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Tuesday, May 21 2024

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CARETAKER GAZETTE every day. Some listings are only published in
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THIS IS OUR 175th ISSUE!        (206) 462-1818       

Published since 1983                                Volume 30,
Number 1                       

January/February 2012                         ISSN


-Caretaker Job Listings
This issue contains 120+ caretaking opportunities in 30 states
and 20 countries
-Caretaker Profile
Caribbean Castaways: Julie Boeger and Gregory Linnemeyer 
-Letters to the Editor
Property owners and caretakers write about their experiences with
the Gazette

received at THE CARETAKER GAZETTE every day. Some listings are
only published in an issue of THE CARETAKER GAZETTE, and other
listings are emailed out the same day the listing comes in to THE
CARETAKER GAZETTE. For this Sample Page, all contact information
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EXPERIENCE THE COASTAL ALASKAN bush in style. Our lodge and home
is looking for volunteers for the upcoming summer to help with
indoor and outdoor chores. We are running a full-service
wilderness lodge at one location and building a seaside wharf and
house at another location three miles from the lodge. Everything
is built by hand with no heavy machinery so volunteers need to be
physically fit and have some experience with tools. At the lodge
we need help with kitchen duties, hauling and stacking firewood,
gardening, cleaning, building, painting, and renovations. We can
house four volunteers at any given time and the lodge takes no
more than eight guests at any given time so it is quiet and
peaceful with opportunities to learn new skills, work in a
wilderness location where progress is often slow but always
meaningful, interact with high end guests from around the world,
and make positive lifetime memories. All room and board is
provided by the lodge and there are no costs associated with
volunteering. Volunteers eat the same food as the lodge guests
which consists of fresh Alaskan seafood and other gourmet dishes.
We expect an eight hour work day, five days a week. Off work time
can be utilized to use the lodge kayaks, fish from the floating
dock for halibut, hike the local trails, engage in hobbies, or
visit the local town of Homer. We are a small family-run lodge
and find our enjoyment in the fun activities that we do and the
work that we accomplish. We do not drink or take drugs and we
expect the same of our volunteers. Volunteers need to be able to
make their way to Homer, Alaska (100 air miles south of
Anchorage) and, from there, will be transported to the lodge at
our expense. Volunteers can participate in our programs for as
little as two weeks or as much as six months. For more
information, please visit our lodge website at 

WINTER CARETAKER needed to watch over a large remote fishing
lodge in southwestern Alaska. Everything is furnished, food,
travel, large apartment and a dog plus wages paid until mid-May
2012. To apply, please fax your resume to

statewide. Camp hosts receive a campsite, stipend, and training
for 30 - 40 hours per week. The season is mid-May to September,
with a minimum four week commitment. Please write to

LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN! Come join the fun! Our world famous
lodge is located 35 miles above the Arctic Circle in a fly-in
only village on the Koyukuk River in the foothills of the Brooks
Range, owned and operated by the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
the past 30 years. The lodge has been featured in everything from
many foreign travel channels to Discovery Channel, National
Geographic, NBC, Ice Road Truckers, Flying Alaska TV show, Good
Morning America and too many others to name. People from all over
the world visit here in the summer as a jumping off point into
the Brooks Range to start their Alaskan Adventure. Just as many
visit here in the winter to see the best Northern Lights viewing
in the world. Be a part of '' Real Alaska '', not set up for
cruise ships or tourists. We offer a taste of original Alaska,
untouched and authentic. The experience we give our guests will
last them a lifetime, friendly and professional service in an
environment where they can observe real Alaska taking place. Our
friendly and knowledgeable staff is very diverse, coming from all
over the world for their own Alaskan experience. We are looking
for personnel for this winter and next summer help with everyday
lodge activities. The summer season starts June 1st through
September 30th. Looking for someone enthusiastic about the
outdoors, everything from making beds to boat tours to feeding
sled dogs. This is an exciting atmosphere with great co-workers
and tourists from all over the world! Please contact us via our


Dear Mr. Dunn, I had such a good experience finding a caretaker
through your publication I just had to write about the
experience. I subscribed for $29.95 and went through the
Situation-Wanted ads in your classifieds. I found eight that
seemed suitable and sent an email to each. No replies. I waited a
few more days, hesitating because I assumed it would be a few
hundred to advertize my need. But I relented and typed the ad and
it was $178.00. But thanks to your very easy to use software I
whittled it down to exactly 100 words, costing me a total of
$65.00. What followed blew us away! Within a few hours the emails
and phone calls started pouring in. So much so that we could be
very selective. Thanks to you we have found the ideal couple with
children to put the life back into a home that has been deserted.
By the time we retire there in two years these great folks will
have paved the way for us. We are blessed and grateful for The
Caretaker Gazette. Thank You, R. F., Caldwell, ID 

Thanks for taking the time to write to us, Ron. It was our
pleasure to help you find great caretakers for your property.

Hi Gary, I wanted to thank you for helping me get a good raise
some years ago when I worked for the rich and famous. I was
underpaid and with the salary info from some of the listings in
your publication I was able to show my job’s real worth,
and ended up getting a nice raise as a result. Thanks, D. B.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Glad we were able to provide you with the information to help you
negotiate a raise, David. We have heard the same thing from many
other subscribers over the years. Many property owners have told
us that they simply have no idea what type of compensation to
offer their caretakers so they use The Caretaker Gazette to help
them come up with an adequate compensation package.

Gary, I just want to tell you that we had the most wonderful
experience with our Caretakers who answered our ad in your
newsletter. We live in Costa Rica and needed someone to take care
of our house and animals while we were vacationing in Italy. Les
and Wayne (yes, Wayne is a lady) answered our ad and we started
emailing. They came, we went. Les and Wayne became fast friends
with some of our neighbors and they have been added to several
email and Facebook lists from our community. Not only were they
both extraordinarily proficient in keeping our house clean and
running smoothly, but they also trained our sometimes-rebellious
dog to sit upon command. And Les spoiled one of the cats so much
that she went around meowing for him for several days after they
left. Not only did they provide an essential service for us, they
become our new friends, but ones we feel like we've known for
years. Thanks again for this most-positive experience.  Keep
doing what you do so well. V. B., Costa Rica

Thanks for sharing this with us Vicki. It sounds like a mutually
beneficial experience! It's always nice to hear another success
story via The Caretaker Gazette!

The Caretaker Gazette
This publication is a private newsletter researched and written
for landowners, caretakers, and interested readers. It is the
only up-to-date publication for property caretaking opportunities
in the world. All information is derived from sources believed to
be correct and reliable, but for which we assume no
responsibility. The Caretaker Gazette does not screen caretakers
or landowners, and only provides a medium of information
exchange. We assume no liability for arrangements made between
parties. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced,
or distributed in any form or retrieval system without the
Publisher’s prior written permission. 

Our Caretaking Philosophy
The Caretaker Gazette is dedicated to the property caretaking
profession, and to our subscribers who have kept the Gazette
going since 1983. We publish the Gazette in order to help
property owners and caretakers find one another. We support the
caretaking profession; a lifestyle encompassing everything from
simple housesitting assignments, where one can live rent-free, to
full-time estate management positions that include salary,
benefits and housing.

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Copyright © 2012 Caretaker Publishing, Inc.


OCCASIONAL HOUSESITTER needed in north central Arizona. Only
local area people need apply, from the Phoenix, Flagstaff,
Prescott, Sedona, Cottonwood and general areas. We are a small
semi-working ranch, offering accommodations for guests as well as
horse travelers and their horses. We are located in a beautiful
private setting in north central Arizona. Your responsibility
would be to stay in my accommodations and care for my three (3)
cats and occasionally my two small dogs. You would need to be on
property during my absence. This would be usually three (3)
days/nights or so and possibly three (3) weeks in August or so. I
prefer a single person. Must be clean, non-smoker, non-drinker.
For more details please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with
name and phone contact number.

PET CARETAKER OPPORTUNITY. Live on-site in your RV (rent and
utility free) in exchange for assisting with rescued and boarding
dog care. Your pets are welcome too. Please contact Carrie at
Animal Guardian Network by calling XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or

BIRD/ANIMAL CARETAKER needed for a large non-profit Sanctuary on
72 acres in the Cascabel (rural desert) Benson area. The
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a life-care facility for captive
exotic birds. With 700 birds in our care we are seeking dedicated
individual(s) to provide daily care. Our animal caregivers must
have a genuine interest in birds and their well being.
Caregiver's responsibilities include the daily feeding of all
animals, which includes cleaning of food bowls and areas; daily
cleaning and maintenance of all cages and enclosures; monitoring
of the health of all animals; general support of the daily
operations in the animal areas which would include tasks such as
enrichment, maintaining grounds, and special projects as needed.
Candidates must be able to perform regular, strenuous duties in
all desert weather conditions. Candidates must have the ability
to lift and carry 50 pounds; regularly bend, reach and kneel;
work in our outdoor and indoor dusty environments - allergens are
heavy; handle high levels of noise; work in an environment with
daily changes in climate. You will also be exposed to animal
waste and potentially aggressive parrots. Bird care and handling
experience a plus. Position requires a minimum of 40 hours per
week. Candidate must be willing to work weekends and holidays.
Candidates must be extremely dependable. Due to our location
candidates must have a reliable vehicle capable of handling
county maintained dirt roads. Candidates must be willing to live
on site. Interested applicants will be required to volunteer a
minimum of five days as part of the application process. We will
consider individual applicants or a couple who is interested in
filling two full-time positions. Please email your resume and


IN THE BREATHTAKING WINE countryside just outside General Alvear
stands a farm that needs a caretaker. The farm is a nursery that
grows vines that are then sold to the area’s many thriving
vineyards. The current owner, who lives elsewhere, hopes to find
a mature couple to live on the 15-acre farm and tend the vines.
This is not a place, or a job, for anyone who does not like
working the earth, or who is incapable of somewhat rigorous
labor. This is farming done largely by hand and by back. The
right candidates will be conversant in Spanish, self-motivating
and love to have their hands in the dirt; they will be
responsible for the cultivation of the vines, upkeep of the
property and general maintenance. Although the process is labor
intensive, it is a manageable workload, and the current owner is
ready to train the caretakers in all aspects of the nursery
operation. In return for the farm work, the caretakers will live
rent-free in a fully furnished, modern house. The caretakers will
be responsible for paying the house utilities of approximately US
$100 per month, including high-speed internet, and the care of
two lovable and loyal dogs. A reliable vehicle will be essential,
preferably a truck. In addition to the free rent, the caretakers
will receive a share of the vine sale when sold the following
spring. This opportunity requires a one-year commitment and
lease, with possible extensions. This position will be filled
within one month, and all candidates are subject to a background
check. For more information about this opportunity, please

