate to
your property, and travel if required. For complete bio, resume
with photo and extensive references please message

Versatile estate management couple seek employment as
caretakers/property management scenario. Experience with
Caribbean vacation villas, boutique accommodations, private
estates, and bed and breakfast spa/retreats. Happy to provide up
to date references, resume, and photo. Looking forward to hearing
from you. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I can provide property security, caretaker work and animal care,
and home health care. I am reliable, loyal, honest, and looking
for a long-term position. Great references available. Have over
30 years' experience. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Healthy, knowledgeable, charismatic, outdoors-loving couple seeks
temporary or ongoing winter seasonal innkeeper/property caretaker
gig somewhere beautiful, USA. We own a seasonal Alaska lodge (May
- September), and would love to spend our off-season(s) enjoying
a new challenge with a change in scenery. Can handle all aspects
of management, housekeeping, reservations, plowing, animals, and
much more. Hobbies include hiking, trail running, fly fishing,
hunting, skiing, snow-machining, and embracing all the weather
elements. Resumes and references available upon request. Seeking
great quality of life, with negotiable pay. Please email

On site property manager/caretaker available in the Colorado
Front Range. I'm looking for a room/old ranch house where I can
live while I help or do the improvements, remodel any structures,
property manage or caretake to your property in exchange for
living on-site. I have most of the tools needed to take on most
jobs with ease. I have painting, drywall, finish carpentry, tile,
any flooring, plumbing, roofing, many years of property
management experience and have worked with most all farm animals
from feeding and to their maintenance. I have an analytical
mindset and an owner's mentality, and can see most projects as
they should be completed. I have a trailer that I bring with me
with my tools and belongings. If you have a need, please call
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with what you have in mind.

BACKWOODSMAN MAGAZINE, unique in our field for the past 37 years.
Specializing in Muzzleloading, Primitive Weapons, Primitive
Archery, Leather Projects, Black Powder Cartridge Guns,
Woodslore, Historical How To Projects, History, Woods Shelters,
Indian Lore, & Much More. One year $25, 2 years $48, 3 years $67.
Sample $6. Backwoodsman Magazine, Box 1740, Fulton, TX 78358.

Mansion Staffing is seeking formal training instructors. Salaried
live in/live out position available in Los Angeles. You'll
provide year round training for some of our top clients and their
staff. The position is salaried and you'd be required to work
when needed just as if you were working in a home with an
absentee employer. This is a great opportunity for couples who
know everything about formal living and what it takes to properly
train others to care for a 5 Star home with a formal family. If
you can train others to be the best domestic staff we'd like to
talk to you. Only qualified people who desire to teach others
need apply. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

For Sale: 420 Friendly Happy Hippie House in Colorado - both
units are listed on airbnb.com receive rave reviews and stay
booked year round. $185,000. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Use WATER HERO to stop burst pipe disasters before they happen,
save thousands in water costs by catching slow leaks, control and
monitor your water from anywhere in the world, see your water
usage over the web, and easy installation in your home! WATER
HERO systems start at $499

For Sale: Unique property with ocean view on the South Pacific
Coast of Costa Rica. If your dream is to live in the tropics, run
your own bed and breakfast, have your own organic garden, or
eco/green mini-resort, hostel or simply own your own piece of
paradise it will be hard to find a better place to do it - or a
better opportunity than this one. For more information, please
email caretaker@caretaker.org with Costa Rica Property For Sale
in the Subject Line.

Need to earn a living to support your travels? Want to "give
back" by volunteering at state parks or wildlife refuges? Workers
On Wheels can help you learn how and can help you find your
perfect position. For Help Wanted ads, how-to articles, tips for
finding the best jobs, and a community of people who are actually
living the lifestyle you dream of, visit www.WorkersOnWheels.com
and sign up for your free newsletter.

Elite Intensive Personal Coaching Available for the Ultra
Wealthy. This Personal Coach for the Elite will fully engage you
on your estate conveniently, while staying in your guest house.
Willing to travel with you on your yacht or jet between vacation
homes if required. Intensive, no-nonsense, one on one coaching
will help inspire high achievers to new levels and is the
ultimate gift to yourself, especially for the New Year. Absolute
discretion and confidentiality assured. One month minimum of
intensive personal coaching can be conducted on your premises.
Six figure retainer required. Serious principals only. Please
leave a message or text with your phone number to Coach

Arizona Cowboy has written true stories in four exciting and
interesting books all about half a century on horseback. 2005,
was the year the books closed on the Arizona, cattle and horse
ranch named the DK Ranch. After nearly fifty years there as a
cowhand, I had advanced as their chief honcho. During the start
of the year 2005, the handwriting on the wall began and the books
closed on this historic steer and horse ranch. I sadly, then,
became my pen-name, The Last DK Cowboy. Read stories of true
happenings during our daily work. Happily chasing steers over the
open range while aboard bronco horses we were trying to make into
usable cowponies. Join me by enjoying these true tales and later
in the other books describing a rewarding, exciting life among
wild cattle and wilder cowhands. Ridin' out in Arizona's
beautiful, natural scenic wonders. These true tales, although
unusual, are just as I recollect them. To all those who have ever
dreamed of being a cowboy, here's your chance to ride along with
me as your side-kick and saddle pard. You can view an
entertaining introduction with many colored pictures at

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CELEBRATING ITS 50TH ANNIVERSARY, Kona’s legendary xxxxxxxxxxxxxx welcomes a few mature, healthy, hardworking and drama free individuals to share responsibilities for the housekeeping and grounds of a five bedroom BnB. Retirees are welcome with an option to pay partial rent for reduced duties. The founder of the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is in her eighth decade and wants to surround herself with well-mannered, loving people who enjoy peace, joy, harmony, laughter, and mutual respect. Are you the kind of person who wants to be of service to others and take care of the ʻĀina (the land) making their surroundings beautiful? We suggest a two month sabbatical: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please visit xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and then contact xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or email xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for further information. Anyone lacking a sense of humor need not apply :)


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