VOLUNTEER needed in San Ignacio, Misiones province. I built this
little paradise in a really very beautiful, tourist destination
not only because of its important Jesuits ruins, but also for the
breathtaking virgin nature in this green northern Argentina
province. San Ignacio is a rather small village and we are very
patient, calm and friendly persons so surely staying with us
should be very relaxing for you. We warmly welcome volunteers
(also with their child) basically to have fresh air from outside
these backwoods - in addition I love good lively company and also
need some little help in our hotel/bungalows Pragamisiones. Since
this occupation is a mainly Female matter - I look for just one
skilled Lady (better if not vegetarian) and of course it’s
up to you when you arrive or how long you decide to stay here,
take it as a kind of working vacation-ecotourism. Please, a
minimum stay of two weeks or longer is required. I wake up at
about seven and prepare the rich breakfast for our clients, clean
the bungalows, wash, cook, shop, arrange reservations, talk with
tourists and so on. My local collaborators help me a lot so if
you dear Volunteer want to join our compact team and give us a
hand during your mornings (six days a week) - thank you in
advance - while in the afternoons you will have enough time to
explore beautiful national parks around Iguazu Falls and doing
what you desire in this natural Eden. You will have your own
bathroom and nice room with everything inside. My house is at
your disposal and hope you will also appreciate my international
cuisine. I do not have TV, that’s why we live so happily
but don’t worry there’s a good internet connection
including Wi-Fi. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


APARTMENT MANAGER/CARETAKER needed. Properties are located in
Greenwood, Lavaca, Gentry, Russellville, Clarksville, Conway, and
other locations throughout the state of Arkansas. Experience
preferred but we will train the right person. This position is
ideal for a couple. You are required to live on-site. Please send
your resume and inquires to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED as Campground Hosts at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from April 1 to October 30, 2012.
Volunteers will need their own RV and will have to greet
visitors, provide information and assistance to visitors about
the area, self deposit guidelines and self deposit vaults,
surveillance of facilities and equipment, and notification of the
proper authorities in case of emergency. Some light maintenance
will be required, such as cleaning restrooms, picking up litter,
cleaning grills and fire rings, and cleaning camping sites. In
exchange for their services, park hosts are provided an RV site
with water, sewage, and 50 amp electric service. The host site
must be kept clean and orderly while site is occupied. To apply,
please complete the volunteer application through our

PERSONAL ASSISTANT needed. Seeking a mature and well established
personal assistant for my mother in Pine Bluff, AR on a part-time
basis to assist with errands and major projects. Must have a
track record for achieving results. References required. Please


A MATURE RETIRED PERSON is needed as a live-in caretaker. Live
rent free in a modern self-contained flat, plus remuneration, in
return for weekly cleaning of the owner's residence and some
gardening. The property is located in South West Sydney amidst
scenic and tranquil environment yet central to all amenities. For
further details please phone XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER/CLEANER live-in needed at a NSW mid-north coast tourist
park/resort. The position includes maintenance work and cleaning,
evening bookings, security patrols, and customer service
requests. This would be suitable for a well presented, fastidious
semi-retired or retired person with excellent people skills. Must
be an experienced all rounder, and basic computer skills are
preferred. You will be required to complete set tasks such as
clean electric BBQ’s, camp kitchens, and games room, and
amenity check and tidy, five nights a week. Including weekends
and walk the park to keep any noise at bay and remain on call to
attend to occasional general maintenance breakdowns or faults and
customer problems. Also book in late arrivals up to 9pm. Weekend
days including school holidays duties include pool cleaning and a
list of set morning tasks, plus remain on call for canoe hire
etc, attend to maintenance breakdowns and customer problems under
the advice of and working closely with our reception team. You
must be a friendly person who is happy to serve the needs of our
customers and work well with a great team of dedicated
professionals. The role is from 15 – 20 hours per week. The
role requires you to live-in a quality three bedroom, on-site
residence. Immediate start. Couples are welcome to apply. Please
fax applications to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. To be eligible
to apply for this position you must have an appropriate
Australian or New Zealand work visa.

South Wales. We are looking for live-in caretakers to join our
team, located on the south coast of NSW. The duties will include,
but not limited to: cleaning of on-site cabins and amenities,
general gardening and mowing lawns, minor cabin maintenance,
maintaining swimming pool, office work, and rostered after hours
duties. Candidates should have previous experience in this type
of work or have a keen eye for detail as well as a sound
knowledge of computers, particularly accommodation booking
systems. On-site shared accommodation will be provided as part of
remuneration package. To apply, please send an application letter
and resume to ryanbarXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE needed. An enthusiastic and reliable couple is
required for a long-term position at a family property in the
Oberon, NSW area. Duties include all housekeeping duties
including cleaning, washing, ironing and very occasional snack
preparation. The couple must include a keen gardener to look
after parklands as well as supply firewood for the homestead.
Other yard duties include lawn maintenance, planting, weeding,
pruning, fertilizing, maintenance of irrigation system and tree
propagation. General maintenance of machinery, vehicles and tools
would also be required. The couple must be experienced and
energetic, and able to work with minimal supervision to a high
standard. Good communication skills are a must as well as current
driver’s licenses. Relevant horticultural qualifications
and experience will be viewed favorably. The starting date would
be ASAP. Salary and separate caretaker accommodations which
consists of a modern three bedroom home. For more information

CARETAKER NEEDED in Waterford (outside of Brisbane) for an
Earthmoving business. Roustabout duties. Must live on-site. A
truck license is an advantage. Caravans welcome. Please call


HOUSESITTERS WANTED. Experience a tropical lifestyle in southern
Belize. The property is bordered by rainforests in the center of
Maya culture. Caretake a self-sufficient owner built homestead.
Electricity from the sun. Biogas is from organic materials. Enjoy
cosmically charged rainwater and unpolluted, energy packed
rainforest air. Taste a different tropical fruit each week. Stuff
yourself with organically grown veggies. Make natural perfume
from ylang-ylang petals. Prefer mature, responsible, drug-free,
non-smoking couple or two adults. A minimum commitment of five
weeks anytime from April through November. Your primary
responsibility is having a presence on the property. Duties, as
of this date, will be the care and feeding of one cat, six dogs,
fish tanks, vermiculture, watering young plants and minor
maintenance. For additional information, please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For photos, please visit


PET-SITTER NEEDED in rural Bulgaria starting in May 2012. This is
a highly unusual property caretaker position, with pets to care
for too. I have a lovely acre in Bulgaria, with a comfortable
caravan, a kitchen, courtyard and a shower room. I live in a very
quiet rural area, with no night life. I need an imaginative and
responsible person to live here while I am away working from time
to time. No smokers taken. Must have references. Help with travel
costs can be included if handyman - or handy-woman - jobs are
undertaken. Basic duties are dog and cat care, watering and
weeding - no more than three hours work per day. You are welcome
to pursue your studies or work using the internet. This would be
suitable for someone looking for a peaceful break with light
duties. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more


MAINTENANCE POSITION available: Work and live in the redwood
coastal hills of Sonoma County, CA at beautiful
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, a non-profit retreat and conference
center in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in northern California.
Be in a spiritual community of like-minded people dedicated to
service to humanity. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is seeking an
energetic, hard-working dedicated multi-tasker to join our
growing team. Required skills: plumbing, electrical, HVAC,
mechanical, light construction, compliance, trouble shooting,
organizational skills, basic office computer skills Couples may
apply with the partner having compatible experience in guest
services, office, housekeeping, kitchen, and garden. This
year-round residential work-study program combines meaningful
work with opportunities for self-growth. It is a demanding fully
engaged lifestyle with work six days a week, early evening
classes four evenings a week. Need not be Buddhist to apply but
please have a sincere interest. Six months to one year
commitment. Includes vegetarian meals, housing (shared by twos,
cabins with private bath, outdoor deck), monthly living allowance
$150 per month, evening classes on the philosophy and practice of
Buddhism. Sorry we cannot accept children or pets. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more details and application or

FARMER/MANAGER needed to run 700 acres of ranch in the high
desert, 2,000' elevation, in northeast Kern County. We are
searching for a manager team which is competent in forage
production, irrigation, equipment maintenance, record keeping and
upkeep of several residences on the property. The operation
includes a 40 to 60 pure bred cow herd, 20 plus goat herd, and a
private hunting operation. This position includes a caretaker
residence. English and Spanish speaking are required. To apply,

RURAL CARETAKERS needed. This is a unique opportunity for a
young, hardworking, energetic and dependable couple who have
experience growing food and who want to live in the country on a
160 acre Botanical Sanctuary in inland Mendocino County. The
caretakers will live in a small, beautiful, hand-crafted,
off-grid cabin (suitable for two people), in exchange for weekly
hours of outdoor physical labor: tend the roads, weed eating,
stuff shuffle, etc., as well as growing food. A one year
commitment, 4WD vehicle and references are required. Please write
a little about yourself (work experience, food growing
experience, interests, etc.) and include your telephone number.
Please mail to "Caretakers",

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We are seeking a very personable,
high-energy, motivated, self-starter couple with good
communication skills and experienced in hospitality services.
Must be comfortable living in a remote area outside of Paso
Robles, California. We are looking for qualified, hands-on
professionals, with strong family values and integrity. Couple
must be equipped for Christian Ministry events on the property.
Duties to include: Performing the day to day interior and
exterior maintenance, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work,
gardening and grounds keeping, scheduling and overseeing vendors,
vehicle care, laundry, and housekeeping with specialty cleaning
projects. Knowledge of boats and manual repairs a plus. Assisting
in hiring, training, and termination of the additional staff
members for the ranch as needed. Overseeing and assisting the
wrangler on property with additional duties to include handling
and upkeep of horses, burritos, chickens, and other pets.
Handling any and all emergencies should they arise. EMT training
is welcomed in a candidate and or interest in being trained as an
EMT. Interviewing and supervising all outside contractors,
scheduling of daily/weekly duties performed for grounds staff,
preventative maintenance for the home, boats and autos. This is a
year-round, full time position with an excellent salary and some
benefits, plus living accommodations in a separate lake view
house on the property. Salary is to be determined but will be
commensurate with experience. Couples should bring competencies
beyond those listed above, possibly including building and land
maintenance skills. We ideally seek a person/couple with a
minimum of five years’ experience in a similar role, or
someone who is currently working as an assistant to Building
Caretaker or similar, and ready for the challenge of stepping up
to the next level. The Estate Manager wears many hats, and must
be a stickler for details. Partner: Organic, healthy and
physically fit, partner shall have more "hands on"
duties for the daily care of the estates main home. This shall
include anything from filling in for the housekeeper duties as
needed to prepare for the owners arrival, managing of household
accounts, orchestration of functions, stocking and care of the
household pantry, weekly flowers for décor upon request.
To also include assisting the chef in preparation for formal or
informal dinner parties as needed. This position will carry the
role of a handyman to personal assistant at the main residence
with strong organizational skills being a plus. Some gardening is
expected to help keep the manicuring of perennial gardens and a
small vegetable garden beautiful year round. Please email your
cover letter and resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No phone
calls please. Thank you.

Eastern Humboldt County. Need a caretaker to live on the farm
during the off-season and prep for activity full spring and
summer months - we will host at least one 10-day intensive farm
course and possibly up to three. For the past year the vibrant
educational based farm has not been cared for - so I am looking
for an energetic person or team to assist in getting the farm
back to working/educational condition, including bringing back
laying chickens and milking goats, and prepping the garden for
spring planting. There is a great cabin to stay in for the
caretaker in exchange for work. There are opportunities to make
money off the farm as neighbors are always looking for help.
Please email your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you
are interested. This is a unique opportunity for the right

HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED for 15 hours per week in exchange for a
caretaker cottage with its own patio, utilities, cable, and a
garage. Located near a jogging trail. References required. Please
mail a letter about yourself and your references to

SEEKING A CARETAKER for a 5-acre ranchette in the Trinity Alps
Wilderness area of California ... possibly long-term. Room and
board provided. The property has fruit trees, gardens, hybrid
power (both off-grid and on), wood-burning and forced-air heat.
Skills needed: use of chainsaw, malls and axes, weed-whackers,
and tractor mowers, gardening, light plumbing and property
maintenance. Knowledge of hydro power and tree pruning are a

BEAUTIFUL 39 ACRE Nature Education Center located halfway between
Mendocino and Fort Bragg on the coast of California is looking
for a semi-retired live-in innkeeper/caretaker couple to manage
overnight guest lodge, including guest services, outreach, upkeep
and maintenance. Looking for combination of computer/ office
management, people skills, maintenance/handyperson/grounds
management skills a plus. Lodging provided in two bedroom house
with ocean view plus $1,500 per month. No pets, no smoking, good
landlord and work references required. Please write to

OLDER ENERGETIC COUPLE (between the ages of 40 - 60) desired as
long term guests for one of my mountain cottages in the bottom of
a canyon located four miles from I-80 and one hour east of
Sacramento. Keep all gold found in river; fish off porch. Must be
OK in a very remote location. Should be a handyman type with
common sense. Need income, 4WD truck, generator, computer, and
phone. Off grid experience recommended. No addictions, no
illnesses, and no children. This is not a job. Must be able to
pass drug and criminal background tests. Please send references
and background info to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER POSITION offered in Northern California’s
Siskiyou County in Hornbrook, CA. Willing to provide free parking
and rent for your RV in exchange for part-time and easy caretaker
duties on my ranch, keeping trespassers away. This is
off-the-grid, primitive living. Must be self-sustaining and love
the outdoors. Must have good references and be in reasonable
physical shape and condition, and have a good attitude, as the
property is somewhat remote. No criminal history, drugs,
drinking, or mental issues, and no friends or visitors with same
– in fact we prefer light/little to no visitors. This is
not employment or a paid position, so you must have some other
source of income available to live off of. Animals are OK,
including horses, pigs, etc. Looking for a single male, couple,
retiree, or a small family. A 4x4, SUV, ATV or horse would help
in your duties. I am only looking for serious replies. Please

CARETAKER NEEDED for a small hobby ranch with cattle in Central
California, must be able to assist cows during calving season,
mend wire fence, building maintenance, tree and brush cutting,
etc. This is not a training position. Own trailer or motor home
preferred. Basic compensation for routine chores and availability
for emergency situations as well as ranch sitting when the owner
is absent. Other work available on a project basis. Please email


OFF-GRID HOUSESITTER needed in Port Burwell, Ontario. I will be
leaving my off-grid home for a month to go cycling in Mexico and
thought that it might be beneficial for all if a couple or
someone wanted to use the house for this time period in February
2012. It would mean living here for three weeks before I left to
understand just how to operate and maintain the solar cells,
windmill, solar hot water heaters, solar air heaters, the
greenhouse etc. Preference given to non-drinkers, non-smokers,
and non-religious types. References needed. Please email
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you are interested.

LIVE-IN CARETAKER needed for a brand new luxury building in
Richmond, British Columbia. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a
luxury 80 unit rental building in the heart of Riverport. We are
looking for a hardworking Resident Caretaker comfortable with
custodial, janitorial and maintenance work associated with the
up-keep of an apartment tower. Candidates must speak and write
fluent English, have some knowledge of the Residential Tenancy
Act and be proficient in the use of email, fax machines and cell
phones. The Caretaker of this building will be provided with an
office inside the building and will be provided with a cell
phone, computer and fax system. The candidate is required to live
in the building and will be provided with a one bedroom suite at
a reduced rental rate. Medical/Dental benefits will be made
available after the three month probationary period. The
commencement date for this position will be December 2011. Duties
include, but are not limited to the following: responding to
tenant requests, showing of vacant suites, move in/out
inspections. maintenance of the building, daily cleaning of all
common areas, garbage and recycling maintenance, daily fire,
safety and security checks, monthly alarm testing, handyman
skills, distribution of notices, and light landscaping and snow
removal. Compensation for this position is $40,000 per year.
Please deliver your cover letter and resume to

beautiful campground in southern Saskatchewan. We are looking for
an energetic couple to manage the campground. Duties include
maintaining the grounds, pool, campground and buildings as well
as looking after bookings, etc. in the office. Working well with
students and the public would be a great asset. To apply, please
mail your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER WANTED on Gambier Island, BC Canada. Looking for an
individual, couple or family starting January 2012 or later. A
caretaker is wanted to oversee a large waterfront acreage on
Gambier (water access). Will be responsible for: repair and
maintenance of all facilities and equipment - either self or
through contracted  services, completing  small construction and
renovation projects, managing subcontracted construction
projects, maintaining shop and supplies inventory, and janitorial
and other custodial duties as required. Skills required include:
general handyman skills including carpentry, electrical and
plumbing as well as basic trouble shooting and maintenance of gas
and diesel engines. Will need experience with boats and marine
maintenance. Knowledge of battery maintenance and operation of
alternative energy equipment desired. Gardening and pruning
skills desired. Private accommodations provided to live on site
with flexible time off (including summer) coordinated to the
owner’s schedule. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


LOOKING FOR a retired or semi-retired single caretaker or a
couple; a financially secure (since we are offering a minimum
modest compensation) mature applicant for part-time light duties
on a desirable location at a small Caribbean inn. Free housing
provided on the resort's premises plus approximately $1,000/month
minimum in exchange for part-time chores. The applicant should be
in good health, resourceful, trustworthy and addiction and
drug-free. If you are handy, it would be a plus. For USA
citizens, a passport is not needed to fly from States to us
(Culebra, Puerto Rico). To get more information, please visit our


IMMEDIATE OPENING at a luxury Colorado Inn/Bed & Breakfast
and event center. We need a Colorado live-in caretaker couple or
very small family unit (three to four people maximum, under
certain conditions). Excellent pay and advancement potential! May
include possible ownership shares to right, dedicated, honest,
long-term couple and/or family! You will work and live together
on-site in a free, furnished, luxurious studio-style living
quarters. Job duties include guest interaction and customer
service, cooking and serving of meals, light office work,
housekeeping, light maintenance and light groundwork, office
work, customer service, and business planning and development. In
return, you will receive a great base salary, plus tips, plus
possible bonuses and/or commissions, plus possible ownership
interests in our ever-growing business, commensurate with your
group's efforts, plus free use of a luxury studio-style apartment
(plus for a whole family, additional living space), plus free
meals! Please mail your resume and references to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We do not hire people who do not
follow instructions. All people must realize places are busy and
cannot receive unscheduled tours, visits and/or calls, so please
do not call or stop by to avoid being disqualified.

CARETAKER COUPLE needed for a Bayfield, Colorado ranch. Need to
have knowledge of ranching: animal feeding care, experienced
tractor operation, and snow removal. Please contact

HOUSEKEEPER/CARETAKER needed. Seeking a single individual or
couple to fill a permanent full-time housekeeper position and
part-time caretaker position for 300 acre Colorado Springs area
horse property. Primary responsibilities are housekeeping
(experience desired) and horse care/feeding (one dozen horses,
experience required). Facilities maintenance is secondary.
Compatible animals welcome. Housing and utilities provided;
salary and benefits negotiable. Please email

CARETAKER/HANDYMAN needed to manage a small Southern Colorado
mountain top ranch from May 15 to November 15 each year, starting
in 2012. Must be a healthy, self starter. For more details,


SEEKING A MATURE COUPLE for a caretaking position on a beautiful
estate in northwestern Connecticut. You will be provided with an
attached one bedroom apartment with separate entrance in return
for 10 hours per week with salary of $15 - $25 per hour for
additional work. Knowledge of gardening is a must. Caregiving for
elderly a plus. Please send your resume and references to

PART-TIME SKILLED ARBORIST needed to live rent-free on a Weston,
CT property in an 800 sq. ft. high ceiling guest house with
separate entrance; bathroom, kitchen, and furnished. Beautiful
five acre river front property, with mature trees and gardens.
Small stipend negotiable. Please email


CARETAKER NEEDED: LIVE IN PARIDISE in Costa Rica on an 18-acre
farm (near Tamarindo in Guanacaste Provence) overlooking vast
green canopies, dramatic eastern mountain vistas, endless
sprawling hills and valleys with quiet farm land - already set up
with barn, home, small animal area, gardens, trails, and
vegetable garden. Just 10 minutes from town and 20 minutes from
magnificent beaches, world class fishing and shopping. I need a
couple who are homebodies to come live in a nice furnished house
with spectacular mountain views. Accommodations include a giant
master bedroom suite with private access and large kitchen and
living room. Green house is available for the garden
lover’s. Electricity paid by the caretaker. I need a
caretaker to care for the house and landscaping around house and
other minor responsibilities for an absent owner. Also to
supervise any work that may be needed to keep the property up.
Ability to speak Spanish is a plus. Own transportation would be
necessary. Starting date is December 30th, 2011 if a good fit.
Photos and more details available on request. Please contact
Scott by email at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For more
information, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CAREGIVER/COMPANION wanted for my 80-year-old husband who
sustained a brain injury. He only requires someone to walk with
as well as fix breakfast and lunch, no bathing or dressing or
physical care required. Living on the premises – on the
beach – is a must. Wanted:  a woman over 50, non-smoker,
vegetarian/healthy eating and cooking, athletic, who likes early
6 am walks. We live in a beautiful, very small community on dirt
roads with fabulous beaches and lush jungle, known for good
surfing, yoga centers and healthy holistic living. Our climate is
hot all year and we do not live in air conditioned environments
so we are looking for a woman who enjoys life without
air-conditioning. The ideal candidate is single; self sufficient
with major hobbies or works from home, has independent income and
can afford a car or other transportation. Must love cats and a
dog, speak English and some Spanish, is quiet, caring, assertive
and patient. We offer a fully furnished apartment suitable for
one person, in a lovely garden setting with pool, large deck and
just half a block from the beach, plus a small salary. Actual
work time is less than three hours per day, normally five days
per week. Extended work days are required when I am out of the
area. A five or six month minimum commitment is required. Check
out our town of Nosara located on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
a birds eye view. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX if
you are a woman interested in the job.


HELP NEEDED! Do you have some time available? Do you like the
Tropics? Do you want to improve the life of others in the world?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we need you. You
may just discover what will lead to a rewarding and fulfilling
human experience. You are welcome to join a volunteer vacation
program and participate in one of our six projects to help the
impoverished community of Munoz. You can also enjoy the different
tourist excursions of this beautiful island. We need volunteers
of all ages and there are no specific qualifications required.
You will be greatly appreciated here among the Dominican and
Haitian communities. Your schedule will be flexible and there are
many different ways to help. Teaching languages is the most
popular because it qualifies them to work in tourism. We are just
across the beach and tourist complex of Playa Dorada with 14
hotels. The economical lodging facilities of
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are located at the end of this
community, by Munoz River, a natural pool. You will receive a
personalized welcome at Puerto Plata airport. You will have the
option to take Spanish or Creole lessons. Please visit our
website: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX then email


LIVE-IN COUPLE: CARETAKER/DRIVER and housekeeper/cook needed at
the Scottish Borders. A long-term position is available for a
live-in couple with at least four years' experience working in a
formal family house. Responsibilities include: caretaking and
security; general maintenance of the house, swimming pool and
cars; driving the family when required (airport/station an hour
away); housekeeping; shopping; and cooking family meals at
weekends. Occasional serving at lunch and dinner when the family
are entertaining. Cooking to dinner party standards a bonus.
Cleaner and gardeners already in place. Two bedroom cottage
accommodation and 'run around' car available. Relevant references
and proof of clean driving license expected prior to interview.
Flexible hours possible depending on family situation, normally
9am-5pm plus opening the house in the mornings and locking up at
night - including weekends. If full weekends are worked, time off
will be given in lieu in addition to holiday time (to be agreed).
Start February 2012. Salary negotiable. The house is open to the
public during four weeks over the summer. Please mail your resume

Lincolnshire, UK. I have an elderly cat called Emily, and a
garden to my house; I would prefer a retired couple who could
come to UK for two months possibly in April and May at short
notice. I can supply more details when required. Please email me

HOUSEKEEPER needed for a large country house in East
Leicestershire to help and supervise with the running of a large
house. Usual domestic duties, including minimal cooking. Other
daily help employed. Cheerful, trustworthy, competent and
reliable person sought. Must be a non-smoker. Excellent
remuneration including separate three bedroom cottage with
garden. References required. Please reply to


FARMING VOLUNTEERS needed in Madison County, Florida. We are a 60
acre rural family farm striving to reduce our footprint on the
earth and our reliance on processed foods and Big Ag, educate and
convince our customers and friends to do the same and eventually
achieve enough profit for the farm to carry itself. We are
looking for positive, energetic people to help us maintain,
expand and improve our farm. We have a dairy goat herd to produce
raw milk, cheese and soap, pastured chickens for eggs, and a
small herd of breeding stock Black Angus Cattle; we also have
horses, organic fruit trees, pastures and an organic vegetable
garden, where we grow vegetables for our own consumption. We use
no hormones and do not give antibiotics other than to treat sick
animals. We offer room and board in exchange for an average of 35
hours of work a week. Projects and duties include: field and
pasture work, fencing, some construction, vegetable gardening,
working with the goats, cows and chickens, tree trimming,
canning, making cheese, soaps, and attending our stand at
farmer's markets. This is often hard but fun work, where the work
hours are determined by the task and may include night work
during kidding season. The suggested length of stay is four weeks
minimum, but longer stays are preferred due to the steep learning
curve with livestock. We accept helpers year round because the
climate is mild and work continues throughout the year. Housing
includes a fully furnished loft with bathroom and a camper
including access to wireless and laundry facilities. Kitchen
facilities are shared with the farm family and dinners are
usually eaten together. As meals are included, help with
preparation and clean-up is a must. Able to accommodate
vegetarians. We expect reliability and a strong work ethic.
Absolutely no illegal drugs (zero tolerance), no smoking,
moderate alcohol consumption ok. No pets or children as we have
Livestock Guardian Dogs. For our peace of mind we might ask for
references. We speak English, German and some French. Plenty of
recreation opportunities available along the nearby rivers and
natural forests for hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, canoeing
and horseback riding. Please contact us through

FREE PLACE TO STAY in Englewood, FL in exchange for caregiver
services, such as grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and
errands. My house is one mile from Lemon Bay and five minutes to
the beaches. I have Lyme disease and chemical sensitivities.

CARETAKER NEEDED for my property and animals in Sorrento, FL. I
have an apartment available for a caretaker for my small farm.
Duties will vary from animal feeding to fencing and house repair.
Experience is needed in all aspects of repair and maintenance.
Ref- erences are required. For more info please call


CARETAKER/HOUSEMAN/COOK/housekeeper/guardian couple needed in
France. A live-in, hardworking and good all round
Houseman/Housekeeper/Cook/Caretaker couple required for a lovely
family with five children. The couple will be responsible for
general care and well being of the houses. Duties require an
excellent cook, general cleaning, managing a household budget,
shopping, driving, gardening, and pool cleaning/maintenance. Pack
and unpack and look after the employer’s wardrobe. Any
other duties that will allow the family the flexibility they
require. Normal day-to-day working hours depending on what needs
to be done. When the family is in residence (usually holidays and
festivals) you will be required to work longer hours. To apply,
please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your resume,
references, and recent picture at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CARETAKER COUPLE wanted for a home near Toulouse. Live-in
full-time job, permanent position. Bi-lingual French English
required, and applicants must be familiar with the local area.
Driver’s license required. Free accommodation plus monthly
stipend provided. Job description available against professional
references.  Please email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

“Caribbean Castaways:Julie Boeger and Gregory
Dates of Birth: Julie - 9/30/60 and Gregory - 7/31/47
Interests: world travel, experiencing other cultures, hiking and
Quote: “Without risk, there is no reward.”
(that’s Julie’s personal mantra)

Julie Boeger and Gregory Linnemeyer

With thirty two years in the hospitality industry in both the
U.K. and the U.S., a penchant for world travel, and over
thirty-five countries under our belts, caretaking in a foreign
country had always been our dream and was a natural next step for
us after forced semi-retirement. To be able to combine a lengthy
stay in a new country in trade for property and/or animal
caretaking was not only a good fit for us but also an excellent
opportunity to live as ‘locals’ in a foreign land and
experience their culture for an extended amount of time without
incurring huge living expenses. 
After meeting a lady on a remote beach in Mexico who was doing
just that we started subscribing to The Caretaker Gazette seven
years ago and would drool over the possibilities but the timing
just never seemed to be quite right with family, business, and
several remodeled rental properties we needed to tend to. With
the downturn in the economy, an unexpected lay off, the quick
sale of our beach house in California, and our youngest child
going off to college all of the pieces of the puzzle finally fit
together and it was the perfect time to start a new
‘career’ caretaking the properties of others. We felt
as if we were at the ideal juncture in our lives – the
children were gone and our parents are still in good health
– it’s now or never!!
The opportunity to live in the West Indies for three months
during the summer also presented us with the ideal time to vacate
Palm Desert, California where we currently reside since it sees
summer temperatures in the 110 degree range. The assignment
checked all of our boxes – the right time of year, a
temperate climate, and an island that we had never been to
– Grenada. Grenada is located northwest of Trinidad and
Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent
and the Grenadines. Grenada is known as the "Island of
Spice" due to the production of nutmeg and mace crops of
which Grenada is one of the world's largest exporters.
The Grenada resort owners close down the small, boutique, resort
property every year during the hurricane season and our
‘job’ was to be an extra set of eyes on the property,
start the generator once a fortnight and most importantly take
care of the beloved hotel dog in their absence. Since we love
animals and have handyman skills it was a good fit for both
Caretaking is the gateway to another way of life and through
living in a foreign country as ‘locals’ we are able
to appreciate the beauty of the country and its people at a much
slower pace than if we were simply tourists over for a two week
holiday. We gladly perform the minimal amount of chores and
thoroughly enjoy taking care of the dog who we take with us on
long walks along deserted, sand beaches and on many lovely,
wooded trails and rainforest adventures. In exchange for this we
get very basic but comfortable housing, the use of a four wheel
drive vehicle (a must in these parts), and an idyllic setting to
live in while we explore the island and everything that it has to
offer. As in most things in life there are also trade-offs:
living without air-conditioning in a very warm, humid climate and
since the eco friendly resort offers no TV we have had to adapt
to getting our news through the internet, and check the weather
and track tropical storms that may be headed our way on our
laptop. A small price to pay for living in Paradise and
experiencing a new way of life!
Other challenges have been the erratic driving practices on very
narrow roads often with sheer drops on one side, the abundance of
stray dogs everywhere, and a rather nasty mosquito problem at
dusk and dawn but we’ve managed to overcome all of those
things despite our initial ‘what have we gotten ourselves
into’ thoughts that we shared. Most of the local men carry
machetes which we also found a little intimidating at first but
over time it becomes the norm and you just learn to accept and
adapt accordingly – we even carry our own machete now
especially on trails in the rain forest that quickly disappear
with rapidly growing undergrowth.
We’ve also enjoyed the peace and quiet and the escape from
the rat race and have been able to indulge ourselves with hours
of reading and endless games of Scrabble and afternoon naps in
hammocks, all things that we rarely afforded ourselves at home
where one tends to be swept up in the daily rush of a sometimes
frenetic life. Our relationship has also flourished since we have
had to rely totally on one another to improvise and overcome
‘life in a foreign country’ obstacles together and
truly work as a team. Unexpectedly we have learned a lot about
each other and ourselves – an unexpected bonus!
There is a lot of trust involved on both sides when accepting a
caretaking position but if a good match is made it is also very
beneficial to all parties. We encourage everyone to try it and
could never have made this dream happen without The Caretaker
Gazette. As soon as we get home we will be looking for our next
adventure in a moderately warm climate overseas that will both
stimulate and invigorate all of our senses just as we have
experienced here. Cheers!

A view of the property that Julie and Gregory caretake


BEAUTIFUL NORTHERN GEORGIA FARM: Couple wanted. Room and board
provided. Cooking, cleaning, farm care, animal care: horses,
dogs, and cats. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

POSITIONS REOPENED: Live and Work on a private Georgia barrier
Island. Adaptable, versatile, flexible, hardworking, youthful
Caretaker Couple needed. Skills needed: boating, handyman,
mechanical, people, communication, housekeeping, self-starters.
Both positions: Physically demanding work.  Salaried positions.
Benefits: Housing and utilities provided; Health Insurance;
Retirement plan; Paid vacation. Please send your resume and four
references to Island, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE on a traditional olive estate/factory in
Crete, Greece. We are an olive estate in western Crete
specialized in the production of artisan stone milled cold
pressed organic olive oil. We are seeking interns/apprentices
interested in working in all facets of traditional olive oil
production, from cultivation and milling to agro-tourism,
marketing and customer relations. Candidates should be energetic,
motivated, innovative, passionate people who believe in the value
of artisan products, and thrive on performing diverse activities.
The work is physically demanding (and dirty) and involves long
hours during the three to four month harvesting production
period. The rest of the year is spent processing orders,
developing marketing strategies for products, guiding the large
number of tourists who visit our installations during the tourist
season, along with a multitude of other tasks involved in running
a small company. You may be tired, but you will never be bored!
The internship position is for the period from August, 2012 to
February, 2013 with the possibility of a year-round permanent
salaried manager position for the person who demonstrates
aptitude and promise. We will be providing room and board only.
Please send your resume and a cover letter describing what you
believe you can bring to the position to
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For more information about our
company’s activities please visit our website at:


MAUI - LONG-TERM CARETAKER WANTED for a large, isolated property
off the grid in windward Maui. Commitment, discipline, motivation
and diverse skills, along with a willingness to research,
experiment and learn fruit tree and bee colony maintenance,
mowing and ag tractor operation, weed whacking, organic
gardening, feral ungulate management and occasional light
construction and general repair work of independent
infrastructure are required. Property is surrounded by a National
Park and other wilderness, with waterfalls, ocean access and
local organic farming communities within a few miles. This is an
opportunity for a rugged individual or couple to live in one of
the most beautiful and remote spots on earth and grow, fish and
hunt their own food. Rustic living quarters with water and power
are provided, along with a monthly stipend in exchange for
general upkeep of the property. References required. Please send

CARETAKER WANTED on the Big Island of Hawaii. Looking for a
couple for our three acres in Waipio Valley. Need help with
organic gardening and basic upkeep. Caretaker’s quarters:
kitchen, nice bed, and privacy. Work four hours/day in exchange
for boarding. For details, please email

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We are a small Tibetan Buddhist retreat center
with special programs in Vajrayana Buddhist meditation, taiji and
qigong. We are looking for a young couple(s) (or good friends),
who would like to work for six months to a year in Hawaii.  We
prefer volunteers who already have a strong daily practice
(meditation, qigong etc.) or who will join our meditation classes
and practice on a regular basis. We are planning a medicinal
garden and can use help, from planning to actualizing.  You will
need to have actual experience in large orchard and garden
caretaking, as well as being handy and able to fix things, as
they come up. You will be taking care of three orchards (one
being the new one), your own vegetable garden, your bungalow(s)
and kitchen.  There will be some forest work as well and removal
of small trees is ongoing. Please email us at
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and please check our website for more
information about what we do at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for additional work at the new SEEDS
volunteers’ base located in the outskirts of
Reykjavík. We will be assisting and giving contributions
to the future development of SEEDS volunteering activities. We
will help with taking care of the garden in the volunteers
centre, painting the house if needed and if weather allows
working at the garden and tending the lot. Volunteers may work
with the city of Reykjavík; trying to keep the city and
its public areas lively. Tasks may involve painting to cover
graffiti tags, tiding up public spaces and face-lifting the city.
SEEDS volunteers will stay at SEEDS volunteers’ base, a
fully equipped house; sleeping in shared rooms. Please bring your
own sleeping bag. Food ingredients will be provided and a kitchen
will be available, volunteers will share the duties of preparing
and cooking meals. Please do not forget some typical food for the
international evening, where others can try and taste some
specialties from your home countries. The project will take place
in the outskirts of Reykjavík, in the hills of Mountain of
Wolfs. The location is far enough from the city to be able to
enjoy the quality of the country life, pure air, nature and
tranquility, but close enough to be able to visit the capital
once or twice. Please visit us at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or
contact us via email at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


ranch. Must be self-starters and able to work without
supervision. Must be honest. Nice home and utilities provided.
Must have experience with cattle and horses and vaccinating
animals. Also includes mowing lawns with riding mower, mending
fences, maintaining buildings and plowing snow in winter and
simple equipment maintenance. Prefer a retired ranch couple with
extensive ranch experience and some social security income. No
drugs, no alcoholics, no smoking. Salary depending on experience
and work performed. References and background check required.
Opening available early spring or sooner. Must have a clean
driver’s license. The ranch is located in a scenic
recreational area not far from town. Please send your resume and
references to CaretakerGazette@gmail.com with “Idaho Ranch
Position” in the Subject Line.


A CHICAGO FAMILY seeks a Household Manager to run their home
efficiently and effectively. The right candidate will be a warm,
happy individual who is in this field because they love what they
do. They want someone personable but unobtrusive who can work in
a gentle manner with people but is not overly chatty. The
employee should be able to juggle many tasks at once, be
resourceful, have excellent communication and management skills,
and be computer proficient. Responsibilities include
housecleaning, running errands, traveling with family as needed,
chauffeuring, coordinating transportation and family travel as
needed, etc. This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced
and/or professionally trained Household Manager who enjoys a
challenging and stimulating position. Salary will be commensurate
with your skills and experience and includes living
accommodations and benefits. Please email your resume to

Applications are available at the Club or please mail your resume


ESTATE MANAGER/CARETAKER needed for a 180 acre estate in
Northwest Indiana. Must have experience with estate management
and extensive knowledge of gardens, animals, maintenance and
appearances. The position includes a three bedroom home on the
property. Please email your resume to

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX needs a full-time grounds caretaker.
Applicant needs to be a dependable self starter with mechanical
ability and must be able to operate a trackhoe, dump truck,
mower, trimmer and various other equipment. Driver’s
license, random drug testing and background check required.
Please mail your resume with salary requirements to


A LEXINGTON, KY OLDER COUPLE in excellent health seeks a hands-on
Household Manager to help them be as independent as possible in
their lives. They live in a beautiful 10,000 sq ft home. They are
looking for someone who is honest, helpful, very organized, and
nonsmoking. Responsibilities include driving, companionship,
cooking, laundry, and light housekeeping. Both the Gentleman and
Lady of the House are professional people who have very active
social lives; they go out to dinner at least four nights a week.
If you have a pleasant personality and would love to improve the
quality of life for two wonderful people, this is the perfect
opportunity for you. Salary will be commensurate with skills and
experience and includes benefits. Please email your resume to


LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS needed for a Maine Lighthouse (visit
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to learn more). We are seeking two
keepers who will be gracious hosts, have hospitality skills, and
guest services. Requires a service ethic, maintenance skills, and
small boat handling. Keepers reside on the island off of a
beautiful rock coast, act as guides and housekeepers.  Guest
meals, events, linen service, catered from mainland. Beginning
mid-August 2012, positions offer summer (April/October)
residence, monthly stipend, and an incomparable experience.

INNKEEPER/MANAGER COUPLE needed. We are looking for a
hardworking, honest couple with excellent interpersonal and
organizational skills to assume the full time management of our
upscale nine room, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This year-round,
live-in position requires the dedication and motivation to create
an idyllic experience for our guests while balancing the needs of
the business.  Job requirements include breakfast preparation and
serving, bed making and laundry, grounds work and property
maintenance, seasonal renovation projects, reservations and of
course guest interaction (and much more). The Inn is staffed with
a housekeeper six months of the year and lawn maintenance is
provided by an outside service. If you are looking for a
lifestyle change and a beautiful vibrant place to live, please
submit your resume and cover letter. While we prefer a management
couple, for the right candidate we will consider a single person.
Bonus skills: construction/carpentry experience, culinary
background. You can view our Inn at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Compensation includes housing and salary. The start date is as
soon as possible. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

COOK/HOUSEKEEPER needed. A T5R8 Maine Sporting Camp near Baxter
State Park seeks part-time and/or seasonal (Fall through early
Summer) help to share duties of meal prep, sanitation,
purchasing, and Lodge/Cabin Housekeeping. Must be comfortable
living/working in rustic/remote areas. Room, board and salary
provided. References and background check required. Experience
preferred. Please submit your resume and salary requirements to


CARETAKERS NEEDED in Rehoboth. A local horse farm is looking for
a couple to exchange an apartment here for work. Must be very
self motivated and have experience with horses and farm
equipment. Will be required to maintain mowing, equipment,
gardens, weed-wacking, brush clearing and general horse handling.
This is a very active farm needing a very ambitious couple.
Applicants need to be adults, with no pets, and no smoking.


CARETAKER NEEDED for a Mexico beach house (in Bahia Kino,
Mexico). I need someone to live in my Mexico house and handle the
rentals, pay the bills, and help remodel and maintain the house.
You will be my eyes and ears there. Please contact me through my


PROPERTY CARETAKER needed in Bessemer, Michigan. Free rent from
April 1 to November 15, 2012. Duties include general maintenance
and light repairs. For more details, please email


FREE RENT AVAILABLE in Starkville, MS. No pay. Home with very
nice accommodations and conveniently located in Starkville, close
to campus. You will have lots of space with your own bedroom and
private living area. I am looking for right person - not required
but caretaking experience will be a plus. Essentially trading
rent in order to have a live-in person (at night) with our Mom.
We have rotating caretakers during the day. Looking for
applicants in the Starkville area. Please call David for details

A BEAUTIFUL PLANTATION near Natchez, Mississippi needs a friendly
caretaker or couple. This is a gorgeous environment for a
naturalist. The caretaker will need to do heavy lifting once in
awhile, regular two horse care, one dog care, have organic
gardening, maintenance and repair skills, and be computer savvy.
Social skills a plus. You will need to drive, and be able to
drive a pickup attached to a horse trailer. You will also need to
be self motivated, a creative thinker, healthy, non drug user,
and prefer no tobacco. Need a progressive thinker without trauma
residue that affects work. Two bedroom, one bath, big porches,
historic, comfy home is yours to use and keep neat and clean.
Small monthly salary and opportunity for extra jobs for extra
income. The job starts by December 15, 2011 or possibly later by
January 2, 2012 for a minimum of six months. Must be tolerant of
heat, humidity, insects and wild critters because of the tropical
woodsy climate here May through September. Please call


FULL-TIME CARETAKER needed for a private home in rural Bozeman.
Responsibilities include maintenance of mechanical equipment,
pool, lawn, grounds. House and utilities provided. Please mail
your resume with references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER/HELPER needed. Available immediately (possible
long-term). My home is located in a lovely area, in a small town
in New Hampshire by the Connecticut River. Prefer an experienced,
skilled, creative couple or handy man to do repairs, gardening
and lawn maintenance, and help establish an art/organic garden
center in exchange for free rent. Could lead to some income in
the arts or sale of plants. Please call


reports to and works closely with the
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXManager and assists in all aspects of
the facility operation which is located in the Delaware Water Gap
National Area. Duties will include, but are not limited to,
acting as “resident host” at the site, attending to
the needs of members and visitors, and the maintenance and
cleanliness of buildings and grounds. In the absence of the
Manager, the caretaker is responsible for all daily operations as
well as maintaining an overnight staff presence to respond to any
emergency or unexpected situations. This is a seasonal position
(minimum of three months commitment is preferred) that includes
on site residency in rustic accommodations and an hourly wage
based on a 35 - 40 hour work week. To apply, mail your resume and


I AM LOOKING FOR A MATURE INDIVIDUAL to look after my place when
I travel. I have a 33 acre ranch with friendly horses in the
pasture and three dogs. My place is secluded and enchanting, with
360º views of the Rocky Mountains. Located in northern New
Mexico, near Taos and Red River, recreation abounds here! Cozy
two bedroom/two bath home with a large wrap-around deck. Exchange
for minimal work taking care of the animals. Current dates:
1/8/12 through 2/10/12 and 4/8/12 through 4/22/12. Flexible on
dates. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX References will be

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, located 18 miles south of
Albuquerque, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has an
immediate opening for a facility caretaker. The position is a
contract position with no pay, however, a place to live and
utilities will be provided. Required duties do not require a 40
hour week regular schedule, so there is flexibility for outside
employment or a home business that does not require customer
traffic. We are looking for an energetic individual or couple to
maintain the rodeo arena, cowboy hall event building and the
grounds. Applicants should have experience operating large trucks
equivalent to a CDL, experience working with farm equipment,
animals, and grounds maintenance. The caretaker will also be
responsible for assisting renters of the arena and event building
with facility access. Rentals are typically on weekends, which
require caretaker presence to get them started (facilities
unlocked, utilities on, equipment available, etc.) and to answer
questions. People skills are essential. Please mail your resume


LOOKING FOR A CARETAKER to maintain forested acreage and
buildings on my rural upstate NY homestead, located on the main
road in a small town of 400 in Franklin County. Workshop with
electric and small house available. Long-term position potential.
Caretaker must be non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs, and in good
health. Please email a letter of interest and references to

TWO POSITIONS OPEN: full-time with benefits, including room and
board, and competitive compensation at a private Camp near Tupper
Lake, NY: Superintendent: Must maintain premises and equipment;
oversee books and records, including payroll; manage operations
and staff; and ensure a positive experience for Camp owners.
Needs knowledge of plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems
and some facility with computers; strong interpersonal,
communications and management skills. This is a live-in position;
room on Camp grounds and board are provided as part of
compensation. House Manager: Responsible for providing in-house
services, cooking, shopping, cleaning and laundry for live-in
employees and for training and supervising summer house staff.
Must have strong interpersonal skills. Position can be live-in or
not depending on the candidate. Each position may be applied for
separately or by two individuals as a pair. For full job
descriptions, or to apply, please contact (email preferred):


A COLUMBUS, OH ESTATE is seeking two Housekeepers. This estate
belongs to a very prominent, influential local family who require
professional individuals who can take initiative as well as work
as team players. Must be experienced and very knowledgeable in
caring for fine materials and expensive possessions. Housekeepers
will be responsible for the detailed cleaning of all rooms.
Housekeepers will answer to the Head of Housekeeping and must
work alongside the rest of the staff, which includes the Manager,
Assistant Manager, Head Butler, and Housekeeping Lead. The right
candidates will be hard-working, dedicated, unobtrusive, and
discreet. Housekeepers will work approximately 45 hours a week,
with more time necessary when the family has guests visiting or
during events of entertaining. Working holidays and weekends will
be required, with days off in lieu of those days as applicable.
This is a fantastic opportunity for a dedicated professional and
will command an attractive salary to the right person. Please
send your resume to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

INNKEEPER WANTED in Central Ohio. We are looking for a live-in,
full-time, full service Innkeeper. Must be non-smoking, with no
children or pets. A background check is required. Please mail
your resume and references to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

OLD COUPLE SEEKS A YOUNG PARTNER in Junction City, Ohio. We have
land, cattle, sheep, goats, and ducks and are looking for a
conscientious worker/partner. Can be a couple or single. No
experience necessary, but must be willing to work hard and pay
attention. Farm chores include a lot of manual labor such as
tagging lambs, banding calves, making hay, repairing fences,
removing limbs and logs from fields, maintaining mower and baler,
weed whacking, welding mangers and anything else that comes up.
We are always learning and willing to share our knowledge.
Seasonal projects include maple syrup and honey. We have a large
garden and can and freeze. We rotationally graze and stockpile.
Additional money can be earned running the carpet scrubber and
helping with heavy inside chores. We are open to additional
projects, and hope to start a grape arbor and orchard next year.
We are open to homesteaders looking to learn and save up for
their own place. Questions and offers welcome. Please email

A BEXLEY, OH FAMILY is seeking a part-time Housekeeper to work in
their home three times a week. A thorough knowledge of proper
techniques for caring for a wide variety of upscale household
possessions is required. This is a great opportunity for a
caring, service-minded individual who loves to take care of
beautiful items and takes pride in a job well done. Pay is
commensurate with skills and experience. Please send your resume
to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for consideration.


RANCH HAND needed on 75 acres in Central Oklahoma. Feed horses,
chickens, and gather eggs. Maintain and weed garden, mow. Keep up
equipment and buildings. Cut wood. Room, board plus $150 per week
for six hours per day. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


CARETAKER(S) NEEDED for a minimum of two to four winter months,
on an idyllic 1,000 acre land trust preserve in Huntington,
Oregon. Located on the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with a view of
Idaho from the farmhouse. Duties: feed cats, etc. For more info

CARETAKERS NEEDED. Couple preferred for a remote, off-grid,
historic resort site at 1,800' in Oregon. No pay. Nice cabin and
some organic food provided; also has greenhouse, blueberries and
perks. You will do light maintenance, landscape, water systems.
Winter happens. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


one year commitment is required. Working knowledge of English,
Spanish, home maintenance, yard work, and the ability to provide
a presence on a three acre eight house property. Compensation
includes casita and small stipend. For additional information,
please submit your resume and recent photo to


ON-SITE CARETAKER is needed in Souderton. After hours maintenance
coverage compensation: paid rent and utilities of a one bedroom
apartment; must live on property. Please fax your resume to


opportunity! Are you looking for a unique, amazing, living
opportunity right now? We are offering an opportunity to live a
rare and unique lifestyle in a truly beautiful, natural setting.
We need someone ASAP! For those who desire a connection to the
earth, and who are motivated by the desire to live a simple,
rural life and enjoy living in harmony with nature - all types
are welcome - singles, couples, and families. This is a perfect
situation for a writers, artists, herbologist, anyone studying
natural medicine, explorers, and anyone who would enjoy, learn
and appreciate the culture, solitude, time for reflection and
learning about one’s self, beauty and wilderness
experience. If you are looking for a place to stay while
contemplating life, hiking right off your front porch, watching
wildlife and the cycle of the season’s progress, then this
could be the place for you. It is preferred that you have some
experience with the outdoors, off-the-grid and or simple/rustic
living, or at least a willingness to learn! We (Charity and
Elvis) are looking for good caretakers who can ensure that this
property is cared for when we are not able to be here ourselves,
and to help us when we are here. The tasks are such that it takes
more than just us to handle them. We are going to be in the
states, as Charity will be giving birth this spring and we need
willing and able people to care for our home and property while
we are away. Charity is already in the states and Elvis will be
leaving sometime in November or December. We want to be very
clear that we are open and flexible as far as time periods one
can stay, but we would prefer someone who would like to be here
for more of a long-term situation, and someone who is possibly
into the idea of collaboration and possibility for future
projects etc. You will have full access to the house and
everything in it and also the land. "Our house is your
house!" What we are asking for the work exchange is (know
that some days there will be things to do, and some days there
will not be anything; there is the possibility for a change in
duties, it all depends on the projects being worked on at the
time.) Holding space, keeping a good energy about the land and
holding a good presence here, gardening, beautifying the land,
and weed control, collecting fruit from the fruit trees, cleaning
of the house/maintaining a clean and sacred space. We are
constantly cultivating and working on new projects. The tasks
here are not difficult; we mostly need a presence here and
someone to keep up with the maintenance of the property. We are
very open to new ideas and projects! Speaking Spanish is very
helpful and pretty necessary! There are only a couple of people
in the village who speak very little English. If there is
interest or questions you can reach XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
We thank you for reading this and taking this opportunity into
consideration. We take all applicants seriously and truly value
your interest in the overall wellness of this land and projects.
Blessings from the jungle! Looking forward to hearing from you!


HOUSESITTER WANTED near Pedrogao Grande in central Portugal from
mid-December 2011 to the end of January 2012. We live in a
beautiful small hamlet nestled in the hills of central Portugal.
There are four houses which until recently lay abandoned for 60
years. The river Pera runs through the valley and a fresh water
spring delivers our drinking water. We, Miguel and Shobha, live
here with our one-year-old baby, Saul, and are restoring part of
the hamlet and reclaiming the land. We are planting trees,
setting up an organic permaculture garden and working on
providing a retreat and workshop space. The set up is pretty
basic for the moment: solar shower, outdoor (but covered)
washing-up station, five minute walk to the spring to fetch
drinking water. We have a solar set up for electricity and we
pump river water for washing. The house is heated by wood
burners. We have two very friendly cats who will need feeding and
loving. We are one kilometer away from a very small village and
four kilometers from a small town. If you are interested in
housesitting for us from mid-December 2011, for around six weeks,
please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions.


GOVERNESS/TUTOR needed in Moscow, Miami, and Dubai. Our client
seeks an experienced and well travelled private governess/tutor
who will be responsible for the pedagogical education of two
children (junior high school level). The governess/tutor should
expect to travel with the family several times a year, for a few
weeks at a time. Supervised directly by the employer, the
successful candidate will create a home school program; create a
homogeneous and coherent education, organized, structured and
purposeful learning environment. Must be able to foster a
lifelong love of the continuous acquisition of knowledge and
provide conversation on world literature/masterpieces and
cinematography. Must create an emotional, creative and social
development environment. Track and monitor the development of the
children, prepare reports on a daily basis. Follow medical and
other recommendations, approved by the family. Control the
children's diet, plan regular and timely meals. Keep the
children's daily schedule. Control the process of schoolwork and
out-of-school studies. Organize various leisure activities at
home and outdoor. Walk with the children on a daily basis;
stimulate/promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Timely inform
the family of necessity to renew training aids and educative
books. Control the children's room cleanness and clothes
tidiness. Create and support a friendly atmosphere with the
household staff. Follow the family's safety instructions.
Strictly follow hygiene rules. Handle special requests and
related duties as needed. Escort children during trips abroad.
Requirements: University degree in a relevant academic field.
Master English language and speak Russian. Have a minimum of
three years of work experience within a private household.
Demonstrate exceptional organizational skills. Be flexible to
work outside of strict job description parameters, thinking
creatively about how to provide the highest quality of service.
Have schedule flexibility being available to work evenings and
weekends as needed. Be available to live-in 14 consecutive days
with the children. Have the capacity to work long hours. Be
comfortable working with computers and communicating with a
''Smartphone''. Possess knowledge of international Etiquette and
Protocol. $65,000 to $85,000/year.  14 days shifts/14 days break.
Permanent, live-in, full board. Please email your resume and
references to Mr. Nicolas Marion at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSESITTERS NEEDED now through June 2012. We have our family
home in an active and beautiful village in the central highlands
of Scotland - a cottage/bungalow with a large garden. As we work
abroad, so we are looking for housesitters who are interested in
a fairly long-stay of around 10 months a year. As the house is
oldish and the garden large, it needs to be lived in, warmed and
cared for. We are looking for a couple who would want to assist
us to manage the large garden – mostly grass - to look
after the house and do minor repairs, decorating etc. We would
ask that electricity and council tax be paid during your stay.
Our house is not huge and is in need of some understanding and
care! Built in 1920s – it is attractive and in a beautiful
location. The house is in a village which is very active, has
shops, bank etc. Views of the loch and mountains can be seen from
the house and garden. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
for more information.

EXPERIENCED COUPLE required to look after a family in a beautiful
country estate house in Perthshire. High standards are expected
for all aspects of housekeeping, cooking, driving and general
duties in and around the house and grounds. First class
references are essential, together with enthusiastic, flexible
and responsible approach to the position. Excellent separate
accommodation and pay package provided to the right team. Please
apply in writing with photo to: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED from December 35th 2011 to March 15th 2012 for
a chalet in Switzerland. Must be able to cook and clean. We are
looking for a professional, who is very clean, a non-smoker, and
family oriented between 45-65. To apply, please call


MANAGER NEEDED to accomplish all classes of ranch work on Hill
Country ranches. Responsibilities include managing employees,
goats, stocker cattle, rotational grazing, equipment, fencing,
maintenance, hunting, and other ranch duties. Substantial
horseback work and some overnight travel required. Stable
opportunity for the right person with a progressive livestock
ranching operation. Please mail your resume to:

CARETAKER NEEDED. Looking for a married couple for a ranch in
West Texas. No ranching duties. No kids, smoking, drugs. Care of
housing, grounds, roads and vehicles for  absentee owners.
Cleaning, some cooking, light laundry. Modest salary, housing,
utilities, ranch vehicle provided. Send qualifications, prior
employment history with dates, and salary requirements to

NEED A COUPLE to feed a small number of livestock (horses),
caretake lodge and two houses, and live on-site. Require good
references and high level of integrity. Offering a two bedroom,
one bath, full laundry room, fireplace, recently remodeled
cottage, TV satellite, internet if requested. Our ranch is listed
on the national register of Historic Places in a beautiful
watershed valley in the Texas Hill Country. We are located 35
miles to downtown San Antonio, and to San Antonio Airport, and
six miles to the small town of Helotes. To apply, please call

MARRIED COUPLE wanted to work on ranch. She to work in the house
as needed. He to maintain grounds, make repairs and do ranch
work. Must be non-smokers and non-drinkers. Please send your
resume or letter if interested to:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

RANCH HAND needed on a cow/calf operation. A three bedroom house,
on a school bus route, will be provided. Please state your age
and matrimonial status when applying to:


AN ONGOING HOUSESITTER IS WANTED for my home in Turkey. I have a
large mountain house and need someone who can milk a goat, and
look after a dog and chickens. For more information, please email


HELP WANTED for RV Parks and Campgrounds. We are looking for
three working couples with their own RVs to help us operate our
little slice of Heaven for the 2012 season. One lead couple
needed, one other couple needed to work only the lead couples
days off, and a third couple to maintain the grounds. All three
couples will get a full hook up RV spot for compensation; the
lead couple will get a salary of $2,000 per month. Our Season
runs from April 15th to October 15th. We have 49 RV spots and six
cabins. A heated pool, 1,650' of Pend Oreille River frontage and
access to hundreds of miles of ATV trails in the Colville
National Forest. Duties include lawn maintenance, pool opening
and closing, answering phone and booking reservations, check-in
and check-out of campers, selling ice cream, candy and propane,
cleaning cabins and restrooms as well as minor repairs and
maintenance. To apply, please visit XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

MARKET GARDEN/FARM STAND/GOATS:  Need competent, knowledgeable,
committed individual or family. Could lead to home in embryonic
hyper-green community. Facebook: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

CARETAKER OPPORTUNITY available on eighty hillside acres near
Bellingham, Washington. Caretaker does routine property
maintenance, looks after property during owner absences, helps
with animals (two cats and four goats). Owners provide rent-free
comfortable cabin and utilities in exchange for some basic
maintenance duties. Other property work that arises is paid an
hourly rate. General handyman skills desirable, especially tree
work. We have a beautiful property in the foothills of the North
Cascades. Our current caretaker is getting married and moving
away to his wife's home. Individual or couple OK, no children.
Prefer a long-term commitment. Please email

A PRIVATE CAMPGROUND has an opening for a full-time qualified
caretaker couple or two people to share the same house, within
the campground, in the Grays Harbor area. The job includes, but
not limited to, housekeeping, grounds keeping, small equipment
handling, pool maintenance, light carpentry/plumbing, money
handling, propane and ice dispensing. The ability to run lawn
maintenance equipment is essential and tractor/backhoe would be
beneficial. Must have great people skills and have the ability to
work with diverse groups of people, be at least 23 years old,
have a current driver’s license, pass a drug test, and a
WSP background check. The job requires the caretakers to work a
five day week, this includes every weekend, with two days off
during the week. Please send resumes to


APARTMENT MANAGER TEAM needed part-time. Must live on-site. This
caretaker position is available at a Milwaukee East Side, 47 unit
apartment building. Prior property maintenance/apartment
management experience preferred. Free rent plus salary provided.
To apply, please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


SNOWED-IN ALPINE WILDERNESS RANCH at 8,200 feet, 50 miles north
of Pinedale, Wyoming, 22 miles from nearest plowed road, needs a
caretaker. Various length stints are available through June 1.
Gorgeous scenery, rich wildlife, indoor plumbing, home-generated
electricity, wood heating, radio-telephone and satellite
Internet. Electrical and mechanical savvy a plus. See
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for pictures. Responsibilities: 1) be
there, 2) keep water running, 3) monitor weather station, 4) feed
cat, 5) shovel two roofs if snow exceeds three feet. No pay, but
we supply food, fuels and "utilities". Snowmobile not
provided. References required. Please email


Female, 27, housesitter/dog sitter. Responsible, honest,
trustworthy. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ranching Family seeking cowboy/ranch job. Would like to work in
NW USA working cattle by horseback only. Husband has 14 years
cowboy experience. Has experience in management positions but not
limited to. Remote is OK. Can work as husband/wife team. Please

Experienced mature caretaking couple seeking long-term onsite
opportunity on or near Whidbey Island. Married, stable, property
owners, we are an outgoing and fun-loving couple with extensive
experience and excellent references. Our history includes years
of recent island caretaking experience following 28+ years of
professional firefighting/EMT careers. We also have contracting
experience, and excellent computer and writing skills. We are
both NW natives and long-time Whidbey residents. Pension makes
salary demand flexible. The right living situation is most
important. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Thank

Wildfire professional seeks caretaking position winters through
May. Willing to trade part-time hours for space that is
reasonable for painting studio with bath. I am reliable, private,
and straightforward. Excellent references. Skills: goats,
gardening, horse care, security, PR. Economizing to purchase

Mature, clean, healthy and charismatic couple seeking a
caretaking position in Alaska, Montana or Idaho for May –
October 2012. Combined strengths include: Dentistry, ski patrol,
EMT-I, CPR, SWT and whitewater/fly fishing guides with garden to
kitchen cooking skills. No job or duty too small or big. Room and
board for compensation. Please contact

Experienced Canadian Building Managers (couple) looking for
seasonal live-in caretaking work from October or November to the
end of April.  We have 11+ years experience as resident building
managers of a condo in a Canadian ski resort. Will consider
managing a mobile home park, an RV resort park or private estate
preferably in a warm climate. Please contact by email at

Looking for my next great long-term adventure in Lake Tahoe or
Northern/Southern California. Over 25 years of executive
administrative support experience and always willing and able to
learn new skills! Old-fashioned values and work ethic.
Non-smoker/Non-drinker. Love dogs! Please contact

Wisconsin. Experienced, geriatric R.N. able to be a companion to
your older relative when flying to destination. Please email

You are looking for me....house/property sitter I am finishing up
a 37 year teaching profession. I am 60 years young, excellent
shape 6'2" 215 lbs, and very handy with all tools. I have a
firewood business and have worked hard at it for years. I love
dogs (labs are the best) I have a green thumb. I do not smoke. I
would love to work out of country but will look at anything
starting in June 2012.....until ? Please call

Want to housesit in Portland Maine during January and/or February
2012. Am a professional non-smoking, calm, holistic therapist
with many referrals. Plants, pets okay checking out Portland for
possible relocation. Please call Christina at

Available immediately - experienced housesitter/petsitter,
single, retired fireman, handyman/gardener, non-smoker, no drugs,
will travel - no pets, no debts, no wife, no worries! I am fluent
in French, and some Spanish. References available. Please call

Mature housekeeper with 11 years experience in fine estates,
looking for a full-time position in a warm climate in RI.
Responsibilities: supervising staff, fine detailed cleaning
laundry, ironing steaming fine clothes and packing personal
travel bags. Fluent in English and Italian. For more details

Mature mother and homeschooled daughter looking for a caretaking
job. No smoking/drugs or like. Good references available, honest,
responsible, and clean. Can take a short-term or long-term
position. Will consider all! Please call

Young energetic couple looking for caretaker/farm positions Man:
lifelong farmer and hunter skilled in wildlife management for
over 35 years professional waterfowl and deer guide for 15 years
last five years worked as farm/estate manager on a private
wildlife quality deer hunting property. Also skilled in carpentry
light electrical plumbing equipment maintenance welding and more.
Woman: years of experience in the food industry last year and a
half worked as a housekeeper for same estate duties include
cleaning cooking serving laundry and gardening love pets and
animals fluent in Italian and Spanish looking for positions on
the east coast but will consider all with housing utilities
salary and possible company truck. Please call

Caretaker Type Job sought by a responsible, retired adult male. I
will be the continuing on-site presence for your periodically
vacated home and property. As a former real estate developer
(1976 to 2009), I offer credible, professional references, as you
would expect. Any U.S. western state location is preferred.
Please call David at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for a pleasant,
detailed discussion of our mutual interest. I look forward to
visiting with you.

Excellent Caretaker Available. 71-year-old veteran. Non-smoking.
Loves animals. Well-traveled throughout the U.S.A. Retired truck
driver, coast-to-coast. Available for short-term or long-term
positions. Widower. Security experience. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio
for 35 years. Please call family: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Single mature male electrician-handyman-gardener-organizer
looking for caretaking position in or around Poway (San Diego
County, CA). Non-smoker. non-drinker. References available.

Retired husband and wife seek housesitting position November/
December through April 2012. Northeast Maine coast or NH/ME/VT.
Experienced/references. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

47-year-old married male retiring after 21 years in Law
Enforcement and four years U.S.M.C. Looking for a long-term
caretaker and security position on a ranch or estate. I have
experience with electrical, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, fence
repair, roofing, pool care, vehicle maintenance, landscaping, pet
care, raising chickens, mucking stalls, firewood, snow removal,
and wildlife management. 20+ years experience firearms training
and tactical response to armed or unarmed encounters, risk
management, first aid, personal protection, executive protection,
and residential security. As a qualified retired L.E.O., I will
be authorized to carry a concealed firearm in all fifty states. I
would be available for additional safety/security during travel.
Allow me to investigate the noise in the middle of the night and
ensure your family and property are safe and secure. I will
professionally and tactfully interact with all persons on your
property, while maintaining security. I’m confident that
you will find me loyal, trustworthy and reliable. Available on

House Sitters and Property Caretakers available: Mature,
reliable, trustworthy couple seeking an immediate 6-month
housesitting or property caretaking position in the San Diego
area or along the southern California coast. Experienced with
pets, landscaping, gardening, and home care. We are drug-free,
non-smokers and are clean and healthy. Please contact us at

Mature Professional Couple, husband and wife team, ready to take
a thorough A to Z care of your executive residence/estate as
Zealand and Europe. 35 years of experience. Highly skilled,
perfectionists, loyal, and very discreet. Great sense of humor
and common sense. Please contact Ella and/or Michael by email:

Stop! Mature reliable honest non-smoking Aussie couple good with
pets seeking housesitting position in Spain /England for a few
months from July approx. Are flexible! Please email

Resourceful, experienced housesitting/caretaking couple with
excellent references available for long-term position from
February onwards, ideally within a day's drive near family in
Denver. Other locations definitely considered. Erin, age 39, and
husband, Daniel, age 36, have combined skills including:
carpentry, all around handy work, furniture making and
restoration, landscaping, gardening, housekeeping, catering, pet
sitting, computer literacy and all aspects of running own
business. We have use of an RV. A workshop, scenic setting and
stipend are all bonuses. Write to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or
leave a message with family at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Looking to relocate from Georgia to either northern California or
the western slope between Grand Junction, CO and Albuquerque,
N.M. 59-year-old woman, honest, dependable, and discrete,
non-smoker, no children. Have experience with caring for horses,
dogs and cats, yard and garden maintenance. Can assist with
transportation needs, have 4 wheel drive, do healthy grocery
shopping, catering, entertaining. Would need small furnished
apartment for self and two good mousing cats, some salary.
Available after January 1. Please email

Rest Easy While Away! Single, professional woman, early 40s, will
take exceptional care of your home, pets, garden, or work on a
ranch. I have a full-time home-based job - just need internet
access. Come with a mature, well-behaved dog. Available January
– May, possibly longer. I can accept short or long-term
assignments. Excellent references available. Geographically
flexible, with a special interest in Austin, TX. Please email

Home/Pet Sitter Available. I am looking for a place to stay at
and take care of when I visit the Awesome "Steel City"
of Pittsburgh. Flexible dates are 1/8/12 through 2/10/12. I am a
mature and responsible home and business owner. I have excellent
references and am very clean. I am very capable and
"handy" so I can fix things and problem solve if issues
arise. If you have animals they will get attention and be loved.
If you want a vacation in "The Land of Enchantment",
northern New Mexico, we can trade places. See my ad in the New
Mexico "Help Wanted" section. Please call Coreen at

Experienced, responsible, married couple (attorney and writer)
seek housesitting/caretaking opportunity in the Charlottesville,
VA area beginning in November 2011. Please contact Ember/Chris by

Position sought in 2012.  29-year-old energetic, productive,
creative, disciplined, healthy, joyful natural mama (one child
born March 2010) seeking a position with 'good vibes' (prefer
vegetarian). I have owned a business, managed a busy (vegetarian)
restaurant, and maintained a retreat center, worked as a Personal
Assistant and therapist educator. I value quality. I improvise
well and am self-motivated. I can care for another child, plants,
and animals, prepare healthy meals, perform administrative tasks
including editing/layout/design. I excel in most anything and
have many skills. I work with my daughter on my back or at my
side. Excellent references! Preferred locations: Northwestern US
or Southwestern BC, other locations considered when the feeling
is good. Please email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Christian Couple seeking long term caretaking job. Husband is
skilled in ground maintenance and landscaping and irrigation. Has
Federal Government security clearance, also NASA security
clearance. Handy man skills included. Hobbies include water
fowling. Wife is skilled in cooking, cleaning, gardening, and is
also a nanny for children and elderly. We both love animals.
Excellent references and photos available. Please call

Hudson Valley, NY - Property Management available for estates /
weekend homes in Upstate NY.  Peace of mind for the weekender or
absentee owner. Please contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Excellent references available upon request.

Long term Hawaii resident, single lady, highly capable,
energetic, reliable, non-smoker. Have many years experience in
Tourism, Guest Relations. Front of House, Executive Housekeeper
for small deluxe game lodge in Africa. Professional Equestrian
stable management. Care of small and large animals. Seeks
caretaking position managing your home, small Inn, bed &
breakfast, guest ranch, barn management event coordinator
preferably in Hawaii, but will consider other areas. Personal
assistant to busy people helping manage their property. 
Available from February 2012. On site living accommodation or
live out with salary accordingly. A combination of some form of
tourism and animals would be ideal. Excellent references. Please

Caretaker available, California North Coast! Exceptional estate
Caretaker from Telluride, CO moved and is immediately available
to caretake your propert(ies). Attentive overseer, housekeeper,
gardener, pet lover, chef, very hospitable. I love Trinidad!
Arcata, others considered. Excellent references. Please email

Experienced Innkeeping, Property Management, and Health Spa
Professionals. Professional hospitality couple looking for a new
creative long-term opportunity doing caretaking, innkeeping,
health resort or estate management on a professional level with a
salary and housing. We have experience in innkeeping, rental
property management, office administration, green living, repairs
and maintenance, computers, marketing, and exemplary guest
services. Counseling and Naturopathy degrees also give us spa and
health resort management skills. Multilingual
(English/Spanish/some French) with international work experience,
we are resourceful, flexible, friendly and we understand
professional and personal boundaries.  For resume and references

Extra-ordinary service for not so ordinary people! An experienced
mature professional seeks a caretaking position. Ability to
implement the following: concierge/travel coordinator, personal
assistant, cooking, floral/landscape design and maintenance.
Small/large animal care experience. Easy going, family oriented,
athletic. Ability to travel worldwide. Conversational Spanish.
Excellent references and photos available. Please email

California. Animal/Wildlife, Rescue/Sanctuary. We are a dedicated
passionate semi-retired mid-aged couple hoping to be involved in
a non-profit animal rescue project. We have the dream, vision and
the will and looking for the way. Open to any and all
possibilities. For it is after all, about them. Please email

Mature couple seeking a caretaker/property management position in
Hawaii, Florida or Caribbean area. Desire short-term positions,
but willing to accept certain long-term situations. We are
non-smokers, have 15+ years hospitality experience, and are
discrete, reliable and hard working in excellent health with
great work ethics. He is a retired Air Force officer with
previous top secret security clearance. She is experienced in
event/party planning, interior decorating and has worked with
high profile clientele. We are great with all pets and have horse
training expertise. Willing to travel as personal assistant or
chauffeur. Please contact: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Young, professional, married couple seeking long-term house
sitting opportunity in Austin. Husband is in construction, wife
works from home. Non-smokers, love animals, clean, organized, and
handy. Will care for your home/pets like they are our own. Please

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